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Hello frnds, i am syam y7EC323 (revealed my identity only to confirm u that u can trust this document), ur senior sending

this mail to give the important data which i have collected. Actually I have collected nearly 600 MB data regarding placements papers in which I have thoroughly filtered important data & mailing u this, removing the useless & unnecessary papers. I did not copy this txt file from some where & pasted here. I took all the pains in filtering papers, typed every word to word regarding the procedure of taking interview smoothly & getting a job easily, just for ur sake. Kindly read till end of the document bcoz it helps u a lot. I converted the file to pdf format to avoid the data editing as editing may accidentally destroy the actual data content I prepared. I expect only two things from u 1. My juniors bright future. 2. Pass this mail to all others, so that even others get benefited with a job & this helping nature should continue in u for ever.

1.First of all go through the "all basic aptitude models. zip" which I attached with this mail, it will be covering all the aptitude models by which u will get the basic idea of all models which will be given in ur written exam. After seeing all models in that zip file then only try to solve the other papers. 2. After reading "all basic aptitude models. Zip", then try to solve as many papers as u can to get practice & perfection. Anyway u will cover all models in the data I have attached.

3. For more papers just check

" " where u will

find placement papers of almost all companies, but before checking that link plzzz read this whole file bcoz i matters a lot for u & it describes all the practical problems which were faced by me & my friends in the interviews.

1. In the " " i have given my resume & my frnd sasi's resume which we have prepared after seeing so many resume models. u can follow that model bcoz it is prepared after thorough practice. After preparing a resume of ur own plz have it checked by our "IRP" faculty atleast by 2 people ( I personally suggest u the names RAHAMAN sir & LAVANYA madam ). 2. plzzz dont copy the same "objective" which is in sample resumes, try to make ur own objective bcoz ur objective should b unique & different from others. It would look bad for TR or HR if everyone had copied the same objective. Even some HRs wont mind in rejecting u, if every resume had bcoz they will b first seeing ur

the same objective "copied & pasted"

objective in resume. dont think they r fools to accept candidature without seeing ur resume, so b careful while preparing ur resume & try ur best to b honest & dont try to bluff them with ur fake interests & hobbies, personal traits etc. even if u write something in ur interests & hobbies, personal traits plz do know the meaning of words u used & it is better to use simple & well known words rather than using complex & unknown words.

plzzz b formal in every word u use in resume ,don't use silly & awkward words. U should b careful that ur resume is free from any

grammatical mistakes, plzzz check ur resume thrice for any grammatical mistakes before u submit it. Remember ur resume should sound sensible but not silly. 4. I attached some sample resumes so that u can have a glimpse of some resume models available and u can pick anyone u like if u think it is better than my resume. But I sincerely suggest u to follow my resume & sasi's resume model (with a slighter modifications allowed & thoroughly checked by ur faculty ).

4. It would b better if ur resume is composed in 2 papers and a maximum of 3 papers. plzzzz specify atleast 2 r 3 lines of salient features about ur each project in previous years. I had made my resume in 3 pages but u can cut short urs by specifying 3 lines for each & every project done in your previous years , u can include ur 4-1 term paper also (excluding 1st years bcoz u dont do anything as a project in 1st year). 5. Even if u had described ur projects in 2 or 3 lines in ur resume, while explaining the project in TR or HR try to explain as more as u can in atleast 4 or 5 lines for each project and continue with ur next project without breaking the flow. If they asked u about a project in particular to explain how it works then try cover every detail of that project. u can impress them more by explaining ur project by drawing the functioning block diagrams on a white sheet & simultaneously explaining them about functioning of that block & finally explain the complete working principle of the diagram. u can carry whites along with u to draw the functional blocks.

One important thing is try to be confidant with ur words & u should be pleasant always with light smile. Dont get feared or panic if u said any concept wrongly. No one is perfect & every one do mistakes, but accepting ur mistakes matters ur politeness. plzz accept ur mistake only if they pointed that ur are wrong ( if they did not obstruct u , u can carry with ur flow ) & don't argue with them that I am correct , politely apologize for ur mistake by saying "sorry sir I will correct myself by going through the topic again" and continue with ur flow confidently and with a smile. confidence & smile are more important bcoz management will see whether u can do anything confidently & how can u handle pressure situations ( so u should b pleasant always with a light smile like this .).

6. In ur resume u should know the meaning of each & every word u used . bcoz they may even ask u why did u used that word or how do u justify the word used in ur resume fits for ur character. so read ur resume thoroughly & know the meaning of each & every word or statement u used in ur resume. some HRs even ask u say to ur resume while they will be checking ur resume whether u r saying what u had written or u r just cooking a new story infront of them. So better mug up ur resume so that u dont find difficult in saying the resume without seeing it. Whatever u do just b sure that u can say ur resume without seeing it fluently from any line to the end.

1. In the technical round they will b concentrating mainly on ur technical knowledge on ur own course subjects ( like ur branch subjects like ece, cse ......subjects) so thoroughly prepare for atleast 3 core subjects in ur own

stream ( which u feel easy for u or the subjects u know well ) so that if they give a choice of ur favorite subjects to ask questions. u can say them ur favorite subject & answer the questions they asked easily. Then ur interview would b a cake walk for u.

2. The first thing u have to do when u r about to enter the panel is just open the door slightly & ask for his permission " sir may i come in ". He will be asking u to come in and wish him thank u sir , u should walk normally not fast not slow. when u going near to vacant seat see him with a pleasant gentle smile like this . & when u reach the chair wish him good morning. Dont sit till he address u to sit . Then politely wish him thank u sir.

Then TR may give u a sheet to fill. He will b asking u to answer his questions while filling the sheet. This is a way to extract the truth from u, generally our brain will be concentrating on filling the sheet (and will say the truth what we actually plan .so b careful & continuously remember to bluff them that we will stick to job )& at that time he will be asking you

do u have idea to study now, are you planning to do higher education now

He will be expecting u to say the truth. Anyway u have to b careful to say that I like to earn now or now I have to earn for family or tell such answers to get the job

He asks u have u applied for gate or gre or mba ???

Then u can say no sir, ( say explanation for that only when he asks why u can say I didnt apply bcoz I thought I would get job surely )

If he say that r u ready do study when the company ask u to do higher education Then u can ans yes sir if company needs me to upgrade my skills & qualification I will be ready to do it

3. Now if he ask you to read ur resume then u can say I am _____ (name), pursuing btech 4th year in _____ stream with ____ % in _____college. I completed my inter in _____ college with ____ % .I did my schooling in _____ school & completed my 10 with _____ %.

My father is_____(name & profession) & my mother _____(name & profession). [I had a brother/sister doing ______ in ____ college, here no need of name]. Coming to my objective , my objective is ___________(as in resume). Currently I am doing my term paper on ________(explain it with 4 or 5 lines), I did a mini project named________ in 3rd year(explain its functioning in 4 r 5 lines), I also did a project in 2nd year named _____(explain in 3 r 4 lines). [[[[[I had undergone a 1 month industrial training in _____ company, on _____(field). Say this only if u can answer the questions asked on ur

training. If u dont have knowledge on it, better dont say it leave industrial visit topic and proceed to next paragraph]]]]

If he started to ask the technical questions u can carry on with answering them. If he still did not started asking u anything then continue with your resume like ACHIEVEMENTS, CO-CICULAR ACTIVITIES, PERSONAL TRAITS, HOBBIES & INTERESTS . U should say these information as written in ur resume (he will b already having a copy of ur resume with him), better dont mention ur drawbacks or negatives in ur resume as it will reflect that ur an idiot to say ur own drawbacks directly in ur resume.

He will ask u what r ur draw backs

u should not say I am short temper, I dont have confidence in me, I am lazy, I will kick others, I drink and all those bad habits & draw backs which u really have . Also u should not be overexcited for this question.

u should politely say sir I will be working continuously till I finish the work given to me ,so sometimes I will lose my health slightly. (OR) Sir I will try to do the work perfectly so it takes a little long time for me to complete a work given to me. But I will try to give the best solution. (OR) Sir when I am placed in a new environment it takes some time to adjust for me, but I will try to adjust quickly as soon as I can and will give good performance.

Remember u should give ur negatives in such a way that they should look like positive. Also u should not spontaneously give ur negatives , u should

act like thinking for 30 seconds to answer this question as it conveys that u dont have much drawbacks . Also u should say maximum only 2 negatives dont go beyond 2. Also whatever u say u should say confidently.

Now he will ask you Why do u want to work for____company U will b having an invite speech before the written test starts, remember that lines and say that words here.

He will ask u r u ready to work any where on the globe even at any odd timing & night shifts U can say yes sir, I m ready to work any where & at any time.

When the TR felt satisfied by ur answers he will be asking u do u have any questions to ask

U can ask him where we will b posted , training time ,whether we have learn any software languages before joining

U should ask these questions in such a way which makes him feel that u r ready to join the job & its better to ask 1 or 2 questions. Dont ask too many & dont get over excited ,maintain the calmness.

When he asks u to leave the room, then u should say

thank u very much sir , it is my pleasure to meet u , I had a good time with u.

I used the word sir so many times while addressing him in the paragraphs above. But a good HR or TR will ask u to call him by his name. When he said u to address him with his name u should compulsorily address him as MR. ____(his name ), there is no wrong in addressing him by his name . but u must compulsorily mention MR before his name.

4. the common question in TR will be explain ur project while explaining the project in TR or HR ,try to explain as more as u can in atleast 4 or 5 lines for each project and continue with ur next project without breaking the flow. if they asked u about a project in particular to explain how it works then try cover every detail of that project. u can impress them more by explaining ur project by drawing the functioning block diagrams on a white sheet (this is not compulsory , but if he is expecting more from u then u better draw the diagrams) & simultaneously explaining them about functioning of that block & finally explain the

complete working principle of the diagram. u can carry whites along with u to draw the functional blocks. one important thing is try to be confidant with ur words & u should be pleasant always with light smile. don't get feared or panic if u said any concept wrongly. no one is perfect & every one do mistakes , but accepting ur mistakes matters ur politeness . plzz accept ur mistake if they pointed that ur are wrong & don't argue with them that u r correct , politely apologize for ur mistake by saying "sorry sir i will correct myself by going through the topic again" and continue with ur flow confidently and with a smile. confidence & smile are more important bcoz they will see whether u can do anything confidently & how can u handle pressure situations ( so u should b pleasant always with a light smile like this & b confidant).

5. In Technical round he will be checking whether u r saying correct concept or not & whether u r confidant about what u r saying. So u can take a little time to remember the correct concept of the question asked. If u can't remember the exact answer for the question atleast try to present what u know about the topic. If u don't know anything about the concept correctly but u know from which subject it was asked from, then it is better to say

"sir I came across (___topic name____) in our course stream which is relating to ur question , I don't know much about the topic u asked ,but i will try to explain what i know" and then carry on to say what is the concept u know.

6. If u dont know anything about the topic & from which area it is being asked, then don't get panic & feared. it is one way of checking ur behavior in stress conditions & they will check how u will be facing the tough conditions. Some TR 's will intentionally ask u the topics which u didn't even listen & found in ur syllabus to check ur managerial skills. then it is better to say

"sir i am not familiar with the topic u asked but i will try to learn the concept u asked, can u plz ask me another question"

if u cannot even answer the next questions which r not relating to ur syllabus then say "sir can u kindly plzz ask me the questions regarding the ______ ( subject name which u know well), so that i will try to give the best of me to satisfy u".

7. sometimes when u could not answer well & said all wrong answers & if he said that u can leave & i cannot give u job and used such discouraging words , then don't get panic or shout that u answered well or just leave the room , some TR s will intentionally say that u r not fit for the job , sorry I cant hire u & u may leave now. even i faced this situation, (then i tried to convince him that i am fit for that job & finally i got that job .)

u can say " sir i think u r not satisfied with my performance, plzz kindly ask me some more questions so that i will try to satisfy u. plzz spare 5 more minutes of ur time so that i will try to prove my talent , plz give a chance to be a part of (___company name__) family ( i said TCs family) . i worked very hard to get through ur company & its my dream to work in an esteemed company like (__company name__) , ".

8. As most of the jobs we were offered r software jobs , they will surely ask some C questions ( deeply) & Data Structures/ C++ ( basics for non it/cs students like what is data encapsulation, function/ operator overloading, classes definition on ). so even prepare well for programming subjects.

9. Even some will ask quant, aptitude , probability questions in TR too, so even be prepared for that also. don't try to bluff them that u know everything & don't give any careless answers. be polite, confidant, have a light smile on ur face like this . then u will pass the TR. one thing u should remember is , in TR don't fear for any breakages in ur fluency of english, u should correctly explain the concept & can take some

time to answer the question( but not too long time) . be confidant & try to give correct answer.

Then u will be stepping in to HR round.

1. u should b very very careful here, bcoz here u cant guess the exact questions he would b asking u.

2. Follow the same way of entering the room as u did with TR & wishing him play major role here. Even if he didnt wish u back or he did not show any interest on ur visit dont mind it again wish him with a pleasant smile . U should maintain ur face always with a gentle smile as long as u r in that room .

Here ur attitude & way of responding to him plays a major role. U should b polite, confidant in ur words. Dont be over excited before him , stay gentle & normal before him.

3. Here ur way of speaking, body postures play a major role. So try to speak fluently & use good English with good sentences. B careful of grammatical mistakes & try to minimize them as far as possible. Confidence should sound in ur voice what ever u speak.

4. he may ask u to tell ur resume & do the same as u did in TR , When it came for the projects explanation try to speak with him as much as u can confidently & explain him as it is the best project in world , bcoz he dont know much about technical but mainly concentrates on ur way of expressing the topic. So dont fear for technical errors & go on fluently even if u said the wrong technical concept. Dont stop ur technical explanation even when u came to know u said wrong working , skip that part by saying a another important aspect of our project is _____ & continue ur flow skipping the old topic.

5. he may ask u that ur % is very low , what is the reason

U can answer him saying that sir our college is autonomous college and it is maintaining the college standards very high with tough question papers & even some questions r asked from out of syllabus. Even our papers were sent to other colleges for corrections. Also No college faculty will give more marks to the other college students. so we got a little less % in our academics (OR) sir I participated actively in various co-circular activities, it affected my academics little. I think that we should not only concentrate in our academics but also should take part in extra circular activities [say this reason only when u have some certificates regarding the activities but b careful u should explain that u had done some work other in that field].

6. he would be asking why this company

U can answer as u did it in TR .

He will ask u u r a non IT/CS back ground student , r u sure u can adjust in software environment (OR) will u face any problem with the software programming & other stuff as u r not a CS/IT student U can answer as sir even if we r non IT/CS bach ground students we have some programming subjects like _____( eg for ECE :- keil c for micro processors, matlab signal processing , Model sim for vlsi .so on ) in our course. I feel that what ever b the programming language the basic logic remains the same but only the programming syntaxs will change. If we learn the syntaxs of that language we can master the subject & even we can perform well like CS students. I dont find any problem with software job

7. The worst part is if he had raised some random issue to discuss, u should b very careful to answer it as u have to answer it spontaneously. Just dont feel too emotional or sentimental for the questions he asked u, take the question coolly & think well to answer it & support ur answer with suitable examples. There is no correct or wrong answers for such questions he will be asking. So dont feel that u have answered the question wrongly. Also dont show ur ego & level before them, b as polite as possible

What ever is ur answer try to support it with suitable examples. For such questions he will check whether the student is thinking out of box to answer the question & whether the student can think on his own when situation is bad & how he is supporting his answer with an example.

Dont lead the question in to an argument. Gently answer him with a cool & gentle smiling face with a polite, convincing & confidant voice. B sure that u should not shout on him or feel panic & feared when he said that u are thinking badly, just convince him saying that every person will be having his own view on an issue & I think we have to invite others ideas on any issue and discuss its good or bad effects and have to judge accordingly

Some of such issues are like women reservation is good r not, is reservation correct in education system , is the present government ruling correctly , corruption in india.. so on

8. This is the most difficult question to face was when u have another job in ur hand and attended the interview. He will ask u why do u choose this company leaving the company which already gave u job U should answer him sir I dont like to b one in a hundred, I want to be something different & I believe that this company with help me to b different & gives opportunity to show my uniqueness. I learnt from seniors that ur company will b providing a very good environment to freshers & will help them to reach excellence in his job & moreover Its my dream to work in ur company ( boast about the company which u heard in the invite talk).

He will be sometimes asking to tell about our college which we can boast very well ( like greenary, good teaching & efficient faculty, well disciplined, fully equipped labs, also concentrates on extra circulars like kluso & others, encourage students to do standard projects &faculty helps

students to do things on their own, long working hours in college helps us to get accustomed to long working hours in company .. so on).

But b careful when he asks what u dont like in your college

U should not get excited & say that it is very strict & have rules tough, maintain discipline, long working hours etc..(bcoz even in the company u should b disciplined , follow rules, have to work long hours )

U can smartly answer the question as Sir I like my college well for many reasons. As a matter of fact that there will b some drawback for every thing as no system in this world is perfect but tries to b perfect. Coming to our college it has to improve the transport system a little more ,as the students count is increasing & likewise the buses count has to b increased. Also the food quality in canteen should b maintained constantly as sometimes we find the food not so good taste

He may ask some questions like as ur college became university , r the standards maintained degrading day by day (OR) do u think that ur college standards are

B careful that what ever b the case we should not scold our own college & have to defend it always (even if we dont like it bcoz if we scold our college he understands that for sure we will b scolding the company in which we work because any company will b far worst than our college).

9. the best way of completing the HR round successfully is try to interact with him for more time & speak to him for more time gently & politely. Make sure that he feels that it was good conversation with u at the end of interview. Spend more time with him with some pleasant , cool topic. Just follow one thing, dont directly answer his question, just say some introduction dialogues , apply makeup to ur sentences & cook the topic beautiful to listen (just as we write in our exams pages after pages without knowing the correct answer) 10. Remember that HR mainly intends to check ur confidence levels which should be never coming down, ur character, command on words & language, fluency in English etc So try to speak as much as possible with him. Also dont bore him with ur silly conversation or make him angry with improper way of talking. [my own experience made me to write suggestions in this way & this is not the ultimate one. This is just to guide u as far as my knowledge, remember perfection has no ending, So is this document. Dedicated to my juniors ]