11th Chonus Composite Legion

History and Formation The 11th Chonus Legion was formed in 978.m41, a composite regiment made up of the 400th Death Korps Siege Regiment, hailing from Krieg and the 106th Cryptian Grenadier Regiment. During a prolonged campaign against the Eldar of the Saim Hann Craftworld on the mining world of Chonus IV, the 400th Siege Regiment became severely under strength. Misjudged and misplaced by a Departmento Munitorium official, the Death Korps of Krieg were sent to remove the xeno presence from Chonus IV but were completely unsuited for the style of warfare required to defeat them. Even in the initial phases of deployment when the first Imperial ships came from orbit, the Eldar were waiting to intercept them and harass the Imperial forces from the first day of the campaign using skimmers and jetbikes to respond quickly to any event on the battlefield, attacking the Imperial Guard at their weakest points and disappearing as quickly as they came. The 400th Siege Regiment was almost entirely an infantry based regiment, with a small number of armoured squadrons and almost no armoured personnel carriers. It was a lumbering, mass of hundreds of thousands of men, all willing to die for The Emperor of Mankind and annihilate the xeno presence on Chonus IV, however they largely lacked the means to do this. As well as being slow, earthbound soldiers bred for wars of attrition, the 400th also had no air force or even anti-aircraft weaponry. The xenos were far too fast and mobile for the foot soldiers to keep track of, let alone fight. But still, despite grievous losses from the first day of the campaign, the soldiers of Krieg are sombre, taciturn and utterly zealous and stood fast on what ground they did gain, digging in and making an elaborate trench system in an attempt to avoid the Eldar aerial attacks. After five months, the Death Korps had taken casualties that force many other regiments to withdraw and had not gained any ground for weeks. Their entrenched position meant they were suppressed by xeno grav vehicles constantly. The campaign schedule issued to Lord Zuec Voicslander (commander of Imperial forces on Chonus IV at the time) stated that their progress would have been sufficient for the first two weeks of the war. When the campaign entered its sixth month, still no ground had been gained and still more lives had been lost. However, hailing from Cryptus, reinforcements were about to arrive, sent by the Departmento Munitorium to aid the forces on Chonus IV. It was also ordered for the two regiments to be combined, making the 11th Chonus Legion and a new hierarchy of senior command was highly necessary. Lord Zuec Voicslander was relocated to command of the 18th Penal Legion for action in the Segmentum Tempestus. In his place, rose Lord Jurten Grung, formerly Colonel Grung, a man with little early history, thought to be noble born although some records suggest he was void-born while others state he was born on Krieg or Cryptus. Lord Grung is still in Command of the 11th Chonus Composite Legion today. It was no accident that the Cryptian soldiery had been chosen to assist the Krieg regiments serving on Chonus. Whereas the Departmento Munitorium had made a mistake in sending an infantry based siege regiment to rout mobile xeno forces, they now sought to make up for it by choosing the 106th Cryptian Grenadier Regiment to fight alongside their

. Now the fleet broke apart. Some of the Eldar pilots attempted to land the troops they had embarked in their transports. but were shredded by fire as soon as they slowed their speed. From Orbit above Chonus IV. spiralling down almost as soon as the barrage started. but they entered a haze of bullets and were taken apart. as soon as the huge blast doors of the landing craft came apart to let the seas of metal pour out of them. fatalistic and taught to honour the dead through being constantly surrounded by it. When the wave of wraithbone was within two hundred metres.Death Korps comrades. The temperament and phycology of the Cryptians and the Krieg was a perfect match. Grung’s next orders were not so expected. recruited from the same world. Cryptus still manages to raise some highly competent armies along with its own planetary defence force. Grung’s orders were for the disembarking troops to keep the pace and press on to relieve the Krieg forces a hundred miles away. the ships of the 106th Cryptus began to gain control of the air. As the airborne swarm of wraithbone sped ever closer. encircling the fortress like walls of the landing barges. Several armoured companies also operated alongside the 106th. He had the forces deploy immediately upon hitting the ground. The Cathedral Class landing barges had already made a fortress bristling with weapons perfect for eradicating the relatively thin armour of the airborne craft approaching them. its population is invariably grim. Of course. The 106th was a highly mobile armoured regiment consisting of several thousand well-armed infantry platoons. Under the command of Lord Grung. Hydra flak defence platforms opened fire. detonate in a compact explosion or dwindle onwards as their pilots were ripped from their seats by the overwhelming amount of bullets. Cryptus is a Cemetery World in the Calixis Sector. they were to make planet fall just over 100 miles away from the current Krieg stronghold. they were able to use their own weaponry. but to little avail. xenos craft was already sighted and approaching. Only the brightlances which had been armed on some of the jetbikes and larger skimmers were able to pierce the strong outer walls of the barges. Several of the skimmers managed to make it into the inside of the triangle. As Cryptus is a cemetery world. as he ordered three Cathedral Class landing barges to hit the ground in a triangular fashion. every vehicle disembarking hastily carrying its load of men. with a mildly toxic atmosphere that required re-breathers to be worn on the planet’s surface. unleashing withering amounts of autocannon shells into the fleet of xeno aircraft and some plumed with black smoke. Although its tithe for manpower is relatively low. several sabre defence platforms released a storm of fire. targeting mainly the jetbikes which started to break apart in sparks. leaving only a few platoons of men at the landing site and make no attempt to set up a headquarters stronghold at their landing site. an action that the Eldar had not pre-empted. The mixture of equipment and tactics would also prove excellent in combat. with gaps between each corner only a few hundred metres wide. making it much safer for them to land. As the Eldar skimmers drew near. Any infantry that were able to get out of their damaged tanks where then crushed by volleys of disciplined lasgun fire. but not one that had taken them by surprise either. but only found death on all sides of the triangular formation as more guns began barking and hissing away the attackers. neither of them fearing death so much as having a morbid fascination with it. all mounted in chimera APCs. Lord Grung also sent three squadrons of Thunderbolts to provide air support for the armoured convoy heading away from the ad-hoc fortress.

The armoured column was to arrive imminently. as they often did but with greater numbers this time. They had to wait for the armoured column to arrive and hope that the air support coming was enough to deal with the amount of wraithbone in the sky above them. Even some larger aircraft like phoenixes were present to blast the Imperials out of their trenches and eradicate their foothold for good. soaring into the Krieg stronghold and immediately chasing down some of the xeno aircraft. the defenders of the landing barges set about fortifying their position even more. All the Death Korps could do was take cover form the hail of shuriken fire that tore and rent the earthworks around them. When Eldar warriors entered the Imperial occupied trenches. speeding over the trenches of bewildered guardsmen and offload their cargo of troops before swinging back around to give covering fire to the men they dropped among the Krieg defences. but it would first have to make brutal aerial combat with the Thunderbolts protecting it. Meanwhile. were eventually annihilated. The Death Korps were dying in number again. The spearhead now moved to try and intercept the convoy heading for the Krieg. Since they outnumbered . traced closely by the imperial guns on the barges. Over the next few minutes. Ranks of guardsmen were split and shredded by the Warp Spiders. but they stood fast and died like guardsmen.many were able to emerge from their trenches to fight the Eldar on the ground. within the hour. but not designed for dogfighting and so when they caught up with the convoy. massacring the nearby guardsmen before moving on to other parts of the barges. mainly staying around the perimeter to allow them to use their small number to their advantage against the Imperials who were mobilising against them. then pulling up hard to blast upwards to an extreme altitude before diving back down to let loose their bullet storm on the remaining aircraft. The Krieg stronghold could be lost this day if reinforcements didn’t arrive soon and the Eldar forces would be large enough and strong enough to contest the 106th Regiment’s landing zone. rifle butt and spade. After nearly an hour of holding onto the churned mud around them. taking whatever xeno life they could with them. but the possibility of losing all Imperial aircraft was now likely and there would still be a significant xeno aerial presence as well as a number of squads of Eldar who had been able to secure their deployment area. Now that the pressure had been partially lifted on the pinned Death Korps. but were counter attacked when Warp Spiders materialised from the Webway. but the individual squads began to be outnumbered and surpressed by the anti-infantry fire coming from the chimeras that supported the men. dozens of Eldar skimmers were brought down. blazing and the bigger. bloody hand to hand combat ensued with bayonet. the xenos had launched a hit and run attack on the Krieg stronghold. Dozens of transports arrived from the sky. As this was happening. The remnants of the Eldar spearhead were forced to withdraw. The Eldar skimmers were slightly more in number and certainly swift and agile in the sky. the Death Korps finally got their first taste of help when the squadrons of Thunderbolts arrived. better armoured phoenixes were still untouched.turned into chunks of bullet riddles wraithbone that shattered as it hit the reinforced rockcrete and plasteel battlements of the three barges. but two of the Thunderbolts also fell.

making sure not to hit any of the Thunderbolts speeding across the sky. The 11th Chonus Legion. The resulting force was one that was a highly mobile force that consisted largely of veterans who had seen real warfare on several occasions. As they swung wide around the centre of the Krieg stronghold. blasting their under slung cannons into the wraithbone armour.Emperor. They are also adept at defence. attempting to hit its engines where possible. using their tanks to protect their men and their men to protect their . for the Cryptians and Kriegs believe that no medals are necessary for simply carrying out your duty as a guardsman in service to the God. Lord Grung. in revenge for the human blood they had spilled. but in traditional Krieg fashion. and during this time. The surviving aliens had their backs to the wall and fought skilfully and violently. chimeras and hellhounds went round the flanks of the heavier Leman Russes.the xenos two to one. All remaining xeno aircraft was either shot down or managed to escape barely unscathed within the next half hour. The Thunderbolts were now free to concentrate their collected firepower on the phoenixes. The xeno losses had been so heavy that they were forced to forfeit Chonus IV to its Imperial owners on that very same day the Cryptian reinforcements had arrived. but the shear amount of men descending upon them meant they were crushed underfoot in stampedes of guardsmen and all put to the bayonet. heavy bolters and autocannons now aimed carefully at the lightning fast skimmers. the thousands of infantry squads began to exterminate the stranded xeno warriors.M41 The 11th Chonus became a mechanised infantry regiment backed by an immense number of heavy tanks. Many medals and honours could have been given for that single day of warfare. the first wave of the metal tide arrived. Teams of lascannons. As the tanks grew closer to the core of the combat. lumbering into the outer boundaries of the Krieg defences and letting loose their heavy weaponry. much praise was given to the two regiments and their commander. aiming to deploy the men they were carrying. Their withdrawal from the mining world was as swift as their attacks and of course. post formation. they gave covering fire to the Krieg forces as they climbed out of their trenches and formed in their squads. Lord Grung was permitted to remain in complete command of the 11th and was also made one of the high autocrats of the planet. none were given. capable of responding quickly to battlefield situations with speed and withering firepower. 999. Individual squadrons formed and darted towards the larger craft. for this incredible display of Imperial might. The 106th Cryptus Grenadiers and 400th Siege Regiment were fully merged after the battles fought on that one decisive day into the 11th Chonus Composite Legion and were given permission to stay on the mining world of Chonus to protect it from further attacks but also to be called upon to fight the wars on other planets in the Calixis Sector. the guardsmen were able to bring their heavy weapons to baer against the low flying aircraft. The amount of fire coming from the ground was now enough to drive the Eldar aircraft away but the Thunderbolts chased them down relentlessly and continued to riddle them with bullets without mercy. in a volley of shells that threw the Eldar out of their footholds and vaporised the mud around them. As the first phoenix was crippled and fell inflames into the dirt.

The two regiments mixed well. entrenching themselves and standing and shooting in barrages of holy firepower to purge all heretics. most famously in the defence of the Chonus System five decades after the defeat of the Eldar on Chonus IV when Waaagh! Dangus ran rampant through the Calixis Sector.tanks. But they all know that only in death does duty end. The atmosphere on Chonus IV is also quite polluted and toxic (not as extremely as Krieg however) due to the industry there. The air on Cryptus is relatively toxic. . with hazardous environments. willing to complete their service for the Emperor. The relatively small population on Cryptus and the fact they have to provide tithes of men for the Imperial Guard as well as caring for the dead meant that women were also recruited into the forces of the 106th Cryptian and now women are drawn from the large population of Chonus IV. The Adeptus Astartes chapter The Void Fangs has its fleet based in the centre of the Chonus system and draws recruits for the chapter neophytes from the five planets in the system on a regular basis. despite slight differences in homeworld and culture and more notable differences in tactics. current Chapter Master of the Void Fangs. The 11th Chonus often request to be sent to warzones similar to their home worlds. so the Cryptians were already accustomed to wearing rebreathers and gas masks like the Death Korps of Krieg. The Void Fangs and the 11th Chonus have fought together on several occasions. mutants and xenos they face. The Imperial Guardsmen were able to use their massed ranged weaponry to destroy the orks from a great distance whilst the Void Fangs provided a much needed prowess in melee. Regimental motto: Death Will Find You. Lord Grung and especially his own 11th regiment as well as the other ten regiments have a strong ally in the Void Fangs. Grung himself being a friend of Mercutio Nihilus.

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