DYLAN JOHN MAZZIOTTI FILM IN SOCIETY WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT B “You’re The Director” When considering which of the films

from the list that I would decided upon to recast for this assignment., I first narrowed it down to the films that I have actually seen which, was only about 6 of the 17 movies. First, I actually considered doing it on “12 Angry Men” but I decided against that because I didn’t want to mess up or mess with such an amazing film. Ultimately, the film I finally decided upon is Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life.” This film is such a holiday classic and a personal tradition to watch it each year, I thought I would be interesting to do an update to it. The redemption story does lends itself to do some fun things with it. For this new version, I want to give it more of an independent film type of feel and the cast that I have assembled are some of my favorite independent film actors with amazing range to feel the parts. I have casted our new film as follows: the charming character actor Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2) as everyman George Bailey, the sweet and stunning Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada) as George’s sweetheart Mary Hatch, the very sinister Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Almost Famous) as the town’s evil financier Henry F. Potter, then funny man Jack Black (School Of Rock) as lovable Clarence, and finally, the amazing actor Phillip Baker Hall (Magnolia) stars as forgetful Uncle Billy.

For Sam Rockwell’s George Bailey role as a real estate man in our new film, his wardrobe is a simple updated version of a basic suit and tie, in lighter colors. In the Mary Hatch role, played by Anne Hathaway, her wardrobe is the the most updated of all the characters because she is a stay at home mother and needs her clothing to be more functional that the fashionable dresses worn so often in the original film. We would dress her in wardrobe that consists of casual jeans, capris or khakis and t-shirts or simple blouses, in light colors and fabrics to accommodate her active lifestyle raising their numerous kids. and running the household. Next up, when I considering the wardrobe for Phillip Seymour

DYLAN JOHN MAZZIOTTI FILM IN SOCIETY WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT B “You’re The Director” Hoffman starring as Mr. Henry F. Potter, the wardrobe that I have selected is a simple black suit with a black shirt, with an all black tie to symbolize that he is the dark and evil character of the film. Then, for the casting decision of the character of Clarence, in this version by Jack Black, would be outfitted in an outfit very similar to his corduroy pants, coat, and bow tie the one wore ind School of Rock. Philip Baker Hall’s Uncle Billy would be outfitted in a tan polyester suit that he has had from the 70s to illustrate how old and set in his ways he is..

For the soundtrack, we would employ the amazing composer Michael Giacchino has done the score for the PIXAR films CARS 2, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Up, as well as the new Star Trek movie, Lost and Super 8. Michael Giacchino can mimic any style necessary from the heartfelt tones heard in Up, to action adventure themes in Star Trek and The Incredibles, to the spooky and eerie feelings needed for LOST and Super 8. I feel that type of range would be neFor the cornerstone song of the film, we would likely hire a current group like She & Him to perform “Auld Lang Syne.”

Additional changes that I would make would be that George would be working in the real estate business, as opposed to the banking system, to tie into it’s current status of the housing market, and since no one much respect for banks anymore so I would be difficult for the audience to be compassionate towards George.

Another change that I would make would be the time of year that George’s brother almost drowns. I would move the scene to a summer camp that they were attending and on the lake all the kids where out on canoes, messing around with the oars and George’s brother

DYLAN JOHN MAZZIOTTI FILM IN SOCIETY WEEK 8 ASSIGNMENT B “You’re The Director” gets knocked severely in the head and falls into the lake. George was able to get him to shore but the damage to his brother’s was done due to the hit and time under the water.

In closing, I hope and feel that these changes to the film would be able to connect with the current audience and hopefully share the timeless story of redemption with a new generation.