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She heard His voice Who amongst you would give Satan a second chance?

And looking down she saw this pitiful angel who was neglected by everyone in this world and the next betrayed by the choices he had made. And she felt the Holy Spirit upon her reminding her that she too had turned her back, it was then that she was overwhelmed with grief. Grief for this heavenly creatures fall and grief that she never once did anything about it other than turn her back when she herself was fallen. So then without thinking she reached for him and cradling him she cried. Weeping tears of what she thought was a loss love forever. Then suddenly she saw the Heavenly Father and his eyes said that He was pleased. And as she let go of Satan she saw anger and fear in his eyes, and with that the vision was gone. That was 5 years ago and this is my testimony unto Jesus Christ for that was just the beginning Chapter one I need to apologize for I feel that what I am going to say is such an unusual perspective that I am bound to upset some people, but even with that being said here goes. I have had several visions of Jesus on the cross and the reasoning behind why he died I understand. Such as only He could make the payment to Satan for the sins we have committed. Being the only one that was full of the Holy Spirit and blameless. For if we are sinners let no man boast is what the bible teaches, and even if we lived a life of perfection and could boast where is the humility in that? So that is why Jesus was the only one for the rest of us would boast being sinful. Speaking of the Holy Spirit I wonder if we as Christians understand the gravity of such a gift. For instance when you accept Jesus and are reborn by accepting the Holy Spirit than how is it not blasphemy to then sin after words? For you are a new creature in Christ and still we relax in the fact that He made the payment and we were born into sin. Now here is something to think on. Jesus was born unto the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit which came from the Father right? But consider this was Mary a sinner or because she was a virgin she wasnt? I know some virgins. And that does not make them sinless now does it? for we are all born into sin including Mary. I believe though that the Catholic Church states that she (Mary) did not have original sin and yet it teaches in the bible that we are ALL born onto sin. So if He was born into sin thru His mother than how awesome is that! For He didnt sin and taught and did the opposite of sin, for we are taught that He overcame the same temptations that every man goes thru well how could He if He never was born into sin, so I say He was thru Mary and before you grumble at me thats just not possible think about what I just said and than realize how much more beautiful and perfect He is, that He truly was the Son of Man and yet didnt sin. For He truly showed the Father that so many people proclaim Him to be perfect and not understand that He carries the evil and even created it and yet thru His son He showed His perfection and glory and He did not sin. How many instances did He refer to His self as the Son of Man, how was this possible if not thru Mary? So would we rather tell each other that you can never be perfect and that you will always be a sinner? How dare we put such boundaries and constrictions on the Holy Spirit?! Instead of gently reminding each other of that which is perfection in Gods eyes we point fingers at each others sins. And yet not understand that when our brother is down that is our opportunity to lend them a hand and pull them out of the pit just as the

Lord did for you. I can back what I am saying by the Lords own words which are that you are reborn into the Holy Spirit which is not sin and He also told us to be perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect. Now he didnt say try to be perfect because we are sinners we cant, but instead said that we are reborn a new creature in Christ and to be perfect. He also spoke sin no more to Mary the woman that was going to be stoned for her adulterous behavior. Now let us talk of Satan if you ever wonder why and want to blame the Father for him as I had, let me ask you this. The heavenly Father gave us what we wanted by our actions in the Garden of Eden, so how can we blame Him? If you think like I did which is to say that I didnt ask for any of it then why do you sin? Wouldnt that be the greatest lie that the devil lulls us to sleep with is that it doesnt matter because Jesus died on the cross for our sins? Well Im saying that it does matter that spiritually we do to the Father what was done in the physical world to Jesus everyday. A lot of it is out of outright ignorance, we dont really delve that deeply into the heart of the matter. And although I would like to say that the Father would never hold it against you, your ignorance, and yet perhaps He would for you were ignorant about Him and did not try to know Him. Imagine for a moment if you will that with every adulterous, fornicating, lying, murderous thought that we all have was another lash against Jesus and ultimately against the Fathers spirit. That we consume Him with our sins like some monster out of a fairy tale, makes you wonder if that is why Jesus used that very illustration when He said to remember Him when we eat, and that He is the bread of LIFE? Now let me explain it is a relatively easy concept. What I was shown is that when we sin we are like Satan we are in his spirit not the Fathers. For instance Jesus told Peter to get behind me Satan, when he tried to rebuke Him from being crucified. So if we are like Satan with murder, fornicating, homosexuality, envious, jealousy and a multitude of other sins in our hearts than how is it that we hold ourselves up to be better than him? I understand that Jesus said we would have power over Satan and his angels, but how do we use that power? Do we use it to hold him down and bind him? Or do we do as our Father which is to say what he told us in the bible to do which is to love him for he is our enemy and to pray for him for he is our persecutor. For if you find in your heart that you cannot love your enemy whether it is your brethren or Satan, how is it not than Satans spirit within your heart? Now think about that for a minute. We all know that we are to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us and to offer up the other cheek and yet to the greatest enemy of all we feed him spiritually our hatred, disdain, and condemnation. For Jesus said to love your enemies and He didnt clarify that being only man. Wouldnt you rather come judgment day say that I loved your enemy Father and I prayed for him, and I even humbled myself enough to serve him as Jesus your son served me? And Lord willing I would give up my life for him to serve you Father. And to realize that Satan was once perfect and knows all about the Father, so why do we not trust him to learn about the Father. Or continue down that fire and brimstone road and blame him for everything that is wrong in this world knowing full well that you have the freedom of choice. It may have been Satan whispering in your ear but it was your free will that chooses to fall. So when Jesus told us to carry our cross after Him did he mean for yourself and your own sins which He already took care of? I say no that He would want us to carry our cross as He did, to not sin, to give out the Heavenly Fathers gifts such as mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and love. To carry our cross to such an extent that you would do whatever it took to save those that are going to

hell, even if it was death. For the good Lord in His infinite wisdom knew that our hearts are continuously selfish always thinking about ourselves but what if I were to tell you that He left one sin behind and that was the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and that was what He wanted to be carried after Him the only cross left. Now if your wondering how can I say that this is why, there is more than one Lord in heaven and that there is only one that is Lord of Lords, as well as there are more than one king in heaven but only one King of Kings. I remember that Moses begged the Father to blot out his name in the book of life, than to take Israels. What courage and love he must have had to take on the sins of Israel and take their punishment. Why is it that so many of us Christians dont beg the same for those that are going to hell? Where is that spirit of Jesus and Moses to tend to the sheep that is lost? Instead we shrug our shoulders and point to Revelations and say that nothing can be done. I say that it is because of the hardness of our hearts that Revelations will come to pass, but God willing not from this heart anymore. For if He requires my life as payment than so be it Gods will. For how could I expect the devil to pay for something that I am guilty of and gave him the power to sin thru mine? For was it not my sins that gave him his power? CHAPTER TWO Now before you send the guys in the white coats after me for having a messiah complex, let me explain. Who else would you trust enough to implement your life after? For I tell you this that there is no other man or woman out there that will not disappoint you, but perhaps that is part of the problem because we cant trust each other or have that faith in one another that we could believe that but I will get to that later. You could think on this anytime that people do disappoint you, and then look at as your turn to show the Father in heaven and to be perfect, do you? I know what youre thinking but you just said that we could be perfect and you can attain that perfection but only thru His spirit. I have found that if you could let go of your self enough to realize that when Satan uses his power over you, power which the heavenly Father gave him I might add, and manage to follow the Lords footsteps and be obedient to God no matter how horrible the pain and suffering is you have attained glory for the Almighty. For you had let go of yourselflet yourself die even when it feels that nobody is there that nobody is protecting you place yourself so much in the Fathers hands that you will see that Satan is just a tool to draw out that obedience, longsuffering and patient walk with the Lord, and an childs honest heart even at moments if that heart is filled with hatred, nothingness, or love and absolute pure joy at least it is honest and true. Are you scratching your head yet? The plainest way I know to explain this concept is instead of whining about what Satan is doing to you look at it as an opportunity to show the glory of God. For what would be a better way to beat Satan than to remind him of the Father every step of the way. I wonder how many of you realize that the Father has evil . Which is to say that He created all and that includes evil that every evil negative thought out there is no surprise to the Father for He knows it. So does that mean that the Father is evil? I say that the answer is no, He is quite the opposite that not only does He know evil but He abstains from it and does nothing that isnt perfection and filled with glory. For instance Satan and mankind alike do not think in every gesture what is perfection for God? and we most certainly used our free will for evil at times. And yet if we do seek Gods perfection is it that we grow

weary and that is why we sin because for a moment Lord please forgive us for forgetting about God for moments, and just contemplating ourselves. It makes it difficult to remember the Father at times if you dont see Him. Jesus explained to us that is why we work out our own salvation because He knew that there would be moments that you would be on your own sort of speak just thinking about earthly things such as friends, bills, work, etc., but what will you be when you are not thinking on His perfection? A child of God going thru their day? ,or a self-proclaimed god living life to the fullest of self-gratification? Jesus also gave us this insight when He told us that you being evil can give good things to your children. How much more will the Father? With Him being good. And if you wonder how perfect the Father is than look at His son, He saw us in our disgusting sins and still choose to heal us to love us to claim us as His friends and to ultimately die for us. He not only gave us what we didnt deserve which is everlasting life but also gave us His robes so heaven wouldnt be a lie for a choice had been made, and will continue to serve us in heavenwhat love. Why do we continually ignore the Fathers wishes to love His enemy to call him friend, asked to walk one mile go two, to nurture the light of God that is within all of us including Satan, for God is everywhere, and to die for him? For imagine if you will for a moment that Jesus became man when He was God so that He could carry the cross for mankind is it so difficult to believe that you could carry the cross of Jesus for the one sin that is left, blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which Satan is guilty of when you were born into sin and are known as evil, but have not committed this sin so you would be righteous offering to the Father? For the Lord carried all other sins because He knew that we could not but that last one could it be true that we could be innocent of that and thereby offer forgiveness for it? BUT when you are reborn you are so much more than evil you can be a Lord depending on your faith. A faith so strong that you know that once that spirit of you as a sinner is looked upon within you that it could be just you not sinning anymore and the Lord walks within you. Now am I saying that your are the messiah when you do for there is only one Jesus and only one God but He is working thru you so in that sense yes. There is one thing that I am saying and that is this that I truly understand why no man or Satan could attain the glory of God and fell short except thru the sacrifice in the lamb and that is, when I am praying and become possessed by the spirit of Satan and he afflicts me physically with such pain and torment that I become spiritually a monster and want to protect myself and destroy him, and everything he represents. Tell me who is the destroyer now and to think that in the beginning I honestly thought that was what God wanted, since when has God ever been known as a destroyer? When His wrath was mighty, for there were many times this occurred with Noah, and Sodom and Gomorrah, and etc... which to me and my humanity hurts to know that, for He always chose and destroyed the rest and I would have to be honest in my heart and tell the Father that was not fair, but perhaps He choose certain individuals within the Jews who were the Chosen People because He knew in His infinite wisdom that the others were not listening. Now I know that was a difficult sentence to swallow so let me explain.. Would you be willing to place yourself so much in the Fathers hands that you would allow Him to place you with the Enemy so His glory and will be done? He has shown that He constantly delivered His followers into the hands of their enemies to overcome those very same enemies and to show His glory, whether it be Moses and the pharaoh or Jesus and the gentiles and the Jews. Remember how God is about faith and if no one faithfully befriends His enemy than what

choice does He have? For wouldnt it be glorious if we all cried out for the souls of those that are meant for hell and gave our Father for once what He gave His children free will, for than He would have a choice and I ask you again since when is He known as a destroyer? For I tell you this that we as Christians dont so much as turn the other cheek as turn away from anything that is hurtful, and we dont recall that Jesus had stated that anger without just cause you will be in danger of the judgment. Jesus had not done such a thing! and thank you Lord for that, because He told Satan which was in Judas to go and He didnt fight, He said quite the opposite those who live by the sword die by the sword, and He didnt run away or deny it. He churned the other cheek and accepted the evil of this world and our sins took them as His own and gave us what we really didnt deserve. For who amongst you would tell Satan yes you can have power over me from God almighty and yes I will sacrifice whatever it takes to save them? Now if you are ready to point to Revelations again let me ask you this Have you ever sinned when you knew that it was wrong? But you went ahead and did it anyway? How is that any better than what Satan was accused of? Putting his will above the Fathers isnt that what we all do from time to time usually on a daily basis? And what of this last sin blasphemy against the Holy Spirit does that mean to turn away or deny the Holy Spirit if it does than I am afraid that I am guilty for I have had the Spirit try to get me to help a homeless man once and usually I do but this once I didnt so is that blasphemy? Well imagine if you will that Satan doesnt think he is wrong that he knows us as well, that our hearts are continuously evil. Ready for this? We proved it in the garden after the serpent spoke to her a lie Eve looked at the fruit and saw that it was pleasing and that she did want it so she with her free will took it, ate it, and gave it to her husband. Then she had the audacity to blame the serpent for her own fleshly desires. It gets better! Than Adam has the gall to actually accuse God for it was His helpmate that He brought to him. Now am I being harsh? Maybe, but Lucifer was Gods first angel and that angel being one of light couldnt stand the thought of their being darkness in God thru us. So do I believe Satan hates us yes I do but why? Could it be as I was shown which is that he disobeyed God by hating us for bringing darkness to the creator? And even realizing that darkness was also originally created thru his own Father, realize this that Satans pride thought that he could be better than the Father and to have evil to destroy God and all that He created and start over. And yet he missed the fact that to do that is evil. Now imagine for a moment that until man came along that God was always perfect and no sign of evil in Him and then one day he creates man and the fruit and Satan sees the evil He created. Could you imagine how confusing that would be and that it would make him not to trust Gods perfection anymore. The issue that Satan didnt realize is this, that God was used to being praised and worshipped but until man came along there was no need for faith in the unknown and trusting explicitly for the angels could see Him and knew Him. So perhaps He wanted to see if the angels would be the first to originally see evil and to still let go and trust in the Father, and have faith, and be obedient. Imagine the pain and suffering the Father felt to know the chaos and pain that He had created that would be wielded by His first angel because He decided to give His angels and all that He created free will. Know this for a certainty that He had hoped and had faith that we would turn away from evil and towards Him, for what kind of perfection would that be that He could take a creation from evil or sin and make it holy. Thru his rage and disappointment and not being accepted by God any longer for seeing that evil and not trusting anymore he choose

to use that evil against the very thing that it was created for which is man. That he didnt realize that we have such a spirit for protecting ourselves that we would eventually turn to anger and rage? I say that he did realize this that the majority of us would find it difficult to humble ourselves to the point of death myself included. For imagine if you will for a moment that and stay with me on this because it is deep, but that he hates man with such a passion for it reminds him of imperfection and that he tests us to remind the Father of that imperfection or I will go so far as to say to bring out that perfection of the Fathers. For even Job showed moments of perfection to the point that he begged to die before disappointing the Father Now imagine if you will a child carrying the cross of Jesus that can stare into the depths of that evil and feel nothing but love, sadness, and an intense hatred for what that evil had created and when you look upon your hatred you realize that you are know better than they are, for how did it get that evil? For it says love the sinner and hate the sin and I say hate not at all for who of you could stare upon the sinner and be able to hate the sin and not them to love them, and also who made you judge? Shouldnt that be left to the Father who truly sees and knows the heart and knows that it could be out of ignorance in the first place? Would that not truly show the Fathers love and mercy and forgiveness to be able to look and know that there is nothing but evil there and yet still take pity and feel love and sadness for the lost and to realize that the Lord had saved you from that evil? How many times did Jesus speak of the lost and how precious they were to the Father, how often when we see evil in our sisters and brothers do we not turn away? For I say that the spirit of church is suffering when it comes to taking on the sins of those that persecute you on the Lords cross and beg for mercy from the Father as Stephen did before he was stoned to death. For the spirit of the church will change so much that in revelations chapter 6 part 10 they cry out to the Lord the souls that are under the alter of the Lord How long O Lord holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth? These souls were slain for their testimony of Jesus Christ and they cry out for vengeance! So how is it not because of the hardness of our hearts that He finally decided to fill His cup of wrath when His very own people are asking to have their blood avenged? Think on this for a moment if you disagree that there is Gods light in Satan. I personally have the faith that believes that Gods spirit dwells within all of His creations. Now you take man and if that light is not nurtured than what darkness there will be, hence Satan is never nurtured in the light of the Lord so he is evil and so is man. Do you believe that there is light there now? I do and I also believe that Satan is capable to tell truth and we know he quote scripture for he did with Jesus. Now before you gasp at the thought of Satan telling the truth remember come Judgment Day we will all be telling the truth and also he knows and so will those that go to hell that Jesus is the Lord because in Revelations they all bow and proclaim Him so. So what is it that Satan demands of us that is if anyone cares? For he is the accuser of our brethren both day and night. Why? Is it because he knows how unholy we are and how Holy the Father is? Is it because he knows that we turn to anger and rage so easily when we are hurt, never mind that we never considered the pain that the Father feels. And yet we still expect the Father to be perfect and loving? How about putting our own wills ahead of the Father and to be forgiven for the very thing that he fell from, how is that? Or perhaps that we get caught up in our daily lives and rarely even think of the Lord or God for that matter? Let us talk about how precious the gift that Jesus gave. For Jesus was no coward for He talked openly and never hid and yet He begged the Father to

let this cup pass lest He drink from it and was scared enough to sweat blood. Do you realize the enormity of such a gift the pain He went thru? So how in the world can we be self-righteous and judge when it is time to avenge our blood when that very blood was owed in the first place but was paid by Him. How quickly will we cast stones even as Christians at Satan come Judgment Day or any day for that matter? Leave it to the Father for He and Jesus is the only ones without sin. Are you feeling me yet? CHAPTER THREE For a moment let us deviate from the current subject and speak about something else that has been on my heart. This message is for both the ladies and the men. We all agree that the Father is perfectand yet we dont follow his statues. For instance He wanted us to be married and then you could have sexual relations. The reasoning behind this I finally understand which is to say that when you give your heart, body, and soul over to another then you should love them enough to be married. For that gift is precious in the eyes of the Lord, but in todays society it is trivialized and taught that the more experiences that you have the better off you are. Now please listen especially you young people out there, for I am a sinner as well, I have fornicated, and committed adultery, and even homosexuality. And yet I did all these things except the homosexuality out of ignorance, and as far as the homosexuality is concerned I have been celibate for two years now to show my obedience towards God. I also have been with the same woman for fifteen years because I am also being honest with my heart towards God. For I really, and truly dont understand why my love for her is an abomination. So I will wait until He decides to open my eyes and heart to explain why? For it is more than just fleshly desires that connects her to me for we have been celibate, so for now I stand behind my heart for He judges it and remain hopeful. Here is another thought before you start grumbling under your breath, before you say well what if they arent good in bed and how are we supposed to know? Ever hear of teaching? Show them, tell them, and lead them for communication skills are the cornerstone of every marriage and yet so many of us forget that in the bedroom. Now lets return to Lord and His Fathers spirit in Revelations part I wonder why we cry what if it is as I am shown which is to say that within that twinkle, between here and heaven you hear your voice with God and every time you took His name in vain every angry word or in bitterness spoken to Him, or our brothers and sisters, or have cursed Satan came all to your mind and it is then that you realize that you truly are no better than Satan and your are ashamed. Perhaps it is then that you weep because it is just too much to know that you did that, to know that every filthy and disgusting thought was within God, and that is when He then shows you all the pain you had endured for those sins. The Father then in His perfection wipes away our tears and promises everything from everlasting life to forgetting this one to peace, love, forgiveness, and compassion which are forever everlasting and we will cry no more. Now the reason that He gives us this is because He is a loving Father and knows that the pain we endured was Satan abusing us for I dont believe that the punishment fit the crime but maybe it does for I am so quick to always lash out at Satan. For even His own perfect Son was abused by Satan and the spirit of him in mankind, but imagine for a moment again that the reason why Satan abused us is because of our ignorance because

we think about nothing than ourselves. Now before you start grumbling or outright arguing realize this how many times do you try to truly place yourself in the other peoples shoes and live life that way? Or even put yourself into His shoes and live in perfection for if you are trying to get your point across why do you argue? There is teaching for He is a teacher, and than there is being a bully trying to get your point across. Live life in His shoes which is to say to love your brothers and sisters enough to live in their shoes and consider them and their feelings before you, for isnt that what the Lord did? Didnt He know us and walk with us? For how many of us will grumble and be stiff-necked when we are hurt in any way. What if you are supposed to never grumble or lash out no matter the pain being afflicted upon you and yet at the same time love with your heart the very person afflicting you? Can you? For that is truly denying you and dying on the cross. And what if Satan is truly angry at God for he knew that not one son of man would come to his aid as Jesus came to ours. When the Lord spoke of carrying His cross daily to die to yourself to love your enemies how could mankind be your enemy when we are brothers and sisters? And then to top it off we completely blame His enemy for everything and turn against him. Now what if I was to tell you that God spoke evil into existence and Satan knew in his heart that first of all this evil was within the Father and secondly He was capable of unleashing this onto His children. For who amongst you would leave your children alone in the Garden of Eden with a supposed monster and something you knew would kill them? And we also know that Satan receives his power over us from God from the book of Job, for Satan had to ask for permission from God before he could test Job. God also put forth boundaries on Satans power by not allowing him to put forth his hand and strike Job dead. So what of this, the fact that the Father has evil within Him what does that mean to you? Perhaps you should be afraid of His wrath, but what of the fact also that it wasnt God that had tested Job but Satan for the Father has given him free will as well and as we all know the ending was beautiful for the Father had restored Job and even then some. I tell you this that the only reason there is evil is because the Father loved all His creations enough to give them free will so we could choose (usually selfishly) which path to be taken. Why do I say selfishly? Because think on this how many decisions do you make in a day to serve your brothers and sisters, or enemies, or even God? Or is it our own selfish fleshly desires that we base our decisions upon? Who amongst you if any would be willing to accuse God of evil when He gave you free choice and HIS way which is right and Satans way which is wrong, why do we make it so confusing? For everything are literally black (darkness) and white (light). We are the ones that make it gray with our fleshly desires and Thank God for repentance because I have done a lot of that let me tell you.. Whew! Also how is it that you could begin to hold God accountable when it is Him that knew you before you were in the womb and knew you would have moments of His perfection and walking in His footsteps when you are an imperfect human? Think on how much this glorifies the Father and in return how proud He is of you. For He talks to your heart and your mind that little voice inside every time you make a decision and yet why is it that Satan holds such a captive audience because I am certain that everyone has that little voice inside them and if you think you dont be still for a moment. One of many mistakes us humans when we are really children of God makes is this, we play ignorant to right and wrong if it is something we really want because after all who has really spoken to God right? I mean how am I supposed to know what is required of me? Never mind, that

we know right and wrong, and the little voice inside us, and not to mention His word, right? So I am going to breathe into this page what everyone is thinking, being perfect by the worlds standards is boring. What if I want the temptation and we always look to each other and judge for ourselves as to who is setting a better example and then think maybe its not too bad this once. Even above that truly deep down in our hearts what do we know of perfection for I tell you this that even if you know His son this is just the tip of the iceberg and as you learn more about Him which is yourself and realize just how far you have fallen than how could you know perfection except thru Him for you have already fallen? Now I am really going to boil your blood with this next thought What if I were to tell you that even Satan mister evil one is more perfect than you for when was the last time you were in heaven? Let alone have worshipped the Father in heaven for how many eons? Now is Satan more perfect than you? Could you not learn from him if you could hear him? For I can hear him and what I have learned is this that no man is better than him if put in the right circumstances and yet we gladly receive the holy ghost and Jesus gift of everlasting life without giving anyone a second thought and if we did it would be selfishly to ensure that our family and loved ones were there in heaven with us. But would you wish your enemies into heaven? Think on that for a moment. And if you can wish your enemies into heaven why do you stop at Satan? For do you really think that the Father would require you to love your enemies and yet not set the same example or worst yet hate His enemies? I say no that the Father would not expect us to do something that He could not for who came first the children of God or God? Can you really picture God hating Satan or anyone? He hates the sin not the sinner Im sure He recalls His perfect angel before he fell, dont you think? So if we His children cried out with mighty voices and begged forgiveness and mercy and grace be upon them, what would your Father DO? Or here is a delicious thought what if we dont want them; you know them, to go to heaven for they had hurt us in some way? Or better yet put constrictions on the Fathers spirit for Satan and his angels and those (yes them again) that go to hell are too lost and cant be saved. For would His gifts than be everlasting? Gifts such as forgiveness, mercy, grace, love, compassion, for how could they be if there is a place called hell? We all know that the Father doesnt lie He is the truth so what price is there to pay to ensure there is no more hell? Maybe we should be praying like that for you know that you are under Gods control and you also know that you are ensured heaven through our Savior so why do we not pray that way and carry our cross in Jesus name? For imagine if you will that the Father was showing thru His son that He too feels the pain and suffering of this world and the sins that it has caused and that He also dies and yet He lives! For as long as He loves He lives isnt that what the son had shown? For every step of the way wasnt He always teaching the laws of love? Dont we believe that to our very core that as long as we love and remember each other in our hearts, do we not live on? Which leads me to another subject what of the laws of the Old Testament? Do we need to follow them? So many Christians would be quick to retort that no we do not we live by the law but thru faith in Christ alone, and yet Jesus said in the New Testament that He didnt come to destroy the law but to fulfill it. Its true that nobody can reach the glory of God thru the law, but thru faith in our Savior Jesus Christ for His was a sacrifice of perfection. But if you truly believe in Christ than are you not living the law already? I wonder though if we are too quick to throw out the law due to the fact that we as sinners cannot fulfill the law, and the reasoning behind this is that

Jesus lived the law so wouldnt He be disappointed if we didnt at least attempt to also? But do you truly know why we need the messiah? For who else will be able to make it not a lie in Gods eyes but the truth? If we went to heaven on our own works heaven would be a lie for it would no longer be perfection and glorified and everyone would judge as to who does better than who, and would boast at least I am not as bad as a murderer or a pedophileetc. But there is hope, if you choose Jesus it is no longer a lie and thru Him you will live the law and speak the truth, think on this that once you receive heaven in a twinkle of an eye you will be transformed and you will be perfect because He was and you will receive His robes. Why do we get so angry at the thought that Jesus is perfect and we are not? How much more does God have to do He came in human form thru His Son to show His true self and yet we still want more. Is it because of pride that we felt also that the dice were loaded? I tell you this that if we children of God had truly seeked after Him He would have had what He wanted all along a relationship with His children. He would not have been compelled too give us a king in David, a great prophet, a leader out of bondage in Egypt, with Moses, and a savior in Jesus, for we would have chosen HIM over all others When time and time again He has shown love and consideration to the point that the whole earth had to be wiped away because of the wickedness He had witnessed of the generations hurting the next. Generations so wicked that they hardly knew the truth between right and wrong. And I think the reasoning behind it happening in a twinkle of an eye is this that your spirit will then be filled with the Holy Ghost, and the truth about God will be revealed. He didnt want us to learn thru pain forever, just here on earth, and what is that but a piece of sand in all of eternity. And also perhaps He didnt even want us to live at all thru pain for after all He just gave us one rule in the Garden of Eden. Do you understand also that by receiving His robes you longer can judge or boast for you will be full of understanding that you could not reach heaven alone but with His help, and maybe God didnt do it to constantly to hold you down or because you wasnt good enough. But from a consideration for His child and that He wanted to be the One that teaches you. Did you ever consider that? For I know as well how to be negative and think that my anger over not being good enough out weighs the truth. Which is that I make mistakes? Or a sinner, and I need Him for I am too self reliant. I think too much about how my life choices affects me, how is that not selfish? For isnt the truth that yes God spoke evil into existence because He wanted us to know how it would be without Him, and also because He never wanted to let go of His children or any creation of His, and He also wanted us to understand and know Him fully. For whom amongst you could honestly give up their children without their best interests in mind, if you can, than it is usually because of the pain in your life or selfish reasons. I say that the Father never wanted to let His children go for how many generations has He watched His children suffer thru molestation, or raped, and physical, emotional abuse? Before He finally decided to judge Noahs generation for He saw how each past generation was ruining the future generations. Perhaps He is waiting for us to know in our hearts that you would lift your child up and give them wings as long as they listen to, and obey their parents, no matter the pain you went thru you broke free from the bondage of passing past hurts down to the future, and if you already parent that way than how much more will the Father? For the greatest gift you could give a child is securityfor if they are secure in the knowledge that it is the parents support that gave them the wings and they would not be mislead than imagine how they would soar! For it is then that you

realize that God is fully in control and you will finally dream thru His eyes so I ask again what say you about them that go to hell? Chapter Four Speaking of the children and parenting do you know that God in the Old Testament stated that spare the rod and spoil the child and I believe that this is to concern yourself with the child and take appropriate action when the situation calls for it. Seemingly in todays society we are one extreme or the other we give out corporal punishment for little things or there are parents that will not give out any punishment at all, there by spoiling the child. Now do you wonder why God created evil and gave us free will as I do, it seems the more you learn about evil and free will that it would just be easier if we were children with no choices. Think on this perhaps God had given us this evil and temptations due to the fact that on our most basest of levels we had lied, and what I mean by this is that we wanted the Father to be perfect without sin and without anything that would harm us to be the opposite of the serpent and yet when He showed us that He was thru His son Jesus Christ look to how we had treated Him. We had given Him the exact punishment that we deserved, and treated Him as the serpent has treated us. Now remember as well that most often than not, lessons in love and forgiveness can be learned through the most evil of circumstances. For example my father had sexually abused me and yet I was able to forgive him and love him before he died. Now why did God speak such evil into existence? For ultimately in my eyes everything comes back to the Father even Satan himself because God had spoken into existence evil not Satan he had just repeated it. And could you understand that the child within you would never understand that evil coming from the Father and so you would relate it to Satan and yet it was the Father that it had originally came from. So what of that? We know that God had spoken evil into existence because He knew in His infinite wisdom that His children would disobey and do sinful deeds, and why do we hate Satan with such a passion? Is it because we dont like to be reminded of our failings? Satan not only reminds us but tempts us into doing the most wrong experiences, and yet I wonder how God would react to the fact that we can look onto one of His creations and feel nothing but hatred, or worse yet nothing at all. Perhaps that is what this mighty struggle is about which is to say that God had created evil and Satan took that evil and unleashed it unto His children and the very fact that we not only rebel against His spirit but also hate the one who tempts us into rebelling is what disappoints the Father the most for if we hate the evil that God had created how can you get by and not hate HIM? For imagine if you will that if you could look upon Satan with love in your heart than what love you would feel for your Father for isnt that the worst of Him? Why is it that we accept the good and the bad with our fellow brethren and yet stop short when it comes to God and all of His creations? We talk about how the Trinity is all One and that nobody comes to the Father unless thru our savior Jesus Christ and the Father abided in the Lord just as Jesus abides in us so in a sense we become one yes? For we abide in the Lord and He lives in the Father so we all become one, and yet we dont understand yet that means that all the pain and suffering we inflict upon one another goes thru His body as well for He dwells within all of His creations right? What if He wanted to see if any of His creations would look upon evil as a sickness and want to heal it? Why do we tend to run away whenever

confronted with evil, sick, or disturbed individuals? We know deep down inside that it is a sickness for we try to avoid it at all costs afraid that somehow we will be tainted by it, or there is the naivety of a child in which we dont understand the whys and so we avoid them in this instance as well. Have you ever witnessed an evil so horrific that you were scared and thought that there is no saving, or healing them . I have thru Satan and yet when I feel that way that is when I tell myself that this evil originally came from the Father and it (being the serpent) will serve His purpose. Let us go to the heart of the matter and really bring out the anger you have towards Satan and realize that you are no better underneath than himWould you forgive someone that has in the heart and mind and soul killed God? And before you recoil from this thought let me remind you that we all have already killed the Lord on earth and we will also consume Him as the bread of life in the after-life for He said that no one shall in no way enter into the kingdom of heaven without eating of the bread of life. So what if its true that we have killed God because of our sin and I will go a step further to say that He died as well for the evil that He had created for didnt He say that the wages of sin is death? For how beautiful it would be if it, (the serpent) was taking out by the Father as His child trusted in Him and let it go? Every single one of us has a choice to be the serpent or the Father it really is black and white, for when we start mixing gray if you truly search yourself and your feelings its generally because of our own selfish needs and not Gods will. The only way it can be gray is this a child of God who is a sinner carries the serpent and realizes that when you do consume the bread of life to save your own you have no right to judge anyone. Also let us discuss our anger and hatred, if you have had, or have hatred towards Satan or your fellow man realize this, that is the very spirit that killed the Lord. And if you have that killers spirit than wouldnt you want to serve Gods purpose? What if you used it in this way? To consume evil and all that it represents, realize that you are the serpent for you will protect yourself from harm to the point of killing. Now before you say thats not true and if its not than I apologize and am happy for you for you have lived a very sheltered life, but for those of us that havent and understand what I am talking about think on this Would it not be beautiful if you realized that this serpent and child of God had the power to consume all of Satan instead of God thereby destroying evil and all that it represents to drink in the evil and darkness that has consumed certain individuals of man and Satan and his angels thereby restoring them to what God had intended, but they have to choose because the Lord when asked if He would heal certain individuals, asked them if they wanted Him too. Heres a question how can you judge who needs to be destroyed and then restored? And if youre scratching your head wondering what I mean by this then let me put it in simpler terms. Jesus when He healed the multitudes took on their infirmities, by healing them and then taking (or consuming) their sins or ailments sort of speak. So why would it be so impossible for you to do the same for Satan or your fellow man, for isnt anything possible with God? He also referred to the Pharisees and Saudacess as vile serpents and a wicked generation. Do you understand the connection now? What I have seen in my visions is that I have that serpent inside of me which is to say that I am a sinner and I also have the faith that if pushed to far than I would be a destroyer so why fights that? Why not use it to further the kingdom of God? Go with me on a special trip and look for the first time with childlike eyes and realize this that if you could consume the sins (or the serpent) of Satan and his angels or of this world would you? For I have been shown that

if someone did this and than gave their life which is Jesus within they would be healed. But I will go a step further and say that I believe in the Father and know that He could remove that serpent from you and isnt that what He has tried to show all along? That He can carry evil but no one else can without sinning, but here is a question, which has the greater sin the sinner or the One who created it? For I have heard and felt evil from Satan and his angels and yet I remember that it was the Father who had originally created it and I ask why did it have to be so evil? Perhaps that is all apart of dying to oneself for if you can look evil in the face and to feel it to your very soul and still have the heavenly Fathers gifts which is to say compassion, forgiveness, pity, a need to heal, and an incredible sadness for you know that it (the serpent) came from the Father than isnt that truly showing His glory? To recoil from the serpent is recoiling from the Father that part of Him that created it. Is it not the old saying to take the bad with the good? It is true that the Father said to avoid evil, but did that mean to cut those out of your life that you consider evil? For He also said to turn the other cheek, so what if I were to tell you that you can avoid evil by being the Lord and having a soft heart for those that we deem in trouble? For if you believe that avoiding evil is cutting out those who are than how is it that you are being faithful in the Lord and shining His light when you pick and choose who to shine too? Which do you think would please the Father more? Redeeming those to be considered evil or to cut them out, and cast them down, or wish them to hell? What if I were to tell you that the serpent came from God and Satan became evil because he saw that evil in God for He created it and yet He is perfect for He does no sin, no harm and Lord Jesus could it be as simple as Satan wanted to be heard by a child of God given an opportunity to be trusted and if he didnt fulfill that opportunity to speak of Gods goodness instead of the evil He created. What if I were to also tell you that I listened and he did remind me of the evil that the Father had created and yet he also told Gods truth. Like for instance that when we are being hurt instead of looking at it like our part in the crucifixion we most generally strike out in anger and generally we cannot separate the sin from the sinner and end up hating both. We have proved this latter point all over the world with the mentality that Satan should be destroyed and I would agree to a point but what of Lucifer and the angels and mankind? We know that the Lord saved mankind and that the sinner will be healed, and restored before God. Where is the messiah as far as Lucifer and his angels? Where did they get the choice to repent and come back? What if I were to tell you that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the one sin that will not be forgiven by the Lord the son of man and son of God who sits on His right. Who sits on His left? Could it be a daughter of man and a daughter of God who has accepted the Holy Spirit and is innocent of this one sin and would gladly carry it on the cross and make them healed and restored before the throne of God? For is that the reasoning behind the Lord leaving just one sin behind knowing that His daughter would never reject the Holy Spirit and would give up everything to be with Him and to heal them. Well one is that He knew in His infinite wisdom that His children would want free will for isnt that what we long for all the time like caged birds that want to fly? And to truly have free will there most be an opposite for every good and perfect action the Father makes, and what Satan doesnt realize is that the very thing that he wanted most he already has which is to be above God. Let me explain the cards are stacked against from the beginning for who rules sin and who is born onto it? So in a sense he rules the earth for that is were Gods creation is which is mankind and yet it is Gods footstool, does that mean that He

is controlling Satan thru His foot which is resting here on earth which holds him below God and heaven? I say no that isnt the Fathers spirit at all that He rests in the fact that He believes that all of His creations will choose Him regardless of how much time it takes because He would never let go for isnt that perfection? Now what if I would say that Revelations will come to pass for He made only so many souls for mankind and once they are all used than it will be done for mankind the choices will be made. So stay with me, which is when hell and a new heaven and a new earth are all there is, right? And than all there is left is those that have gone to hell, what if I were to tell you that Satan never got the full benefits of free will because where is his chance to choose a savior? For wasnt Jesus for mankind? Now I will go a step further and say how beautiful would Gods infinite wisdom be with Him knowing that there would be one or more of His children that followed Jesus cross and not carrying their cross selfishly for their own sins which the savior already took care of, but His cross which is a saviors cross and who is there left to save? So why would you recoil from that I ask you? Please search your feelings and find why you wouldnt want that. Is it because Satan is just to evil? Wow how can you say that when you yourself are a sinner and that is what killed the Lord on the cross? So what if there is a new book to be written in heaven that is written in a childs heart that is thru the Lord? Do you believe there is a chance that Satan can be redeemed now? Chapter Five Lord Jesus if He knew us before we were born than that means that we were with the Father in heaven and did you show us what you went thru here on earth to save us. So we would make the decision to come to earth to receive this sin created by the Father to experience some of the pain and suffering that Jesus went thru. And please dear heavenly Father let that be true of Satan and his angels as well. That this roughly 80 years on earth is our payment for your greatness and an eternity of heaven, it is to show our love for you regardless of the evil we face. Our payment is not as great as Satans for we dont remember your goodness. Satan has eternity of hell to go thru because He does recall the Father, but if none of your children show him your goodness than would he forget? And also who if anyone would choose to go to hell, to follow in the Lords footsteps to remind Satan of the Father? For what if I were to tell you that we are generally so afraid of death that God believing in one or more of His children already knew that, and so gave them the opportunity to use this life to carry the Lords cross to be crucified and than die here on earth thus fulfilling what they had believed as long as it was Gods will. For the Lord died for what He believed saving mankind and carrying all sin did you notice that I said mankind? Where is Satan in this? For if you're saved then you realize how beautiful God is, how He saved you from yourself and the beauty in everything He created. If He created beauty inside of you than why not Satan? For if you believe that He didnt than how is that fair? Was he not the most beautiful angel that God had created that angel being of light? That makes me question the Father as to why be I a good vessel and another was nothing more than something to be broken? For again I ask how would that be fair or have free will when you are already predestined to be broken and never healed. Also we Christians are to blame as well, we resign ourselves to the fact that we are born

into sin and yet we believe that we will be perfect in heaven, because of course that is when Jesus and the Father and His Holy Spirit lives fully within you right? Let me ask you a question if youre saved than dont they live fully in you now? Isnt it more the truth that like a child you are not going to do anything bad if Dad is watching, for He will be watching us and with us in heaven, but why do we believe the same is not true of living down here on earth? Do you not believe that God isnt always watching, and if you dont than let me tell you that according to scripture that He knows every hair on your head and if one sparrow falls He knows it? If He concerns Himself to that extent over a bird how much more would He for His child or for any of His creations for that matter? Do you really think that He just stopped short of those that go to hell? For let me ask us Christians out there if there were a way to save those that go to hell why would you be against it? For what if I were to tell you that God in His patience gave us like water to a plant the word as He saw fit. Another words He fed us bit by bit that He told us what we were prepared to hear, now before you point to Revelations again let me ask you this do you really believe in your heart that if you were willing to give up everything as the Lord did that He would deny you especially when it concerns saving lost sheep? Did He not show time and time again throughout the bible that He gave His children what the cried out for? For when Adam was lonely did He not give him a mate, and even when Cain destroyed one of His creations did He not protect him afterwards with a seal on his forehead? Did He not restore Job and than some after the devil tested his faith, and did He not give Moses the ten commandments when He knew that they were lost sheep that wasnt completely sure about what He wanted, and last one because I could probably go all day, did He not give us a king in David even though He wanted us to fully trust in Him because we wanted a leader? Doesnt it really boil down to the fact that we are so caught up in our so called righteous anger and judgmental attitudes that we demand there be a heaven and a hell. Why is it that your heart is so hurt by the pain inflicted by others that it has created enough hatred that there is a limit to your love? Now think on the fact that every nasty thought and deed you have ever done went thru the Lords spirit and yet He loves you unconditionally right? So why is it that we put constrictions or boundaries on our love and JUDGE for ourselves as to how much pain is too much? For I thought that the bible talks of there being only one judge which is the Father. For that makes me wonder as to why the Son would put constrictions on the Fathers love by saying that nobody comes to Him except thru me? Could it be that He meant that He speaks for all of mankind not just those of us that are saved according to our standards. Who do you think spoke for those of us that never knew the Lord but grew up and lived in another religion? God judges the heart not the religion. For if you are truly in your heart seeking the Father which leads you to the word and then in turn leads you to the Lords voice which is Jesus but for those of you that know no other way of life or are not ready for certain truths than please I ask the rest of us out there to not judge and if you must than do it in this wayHeavenly Father continue to shed your light and your glory on every heart and Lord if we should stumble in darkness than let your mercy and forgiveness fall upon us. Amen. For how do you expect to reach anyone with the good news if you refuse to listen to their points of views and reject everything they may have learned or been taught all their lives? That would be the equivalency of someone telling you that you shouldnt be a Christian that you should be of another persons heart of truth, how would you fight and be immediately angered? For let me tell

you this if the buddasist honestly and sincerely prayed for you to be enlightened and you prayed and yet did not leave it in the Fathers hands and have faith, who do you honestly think the Father would be more pleased with? So I beg of you do not be so frustrated when discussing the Lord with people of other religions and think upon your heart that they should just know the truth automatically when they hear it, because where is the faith in that? Where is your faith that the truth will be revealed in the heart and that their questions will lead to answers? And what if you arent the chosen vessel that God has prepared for them to hear the truth does that mean that you dont continue to shine His light? That you are so frustrated that you arent the one to open their eyes and the heart that you would leave a bad taste in their mouth as far as Christianity is concerned. Is your heart prepared to be so judgmental that you would call them blind and think within yourselves that God could not reach them starting with you? My God is the creator of all things and the giver of life and with Him all things are possible so would you be impatient in the fact that He did not chose you to be the vessel to reach them, is it really about that? Are you not supposed to be a Christian at all times regardless what the world thinks or does, and do you not realize that He wants you to shine that light continually and that perhaps He brings people into your life that you are not the vessel for just to see if you will have the faith that He will reach them and remain His humble servant when it is not you. And as far as being a light and a Christian at all times do you really and truly understand why and what a responsibility that is, because in this terrible world you might just be the only light in this darkness called life. What if there were abused children who needed someone to simply smile or an elderly woman who was lonely and needed someone to say hello? There is a million little instances that could be portrayed by which our light should shine, but I warn those of you that see a Christian that is struggling for we all struggle please dont shake your heads and think within your heart hypocrite for perhaps that is when God is appealing to your more sensitive side and giving you an opportunity to be as Jesus is and lend your brother or sister a hand. For that is His spirit and imagine what He would proclaim about you if you were not yet a follower of Christ! For it is written that those who come first shall be last and those last shall be first. With us being in Revelations imagine the trials and tribulations we have suffered and endured and to still have the strength to come to Christ that is why you are called first in my humble opinion. And those of us that were lucky enough to have Him as a part of your life from the very beginning well you understand the amount of humility it takes and would more than be happy to be last. But please dont take advantage of those that are first, to be greedy and to forget those that come last. Also does it not speak of how we will be judged by our hearts well think on this.the one that us Christians like to throw out there is that if you dont accept the Lord than you cannot come to heaven for the Lord said that nobody comes to the Father except by me so that must mean you need to worship Jesus right? And that unless you accept Him you will not go to heaven also correct? Well what if I told you that we had it wrong that God wants you and only you to have a relationship with and if you are for instance a Jew that does not follow Christ than would that mean that you are destined for hell by the popular interpretation above? I say no that it means that Jesus will speak for the HEARTS of all mankind and why does He get to do this because He is the only one that loved us all enough that He made the sacrifice. Do you think that God really cares about labels such as Christian, Jew, Hinduism, Buddhists, and etc..? Here is a label for you

how about child, for isnt that what the Heavenly Father called us and isnt that what the good Lord said to be as children to enter in the gates of heaven? So if you seeked God will all your HEART and was a child would your Father care that you didnt recognize the truth about His son. For wouldnt He have a relationship with you? Yes it would hurt Him the not knowing or being ignorant about His son because He delights in truth and wants you to know all about Him. But so many Christians believe that it is an unforgivable sin and a one way ticket to hell to not accept the Lords sacrifice. So lets talk about the Lords sacrifice it was every sin save one which was blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, so I ask you being ignorant of the fact that Jesus is Lord do you think the following: that they went against the Holy Spirit by not accepting Jesus and thereby committing blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, or the fact that Jesus speaks for all of mankind and that is what He truly meant when stating no one comes to the Father except by Me for when did Jesus show any pride that He would literally expect you to accept Him in order to get to heaven of course He does if you are shown the truth by the Helper-the Holy Spirit, but if you were ignorant such as for instance a Jew who I might add is one of the Chosen People who God loves very much if He had favorites it would be them, do you think within yourself that they have committed blasphemy and if so why do you judge so harshly dont you realize that God fills His cup of wrath when sin is mighty and would it not be mighty when His own people judge so harshly for not accepting Christ instead of working harder to shine light and leave it in the Fathers hands by letting His spirit work. And speaking of leaving it in the Fathers hands when did you become the judge for doesnt say that there is only one judge and that is God? Speaking of Jews, Christians, Muslimsetc, let me ask you this do you think that God is a respecter of religions? Or do you think that He wants you to be His child and seeking only after HIM? For I tell you this that if you say within yourselves that they are not going to heaven without accepting Christ than I fear your heart and I think you have misconstrued what the Lord meant when He said that nobody comes to the Father but by meCould it possibly mean that because the Lord loves us so much and with such passion that He died for us that He gets to be the mediator and talk of our hearts to the Father? For if He meant it as they have to accept Him wouldnt that be pride for what if the Jew loves God more than say a Christian do you honestly think that Jesus would not speak for both of them? For He is no respecter of persons so why would He be of religions when what he wants is His childrens hearts? And yes it also says in John that For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Well what if I were to tell you that this is my interpretation that if you believe in Christ and accept Him, boom you get a one way ticket to heaven and game over, but what of the ones that didnt? Does that mean that they automatically perish are you judging again? Doesnt the Father than judge their hearts and decide who will perish and who will not, and I say dont feel so comfortably in believing in Jesus for Jesus also stated that there will be some who He will tell you for a truth I never knew you. So I say to you renew your faith everyday and speak or pray to the Father and His son remember the sacrifice and try to be grateful and not take it for granted. Also think on this as a Christian we really got the best end of the deal for if it wasnt God hardening the hearts of the Jews so they would reject the savior Jesus Christ we as gentiles would have never had a true relationship with God, and we got lucky because we are not nearly as disciplined as the Jew for they had to be following the Old Testament. And I hope and

pray that we all know that it is not works alone but faith that makes worthy to receive heaven for if you are truly following God, Jew or Christian than you surely realize that it is God working thru you and His glory resides in you for if you are truly following Gods statues than all glory is given to Him for you only worship Him. And is that really so bad giving back what He gave you in the first place? For if you knew the truth of it that if you were in spirit a child and asked the Lord or the Father am I really dead? Do you think that it would please or satisfy the Father to say yes without giving you a choice between life and death, a choice that you could feel, touch, and most of all HEAR, and loved you so much that He died for you, and most of all He chooses you, and who else could represent the Father? Thank you Lord Jesus for we that are now going through the worst trails and tribulations on earth are most precious to you for you had warned Tyron and Sidon that it would be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in judgment day, and the reasoning is this that they saw you they felt you they witnessed your miracles, and they HEARD you and yet turned their backs. For you knew that throughout the next generations they would have to go by what was passed down and faith for we cannot see you, or touch you, or witness firsthand your miracles, or hear you in this physical world except when by faith we let go of ourselves and place it under Gods control only than is your eyes truly open enough to finally see Him! But what faith! That you can believe in the Lord and His sacrifice without actually meeting Him. And please my Jewish brothers and sisters forgive us for not having your discipline by creating Christianity because we did not want to be persecuted as you are and being arrogant enough to also know the truth about Christ but instead of staying as Jews who believed thereby enlightening our brethren (for Christ is a Jew) we decided to depart from you and make our own religion, and yet I appeal to your more loving and forgiving side and realize this that as far as Sheppards for the gentile flock there were unfortunately very few, and once it was political by Caesar and the Roman Catholic Church was formed it was too late. And yet I have this somewhat against thee for did you honestly think for all the time that we were on this earth until it was finished that gentiles would always be left to their own devices and their own gods that the Father would not try to cultivate their love as well? If you are quick to retort that when the Savior comes it will be the end and than the Gentiles will know the truth, does that make sense that the Father did not need their love, worship, faith, and obedience until the last generation? Think about it, dont you see that He had to harden your heart so that everyone would than know the truth and be able to truly worship Him. But to us Christians out there I have this somewhat against us and that is this we lost our lower rings to the ladder by abandoning our brethren the Jews and a lot of those rings represent diligence, perseverance, and obedienceetc. We hold onto the last rung which is Jesus and sometimes completely null and void the Old Testament. Dont you understand that you must crawl, then walk, and then run? CHAPTER SIX Maybe the only lesson to be learned is that He wanted to see if one or more of His children would carry the cross of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit so that even though He killed us for our sins for the punishment is death that He died on the cross to also show that He wants us to have life and He knew that the very act of this killing spirit was

blasphemy towards His very spirit. So how can there be a hell if the second death would be against Him? He died on the cross to save us from our sins but what if I were to tell you that He also had to die because He created evil even though He showed thru His Son that He would rather die than hurt any of His creations. Did you understand that? For the Lord said that no one takes His life but He lays it down willingly. So have you thought also that when you repent that you should know that by the (popular opinion) every time you sin you feed or give power to Satan and how many of us is sorry for that? Do you repent for Satan as well? For if the Father had not created evil and we had not fed him spiritually our sin and gave him power than would he not be perfect? . Lord Jesus if we believe that Satan is just evil and unredeemable, none of Gods beauty resides in him any longer since his fall from heaven, then are we ready to accept that about ourselves for have we not fallen? I believe there is still goodness and Gods beauty within even though I am at times an evil sinner. So why would we not believe it to be true of Satan? For was he not perfect in heaven I would not know I have not been there yet, and if a child of God carrying the Lords cross can never heal Satan for he is evil and sinful, then how be it that you could save me Lord? For I am evil and a sinner, and yet I am redeemed and didnt you speak of how much rejoicing there would be for the lost sheep? The Lord Jesus is the bread of life and He stated that no one shall enter into the kingdom of heaven without eating of it. I felt uncomfortable about that because why would I consume the very thing that is most precious and life to me which is the Lord? As I tasted this bread of life and realized that it was more than just knowing that God provides all even the food that you eat, but spiritually as well. For I was shown that when Jesus took on our infirmities and consumed our sins and made us clean and whole He was in a sense consuming death and sin and in return giving life and healing. And the reason why He fasted was because to show the Father He was not some monster out of a fairy tale that would consume and destroy everything, but rather to show the Father that He respected and adored this bread of life, this gift, that He would give it back and not eat. We also consume the bread of life for who would want to die spiritually?, and if you do than please DEAR GOD BLESS THEM, and I am so sorry for your pain and I wish I could take it away but I know in my heart that the Father will if only thru the love that is sent to you in this book. So if we eat as the Lord did which is to say to be thankful as He was in both instances with the fishes and to heal by taking on the sins and death of Satan and his angels just as He did for mankind and then in turn feed him the fruit of the Lord which is healing and life would he not be restored as we have been? Notwithstanding though there has to be a choice for God gave us free will and who might I ask will be the Lord to Satan for if Jesus was why did He condemn His enemy to hell and expect us to do something that He could not?!, which is to forgive your enemy. Heaven forbid it Lord let it be that in your infinite wisdom whether there will be one of your children or many that you left one sin behind and that was blasphemy against the holy ghost and that you left that as our cross to carry hoping that one of your children would love you enough to want to know the pain and suffering you go thru. And even I whisper this Lord to truly know Gods power which is His love to bring home the lost sheep. And if you say within yourselves that Satan can never be restored for he tried to put himself above God do we not do that everyday when we make decisions that God would not approve of, for example did we not come together as a whole and decide that we were going to get to heaven by the tower of Babel instead of asking or seeking God we thought we could get

there by our own means do you remember how the story ended? He destroyed the tower and confounded our language, for time and time again He has tried to show us that He is the master and didnt the Lord say there is no servant greater than the master and yet God also showed us that He lifted us up and made us masters for didnt His Son serve us, so please respect that. Lord Jesus You did go thru hell and gave up that most precious which was life. So please let it be said of one of your children to do the same for those that heard the truth but the cares of this world choked it out of them for they do not realize the pain and suffering they will endure without you Father. Or perhaps they do and they are angry at you for that Father for they need more, and that you should judge so harshly with an eternity of hell over roughly 80 years or a speck of sand in times hour glass! Please not let it be so and yet let us be obedient to you always Father that if that is your will to let go of the lost sheep than let it be done but I beg of you let there be another way. We can heal each other by putting faith in God which is our hearts, and using that heart to send love, respect, and compassion no matter the pain of this life for that is our crucifixion. For if you dont want that then what pain you suffered to have to look out for yourself because you dont see the glimpses of Jesus that resides in all of us. And for that I am most sorry and will pray to the Father everyday to remedy that so you may be loved unconditionally and cared for. For us that are already Christians out there we should be saying within our hearts that nobody comes to Jesus except thru us, just as nobody comes to the Father except thru Him. Now let me explain Jesus is the mediator between us and God, but what we dont realize is that we are the mediators between Jesus and those that dont know Him. How is that you ask? We learned about Gods perfection thru Jesus and in turn we learn about the Lords perfection thru each of us. For if you are walking the path of the Lord then that is the truth and that will be what sets people free. Not all the rhetoric about the bible and the drilling of you must accept the Lord, now am I saying that Jesus is not the messiah, no I am not, and am I saying that the word of God is not important? Most definitely not what I am saying is this which says you are more pleasing to God those that recite verses or those that live them? So live the ways of the Lord dont just speak of Him but truly and fully be Him. So again I beseech you to realize and accept the responsibility that every person you come in contact with whether Christian or not may be the only opportunity they have to see the Lord. For we are the representatives of Christ and more often than not we get caught up in our bad days that we dont show the new creature in Christ but the sinful human. So stand up and realize that our bad days are nothing more than His crucifixation and be proud of the fact that He allowed you to realize His pain. And how could any day be bad by those standards, for we have an eternity of no more tears and no more pain so be happy for those bad days. Since the Father created the fruit of both good and evil than everything that was ever spoken whether it be good or bad was the truth or lie, and what I mean by this is for example a woman being raped was spoken by God thru the evil part of the fruit, but does that mean that God raped the woman heavens no! But yet so many of us believes that God created everything with His words so do you imagine that He weeps for the evil that He created every time one of His creations choose to listen to those words of His and acted upon them. For God never did any of this evil He spoke into existence except to speak it for the sake of His creations to have free will. For we have free will we can either reject that part of the fruit or eat of it, for it is written that we are to avoid evil at all costs, and to hold every thought captive. God spoke to me this truth that to avoid

evil at all costs mean than that His words of evil never hurt you. Does this mean that if you witness evil in your brothers that you turn away and say Racca, now you do folly for what is the greater evil the one who is committing a sin or the one who does not try and correct him and however those of you that are still angry at the devil for being the prince of lies what of it? How many of you do not lie, I know that I certainly do especially if I think I am going to be in trouble, and also remember that God spoke these lies into existence. So why such hatred for something that you are guilty of as well, for I tell you that as you eat of the bread of life you realizes that every time you ate of the evil side of the fruit it was you that fed Satan. So do you not than turn around and repent of it from your heart, but do you ask for forgiveness for Satan as well because it was you that fed him. So what of feeding Satan is that even possible? Do we not believe that when we backslide or falter that it strengthens Satan, so what if your full responsibility for faltering would be to pray for Satan as well for he never would have been strengthened for it not had been you feeding him your sin? For I tell you of a truth and that is this that I gave Satan the power to be a homosexual, adulterer, killer, rapist, liar, and a thief for I have thought and done some of these things but am guilty of all. So if I gave him that kind of power imagine the whole world and who amongst you would take back the sins that were fed to him? Now what of you that say well he choose to eat of the sin instead of the bread of life. This is true but what if I were to tell you that who amongst you would feed him the bread of life? Have you tried? For we know that Jesus was here for mankind and would not forgive blasphemy of the Holy Spirit one sin that Satan is guilty of but is mankind guilty as well? For what is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit to speak ill or to turn away or deny? I would think so, but if that is true than isnt mankind guilty as well? For every time you place yourself above God for your own selfish needs or know that God is telling you to help someone in need and you turn away, or to speak ill of the Father or the Son or anyone that has the Holy Spirit within them wouldnt you be speaking ill of that Spirit as well? Whats the matter never gone that deep? So if it is out of ignorance Lord that we didnt commit this sin than let it be known so that again we will realize that we are just as fallen as Satan and His angels. Why do you think within yourselves to plead and beg for the life of a loved one but not do the same for all others are they not the same in Gods eyes? For I am here to tell you that in heaven all will be family and it should be that way here on earth as well for didnt Jesus state when being bothered as to speaking to his mother and brethren to look around that all were his mothers and sisters, and brethren. So imagine if you will that the postman will be as endearing to you as your own child. What perfection glory filled love! Now let us talk a minute about feelings. Do you believe that when God made us in His image that He was just referring to our bodies or our feelings, and spirits as well? I believe that is as God is which is to say everything. So if our feelings are involved than rather than suppressing them accept them and learn to repent. Now am I saying to act upon them especially the negative ones such as pride and anger? No but dont fight against them or struggle for God created you and that includes those feelings and what if I were to say to you that if you do act upon those than you are filled with the spirit of Satan and should repent from it, but if you do have those feelings but you hold every thought captive and you release it and not use the power of Satan and give glory to God for taking that burden than you are in the spirit of Christ. Now do I mean to scare you when I say that we use the power of Satan when we sin? I do in the sense that you should

look to that spirit as a monstrosity for it is and like a child you would fear it and not want to be like it, and for those of you that do want to be a monster in this fairytale why? Have you seen so little of the Lords spirit when it is as simple as going outside? Have you had so much pain? Dear Lord I hope not and I hope you will take heed to these words that you are loved even if it is as simple as the words in this book.YOU ARE LOVED, and I pray that it will be enough and that you will be healed. And speaking of the power of Satan try to think on this when you are in sin.remember those times that everyone of us experience where the anger, frustration, depression, and overwhelming sadness has driven us to suicide or thought of it? Imagine that the Father feels the same for we are made in His image and He dwells within us, and He knew us before we were born right? Do you think that He created Lucifer for that? Which is to say that He has had all those feelings that perhaps your Father not only loves you like no other, but also has great sadness for you that are sad, and a great depression for how lost and blind we are to His love. So what if He too feels suicidal over this expanse of time that He has had to watch His beautiful creations destroy each other with sin and His original evil which is Satans power. So remember that when you wield your anger and spat it out at your target like so much acid from that forked tongue of yours. CHAPTER SEVEN Let me ask you this question? Do you mean to say that you could stare into the abyss of evil and believe that God is perfect for He created that evil and yet you cant accept Lucifer and his angels for that very evil so could He be perfect if that is not forgiven? Imagine if you will if everyone you came into contact with you treated as the Father and when they would fall or do evil you wept for you know in your heart that He created it and the vessel whether man or devils was meant for so much more! For we being children of God are hesitant to accept that we are Him and that we may enter the gates into heaven as children but does it say that you dont grow up? So why do we get so caught up in our petty quarrels when you are a child of God! The Holy One, the creator of all, and He choose Jesus to show His life, but what if He choose you as well? Do you not believe that God loves you for it says that He sent His only begotten Son because He loved the world so much, that means you, me, everyone. Please let that soak in for a moment.

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