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Wekiva Elementary School 1450 East Wekiva Trail Longwood, Florida 32779 Phone: 746-3150 Fax: 746-3163 September 2011 Principal: Marjorie Adamczyk Assistant Principal: Michelle Baker Principals Message The attendance for our Curriculum Nights was wonderful. Thank you for coming to learn about schedules, subjects and procedures. If you did not have a chance to be here, please try to make an appointment for a teacher conference. This newsletter has bits of information from all grade levels, exceptional education, English Language Learners and other special areas on our campus. Feel free to contact other area teachers for more information if needed. As you probably know, students have been taking a variety of assessments depending on their grade level. These assessments help give the teacher(s) guidance and direction for lesson planning. You will be contacted if the teacher feels your child will need additional support. In some cases, we can use our WOW (Workout Wekiva) time for even more instructional time. Teachers would only make this decision with you. Mr. Maldonado and Ms. Clodfelter are on a leave of absence and we wish them both a speedy recovery. Ms. Long is assisting our custodial staff for now. Ms. Katya Malespin is working with Ms. Clodfelters class. Other new staff members include: Amber Taylor, SLD; Stephanie Eger, Kindergarten; Miriam Santiago, Cafeteria Assistant; Nilda Colon, Paraprofessional; Mary Trawick and Cindy Bock are also returning paraprofessionals. The Entertainment Book fundraiser has almost ended (see PTA News). Thank you to our PTA ladies for all of their hard work collecting and distributing them. I wonder who won the chance to slime me. Until next time Ms. Adamczyk PTA News Families and students, Thank you for purchasing an Entertainment Book from your student and thank you for selling books for Wekiva Technology! Please sell any remaining books and return orders to school. Any unsold books can be returned through classrooms or the front office. Please know: Entertainment books are NOT free and are available for purchase, only. With Entertainment Books behind us, only one PTA fundraiser remains. The awesome Boosterthon Fun Run! The Boosterthon Fundraiser KicksOff Tuesday, Nov. 1! If you're available to cheer and pour drinking water on Thursday, Nov. 10, during your student's hour of the BOOSTERTHON FUN RUN, please email Fun Run times are: Grades Pre-K through 1 = 8:45 a.m. Grades 2 and 3 = 9:55 a.m. Grades 4 and 5 = 11:05 a.m. *Please check-in at the front office and arrive at the side field 10 minutes before start time. Volunteers must be approved dividends. Thank you helping Wekiva students through your fundraising sponsorships and purchases! EVERY PENNY COUNTS when it comes to our students!! Membership is at 287 and climbing. Sundae Social on Grandparents Day, September 14 from 12:45 1:15. Kindergarten will be full of fun as we learn about the fabulous five senses in our grade level rotations. Playing and working together each day is something we all look forward to! First Grade Curious scientific minds abound in First Grade! We have learned about the scientific process and different tools scientists use. In math, addition and subtraction strategies are a plus in developing number sense. We had a fun day wearing hats to school after reading our story "The Hat" and writing purr-fect stories about cats from our story "Sam and the Bag". Thank you to all the parents who have donated to our grade fund and who have sent in the money for our upcoming trip to the theater. Second Grade Second grade is hard at work this year! In reading, we are currently discussing narrative elements of a story, the difference between fiction and non-fiction, and the main ideas and supporting details. We hope to start chapter books very soon! In writing, we are focusing on the Writing Trait called Ideas by using fun lessons and picture books to get our students thinking creatively! We are really enjoying our new science curriculum and will begin our study on Earth's surface later this month. Personal History is very important and our students are looking forward to their first oral report next month! Be sure to keep reading and studying math facts each night for homework! Third Grade The third grade teachers are gearing up for an amazing year. Parents, please be sure to check your childs SPB (Student Plan Book) nightly to

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Kindergarten Kindergarteners are excited and eager to learn. In math, we are learning to represent & compare whole numbers 0-20, and to join and separate sets. In reading, we are connecting thoughts and ideas to both fiction and nonfiction text, recognize and use letters, sounds and popcorn (sight) words. We are looking forward to our Ice Cream Seminole County Public Schools or

Wekiva Whispers
Wekiva Elementary School 1450 East Wekiva Trail Longwood, Florida 32779 Phone: 746-3150 Fax: 746-3163 September 2011 Principal: Marjorie Adamczyk Assistant Principal: Michelle Baker help your child stay on track with homework and other important classroom news. Some things we will be working on in September are Nate the Great Detective Unit, Understanding Place Value, Adding and Subtracting Greater Numbers, Graphing and Organizing Data, The Government, and the Nature of Science. A special thank you goes out to all of our wonderful third grade parents who have volunteered their time to work as Dividends in our classrooms and at home. We look forward to working with you. Also, thank you to all parents who have donated items for our classroom and funds toward our third grade activities. Fourth Grade Fourth graders have enjoyed the antics of Suds and Joey in reading Fourth Grade Rats while learning about plot and character analysis, and experiencing the creative writing of well-known author Jerry Spinelli. As writers, the students have explored writing poetry and self-reflection, while being exposed to 6 + 1Traits Writing. In math, they are completing a chapter on multiplication and division, and preparing to apply these concepts to solving algebraic expressions and equations. They are also learning to use science tools and skills to understand our natural world. Soon, they will be studying Earths place in space. Fifth Grade Lithology, myrmecology, rhinology...If you are a 5th grade student at Wekiva, you might know the definitions of these words. The science classes are discussing the careers and responsibilities of being a scientist. We have discovered scientists are more than people who wear goggles and white coats! The math classes are learning there is a plethora of ways to divide! Everyone loves choices from kinds of ice cream, to shoe fashion, so why not have some choices when it comes to math. The language arts classes are beginning their first novel study along with reading the short stories from the Harcourt text. Look for your child to be discussing such topics as theme, plot, protagonists, and resolution. Along with reading a good book, they are actively working on developing the 6 Traits of Writing. Rounding out the curriculum is the study of early civilizations in social studies. Students are learning about their culture, practices, and how they helped shape our country. The fifth grade is filled with active learning each day. Ask your child what new facts they learned today. By the way, the definitions are: the study of rocks, the study of ants, and the study of the nose. How did you do? From Ms. Johnson The goal of the ESOL program is to meet the immediate communication needs of the English Language Learner (ELL) students by teaching English as expeditiously as possible, so that he/she can function effectively in the regular academic program. We make sure to provide our diverse learners the necessary tools to ensure academic success. Most of our homeroom teachers are ESOL certified/endorsed; therefore, they are highly qualified to reach their linguistic as well as their cultural needs. From Mrs. Closson The Wekiva Elementary Guidance Department provides a comprehensive developmental school counseling program that assists families, students, and teachers in many areas, with special focus on academic Seminole County Public Schools or achievement and personal/social skill development. Academic achievement includes test interpretation, advisement, study skills, organization, test taking skills, academic and behavioral goal setting, and school transitions. The area of personal/social skills concentrates on violence and drug prevention, anger management, resources for grief and loss, groups for divorce and changing families, mentoring, and making and keeping friends. Please feel free to call if you believe we can be of assistance. (407746-3154) From Ms. Kelly-Bubon/Ms. Taylor Students with SLD, Specific Learning Disabilities, are identified as having a normal to above normal intellectual quotient, however, struggle with grade level academics. Instruction is supported in the general education classroom provided by Mrs. Kelly-Bubon and Mrs. Taylor. Students are taught a variety of strategies that help them in Reading, Math and Written Language areas. From Ms. Roffe Students in Ms. Roffes K-2 class are learning a variety of skills in the following curriculum areas: Expressive/Receptive/Spontaneous Language, Functional Routines, Preacademic Concepts, Play Skills, Social Interaction Skills, and Academic Skills as determine by individual need. The four main methods instruction used to teach these skills are Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Training, Functional Routines Instruction, and Direct Instruction (these methods are all based on the science of applied behavior analysis). From Ms. K (Kavaliauskas) I support the general education teachers and their students with ASD.

Wekiva Whispers
Wekiva Elementary School 1450 East Wekiva Trail Longwood, Florida 32779 Phone: 746-3150 Fax: 746-3163 September 2011 Principal: Marjorie Adamczyk Assistant Principal: Michelle Baker The type of support provided is completely based on the students needs. Social skills groups are also a support implemented to help facilitate social thinking and peer relationships. From Ms. Ashcraft and Ms. Keiffer Speech and language skills are the basic building block we use to communicate in all arenas. Speechlanguage pathologists address difficulties with: 1. Speech-the way we talk; our voice (too nasal or too hoarse), articulation (sounds in words), or fluency (lack of stuttering) and 2. Language what we say; our vocabulary, content and grammar/structure. After a referral, evaluation process and determination by a student study team, students may qualify to receive speech and/or language services to improve their communication skills. From Mrs. Kranz The music room is up and running! Fourth and fifth grade returning students should be locating their recorders for this school year. The school store will be selling Yamaha recorders for $5 to 4th and 5th graders first, along with 3rd grade students participating in Koala MusicKidz. A letter will be sent home regarding loaners, should you decide to opt out of that opportunity. We are looking forward to a fun-filled, musical year! *Advanced Chorus (4th 5th) Tuesday 3:15 4:15 p.m. *Advanced Instrumental Wednesday 7:55 8:35 a.m. *Beginning Chorus Thursday 3:15 4:00 p.m. From Ms. Gabrovic Super Scientist dates are as follows: Round #1 - December 1-December 8 Round #3 - April 26-May 3 If you are interested in helping Mrs. Gabrovic on your childs science lab day, please email Mrs. Gabrovic at Critter Care Club will begin this month for all interested fourth graders. Each class will be assigned a month to take care of the Science Lab critters. If you have not turned in your form, please do so as soon as possible. Additional forms can be found on Mrs. Gabrovics website. From Coach Prose and Coach Gray P.E. would like to welcome you and your children back to another school year! We have many exciting activities planned for your children this year. We just finished bicycle safety and cooperative games and are starting a Geocaching/Letterboxing lesson. Geocaching and Letterboxing are fun activities you can do with your children, which involves searching for cache on the computer and then using a GPS to find the location. The location could be locally or on the other side of the world. In the near future, look for information about a Family Bike Ride/Hike at Wekiva Springs State Park and permission slips for your child to join our Cross Country Club that starts in October. From Ms. Cook Recycling Program Throughout the year, we promote the recycling of the following items: empty inkjet, laser, fax and copier cartridges, laptops, used cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs/Palm Pilots, iPods, GPS devices, Video Game Consoles, Video Games and DVD Movies in their boxes. Please be sure to include any cables with your electronic devices. We do not accept desktop computers or printers since we ship our recycled items to the Seminole County Public Schools or company. Best of all, our school earns cash that is used to purchase our online subscriptions. Help us RECYCLE & REUSE! If your business would like to participate in our recycling program, please contact Mrs. Cook at 407-746-3151.

Parent Pick Up Parents waiting in the car line; the school has received phone calls that the driveways to our neighboring homes are blocked. Also, it is not the school policy to park and pick up children in the car line area. We have created a policy to keep your child safe. Picking them up does not assure that they are going home safely because we cannot account for it. If you wish to pick up your child, you must come to the front office and check them out before 2:30 (1:30 on Wednesday). Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Safety and security is our number one concern. Read Every Day for Homework! Seminole County Sheriff Office Crossing Guard Corner Did You Know The first weeks of school are always a bit chaotic as we embark on new daily routines. Please allow yourself additional travel time when commuting near or through school zones and be especially mindful of reduced speed limits, school crossings and our Crossing Guards. Remember to avoid distractions in your vehicle. Parents, it is very important that you make use of the pick-up/drop-off traffic plans in place for your school. They are designed with the safety of your child, the Crossing Guards and all others who rely on alternate means

Wekiva Whispers
Wekiva Elementary School 1450 East Wekiva Trail Longwood, Florida 32779 Phone: 746-3150 Fax: 746-3163 September 2011 Principal: Marjorie Adamczyk Assistant Principal: Michelle Baker of transportation. Lets have a safe school year and dont forget to Buckle Up! Annual Book Sale Wekiva will be hosting its annual Used Book Sale and Ice Cream Social on September 20th. We will be collecting book donations from September 6th through September 16th. Please send in any gently used childrens books you would like to donate to the sale. Books can be dropped off in the media center. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to support reading at Wekiva Elementary. The used book sale will be at the first PTA meeting on September 20th at 7:00. This is a great opportunity to clean out your shelves, pick up some inexpensive books, and enjoy some free ice cream with your children! If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Hull at 407-746-3137 or 9/7 Important Dates 5:00 SAC 6:15 PTA 7:00 Sign Up for Boys Scouts (Media) & Girl Scouts (Cafeteria) Robotics Club begins 12:45 1:45 Grandparents Day in Kindergarten Picture Day for Grades Pre-Kindergarten through 2 *Chick-fil-A Night Picture Day for Grades 3 -5 Picture Day is for the yearbook too! Ice Cream Social at 7:00 p.m. PTA General Meeting Book Sale!!! Papa Murphys Night No School 4th Gr. Museum Field Trips Ms. Raby/Ms. Castro Progress Reports Go Home 5:00 SAC 10/6 10/7 6:15 PTA 4th G. Museum Field Trip Ms. Russell/Ms. Crenshaw 4th Gr. Museum Field Trip Ms. Hewitt/Ms. Lindsey

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On September 2, Major Robert Hurd and his daughter Emma said the Pledge of Allegiance on KNN. Major Hurd is now stationed at Fort Bragg, NC with the 82nd Airborne Division. He has served in Iraq twice before and is getting ready to go to Afghanistan again later this month, for a year. Wekiva is going to adopt his division this year. This Sunday is Patriots Day, in remembrance of 9/11, September 16 we share Constitution Day, and during the week of September 26 30 is Freedom Week.

School Board Meeting September 13, 2011 Educational Support Center at 2:30 Budget Open to Public

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