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Effectively moving commodities and products has always been central to successful farming. Now, with competition at an all-time high, marketing know-how is more important than ever. Whether you’re just getting started, or if you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll find valuable marketing resources here.

Marketing on the Edge: A Marketing Guide for Progressive Farmers
With food prices so low, many farms are no longer sustainable. The solution for some has been to get larger. But others are starting to retail their own products, doing their own on-farm processing and diversifying into new products or ways of production. If you are thinking about marketing a product rather than producing a commodity, here’s your guide to the world of marketing for farmers.

144 pages

Order #: E-92 $29.00


A Primer on Agri-Food Marketing: Sector Profiles and Case Studies


126 pages

This publication is an introduction to marketing within the Canadian agriculture and food industry and provides a guide to help you develop your own marketing plan. In addition, this publication presents an introductory profile of the marketing issues facing 12 agricultural commodities produced in Canada. It also presents seven marketing case studies of unique individuals who have successfully established or extended their farm businesses within the Canadian agri-food marketplace.
Order #: E-132 $29.00

Value Chain Management DVD Set
Featuring interviews with participants of eleven successful value chains: This three disc DVD set explains the concept of value chains in straightforward terms and provides tools which farmers and agri-food companies can use to tackle a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. It includes international management experts describing lessons learnt from working around the world with producers to develop successful value chain initiatives.
Order #: E-131 $185.00


Value Chain Management CD ROM
This CD ROM explains the concept of value chains in straightforward terms and provides tools which farmers and agri-food companies can use to tackle a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. It includes international management experts describing lessons learnt from working around the world with producers to develop successful value chain initiatives. The CD ROM includes written overviews of eleven value chain initiatives and models that can be used to significantly improve farmers’ competitiveness and profitability.
Order#: E-130 $49.95

Starting a Winery in Ontario
The wine industry is one of the world’s most dynamic and intriguing industries. This handbook guides you step-by-step through the complex process of establishing a commercial winery in Ontario. It also gives you contact information for organizations that can help you develop the relationships vital to growing and marketing your business.

109 pages

Order #: E-87 $35.00


Value-Added Products in Agriculture
Conduct research, define your product and target your customers with the help of this effective management tool. This step-by-step booklet includes case studies to help you identify the right market for your product.
199 pages

Order #: E-83 $29.00

So You Want To Hold a Festival?
Community festivals and events are among the fastestgrowing industries in North America. Even small festivals have become big business, and require a high level of professionalism. This guide offers a helpful, comprehensive how-to approach to festival planning. Understand the steps and issues involved in organizing festivals, to capitalize on the potential for making your festival a successful tourist attraction and major visitor destination.
Order #: E-72 $29.00

132 pages


Human Resources
Finding and recruiting qualified employees and managing them is not always easy. Human resources play a key role in meeting business objectives. This section contains resources to facilitate human resources management.

Farming with Neighbours
Written in consultation with producers across Canada, this book is full of practical tips on how to develop and maintain effective, harmonious relationships with neighbours, the government and the media.

156 pages

Order #: E-60 $25.00


Case Studies in Agribusiness
Students will gain new insight into agribusiness across the nation with this bilingual DVD collection of 13 case studies that describe the skills and characteristics often associated with successful entrepreneurs. The lives and occupations of a variety of Canadian agribusiness people are profiled, highlighting thriving operations in ranching, dairy, greenhouse production, market produce, sugar beets, sheep, pork, buffalo, cash cropping, potatoes, eggs and wine production. An excellent resource for educators.
Order #: E-46-C $19.95

Managing People on Your Farm
Recruitment, supervision, motivation and discipline: it’s all covered in this publication, which can be used to help owners, managers and supervisors achieve sound human resource management. With first-hand accounts of how effective management produced tremendous results – and how not understanding basic labour principles caused significant problems – Managing People on Your Farm is a complete resource.

121 pages

Order #: E-21 $29.00


Managing People on Your Farm – Second Edition (DVD)
Humour and helpful advice are used in this engaging video/DVD to provide practical solutions for sound human resources management. Ideal for educators in a classroom setting, you’ll see first-hand accounts of how to deal with labour challenges farmers face every day, including recruitment, supervision, motivation and discipline.

DVD: Order #: E-19-DVD (bilingual) $29.00

Business Planning
It has been clearly shown that business success is tied to sound financial management. The tools in this section will help you better analyze your business results and make strategic and informed decisions. Our resources cover all your farm-planning needs.


Building Effective Farm Management Systems
This guidebook helps family farm businesses implement proven strategies for managing people, promoting teamwork, and assuring successful transition of the farm. Developed in workbook format, the guidebook leads users systematically through implementation of key management applications. The guidebook also includes 23 application template files on a CD.

271 pages

Order#: E-106 $185.00


Farm Business Planning: Understanding, Preparing and Using!
Farm business plans are critical when meeting with investors, lenders and business partners. This book will show you how to create all the necessary elements: The business profile, the operational plan, the marketing plan, the human resource plan and the financial plan. Included is a CD-ROM packed with valuable examples of actual business plans and templates endorsed by many national lending institutions.

81 pages

Order # E120 $29.00

Knowledge Guide – Best Management Practices of Leading Farmers
The Best Management Practice project is based on the concept that solutions to the ongoing farm crisis may come from “leading farmers”. These leading farmers are fundamentally good managers, market focused and excel in management and many soft skills. The key question is “What do these top farmers have in common?” We believe they have some “best management practices”.

50 pages

Order # E118 $20.00


Managing Market Risk
Managing market risk has never been more important for farmers than it is now. And it’s vital for farm managers to have a good understanding of the risk management tools that are available. “Managing Market Risk” is an at-home study guide that will provide a good, basic understanding of futures, options and cash markets. Clear examples of each along with definitions of terminology are provided.

186 pages

Order #: E-47 $29.00

Managing Farm Business Risk
In today’s agricultural economy, governments, creditors and even the public expect farmers to take an active role in managing their business risk. This publication provides a practical tool for farmers to plan and respond to risks in production, marketing, public policy, human resources, the legal arena and financing. Available as a free download on

76 pages

Order#: E-96 $29.00


Ontario Farm Record Book
Good records are the foundation of higher profits and money management, but are often the most neglected chore. The “Ontario Farm Record Book” lets you organize, review and utilize your records with greater efficiency than ever. This comprehensive, practical publication is simple to use, yet complete enough to offer financial data for tax purposes, for credit and for farm business analysis. Provided by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
Order # E-23 $20.00

102 pages

Farm Financial Records: A Guide to Managing for Success
Managing is a complex process that can be approached in different ways. This guide approaches management as a four-step process - planning, organizing, directing and controlling. This guide will help you, as a farm manager, to get started with good financial records. It will also help you understand what your farm might be telling you in order to make better and informed decisions.

96 pages

Order #: E-112 $25.00


Cultivating Agritourism: Tools and Techniques for Building Success
This publication can help farmers and ranchers evaluate, plan and manage successful agritourism business opportunities. It can assist communities and commercial organizations understand how to benefit from agritourism development in their regions. Each of the thirteen chapters in this publication contains practical management information, as well as case studies that highlight agritourism management practices across Canada.

230 pages

Order# E-114 $29.00

Building Added Value through Farm Diversification
Many businesses are exploring diversification into new enterprises or the addition of value to existing enterprises to create value to both the consumer and the farm business. This book is a journey along the diversification pathway that explores the opportunities of value adding by a farm business. It provides examples of successful farm business ventures across Canada and draws on the experience of entrepreneurs to assist and guide you.

117 pages

Order #: E-113 $29.00


Production Management
Markets change, consumers change, you change. Farming is anything but static, and when you need advice on entering into exciting new ventures, consult CFBMC’s resources. They’re designed to help you make the best decisions possible for a healthy bottom line.

Agricultural Crop Converter Calculator: ACC 440
Invented on-farm by Aikens Enterprises, this one of a kind patented instrument will assist with you with the everyday tasks of making conversions between bushels, tonnes and pounds. The calculator contains the conversion factors for the nineteen most popular agricultural crops. The converter doubles as a calculator and comes with a protective plastic lid. It is simply a must for farmers.

Order #: E119 $20.00


From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank
The fuel of the future may be hidden where few have thought to look – in farmer’s fields. This publication focuses on using vegetable waste oil as a cheap and readily available source of biofuel. It comes with concise, easy to understand instructions for running a diesel engine on vegetable oil. Thorough, plain-language writing means you don’t have to be a chemist or engineer to understand how this alternative energy process works.

162 pages

Order #: E-98 $35.00

Organic Livestock Handbook – Second Edition
A helpful and practical guide for livestock producers who are looking for information on organic management practices related to animal husbandry. The handbook, which is written by the Canadian Organic Growers, covers material on certifying bodies, suppliers, organic management practices, management tools and specific case studies of different types of livestock operations. Great for experienced livestock producers and for those who are considering introducing livestock to their farms.
Order #: E-86 $30.00

179 pages


Introduction to Certified Organic Farming
Whether you are new to organic farming or are one of the growing number of people working in the organic food system, his comprehensive resource is a must-have. It outlines the basic elements of certified organic farming and the organic food system in Canada, while providing current information on certification and conversion steps, soil, crop and livestock management, processing and marketing.

201 pages

Manual: Order #: E-59 $29.00

Introduction to Certified Organic Farming DVD
The organic food industry has become one of the most lucrative niche markets in North America. This comprehensive DVD will show you how to take advantage of this growing demand. Learn what requirements are involved to become a certified organic farmer, how to avoid common mistakes and how an existing farm can be converted to an organic system.

DVD: Order #: E-59-DVD (bilingual) $29.00


Organic Field Crop Handbook – Second Edition
The Canadian Organic Growers have put together what could be the definitive guide to growing organic crops in Canada. In the second edition of the “Organic Field Crop Handbook”, learn about the principles and methods of organic farming along with helpful information about fertility, crop rotations and field crops that can be grown organically. A valuable resource for both the beginner and the seasoned veteran.

292 pages

Order #: E-85 $40.00


Farm Succession
Experts call succession planning one of agriculture’s most important issues. Every day, millions of dollars of farm families’ assets trade hands and someday, your assets will be among them. Let CFBMC help you enter the process with clear thoughts and vision, by understanding how to manage this inevitable change.

Managing the Multi-Generational Family Farm
Includes bonus Interactive Farm Transfer Tool! This revised manual examines the important issue of succession planning and helps enhance relations between family members who must work together to manage their farm.
233 pages

Order #: E-03 $29.00


Working Together…“Case Studies Report”
Designed for farm families and their advisors, ”Working Together“ follows a farm family in the transfer of their farm. The essential legal, tax and financial ramifications are all addressed as is the important consideration of human dynamics. Written under the direction of five experienced farm succession experts, ”Working Together“ is a must have reference for every farm family and advisor.

290 pages

Order #: E-99 $29.00

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