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ARESD Advanced Robotics and Embedded Systems Design is a exhaustive summer internship program which is the most exciting

g training program for the engineering students in this vacation. This course offers the knowledge and exposure about the fastest growing field of Robotics and Embedded Systems. This program offers an ideal internship opportunity which covers concepts right from the foundational level and exposes the students to the unexplored applications of robotics, embedded system and industrial automation. LEARN HOW TO Control robots using mobile phones Control robots using IR Design your own IR communication protocol Interface your TV remote with your Robot Design your own IR remote control Control robots using RF Design your own RF communication protocol Control robots using PC Design your own robotic control station Controlling robots using sound Control robots using internet Control robots using keyboard and mouse Coding matrix LED display Interfacing external EEPROM Design a PCB


HANDS-ON LIVE PROJECTS Mobile controlled robot based on frequency synthesizing PC controlled Robot wired and wireless Sound control robot Controlling robotic motion through PC key board Controlling robotic motion through mouse Path Memorizer and Retracer Robot using PS/2 mouse interface Controlling robotic motion through Radio Frequency Controlling robotic motion through Infra Red signals Remote Data Acquisition System using IR standards Haptic robotics. Internet control robot Matrix LED display Line follower robot Grid solving robot Inter robot communication using RF, IR and many more.... COURSE OVERVIEW: AVR Family of Microcontrollers Why AVR? Design space and considerations AVR internals and functioning Embedded C Programming Basics of programming Use of the Win AVR cross compiler (Open source compiler) Head start to various programs on WINAVR Embedded C Syntax of Embedded C programming Data types Variables Operators Conditional statement

Looping Array String Function Pointers Making of header file Interrupt handling Accessing peripherals

Interfacing Peripherals LEDs and LCD Key pad D C motor Stepper motor Servo motor Analog and digital sensors PC Wireless RF modules DTMF modules Infra Red Keyboard and mouse Matrix LED display Exploring the AVR series of Controller Internal and external interrupts Hardware and software interrupts Timer and counter USART ADC Accessing Internal EEPROM Accessing Internal Flash Rom Accessing resistors Accessing internal RAM Accessing and configuration of fuse and lock bits

PCB Layout and Circuit Designing Layout and circuit designing software Drawing schematic Checking schematic Creating board Placing parts Design considerations Routing Auto routing Copper pouring Conclusions Sensors Bump sensor Line sensor Light sensor using LDR, photo transistor and photo diode. Infrared sensor using IR diode, and IR detectors Obstacle detectors Temperature sensor Shaft Encoder Actuators Types of actuators used in robotics Dc motors Stepper Motor Servo motors Linear Actuators Motor Drivers Motor driver using relay Motor driver using transistor Solid-state drivers: H-bridge, IC drivers

Haptic Robotics Concepts of Haptics Construction of Haptic arm Construction of Haptic glove Coding of Haptics arm and Haptics globes Haptic sensing Application of Haptic robotics Wireless Technology Techniques and Applications Concept of data management and processing RF Transmission and Reception concepts RF Modules Encoders and Decoders Addressing One-to-One/One-to-Many IR transmission and reception concept IR devices Software Support RTOS RTOS An overview Concepts of RTOS Real time concepts (OS v/s RTOS) Need for an RTOS scheduler Necessity and Applications AVR Development IDE Win AVR and AVR Studio Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio Accessing hardware using VB 6.0 Creating a Graphical User Interface (GUI) Coding and structuring in VB 6.0 Hyper terminal AVR DUDE

ARESD Training kit content: AVR advanced development board with Onboard motor drivers (2X4) IR transmitter and receiver Buzzer PS/2 interface UART interface USB power 16x2 character LCD module Analog optical sensors Sound sensor Serial cable Extra components, tools and much more....

(Take away kit worth 3500/- for all students )