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Date of deposit of 50€ 13. No of certificate of deposit: 2 .Education and Culture 12.

2. Company/Institution Address City Postal 3 .Education and Culture EDUCATION Institution and Country Subject Degree Study Period Graduation Date FOREIGN LANGUAGES Language Years of Study Diploma Date of Diploma HAVE YOU TAKEN THE FOLLOWING TESTS? GMAT: Date taken or to be taken: TOEFL: Date taken or to be taken: IELTS: Date taken or to be taken: Score: Score: Score: RECOMMENDATION LETTERS (Please list below the people you have requested a recommendation letter from) Name Code 1. Title Tel.

Education and Culture 3. WORK EXPERIENCE (if any) Total duration of work experience: years Please list your work experience in chronological order starting from the most recent one WORK EXPERIENCE Company Country Period Title MOST RECENT POSITIONS (you should complete the following starting from the most recent position) COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION NAME STREET TOWN TELEPHONE Country Code Area Code Number POSTAL CODE FAX Country Code Area Code COUNTRY Number SECTOR OF ACTIVITY DEPARTMENT COMPANY OR ORGANIZATION NAME STREET 4 .

student unions.g. community activities. editorships. politics. etc) ACADEMIC HONORS OR AWARDS RECEIVED FINANCING OF THE PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAMME How do you plan to finance your participation in the programme? Will you finance it yourself? No Will your company pay for your tuition fees? No Yes Yes Yes Will your company pay you a salary while participating in the programme? No Will you be applying for scholarship? No Yes 5 . sports. club memberships. hobbies.Education and Culture TOWN COUNTRY TELEPHONE Country Code Area Code Number POSTAL CODE FAX Country Code Area Code Number SECTOR OF ACTIVITY DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES & INTERESTS Please list in order of importance to you the most important extracurricular activities you have been involved in (e.

Education and Culture How and when did you first hear about AUEB’s Programme in International Marketing? Have you already submitted or do you plan to submit an application to another graduate programme? If yes. I also certify that the information given above is complete and accurate. Date Signature 6 . which one(s)? Please specify your reasons for choosing the Programme in International Marketing I certify that I have read the bulletin of the programme and I agree with the terms of participation in the specific graduate programme.