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September - October 2008
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September - October 2008
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Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Summer’s over and it’s a matter of weeks
before people move to indoor activities rather
than relying on the weather to be good enough
to stay outside for dining and events. There’s
plenty to do in Hamburg, as always, and you
can refer to our events overview as well as the
September to December events preview page to
se what suits your taste. Music fans are in for a
great weekend on 25-27 September, when the
Reeperbahnfestival sees over 100 upcoming
international bands play in venues all over the
district – a must-see and must-hear experience i f
you’re in town (see p. 9).
As always, we’d be happy to hear from readers,
so i f you have tips or comments after using this
city guide to Hamburg, send us an email so we
can help future visitors. Emails are welcome at
Arriving by plane
Hamburg’s Fuhlsbüttel Airport is an efficient, busy international
airport 8 kilometres from the city centre. To get to the centre, take
the Airport Express bus N°110 to Ohlsdorf station and change for
the U- or S-Bahn to the city centre. A €2,50 single ticket is required
for the trip which takes 20-30 minutes. There’s also a direct Airport
Express bus to the main station; tickets €5 (children €2), €4 if you’re
in a group of six or more. Buses depart every 15-20 minutes.
Arriving by train
InterCityExpress (ICE), EuroCity (EC) and InterCity (IC) trains ar-
rive at one or more of Hamburg’s three stations: Hauptbahnhof
main station, Altona or Dammtor. All stations have shops, lug-
gage lockets and other facilities, with Hauptbahnhof the best
- it also houses the main tourist information centre.
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Look out
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Hamburg, the vibrant metropolis in the
very north of Germany, wows with its
bustling port, a wide range of cultural
activities, sporting amenities, vast
urban green spaces and a manifold
shopping world. From the Speicher-
stadt, the world´s largest continuous
warehouse, built between 1825 and
1927, over the legendary Reeperbahn
to the HafenCity, Europe´s largest in-
ner city renewal project: Hamburg has
very much to offer to its visitors. Centuries ago Hamburg
rose to prominence as one of the most mercantile cities in
the world through its membership of the powerful Hanseatic
League. Due to its tolerant and open-minded citizens the
“Free and Hanseatic City” of Hamburg ever since remained
at the forefront of modern trends. 2007 is set to be a year
of grand openings and superlatives in every aspect. Among
the particular highlights of Hamburg is without doubt the
cultural scene that with three theatres, 30 private stages,
200 art galleries and 40 museums is much loved by national
and international aficionados. Fans of classical music can
look forward to stars such as Anne-Sophie Mutter or the
magnificent production by Verdi’s Nabucco at the Color Line
Arena. Being a capital of sports Hamburg keeps very much
in shape with around 50 national and international sports
events each year. Sporting highlights of the year 2007 will
be the Triathlon World Championship and the IHF Handball
World Championship. The grand openings of new attrac-
tions such as the International Maritime Museum and the
“Port of Dreams” Auswandererwelt Ballinstadt are bound
to succumb Hamburg visitors to the incomparable charm
of its maritime world and also emphasize its status as “the
gateway to the world”. And for all fashion and lifestyle fans:
Large shopping streets such as the Mönckebergstraße,
Haute Couture houses on Neuen Wall, noble boutiques on
Eppendorfer Baum or the stunning new “Europa Passage”
make Hamburg a unique paradise for all shoppers. I hope
that you will enjoy your trip to Hamburg and keep us in a
pleasant remembrance!
Yours sincerely,
Dietrich von Albedyll, Managing Director of the Hamburg
Tourist Board
Welcome to Hamburg
Wi th over 11 mi l l i on passengers a year, Hamburg’s
i nternati onal ai rpor t i s Germany’s four th l argest
ai rpor t. Star ti ng of f i n 1910 as a zeppel i n fi el d,
the modern ai rport now has two termi nal s wi th 70
ai rl i nes servi ng 120 desti nati ons worl dwi de, and
empl oys 12000 peopl e. The mai n ai rl i nes are Luf-
thansa, Air Berli n, HapagFl y, Condor, dba and Bri tish
Ai rways. At j ust 8.5km from the centre of town i t’s
j ust a qui ck tri p to town, soon to be made easi er
yet wi th the openi ng of a new S-Bahn connecti on
whi ch wi l l whi sk passengers to the ci ty centre i n
23 mi nutes. For more i nformati on, vi si t www.ham.
Airport Hamburg
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
Whether for a daytri p, hol i day or busi ness tri p, every year 20 mi l l i on passengers use one of the 12 Scandl i nes
ferry connecti ons i n the tri angl e between Germany, Denmark and Sweden and the Bal ti cs. The Rostock-based
shi ppi ng company has one of the best per formi ng and best connected route networks i n the Bal ti c Sea. There
and back on di f ferent routes, i ndi vi dual tri ps through the Scandi navi an and Bal ti c countri es – no probl em
wi th Scandl i nes. Together, we can pl an your personal tri p usi ng our ferri es as wel l as those of our shi ppi ng
partners, al l owi ng for attracti ve ti ckets for Fi nl and.
www.scandl i – The vi rtual gangway to your ti cket: i nformati ve, fast and avai l abl e 24/7.
Around the clock to Scandinavia and the Baltics
This remarkable orange viewpoint,
buil t on a pier at the end of Großer
Grasbrook in HafenCity, is the per-
fect spot to watch the activities in
Hamburg’s busy harbour, from ship
traffic to the steadil y progressing
buildings that are transforming the
HafenCity area. At 13 metres tall
and buil t with 12 tonnes of steel
it’s a functional yet quirky struc-
ture. In the room at the top there’s
a telescope and a text explaining
what you see. Ship ahoy.
Cover story
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
825 AD: Emperor Charlemagne ordered the construction
of a castle between the Alster and Elbe rivers as a defence
against possible Slavic invasion. The castle was named
Hammaburg, hence the city’s name.
845: Having reached Hamburg via the Elbe, a fleet of
600 Viking ships destroyed the ci ty of then onl y 500
1189: Frederick I “Barbarossa” gave Hamburg the status
of an Imperial Free City and tax-free access from the Lower
Elbe into the North Sea. Though the charter was not officially
drawn up until 1265, it gave the merchants of Hamburg the
go-ahead to begin establishing guilds and foreign trade. This
quickly led to Hamburg’s status as a major port in Europe.
1235: the Alster was dammed, leading to the creation
of what we today know as the “Außenalster” and the
1241: Hamburg allied with Lübeck to become a member of
the Hanseatic League of trading cities.
1558: Hamburg’s stock exchange was established.
1619: The Bank of Hamburg was founded.
1810-1814: Hamburg was annexed by Napoleon I and
suffered under France’s rule. Russian General Bennigsen
finally freed the city in 1814.
1815: The Congress of Vienna granted Hamburg its freedom
and the city joined the German federation
1842: A fire swept through Hamburg destroying nearly a third
of the city centre. Almost 20,000 people were left homeless.
However, subsequent developments in transportation, such
as railway lines to Kiel and Berlin and the introduction of the
steamship, led to the city’s reparation.
1881: constructi on of the Spei cherstadt expanded
Hamburg’s port capabilities by providing more storage room
for the coffee, cocoa, spices and carpets that arrived daily.
The port expanded to the opposite side of the Elbe. During
this time Hamburg’s population also expanded, quadrupling
to almost 800,000.
1914-1918: 40,000 Hamburg men died in the First World
War. A trade blockade cut off Hamburg’s trade with the
world and Germany also lost most of its fledgling colonies.
Nonetheless, Hamburg rebounded as trade routes were re-
established and an influx of businesses found new homes
in Hamburg’s harbour area.
1919: The University of Hamburg was established.
1937: The Groß-Hamburg-Gesetz (Greater Hamburg Act)
led to the incorporation of outer-lying areas into Hamburg
doubling Hamburg’s population almost overni ght. This
included Wandsbek, Harburg, Wilhelmsburg and Altona.
1938-1945: During the Second Worl d War, Hamburg
suffered through repeated Allied bombings. Some estimate
that up to 55,000 German civilians were killed during this
time. Another 40,000 Hamburg men lost their lives in battle.
The city itself lost almost half of its living area, half of its
industry and most of the port and harbour area. In the nearby
concentration camp, Neuengamme, almost 70,000 people
were killed at the hands of the Nazis.
1945: The city of Hamburg surrendered to the Allied forces
on April 3 and was soon occupied by the British.
1946: Hamburg begins to regain a sense of normalcy. A
new city council is elected and only a few years later in 1952
Hamburg’s currently used constitution came to life.
1962: On February 16 a storm surge from the North Sea
caused the River Elbe to rise to its highest point ever. One fifth
of the city was flooded and more than 300 people died.
1989: The Berlin Wall falls.
1990: The “Wiedervereinigung” - German reuni fication.
Hamburg’s proximity to the former East German border
makes it a popular choice for those looking to explore new
opportunities in the West.
2008: Hamburg is a thriving, wealthy metropolis of 1.7 million
inhabitants and Germany’s second largest city. Its port ranks
second in Europe and seventh in the world. Industry has
also grown, making Hamburg a leader in the technology and
biotechnology fields and all media outlets.
Bike lanes
Germans take their cycling very seriously. You may notice
that on the pavement there is typically a lane of sorts that
has been laid in darker stones or concrete - this is for bikers
only, and though you may walk it in at your own risk, beware
that there is truly a risk. Hamburgers may ride fast, even
recklessly, and are usually armed with a bell that will sound
loudly right before you are almost run over. You might also
hear something to the effect of “Mensch!” if the bell is out
of order. To be on the safe side, we recommend following a
local pedestrian.
Deciding what to tip in Hamburg is tricky. On small meals
or drinks it is fine to round to the nearest euro, even if it is
only €0,20. A nicer meal requires at a minimum 10%. Many
people tip higher and many Germans in the wait-industry are
used to higher tips from foreigners - especially Americans.
Whatever you choose to tip, mention the total sum when you
pay the bill (i.e. if the bill was €25 you would say €28 bitte).
The idea behind this is that the waiter or waitress will be
aware of how much you tipped them. Then again, if you are
leaving something rather meagre you might want to leave it
on the table and run for it.
Germany has a brilliant network of Autobahn (motorways,
prefixed A) and Bundesstrasse roads (major roads, prefixed
by B. Traffic drives on the right with speed limits of 130km/h
or 100km/h outside built-up areas, and 50km/h in built-
up areas. And indeed, there are really no speed limits on
Autobahnen which makes for some fun driving and some
truly ghastly accidents. Keep a close eye on the rear mirror
if you’re planning to overtake or if you’re in the left lane,
as those headlights in the distance behind you may get
uncomfortably close very quickly. Seatbelts must be worn
at all times and children under 12 years can only travel in
the front seat with a child restraint. German laws are strict
by many accounts when it comes to driving after you have
had a few pints, glasses or snifters full of booze. The legal
maximum alcohol to blood ratio for driving is 0.05%.
The German language has been somewhat misrepresented in
the foreign media over the past decades, and when you hear it
spoken it’s not as harsh as you may expect. Although you won’t
be able to learn it on a short trip, it’s always nice to memorise
a few key terms like thank you (danke), please (bitte), hello
(gutentag) and goodbye (auf wiedersehen). You’ll notice
that written German has some odd characters, such as the
ß, the ü, ö and ä. Annoyingly, these are interchangeable with
combinations of letters and can (and often are) replaced by ss,
ue, oe and ae respectively – which explains why the website
of Cologne (Köln) is spellt
The best way to get cash in Germany is to use an ATM
machine, of which there are plenty all over the country.
German banks do not charge for using foreign cards in
their machines, so check with your own bank if you’ll pay
any commission. Even if you do have to pay a euro or two
to use an ATM, it’ll be better value and easier than going to
one of the banks or train station exchange offices (like the
Reisebank chain) as they have worse exchange rates and
will charge a commission.
Germany ditched the Deutsche mark in 2002, adopting the
euro, pronounced locally as oi-ro. Germany’s economy is
the largest in Europe, and therefore the majority of coins
in circulation now are German ones; you’ll see Berlin’s
Brandenburg Gate on the €0.10, €0.20 and €0.50 coins,
and the German eagle flapping around on the €1 and €2. the
banknotes, if you’re wondering, are the same for the whole of
euroland, and are adorned with generic European bridges.
Shopping practicalities
German retail laws were incredibly strict in the past, with
shops not even regularly opening on Saturdays a year just
a decade ago, and still are not as flexible as elsewhere. On
Sundays nearly everything shuts down, with perhaps just a
few shops at the train station open, and on Saturdays you’ll
see many smaller shops closing around 14:00. Though it
may thwart your purchasing plans, it does result in a special
relaxed feel to the Sundays, which is quite nice for a change.
Credit cards are still to be embraced by most shops, much to
the annoyance to big-spending foreigners. This is due to the
system of electronic debit card payments that was in place
in Germany and other mainland European countries much
earlier; this is a safer and cheaper system than credit card as
it always requires PIN identicication rather than a signature,
and is free of the 3% commission for the shopkeepers
(eventually paid by you, dear shopper).
Germany is a very safe country to travel in, and other than
the usual precautions against pickpocketing, there are no
special preparations you should make. Although Germany
has been in the news recently for racist attacks, these
incidents are quite rare and are by no means a purely German
phenomenon. Germans are aware that their country is more
closely scrutinised than others when it comes to this, and
racism and violence is not tolerated, witness the impressive
level of security around synagogues and Jewish institutions:
sturdy barriers and round-the-clock armed guards.
Germany uses the 24-hour clock system, known as military
time in some places, but as simply as ‘the time’ here. By
doing away with all the am, pm, noon and midnight nonsense,
it’s really quite useful for avoiding confusion, and Germany
is one of the few places where the 24-hour clock is even
used in spoken language. You may be told that the museum
closes at sixteen-thirty, or that the train departs at twenty-
Citizens of EU and EEA countries do not need visas to enter
Germany; most others do. For more details, visit the website
of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, www.auswaertiges-amt.
de. Germany is part of the Schengen treaty, which allows
free flow of goods and traffic between member states. This
means that your passport only gets checked when entering
and leaving the Schengen area, and once you’re in, you
can travel overland from Portugal to Finland without being
stopped at the borders.
Like dominoes the capitals of the Balkans are falling
in the wake of In Your Pocket’s onward march. After
Athens, Belgrade, Ljubljana and Split, the launch
of Novi Sad In Your Pocket at the beginning of July
will be followed by guides to Sarajevo and Banja
Luka before the year is out. Add in new editions of
the Tirana, Skopje, Pristina and Podgorica guides,
and you have a full set. Elsewhere around the Pocket
Empire we are pleased to announce that our guides
have reached Britain: Glasgow In Your Pocket will
be explaining the meaning of a Glasgow kiss to all
and sundry by December 1, 2008. And we barely
have space to mention the imminent publication of
the long-awaited Moscow In Your Pocket.
Europe In Your Pocket
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Art Galleries
Deichtorhallen H-3, Deichtorstr. 1-2, MSteinstr., tel.
32 10 30, Apparentl y one of
the best-known exhibition galleries in the world, these two
former market halls make up some 6,000m2 of exhibition
space. Deichtorstr. 1 is given over to contemporary art, whilst
Deichtorstr. 2 focuses primaril y on photography, al though at
the time of writing it was showing a wonderful Charlie Chaplin
retrospective complete with photographs and films. QOpen
11:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
Grindel UFA-Palast Grindelberg 7a, Harvestehude,
tel. 44 93 33, Popular American and
German films are shown here, with a sneak preview night on
Tuesdays. Check to see the language the film is in first. Reserve
seats ahead on weekends. Students receive a discount.
Dirty Dancing B/C-1, Neue Flora, Stresemannstr.
159a, tel. 4131 697 23 66. Enjoy over 50 songs from
the 1960s to 1980s in this popular film-inspired musical.
Q Shows at 20:00, Wed 18:30, Sat 15.00 and 20.00, Sun
14.30 and 19.00. Tickets €24,90-109,90.
Lion King E-4, Theater im Hafen, Norderelbstr. 6, tel.
01805 44 44. You will have to take a boat to the theatre to
see this long-running musical based on the Disney film. Q
Shows at Tue, Wed 18.30, Thu, Fri 20:00, Sat 15.00 and
20.00, Sun 14.00 and 19.00. Tickets €54,95-115,40.
Theatre & Opera
English Theatre Lerchenfeld 14, MMundsburg, tel.
227 70 89, Founded by two
Americans in 1976, the English Theatre of Hamburg is a private,
professional theatre putting on eight performances per week.
The repertoir runs from classics to comedy and thrillers. Tickets
bought online are cheaper. Q Performances Mon-Sat 19:30;
Tue, Fri also 11:00. Tickets €23-28.50, matinees €15.
State Opera F-2, Dammtorstr. 28, MGänsemarkt, tel. 35
68 68, Enjoy operas and
ballets written or inspired by Mozart, Shakespeare and others.
The building from the outside looks somehow not classic enough
for the pieces that are performed nightly. However, the interior
is elaborate and inspiring. Students can buy discounted tickets
on the night of performance. Q Box office open 10:00-18:30,
closed Sun. Also: 90 minutes before each show.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
Classical music
5 Sept, 20:00 LM
Jubilee concert, 80 years Hamburger Mandoline
6 Sept, 19:30 LM
KlassikPhilharmonie Hamburg: Last Night of the Proms
Conductor: Robert Stehli
8 Sept, 20:00 LM
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg
Conductor: Philippe Auguin
10 Sept, 19:30 LM
Nansong Huang (Piano)
11 Sept, 20:00 LM
The big world of film music with the Klassik Radio
13 Sept, 20:00 LM
Orchester ‘91 Hamburg
15 Sept, 20:00 LM
Conductor: Christoph von Dohnányi
18 Sept, 20:00 LM
Hamburger Camerata: Bürger und Edelmann
Conductor: Max Pommer
18 Sept, 20:00 LM
Nathan Quartett
20 Sept, 19:00 LM
Alsterhaus MusikNacht
Benefit concert for “An instrument for every child”
20 Sept, 19:00-24:00 Various venues
Night of the Churches
20 Sept, 20:00 OL
George Bizet: the Pearl Fishers
21 Sept, 19:00 LM
Hamburger Symphoniker
Conductor: Jeffrey Tate
21 Sept, 20:00 LM
NDR – The old work
26 Sept, 21:00; 27 Sept, 20:00; 11 Oct, 20:00 OL
George Bizet: Carmen
OperaBreve and chamber orchestra
28 Sept, 15:30 LM
Paul McCartney: Ecce Cor Meum
Oratorium for soprano, choir and orchestra
2 Oct, 20:00 LM
J.S. Bach: ‘h-moll Messe’
6 Oct, 20:00 LM
Oliver Messiaen: La Transfiguration de notre Seigneur
Vokalensemble St. Jacobi
11 Oct, 20:00 SM
Benjamin Britten: War Requiem
Franz Schubert Choir Hamburg
11 Oct, 20:00 LM
KlassikPhilharmonie Hamburg
Conductor: Robert Stehli
13 Oct, 19:30 LM
Pro Arte: Münchner Philharmoniker
Conductor: Christian Thielemann
17 Oct, 20:00 LM
Gala night of the German tenors
19 Oct, 17:00 HS
Première: Richard Wagner’s Die Walküre
22 Oct, 20:00 LM
Don’t push the sounds
Ensemble Resonanz
22 Oct, 19:30 LM
Pro Arte: Danjulo Ishizaka
Zürcher Kammerorchester
23 & 28 Oct, 17:00-21:45 HS
Richard Wagner: Die Walküre
23 Oct, 20:00 LM
Alessandro Baricco
27 Oct, 20:00 LM
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg
Conductor: Simone Young
26 Oct, 20:00 CL
Paul Potts: One Chance
28 Oct, 19:30 LM
Pro Arte: Arcadi Volodos
Works by Schumann and Liszt
4 Sept, 19:00 SP
Roger Cicero & Big Band (Swing)
Tour 2008
9 Sept, 21:30 HK
Agent Orange (Punk)
11 Sept, 21:00 FA
Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman (Jazz)
Secret Rhythms 3
11 Sept, 20:00 DC
One Republic (Rock)
12 Sept, 21:00 FA
Naked Raven (Folk Rock)
Sunday Best tour
13 Sept, 19:00 CL
DJ Bobo / Room 2012 (Pop)
Vampires Alive Tour
14 Sept, 20:00 CL
Coldplay (Pop)
18 Sept, 19:00 SP
Iggy & The Stooges (Rock)
18 Sept, 20:00 CL
REM (Pop)
19 Sept, 19:30 GF
Sido (Hiphop)
Me and my mask tour
29 Sept, 20:00 CL
Bryan Adams (Rock)
4 Oct, 20:00 DC
Hubert von Goisern (Alpine Rock)
S’Nix Tour
5 Oct, 20:00 CL
Queen and Paul Rodgers
Cosmos Rocks Tour 2008
AM Altonaer Museum, Museumstr. 23, tel.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
BC Bucerius Kunst Forum, Rathausmarkt 2, tel.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
BS Ballinstadt, Veddeler Bogen 2, tel. 31979160,
CC CCH Congress Centrum Hamburg, Marseiller
Straße, tel. 356 90,
DH Deichtorhallen, Deichtorstr. 1-2, tel. 32528704,
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
FA Fabrik, Barnerstr. 36, tel. 391070,
GF Große Freiheit 36, Große Freiheit 36, tel. 317 88
KH Hamburger Kunsthalle, Glockengießerwall, tel.
KN Kampnagel, Jarrestr. 20, tel. 2709490, www.
KS Knust im Schlachthof, Neuer Kamp 30, tel.
LM Laeiszhalle-Musikhalle Hamburg, Johannes-
Brahms-Platz, tel. 34 69 20,
MH Markthalle Hamburg, Klosterwall 11, tel. 33 94
RL Rolf-Liebermann-Studio des NDR, Oberstraße
120, tel. 41560,
SP Freilichtbühne Stadtpark Hamburg, Saarland-
str. 71, tel. 30051216
Venue list
Its possible to see several musicals in Hamburg, though
only a handful are in English. Some Stage Entertainment
productions make an entertaining night out despite the
texts being in German. The Lion King show, based on the
Disney classic about Simba the lion, features the hit song
‘Hakuna Matata’. From 19 October, Hamburg also hosts the
musical Tarzan, with music by Phil Collins. Lion King shows
run at Tue, Wed 18:30, Thu, Fri 20:00, Sat 15:00 and
20:00, Sun 14:00 and 19:00. Tarzan will run Tue, Thu,Fri
20:00, Wed 18:30, Sat 15:00 and 20:00, Sun 14:00
and 19:00. Tickets and information tel. 01805 44 44,
Hamburg musicals
One of Europe’s best music festivals sees well over 100
bands playing in various venues along or near Hamburg’s
Reeperbahn avenue over three days, the 2008 edition held
from 25-27 September. The festival aims to book exciting,
up-and-coming bands and artists, not just big names, and
attracted more than 12,000 visitors last year. Names to look
out for this year include Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators
from Finland, one of the best soul singers around, Tahiti 80
from France, Choir Of Young Believers and DJ Vadim. But a
big part of the charm of the festival is discovery – drop in on
random concerts and you may well be listening to the next U2
or Coldplay. Other bands are: The Hong Kong Blood Opera,
Absynthe Minded, Assoto Sound Connaisseurs, Coco Zhao
And The Possicobilities, Lapko and Poni Hoax. There’s not
just music – a poster exhibition is planned and visitors can
join the Viva con Agua Soccer Tournament. A day pass giving
access to all concerts plus public transport costs 26 euros,
a three-day pass 55 euros. For more information and online
ticket sales see
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
September 2008
5-7 September
Harburger Außenmühlenfest
Festival around the Außenmühlenteich in Hamburg-Harburg
6 September - 4 October
Verdi Weeks
Hamburgische Staatsoper
7 September (planned)
Vattenfall Cyclassics
World cup cycling for professionals and amateurs
Start and finish: Mönckebergstraße
13 September
Hamburger Theaternacht
Mit Bussen, Bahnen und Alsterdampfern quer durch die Stadt, von
Theater zu Theater. Mehr als 30 Hamburger Bühnen beteiligen
sich an der „Hamburger Theaternacht“
14 September - 30 November
Kinder, Kinder! children’s festival
Various locations in Hamburg
23-26 September
Shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology fair
Hamburg Messe
October 2008
3 October
Day of German Unification, with a festival until 5
Hamburg plays centre stage for the national event
19 October
Die Walküre
Hamburgische Staatsoper
25 October - 2 November
International boat fair Hamburg
Hamburg Messe
November 2008
7 November - 7 December
Hamburger Winterdom – “Dommarkt” Festival
24 November - 23 December
Christmas in Hamburg
Historical Christmas market on Rathausmarkt
Traditional Christmas markets on Spitalerstraße, St. Petri-Kirche,
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz. Hanseatic Christmas market on
Winterzauber fair on Jungfernstieg
Winter fun in front of the Deichtorhallen
29 November - 7 December
You and your world
Consumer fair
Hamburg Messe
December 2008
5-7 December
Modellbauwelt Hamburg
Fair for car, railway, plane and ship model building
Hamburg Messe
12-14 December
Mineralien hamburg
International fair for minerals, fossils, precious stones and
Hamburg Messe
Ask for more information about events in Hamburg at:
Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
Postfach 10 22 49,
20015 Hamburg
Tel. 040/300 51 300
Fax 040/300 51-333
Note: changes may occur to the list of events above, researched
in August 2008.
7 Oct, 20:00 GS
Primal Scream (Rock)
8 Oct, 20:00 DC
Paul Weller (Songwriter)
9 Oct, 20:00 LM
Steve Winwood
10 Oct, 20:00 CL
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panikorchester (Rock)
‘Stark wie zwei’
15 Oct, 21:00 GF
Heather Nova (Songwriter)
16 Oct, 21:00 FA
Stanley Clarke / Marcus Miller / Victor Wooten (Jazz)
18 Oct, 17:30 CL
Rock & Pop Classics Live: Suzi Quattro / Boney M
23 Oct, 21:00 FA
Calexico (Alternative)
28 Oct, 20:00 GF
The Streets (Rap)
Everything is borrowed tour
31 Oct, 20:00 CL
Leonard Cohen (Songwriter)
Until 7 September DH
F.C. Gundlach: Photography
Until 14 September KH
Mark Rothko - Retrospektive
Until 30 September AM
A panorama of the River Elbe
Until 4 January 2009 MM
Globalisation 2.0
19 Sept until 11 January 2009 KH
Max Ernst - Une semaine de bonté
The English Theatre of Hamburg, located north-east of
the centre near Mundsburg U-Bahn station, is a profes-
sional theatre that was founded in 1976. Between 11
September and 15 November you can see the play
Treats by Christopher Hampton, an intelligent, witty play
about sexual manners and manipulation. Why do people
make the wrong decisions in matters of love? Ann has
tried to free herself from Dave by taking on a new lover,
Patrick, while Dave is away in Iraq. Now back in London,
Dave is enraged. He is determined to win back his girl,
forcing Ann to choose between the two young men. Will
she return to charismatic Dave who abuses and cheats
on her, or stay with nice-but-dull Patrick? First staged
in London in 1976, the play was revived successfully in
2007 in this updated version.
English Theatre, Lerchenfeld 14, M Mundsburg,
tel. 227 70 89,
English Theatre
International Maritime Museum Hamburg
Hamburg has got a new
sea-mark! The I nterna-
tional Maritime Museum
Hamburg. Inaugurated on
25 June 2008 by German
Bundespräsi dent Horst
Köhler, Hamburg mayor Ole
von Beust, and Professor
Peter Tamm the museum
invites you on an expedi-
tion through 3000 years of
navy history. Nine “decks”
in the historic Warehouse
B tell about discoverers
and conquerors, captains
and sailors.
When his mother gave him
the gift of a model coastal
motor ship, six years old Peter Tamm could not have known
that these thoughts many years later would become the
theme of a unique maritime collection. The gift took up a
place of honour in his collection and that because it was
the beginning of a passion that stamped his life from his
birth on 28 May 1928 in Hamburg to the present day.
Today his collection comprises around 36,000 small and
900 big ship models, 5,000 pictures, 120,000 books and
atlases, 50,000 construction plans, numerous documents,
uniforms, weapons, trade gadgets, nautical and signal de-
vices, furniture, menus, porcelain, silver, and much more.
The paintings of the extensive collection, the corre-
spondence, reports, and documentation give a living
testimony of history and its people. In order to make
this accessible to future generations in an appropriate
framework, Peter Tamm determined to transfer his col-
lection into a foundation and thus making it accessible to
the public. The foundation operates the first international
maritime museum in the world.
The museum provides a forum for the evidence of the past
whereby it can tell the visitors the story of its history - and
this in the historical context in which it arose. So perhaps
it can, through the past successes and errors of mankind,
succeed in providing lasting lessons for the future.
Koreastraße 1
tel. 300 92 300
(M) Messberg
Open Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun 10:00-18:00
Thu 10:00-20:00, closed on Mondays
Admission €10, children €7
New in the city
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
© Internationales
Maritimes Museum
Hamburg / Zapf
© Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg / Zapf
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
O Casino H Conference facilities
T Child friendl y U Facilities for the disabled
R Internet W Wi-Fi L Guarded parking
F Fitness centre G Non-smoking rooms
K Restaurant M Nearest S/U-Bahn station
D Sauna C Swimming pool
Symbol key
The hotel categories are based on the most expensive
double room rack rate price. All prices include VAT and
breakfast unless mentioned otherwise. The room prices
that we list are rack rates; the price you pay may be
different depending on the season, holidays, weekend
offers, and special events like trade fairs.
A good option to book your hotel room in Hamburg is via
our booking partner HAMBURG TRAVEL.
To do so please use the form below.
Over €200
Abtei Abteistr. 14, MKlosterstern, tel. 44 29 05, fax
44 98 20,, www.abtei-hotel.
de. Si tuated close to the Outer Alster, this pri vate hotel
offers impeccabl y clean rooms full of beautiful antiques in a
century-old villa. Its style is somehow reminiscent of English
countryside manors. To continue the experience, stop by the
Prinz Frederick restaurant for a “Traditional English Dinner.”
Q (singles €145 - 165, 11 doubles €180 - 295, sui tes
€295). PAGK
Atlantic Hotel Kempinski Hamburg H-2, An der
Alster 72-79, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 288 80, fax 24 71
The Atlantic has earned its reputation as one of Germany’s
grandest hotels. The marble décor, beauti ful bedrooms,
front-seat view to the Außenalster and impressive guest list,
including James Bond in “Tomorrow Never Dies“, help explain
why. A worthy expense for those with money to spare. Q (25
singles €169 - 185, 130 doubles €209 - 225, suites €400).
Crowne Plaza I-1, Graumannsweg 10, tel. 22 80 60, fax
220 87 04,, www. This large hotel offers almost 300 rooms
with all the amenities a big hotel should have: the fitness
centre, bar, restaurant and sauna make it easy to stay local.
A good choice for businessmen involved in conferences at the
nearby CCH Congress Center. Bus No. 6 to Graumannsweg.
Q 285 rooms (from €99). PHAFLGDCW
Dorint Sofitel Am Alten Wall Hamburg F-3, Alter
Wall 40, MRödingsmarkt, tel. Tel. 36 95 00, fax 369 50
10 00,, Exquisite
taste and bags of luxur y, the wonderful Sofi tel comes
with more good things than most people get in a lifetime.
Boasting its own wharf, the very best in hi-tech rooms with
a bath and separate shower in each, concierge, dry cleaning
service, fitness centre, swimming, pool, sauna and solarium
this fi ve-star wonder even welcomes your pets wi th open
arms. Exceedingl y central location too. Q (43 singles
€119 - 245, 101 doubles €119 - 265, 15 suites €219 - 445).
East Hotel D-3, Simon-Von-Utrecht-Str. 31, MSt. Pauli,
tel. 30 99 30, fax 30 99 32 00,, Choose from small to XXL rooms at this
eastern-inspired hotel. Rooms are done in dark relaxing hues
with plenty of attention to detail. However, should you need to
get out of your room check out the rooftop terrace or Dedon
Island - the hotels own answers to relaxation. Some might find
the golf simulator alone worthy of a visit. Q (103 doubles
€150 - 355). PHAFGKD
Eur opäi scher Hof H- 2, Ki r chenal l ee 45,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 248 247 24, fax 248 247 99,, www.europaeischer-hof.
de. Established in 1925, this hotel was rebuil t in 1948 after
being destroyed in the war. It now ranks as one of Hamburg’s
largest hotels with over 500 beds. Rooms are relatively small
and clean and the interior is typical for a large hotel. Enjoy
the squash courts and golf simulator in the Euro-Therme -
reserved for hotel guests. Q (120 singles €105 - 153, 200
doubles €135 - 220). PHAFLGKDCW
Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Neuer Jungfernstieg
9-14, MGänsemarkt, tel. 349 40, fax 34 94 26 00,, The height of luxury
as endorsed by some of its former guests including Sir Peter
Ustinov after whom a wonderful suite is named, even the small
singles here are superb. The rooms are really well designed,
with smart wooden cupboards concealing the latest electronic
gadgets and balconies overlooking the water. Another sign that
this isn’t your typical hotel are the in-house bars and restaurants,
frequented daily by the cream of the local community. Q (29
singles €220 - 315, 95 doubles €270 - 375, 33 suites €465 -
Grand El ysée F- 1, Rothenbaumchaussee 10,
MDammtor, tel. 41 41 20, fax 41 41 27 33, info@, The bay, business, alcove
and large corner rooms here are almost all styled in neutral
colours with large windows. Take advantage of cosmetic or
wellness luxuries after a day of sightseeing for a few extra
euros. One of four different restaurants and bars will also
satisfy any late night cravings. Check to see when live piano
music or jazz is scheduled. Q (511 doubles €159 - 216).
All hotels marked with can be easily booked
at great rates with our partner Hamburg Travel, online
at or by telephone: +49-
Greifswalder Str. 3
10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
(near Alexanderplatz)
Tel: +49 30 4172 4172
Single room from 72 €
Double room from 82 €
All rooms with shower/WC,
Breakfast till 12:00 incl.
„welcome to feel at home”
Esplanade Hotel
Hohenstaufenring 56
50674 Köln
phone: 0049-221-9215570
fax: 0049-221-216822
(online booking possibility)
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Hamburg Marriott F-2, ABC-Straße 52, MGänsemarkt,
tel. 35 05 17 00, fax 35 05 17 77,, Wi th i ts regal
corridors, piano bar and fancy swimming pool, the Marriot
simply oozes sophistication. Superbly located, with rooms with
baths throughout, big wooden beds, classical design and all the
trimmings to boot, one could almost say this place is original.
It’s certainly better than most hotels in the city that’s for sure.
Q (203 singles €149 - 249, 65 doubles €149 - 249, 9 suites
€289 - 338). PHAUFLGKDCW
InterContinental G-1, Fontenay 10, MDammtor, tel.
414 20, fax 41 42 22 99,, You can rel y on the international
reputation of the InterContinental wherever your travels take
you, and Hamburg’s hotel may even exceed its reputation
wi th i ts proximi ty to the Alster and walking distance to
the ci ty centre. Rooms are cl ean and simpl e and the
restaurants and bars give you another option to explore. Q
Le Royal Meridien H-2, An der Alster 52-56,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 210 00, fax 21 00 11 11,
l rmhambur g@l emeri di en. com, www. hambur g. A deli ghtfull y di fferent l obby stuffed
full of books and ar t awai ts guests inside thi s ver y regal
enti ty. The smashing rooms are in their own words ar t
and tech, coming wi th coffee and tea maker, mini bar,
satel l i te tel evi si on, ul tra-fast i nternet connecti ons,
bathrobes and slippers. Expect the hi ghest standards
and the added bonus of a wonder ful roof top bar wi th
superb vi ews over the water. Q PHALGKDW
Louis C. Jacob Elbchaussee 401, tel. 82 25 50, fax
82 25 54 44,, www.hotel-jacob.
de. Leave li fe behind and enter royal ty. The hotel in the
historical mansion prides i tsel f on i ts extensi ve wine cellar
and displays of local art. Rooms are French-inspired and
many have a direct view of the Elbe. Staff is friendl y and will
help you wi th all bookings. Take advantage of the limousine
service on nights out. Q (16 singles €148 - 195, 51 doubles
€168 - 375, 18 sui tes €228 - 1185). PHALGKDW
Mercure an der Messe E-1, Schröderstif tstr.
3, tel./fax 45 06 90,, www. Wi th 180 rooms, thi s hotel sti l l
manages to maintain some sense of indi viduali ty in i ts
sleeping quarters. The modern, clean lobby leads to a set
of minimalist and clutter-free rooms. Take a stroll across
the street to Hamburg’s famed “Planten und Bl omen”
or access the ci ty centre wi thin minutes of l eaving the
hotel. The Oli ve Tree restaurant offers Medi terranean
dishes. Q (180 doubl es €62 - 255). PHALGK
Park Hyatt Hamburg H-3, Bugenhagenstr. 8,
MMönckebergstr., tel. 33 32 12 34, fax 33 32 12 35,, Lots of
tropical hardwoods and wrought iron in the lobby, a great
central location, a man in a cape and top hat to grin you in, and
breathtakingly cheerful staff. With luscious carpeted corridors,
awesome standards, DVD players and some great views of
the city’s main shopping street you get the best of Hyatt as
well as a wonderful place to base yourself at the same time.
Q (176 doubles €185 - 285, 29 sui tes €335 - 435, 30
apartments €110 - 120). PTAUFLGKDCW
Radi sson SAS F- 1/2, Mar sei l l er st r . 2,
MStephansplatz, tel. 350 20, fax 35 02 35 30, info., A
huge beast lurking inside a nice park, exceedingl y popular
wi th business professionals in town for the big conferences
and fairs, and wi th a baffling mirrored lobby. Some may not
favour the slightl y sterile Radisson approach to design, but
remember the Radisson likes to say yes. Take advantage of
the fact. Two good things here are the view (you can’t beat i t)
and the 26th-floor bar. Q PHAUFLGKDCW
Side Drehbahn 49, MGänsemarkt, tel. 30 99 90, fax 30
99 95 01,, www.side-hamburg.
de. Managing to stay just the right side of pretentious rubbish
thanks to plenty of humourous touches to the sci-fi design,
Side looks a bi t like a 25th-century intergalactic wai ting
room. The rooms start from the lowest Superiors through
to XXL suites that continue with the avant-garde theme. As
you’d expect, amenities are awesome, including a yellow spa
complete with special 15-minute massages for those who
need a little unwinding during their lunch breaks. Wonderful.
Steigenberger Hotel Hamburg Heiligengeistbrücke
4, MRödingsmarkt, tel. 36 80 60, fax 36 80 67 77,, A gloriousl y swish hotel with impeccable
staff behind an elegant red brick facade. If you’ve reall y got
money to burn then check out one of the luxury suites, bigger
than most hotels with all the amenities one would expect from
a luxury apartment. The Calla restaurant serves Euro-Asian
dishes, and the top-floor spa has a spectacular panorama
sauna. A great central location next to the water too. Q
(singles €200 - 245, doubles €220 - 265, suites €285 - 550).
Suitehotel Hamburg City:
Lübeckertordamm 2
20099 Hamburg
Tel.: +49(0)40/271 40 - 0
*Per suite per night for 1-2 persons
Enjoy the Space
Suitehotel. A new
way of hotel living.
Suitehotel Lübeckertordamm 2, tel. 27 14 00, fax
27 14 01 40,, www.suite-hotel.
de. A hostel-like lobby wi th receptionists doubling as
barmaids betrays the treats in store upstairs. A sky-high
hotel full of suites, some rather small and others more
like apartments, all coming with microwave ovens, funky
designs and prefabricated plastic bathrooms that remind
you of having a shower in a caravan. Free internet in the
lobby plus coffee and croissants for breakfast. Q (186
suites €53 - 199). PAFLGW
Renaissance Ham-
burg F-3, Grosse Ble-
i chen, MRat haus,
tel. 34 91 89 51, fax
24 91 89 69, www.
com. The time of being
ashamed of 1980s design is over, and the Renaissance
is proud that the fabulously swirly wall designs in the suite
can otherwise onl y be seen at New York’s MOMA. Set
inside the landmark brick Expressionist Broschek-Haus,
the business-oriented hotel has comfortable guest rooms
with designer beds, large desks and wifi. Q (45 singles
€145 - 250, 80 doubles €145 - 250, 14 suites €300 -
Renaissance Hamburg Hotel
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Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Clipper Elb-Lodge B-4, Carsten-Rehder-Str. 71,
MKönigstr, tel. 80 90 10, fax 80 90 19 99, info@,
Rooms are clean and stylish and tend to stray from the
typical hotelesque interior. Many offer a view of the Elbe.
There are sui tes that are aimed specificall y at longer stays,
and you’ll see prices drop i f you promise to stay longer. And
the vicini ty to the water and the relaxing feel of the place
may make you want to do just that. Q (57 doubles €119 -
197). PALDW
Garden Hotels Hamburg Magdalenenstr. 60, tel.
41 40 40,, www. Rooms are located in three di fferent
buildings at this quaint hotel - the oldest from 1900. The hotel
is slightly outside of the city centre, but you can easily access
i t via public transportation. Order a personall y designed
breakfast and eat it in your room, on the terrace or in the
winter garden. Bus no. 109 to Böttgerstrasse. Q (27 singles
€120 - 145, 30 doubles €135 - 185). HAG
Gastwerk Beim Alten Gaswerk/ Daimlerstr. 3,
MBahrenfeld, tel. 89 06 20, fax 890 62 20, info@, Wi th 135
rooms, the Gastwerk still manages to elude a welcoming
feeling. I ts carefull y designed archi tecture and minimalist
appeal will please those looking for a hotel with a slightly trendy
feel. Pop into the resident Italian restaurant, Da Caio, for one of
the best Italian meals around. Check out the “Chill Weekend”
special. Breakfast buffet is extra, but don’t overlook this hotel
because of that. Q (9 singles €127 - 167, 118 doubles €127 -
167, 14 suites €262 - 362). PHAGKW
Hot el Haf en Hambur g Seewar t enst r . 9,
MLandungsbrücken, tel. 31 11 30, fax 31 11 37 06
The hotel offers rooms overlooking the Landungsbrücke and
the harbour (but make a special request). Furnishings are
comfortable and contemporary. The real selling point is the
location - visit the Tower Bar for a cocktail and a spectacular
evening view of the well-lit harbour. Q (68 singles €100 - 200,
125 doubles €100 - 200). PAGKDW
Madison E-F/3, Schaarsteinweg 4, MBaumwall,
tel. 37 66 60, fax 37 66 61 37, info@madisonhotel.
de, Wi thin walking distance of
the main si ghts wi th modern décor and a comfor tabl e
feel. All rooms are relativel y spacious and bright and have
bathtubs. Rooms range from the studio to the “Top of the
Town” penthouse with a rooftop terrace. Don’t forget to take
advantage of the extensi ve spa offerings. Q (54 singles
€120 - 150, 83 doubles €120 - 170, 29 suites €240 - 280).
Nippon Hotel Hofweg 75, tel. 227 11 40, fax 22 71 14
90,, www.nippon-hotel-hh.
de. Relax in the Japanese influences of this stylish hotel. The
41 rooms are extremely minimalistic and soothing. Rice-paper
partitions line the windows and allow a subtle glow of light
into the room. Definitel y unique in its appeal. The Japanese
restaurant, Wa-Yo is also worthy of a visi t. Q (singles
€98 - 121, 42 doubles €116 - 150). PHALGKW
relexa hotel Bellevue H-2, An der Alster 14, tel. 28 44
40, fax 28 44 42 22,, www. The quiet, neat halls of this hotel put you
at ease even before you even enter the rooms. Decorations
in rooms vary dramaticall y - all are clean but some more
aestheticall y pleasing and modern than others. Staff is
friendl y and helpful. Q PHAGK
Wedina Gurlittstr. 23, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 280 89
00, fax 280 38 94,, If
you are looking for something colourful look no further - the
Wedina is comprised of four different buildings, each in its own
colour. All rooms are uniquel y designed to avoid monotony
and after a night or two you might just want to move in
permanentl y. A Swiss breakfast is served each morning.
Q (4 singles €70 - 145, 37 doubles €118 - 165, 13 suites
€118 - 165). ALGW
25 Hours Paul-Dessau-Str. 2, MBahrenfeld, tel.
85 50 70,, www.25hours- This hip hotel is popular wi th the younger
crowd and i ts prices reflect their budgets. Rooms come
in small, medium and large sizes and bear the influence of
young designers; most are minimalist and chic. The hotel
restaurant is inspired by German and I talian cuisines.
Hipsters might not even need to ever leave the hotel i f
looking for the trendy Hamburg scene. Q95 rooms (92
doubles €101 - 121, 3 sui tes €121 - 141). PKW
Aussen Al ster H- I /2, Schmi l i nskystr . 11,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 24 15 57, fax 280 32 31, info@, Enjoy a cocktail
in the summer garden, a bicycle ride or a sail on the hotel’s
own boat which is docked on the nearby Alster. Such (free!)
perks make this famil y-run hotel even more appealing. The
white building dates back to the 1800s and has lost none
of its original charm. While rooms are rather small, they are
clean and enjoyable. There is a small bar if you would like to
begin your night without leaving the hotel, and a small Italian
restaurant. Q (3 singles €89 - 105, 24 doubles €120 - 150).
Baseler Hof G-2, Esplanade 11, MStephansplatz, tel.
35 90 60, fax 35 90 69 18,, www. A popular place to stay wi th large tour
groups as well as business travellers looking for something
a li ttle less bland that the average business class hotel,
this is a good boutique hotel wi th lots of fun sculptures,
basic standard singles wi th all mod cons, and a host of
necessi ties from minibar to wireless internet. A former rest
home for Nazi soldiers, all traces of i ts sinister past have
been obli terated. Free public transport tickets and internet
in the lobby too. Q (100 singles €85 - 105, 64 doubles
€115 - 135, 4 sui tes €179 - 189). PHALGKDW
Für s t Bi s mar ck H- 2, Ki r chenal l e e 49,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 280 10 91, fax 280 10 96,,
Qui te the best location next to the Hauptbahnhof, don’t
be put of by what (or who) you find in the lobby, for upstairs
awai ts quali ty renovated rooms wi th lots of fancy trimmings
and some wi th great views. Highl y recommended i f you like
clean rooms, cable television and getting good value for
your money. Q (30 singles €80 - 95, 71 doubles €108 -
115). ALG
Graf Moltke H-2, Steindamm 1, MHauptbahnhof, tel.
280 11 54, fax 280 25 62,, Rooms are well-li t though
slightl y outdated here. Biggest sell is the central location
and reasonable prices - perfect if you are in Hamburg to
see the city and not spending a lot of time in your room.
The staff is friendl y and can point you in the right direction.
A large breakfast buffet is included. Q (13 singles €77 -
79, 55 doubles €87 - 99, 21 triples €108 - 125). HAG
Hanseatin E-F/2, Dragonerstall 11, MGänsemarkt,
tel. 34 13 45, fax 34 58 25, frauen@hotel-hanseatin.
de, Looking for an excuse to get away
from your man? Tell him he is not allowed at this hotel - and he
reall y isn’t. Situated in a preserved Hamburg landmark, this
hotel has a charm all its own. Pop on over to the “Frauencafé
endlich” (Women Café Finall y) for Sunday brunch. Not a good
place for those looking to meet men. Q (6 singles €49, 7
doubles €99).
Together wi th I n Your
Pocket, the ci ty’s hotel
concierges are important
sources of i nformati on
for travellers. Recognised
by the gol den crossed
keys on the lapels of their
jackets, good concierges
will be abl e to gi ve you
restaurant and sightseeing tips, and can book event
tickets for you. In this issue, we speak to Amedeo
Musto D’Amore, concierge of the Fairmont Hotel Vier
Jahreszei ten Hamburg. Mr. Musto D’Amore li terall y
worked his way up from the wine cellar of the Vier Jah-
reszeiten hotel, via various other jobs, to become the
chef-concierge 31years ago.
This makes our hotel special... This exclusive hotel
is beloved by the locals, a real Hamburggänschen as
they say, and is one of the best hotels internationally.
Tradition combined with modern services makes our
hotel an exclusive jewel.
Guests’ requests... I get many kinds of questions. It’s
not the responding to special requests that make a good
concierge, rather answering the normal ones in a fast
but subtle and discrete way so that the guest and I are
both satisfied. One strange request, many years ago,
came from an Arab guest who wanted to export German
cows to his country to start a cattle farm there – and
so began a search for suppliers, arranging meetings,
taking care of paperwork and veterinary permits... and
then the sheik was not amused to find out that the cows
also needed to stay in quarantine for a long period of
time after arrival too.
Special restaurants I recommend... There’s no need
to leave the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten for a good
meal: the grill restaurant serves exclusive Hamburg cui-
sine, and upscale cooking can be had at Haerlin. Asian
tastes are catered to in the Doc Cheng restaurant. But
I’m always willing to recommend places outside the hotel
after hearing the guests’ preferences.
In Your Pocket... Is one of the institutions that conveys
the essence of Hamburg to foreign visitors. It makes
the work of concierges much easier, as readers of
Hamburg In Your Pocket approach us with much more
specific questions.
Meet the concierge
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Hamburg’s restaurant scene offers varied and on the
whole excellent food. Note that many restaurants do not
accept credit cards, though perhaps debit cards.
Bok D-2, Schanzenstr. 27, MSternschanze, tel. 430
67 80,,
Hamburg’s own version of a restaurant chain has 4 locations
in the city. All provide an extensive menu of Chinese, Japanese,
Korean and Thai dishes. A popular place due to its reasonable
prices, tasty mains and pleasing atmosphere. A reservation at
the weekend is recommended. QOpen 07:00 - 24:00. P
Cha Cha F-2/3, Große Bleichen 16, MJungfernstieg,
tel. 822 28 70 80,, www. A great place to stop by for tasty Thai food.
The long wooden tables compliment the simple surroundings
and leave open the possibility that you might be sitting next
to someone you don’t know. But that makes it much more
interesting. The six categories on the menu consist of salads,
soups, currys, fried, fusions and desserts. Something for
everyone. QOpen 10:00 - 23:00. P
Chilli Club G-4, Am Sandtorkai 54, MBaumwall, tel.
35703580, A chill lounge with chilli flavour.
This Asian place is everything at once - it’s a restaurant serving
freshly made wok dishes, dim sum, sushi, and Asian tapas, a
lounge bar with cocktails, wine and DJs spinning relaxed music,
and to top it all off there’s a lovely waterfront terrace with red
cushions for enjoying summer sunsets. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00.
Lounge open daily from 12:00.
Doi Falkenried 30, MHoheluf tbrücke, tel. 30 03 38
38,, This
Thai/I talian inspired restaurant gets i ts name from the
highest point in Thailand (1676m, if you want to impress the
waitress). Exotic fruits and curry flavours adorn the dishes
and the black and white decor adds to the overall soothing
atmosphere. Try a black noodle bolognese accompanied
by an Italian wine and followed by a Tiramisu. Bus N°5 to
Eppendorfer Weg. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Sat 15:00 - 24:00,
Sun 15:00 - 22:00. Closed Mon.
Fusion F-2, Drehbahn 49, MGänsemarkt, tel. 30 99 90, A hotel restaurant that serves
lemon ravioli with Asian vegetables and ginger curry sauce for
breakfast can’t be bad. The Side hotel’s in-house food joint
is, in fact, better than not bad. With row upon row of dinky
white seats and a cool minimalist interior the whole place
could easil y turn to kitsch but is saved by some great Asian
food and the fact that they don’t employ dopey supermodels
as waitresses. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00, Fri, Sat 07:00 - 24:00,
Sun 06:00 - 23:00. A
Kham I-2, Lange Reihe 97, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 28 00
48 68. A smallish restaurant on two floors with a Tibetan chef,
and dealing primaril y in Tibetan food, but also cooking other
Asian cuisine. The menu includes sushi, vegetarian dishes,
Thai curry and noodles as well as green tea and sake. The
food is good, reasonabl y priced, and comes with a compli-
mentary soup starter. QOpen 11:30 - 23:30. A
Sala Thai H-2, Brandsende 6, tel. 33 50 09, www.sal- Eating in this Thai restaurant is done the authentic
way, with just spoons and forks and seated on cushions if
you so wish. Sala has two outlets in central Hamburg, both
getting rave reviews about the food, made fresh to order,
and the presentation - service with a smile. Also at G-4, Am
Kaiserkai 1, tel. 32 39 09.
Caf ébar J ul i C/D- 1, Schul t er bl at t 114,
MSternschanze, tel. 43 21 46 96, kontakt@dasjuli.
de, A fantastic-looking place wi th
dark red wall s, psychadeli c lampshades and strange
portrai ts on the walls, Cafebar Juli is both a hip place to
eat quali ty breakfast and well as one of the better venues
in the area for evening drinks amdist the jangle of some
of the ci ty’s more eclectic DJs. Q Mon-Fri from 10:00,
Sat, Sun from 11:00.
Café Paris Rathausstr. 4, MRathaus, tel. 32
52 77 77. Dating from 1882 thi s wonder ful til ed old
butchers shop is notabl e for many good and interesting
things. Generall y packed wi th a mi xed crowd of ar t y
peopl e and the occasi onal l ocal character, there’s no
piped musi c, the staff speak French and you’re almost
guaranteed to stumbl e into a li vel y conversati on at the
bar. QOpen 09:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 09:00 - 02:00, Sun
10:00 - 01:00.
Die Rösterei G-3, Mönckebergstraße 7, tel. 30 39 37
35, The aroma of freshl y roasted
coffee beans is irresistible in this charming, classic café.
Open for breakfast, lunch and light meals throughout the
day, there are newspapers to browse and plenty of delicious
cakes to sample. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00, Sat 10:00 - 20:00.
Closed Sun.
G l o r i a D - 1 , B e l l e a l l i a n c e s t r . 3 1 - 3 3 ,
MChristuskirche, tel. 43 29 04 64, www.gloriabar.
de. Cool li ghts and cool peopl e fill up thi s café dail y.
Si t at the counter on a 50s-inspired stool and sampl e
a tast y breakfast, lunch or dinner. Brunch i s ser ved
from 11-4 on Sundays and offers qui te a vari et y of
seemi ngl y heal thy opti ons. Q Mon-Fri from 10:00,
Sat, Sun from 11:00.
Jena Paradies H-3, Klosterwall 23, MSteinstr., tel.
32 70 08, A classic German
café wi th some extremel y bi zarre li ghting and a small
dail y menu of meat, pasta, veal and one or two delicious
desserts and homemade cakes. Popular wi th a slightl y
older crowd, i t’s also worth popping in for a decent cup
of coffee and a crusty baguette. QOpen 11:00 - 22:00,
Sun 11:00 - 18:00.
Literaturhaus Café I-1, Schwanenwik 38, tel.
220 13 00, mai l @l i teraturhauscaf e. de, www. A perfect stop for food and book
afi ci onados. The café is l ocated in a grand, old Hamburg
house wi th Alster-front proper ty. Perfect place to read a
book over a cup of coffee or to have an el egant dinner.
Patrons are equall y well-read and sophi sti cated, so
you’ll fi t ri ght in. Bus N°6 to Averhoffstr. QOpen 10:00
- 24:00. A
P Air conditioning A Credit cards accepted
E Live music S Take away
T Child friendl y U Facilities for the disabled
G Non-smoking areas L Guarded parking
O Casino M Nearest S/U-Bahn station
R Internet W Wi-Fi connection
Symbol key
Hotel Alpha H-2, Koppel 4-6, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 24
53 65, fax 24 37 94, rezeption@hotel-pension-alpha.
de, A basic albei t friendl y
guesthouse just around the corner from the Hauptbahnhof run
by a charming famil y. The rooms have seen better days and
are perhaps a little too chintzy for some, but with a choice of
en suite and shared bathroom facilities, satellite television and
a home-like atmosphere this is certainl y worth considering if
you prefer the kind of personal touch that didn’t get its training
at hotel school. Recommended. Q (7 singles €34 - 44, 7
doubles €68 - 78, 2 quads €112). ALG
Hotel am Rothenbaum Rothenbaumchaussee 107,
MHallerstr., tel. 44 60 06, fax 44 93 74, info@hotel-am-, A small
hotel in Harvestehude with 28 rooms in varying size. Most are
done in muted tones and are comfortable and clean. Prices
are very reasonable and a good breakfast buffet is included.
A short walk will take you to the Outer Alster. Q (19 singles
€99, 9 doubles €115). PA
Hotel Schwanenwik Schwanenwik 29, tel. 220 09 18,
fax 229 04 46,, www.hotel- A hotel with reasonable rates and clean,
quaint quarters. With onl y eighteen rooms to fill, the house
feels quite personable. The staff is friendl y and inviting and
eager to answer any questions. Thehotel is located directl y
on the Alster bank and shopping is not far either. For those
travelling on a budget, but who don’t want to sacrifice quality.
Bus No.6 to Mundsburgerbrücke. Q18 rooms (7 singles
€44 - 68, 11 doubles €66 - 90). AL
I bi s Hambur g Al ster H- 2, Hol zdamm 4- 12,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 24 82 90, fax 24 82 97 34,, Easy to find
thanks to the huge electronic sign outside flashing away the
room rates, Hamburg’s Ibis, despite recently receiving a half-
star upgrade, remains your classic identikit Ibis. Notable as
the most expensive Ibis in Germany the price is still a good
one considering it’s practicall y rubbing shoudlers with the
hauptbahnhof and is in easy walking distance of practicall y
everything. Add-ons include a wireless internet, a rather
dreary bar and free internet in the lobby. Q (65 singles €79 -
88, 100 doubles €94 - 112). PALW
Oper F-2, Drehbahn 15-23, MGänsemarkt, tel. 35 60 10,
fax 35 60 13 10,,
Extremel y popular, meaning we never got a chance to have
a look inside any of the 120 rooms or suites, this budget
hotel right in the city centre offers clean albeit unrenovated
comfort wi th en sui te facili ties, soundproof windows and
charming receptionists for the price. Catering is provided
courtesy of the Chinese restaurant next door. Q (10 singles
€55 - 76, 80 doubles €66 - 110, 2 apartments €175 - 315).
Under €75
Resi dence Hambur g I- 2, Stei ndamm 24- 26,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 280 03 60, fax 28 00 36 36, www. All the rooms in this 3-star
hotel are similar to each other in design - slightl y sterile but
nonetheless comfortable. Prices reflect the simplicity, though.
Central location is what makes this a worthy stay. If looking
for convenience on a budget, you have found the right place.
Q (3 singles €49, 12 doubles €69, 5 triples €99 - 105, 4
quads €110 - 120). ALGW
I nstant Sl eep B- 2, Max- Br auer - Al l ee 277,
MSternschanze, tel. 43 18 23 10, fax 43 18 23 11,,
Located centrally above the Bar Rossi in the Schanzenviertel,
this low-budget pension is perfect for the backpacker. Women
can opt for separate accommodations. Breakfast is not
offered and there is a mandatory €2 charge for bedding. With
the money you save in overall price, you can still afford both
though. Q (3 doubles €22 - 28, 5 triples €20, 1 quad €18,
1 5 €18 -, 1 8 €17 -, 1 25 €15 - ).
Schanzenstern Bartelstr. 24-26, MSternschanze,
tel. 439 84 41, fax 439 34 13,, Choose from a choice of a single to
a five-person room or share a dormitory room, but be sure to
note there is no smoking in single and double rooms. Rooms
are practicall y bare aside from beds, but at these rates you
cannot expect much more than a safe, clean place to sleep.
A small breakfast or buffet are offered at extra cost. Q (6
singles €36 - 42, 6 doubles €51 - 63, 1 triple €63 - 70, 6
quads €74 - 83). AGK
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Broscheks F-3, Großen Bleichen, MJungfernstieg, tel. 34
91 89 35,,
Esskultur C-3, Trommelstr. 4, MReeperbahn, tel.
808128520, The stylish
‘eating cul ture’ restaurant is something qui te di fferent.
Combining modern German cuisine from various regions with
cul ture, it serves up fresh food as well as art. Every day at
21:30 a surprise artist climbs onto the small stage for your
cul tural dessert, wi th occasional longer events planned.
A cheaper two-course pre-show menu is available before
19:30 too. If that’s not enough, the restaurant doubles as a
theatre agency where you can get Hamburg events tickets
and information. QOpen 17:00 - 02:00. Closed Mon. Sunday
Brunch 10:00-15:00
Gröninger F-3, Ost-West-Str. 47, MMessberg, tel. 31
13 81,, www.groeninger- This restaurant is definitely not for vegetarians.
Located in an old brewery, it is perfect for what many believe
to be typical German fare and atmosphere. The crowd can
be rowdy and seated close along the picnic table benches.
Order a large meat platter and be ready to either over-eat
or have leftovers. The waiters will gladl y tap a small keg at
your table for all to enjoy. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00, Sat 17:00
- 02:00. Closed Sun. PA
Schweinske C-3, Reeperbahn 157, MReeperbahn, tel.
33 39 67 70, Pig-themed restaurants
are rare in this world, and that’s a crying shame. See how it
needs to be done here on the Reeperbahn, where this rusti-
call y decorated restaurant packs in the punters who merril y
consume the German favouri tes on the menu. Pigs don’t
sleep when there’s fun and food to be had and on weekends
i t’s open non-stop so you can go straight from dinner to
breakfast.Q Open Mon-Fri 09:00-01:00, Sat-Mon 24hrs.
Zur Traube A-3, Karl-Theodor-Str. 4, tel. 39 90 82
36. Enjoy a glass of wine and a plate of cheese over dim
candlelight at this nostalgic Hamburg wine “Stube.” The
intimate setting makes it perfect for a romantic event for two
and will allow you to forget the modern hustle and bustle of the
city outside. The building is as charming as the simple interior.
Bus N°115 to Rothestrasse. QOpen 18:00 - 01:00.
Ashoka D-2, Budapester Str. 25, MSt. Pauli, tel.
312834, An Indian restaurant wi th a
difference - not just happy with serving tasty specialities from
all corners of the subcontinent in typical surroundings, Ashoka
has several special menus that bring the best of Indian cuisine
to your plate. There’s one that combines Kerala food with
South African wines for instance, or a Seasons menu that is
adapted to the time of year. There’s even a light thali Theatre
menu for those on their way to or from a show elsewhere in
St. Pauli. QOpen 17:00 - 24:00.
Abaton Bistro Grindelhof 14a, MDammtor, tel. 45 77
71, After a trip to the neighbouring theatre,
or a quick trip through the university quarter, stop by and enjoy
the relaxing ambiance and lively crowd. While the area is full of
students, you definitely do not need to be studious to enjoy this
bistro. QOpen 11:30 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 16:00 - 24:00. P
Abendmahl C-3, Hein-Köllisch-Platz 6, MSt. Pauli, tel.
31 27 58, fax 31 73 68 1, www.restaurantabendmahl.
de/set.html. Located in onl y meters from the boisterous
Reeperbahn, Abendmahl is a cozy, diml y lit restaurant with
a small, varied a la carte menu or the choice of a 2, 3 or
4-course Überraschungsmenu prepared at the whim of the
chef. Overall an enjoyable surprise. QOpen 19:00 - 23:00,
Fri, Sat 18:00 - 23:00, Sun 18:00 - 23:30.
Stadtcafé Ottensen Behringstr. 42-44, tel. 39 90
36 03,, Anyone
familiar with the Viennese artist and architect Friedensreich
Hundertwasser should keep this café on his list of must-sees.
Two mad floors and outside seating typicall y guarantee a
seat. Lunch is recommended as it is both light and satisfying
- particularly the salad with grilled chicken and exotic fruit. Bus
to Kreuzkirche. QOpen 10:00 - 02:00. B
Fast food
Bagel Brothers F-2, Gänsemarkt 50, MGänsemarkt,
tel. 34 99 43 33, Per fect
for a quick bi te wi th a menu including American-inspired
favourites such as the JFK and Doris Day. Most selections
are accompanied by a picture so those needing a break from
German menus can relax. Not somewhere to go for a taste
of Hamburg’s finest, but sure beats McD’s. QOpen 08:00 -
20:30, Sat 09:00 - 20:30, Sun 12:00 - 19:00. P
Edelcurry F-3, Grosse Bleichen 68, tel. 35 71 62 62, info@, One of many points of
contention between Berlin and Hamburg regards who invented
the currywurst - the sausage drenched in ketchup and mild curry
sauce. We’d be foolish to take any other position than that Hamburg
came up with it in 1947, and this restaurant is fully dedicated to this
typically Hamburg snack, serving the noble sausage in a variety of
styles and sauces, accompanied with French fries, and grütze for
dessert. QOpen 11:00 - 22:00, Sun 12:00 - 20:00.
Gour met St at i on H- 2/3, Haupt bahnhof ,
MHauptbahnhof. A battalion of busy counters selling
cheap food of superb quality, from sandwiches to fish and
chips to some of the best Chinese food in the city. Sushi and
KFC too. QOpen 06:00 - 23:00.
Fine dining
Landhaus Scherrer Elbchaussee 130, tel. 880 13 25,, In
1840 this Haus was established as an inn for coachmen passing
through Hamburg. It was since bought by Armin and Emmy
Scherrer and turned into a restaurant of international prestige.
Cuisine is described as “northern country-style with touches of
Mediterranean and Asian.” You can always schedule a tour of
the restaurant and extensive wine cellar before deciding. Q
Open 12:00-15:00, 18:30-23:00. Closed Sun. A
Poletto Eppendorfer Landstr. 145, MKellinghusenstr.,
tel. 480 21 59, fax 41 40 69 93, Expect
to be greeted personall y at the door by Remigio Poletto. His
wife, Cornelia, will be busy creating sumptuous masterpieces
in the ki tchen. Some of Hamburg’s most delicious smells
emanate from this restaurant, situated in Eppendorf. You may
leave with a lighter wallet, but no doubt whatsoever that your
money was well spent. Cornelia Poletto has definitel y earned
her Michelin star! Q Open 12:00-15:00, 19:00-23:00, Sat
19:00-23:00. Closed Sun, Mon. h
Sgroi H-2, Lange Reihe 40, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 28 00
39 30/28 00 39 31, Full of well-heeled
locals chattering away and munching on the restaurant’s small
selection of fine Italian food, the Sgroi family who run this modern
place do a great job in keeping the place running smoothly
despite what appears to be way too few staff. The menu is
expensive, offering such treats as homemade ravioli, tuna with
couscous and a fine-looking cheese board. Bear in mind though
that a starter is €20, so don’t expect to walk out of here with
much change from €100 for two of you. Q Open 12:00 - 14:30,
19:00 - 22:30. Sat 19:00 - 22:30. Closed Sun, Mon. A
Alt-Hamburger Aalspeicher F-3/4, Deichstr. 43, tel.
36 29 90,,
For finger-food that’s longer than your fingers, visit the cute,
narrow ‘eel warehouse’, serving home-smoked eels from Bad
Zwischenahn. Waiters come round with a basket full of eels
so you can take your pick of large or small specimens. Then
you carefull y strip the skin off with your fingers, and eat the
fish meat accompanied by fresh black bread, and finally wash
your hands with grain schnapps. Oyster, lobster and crayfish
are also available. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
Brook G-4, Bei den Mühren 91, MBaumwall, tel. 37 50
31 28, A swanky minimalist
restaurant with a stark white interior, awards coming out of
its ears and serving classic dishes with a twist, including a
couple of reasonabl y priced pasta dishes and a host of fish
dishes including scampi and tuna. There’s some affordable
wine to compliment the seafood, plus a few treats such as
bottles of 1990 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild for a cool €240.
Q Open 12:00 - 15:00. 18:00 - 22:30. Closed Sun. A
Deichgraf F-3, Deichstr. 23, MRödingsmarkt, tel. 36
42 08,, www.deichgraf- Using onl y fresh ingredients this splendid little
gourmet restaurant is decorated with lots of fresh flowers,
gilded mirrors and whi te tablecloths reflecting both the
polished quality of the food and the service. Essentiall y a
fish restaurant, dishes include herring, cod and crayfish.
Q Open 11:00 - 15:00, 17:30 - 22:00, Sat 17:00 - 22:00.
Closed Sun. A
Die Fischküche F- 4, Kajen 12, MBaumwall,
tel. 365631, inf o@die-f, www.die- A cosy restaurant with plenty of plantlife,
the Fischküche has been a fantastic place to sample typical
Hamburg and other North German fish dishes ever since it
opened in 1992. Owner Karin Brahm is at hand to help you
select your meal, which can include everything from crabs and
shrimps to grilled and stewed fish, and to advise on a fitting
wine. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00, Sat 18:00 - 23:00.
Bistrot le Souterrain I-2, Ferdinand-Beitstr. 7, tel. 24
93 62, A small famil y run
restaurant in a residential street with no pretentious décor
or ostentatious overtones, at least the French food is good,
if a little expensive. Seemingl y unable to employ anyone else
than his daughter, the chef has made a bit of mistake here as
when it gets crowded the wait can become excrutiating. You
decide. Q Open 12:00 - 14:00. 18:00 - 24:00. Sat 18:00 -
01:00. Closed Sun. A
Le Canard Elbchaussee 139, tel. 88 12 95 32, First thing to note - make a
reservation in advance; tables go quickl y at this popular
restaurant. Once seated, however, relax and enjoy French
variations, such as a turbot flavoured with leek and lemon,
and choose from over 200 wines. The front-row view of the
Elbe will keep you busy gazing in between bites. QOpen
12:00 - 14:30 and 18:30-22:30. Closed Mon, Sun. A
Voltaire Friedensallee 14-16, MAltona, tel. 39 70 04.
A varied menu of French fare is offered in a spacious dining
area by friendl y staff. The goat cheese salad offers a perfect
light lunch. After a reasonabl y inexpensive, but tasty meal,
take advantage of the nearby cinema, shopping or one of the
many bars. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. P
broscheks F-3, Großen
Bleichen, MJungf ern-
stieg, tel. 34 91 89 35,
The buil ding’s hi stori cal
background as a former
publishing house is revived
in broscheks Restaurant. Decorated with authentic print-
ing utensils and black and white pictures, you can feel the
past and enjoy the present at the same time. Not even the
menu is written in the classical manner; try an Executive
Editors Foreword, followed by a North German Editorial
and rounded of with an Epilogue. With the show kitchen
the cooks are on stage, and you are the audience. The
chef serves the fresh, young cuisine of northern Germany,
interpreting traditional north German dishes in a creative
way. The range of dishes is regularly updated with different
seasonal specialities. A wine list packed with top class
international wines rounds things off.
Daily 12:00-15:00 and 17:00-23:00
Große Bleichen - 20354 Hamburg
tel. 040 - 34 91 89 35
Reflecting the time
serving cuisine from Northern Germany
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
San Michele Jarrestr. 2, MSaarlandstraße, tel. 37 11
27,, One of
Hamburg’s illustrious award-winning gourmet restaurants,
San Michele is an elegant, immaculate place, yet pleasantl y
informal. Food includes fish, freshl y made pasta dishes, a
changing dail y menu and quali ty pizza.Q Open Mon-Fri
12:00-15:00, 17:00-23:00, Sat 17:00-23:00. A
Schönes Leben Alter Wandrahm 15, tel. 180 48 26 80, It’s easy to live the good life
at Schönes Leben. Serving everything from Hamburger currywurst
to sushi, fresh fish and Italian dishes, it’s hard to make a choice, just
like in real life. Perhaps the best thing about Schönes Leben is it’s
lovely design, with plenty of light, elegant wooden floors, pillars and
furniture, and an inviting display of irresistible cakes. There’s also
a breakfast buffet every day, with a special brunch every Sundays.
QOpen 09:00 - 23:00, Sun 10:00 - 21:00.
Schlachterbörse Wolfgang Süße Kampstr. 42,
MFeldstr., tel. 43 65 43,
This restaurant may just provide some of Hamburg’s best
meat. The menu is full of various steaks and filets in all sizes
and varieties. Order a dish for two, or enjoy a single (large)
portion. Appetisers are equall y rich and delicious. Not for the
light of heart or those worrying about their heart, but for all
others - dig in. QOpen 16:00 - 24:00. Closed Sun. A
Turnhalle St. Georg H-2, Lange Reihe 70, MSt. Georg, tel.
28 00 84 80,, It
is hard to believe this chic restaurant was at one time a sports hall.
However, the gymnastic rings and other equipment serve to remind
its patrons. The lunch menu is limited to pizzas and a few choice
entrees. Dinner, however, provides an extensive, tasty menu and
a worthwhile scene. QOpen 09:30 - 02:00. P
OstWest G-3, Brandstwiete 36, MMeßberg, tel. 32 90 19
de. Bright and modern with lots of gleaming chrome, dark wood
and orange seating, the fare on offer here is a refreshingly different
mix of international and Iranian food. A good spot for lunch, the
menu includes steak, Asian finger food and an Iranian kebabs
(chelo kebap). There’s good coffee too, and thanks to its location
just off the tourist trail you’ll almost always find the place blissfully
empty of idiots. QOpen 11:00 - 23:00, Sun 11:00 - 16:00. A
Gallo Nero Sierichstrasse 46, MSierichstrasse, tel. 27
09 22 29,,
Run by a Sicilian, Gallo Nero serves delicate Italian specialities
including tuna carpaccio, ruccula-parmazan pizza and seafood
risotto in the light and airy interior or on the garden terrace.
There’s an enoteca too with over 160 wines - many of them
Sicilian - for tasting sessions or to take home. A short drive
northeast of the city centre.
Il Girasole E-2/3, Kohlhöfen 6, MGänsemarkt, tel. 35 71
92 61. A small Italian restaurant specialising in fish with a small
bar to the left, decoration is minimal, with wooden seating, candles
and sunflowers in season. From the look of it you’d probably walk
straight by, but Il Girasole is one of those places where people in
the know like to go. As well as fish, the reasonably priced menu
also includes pizza, pasta, and steak. Q Open 12:00 - 15:00,
18:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 18:00 - 24:00. A
Osteria Due G-1, Badestrasse 4, tel. 410 16 51, www.os- A charming yellow building near the Aussenalster
lake holds this highly-regarded restaurant, serving traditional
Alex G-2, Jungfernstieg 54, MJungfernstieg, tel. 350 18
70. Sitting at the foot of the Inner Alster in the centre of town,
Alex has one of the best views of the river. Lunches are slightly
overpriced for what they are and Sunday brunch can be crowded
and smoky in spite of the restaurant’s large size. However, many
would argue that the prime location outweighs any cons. QOpen
08:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 03:00, Sun 09:00 - 01:00. B
Atlantic Restaurant H-2, An der Alster 72-97,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 288 88 60, fax 24 71 29,, http://www. A hugely popular
restaurant for those who can afford i t and run by a very
charming man indeed, the Atlantic oozes sophistication and
yet retains an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The cuisine
includes such fabulous sounding dishes as goose li ver in
caramelised apples and dessert nougat ravioli with sour ice
cream. Notable diners have included the Rolling Stones, who
ate here every night when playing in the city. QOpen 12:00 -
15:00, 18:00-23:00, Sun 18:00 - 23:00. A
Au Quai A-4, Große Elbstr. 145b-d, MKönigstr., tel. 38
03 77 30, fax 380 377 32, INFO@AU-QUAI.COM, www. Having once served in Hamburg’s port as a
refrigerated warehouse, Au Quai now serves to please. Head
Chef Danny Riewoldt has created a delightful menu, including
favourites such as grilled tuna with Asian-inspired vegetables
and varieties of homemade ice cream. On a warm evening
take advantage of their Elbe terrace. Q Open 12:00-22:30,
Sat 18:00-22:30. Closed Sun. PAB
Cox H-2, Lange Reihe 68, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 24
94 22, fax 280 50 902, With
changing daily lunch and evening menus, this lovely restaurant
with shades of pastel yellow and white tablecloths attracts a
media crowd who come to celebrate the chef’s cooking rather
than the décor. Very nouvelle cuisine, the food is reasonabl y
priced, which probabl y explains why the place is al ways full.
Booking in advanced is highly recommended. Q Open 12:00
- 15:00, 19:00 - 23:30. Sat, Sun 19:00 - 23:30 A
Eisenstein Friedensallee 5, MAltona, tel. 390 46
06, Named after Sergej
Eisenstein, the Russian director of Ivan the Terrible, the pizzas
everything but terrible. Not to be compared with the likes of
Italian or American pizza, these pizzas are thin-crusted and in a
world of their own. Located in Ottensen’s Fabrik and in the area’s
restaurant and bar centre, this restaurant is sure stay high on the
must-eat list. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00.
Engel Anleger Teufelsbrück, tel. 82 41 87, www. Engel means “angel” and was perhaps
named for this restaurant’s breathtaking view of the harbour.
Select from a varied menu including tasty fish and meat
dishes. The restaurant is a small trek from the city centre
(bus N°36/286 to Teufelsbrücke Fähre) but it is well worth the
scenic trip. QOpen 11:00 - 24:00, Sun 10:00 - 24:00.
Filmhauskneipe Friedensallee 7, MAltona, tel. 39 90
80 25. Be transported... sort of... to a Munich beer garden
while seated outside this restaurant. A row of picnic tables
and stringed lights lend to the festive atmosphere, as well
as featured artists whose work lines the walls. The staff is
friendl y and attractive and the tomato soup and large salads
are delicious. If you feel like a movie, the Zeise-Kino cinema
is right next door. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. B
Goldfisch Isekai 1, MKellinghusenstr., tel. 57 00
96 90,, Goldfish
provides a view of one of the many canals meandering through
quiet charming Eppendorf. On weekends a nice breakfast
and small play area will please both parents and children.
Afterwards, take advantage of the canoe rentals directl y
below the restaurant to further explore the area. QOpen
12:00 - 23:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 23:00. A
Kaisers F-4, Am Kaiserkai 23, tel. 36 09 17 90, www. Set between the cruiseliner terminal
and the new Elbphilharmonie building in the Hafencity harbour
area, here’s a great place to sit and watch the comings and
goings of ships on the water. The restaurant serves a range
of international dishes and limits its good-value lunchtime
offerings to a few changing dishes - though you can al ways
order the famous currywurst or ‘harbour schnitzel’. QOpen
10:00 - 23:00.
Haerlin G-2, Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14, MGänsemarkt,
tel. 34 94 33 10,, www.hvj.
de. A classy sil ver service gourmet restaurant inside the
Raffles hotel that sets the standard in high li ving and fine
dining. Food includes the chef’s famous lamb dishes, fillet
soul, lobster and rhubarb tart. There are over 1,500 wines
to choose from as well. Painfull y expensi ve but worth every
penny i f you can afford i t. QOpen 18:00 - 23:00. Closed
Mon, Sun. AE
Knuth A-2/3, Große Rainstr. 2, MAltona, tel. 46 00 87
08, fax 46 00 87 01. Hidden behind the Mercado shopping
area, Knuth offers breakfast, lunch and dinner served by
attractive, friendl y staff. Patrons range from retirees working
on crossword puzzles to hipsters taking a coffee break. The
restaurant is large but seats can be scarce. A variety of soups
and ciabatta sandwiches are worth a small wai t, though.
QOpen 09:00 - 23:00, Sun 10:00 - 23:00. GB
Louise Maria-Louisen-Str. 3, tel. 85 10 48 42, fax 85
10 48 46. The atmosphere smacks of red vel vet and light
gold hues at this restaurant located in Hamburg’s Winterhude
district. Recommended is a schnitzel and an accompanying
glass of wine. Make sure to try a dessert to finish off the meal.
Staff is friendly and professional. Bus N°109 to Streekbrücke.
Q Open 12:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00; Sat, Sun 18:00-23:00.
Closed Tue PA
Mangold lokal D-E/2, Ölmühle 30, MFeldstr., tel. 27
86 02 48. Mangold sits at the entrance to Marktstrasse,
one of Hamburg’s more retro shopping streets. The menu
reflects the decor - simple and tasteful - and the prices are
surprisingly low. More importantly, the restaurant’s glass front
provides patrons a window to the colourful goings-on of the
area. QOpen 10:00 - 02:00. B
Mess E-2, Turnerstr. 9, MFeldstr., tel. 43 41 23,, Utterl y charming and
most certainl y not a mess at all, this cute little international
restaurant features lots of tucked away seating for the
intimate shovelling in of quality nosh with a loved one. The
one English menu offers a choice of dishes from Irish oysters
to homemade tagliatelle with truffles. An impressive range of
over 250 wines too. Q Open 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00.
Sat, Sun 18:00 - 23:00. A
Nil D-2, Neuer Pferdemarkt 6, MFeldstr., tel. 439 78
23, Who would have thought an
old shoe store would become a prime location. A young, hip
scene has settled into Nil. Patrons can choose from a St.
Pauli or four-course menu or a la carte. Vegetarians also have
options here. Perfect place to start the night, though there is
no guarantee you will want to leave. QOpen 18:00 - 23:00,
Fri, Sat 18:00 - 24:00. Closed Tue. B
Italian favourites with southern flair. Unusually, the kitchen is
open all afternoon and until midnight, so you can eat when you
want. The food and wine attract the rich and famous, so they’re
certainly good enough for you QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
Pane e Tulipani H-3, Klosterwall 23, tel. 80 60 16 88, The striking white interior alone,
with dozens of chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings,
makes visiting this Italian restaurant worthwhile. And then we
haven’t even mentioned the food, the wines and the desserts.
A top quality experience for a very reasonable price. QOpen
12:00 - 01:00, Sat 18:00 - 01:00. Closed Sun.
Altamira Bahrenfelder Str. 331, MOttensen, tel. 85
37 16 00, fax 853 72 410, This
Spanish restaurant in Hamburg’s trendy Ottensen offers a
variety of salads and tapas that will also please vegetarians.
While named after the Al tamira cave in northern Spain, the
cool interior reminds you of the modern Spanish world.
QOpen 18:00 - 23:00, Sun 17:00 - 23:00.
Saliba A-1, Leverkusenstr. 54, MDiebstach, tel. 85 80
71,, Delicious Syrian food
abounds in this restaurant located in a renovated century-old
factory. The lights and mirrors will play with your eyes all night, but
don’t let them distract you from the food. People here are serious
about their meals. QOpen 18:00 - 24:00. Closed Mon. P
Taxim Spritzenplatz 4, MAltona, tel. 439 39 18.
Hamburg’s Turkish population can be proud of i ts spicy
heritage at this Altona restaurant. Germans also have a good
reason to become acquainted with Turkish delicacies at this
local favourite. Choose from a list of traditional dishes while
enjoying the colourful ambiance and equall y entertaining
crowd. QOpen 16:00 - 24:00, Sat, Sun 11:00 - 24:00.
Vegi Planet Rothenbaumchaussee 55, tel. 41 49 82
15. One could hardl y imagine more (actuall y) appetising
vegetarians options. The veggie burger could even convince
beefeaters to stray... at least for one meal. In addition, there is
an organic supermarket including books and cosmetic. Staff is
not only animal-friendly, but greets all customers with a smile.
QOpen 09:00 - 19:00, Sat 09:00 - 14:00. Closed Sun.
After strolling down the Landungsbrücken quay and a
doing the harbour tour, many visitors to Hamburg simply
hop on the metro to get back to the earnest business of
shopping. Just behind the harbour however lies a charm-
ing small neighbourhood that is typical of Hamburg,
yet completely unique at the same time. The centre of
Hamburg’s sizeable Portuguese and southern European
community since the 1960s, the Portugiesenviertel
consists of just a handful of streets around the Ditmar-
Koel-Straße in the Neustadt district that are home to over
a dozen Portuguese restaurants, bars and pastelarias.
It’s the best place in Hamburg – some say in Northern
Europe – to sample authentic tapas, delicious fresh
seafood dishes and tasty Portuguese wines.
Portuguese Quarter
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Bereuther Klosterallee 100, MHoheluf tbrücke, tel.
41 40 67 89, This somewhat hidden
cocktail bar and restaurant is located on the corner of
Klosterallee next to one of Hamburg’s famous canals. The
chic interior gives it an impressive air and an extensive wine
and Sekt champagne list will keep you fizzing for hours. Not
many other bars in the direct vicinity, so plan to enjoy the
evening here. QOpen 18:30 - 02:00. Closed Sun.
Blaues Barhaus Große Brunnenstr. 55, MAltona, tel. 39
90 58 42, Happy Hour is called blue
hour at this bar/club and runs from 18:00 until at least 22:00
most nights. Cocktails are only €5. Expect to be surrounded by
a hip, attractive crowd at this Ottensen bar. Staff is warm and
service is quick so sit back and enjoy a couple cocktails at a
discount before the night gets going. QOpen 18:00 - 03:00.
Bolero A-3, Bahrenfelder Str. 53, MAltona, tel. 390 78
00,, Not only does
this bar have a happy hour dail y from 17:00-19:00 when all
cocktails are half price, but there is also a caipi hour from
23:00-01:00 when all varieties of caipirinhas are reduced in
price. There is also a variety of Mexican food to enjoy. The
mood is al ways light and don’t be surprised to see some
happy dancers. QOpen 11:00 - 02:00.
Christiansen’s C-3, Pinnasberg 60, MReeperbahn, tel.
317 28 63,, www.christiansens.
de. Situated slightl y out of sight from the nearby St. Pauli
strip, the over 180 types of rum and whiskey here will leave
any alcohol connoisseur satisfied. Expect a nice conversation
with friendly staff (in English!) or perhaps a free massage if you
stop by on a Monday night. End the night admiring the array
of lights at the nearby harbour. QOpen 20:00 - 03:00, Fri
20:00 - 04:00, Sat 20:00 - 05:30. Closed Sun.
Ciu’ Die Bar G-2, Ballindamm
14/15, MJungfernstieg,
tel. 32 50 88 55, inf o@
c i u d i e b a r . d e , w w w. Ciu’ boasts a
worthwhile scene - both of the
Binnenalster and of some of
the trendier people in Hamburg.
A spacious set-up allows for audible conversation in between
stealing glances. The cocktail list comes in the form of a
magazine and should you have the time to read it, a new
choice is likel y to please. QOpen 15:00 - 01:00.
Die Herren Simpel D-1, Schulterblatt 75, MSternschanze,
tel. 38 68 46 00,, www. Quiet and gentle with a vast picture of
flowers behind the bar, this is one of the more charming bars in
an area filled with much in the way of empty wackiness. As well
as seating at the front with big windows perfect for staring at
the freaks in the street, there are areas out the back furnished
with pick-and-mix chairs and tables that are ideal for serious
sessions with friends. The music is a nice mix of ambient and
stuff you’ll probably never hear again. QOpen 09:00 - 01:00,
Fri, Sat 09:00 - 04:00.
Die Welt ist Schön D-2, Neuer Pf erdemarkt 4,
MFeldstr., tel. 18 78 88, mail@dieweltistschoen.
net, The World is Beautiful
according to this bar - but a more appropriate name would be
Our clients are beautiful. During the happy hour from 20:00-
22:00, cocktails are served for only €5. The garden on the first
of three floors and the roof deck also make it a great choice
on a nice summer night. Be pretty, be happy. QOpen 20:00 -
02:00, Thu, Fri, Sat 20:00 - 04:00. Closed Sun. B
Dual Bar D-1, Schanzenstr. 53, MSternschanze, tel. 45
03 71 66,, With its
beautiful bartenders, cool decor and wide range of cocktails
- including a long list of whiskey and malts - this loungey bar
offers the best of all scenes. Get there early, secure a seat and
have a nice conversation with friends over a large cosmopolitan
before the bar fills to capacity. DJs play a variety of music from
Thursday to Saturday. QOpen from 10:00, Sun from 16:00.
Frank und Frei D-1, Schanzenstr. 93, MSternschanze, tel.
43 48 03. A bit like a classic South London Victorian boozer, this
place features lots of wood panelling, big ceiling fans and lots of
bits and bobs stuck all over the walls. There are those who say
that Hamburg is an English city, and it’s in Frank un Frei where the
two cultures meet rather nicely. Both a fine location to get utterly
sloshed on cold bottles of Flensburger or to take advantage
of the all-you-can-eat €6.50 Sunday morning breakfast buffet.
QOpen 10:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 04:00.
Grosse Freiheit 36 C- 3, Grosse Freiheit 36,
MReeperbahn, tel. 31 77 78 11, info@grossefreiheit36.
de, For all those who grew up in
the 1980s and have yet to leave the music behind - you have
found your home. Located on one of the most famous streets
near the Reeperbahn, this bar has music, alcohol and people
looking to have fun. The livel y scene makes it a great place
to start off. The scene outside is equall y as livel y. QOpen
20:00 - 02:00. Closed Sun.
Hans Al ber s- Eck D- 3, Hans- Al ber s- Pl at z 20,
MReeperbahn, tel. 31 36 14, www.hans-albers-eck.
de. Hans Albers, one of Hamburg’s famed singers, has found
a home in a bar sitting, as Albers once crooned, “auf der
Reeperbahn”, and reminds patrons of Hamburg’s port city
flair. On weekends arrive early or be prepared to wait. A dance
floor and outdoor terrace provide options. QOpen 19:00 -
01:00, Thu 19:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 04:00. EB
Indochine Neumühlen 11, MGänsemarkt, tel. 39 80
78 80, A small Asian-themed bar in
the basement of the Raffles Hotel, fabulousl y decorated
wi th rattan furni ture, lots of red silk, old photographs of
Singapore and glass-topped tables filled with exotic spices.
The favoured watering hole of the city’s 20-something A-list,
cocktails include life-affirming mojitios and several interesting
sake-based drinks. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00.
Bars & Lounges
Absinth Bar B-2, Max-Brauer-Allee 88, MAltona, tel.
54 80 69 01,, www.absinth-bar.
com. Once onl y legal in Spain and the Czech Republic, this
liquor has reemerged all over Europe with safer ingredients.
Try the famed drink of Hemingway at this bar - carefull y mix
the burning sugar wi th the alcohol before downing i t and
frizzling some braincells. On the weekends enjoy the li ve
music. QOpen 19:00 - 02:00. E
Alster Cliff Fährdamm 13, MHallerstr., tel. 44 27
19, Here you are also assured a
stunning front row seat of the Alster. Perfect for a relaxing
late afternoon beer and a little re-grouping before deciding
on a destination for later night acti vi ties. Expect to find
other tourists, but with equall y good taste. Bus N°109 to
Alsterchaussee. QOpen 10:00 - 02:00. B
Alsterperle Eduard-Rhein-Ufer 1, MUhlandstr., tel.
22 74 82 73, Wi th a residence
directl y on the Outer Alster, this waterside establishment
is perfect for a beer or some warm Glühwein after a stroll.
Take in the nei ghbouring mansions and the handsome
runners that also appreciate an amazing view of Hamburg’s
famed ri ver. Bus N°6 to Mundsburger Brücke. QOpen
from 8:00. B
Atlantic Bar H-2, An der Alster 72-79, MHauptbahnhof,
tel. 288 80. Straight out of the golden age of 1930s Hollywood
movies the Atlantic Bar is an Art Deco masterpiece, harking
back to the days when staying in hotels was something to
look forward to rather than a necessary 21st-century chore.
Find immaculate barmen dressed as penguins, shuffling
about the place and keeping the bar nibbles well stocked.
Staggeringl y expensive, you do at least get free cabaret if
you choose the right time to pop in. QOpen 09:00 - 01:00,
Fri, Sat 09:00 - 03:00.
Aurel A-3, Bahrenf elder Str. 157, MAltona, tel.
390 27 27. Si t back and enjoy a drink and the sun here.
Tables are available on the street to allow you to take in
the laid back scene in Ottensen. There is also a caipirinha
happy hour that runs from 12:00-21:00 so be sure to
take advantage of i t. QOpen 12:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat
10:00 - 05:00. B
Bar Ei senb er g E- F/2, Dr agoner st al l 15,
MMessehallen, tel. 0173 921 60 12, Wi th l ots of black and copper fi ttings
reminiscient of an old i ce-cream parlour, Bar Eisenberg
doubles as a friendl y cocktail bar during the week, packed
wi th creati ves and musicians, and as a li ve music venue
at the weekends. Music varies from soul to what they call
the talents of the steam turbine and gas turbine systems
school. Maybe lost in translation, maybe you know what
they’re going on about. QOpen 18:00 - 01:00, Fri 18:00
- 04:00, Sat 21:00 - 05:00. Closed Sun.
Bar Hambur g H- 2, Raut enb er gs t r . 6- 8,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 28 05 48 80, ahoi@barhamburg.
com, Wi th a drinks menu bigger
than a famil y Bibl e, Bar Hamburg is pure cutting edge.
Ignore the I talian restaurant downstairs and take a seat
in the bar, whose charming barmen conjour up a feast of
delicious and fancy drinks from the usual array of cocktails
to a fine selection of whiskey. A fine place to hang out wi th
lots of other beauti ful people. QOpen 19:00 - 02:00, Fri,
Sat 19:00 - 03:00.
Bar Rossi C-1, Max-Brauer-Allee 279, MSternschanze,
tel. 43 25 46 39, A l argi sh
Frankenstein’s monster of a box utilising the very best of
auctioned lighting, mirror balls, sleek sofas and plenty of
vertical drinking space, Bar Rossi has the ability to transform
itself from a sad and empty bar into the liveliest place in
town in under 30 minutes. As with many bars in Germany
the secret here is to not arrive too earl y. Get here before
12:00 and you’ll be disappointed. Get here any later than
01:00 and you’ll be waiting until closing time to get served.
QOpen 18:00 - 03:00, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 05:00.
Bedford D-2, Schulterblatt 72, MSternschanze, tel.
43 18 83 32. Located in the middle of a graffiti-splattered
neighbourhood, Bedford resembles a classic German small-
town bar commandeered by people in funny hats. Rough and
ready, and extremely self-conscious about its image, you have
to be a trifle conceited to enjoy drinking here, and you need to
be extremel y careful of the stairs to the toilets. It’s a bit like
going for a piddle on a fishing boat. QOpen 10:00 - 02:00,
Fri, Sat 10:00 - 04:00.
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
Bar SáVánh Neumühlen
11, tel. 39 80 78 80, www. Not a place to
kick back and drink a beer in
your oldest clothes, rather
this trendy bar is a prime
time l ocal e for Hamburg’s
hip crowd. The view of the
harbour is an added bonus to the scenery inside. Take
advantage of the leather sofas and the great view and in-
dulge in a variety of cocktails. Bus N°112 to Lawaetzhaus.
QOpen 12:00 - 24:00. 11:00 - 15:00 Sunday brunch
Bar SáVánh
BRICKS F-3, Große Ble-
ichen, MJungfernstieg,
tel. 34 91 80. Communi-
cati ve, modern and fresh
but wi th classical Hanse-
atic elegance that is the
new BRICKS Tea Lounge
Bar located on the ground
floor. Sink into one of our
cosy chairs and take in
the fantastic view to the
Grosse Bleichen shopping
street. Lean back and taste
one of our sixteen different
tea specialities accompanied by a tasty piece of cake,
or come in the afternoon or evening when BRICKS Tea
Lounge Bar is a favourite meeting place to mingle and
enjoy the different drinks and exquisite snacks. Here tradi-
tional bar cul ture is celebrated in a stylish atmosphere.
BRICKS Tea Lounge Bar
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Top of Town F-1/2, Marseillerstr. 2, MStephansplatz,
tel. 350 20. Ignoring the rather foolhardy attempt at proper
grammar, Top of Town is just that. In height anyway. The
Radisson’s 26th-floor drinking hole wipes the floor with other
bars with its view, a fact reflected in the painfull y expensive
drinks menu. But i f you want to see just how beauti ful
Hamburg reall y is, you absolutel y can’t top this one. QOpen
21:30 - 04:00. Closed Sun.
Tower Bar (Hotel Haf en Hambur g) D- E/3,
Seewartenstr. 9, MLandungsbrücken, tel. 31 11 35
24. This bar provides one of the best (and highest) views
of the harbour and has become something of a sightseeing
ri tual for visi tors. Local Hamburgers deli ght in showing
off the Elbe’s acti vi ty. Drinks are slightl y overpriced and
rather froufrou, for lack of a better word. No beer here.
Expect bri ght col ours and frui t-adorned glasses. The
view at night is, however, worth a cocktail or two. QOpen
18:00 - 02:00.
Turmbar F-1, Rothenbaumchaussee 2, MDammtor,
tel. 44 45 67,, This
tower-like structure does not strike one at first glance as
a bar - it served as a bunker during WW II. However, after
walking up a long, wide spiral ramp that once provided shelter
during air raids, you can enjoy a drink knowing that you have
also discovered Hamburg history. QOpen 19:00 - 01:30,
Fri, Sat 19:00 - 03:00.
Yoko Mono E-2, Marktstr. 41, MFeldstr., tel. 43 18
29 91, A small bar for the ci ty’s
underground set featuring DJs and/or live music every night,
this is just like something you’d find in East Berlin. Full of
colourful bohemian types, many of who appear to have lost
the way, there’s a pool table, strange music bellowing out of
the loudspeakers and stacks of fliers full of information about
where to find more of this kind of thing in the city. QOpen
10:00 - 03:00.
Zoe II D-2, Neuer Pferdemarkt 17, MFeldstr.. Reminiscent
of an old Berlin lounge, Zoe has found a home and a following
in the Schanze district. The bar is full of worn furniture, young
patrons, and above all else smoke. However, should you be
able to survi ve the atmosphere, you can expect to enjoy
cheap local beer and an intimate conversation wi th your
friends and perhaps with those on the couch next to you.
QOpen 20:00 - 04:00.
Beer gardens
Hadley’s Beim Schlump 84a, MSchlump, tel. 450 50
75,, A perfect
place to spend your Saturday afternoon. Pretend you are in
a Biergarten in the south of Germany… or at least outside
drinking beer. They serve drinks and small meals, but best of
all is the terrace. Make sure to take advantage of the summer
weather. QOpen 10:00 - 24:00, Sun 11:00 - 24:00. B
Casino Esplanade F-2, Stephansplatz 10, tel. 334 73
30, A palatial white building
in the heart of Hamburg houses this new casino. Roulette,
Black Jack or Poker can be played at 18 tables, and there
are 150 gaming machines, operating dail y from noon. You
can start off the night at the Tarantella restaurant (open from
noon to midnight, weekends till 01:00), relax at the bar, and
marvel at the sunset views from the balcony terrace. Dress
up and bring ID. Q Open 15:00 - 04:00, gaming machines
from 12:00. Admission €2.
In the mood for dancing?
Bar Morphine D-3, Seilerstr. 16, MSt. Pauli, tel. 33
39 92 00,,
For those who plan to stroll into the Fischmarkt at 06:00 on
Sunday morning. This club does not even open its doors until
(earliest) midnight. However, there is never a lack of people
rushing in when they do open. The décor is equall y packed
(think purple and mirrors). DJs keep the music playing and the
people dancing. Good choice after a few more laid-back bars
in the area. Q Open Fri 01:00-08:00, Sat 24:00-08:00.
Drafthouse D-3, Hans-Albers-Platz 15, MReeperbahn, The interior is a mixture of American
souvenirs, including western memorabilia, longhorns, old
advertisements and most importantly Mr. Ed - the talking horse.
Live music begins at 21:00 and runs the spectrum, but focuses
mostly on country music and rock. Up to 600 guests can fit into
this rodeo so be prepared to meet your neighbour. QOpen
19:00 - 01:00, Thu 19:00 - 02:00, Fri 19:00 - 04:00. E
Mandalay D-2, Neuer Pferdemarkt 13, MFeldstr., tel. 43
21 49 22, For loud popular music and
little conversation try this bar/club located in Sternschanze.
People are young and likely to dance, perhaps even with you.
Expect little personal room on weekend nights. A good choice
after a few drinks or a dull date. DJs spinning on Thu from 22:00
and Fri/Sat from 23:00. Q Open Tue-Sat from 20:00.
Nouar B-2, Max-Brauer-Allee 275, MHolstenstr., tel.
430 89 49,, Decorated
with a variety of stringed lights, this is a popular late night
hang-out for a young, energetic crowd. On weekend nights
be prepared for a line at the door, but once inside you can
rest easil y on those pressed next to you. Livel y music and
dance abound. QOpen 18:30 - 04:00, Fri, Sat 15:00 - 06:00.
Closed Sun. E
Jahreszeiten Grill G-2, Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14,
MGänsemarkt, tel. 34 94 33 12. More of a restaurant
than a bar as testified by the €23 business lunch, much of
the décor in this wonderful Art Deco room is original and
dates from 1929. As for drinking here, it doesn’t come cheap,
but is worth every penny for the experience. A great place
to start off the evening with a cocktail before moving on to
somewhere that stays open a little later. Q Open 12:00 -
14:30, 18:00 - 23:30.
Juli C-1, Schulterblatt 114, MSternschanze, tel. 43
21 46 96,,
Deli ght in a li ght atmosphere full of smiling peopl e who
l ook content wi th li fe and aim to counteract the image
of sti ff, introspecti ve Germans. Not sold? Than stop by
perhaps for the 1960s-inspired interi or, the relati vel y
inexpensi ve drinks, the attracti ve staff or patrons. Still
not sol d? Than you do not deser ve to enj oy thi s bar.
Food is al so availabl e. Q Mon - Fri from 10:00, Sat,
Sun from 11:00.
La Paloma D-3, Friedrichstr. 11, MReeperbahn, tel.
31 45 12. Located in the heart of the Reeperbahn area, this
bar is rarel y without a line. Be prepared to wait for a while on
weekends especially. However, an early arrival will allow you to
enjoy the suggestive art and the colourful and mixed patrons
that will file in later in the evening. Two beers on tap and plenty
of cocktails will keep you happy. QOpen 19:00 - 01:00, Thu,
Fri 19:00 - 02:00, Sat 19:00 - 04:00.
Le Ciel H-2, An der Alster 52-56, MHauptbahnhof,
tel. 21 00 10 70,, Industrial chi c on the ninth fl oor of the
Le Royal Meridi en hotel featuring lashings of modern ar t,
a bi zarre mi x of frumpy hotel guests and trendy l ocals,
classi c 90s disco hi ts and more cocktails than Mol otov
on a bad day. Take away the vi ew and you’re not l eft wi th
much, so thank heavens i t’s such a good one. QOpen
06:30 - 02:00.
Marktstube E-2, Marktstr. 119, MFeldstr., tel. 43
09 90 82. This bar is almost as cool as the area around
it. Patrons are hip without trying to be - if that is possible.
Atmosphere is relaxing, as is the l eather-uphol stered
furniture. Begin the evening with a drink at this local favourite.
QOpen 20:00 - 02:00.
Milk Bar Lounge F-2, Dammtordamm 2, MDammtor,
tel. 348 00 34, This trendy
cocktail bar hosts an attractive scene after work due to its
close proximity to the city centre. Grab a glass of wine or
something more elaborate and enjoy the men and women
dressed to impress. Take a stroll through Planten und Blomen
and watch the sunset or grab a gourmet ice cream cone at
the park’s entrance. Or go home. Great to go for an after-work
cocktail. QOpen 15:00 - 02:00. B
Nullviernull (040) Methfesselstr. 65, MLutterothstr.,
tel. 43 28 28 43. This bar gets its name from Hamburg’s
phone code. Local Eimbüttelers frequent this narrow bar
often to take in soccer matches. The bar itself is somehow
Berlinesque and the people too: they are content with what
they are doing and don’t scan the people coming through
the door. There is a style to this bar all on its own. QOpen
20:00 - 02:00.
Pony Bar F-1, Allende Platz 1, MStephansplatz, tel. 428
38 78 95, Refreshingly tatty and full of ex
students still undecided as to whether to start a revolution
or a web design company, Pony Bar features 1970s furniture
that’s seen more bums than a New York soup kitchen, table
football and a wallpapered DJ booth. QOpen 09:00 - 03:00,
Sat 12:00 - 03:00, Sun 14:00 - 03:00.
Rehbar Ottenser Hauptstr. 52, MAltona, tel. 99 99
22 09, A nice combination of Hamburg’s
down-to-earth crowd and those looking for a scene. The bar
offers its own beer: Rehbier. Small meals can also be shared.
Grab a table and catch up with an old friend while keeping an
eye out for something more. The area has plenty to offer if
something more should come along. QOpen 11:00 - 01:00,
Sat, Sun 10:00 - 01:00.
Seis-Bar A-2/3, Kleine Rainstr. 11, MAltona, tel. 46
00 89 11,, If tiring
of German beer and wine, stop by this bar for a caipirinha or
another tasty cocktail. The crowd is diverse and the area is
full of other bars should you be less than thrilled. However,
strong drinks might be a reason to stay longer than expected.
QOpen 17:00 - 01:00.
Strandperle Am Schulberg, tel. 880 11 12. Where
there is a view, there is a bar. And Hamburg locals, as well
as tourists, will take advantage of this fact, weather allowing
(though weather is debatable). Order a coffee or beer and
relax. No scene to evaluate or crowd to impress, just a great
view of the Elbe and some time to appreciate it. Bus N°36 to
Liebermannstrasse. QOpen 12:00 - 23:00. B
Summum Bonum D-2, Neuer Pferdemarkt 17, MFeldstr..
A superb open plan bar with huge flaking walls, over two dozen
large sofas of varying designs to sit on, a clientele made up
of local characters, lawyers, students and other suspicious
characters, and delightful student barmaids. Always packed,
booze is of the bottled beer or cocktail variety, or there’s a
limited range of wine and some very good coffee. A great
atmosphere. QOpen 12:00 - 24:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 04:00.
The Academy D-3, Hans-Albers-Platz 15, MReeperbahn.
Becks, Erdinger, Kilkenny, Guinness, Murphy’s red or stout
pour from the taps here and an assortment of whiskeys
are also available. Expect live music and mixed company at
this livel y bar - particularl y on the nights that the Rockhouse
Brothers perform. Most bands cover an array of oldies but
goldies. Arrive earl y to secure a seat. Opens at 14:00 for the
World Cup. QOpen 19:00 - 01:00, Thu 19:00 - 02:00, Fri,
Sat 19:00 - 03:00. E
A palatial white building
in the heart of Hamburg
is home to the new Spiel-
bank Casino Esplanade.
Elegant classic architec-
ture mi xes wi th enter-
tainment here, and you
too are invited to come
enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Hamburg’s casino.
Whether you prefer Roulette, Black Jack or Poker, you’ll have
plenty of chance to play your favourite game at one of 18
tables. Or have a go at one of the 150 gaming machines,
operating daily from noon to 04:00. Relax with friends at the
bar, marvel at the sunset views from the balcony terrace,
and start off the night at the Tarantella restaurant (open
from noon to midnight, weekends till 01:00).
Casino Esplanade, Stephansplatz 10, Hamburg,
Casino Esplanade
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Main sights
Fernsehturm E-1, Lagerstraße 2-8, MSternschanze.
Buil t between 1965 and 1968 from reinforced concrete and
opened on May 1, 1968, the 279.2 metre, 43,000 tonne
Fernsehturm (also known as the Heinrich-Hertz-Turm after
Heinri ch Rudol f Hertz, the Hamburg-born physi cist and
discoverer of electromagnetic waves). Once the proud home
of a lofty observation platform and restaurant the tower is
currentl y closed to visitors. QOpen 10.00 - 23.00.
Rathaus G-3, Rathausmarkt 1, MRathaus, tel. 31
24 70, Currentl y the ci ty’s
sixth town hall, Hamburg’s newest seat of government took
eleven years to build and was completed in 1897. With a
neo-Renaissance exterior and an interior of mixed styles,
including a number of fountains buil t to celebrate the heal th
Hamburg’s citizens. Much of the interior is open to the public,
but there’s generall y usuall y something closed off due to an
official function. To get the most out a visit, a guided tour is
highl y recommended. QOpen 08:00 - 18:00.
Speicherstadt G-3, MMeßberg. The world’s biggest
warehouse complex is an awesome hotchpotch of waterways,
cobbled streets and red brick Hanseactic buildings dating
from 1885 to 1927. Originall y buil t between 1885 and 1888
at the cost of 20,000 people’s homes, as well as housing
some of the best museums in the city including its very own
Speicherstadt Museum, Speicherstadt (“Warehouse City”)
is currentl y undergoing massive development work and is
fast becoming the number one trendy place to be, with lots
of new six-figure apartments and swanky bars. You can take
a boat tour around the complex.
Places of interest
Alsterarkaden F / G-3, An der Kleinen Alster,
MJungfernstieg. After the great fire of Hamburg in 1842 the
architect Alexis de Chateauneuf (1799 - 1853) designed and
buil t this charming little riverside arcade, inspired by the very
best of Venetian architecture. The leading example of what
became known as post-fire architecture, the arcade stands
exactly as it did when it was built, and features both shops and
outdoor cafés that offer a great opportunity to sit and bask
with the sight of the Rathaus just over the water.
Alter Elbtunnel D-4, MLandungsbrücken. Ever wonder
how people travel back and forth across the harbour? Four large
elevators inside the dome-shaped building at Landungsbrücken
travel 24 meters below the Elbe to ferry people and cars back
and forth. The tunnel was created in 1911 and still serves its
original purpose. Free for pedestrians. Q Open 24hrs, Mon-Fri
05:30-20:00, Sat 05:30-16:00 for cars.
Außenalster H-1, MDammtor. Hamburg’s Außenalster
announced its presence as earl y as the thirteenth century
and has long become one of the defining sights of the
ci ty. There is even a “Alsterwasser” drink named after i t.
On a nice day the river (note that it is not a lake) is full of
sailboats, canoes and paddleboats. The parks surrounding
it provide all visitors with a beautiful view of the water from
land. Take advantage of a guided tour of the river and its
connecting canals.
Binnenalster G-2, MJungfernstieg. The small er of
Hamburg’s two Alsters, this body of water forms the centre
of the inner city. Famed hotels, businesses, and restaurants
run along the water’s edge. The Kennedy and Lombard
bridges separate the Inner from the Outer Alster and provide
a great view of both.
Bismarckdenkmal E-3, MSt. Pauli. Test your knowledge
of German history wi th a visi t to the Bismarck memorial,
located in the Al ter Elbpark overlooking the harbour. The
34-meter grani te statue was buil t between 1903 and
1906 and honours the late German Chancellor, Otto von
Blankenese . You may have already heard that Hamburg
has the largest number of millionaires in any city in Germany.
Now see where they live. Take a ride along the Elbe north into
the area called Blankenese and admire the homes and the
view from the river’s banks. Restaurants and cafes line the
area so there is no need to go hungry.
Deichstraße, MRödingsmarkt. Deichstraße, the old
merchant street displays the varying styles of old Hamburg
architecture. Some residences date back to the eighteenth
century. Surprisingl y, the street has maintained i ts quaint
character over the centuries. A few new restaurants have
popped to add a culinary twist to the old area.
Feuerschiff Vorsetzen, MBaumwall, tel. 36 25 53, This old English fireship once
served as a floating lighthouse. It now serves its patrons as
a pub, restaurant and hotel. The red ship has become part of
the harbour’s scenery and is a great tourist stop.
Haf enCity G-3, Messberg, inf o@Haf, Visit one of Europe’s largest urban
development plans. The southern side of the ci ty centre
is currentl y undergoing a transformati on of sor ts. Old
warehouses are being renovated as office buildings to provide
a new location for Hamburg’s expanding economy. A cruise
port has also been established.
Hambur ger Haf en D/E- 4, Landungsbrücken,
MLandungsbrücken. Hamburg is known as one of the
largest harbours in Europe, but its size does not dwarf its
beauty. Stop by during the day and take a harbour tour or later
in the evening to watch the docks and ships light up the sky.
Over 800 years old, the Hafen still creates a buzz in Hamburg,
especiall y when the Queen Mary II sails into town.
Hans Hummel Figures . Throughout the city centre you
will notice statutes of men carrying buckets. They are all
varying artists’ renditions of Hans Hummel - Hamburg’s famed
water carrier. Hans Hummel was actuall y named Johann
Wilhelm Bentz and lived in Hamburg from 1787 until 1854.
The children of the city would scream „Hummel, Hummel“
when they saw him and he would retort „Mors, Mors.“ It has
since become a famous dialogue in Hamburg.
Tourist Information Office H-2/3, Hauptbahnhof,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 30 05 13 00, Hamburg’s excellent tourist information
offices can be found in the main station (east exit, Kirch-
enallee) as well as at the airport (open 06:00-23:00) and
in the city centre at St. Pauli Landungsbrücken (between
bridges 4 and 5, open 08:00-19:00; Mon, Wed, Sun until
18.00) and at Dammtor station (open 08:00-19:45, Sat
10:00-16:00, Sun closed). They deal wi th general en-
quiries as well as hotel reservations, tickets for events,
package tours, hand out maps and useful brochures, and
sell the Hamburg Card. You can also call - the phone is
manned from 09:00-19:00, Sun closed. QOpen 08:00
- 21:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00.
Tourist information
White Lounge Barmbeker Str. 2, MBorgweg, tel.
40185919,, They were not joking when they named
this designer bar. Apart from some green accents, the
lighting and the drinks and food, everything here is devoid of
colour - leaving it up to you and your friends to paint the night
the way you like it. The restaurant section has a kaiten bel t
rolling fresh sushi and tapas around the diners, while there are
several other funky spaces for lounging with a drink - including
a terrace with views over the Osterbek canal. QOpen 12:00
- 01:00, Sat 16:00 - 01:00, Sun 18:00 - 01:00.
Jazz clubs
Birdland Gärtnerstr. 122, MHoheluftbrücke, tel. 40
52 77,, www.jazzclub- The small sign announcing Birdland is easy
to miss. Once inside, however, the talented musicians and
relaxed atmosphere predominate and make for a thoroughl y
enjoyable evening. Space is limi ted, but don’t fret i f you
arrive late; standing somehow adds to the intimacy of the
experience. The websi te lists the full program. QOpen
20:30 - 01:00. Closed Mon, Tue, Sun. E
London Pub D-3, Hans-Albers-Platz 18, MReeperbahn,
tel. 31 64 57, The music can vary
from heavy metal to The Beatles at this small British pub
si tuated directl y on the Reeperbahn. The interior is dark,
and on weekends try to arrive earl y to avoid a line. During
the earlier hours a seat is easy to secure and a conversation
enjoyable... unless the heavy metal blasts. There is a large
screen TV which will air the World Cup. And as a bonus, the
bathrooms were surprisingl y clean. QOpen 16:00 - 04:00,
Fri, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 04:00.
Molly Malone D-3, Hans-Albers-Platz 15, MReeperbahn,
tel. 31 79 15 63. Enjoy a beer or cocktail at this Irish pub. A
range of talented (and less talented) musicians play a mixture
of rock and folk music. Even those that cannot sing particularly
well are entertaining though. The mood is light and in between
sets a lively conversation is possible. QOpen 19:00 - 01:00,
Thu 19:00 - 02:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 04:00. E
Murphy’s D-3, Friedrichstr. 24, MReeperbahn. Feel as if
you have been transported back to the Emerald Isle, except
for the fact that you are smack in the centre of St. Pauli. English
is not a foreign language in this bar. Frequented by tourists
and expats, this bar has live music and a wide selection of
beers. Bartenders are friendl y and frequentl y invol ved in the
on-going scene. One even took to the microphone when we
visited. No cover charge. QOpen 19:00 - 01:00, Thu 19:00
- 02:00, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 04:00. E
Kattjahren 1a, Marktplatz,
Hambur g Vol ksdor f (U1
Every Thursday the r4rul es!
Club at Riff offers an alternative
to mainstream nightlife options
in town, with concerts and club
events for all styles and cultures. The programme is
usually a mix of good music: rock, reggae, elektro, punk,
funk... as long as it’s authentic and fun. Add some artists,
performers and other clubs and you have r4rules!
r4rules! @ Riff
Nice to see you at CIU'!








Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Krameramtsstuben E-3, Krayenkamp 10/11,
MRödingsmarkt, tel. 428 41 23 60. Directl y translated,
the name means “shopkeeper office flats“. This historic area
right outside St. Michel dates back to the 17th century. Today
small restaurants and souvenir shops fill the old buildings. One
of the buildings has been restored as a museum and is open
to visitors. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon.
KZ-Gedenkstätte Neuengamme, tel. 428 13
10, The
concentration camp Neuengamme was created by the Nazis
in 1938 as a work camp. An exhibit and memorial have since
been erected to remind us of the atrocities of the Second World
War and those who perished. Detailed directions can be found
on the website or by calling. The exhibit is also in English and
guided group tours in English can also be arranged. QOpen
09:30 - 16:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 19:00. Admission free.
Miniatur Wunderland F-4, Kehrwieder 2, MMeßberg,
tel. 300 68 00, There’s
nothing miniature about the queues waiting to get into this place.
If you can be bothered to hang around, then expect the largest
H0 model railway layout in the world and lots of other models.
The shop’s fun too, but only if you’re seven or a little bit sad.
QOpen 09:30 - 18:00, Tue 09:30 - 21:00, Sat 08:00 - 21:00,
Sun 08:30 - 20:00. Admission €10/7, children €5.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe H-3, Steintorplatz,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 42 81 34 27 32, service@mkg-, Just keep your eye
out for a beautiful yellow building located outside the main
train station. It houses one of Europe’s renowned exhibits of
applied arts. Design, graphics and photography constitute
the core of this museum’s exhibits. Unfortunatel y, texts are
onl y in German. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Thu 10:00 - 21:00.
Closed Mon. Admission €8.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
Hambur ger Kunsthal l e Gl ockengi eßer wal l ,
MHauptbahnhof, tel. 13 12 00, www.hamburger- Comprising of three buildings from 1869,
1919 and 1997 and packed full of wonderful art from the
14th century to the present day including some fine example
of work by Rembrandt, Renoir, Monet, Kokoschka, Klee and
some fine examples of Picasso’s earl y Cubist works. There’s
a great bookshop to, temporary shows, and, somewhat
surprising, and underground car park. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00,
Thu 10:00 - 21:00. Closed Mon. Admission €8,50.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
Hamburgmuseum E-3, Holstenwall 24, MSt. Pauli,
tel. 42 81 32 23 80,, www. An impressi ve buil ding wi th a
lighthouse-like tower perched on the roof is home to the
Museum for Hamburg History. Focusing on the development
of the ci ty and i ts harbour, everyday li fe and cul ture, i t has a
great collection of artefacts, scale models, house interiors
and even the complete facade of the 1605 St. Petrichurch,
all illustrating the spectacular rise of Hamburg. Regular
special exhibi tions are held on topics related to the ci ty.
QOpen 10:00 - 17:00, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.
Admission €7,50.
Hamburg’s Art hall near the
central station is a remarkable
complex of three buildings - two
historical, one new - holding an
eclectic collection of art, from
old masters via 19th century
art to fresh modern works.
Until 14 September 2008, the
Mark Rothro Retrospecti ve
exhi bi ti on shows over 110
works of the famed American
abstract expressionist painter
as well as works by painters
that i nf l uenced hi m. The
Mirror of Secret Desires
exhibition, held until 5 October 2008, shows 150 ‘still
lives from five centuries’, many from the Baroque period
and including lavish bouquets of flowers, bloody roasts
of venison, pewter goblets and skulls. Highlights of the
show are paintings by Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet,
Max Beckmann and Georges Braque, and contemporary
sculptures and installations by Mona Hatoum, Thomas
Schütte, Jeff Wall, Jörg Sasse, Thomas Demand and
James Hopkins.
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Glockengießerwall,
tel. 428 13 12 00, www.hamburger-kunsthalle.
de.QOpen 10:00-18:00, Thu 10:00-21:00, Mon closed.
Admission €6/4, more for special exhibitions.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
© Hamburg Tourismus
If you’re planning to make
the most of your stay in
Hamburg, you can’t go with-
out the Hamburg CARD.
Offering free use of public
transport, free or reduced
admi ssi on to museums
and many other reductions, it can help save money while
enjoying all that Hamburg has to offer to the full.
The Hamburg CARD includes unlimited travel on HVV
public transportation in the Greater Hamburg Area,
10% discount on souvenir articles at the Central Station
Tourist Information office, 10% discount from shopping
partners and 20% discount in 12 restaurants (on meals
and first drink, present the Hamburg CARD before order-
ing). You’ll also pay reduced prices for the Jasper airport
shuttle bus, city sightseeing tours, walking tours, harbour
and Alster cruises, church towers, as well as discounts at
some 110 places of interest, such as the city hall, plan-
etarium, zoo, wax museum, Miniature Train Wonderland,
Hamburg Dungeon. There’s a minimum reduction of 30%
on standard prices in over 20 museums and at least 15%
off last minute tickets at 16 theatres.
A day ticket (one adult plus up to three children) costs
€8, and is valid on the day indicated and from 18.00 of
the previous day (with the exception of tickets purchased
at HVV tickets machines and on buses). The three-day
ticket costs €18 and the five-day ticket €33; these
are valid on the day of first use plus the following 2 or
4 days. The excellent-value group ticket is valid for up
to 5 persons of any age and costs €11.80 for one day,
€29.80 for three days and €51 for five days.
The Hamburg CARD is available at all Hamburg Tourist
Information offices (airport, central station and harbour),
in various hotels as well as in youth hostels, at the Ham-
burg Transit Authority (HVV) Customer Offices, ticket
machines, in buses (though not the five-day ticket) and
through travel agents. You can also order the card by
phone (tel. +49 40 300 51 300) or via (at an extra fee).
Visit any Hamburg tourist office for more informa-
tion, or visit
Hamburg à la CARD Museums
Afghan Museum F-4, Am Sandtorkai 32, MMeßberg,
tel. 37 82 36,, www. Started by a native Afghani to
remind himself and his friends of what life was like before
the 1979 Soviet invasion, this extraordinary little museum is
packed with recreations of ordinary Afghan life and cul ture as
well as some exquisite examples of sil verware and musical
instruments. There’s a traditional tea room here too, taking
the place of the usual sterile museum café. QOpen 10:00
- 17:00. Admission €3/2,50. Children 1,50.
BallinStadt Veddeler Bogen 2, MVeddel, tel. 31 97 91
60, At the opposite end of New York’s Ellis
Island, the new BallinStadt ‘emigration city’ museum focuses on
the mass emigration from Europe to the New World, when over 5
million people left from Hamburg harbour. Texts, films, interactive
displays and original artefacts give insight in the passengers’
circumstances and the facilities provided by the Hapag shipping
company. The museum also has the world’s most complete
emigration archive, with all departures between 1850 and 1934.
QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Admission €9.80.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
Bucerius Kunst Forum G-3, Rathausmarkt 2,
MRathaus, tel. 360 99 60, info@buceriuskunstforum.
de, Founded by the Ebelin
and Gerd Bucerius Zei t Foundation in 2002, the Bucerius
Kunst Forum has already hosted some of the world’s premiere
art. Exhibits typicall y run for a three-month span and feature
in-depth portrayals of artists’ work or different time periods.
Exhibits and brochures are in English and German. QOpen
11:00 - 19:00, Thu 11:00 - 21:00. Admission €5.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
Cap San Diego E-4, Überseebrücke, MLandungsbrücken,
tel. 36 42 09,, www.capsandiego.
de. Nestled into the Hamburg harbour is the Cap San Diego,
one of the last classic cargo ships. It has come to be known as
the “white swan of the South Atlantic.” After almost 20 years of
travelling back and forth from Hamburg to South America, the
Cap San Diego came to rest where you can find it today. QOpen
10:00 - 18:00. Admission €6. children €2,50.
City Model F-3, Wexstr. 7, MGänsemarkt, tel. 428 40 21
94. A fabulous little find this scale model of the city has yet to
offer any information in English but is well worth the visit. Much
more interesting than the city’s model museum, this architect’s
dream creation is a massive recreation of the city and is extremely
useful if you get lost or need o know where just about anything is.
QOpen 10:00 - 17:00, Sat, Sun 13:00 - 17:00. Free.
German Customs Museum Alter Wandrahm 16,
MMeßberg, tel. 30 08 76 11,
Whatever you do, don’t ask the man in the hut outside for
directions. He’s a dummy, and the first of many exhibits this
fascinating museum has in store. Split into two main sections
the museum focuses on Germany’s modern-day fight against
smuggling and counterfeiting as well as offering an insight into
the history of German border control. It sounds terrible, but
this really is a great museum. Highly recommended. QOpen
10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon. Free.
Hamburg Dungeon F-4, Kehrwieder 2, MMeßberg,
tel. 30 05 15 55, Part of the
ever-growing global Dungeon franchise, if you’ve ever visited
one of the other places you’ll know exactl y what this place is
about. Why anyone would want to queue for three hours and
pay €15 only to be scared or bored is a mystery but there you
go. Check the website for more information. QOpen 10:00 -
18:00. Admission €15,50/13,50. Children €11.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date Einzel | Single /3 Einzel
A “hands-on” museum! Grippers, bales of rubber, coffee-
sacks, sampling implements: The Speicherstadtmuseum
is located on two floors of a red-brick warehouse that is
over a hundred years old (in the authentic surroundings of
the dockland warehouse district in the former free-port)
where typical goods and tools collected from traditional
warehouse companies and business premises of the
warehouse district are exhibited. Further topics are
coffee- and tea-trading. The engaging and interactive
exhibition emphasises the skills and ingenuity of the
work of warehousemen.
The Museum offers expert guided tours in English, Ger-
man, Spanish and French.
Speicherstadtmuseum, St. Annenufer 2, tel. 32
11 91,
Adult 3,00 € / Concessions 1,90 €QOpen 1 April to 31
October: Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat, Sun and holidays
10:00-18:00. 1 November to 31 March: Tue-Sundays
Chilehaus, MMessberg. Every tour of Hamburg will bring
you past this building. It was designed by the architect Fritz
Höger between the years 1922 and 1924. Over 4,8 million
bricks went into its construction. The structure served as a
sign of growth after World War I and miraculousl y survived
World War II to serve as a sign of survival.
Landungsbrücken D/E-4, MLandungsbrücken.
Hamburg’s famed pier runs parallel to the Elbe along a
700-meter stretch. It was initiall y erected in 1839 but saw
many renovations due to fire and war. Today restaurants,
souvenir shops and kiosks line the pier. You can also pick up
city bus tours and harbour tours here.
Peterstraße E-3, MSt. Paul. Actuall y a recreation of
something that never actuall y existed, Peterstraße was buil t
after the war as a way of remembering the past. Featuring
some wonderful examples of both brick and half-timbered
houses, the buildings are copies of bourgeois residential
property that were buil t in the city between 1610 and 1780
set in a pleasant, car-free part of the city.
Reeperbahn D-3, MReeperbahn. Whil e Hamburg’s
Reeperbahn may not appeal to all visitors, you cannot visit
the city without a quick stop. Famous for its red-light district,
sex shops, entertainment, restaurants and bars, there is
plenty to keep you occupied. At night the area lights up and
is full of locals and tourists. Don’t let its reputation scare
you though - it’s perfectl y safe to stroll around, and there is
something for everyone.
Trostbrücke G-3, MRödingsmarkt. Hamburg has more
bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined due to i ts
extensi ve canal system. The Trost Bridge symbolizes the
oldest connection between the Episcopal Old City and the
earl-led New Ci ty. Originall y buil t in wood in the thirteenth
century, it was rebuil t in 1881 to last.
Hamburg CARD
3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
Datum| Date
Einzel | Single /3 E
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
St. Nikolai Mah-
nmal E-4, Willy-
Brandt- Strasse
60, MStadthaus-
br ücke, www.
ma h n ma l - s t - Fi rst
buil t as a chapel
i n 1195 dedi cat-
ed to the patron
sai nt of sai l ors,
t he St. Ni chol as
church was dam-
aged three times
by l i ght ni ng and
f i res before t he
19th century neo-
got hi c st r ucture
was damaged by bombs and fire in 1943. The church
was left as an impressi ve memorial to the destruction
of war, wi th just the battered tower standing. When
finished in 1874, the 147m-high tower was the high-
est building in the world (i t’s currentl y the 4th highest
church tower), and recentl y a glass elevator has been
installed, zipping visi tors up to the viewing platform at
76m high. The exhibi tion in the crypt details the history
of the church and the wartime destruction of Hamburg.
Q Open 10:30-17:30. Admission €3,50/2,80, chil-
dren €2. Tickets valid both for exhibi tion and viewing
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St. Nikolai Mahnmal
Germany‘s oldest waxworks exhibition
Spielbudenplatz 3 Hamburg St. Pauli
Tel: 040/310317 Fax: 040/512963
Mon-Fri 11:00 - 21:00 Sat 11:00 - 24:00 Sun 10:00 - 21:00
Museum für Völkerkunde F-1, Rothenbaumchaussee
64, MHaller str, tel. 018 05 30 88 88, www. The Museum for Ethnography was
founded in 1879 and has become one of the largest of its kind in
Europe. It holds over 350,000 objects, and documents the art and
cultural history of humans. The museum shop and restaurant offer
pleasant interruptions during your visit. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00,
Thu 10:00 - 21:00. Closed Mon. Admission €10.
Museumshafen Oevelgönne Anleger Neumühlen,
tel. 419 127 61,
When a ship has run its course, there are few more desirable
places to retire than in this harbour. They call this museum a
harbour for old-timer ships. About twenty ships of all shapes,
sizes and nationalities have been renovated and now reside
in the museum’s harbour.
P a n o p t i k u m D - 3 ,
Spielbudenplatz 3, MSt.
Pauli, tel. 31 03 17, www.
p a n o p t i k u m. d e . T h e
Panopti kum i s the ol dest
exhibi ti on of wax fi gures in
Germany. The el aboratel y
decorated wax images of over
120 personali ties from the world of cul ture, history and
entertainment have been admired by visitors for over 125
years. In addition to the images of present-day celebrities
you will find exhibits that are over 100 years old. QOpen
11:00 - 21:00, Sat 11:00 - 24:00, Sun 10:00 - 21:00.
Admission €5, children €3.
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Hamburg has a fabulous new attraction: The BallinStadt
Emigration City – a place where you can relive history! On
July 4th 2007 the interactive exhibition opened its doors
in Hamburg. On the historical grounds where Albert Ballin,
General Manager of the shipping company HAPAG, built
mass accommodation for the many thousands of people
who were arriving in Hamburg at the turn of the 20th
century to wait for the departure of their ships. For over
5 million emigrants who left Europe between 1850 and
1939 Hamburg was the gateway to the world. BallinStadt is
dedicated to them. In exact replicas of three of BallinStadt’s
buildings with living and sleeping quarters visitors can relive
every stage of emigration - from departure, the crossing,
the arrival in New York and the emigrants’ final home. The
outstanding “edutainment” exhibition contains original
documents and artefacts as well as numerous interactive
exhibits that enable visitors to immerse themselves in
history and experience the world as it was in the days of
the emigrants. A particular highlight of the exhibition are
the passenger lists from 1850 to 1934. It is the largest
collection of passenger lists from emigrant ships in the
world and therefore a unique genealogical source available
at the BallinStadt family research centre.
BallinStadt, Veddeler Bogen 2, 040-319 79 1616,
open daily from 10am – 6pm. By ferry boat: St. Pauli
Landungsbrücken, jetty 10 every two hours from 10am-
6pm. By subway: S3/S31 Veddel.
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BallinStadt Emigration City
Planetarium Hindenburgstraße 1b, Stadtpark,
MLattenkamp, tel. 42 88 65 20, www.planetarium- Established in 1930, Hamburg’s Planetarium
is one of the oldest in the world. It is located in the centre
of the city park in an old water tower. The planetarium offers
shows, lectures, concerts and exhibits. Headsets with English
text available. QOpen , Mon, Tue 09:00 - 17:00, Wed 09:00
- 21:00, Thu 09:00 - 21:30, Fri 09:00 - 21:45, Sat 12:30 -
21:30, Sun 10:00 - 19:00. Admission €7,50.
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Spicy’s Gewürzmuseum F-4, Am Sandtorkai 32,
MMeßberg, tel. 36 79 89, A deliciousl y
fragrant affair and reputed to be the onl y one of its kind in the
world, this small museum is packed with good things, tracing
the history of the city’s shipping trade through the world of
spice. Find lots of reconstructions of old spice shops, harbour
scenes, grinding equipment and much more. QOpen 10:00
- 17:00. Admission €3. children €1.
U-Boot U-434 I-4, Versmannstr. 23c, MSteinstraße, Feel like you have entered an espionage film
while aboard this submarine. Then imagine being one of 78
Russian crewmen who used it for reconnaissance purposes -
you might begin to feel some claustrophobia. QOpen 10:00
- 18:00, Fri, Sat, Sun 09:00 - 19:00. Admission €8.
St. Jacobi Jacobikirchhof 22, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 303
73 70, Visi t to see the world famous
organ here. Buil t in 1693, the organ has 60 registers and
almost 4,000 pipes. Tours are offered every Thursday at
12:00 and are accompanied by a short concert. Services are
on Sunday at 10:00. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Sun.
Enjoy the view from Hamburg´s
highest church tower, using the
glass panorama elevator to get
to the 76 metre high viewing
Te exhibition in the documenta-
tion centre tells the story of
the St. Nikolai church and
Hamburg´s destruction in the
Second World War.
Open: 10.30 – 17.30
Admission: combi ticket: € 3,50
reduced 2,80, children 2,-
Mention the password „Gomorrha“
when buying a ticket, and you‘ ll
travel at the reduced fee.
St. Nikolai Memorial
Willy-Brandt-Straße 60,
Hamburg, tel. 37 11 25
Visit the
a reminder of the destruction
of the Second World War
St. Nikolai Memorial
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
St. Katharinen Katharinenkirchhof 1, tel. 30 37 47
30, The base of the spire
of the mighty St. Katharinen Church is the oldest ‘preserved’
building in Hamburg. Originall y buil t near the harbour in the
13th century, it served the shipbuilders and brewers living in
the district. The 15th-century nave was complemented by
a spectacular 115m-high Baroque spire in the 17th century.
During World War II, bombing destroyed everything but the
walls and afformentioned tower; the church was consequently
rebuil t and reopened in 1955. QOpen 10:00 - 17:00, Sat
10:00 - 18:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00.
St. Michaelis Englische Planke 1a, MRödingsmarkt,
tel. 37 67 81 00, Hamburg’s main
protestant church is the third to be built on this site. The current
beautiful beast is the work of Johann Leonhard Prey and Ernst
Georg Sonnindates and dates from 1786, with two major
20th-century reconstructions after a fire in 1906 and again
from the inevitable bombing during WWII. Dedicated to the
archangel Michael, whose bronze figure guards the entrance,
the inside is fairly plain, with white and gold embellishments
that give the interior an almost theatrical feel. The spire can be
climbed and is worth the trip, and the church is also a popular
concert venue, boasting its own internationally renowned choir.
QOpen 09:00 - 20:00. Spire €3, children €2.
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St. Petri Mönckebergstr. 6, MRathaus, www.sankt- First mentioned in a document dating from 1195 and
finding more or less its present shape and form around 1320,
the mammoth St. Petri is a classic Gothic design with three
naves and high, arched ceilings. Almost completely destroyed
during the Great Fire of 1842, St. Petri was rebuilt seven years
later and is more or less as it was before the disaster. The
inside is worth a look not least for what can only be described
as a wholly awe-insipiring pulpit, as is a trip to the top of the
steeple which affords by far the best view of the city. The church
has a large modern organ, and free concerts are given every
Wednesday at 17:00. QOpen 10:00 - 18:30, Wed 10:00 -
19:00, Sat 10:00 - 17:00, Sun 09:00 - 21:00.
Fish Market C-4, Große Elbstr. 137, MLandungsbrücken.
One cannot visit Hamburg without making a stop at the famed
Fischmarkt which began in 1703 and is one of Hamburg’s
beloved traditions. While many aim to be there at the market’s
opening straight from a night on the Reeperbahn, many also
stroll in after a good night’s sleep. There is music and food
in the large hall, and stands offering fish, fruit and vegetables,
cheese, flowers and plenty of Hamburg souvenirs. QOpen
05:00 - 09:30.
Do you want to gain an
insight into this life?
Dialogue in the Dark
Dialogue in the Dark is located in
a historical building in Hamburg’s
Speicherstadt (warehouse district).
It offers the unique opportunity to
experience an exhibition in entirely
dark rooms through which you are
led by visually impaired guides. On
your way through a park, a city, in
the bar or during a boat trip those
senses which are usually neglect-
ed are sharpened. Open Tue-Fri
09:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 11:00-19:00, Mon closed. Please
call tel. 0700 44 33 2000 to make a booking.
Dinner in the Dark – Test
your taste buds
Enjoy a champagne reception
in our lobby and a seasonal
four course set menu in com-
plete darkness. Sharpen your
senses and test your table
manners. The price of €55 per person includes the recep-
tion, a short guided tour through one room of our exhibition
and the set menu with table water. Please book in advance
at tel. 0700 44 33 2000.
Dialogue in the Dark, Alter Wandrahm 4, 20457
Hamburg, tel. 0700 44 33 2000, info@dialog-im-
Dialogue in the dark
One for the automobile lovers: a special and sleek exhibi-
tion about classic cars, rare racing cars and car curiosities,
with a focus on Porsche and arranged around the themes
people, power and cars. The location is in a historic
building and the show is regularly updated and changed.
There’s a bar and lounge area for relaxing after admiring
the fantastic cars. The well-designed Prototyp website is
an excellent appetiser to the show to come.
Prototyp H-4, Lohseplatz 1a, tel. 39 99 69 68, www. 10:00-18:00
University Fleamarket F-2, MDammtor, tel. 270
27 66, Take a Saturday morning to
stop by the university Flohmarkt for some older Hamburg
memorabilia. The items range from used paperback novels
to hand-knit gloves and to what appears to be antiques. If
you take the time to look through some of the junk you might
find something particular to Hamburg or to Germany that is
worth taking home. Q Open Sat 08:00-16:00.
Weekly markets,
st_wochenmaerkte-hamburg.htm. The “Hamburger
Wochenmärkte” occur each week in different parts of the
city on different days. They typicall y offer fresh meats, fruits,
vegetables, cheeses, flowers and a wide variety of crafts
and gift ideas. Bring a basket and collect some tasty local
products. People are generall y very friendl y and will allow you
to sample before purchasing. Notice: more than 50 markets
in town with changing opening times
Parks & Gardens
Ohlsdorf Cemetery, MOhlsdorf. This cemetery is the
largest in Europe and second in the world after Chicago’s.
The cemetery was designed as a park with 25,000 trees
and many other plants that make for a spectacular sight in
spring. The graves are old and artistic and add to the park’s
overall beauty. QOpen 08:00 - 21:00.
Planten un Blomen F-1, St. Petersburgerstr. 28,
MStephansplatz, tel. 23 21 50, www.plantenunblomen. Taking its name from the old Hamburg dialect
for plants and flowers this superb green paradise features a
huge variety of trees, plants and flowers as well as a charming
Japanese garden. Massivel y popular during the summer, the
park puts on events such as a dail y water, music and light
show at 22:00 (also at 14:00, 16:00 and 18:00, but without
the lights). Also find an adventure playground to kid the
children amused. Recommended. QOpen 07:00 - 23:00.
Stadtpark, MBorgweg. Hamburg’s summers are best
enjoyed outdoors, and where better to play frisbee, bask
in the sun or go for a stroll then the city park. You can rent
paddleboats or canoes on the lake, enjoy one of the outdoor
cafés and beer gardens or head over to the playground.
Tierpark Hagenbeck (Zoo) Lokstedter Grenzstr. 2,
MHagenbecks Tierpark, I f your
children need a break from old churches and other historic
landmarks (or if you do) the zoo offers an enjoyable alternative.
With over 2500 different animals, including elephants, apes and
giraffes, you will be entertained for hours. There is also a small
petting zoo for children. Q Open: March to June: daily 09:00-
18:00, July to August: daily 09:00-19:00, Sept. to Oct.: daily
09:00-18:00, Nov. to Feb.: daily 09:00-16:30, Christmas Eve and
New Years Eve: 09:00-13:00 Admission €15/10.
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Sightseeing tours
Alster Tour, MJungfernstieg, tel. 357 42 40. Pick
up the boat at Jungfernstieg and experience Hamburg’s
beauty from the water. The tour departs every 30 minutes
and offers great views of Hamburg from the water. Some
of the most spectacular homes are located on the Outer
Alster. During the warm summer months the boat’s roof
comes off to showcase the weather. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00.
Admission €8/5.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
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Hamburg Light Tour, tel. 30 05 18 00, www.hummelbahn.
de. Enjoy the lights of the city on the city lights tour. This pricey
choo-choo train ride will give you a view of Hamburg’s worthy sights
including the banks of the Outer Alster, the light show in Planten un
Blomen, the red-lit Reeperbahn, the magnificent harbour and the
historic buildings of the city. Q Admission €13/8.
Hamburg CARD 3-Tage-Karte | 3-Day-Ticket
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Harbour tours D/E-4, MLandungsbrücken. Pi ck
up a Hafenrundfahr t from one of the many vendors at
Landungsbrücken; departures are every 30 minutes. The
tours will provide you with an overview of the goings-on in the
harbour, an inside look at the Speicherstadt area and a brief
tutorial in container ships. See also where the Queen Mary II
docks when she visits Hamburg. Ask for an English tourguide.
QOpen 10:00 - 18:00. Admission €10.
Top-Tour Hamburg H-2/3, Hauptbahnhof, tel. 641 37
31, This double-decker tour
bus runs every 30 minutes and gives you a good overview of
Hamburg’s main attractions. A great way to become familiar
with the city before deciding which are your must-sees. There
are both English and German tours available so check with the
drivers to see when each will leave. Most depart from the main
train station. QOpen 09:30 - 17:00. Admission €14/7.
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© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH © Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Hamburg would be nothing without its harbour. The shipping
business has been very influential on the development of the
city, and still is the most important activity in town. And it’s still
booming - in 2006, Hamburg’s harbour had 134.900 tonnes
of cargo turnover, more than double the amount of 1991. The
switch that was made to container shipping in recent decades
has proved essential, as now 97% of all cargo passing through
Hamburg is in containers, compared to 68% in 1990.
Hamburg had only 200 residents when the harbour was
first mentioned in documents in the 9th century. The town
got market rights in 937, marking the start of Hamburg’s
economic progress. The port is considered to have started
in 1189, when Emperor Frederick Barbarossa’s charter
officially granted the town market rights and customs-free
travel along the Elbe to the sea. Hamburg joined the medieval
trade association of the Hanseatic League in 1321, and
became an important link between cities on the Baltic coast
and those along the North Sea. Trading expanded to include
Scandinavia, Bruges, London and Amsterdam. At that time,
trade ships were guarded from pirates, (like the infamous
Klaus Störtebecker) by convoy fleets supplied by the city.
The League proved very successful and Hamburg quickly
grew to 16000 residents in 1450. Trade patterns shifted as
the Baltic trade became less important, and the discovery of
the Americas lead to new products and trading routes. The
18th century saw the start of trade with America. Hamburg’s
trading fleet went from 150 ships in 1788 to 280 in 1799, and
steamships were introduced from 1816, greatly increasing
the ships’ reliability and speed.
The harbour was expanded and modernised in the late 1800s,
when new docks further away from the city centre were made.
At the same time, the famous city-centre Speicherstadt
warehouses were built, a massive undertaking resulting in the
world’s largest single warehouse complex, even today.
Hamburg joined in Bismarck’s drive for German unity, leaving
just the harbour area as a customs enclave for another 114
years. The city kept modernising with new jetties at St. Pauli
and the 1911 Elbe Tunnel, and by 1913 Hamburg had a million
inhabitants and was the third largest harbour after London
and New York. In the Second World War 80% of the harbour
facilities were destroyed, but rapid reconstruction ensured
the harbour was back on track by 1955. Modernisation was
the keyword, and investments in container facilities paid off
handsomely. The HafenCity urban planning project is the latest
project to transform the harbour city; it is set to transform 160
hectares between Kehrwiederspitze and the Elbe bridges, and
plans include apartments, offices, recreational facilities and
a new cruise liner terminal. For more information about the
harbour, see
Although much of the harbour is off-limits to casual
visitors, it’s possible to see plenty shipping-related
activities on short trips in and from the city centre. On
dry land, the Speicherstadt is a great place to wander
and learn about the importance of warehouses for
the city’s economy. To see the city from the water,
visi tors can also j oin one of many Alster Steamer
boat trips through the canals and harbours, or a trip
that explores the modern harbour, passing massive
container ships.
Harbour sights
Two museum ships moored in central Hamburg merit
a visit.
Cap San Diego
Moored at the Überseebrücke quay, the Hamburg-built
Cap San Diego freight ship from 1961 is the world’s
largest functional cargo museum ship, doing regular
day trips with passengers on board and even offering
accommodation. You can tour the ship, visiting the cargo
holds, loading gear, mooring and anchoring equipment,
palaver deck, li feboats, swimming pool and several
other rooms. She’s 160m long with a loading capacity
of 10,300 tons, and completed over 120 trips to South
America before becoming obsolete by the containerisa-
tion of cargo shipping.
Cap San Diego, Überseebrücke quay, www.cap- Open 10:00-18:00. Admission €6/2.50.
Rooms: passenger cabins singles €72, doubles €90;
captain’s cabin €125.
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Rickmer Rickmers
The elegant Rickmer Rickmers three-master museum
ship, moored at the Landungsbrücken, is one of the
last cargo sailing ships. Made with steel in 1896, the
97m-long ship used 24 sails and was used for trips
to East Asia and in Europe before finally saved from
being scrapped in 1974. Visitors can tour the ships
holds and crew rooms and learn more about li fe on
the high seas.
Landungsbrücken, Ponton 1a, www.rickmer-rick- Admission €3/2. Open 10:00-18:00.
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Museum ships
H.-J. Hettchen
H.-J. Hettchen
Whether you’re a hurried businessman with just hours to
spare, a weekend tourist with shopping and sights on your
mind, or a backpacker with time to spare, a visit to Hamburg
is most enjoyable when you plan ahead a little.
The Hamburg Tourismus Board has the following
suggestions for you to fill one, two or three fan days in
Hamburg, be it on land, around the harbour or on the water.
For more information, click to
One-day programmes
Maritime Hamburg
Start off with the Long Harbour Tour which departs from
the Landungsbrücken – call in advance to check if the tide
is right for the trip to go through the Speicherstadt. The
captain is your guide as you glide through the city for about
an hour. Then walk through the old Elbe tunnel under the
Elbe to the shipyard island Steinwerder, where you can enjoy
the unique Elbe panorama with a view of the harbour quay,
and the museum ships Michel and the Rickmer Rickmers.
Finally, head for the 132-metre-high tower of St. Michaelis,
the “Michel”, which is the landmark of the Hanseatic city. Its
lookout point offers a marvellous view of Hamburg and the
harbour. If you did not pass through the Speicherstadt on
the harbour tour, you can admire the historical warehouses
on a walking tour instead of visiting the Michel.
Cultural Hamburg
Explore the Alster by steamer, taking you along numerous canals
where you can admire the splendid villas from their backyard
gardens. Alternatively take a city bus or walking tour.
Afterwards, find an exhibition to suit your taste. Right next
to the station, the Hamburg museum row extends from the
Kunsthalle past the Kunstverein and the Museum for Arts
and Crafts down to the Deichtorhallen. Enough of culture
– time for some shopping, and the best place to start is
the stretch between the Alsterarkaden and the Town Hall.
Here you’ll find plenty of shopping therapy at the chic little
boutiques, shiny shopping malls and superlative department
stores. Finish the day off at the splendid Hamburg Town
Hall which dominates the city centre with its impressive
Hamburg all water
A day fit for water lovers. Start off with the long harbour tour,
followed by a walk through the Speicherstadt if the tide is too
high for the sightseeing boats to sail through. Then pay visit
to the museum ships moored nearby. The Alster steamer
tour is next, followed by some land-based shopping leisure
in the city centre.
Two-day programme
First day – Start off with the Alster steamer tour through
the city’s canals or with a city tour on land. Next up is a visit
to one of the city’s many museums, where there’s bound
to be something to your liking on Hamburg’s museum row
near the main train station. After lunch, it’s time for some
leisurely shopping in the city centre, ending up with a visit to
the Town Hall. After freshening up at the hotel head out for
some evening fun at one of the hundreds of restaurants and
bars in the centre, for instace at the Alsterpavillion on the
Jungfernstieg which has a good view of the Alster.
Second day – Hop on a barge at Landungsbrücken for the
long harbour tour, followed by a walk through the old Elbe
tunnel to the shipyard island Steinwerder and the museum
ships moored alongside. Then head towards the St. Michaelis
church for the marvellous views of Hamburg and the harbour
from the tower. In the evening, choose for a meal outside
of the city centre, perhaps in Blankenese, the refined Elbe
neighbourhood which you can reach by HVV harbour ferry or
by bus. Admire the sunset on Elbe Beach.
Three-day programme
First day – Start off with the Alster steamer tour, visiting
Hamburg’s Town Hall afterwards. After lunch, stroll over to
Planten un Blomen, the famous park which includes the
botanical garden, with a greenhouse and the largest Japanese
garden in Europe, a silent but impressive attraction. Have
dinner at one of central Hamburg’s restaurants.
Second day - Hop on a barge at Landungsbrücken for the
long harbour tour, followed by a walk through the old Elbe
tunnel to the shipyard island Steinwerder and the museum
ships moored alongside. Then head towards the St. Michaelis
church for the marvellous views of Hamburg and the harbour
from the tower. In the evening, choose for a meal outside
of the city centre, perhaps in Blankenese, the refined Elbe
neighbourhood which you can reach by HVV harbour ferry or
by bus. Admire the sunset on Elbe Beach.
Third day – Get to know the city better on a red double-
decker bus city tour or the Hamburg Hummeltrain. Interrupt
your tour in the Speicherstadt district and explore the
impressive historical area, perhaps visiting a museum here,
or getting back on the bus to visit one of the museums on
Hamburg’s museum row. In the afternoon take a bus or metro
to Tierpark Hagenbeck zoo, which has 2,500 animals living
in natural open enclosures.
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Hamburg is supported by an extensive system of public
transportation. After taking a few minutes to get oriented,
you have an inexpensive, accessible metro and bus sys-
tem at your service. Taxis are available should you need to
arrive somewhere in a matter of minutes.
Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel Airport (HAM, tel. 507 50, www.ham. is just 8 kilometres outside the city centre
and has international and domestic flights. It currently
connects to 52 cities abroad and is one of Germany’s top
airports. International travel usually requires check-in 2
hours prior to departure and domestic travel one. While
the lines are typically not too long, the check-in process
can be, so allow yourself the full time.
To get there, take the U- or S-Bahn to Ohlsdorf and change
to Airport Express bus N°110. A €2,50 single ticket is
required for the trip. Allow a half hour travel time from the
ciy centre.
Alternatively, hop on the Airport Express bus directly
from Hauptbahnhof station to the airport. Tickets are €5
(children €2), €4 if you’re in a group of six or more. Buses
depart at 04:40, 5.00, 05:15, then every 15 minutes until
19:00, then every 20 minutes until 21:20.
Car rental
Alamo Spaldingstr. 77, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 23 51 35
20, Also at Hamburg Airport, tel. 50 75 23
01. QOpen 07:30 - 18:00, Sat 08:00 - 12:00. Closed Sun.
Europcar B-2, Holstenstr. 156, MFeldstr., tel. 306 82
60, Also at Hamburg-Dammtor station,
Theodor-Heuss Platz 7, tel. 33 59 41. Q Open 24hrs.
Sixt D-3, Millerntorplatz 1, MLandungsbrücken, tel.
180 525 25 25, Check out the www.sixti.
com website for very cheap rental bargains.
Public transport
The U-Bahn (metro) and S-Bahn (commuter trains, un-
derground in the city centre) are the quickest way to get
around the different areas of Hamburg. They are marked by
S- or U- and a number. Each station has a map showing the
route; note the ultimate destination of the line and look for
that on the trains and signs. There are vertical signs on the
platforms that show the stops and the length of time it will
take to get there, as well as overheard screens. One-way
tickets cost €2,50 (children €0,90) and must be purchased
before boarding. You do not need to validate the ticket but it
should be with you for the entire ride. Random checks may
lead to a steep penalty if you are caught riding without one.
If you have any hesitations, try asking a local - Germans are
typically helpful when it comes to transportation.
The buses use the same tickets, which can be bought on
board; pick up a transport map at the tourist office.
Full transport information in English can be found at www.
Taxis in Hamburg can be expensive, especially since the city
is so large. Even so, they are in high demand so make sure
to call ahead if you need an early morning ride. They can be
found pretty easily at night in the more popular hotspots. You
can request ahead of time car seats for children or minivans,
or taxis that accept credit cards. All taxis charge the same
rates, and you won’t get ripped off.
Autoruf, tel. 44 10 11.
Das Taxi Funk & Service, tel. 61 11 22.
Hansa Funktaxi, tel. 21 12 11.
Taxi Hamburg, tel. 66 66 66.
Hamburg has three major train stations (Hauptbahnhof main
station on Kirchenallee, Altona on Präsident-Krahn-Straße
and Dammtor on Edmund-Siemers-Allee) so be sure to know
where to board and exit the train.
Deutsche Bahn (DB) operates InterCityExpress (ICE), EuroCity
(EC) and InterCity (IC) trains to and from Hamburg. If a seat
is a must, make sure to make a reservation in advance -
especially at weekends. If you do not have time to purchase
your ticket beforehand in one of the stations, you can do so
on the train at a small surcharge. However, make sure to
find the DB ticket person quickly so they do not think you
are trying to get a free ride. DB’s website is
in English and fantastic, allowing online ticket purchases
with credit cards.
The main station is fully loaded with a food court, super-
markets, bookstores, drugstores, a pharmacy and other
small shops.
Travel Agents
STA Travel Grindelallee 35, tel. 45 03 84 00, www. Specialised in budget deals and youth travel.
QOpen 10:00 - 18:30, Sat 11:00 - 14:00. Closed Sun.
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
Express mail
DHL B-1, Kaltenkirchener Str. 1-5, Also
at Neuer Kamp 31 and Al tonaer Poststrasse 9-13. Q
Open 24hrs.
FedEx Heselstücken 13. Also at Grossmannstrasse 140.
QOpen 08:00 - 19:00. Closed Sat, Sun.
Internet cafés
Haus der Jugend E-3, Alfred-Wegener-Weg 3, tel. 31
79 08 02,
Match Games Internetcafé Rothenbaumchaussee
61, tel. 41 49 76 26,
The phone codes for Germany’s main cities. The longer
the code, the more piddly the town.
Berlin 030
Cologne 0221
Dresden 0351
Munich 089
Dortmund 0231
Frankfurt 069
Hamburg 040
Hanover 0511
Leipzig 0341
Nürnberg 0911
Stuttgart 0711
City codes
Mobile phones
If you’re looking to buy a SIM card for your mobile phone,
your best bet is to visit one of the department stores which
offers the full range of cards.
O2 Hohenzollernring 127, tel. 882 10, www.o2online.
T-Punkt H-3, Spitalerstr. 9. The T-Online shop.
Deutsche Post H-3, Mönckebergstr. 7, www. Also at Kal tenkirchener Str. 1 and Al ter
Wall 38. QOpen 09:00 - 19:00, Sat 09:00 - 15:00. Closed
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Almost all shops (including grocery stores) are closed on
Sundays, with the exception of some tourist shops. On
Saturdays many small boutiques will close mid-afternoon.
All major shopping centres are open until 20:00 from
Monday to Saturday. Note that credit cards are not widely
accepted; there’s always an ATMs nearby however.
Marktstrasse (U-Bahn to Feldstrasse) is Hamburg’s own
Penny Lane. The street offers a wide variety of second-
hand and boutique shops ranging from cheap to pricey
and from retro to modern.
The “Designer Strip” on Neuer Wall (U-Bahn to Jungfern-
stieg) is lined with Cartier, Hermes and other elite stores
- come armed with a credit card or husband.
Eppendorfer Baum, Eppendorfer Landstrasse, Lehmweg
und Hegestrasse offer a multitude of up-scale boutiques
and some great second-hand shops. A worthy trip for the
serious shopper; U-Bahn to Eppenforfer Baum.
Thalia H-3, Spitalerstr. 8, MHauptbahnhof. This chain
of bookstores offers a wide range of books and periodicals
in English, as well as offer a range of Hamburg souvenirs and
small gift ideas. Also at Große Bleichen 19 and Hauptstrasse
10. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun.
Department stores
Alsterhaus G-2, Jungfernstieg 16-20, MJungfern-
gps_x/9,9642/gps_y/53,5584.html. An upscale depart-
ment store facing the Binnenalster. The fourth floor has a
buffet restaurant with a small play area for kids and changing
room. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun.
Galeria Kaufhof Mönckebergstr. 3, MMönckebergstr.,
tel. 33 30 70. Germany’s ubiquitous behemoth department
store is the best place in town for ladies’ cosmetics, clothes,
electrical goods, chocolates and everything else under the sun.
QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Thu, Fri 10:00 - 21:00. Closed Sun.
Karstadt G-3, Mönckebergstr. 16, MRathaus, tel. 309
40. A huge department store on six floors currentl y undergo-
ing massive renovation work, selling everything from jewellery
to electrical goods to everyday household items. QOpen
09:30 - 20:00. Closed Sun.
Saturn G-3, Mönckebergstr. 16, MMönckebergstr., tel.
30 95 80. Allegedl y the largest electrical goods store in the
world this big grey lump is packed with floor upon floor of all
those gadgets you forgot to pack and more besides. QOpen
09:30 - 20:00, Thu, Fri 09:30 - 21:00. Closed Sun.
Anson’s H-3, Mönckebergstr. 8, MMönckebergstr.,
tel. 32 81 71 67. Four floors of quality menswear including
some joll y dapper pink businessmen’s shirts and one or two
rather alarming ties. QOpen 10:30 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 -
20:00. Closed Sun.
Budapester Schuhe Neuer Wall 30, MJungfernstieg.
The store is small but the selection large and impressive.
A great place to find designer shoes. The prices are no
bargain though. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00.
Closed Sun.
H&M G-2, Jungfernstieg 16-20, MJungfernstieg, tel.
35 01 53 90. Some might say H&M has invaded Hamburg
like the plague - at last count there were 13 in the ci ty.
Good for affordable, trendy clothes. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00.
Closed Sun.
Hugo Shop F/G-3, Neuer Wall 19, MJungfernstieg, tel.
41 91 34 07. Who’d have thought that Hugo Boss carried so
many different lines and accessories? However, proof is in the
store. All Hugo Boss clothing and accessories under one roof.
QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.
Hamburg airport, just 8,5km from central Hamburg, is
a departure point for many travellers, and the varied
shopping there is good reason head out a little earlier
before your flight. The range of shops includes everything
from traveller’s gear, electronics and phones, sweets,
tobacco, books to fashion – from big brands to erotic
lingerie. Of course there’s an opportunity to find the
perfect souvenir of your stay, perhaps a Hamburg jacket,
a Hamburg Airport watch or some eel soup! With 18 food
and drink outlets, there’s no reason to stay hungry or
thirsty for long – from quick snacks to gourmet meals,
it’s all available. Shops and restaurants are open daily,
at least from 09:00-20:00 but often longer. For more
information, visit
Airport shopping
At TThoch3, the eye will quickly succumb to oversatura-
tion of impressions. From rubber ducks, bibs with pirate
imprints for punks’ offspring, paintings of Hamburg and
Hamburg souvenirs to foorball-field cuff links. Blue, or-
ange, pink and polka-dotted. All shapes, all price levels.
The selections at TThoch3 is inexhaustible, because
the clients are insatiable. TThoch3 is the optimal stop
for finding a memento from Hamburg. Tonja Tietjen has
gifts for every occasion and for all friends and relatives,
and even for the shopper him/herself. TThoch3 has af-
fordable things make life worth living. And as life and the
reasons to give presents change all the time, so does
the selection of articles.
TT³, Beim Grünen Jäger 10, Hamburg, tel. 040-59
46 47 54, Mon-Fri 11:00-
19:00, Sat 11:00-16:00.
© Hamburg Tourismus GmbH
An original Hamburg kontor trading house dating from
1912 has been transformed to house 37 shops, attrac-
tive restaurants representing cuisines from around the
world and the five-star Hyatt hotel. With the entrance and
interior balcony decorated with striking animal sculptures
by Barry Baldwin, the complex has enough distractions
to keep you busy from morning to night.
Levante-Haus H-3, Mönckebergstr. 7, MMönck-
ebergstr., tel. 326816,
QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun.
This monumental old malt factory now houses an elegant
shopping centre dedicated to home interiors, design and
lifestyle. Located on the Fischmarkt in Hamburg’s central
harbour near the Landungsbrücke, the complex houses
dozens of renowned and lesser known stores and brands,
including Poggenpohl, Ligne Roset, Alessi, Forum, Bulthaup,
and Bang & Olufsen. To make shopping as pleasant as
possible, visitors are also welcome on Sundays when the
shops are open for viewing (though no purchasing) between
10:00 and 18:00, and parents can leave their children free
of charge in the supervised play area. Finally, the CoChine
bistro offers drinks, snacks and meals.
Stilwerk B-4, Große Elbstr. 68, MKönigstr, tel.
30 62 11 00, 10:00
- 19:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00.
Mercado A-3, Ottenser Hauptstr., MAltona, tel. 398
68 40. Germany’s version of a mall, the Mercado provides
one-stop shopping at i ts best. The center offers over 60
stores from food to flowers to clothes to books. QOpen
10:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun.
Rathaus Passage/ Markt G-3, Rathaus Markt,
MJungfernstieg, tel. 30 62 02 96. Here you can find
souvenirs, typical street food and other reminders of your
time in Hamburg. Plus, admire Hamburg’s beautiful Rathaus
at the same time.
Speciality shops
Bären Treff G-3, Mönckebergstr. 17, MJungfernstieg.
For some reason many people tend to associate Germany
with gummy bears. Perhaps this store is the reason. Take
home a giant gummy bear or an assortment of gummy
candies from this store.
Habitat F-3, Neuer Wall 54, MJungfernstieg, tel.
357658-0. A much more manageable, though perhaps
less affordable furni ture store, Habi tat is everything Ikea
should be. Two locations in Hamburg serve all parts of town.
Also on Große Elbstrasse 264. QOpen 10:30 - 20:00.
Closed Sun.
Lego Store Spitalerstrasse 12, tel. 40 18 59 41, www. More Lego than you can handle, in this city-centre
shop dedicated to the colourful plastic bricks.
Tee Gschwendner G-3, Jungfernstieg 7, MJungfern-
stieg, tel. 3 48 06 20. Also try Tee Handelskontor Bremen,
Große Bleichen 21. Two tea houses with a variety of reason-
abl y priced tea in decorative packing. Not to mention, the
staff in both stores were incredibl y friendl y and helpful. A
nice gift idea. QOpen 10:00 - 19:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00.
Closed Sun.
Kenvelo H-3, Spitalerstr. 4, MHauptbahnhof, tel. 52
65 5 - 0. Another favouri te for young clothing shoppers.
Prices are reasonable and choices are varied and hip. Gives
the younger crowd an al ternative to H&M. QOpen 10:00 -
22:00. Closed Sun.
Massimo Dutti H-3, Mönckebergstr. 7, MMönck-
ebergstr., tel. 32 00 49 99. Menswear on the ground
floor and something for the ladies up the stairs. Everything
from casual to sporty to classic. Shoes too. QOpen 10:00
- 20:00. Closed Sun.
Peek & Cloppenburg H-3, Mönckebergstr. 6,
MRathaus, tel. 339 67 01. A l arge store sel l i ng
agreeabl e cl ot hi ng for men, women and chi l dren.
QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Thu, Fri 10:00 - 21:00. Cl osed
Second Schanze D-1, Schulterblatt 75, MStern-
schanze, tel. 43276434. Find some great second-hand
fashion at this trendy boutique. Guarantees you (almost) that
you will not see yourself coming and going in a more main-
stream choice. QOpen 12:00 - 19:00, Sat 11:00 - 16:00.
Closed Mon, Sun.
Zara H-3, Mönckebergstr. 10, MMönckebergstr., tel.
30 30 98 27. Clothing for men, women and children includ-
ing Cal vin Klein and the rest. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Thu,
Fri 10:00 - 21:00. Closed Sun.
Hamburg is a shopper’s dream with its numerous pas-
sages and handful of malls that offer one-stop shopping.
Alte Post F-2, Poststr., MJungfernstieg. Books, clothing
and a variety of higher end boutiques have found a home in
Hamburg’s old main post office.
Gänsemarkt Passage F- 2, Gänsemarkt 50,
MGänsemarkt. You are sure to l eave wi th something
new af ter entering thi s passage. For fun and st yli sh
shoes and accessori es, as well as deli ci ous i ce cream
and bagel s.
Galeria Große Bleichen 21, MJungfernstieg. A long,
thin, black and white shopping arcade full of classy clothing,
bookshops and a smattering of cafés packed wi th good-
looking people. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00.
Closed Sun.
Hamburger Hof G-2, Jungfernstieg 26-30, MJungfern-
stieg. Cosmetics, contemporary clothing and shoes can be
found in this shopping centre.
Hanse-Viertel F-2/3, Große Bleichen / Poststr.,
MJungfernstieg, A quarter of a
century old and looking good for its age, this luxurious indoor
shopping arcade is packed wi th shops selling everything
from clothes to porcelain to perfume. There’s a good Möv-
enpick café in the basement too. QOpen 10:00 - 20:00.
Closed Sun.
Hamburg In Your Pocket
September - October 2008
Hamburg’s telephone code is (+49)(0)40
Citibank F-2, Colonnaden 51, MGänsemarkt, tel. 35
47 55.
Deutsche Bank G/H-3, Spitalerstraße 16, MHaupt-
bahnhof, tel. 309 51 60.
Hamburger Sparkasse H-3, Spitalerstr. 4, MHaupt-
bahnhof, tel. 35 79 68 71.
Reisebank H-2/3, Hauptbahnhof (main station), tel.
32 34 83, The most convenient place
to exchange cash or send money orders. Eight offices in
Hamburg, including at the airport and the main train stations.
QOpen 07:30 - 22:00.
Office supplies
Staples Am Werder 1, tel. 766 13 10. Also at Barm-
beker Str. 12. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00, Sat 09:00 - 18:00.
Closed Sun.
Hamburg is home to a large number of consulates. For a
full list go to
Canada G-3, Ballindamm 35, 5th floor, MRathaus, tel.
460 02 70,
France G-1, Heimhuder Str. 55, MStephansplatz, tel.
413 32 50,
United Kingdom Fehlandstraße 3, MStephansplatz,
tel. 448 03 20, fax 44 80 32 32, www.britischebotschaft.
United States G-1, Alsterufer 27/28, MStephansplatz,
tel. 411 71 100, fax 411 71 222, http://hamburg.
The Mayor of Hamburg is Ole von Beust.
Rathaus (Town Hall) G-3, Rathausmarkt 1, MRathaus,
Heal th & Hospitals
In case of an emergency, dial 110 or 112 for free from any
phone booth to order a nice Krankenwagen (ambulance).
Most doctors and dentists are unavailable in the evenings
and on weekends. General practitioners (allgemeine und
praktische Medizin) typically refer you to a specialist.
The hypochondriac Germans love a nice visit to Mr. Pharmacy,
especially when Mrs. State is footing the bill. Even for flu
remedies you have to visit a pharmacy (Apotheke). For late
night emergencies call the pharmacy hotline at tel. 22 80 22,
visit or look on the door of any pharmacy in
town to learn which is open for a 24-hour shift.
Altona Children’s Hospital Bleickenallee 38, tel.
88 90 80.
Apotheke im Bahnhof Altona (pharmacy) A-2,
Scheel-Plessen-Straße 19, tel. 325 22 60. Inside Al tona
Krankenhaus Mariahilf (hospital) Stader Str. 203c,
tel. 79 00 60.
Rathaus-Apotheke (pharmacy) G-3, Rathausmarkt
19, MRathaus, tel. 3696360.
University Hospital Eppendorf (dentists) Marti-
nistr. 52, MKellinghusenstr., tel. 428 03 32 60. The
University Hospital in Eppendorf is also a good choice for
emergency dental; al ternati vel y call the dentist hotline at
tel. 01805 05 05 18.
Have you taken a look at lately?
New Ieek, new Ieatures, same attitude... N I k I
p lately? y
Hamburg In Your Pocket
Abbestr. A 2
ABC-Str. F 2
Ackermannstr. I 1
Adenauerallee I 2/3
Admiralitätsstr. F 3
Adolphsbrücke F 3
Adolphsplatz G 3
Agathenstr. D 1
Albertstr. I 3
Alexanderstr. I 2
Alfred-Wegener-Weg E 3
Allendeplatz F 1
Alsenplatz C 1
Alsenstr. BC 1
Alsterarkaden G 3
Alsterglacis G 2
Alsterterrasse G 2
Alstertor G 3
Alstertwiete H 2
Alsterufer G 1
Al te Königstr. A 3
Al te Rabenstr. G 1
Al tenwallbrücke F 3
Al ter Fischmarkt G 3
Al ter Steinweg F 3
Al ter Wall FG 3
Al ter Wandrahm G 3
Al tländerstr. H 3
Al tmannbrücke H 3
Al tonaer Poststr. B 3
Al tonaer Str. D 1
Al tstädter Str. H 3
Al tstädter Twiete H 3
Am Baumwall E 4
Am Brunnenhof C 2
Am Dalmannkai G 4
Am Elbpark DE 3
Am Elbpavillon E 3
Am Elbtunnel D 4
Am Fährkanal D 4
Am Felde A 3
Am Kaiserkai FG 4
Am Mittelkanal I 3
Am Nobisteich C 3
Am Pflug A 3
Am Sandtorkai FG 4
Am Sandtorpark G 4
Am Sood A 2
Amandastr. D 1
Amelungstr. F 2/3
Amemannstr. A 3
Amsinckstr. I 4
Amundsenstr. B 3
An der Alster HI 1/2
An der Kunsthalle GH 2
An der Stadthausbrücke F 3
An der Verbindungsbahn EF 1
Annenstr. D 2/3
Antonistr. C 3
Armgardstr. I 1
Arnisstr. B 1
Arnkielstr. C 1
Arnoldstr. A 3
Augustenburger Str. B 1
Augustenpassage D 2
Ausrüstungskai AB 4
Axel-Springer-Platz F 3
B.-Schuldts-Stift E 2
Baakenbrücke GH
Bäckerbreitergang F 2
Badestr. G 1
Bahrenfelder Str. A 3
Balduinstr. D 3
Balduintreppe D 3
Ballealliancestr. C 1
Ballindamm G 2
Bal thasarweg BC 3
Banksstr. I 4
Barcastr. I 1
Barnerstr. A 2
Bartelsstr. D 1
Baumeisterstr. H 2
Baumwall F 4
Beckstr. D 2
Beetsweg A 3
Behnstr. B 3
Bei dem Neuen Krahn F 4
Bei den Kirchhöfen EF 2
Bei den Mühren G 4
Bei den St. Pauli
Landungsbrücken D 3/4
Bei der Al ten Börse G 3
Bei der Erholung D 3
Bei der Friedenseiche B 2
Bei der Johanniskirche C 2
Bei der Osterkirche A 2
Bei der Pauluskirche B 1
Bei der Schilleroper D 2
Bei der Stadtwassermühle G 2/3
Bei Sankt Annen G 3/4
Beim Al ten Waisenhaus F 3/4
Beim Berliner Tor I 2/3
Beim Grünen Jäger D 2
Beim Strohhause I 2
Beim Trichter D 3
Bellealliancestr. C 1
Bergstr. G 3
Berliner Tor I 2
Bernhard-Nocht-Str. CD 3
Bernstorffstr. C 2
Bertha-Keyser-Weg C 3
Besenbinderhof I 3
Bessemerweg A 1
Betty-Levi-Passage A 3
Biernatzkystr. B 3
Billrothstr. B 2/3
Bleichenbrücke F 3
Bleichensteg F 3
Bleicherstr. D 2
Blücherstr. B 3
Böckmannstr. I 2
Bodenstedtstr. B 2
Böhmkenstr. E 3
Borgesch H 2
Börsenbrücke G 3
Brandsende GH 2
Brandstwiete G 3
Brauerallee C 1
Brauerknechtgraben E 3/4
Braunschweiger Str. A 3
Breite Str. C 3
Breiter Gang F 2/3
Bremer Reihe H 2
Brennerstr. I 2
Brigittenstr. D 2
Brockestr. H 3
Brockmannweg E 1
Brodschrangen G 3
Brooktorkai G 4
Brüderstr. F 3
Brunnenhofstr. D 2
Buchtstr. I 1
Budapester Str. D 2
Bugdahnstr. A 3
Bugenhagenstr. H 3
Bülaustr. I 2
Bundesstr. EF 1
Bundesweg F 1
Burchardplatz GH 3
Burchardstr. GH 3
Burgesch H 2
Büschstr. F 2
Buttstr. C 4
Caffamacherreihe F 2
Carl-von-Ossietzky-Platz H 2
Carlebachstr. C 2
Carsten-Rheder-Str. BC 4
Chemnitzstr. B 2
City-Hof-Passage H 3
Clemens-Schul tz-Str. D 3
Colonaden F 2
Cremon F 3/4
Curienstr. G 3
Dag-Hammarskjöld-Platz F 1
Dammtordamm F 2
Dammtorstr. F 2
Dammtorwall F 2
Dänenweg D 1
Danziger Str. I 2
Davidstr. D 3
Davidstreppe D 3
De-Voß-Str. BC 4
Deichstr. F 3
Deichtorplatz H 3
Deichtorstr. H 3
Deichtortunnel H 3
Depenau G 3
Detlef-Bremer-Str. D 3
Dienerreihe G 4
Ditmar-Koel-Str. E 3/4
Dohrnweg C 2
Domstr. G 3
Dornbusch G 3
Dosestr. C 3
Dovenfleet G 3
Drehbahn F 2
Düppelstr. B 1
Durchschnitt EF 1
Duschweg C 1
Düsternstr. F 3
Eckernförder Str. B 1
Eckhofstr. I 1
Edmund-Siemers-Allee F 1
Eggerstedtstr. B 2
Ehrenbergstr. AB 3
Eichholz E 3
Eifflerstr. CD 1
Eimsbütteler Str. C 1
Elbberg A 4
Elbchaussee A 3
Ellerholzdamm E 4
Ellmenreichstr. H 2
Elmenhorststr. B 3
Enckeplatz E 3
Erichstr. D 3
Erlenkamp I 1
Ernst-Merck-Str. H 2
Erste Brunnenstr. F 3
Erzberger Str. A 3
Eschelsweg B 3
Esmarchstr. B 2
Esplanade G 2
Eulenstr. A 3
Fehlandtstr. G 2
Feldbrunnenstr. F 1
Feldstr. DE 2
Ferdinand-Beit-Str. I 2
Ferdinandstor GH 2
Ferdinandstr. G 2
Fettstr. D 1
Finkenstr. C 3
Fischertwiete GH 3
Fischmarkt C 4
Fontenay G 1
Fontenay-Allee G 1
Friedrichstr. D 3
Fröbelstr. F 1
Fuhlentwiete F 2/3
Funkstr. B 3
Gademannstr. B 3
Gählerstr. C 2
Gänsemarkt F 2
Gaußstr. A 2
Gefionstr. BC 1
Georgsplatz H 2
Gerberstr. B 2/3
Gerhardstr. D 3
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz G 3
Gerhofstr. F 2
Gerichtsstr. B 2
Gerritstr. C 2
Gerstäckerstr. E 3
Gertrudenkirchhof GH 2/3
Gertrudenstr. G 2
Gilbertstr. CD 2
Glacischaussee E 2/3
Glashüttenstr. E 2
Glockengießerwall GH 2
Goetheallee A 2
Goethestr. B 3
Goldbachstr. B 2
Gorch-Fock-Wall F 2
Görttwiete F 3
Govertsweg C 2
Grabbestr. AB 2
Grabenstr. E 2
Graskeller F 3
Graumannsweg I 1
Greifswalder Str. H 2
Grimm G 3
Grindelallee F 1
Grindel weg F 1
Große Bäckerstr. G 3
Große Bergstr. AB 3
Große Bleichen F 3
Große Burstah F 3
Große Elbstr. A-C 4
Große Freiheit C 3
Große Johannisstr. G 3
Große Rainstr. A 2/3
Großer Grasbrook G 4
Großneumarkt E 3
Gurlittstr. H 2
Gustav-Mahler-Platz F 2
Hachmannplatz H 2
Hafentor E 3/4
Hafentreppe C 4
Hahnenkamp A 2/3
Hahnentrapp F 3
Hamburger Berg D 3
Hamburger Hochstr. C 3
Hammerbrookstr. I 3
Hans-Albers-Platz D 3
Hans-Sachs-Str. B 2
Hansaplatz HI 2
Harkortstieg AB 2
Harkortstr. AB 2
Hartwicusstr. I 1
Haubachstr. AB 2
Heidritterstr. C 3
Heiligengeistbrücke F 3
Heimhuder Str. G 1
Hein-Hoyer-Str. D 2/3
Hein-Köllisch-Platz C 3
Heinrichstr. C 1
Helenenstieg B 2
Helenenstr. B 2
Helgoländer Allee DE 3
Herbertstr. D 3
Hermann-Blohm-Str. D 4
Hermannstr. G 3
Herrengraben F 3
Herrenweide C 3
Herrlichkeit F 3
Heuberg F 3
Hexenberg C 3
Högerdamm HI 3
Hohe Bleichen F 2/3
Hohenesch A 2
Hoheschulstr. B 3
Hohler Weg E 3
Holländische Reihe A 3
Holländischer Brook G 4
Holstenglacis E 2
Holstenplatz B 1
Holstenstr. BC 1/2
Holstenwall E 2/3
Hol tenaustr. B 1
Holzdamm H 2
Hongkongstr. GH 4
Hopfenmarkt F 3
Hopfensack G 3
Hopfenstr. D 3
Hospitalstr. B 2/3
Hühnerposten H 3
Hullstr. E 4
Hutmacherhof C 3
Hütten E 3
Ida-Ehre-Platz G 3
Ifflandstr. I 1
Immermannstr. A 2
Isebekstieg B 1
Isebekstr. A 1
Jakobikirchhof G 3
Jakobstr. E 3
Jan-Valkenburg-Str. E 3
Jessenstr. B 3
Johannes-Brahms-Platz E 2
Johannisboll werk E 4
Johanniswall H 3
Johnsallee F 1
Julis-Leber-Str. AB 2
Juliusstr. D 1/2
Jungfernstieg G 2
Jungiusstr. F 2
Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. F 2
Kaistr. A 4
Kalkhof F 2
Kal tenkirchener Str. B 1
Kampstr. D 1
Karl-Legien-Platz H 3
Karl-Theodor-Str. A 3
Karl-Wolff-Str. BC 2
Karolinenpassage E 2
Karolinenstr. E 1/2
Karolinenweg E 2
Karpfangerstr. E 4
Kastanienallee D 3
Katharinenbrücke G 3
Katharinenfleet FG 3
Katharinenstr. FG 3
Kattrepel G 3
Kehrwieder Brook FG 4
Kehrwiederspitze F 4
Kehrwiedersteg F 4
Kennedybrücke G 2
Kibbelsteg G 4
Kieler Str. B 1
Kirchenallee H 2/3
Kirchenstr. C 3
Kirchentwiete A 3
Kirchenweg H 2
Klausstr. A 3
Kleine Bergstr. B 3
Kleine Burstah F 3
Kleine Fontenay G 1
Kleine Freiheit C 3
Kleine Johannisstr. G 3
Kleine Marienstr. C 3
Kleine Rainstr. A 2/3
Kleine Reichenstr. G 3
Kleine Rosenstr. G 3
Kleine Theaterstr. F 2
Kleine Wallanlagen E 2
Kleiner Pul verteich I 2
Kleiner Schäferkamp D 1
Klingberg GH 3
Kloksweg D 1
Kloppstockplatz A 3
Kloppstockstr. A 3
Kloppstockterrasse A 3/4
Klostertor H 3
Knorrestr. I 2
Köhlbrandtreppe B 4
Kohlentwiete A 1
Kohlhöfen E 2/3
Kolbergstr. I 2
Koldingstr. B 1
Komödienstieg B 3
Komträgergang F 3
Königstr. A-C 3
Koppel HI 2
Koreastr. G 4
Kornhausbrücke G 3
Krayenkamp E 3
Kreuslerstr. G 3
Kreuzweg I 2/3
Kuhberg E 3
Kühnehöfe A 1
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. I 3
Kurze Mühren H 2/3
Kurze Str. E 2
Laeiszstr. D 2
Lagerstr. DE 1
Lammstr. C 2
Lamp'l weg A 3
Landungsbrücken E 4
Lange Mühren H 3
Lange Reihe HI 2
Lange Str. C 3
Laufgraben E 1
Lawaetzweg B 3
Lengenfelder Str. BC 1
Lerchenstr. D 2
Lercherstieg D 2
Lessers Passage B 3
Leunastr. A 1
Leverkusenstieg A 1
Leverkusenstr. A 1
Lilienstr. H 2
Lincolnstr. C 3
Lindenallee D 1
Lindenstr. I 2
Lippel tstr. I 4
Lippmannstr. CD 1
Lobuschstr. A 3
Löfflerstr. AB 2
Lohmühlenstr. I 1/2
Lohseplatz H 4
Lombardsbrücke G 2
Lomsenstr. B 2/3
Lornsenplatz B 2
Louise-Schroeder-Str. BC 3
Lübeckertordamm I 2
Ludwig-Erhard-Str. EF 3
Ludwigstr. D 2
Lunapark B 1
Magellan-Terrassen G 4
Marco-Polo-Terrassen G 4
Margaretenstr. D 1
Marktstr. E 2
Marktweg DE 2
Markusstr. E 3
Marseiller Str. F 2
Martin-Luther-King-Platz E 1
Martin-Luther-Str. EF 3
Mathildenstr. E 2
Mattentwiete F 3/4
Max-Brauer-Allee A 3-C 2
Memellandallee B 1
Mennonitenstr. B 1
Michaelisbrücke F 3
Michaelispassage F 3
Michaelisstr. F 3
Millerntordamm E 3
Millerntorplatz DE 3
Minenstr. I 2
Missundestr. C 1
Mistralstr. C 2
Mittel weg G 1
Mohlenhofstr. GH 3
Mönckebergstr. GH 3
Mönkedamm F 3
Moorweidenstr. FG 1
Mörkenstr. B 3
Mottenburger Twiete A 3
Mumsenstr. C 2
Mundsburger Damm I 1
Münzplatz I 3
Münzstr. H 3
Münzweg I 3
Museumstr. A 3
Nagelsallee C 1
Nagelsweg I 4
Nagelsweg I 3
Neanderstr. E 3
Nernstweg A 2
Neue ABC-Str. F 2
Neue Burg G 3
Neue Gröninger Str. G 3
Neue Große Bergstr. AB 3
Neue Rabenstr. G 1
Neuer Jungfernstieg G 2
Neuer Kamp D 2
Neuer Pferdemarkt D 2
Neuer Steinweg E 3
Neuer Wall FG 3
Neuer Wandrahm G 4
Neuer Weg E 4
Neumayerstr. E 3
Neustädter Str. F 2
Neustieg E 3
Niederbaumbrücke F 4
Niedernstr. G 3
Nobistor C 3
Norderelbstr. E 4
Norderhof I 3
Norderreihe C 2
Nordersand E 4
Norderstr. HI 3
Nordkanalbrücke HI 3
Nordkanalstr. I 3
Oberbaumbrücke H 3
Oberhafenbrücke H 3/4
Oelkersallee C 1
Oeverseestr. B 1
Olbersweg B 4
Ölmühle DE 2
Osakaallee G 4
Ost-West-Str. GH 3
Ottenser Hauptstr. A 3
Ottenser Marrrrktplatz A 3
Otto-Sill-Brücke F 4
Otzenstr. CD 2
Palmaille B 3
Papenhuder Str. I 1
Pasmannstr. EF 3
Pastorenstr. F 3
Paul-Nevermann-Platz A 3
Paul-Roosen-Str. C 2/3
Paulinenallee BC 1
Paulinenplatz D 2
Paulinenstr. D 2
Paulsenplatz C 2
Paulstr. G 3
Pelzerstr. G 3
Pepermölenbek C 3
Peterstr. E 3
Pickhuben G 4
Pilatuspool E 2
Pinnasberg C 3
Platz der Republik A 3
Plöner Stieg A 1
Plöner Str. A 1
Poggenmühle H 3/4
Poolstr. E 2
Poststr. F 2/3
Präsident-Krahn-Str. A 2/3
Professor-Brix-Weg B 3
Pul verteich I 2
Pumpen H 3
Querstr. D 3
Raboisen G 2/3
Rademachergang F 3
Rainvilleterrasse A 3/4
Rambachstr. E 3/4
Rathausmarkt G 3
Rathausstr. G 3
Rautenbergstr. H 2
Reeperbahn CD 3
Reesendamm G 3
Rehhoffstr. F 3
Reichenstr. G 3
Reiherstr. E 4
Reimarusstr. E 3/4
Reimersbrücke G 3
Reimerstwiete G 3/4
Reinfeldstr. E 1
Rendsburger Str. D 3
Rentzelstr. E 1
Repsoldstr. HI 3
Revaler Str. I 2
Rödingsmarkt F 3
Rolandsbrücke G 3
Rosenallee I 3
Rosenhofstr. D 1
Rostocker Str. I 2
Rothenbaumchaussee F 1
Rothesoodstr. E 3
Sachsenfeld I 4
Sachsenkamp I 4
Sägemühlenstr. B 4
Sandberg B 4
Sankt Annenufer G 4
Saßstr. C 2
Schaarmarkt E 3
Schaarsteinweg EF 3
Schaartor F 3/4
Schäferstr. D 1
Schanzenstr. D 1/2
Schauenburgerstr. G 3
Scheel-Plessen-Str. A 2/3
Scheplerstr. C 2
Schillerstr. A 3
Schlachthofpassage D 2
Schleestr. B 3
Schleswiger Str. A 1
Schlüterstr. F 1
Schmarjestr. A 3
Schmidt-Rottluff-Weg D 2
Schmidtspassage A 3
Schmilinskystr. HI 2
Schmuckstr. C 3
Schnellstr. B 2
Schomburgstr. BC 3
Schopenhauerweg A 4
Schopenstehl G 3
Schottweg I 1
Schröderstiftstr. E 1
Schröderstiftweg E 1
Schul terblatt CD 1
Schul tzeweg H 3
Schumacherstr. B 2/3
Schützenstr. A 1
Schwanenwik I 1
Schweimlerstr. I 1
Sechslingspforte I 1
Seewartenstr. DE 3
Seilerstr. D 3
Shanghaiallee H 4
Shanghaibrücke GH 4
Siegfried-Wedells-Platz G 1/2
Sievekingplatz E 2
Silbersackstr. D 3
Silbersacktwiete C 3
Simon-von-Utrecht-Str. CD 3
Soester Str. HI 2
Sommerhuder Str. C 1
Sonninstr. I 3
Spadenteich H 2
Spaldingstr. I 3
Speckstr. F 2
Speersort G 3
Spielbudenplatz D 3
Spitalerstr. H 3
Springel twiete H 3
St. Georgskirchhof H 2
St. Georgstr. H 2
St. Pauli Fischmarkt C 3/4
St. Pauli Hafenstr. D 3
St.-Anschar-Platz F 2
St.-Francisco-Str. G 4
St.-Petersburger-Str. E 1
Stadtdeich HI 4
Stadthausbrücke F 3
Stangestr. A 3
Steckelhorn G 3/4
Steindamm HI 2
Steinheimplatz C 2
Steinhöft F 4
Steinschanze H 4
Steinstr. H 3
Steintordamm H 3
Steintordamm I 2
Steintorplatz H 3
Steintorwall H 3
Steintorweg H 2
Steintwiete F 3
Steintwietenhof F 3/4
Steinwegpassage F 3
Stephansplatz F 2
Sternschanze DE 1
Sternstr. D 1/2
Stiftstr. I 2
Stockmeyerstr. H 4
Stresemannstr. D 2
Struenseestr. B 3
Stubbenhuk F 4
Stuhlmannstr. B 2
Susannenstr. D 1
Suttnerstr. BC 2
Talstr. D 3
Taubenstr. D 3
Teerhof H 3
Teilfeld F 3
Tesdorpfstr. G 1
Thadenstr. CD 2
Theaterstr. G 2
Thedestr. B 2/3
Theodor-Heuss-Platz F 1
Tiergartenstr. EF 1
Trampgang F 3
Trommelstr. C 3
Trostbrücke G 3
Turnerstr. E 2
Überseeallee GH 4
Unzerstr. C 3
Valentinskamp F 2
Van-der-Smissen-Str. AB 4
Venusberg E 3
Vereinsstr. D 1
Vereinsweg B 2
Versmannstr. I 4
Virchowstr. B 2/3
Von-Melle-Park F 1
Vor dem Holstentor E 2
Vorsetzen E 4
Vorwerkstr. E 2
Wal ther-Kunze-Str. B 2
Wandrahmsteg H 3
Warburgstr. G 1
Warnholzstr. B 2
Waterloohain C 1
Waterloostr. C 1
Weidenallee D 1
Welckerstr. F 2
Westerstr. H 3
Wexstr. F 3
Willebrandstr. B 2/3
Will y-Brandt-Str. G 3
Wincklerstr. E 3
Winklers Platz C 2
Winterstr. A 3
Wismarer Str. I 2
Wohlers Allee C 2
Wohl willstr. D 2/3
Wölberstieg F 3
Wolfgangsweg E 4
Zeiseweg B 2
Zeißstr. A 2
Zeißtwiete A 2
Zeughausmarkt E 3
Zeughausstr. E 3
Zippelhaus G 3/4
Zirkusweg D 3
Zollstr. G 3
(kIein 8orsteI)
(City Nord)
Alte wohr
(City Nord)
Norderstedt Mitte
Pichtung Neumunster
Hagenbecks Tierpark
Niendorf Markt
Niendorf Nord
t. P
(8otanischer C
Pichtung Neumunster/Kiel
Pichtung |tzehoe/Husum
Alter Teichweg
Straßburger Straße
Meiendorfer weg
ßad 0IdesIoe
Pichtung Lubeck
ßad Segeberg
Pichtung Neumunster
Mittlerer Landweg
Dannenberg Pichtung Uelzen
Pichtung Soltau
Pichtung 8remen
Pichtung 8remerhaven ßuxtehude
(Messe / CCH)
(City Süd)
Hamburger Straße
Lubecker Straße
r K
r P
r A
Pichtung Lubeck
Stand/Date of issue: ll. Dezember 2005 ª Hvv
(SchuIzentrum Nord)
FuhIsbutteI Nord
Klein 8orstel
Kaltenkirchen Sud
8ad 8ramstedt Kurhaus
Langenhorn Nord
Langenhorn Markt
Ouickborner Straße
Ouickborn Sud
ßad ßramstedt
UIzburg Sud
Henstedt- Ulzburg
R 20
R 21
R 20 R10
R 20
R 31
R 31
R 51
SchneIIbahn-/ RegionaIverkehr
Rapid 7ransit/RegionaI RaiI
Infos · FahrpIäne · Service · 040-19 449
Bd" HVoZ^ilZ^a^\
Papid Transit-/Pegional Pail-Stations
Greater Hamburg boundary
nicht imHvv
not inside Hvv network
Nur zeitweilig/ limited services 8arrierefreier Zugang zu
den Schnellbahnen
|nfos zumbarrierefreien
Zugang zu den Pegionalbahnen
unter Tel. 040-l9 449
8arrier-free access to the
rapid transit trains
|nformation on barrier-free
access to the regional trains
on Tel. 040-l9 449
Pegionalexpresszuge halten
nicht an allen 8ahnhofen
Lxpress trains do not stop
at all stations
Main-Line Station
Hamburg In Your Pocket
25 Hours 17
Abaton Bistro 21
Abendmahl 21
Absinth Bar 24
Abtei 12
Afghan Museum 30
Alex 22
Alsterarkaden 29
Alster Cliff 24
Alsterperle 24
Alster Tour 35
Al tamira 23
Al ter Elbtunnel 29
Al t-Hamburger Aalspeicher 20
Airport Hamburg 5
Ashoka 21
Atlantic Bar 24
Atlantic Hotel Kempinski
Hamburg 12
Atlantic Restaurant 22
Au Quai 22
Aurel 24
Aussen Alster 17
Außenalster 29
Bagel Brothers 20
BallinStadt 30, 32
Bar Eisenberg 24
Bar Hamburg 24
Bar Morphine 27
Bar Rossi 24
Bar SáVánh 24
Baseler Hof 17
Bedford 24
Bereuther 25
Binnenalster 29
Birdland 28
Bismarckdenkmal 29
Bistrot le Souterrain 20
Blankenese 29
Blaues Barhaus 25
Bok 19
Bolero 25
Brook 20
broscheks 21
Broscheks 21
Bucerius Kunst Forum 30
Cafébar Juli 19
Café Paris 19
Cap San Diego 30
Casino Esplanade 26, 27
Cha Cha 19
Chilehaus 30
Chilli Club 19
Christiansen's 25
City Model 30
Ciu' Die Bar 25
Clipper Elb-Lodge 16
Cox 22
Crowne Plaza 12
Deichgraf 20
Deichstraße 29
Die Fischküche 20
Die Herren Simpel 25
Die Rösterei 19
Die Wel t ist Schön 25
Doi 19
Dialogue in the Dark 34
Dorint Sofitel Am Al ten Wall
Hamburg 12
Drafthouse 27
Dual Bar 25
East Hotel 13
Edelcurry 20
Eisenstein 22
Engel 22
English Theatre 10
Esskul tur 21
Europäischer Hof 13
Fairmont Hotel Vier
Jahreszeiten 13
Fernsehturm 29
Feuerschiff 29
Filmhauskneipe 22
Fish Market 34
Frank und Frei 25
Fürst Bismarck 17
Fusion 19
Gallo Nero 23
Garden Hotels Hamburg 16
Gastwerk 16
German Customs Museum 30
Gloria 19
Goldfisch 22
Gourmet Station 20
Graf Mol tke 17
Grand El ysée 13
Gröninger 21
Grosse Freiheit 36 25
Hadley's 27
Haerlin 22
HafenCity 29
Hamburg Dungeon 30
Hamburger Hafen 29
Hamburger Kunsthalle 31
Hamburg Light Tour 35
Hamburg Marriott 14
Hamburgmuseum 31
Hans Albers-Eck 25
Hanseatin 17
Hans Hummel Figures 29
Harbour tours 35
Hotel Alpha 18
Hotel am Rothenbaum 18
Hotel Hafen Hamburg 16
Hotel Schwanenwik 18
Ibis Hamburg Alster 18
Il Girasole 23
Indochine 25
Instant Sleep 18
InterContinental 14
Jahreszeiten Grill 26
Jena Paradies 19
Juli 26
Kaisers 22
Kham 19
Knuth 22
Krameramtsstuben 31
Neuengamme 31
Landhaus Scherrer 20
Landungsbrücken 30
La Paloma 26
Le Canard 20
Le Ciel 26
Le Royal Meridien 14
Levante-Haus 41
Literaturhaus Café 19
London Pub 28
Louis C. Jacob 14
Louise 22
Madison 16
Mandalay 27
Mangold lokal 22
Marktstube 26
Mercure an der Messe 14
Mess 22
Milk Bar Lounge 26
Miniatur Wunderland 31
Moll y Malone 28
Murphy's 28
Museum für Kunst und
Gewerbe 31
Museum für Völkerkunde 32
Museumshafen Oevelgönne 32
Nil 22
Nippon Hotel 16
Nouar 27
Null viernull 26
Ohlsdorf Cemetery 35
Oper 18
Osteria Due 23
OstWest 23
Pane e Tulipani 23
Panoptikum 32
Park Hyatt Hamburg 15
Peterstraße 30
Planetarium 33
Planten un Blomen 35
Poletto 20
Pony Bar 26
Prototyp 35
Radisson SAS 15
Rathaus 29
Reeperbahn 30
Rehbar 26
relexa hotel Bellevue 16
Renaissance Hamburg 15
Residence Hamburg 18
Riff 28
Sala Thai 19
Saliba 23
San Michele 23
Scandlines 5
Schanzenstern 18
Schlachterbörse Wolfgang
Süße 23
Schönes Leben 23
Schweinske 21
Seis-Bar 26
Sgroi 20
Side 15
Speicherstadt 29
Speicherstadtmuseum 30
Spicy's Gewürzmuseum 33
Stadtcafé Ottensen 20
Stadtpark 35
Steigenberger Hotel Hamburg 15
Stil werk 41
St. Jacobi 33
St. Katharinen 34
St. Michaelis 34
St. Nikolai Mahnmal 33
St. Petri 34
Strandperle 26
Suitehotel 14
Summum Bonum 26
Taxim 23
The Academy 26
Tierpark Hagenbeck 35
Top of Town 27
Top-Tour Hamburg 35
Tourist Information Office 29
Tower Bar 27
Trostbrücke 30
TT³ 40
Turmbar 27
Turnhalle St. Georg 23
U-Boot U-434 33
University Fleamarket 35
Vegi Planet 23
Vol taire 20
Wedina 16
Weekl y markets 35
White Lounge 28
Yoko Mono 27
Zoe II 27
Zur Traube 21
Where can you save money?

Free travel on public transport (HVV)
in the Greater Hamburg Area

Discounts at about 110 places of interest and
attractions such as sightseeing tours, harbour
and alster cruises

Discounts from shopping partners,
for car parking and on souvenirs

Discount in restaurants (on meals and first
beverage on presentation of the Hamburg
CARD before ordering)
Where can I buy the Hamburg CARD?
Hamburg Tourist Information Offices (Central
Station, Harbour, Airport), HVV ticket machines,
service points and buses, many Hamburg hotels
and youth hostels, travel agencies, Hamburg
Tourismus GmbH
How much is it? (Changes reserved)
Single ticket
(one adult and up to three children under 15)
Day-Ticket: 8,00 €
Three-Day-Ticket: 18,00 €
Five-Day-Ticket: 33,00
Group ticket (up to five persons of any age)
Day-Ticket: 11,80 €
Three-Day-Ticket: 29,80 €
Five-Day-Ticket: 51,00 €
Hamburg CARD –your discovery ticket
Clever Hamburg visitors use the attractive Hamburg CARD.
burg CA
| 3-Day-Ticket
Datum | Date
Einzel | Single