Sack's Sentence Completion Test

PNB EXam Out of boredom, I found this post in my Multiply site. I decided to post it here so some can make use of it when they're bored too. 1. I feel that my father seldom... talks in Tagalog (He's Japanese). 2. When the odds are against me... I'm against them too. 3. I always wanted to... travel. 4. If I am in charge... I would change the world. 5. To me the future looks... very futuristic. 6. The men over me... are probably my exes. 7. I knew it is silly, but I'm afraid of... RATS! 8. I feel that a real friend... is with you inside the prison cell when you screw up thinking of devilish-stupid-impossible ways on how to escape. 9. When I was a child... I was dressed like a girl. 10. My idea of a perfect woman... (the hell I care.) 11. When I see a man and a woman together... I just look at the guy. 12. At work I get along best with... people who don't ruin my day. 13. My mother is... in Japan. 14. I would do anything to forget the time... hmmm... what was that time again? 15. If my father would only... give me money, I'll start my own business. 16. I believe that I have the ability... to go through shit and get away with it unscathed. 17. I would be perfectly happy if... everyone's happy. 18. If people work for me... I would ask them to do things they are supposed to do. 19. I look forward to... tomorrow. 20. In school, my teacher... just teaches. It's her job. Right? 21. Most of my friends don't know I'm afraid of... RATS! 22. I don't like people who... doesn't like me too. 23. Before the war... everything is at peace! dba?

. I try to chase it. 36... My secret ambition in life. 33. (Crashingera. 44. The people who work for me.. Isabel. If I am young again. What I want most out of life.. be more popular at school and teach some bullies a lesson. 34. you're gonna love me..... I wish I could lose the fear of. having known "boys" who unfortunately became my boyfriends. My feeling about married life is.. knew that I'm gay.. 32. 40.... Someday. (I'd rather not) 41. My family treats me. I don't use sign language.. Mother and I. . When luck turns against me. My greatest mistake was. working. 47... are paid.. I revert my screen back to the work Im supposedly doing.. 26. I would excel in my studies.. probably on their stations.. 46.. 28. I think that most mothers.. In giving orders to others.. When I see the boss coming. getting to my Granny's purse getting all her coins..... is to become a drug lord..... 45.. I like working with.. just think of boys.. I wish that my father.... I felt guilty about. eats dinner together. being rejected. that it's tiring. 30.. I think most girls.) 35. my classmate from Sta... I believe most women.. 42. Those I work with are. are sometimes the people I hate the most. My greatest weakness.. is a box of Godiva chocolates. I feel that my father is. 31. 38. want men. Mother and I what? 29.24. 43. The people I like best. 37.. hates to breastfeed.. Emotera. When I was young... 25. is still uncertain... Most families I know.. 39. If I had sexual relation. NOT! 27. 48...

only blooms when I have a boyfriend. my family. 56. is that new year when I was about two years old. is that they have higher chances of getting straight guys. irritates me sometimes. When I'm not around my friends. 53.. My fear sometimes force me to. When I'm older. I want to get plastic surgery. dressed me like a girl.. 58. stop and play dead. again.... When I was a child.. 57.. I like my mother but she.. My sex life... My most vivid childhood memory. 52..49.. my friends are all around me.. 50.... What I like least about women. 54. 55. The freaken hat that im wearing has a staple wire sticking out. People whom I consider my superior. 51. The worst thing I ever did ...

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