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Free resources for fundraisers

Helping fundraisers get the most out of MyDonate,

BT’s online fundraising service for UK registered charities.

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p3 Welcome

p4 MyDonate: the facts

p6 Why should I use MyDonate?

p7 How do I use MyDonate?

p8 Attracting sponsors; fundraising hints and tips

p9 Any questions?

p10 Extra resources

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If you’re a fundraiser or you’d like to start raising money for a good
cause, then we think you could benefit from MyDonate, BT’s free online
fundraising service.
This guide walks you through the basics of MyDonate and what it offers to help you
make the most money possible for your favourite charity.

We hope it will be useful.

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MyDonate : the facts

What is MyDonate?

MyDonate is BT’s free online fundraising service designed to help increase the amount of money going to
good causes.

It’s a safe, easy and professional way for people to raise money for their favourite charities.

And it’s straightforward:

• Charities register with MyDonate so that people can fundraise or give to them.

• Fundraisers can set up or join events to fundraise for their favourite charity.

• Donors can sponsor friends or family raising money, or give directly to charity.

Charities don’t pay a set-up fee, subscription or commission, so every penny donated via MyDonate goes
direct to the causes it was meant for. The only exception is a small credit/debit card charge that the donor’s
card issuer might make.

Payments to charities are deposited in their bank account on a weekly basis by BACS transfer.

Charities can use MyDonate if they are:

• registered with the Charities Commission in England and Wales.

• registered with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for charity purposes.

• registered with the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

Other organisations such as scout and guide groups, parent teacher associations and youth clubs can use
MyDonate if they’re registered with any of the above bodies.

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MyDonate : the facts

As a fundraiser, what can I do on MyDonate?

If you have a cause you’re passionate about, we’ve made it even easier for you to do your bit.

In just a few minutes you can create your own fundraising page to start helping a charity of your choice -
for free - with no contracts or big commitments. You can also raise money as part of a group, or start a
new group.

Then you can share your story and your progress with everyone you know, using the tools on the site -
everything from pictures and video, social media, letter templates and press releases to email signatures.
And you can make changes to your pages at any time.

You can ask people to sponsor you or give money to the charity you’re supporting – they can make one-off
sponsorship pledges or a regular gift to your charity (they can change this at any time.) And if they’re eligible,
their donations will benefit from Gift Aid, which means your charity gets even more money.

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Why should I use MyDonate?

Like some other fundraising sites, MyDonate gives fundraisers a way

to create professional event pages quickly and easily, to promote
their events.
But MyDonate has been developed with charities, for charities, and here’s why we think it beats any other
online offering out there:

• M
 ost importantly - there are no fees. MyDonate is totally free for all users. So every penny
of every donation made goes straight to charity (the only exception is a small credit/debit
card charge that the donor’s card issuer might make.)

• C harities get more with MyDonate. In fact, over 50p more for every £10 donated
(excluding Gift Aid), compared with other providers.

• Where Gift Aid can be claimed, MyDonate will collect this for the charity for free.

• T he technology behind MyDonate is the latest in online cloud computing security –

(did you know that eighty per cent of all credit card transactions made in the UK –around
400,000 transactions every hour - already use BT’s network?) So giving online has never
been safer. That’s essential information for your sponsors.

• M
 yDonate has achieved WCAG2 AA standard from AbilityNet, a national charity helping
disabled adults and children use computers and the internet. That means it provides
a good visitor experience for everyone; especially people that charities registered on
MyDonate are trying to help.

• A
 t BT we’ve worked closely with charities for more than 30 years. We’re used to processing
your valuable donations and getting them to charities quickly and efficiently.

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How do I use MyDonate?

MyDonate is totally self-service. You can register to start raising money for
your favourite charity in around five minutes, by going to
and clicking on ‘Start fundraising.’
We only ask for basic details and your information is completely safe.
And there’s online support available if you get stuck.

Setting up your fundraising page

There are just a few steps to follow to get the perfect fundraising page and start collecting money for
your charity.

• C lick on ‘Start fundraising’ and decide whether you’d like to take part in an organised
event or set up your own fundraising challenge.

• T ell us what, where and when your event will be, which charity your sponsorship money
should go to, how much you’re planning to raise and whether or not your charity is
contributing to your fundraising.

• T hen, if you haven’t used MyDonate before you’ll need to register, or enter your log in
details if you’re already registered.

• O
 nce you’ve chosen a web name for your fundraising page you can spice up your page by
uploading event pictures and links. Click on ‘Create my page’ and it’s all ready to attract
your sponsors.

Personalising your fundraising page

MyDonate makes it easy to give your appeal extra oomph by using pictures, video and all those vital links to
social media sites.
When you register and start to create your fundraising page you will be guided through the options to
personalise your page. You can also see how to do that by visiting ‘Help Guides’ from

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Attracting sponsors

Once you’ve got your webpage you need to make the most of it, and
share it with as many people as possible.
We recommend you use the options for social media links that appear when you create your fundraising page,
but here are some other things you may also like to consider using.

Networked for good

We’ve worked with the Institute of Fundraising and Ben Fogle (he’s a MyDonate ambassador), to produce a
short guide called ‘Networked for good’ that can help you raise more funds by getting smarter with social
networking sites.

Fundraising tips
MyDonate has tips for fundraisers – just click on ‘Help’ and ‘Fundraising hints and tips’ from the home page -
that we hope will help you to get creative and maximise your fundraising.

Customisable letters
Sometimes you need to do that extra push to attract attention. So at the end of this toolkit are a few extra
resources including letters, email and press release templates.
We’ve done the drafting for you- so just download the template documents, add in your own details and
send them off.

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Any Questions?

Starting something new is exciting, and we understand that you might

have some questions.
We’ve listed some of the more frequently asked ones at in case they help you, too.
Just click on ‘Help’ and then ‘FAQs for fundraisers’.
And if you can’t find the answer to your question you can get in touch with the MyDonate team by going
to ‘Contact us’.

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Extra Resources

MyDonate has a collection of documents that might help you grab some
extra attention. You just need to add in your own details.

Text for letters / emails

1. Know a regular fundraiser?

Encourage them to fundraise through MyDonate so that more of their sponsorship donations go to good causes.



I know you like to do your bit to fundraise for charity, so I thought you’d be interested to hear about a
new online giving service called MyDonate:

It’s been set up by BT to make sure that the most amount of money possible goes to charity.

Did you know that when you set up a fundraising page on other charity giving websites, it’s very likely
that a small percentage of each donation goes towards the website’s administration costs?

That doesn’t happen on MyDonate. BT absorbs these costs, so that every penny raised through
MyDonate goes to charity. The only exception is a small credit/debit card charge that the donor’s card
issuer might make.

If you’re fundraising online, here’s an example of why using MyDonate is better all round:
If I sponsored you £10 (excluding Gift Aid) for a charity activity, your charity would get up to 50p more
of my donation through MyDonate than via one of the other online fundraising websites.

You can build and personalise your own event pages really quickly and easily on MyDonate, as well as
link to sites like Facebook and Twitter to find sponsors and promote your events.

And as you’d expect, the site is totally safe to use – with the latest security technology and BT’s
expertise in handling most of the credit card transactions made in the UK every day.

There are now more than 500 charities you can fundraise for on MyDonate, including Cancer Research
UK, NSPCC ChildLine, Women’s Aid and Scope. More join every day, and you can see the full list by
selecting the ‘donate now’ button on

And if your favourite charity isn’t currently listed on MyDonate, then please email or send them this
template letter to ask them to sign up as soon as possible.

It will mean they’ll get all of the lovely cash you can raise - at no cost to them.



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Extra Resources

2. Got a charity you want to help that’s not yet on MyDonate?

If your favourite charity isn’t already on MyDonate, ask them to register so that they’ll get the most money
possible from your work, and more people can fundraise for them.


<your address>

<your postcode>



Please help me to raise money for (name of charity) with MyDonate

I’d like to fundraise for [NAME OF CHARITY] through MyDonate (,

BT’s online service for UK charities.

Unfortunately it looks as though you’re not currently registered on the MyDonate website, so I
haven’t been able to set up my fundraising page.

I’d like to use MyDonate because it’s the only charity giving website that guarantees that
every penny I’d raise would go to direct to (NAME OF CHARITY) (except for donors’ own credit
or debit card charges.)

And MyDonate makes no charge to charities at all – no set up fee, subscription fee or
commission for website administration.

So it would really help us both if you are able to sign up at as soon as
possible. Then I can start raising money to help you to [SAY WHAT CHARITY DOES, e.g. fund
more research into X,] and others can join me too.

Yours sincerely,



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Extra Resources

3. Know someone who’s a charity trustee?

Remind them to register their charity on MyDonate.



I know you’re a trustee for [CHARITY NAME] so I thought you’d like to hear about a new
online fundraising service for UK–registered charities. It’s called MyDonate
( and it’s run by BT to increase the amount of money going to
good causes.  

Did you know that when people fundraise for charities through other websites, it’s very likely
that a small percentage of each donation goes towards website administration costs?

That doesn’t happen on MyDonate. BT absorbs these costs, thereby ensuring that every penny
raised through its MyDonate service goes to charity. The only exception is any small credit or
debit card charge made by the donor’s card issuer.

Another great benefit for [CHARITY NAME ] in using MyDonate is that you don’t pay any set-
up fee, subscription fee or commission to use the service.

Can I ask you to talk to your fellow trustees about signing up on MyDonate as soon as
possible? Until [CHARITY NAME] is registered, people can’t fundraise for you through the

The registration process is really easy – just go to, select ‘for charities’
and then ‘register your charity’. It only takes five to ten minutes. You’ll then need to
complete forms for banking and collecting Gift Aid. When these have been processed, BT can
activate [CHARITY NAME] account and fundraisers and donors can start raising more money
for you.

I hope this is helpful.




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Extra Resources

4. Want support from a local business?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get. It’s always worth a try and there’ll be a bit of publicity in it for them too via
their message on your fundraising page.


<your address>

<your postcode>



Request for sponsorship

NAME > to help them <SAY WHAT CHARITY DOES e.g. provide vital medicines to help drought
victims in Somalia.>

I’m aiming to raise £ < AMOUNT> and it would be marvellous if you were able to help me get
there with a donation, however small.

I’m using BT’s MyDonate online fundraising service because it guarantees that every single
penny I hope to raise will go to <CHARITY NAME>. So every donation really does help.

In return, if you add < COMPANY NAME> to your donation message, then other visitors to my
fundraising page will know that you’re backing me.

Many thanks for reading this, and also thanks in advance for your generosity.

Kind regards



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Extra Resources

Going to press

A template you can complete and send to local media to persuade them to cover your story.


For Immediate Release


Contact: [Insert name, telephone number and e-mail]


[YOUR NAME OR GROUP NAME] of [YOUR TOWN] will be [ACTIVITY – e.g. mowing 50
lawns] on [DATE] to raise funds for (CHARITY NAME ).

[YOUR NAME OR GROUP NAME] aims to raise [£ AMOUNT) or more to help [CHARITY] to
[WHAT FUNDS WILL HELP CHARITY TO DO e.g., buy 1,000 mosquito nets for a village in

He/she [ACTIVITY – e.g., has supported this charity for x years/ is a volunteer with x charity/ is
a newcomer to fundraising but can’t resist a challenge/ etc ]

“I’ve chosen to [ACTIVITY] because [YOUR REASON].

I’m using BT’s MyDonate online fundraising service because it makes no charges at all to
charities and guarantees that [CHARITY NAME] will get every penny that people are able to
donate,” said [YOUR SURNAME.]

[ADD A FEW FACTS ABOUT CHARITY – e.g. Nearly five million people worldwide are living
with x condition ; it is chronically disabling and at the moment there is no cure but X charity
takes sufferers on holiday once a year. ]


Notes to Editors

For further information or to arrange a photo call please contact [name) on


For further information and photos on [charity) please see [website)


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Extra Resources

email signature
Adding a one-liner to your email signature is a quick and easy way to keep reminding people about your
fundraising. Something like:

I ’m (say what your activity is) for (charity name) and I’d love you to sponsor me at
MyDonate (add your fundraising page address.)

It’s easy to set up your new signature. From your email inbox:

Select ‘Tools’ then ‘Options’ then the tab ‘Mail format.’

Select ‘Signatures’, Select ‘External signature’, insert your new one-liner then hit ‘Save.’ Click ‘OK.’ That’s it.

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Thanks for reading this guide.
And in case you were wondering just why BT provides MyDonate, it’s
because we want to give charities, fundraisers and donors more choice.
The potential for online giving is huge, but in 2010, research* showed that although £10.6 billion was
donated to charity in the UK, only 7 per of that was given online.

MyDonate is just one part of our overall commitment to charity. We’ve supported charity telethons for
30 years and we invest 1 per cent of our UK pre-tax profits in community and environmental programmes
every year.

If you’re interested, you can read more about all we’re doing to help charities do even more good at

Good luck with your fundraising!

* Source of research: Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) UK Giving 2010 report.

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