Report on Marketing Strategy of Horlicks

8/21/2011 PMM

Sai Srinivas Dendukuri R.NO: 11153

4.It has revamped itself in the year 2003 and has come up with new logo. 2. Place: Reliance Fresh – Vanasthalipuram Promotion: GSK has used various methods in promoting Horlicks. The brand command over 50% market share in Indian health food drink market. Junior Horlicks Horlicks Ninja Mother’s Horlicks Horlicks Lite . It is prepared from Malt added with 23 nutrients. Product Line: Horlicks has four different products in its product line. stronger and sharper. Later on Horlicks concentrated more on kids.Product: Horlicks: Horlicks – The Great Family Nourisher is a health food drink launched by Glaxo Smith Kline. Horlicks is a beneficial supplement for children to aid not only their growth. Initially in 1980s it has launched the TV ads. Thus. 3. but also enhanced attention and concentration. It has become popular brand in India since 1993. concentration and memory as well as their physical performance and growth. research shows that these nutrients are very important for school age children for their attention. 1. Later Chess champion Vishwanathan Anand endorsed the brand. new design in packing and with more flavors inorder to compete with other brands. Horlicks has become a common household name in India. It promoted itself as a drink which makes the kids taller.

shopping malls and sponsored events which helped Horlicks to reach the people more. Sampling programs in schools. It created the ads to promote the brand in such a way that they are going on in the next house itself. Print Advertisements: Horlicks also used the print media apart from the TV. This penetrated into the customers successfully. . It is also promoted by doctors.TV Advertisements: Horlicks used television as a direct medium to reach the consumers. Horlicks conducted Taller Stronger Sharper Campaign with 869 students in Hyderabad. Public Promotions: Apart from the TV and Print media ads Horlicks also participated in events like Merchandi – Sing. This ad of Horlicks in the newspapers is the one ad which stood first in creative ad list which managed to grab more of the viewers’ eyetime.

Sugar free Market Segment.  Women’s Horlicks is only designed for women. Horlicks is now positioned as a pleasurable nourishment drink aimed at children. Segmentation Horlicks Lite.  Junior Horlicks is targeting the age group 0-5 years.Segmentation: Horlicks has segmented market based on demographic conditions. With the tagline A-Z Nutrition. Diabetic Patients Junior Horlicks.  Horlicks lite is for the people suffering from Diabetes and who are health conscious. Has come up with new logo.  Horlicks Ninja is targeting the teenagers segment with the tagline Taller Stronger Sharper. Age Group 0-5 Women's Horlicks. new tagline: Taller stronger sharper. Teenagers The four different variants’ of the Horlicks are targeting different segments of the market. Repositioned itself to “The Great Family Nourisher” in 2003. Positioning: a) b) c) d) Initially Horlicks entered in Indian market as Malted milk drink. . Age Group 19-50 Horlicks Ninja.

Such people tend to buy a thing which can be prepared instantly rather than that takes time. We believe that aggressive price hikes going forward could be difficult given current low inflation and also due to the fact that a large portion is also consumed by mass market. Horlicks second largest selling SKU is 500gm-refill pack priced currently at Rs 98 .the price could cross psychological level of Rs 100 after the next revision. Aggressive price hike could result in switch to Browns in the long term. Horlicks has 23 nutrients and vitamins which provides required for a day. .Pricing: Horlicks pricing has been one of the key factor to the topline and bottom line growth of the company. Consumer Buying Behavior: Today health drink is very common in every house. the last price hike was in early quarter and the company has not taken any midterm price hike. People today are busy in going out for working. For example. This made people to buy Horlicks. GSK typically takes two-price revisions every year. However.