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Fourth Grade Notes

By: Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Strube

Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies
This Week in Mrs. Strubes Class Reading We will continue talking about Non-Fiction reading and writing. The kids are going to start a Non-Fiction Writing project. We are continuing to talk about what good readers do as they are reading. We are going to start DRA testing. Book report #1 is due September 23rd. Language We will be reviewing nouns this week out of our NEW language book. :) Homework will start coming home out of a workbook given to us with the new book. The children may write in it. Writing We will continue setting up Writing Workshop along with discussing writing Personal Narratives. We spend a lot of time this week going over the writing process. We talked about what it looks like and the steps. Next week, we are going to be doing a mirror to the writing process. I will model pre-writing (1st step), and the kids will go back and complete their own. We will work through the writing process over the next couple of weeks this way. Next Friday, we have a quiz over the writing process. They are not going to be made to recite the notes word for word. They are going to have to know the steps and be familiar with what we do in each step. Social Studies We will continue to discuss the regions of Texas and their attributes. The students have been given a review sheet over the regions for the quiz on Wednesday, September 14. Spelling Scientific Spelling Rule (k) sound-1. the (k) sound before a, o, u, or a consonant = c. Ex. cap, clasp, scat, scalp 2. the (k) sound before e, i, or y = k. Ex. kit, kid, keel 3. the medial (k) sound before e after a short vowel sound = ck. Ex. ticket, locket Content Words (instinct, divisible, mimicry, metamorphosis). Most Commonly Misspelled Words (are, our, theyre, where, dont)

News for the Week of September 12-16

School News Fall Open House will take place on the evening of September 15th from 6:00-7:30pm. We cant wait to see you there, so we can share with you all the things you need to know to help your child be successful in 4th grade. Parents only, please! Daily Communication Please check your childs binder nightly. Their conduct folders and agendas are in their binders. Please sign your childs conduct folder weekly. Daily homework will be written in their agenda each day. Contact Information or 281-634-3987 or 281-634-3967

Math and Science

tHis Week in Mrs. Jones class Math We will wrap up our study of whole numbers and decimals this week. The students will have a test on Tuesday, September 13th. Student will be able to complete a practice test online. Have the students click on the EnVision link on the blog. The test will be under To Dos. If they complete this, they will receive 5 bonus points on Tuesdays test. On Wednesday we will begin our unit on addition and subtraction. Science Last week we began our first scientific investigation. This week we will conduct the experiment, analyze our results, and draw conclusions. We are trying to answer the question; does weight effect gyrocopter flight time. At the end of the week we will begin the unit on living things.

Important Dates
September 15th Fall Open House September 20th Progress Reports go home October 6th Early Dismissal and Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences November 4th LCE Fun Run

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