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CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY School of Law and Jurisprudence

Article I Name The organization shall be known as the SLAJ Student Council. Article II Purpose The CEU SLAJ-SC is dedicated in promoting the objectives of the school and university and to help fulfill its vision to the students. The SLAJ-SC shall focus in helping the Juris Doctor students to achieve their goals of becoming a part of the legal profession. The activities of the SLAJ-SC shall include, but not be limited to: appraise the students of the updates in relation to laws and guide them in their studiest of law; to organize various activities which will widen the students knowledge of the law and which will help in the positive result of the Bar Examinations; conduct outreach programs; promote the school of law of CEU. Article III Membership a. Membership shall be open to all students currently enrolled in the School of Law and Jurisprudence. b. No person shall be denied membership because of roll, sex, religion or ethnic background. c. All members will serve on a voluntary basis. Article IV Student Council Funds a. The SLAJ-SC shall derive its funds from the contributions of the whole student body as to be determined by the Officers and duly approved by the Dean; donations and sponsorships; or proceeds from any fundraisers organized by the SLAJ-SC. b. Any excess on the council funds collected within the semester shall be carried over to the subsequent semester and school year. c. All collections and expenses of the SLAJ-SC shall be audited and reported by the Treasurer and Auditor to the Officers every month and to the student body every Student Assembly, as may be applicable. Article V Officers The elected officers of the organization shall be as follows: a. President; b. Vice President Class Representative (for the first, second and third year class); c. Secretary; d. Treasurer; e. Auditor; f. Sergeant-At-Arms.

Article VI Election a. Every class shall elect their set of officers which shall be administered by the preceding SLAJ-Student Council every second week of the first month of the first semester of the school year. b. The SLAJ-SC members election shall be held every second week of the first month of the first semester of the school year, provided that class officers election already took place. c. Any student currently enrolled in the Juris Doctor program shall be entitled to be elected as an Officer without discrimination as to roll, sex, religion or ethnic background, subject to certain exceptions as provided by these by-laws. d. The SLAJ-SC President shall be nominated from the senior class and will be voted upon by the Student Body. e. The SLAJ-SC Vice Presidents shall be nominated from the First, Second and Third year classes as the Vice Presidents-Class Representatives. There should be, at most, three (3) Vice Presidents for every school year. In case the President has resigned or was removed from office, the most senior Vice President shall take over the vacant position, provided, that the vacant position of the Vice President-Class Representative shall be replaced by another nominee from said batch. f. The remaining positions of the SLAJ-Student Council shall be open to any student enrolled in the Juris Doctor program, regardless of year level. Article VII Duties of the Officers a. The President shall preside over all meetings and activities of the organizations. He shall decide and approve all matters pertaining to the SLAJ-SC before final approval of the Dean. b. The most senior Vice President-Class Representative shall act as the President, in case of absence of the President. c. The Vice Presidents-Class Representatives have the duty to communicate necessary matters to their respective class. d. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all the meetings of the organization and to provide a copy to the President and the Dean. He also has the obligation to keep and file all pertinent records of the SLAJ-SC. e. The Treasurer shall collect and record all funds and monetary obligations of the SLAJ-SC. He shall report all collections and expenses of the SLAJ-SC to the Officers every last meeting of the month and to the Student Body every Student Assembly. f. The Auditor shall work hand-in-hand with the Treasurer and keep the books of account of the SLAJ-SC. He shall have the responsibility to report all collections and expenses of the SLAJ-SC with the Treasurer.

g. The Sergeant-At-Arms shall maintain peace in the whole Student Body. He/They shall have the obligation to promote and impose the rules and regulations of the SLAJ-SC, of the School, and of the University. Article VIII Terms of Office The terms of office shall be for a period of one school year. Officers may be re-elected at any position, provided that they remain qualified to the position. In case an officer is on leave of absence, the replacement shall be decided by the SLAJ-Student Council, to be approved by the Dean. Article IX Meetings SLAJ-Student Councils regular meeting shall be held twice a month. The President may call a special meeting, upon reasonable notice to all officers. Article X Adviser The adviser of the SLAJ-SC shall be the Associate Dean of the school, provided that if it is not applicable, the Officers may choose who to invite as the adviser, provided further that he shall have a regular class in the Juris Doctor program for the current semester. Article XI Violations and Penalties Any violation of any student or officer of these by-laws, the school and universitys laws shall be punishable according to the penalties of the School of Law and Jurisprudence, provided that due process is afforded. Article XII Amendment(s) to By-Laws These by-laws may be amended at any officers meeting by a two-thirds vote. Notification of amendments shall be given to the officers for review and first reading, the second reading and voting shall take place at the subsequent meeting.