SITE- Central Park of Liberty Market Site Analysis- The site analysis is based on the following measures

      Topography and infrastructure Corridor axial Skyline axial Convex spaces Activity zones Zones in the site and corridor porosity

And each is analysed in accordance with the relation of the site to the concept of the project. The site selection is an analytical point as well as the position of the site in the horse shoe shape of liberty market makes it appear as a setting/illusion of a theatre and the shops being the seating around it. Secondly liberty has many activities going throughout the day so there is the possibility of morphing all of them under one roof. Site topography and infrastructure- the site topography and infrastructure show that the site slopes towards the south. The infrastructure such as sewerage and water drains slopes to the south as well. But more importantly we deduce that the shops are on a higher level than our site and so look down upon the site similar to the theatre seating. Corridor axial- corridor axial are ones that form when a user is either moving upward or downward in the shopping corridor or coming out of a shop. These axis act as probable paths as the user is moving through the corridor and also determine from where the site is porous enough to make an axis. Secondly it determines from which point in the site we get the largest iso-vist polygon and the smallest iso-vist polygon. Skyline axis- the skyline axis form from either two taller buildings or from points where the trees allow site to be porous enough to look through. Through this we are also able to identify a polygon within the site through which we can reflect axis and create new ones either by placing walls in the position or mirrors etc. Also the height of the building is analysed in this process so as to know which axis to block, which to allow and which to reflect. Convex spaces- convex spaces are dead spaces or also a polygonal space in which all points of the polygon are visible from each point of the polygon. Three convex spaces are formed from the corridor and skyline axis at the west and south-west and east corner of the site. And in reality these spaces are the major zones occupied by the drivers. Outside this zone you rarely notice drivers.

And naturally there is no shopping activity present behind that part of the corridor. This area of site is thus in the form of a stage present in front of a high user occupied zone that is visible while moving from one corner of the zone to the other. The west and south-west convex spaces are also the hidden zones in the site surrounded by a projected wall of trees. This can be used in a way as the building in that part could be under an illusion if its height is lower than the projected wall of trees. The zone is present between the two major corridors that link the shopping arcade to shopping spaces at the identification of the various building types around the site we are able to identify the major activity zones of the users.Secondly these spaces are naturally identified on the site by an outline of trees/ or we can say the trees from the convex space polygon on the site. In front of the east and west site visible zones the corridor is the most porous as it links to the activities at the back but some of them such the two mentioned before the west and southwest convex spaces are the hidden zones of the site. Presence of restaurants at the both outer corners of that zone. A lot of shoe shops are present so high ratios of ladies. liberty and Capri are not active due the in proper linkage. whether they are the shopping ladies. Zones in the site and corridor porosity. The major visible site area is in front of the high activity zone of the corridor and the corridor in this part is the least porous apart from the two major corridors forming its boundary. Thus we are able to identify the areas where we want to create axial and isovist spaces from within the site that look through the shopping corridor. Activity Zones. Also cd audio shops that attract youngsters as well as food stalls and entertainment for kids. However the periphery of the site is visible from the shopping arcade. Also there are shopping plazas at the back which are not visited unless one already knows about them. 3. This zone looks upon the front of the site which is a major empty space in the site also identifiable by a projected wall of trees. So the area is a maximum movement zone. . 4. or the youngsters. 2. The major activity zone identified is in the centre of the horseshoe shape of the shopping arcade. This due to these reasons1.


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