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Corcoran COOLS Chicagos HOTTEST Nightclub

Chicago, IL Lettuce Entertain Yous hippest new venue, the Paris Club (59 W. Hubbard) in Chicago has patrons raving! The combination restaurant/lounge/nightclub is a wildly successful hotspot in the River North area - but was experiencing a major headache: the spot WAS HOT. Literally. The 5,000 square foot renovated space included a newly added, totally awesome lounge complete with retractable roof offering expansive and unique cityscape views. Typical of the renovation process, the usual crew was assembled: an architect, engineer, construction company, mechanical contractor, and the like. What they came up with was a chic black and white motif and innovative design. What got them down was the realization that during their busiest times, they were unable to maintain the cooling comfort level which would be necessary to keep their sophisticated clientele coming back for more.

September 2011
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the same old inadequate results. Taking you behind-the-scenes of the Paris Club scenario, our Step one is a complete assessment of the problem.

Physical dimensions of the space were taken, windows and roof measurements were noted, the projected number of patrons and staff considDespite the new HVAC equipment installed ered, and desired temperature factored in. Parcustomers and staff were not comfortable. This is amount to the diagnostics was listening to the a typical concern in our business both for resiclient. This was not a space used for sedentary dential and commercial clients. We were called purposes: not just lounging in this club! Bright in for one simple reason. Our 30+ years of exlights, dancing, music and mingling were part of perience combined with our exceptional crews the draw and had to be a big part of our enable us to use every tool at our disposal to equation. ensure that the problem is correctly diagnosed, the recommendations are clearly understood, and All equipment appeared to be functioning at the the installations or repairs are completed satismanufacturers stated levels. By utilizing perforfactorily. Scratch that. Completed expertly and mance based testing we found the new equipexceptionally. ment was only delivering 46% of total capacity. It begins with our refusal to use the same old inadequate diagnostic steps which only deliver The harsh reality was that even when we improved the new equipments performance to

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Ever wonder what the coaches are really talking about on the sidelines when they talk into the headset? The Onion recently tackled this paradox and here is what they had to say after asking Bears head coach: Lovie Smith says the voices in his headset keep calling him an idiot. He hoped the voices would stop after last season, but they have been there all preseason

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80%, DOUBLE the amount of air conditioning normally required for the square footage of the Paris Club was needed. Yes, double. (I doubt you are wincing as much as the owner was when we delivered this news). The largest contributing factor was the effect of pounding heat from the retractable glass roof and the solar gain on the space. Answer: addressing the concerns with the aesthetics of the space we brainstormed, and came up with a suitable solution. Instead of installing a third unit, why not go with ductless units? They had worked great for a junior high school installation we had done in 2010. Presenting this option to our client and getting the nod to go ahead, our crew began the installation. Five days later and with no interruption to operations, the customer had a library-quiet, seamlessly integrated system. An added bonus was that if one of the seven units should ever fail, the others would continue to function. Plus, you know what they say about Chicagos weather wait a minute, and it will change. The climate in the Paris Club can change quicker than that. Comfort can be delivered with the simple touch of two buttons on the thermostat. If you are looking to experience a high end venue for one of you parties or gatherings, or are just looking for an exciting new night spot check out the Paris Club. (Sometimes its hard to LOOK cool, but at least you will FEEL cool ! ) If you want to experience the same level of consideration we had for them, check us out. Take advantage of our thirty years of experience. We strive to ensure that each and every one of our customers is listened to, that our diagnostics are accurate, your concerns addressed, our recommendations completely understood, and that any job is done to your satisfaction. Like the Paris Club, we want you to spread the word of our business to your neighbors, friends, and family to keep you and them coming back for more!

John verifying operation of one of the brand new ductless units

59 W. Hubbard Chicago, IL 60610 - for further details


Corcoran Contest Corner:

As you can see from How To Solve Sudolast months issue we ku Puzzles: added a new twist To solve a Sudoku, on our referral and you only need logic testimonial initiative. and patience. No We have decided math is required. that from now on Simply make sure everyone who subthat each 3x3 square mits a testimonial region has a number gets 1 ticket, everybetween 1-9 with one who gives a Our winners: Michele, Avery, Evan, & Justin only one occurrence referral gets 1 tickof each number. et, and a video testimonial gets 10 tickets (and well even shoot it if Each column and row you would rather). There are no limits on the amount of referrals you of the large grid give out. Just be sure they mention your name when they call, and may only have one you could be the next lucky winner. instance of 1-9.

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Here you find my official back to work picture. I am calling it that because on my moms first day of school (shes a school teacher), She gets to take a first day of school picture every year, and frankly I felt like I was being slighted in this whole process. I mean, of course I am going to miss staying home on days when my dad cant watch me at the shop. And sure, I will miss lounging in the back yard, and swimming in kiddy pools. However, I was most upset about not getting my fair share of camera time simply because I was not going to school. I go to work, I am not welcome at school. As you can tell by the above photo, I am quite good at getting my picture taken. I happen to enjoy the process really. I get to show off my ability to sit, and my special talent of just looking cute. My next beef is with whoever planned on putting a super cute picture of a baby on this page. I will do my best to look cuter.

- Franklin

This was sent to me and way too cute to not put in the newsletter. This is young Evelyn Hill from A.H. reading last months copy of the newsletter! Shes so smart!

TECHNOLOGY CORNER - What data plan do you really need?

Popular Mechanics writer tackles the question: How much data am I actually using compared to what I am paying for. Great insight and resources to find ways to cut down on your phone and internet costs. Unlimited plans are not always the best. While weve grown used to effectively unlimited home broadband connections, the proliferahone Cell P tion of 3G and 4G wirect Q: On my last cell phone bill, I noticed I was paying for 2 GB of data less access in laptops Contra access. I occasionally tether my phone but doubt I use nearly that much. means we need to get back into the habit of How can I keep track? minding our bits when were not connected to Wi A: Cell phone carriers are nothing if not cunning. Looking at availa-Fi. Wireless providers ble data plans from companies such as AT&T and Verizon, you can typically include a free, see a pattern. The more expensive option buys more data than you basic data-tracking app could ever use, while the less expensive options are bare-bones with their wireless adaptenough to scare you into paying more, even if you dont know how ers. For Windows users much data you actually use. The solution is simple: Find out. who want more detailed tracking-or dont really AT&T and Verizon both offer free tools to their customers for tracking trust their wireless providdata usage on an iPhone. (Search in the Apple App Store for My ers-a free app called NetVerizon Mobile or myAT&T.) A third free app called Consume can Worx conveniently displays data usage in numerical or graph form, track AT&T raw download and upload amounts as well as dozens of and can even archive detailed reports in Word and Excel formats. other services, including home broadband. Android users on any car- (Alternatively, BitMeter OS sends your usage information to a local rier can enter their wireless plan account information into a free app website, which, when you are on your home network, you can visit called 3G Watchdog, which can be set to send usage as total trans- from any computer in your house.) Mac users can try a similar app fers approach monthly limits. You may be surprised at how much you called SurplusMeter, which tracks data usage against monthly allowuse: By Nielsens count, Android users averaged 582 MB a month; ances. iPhoners racked up 492.

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September 2011
My fellow bookworms, summer is dwindling and our beloved baseball teams are in the proverbial toilet. Its a great time to sit and lounge on the porch, sit by the fire or park it in your nice comfortable house with a good book. I try to read as much as possible, and usually have multiple books going at once. Recently, I just so happened to finish Robinson Crusoe, a good classic book for fun. I had the pleasure of meeting Howard Berg recently at a local business conference. Howard is the Guinness Book of World Records fastest reader. He, in my opinion, is a genius with an abundant passion for helping people. Howard has developed a large variety of programs ranging from speed reading, ultimate writing, super memory, ultimate test taking, to super math secrets. I initially bought his program to help my daughter who is a junior at the University of Iowa. It seemed like a no-brainer to help her better her skill set. Being a small business owner myself I knew instantly that this would also further my own skills and abilities. After cracking open the first couple of DVDs I have seen my skills improve over the very first week. Maybe its the entrepreneur in me or my adult ADD, but his speaking patterns just seemed to click with me. With his program and his promise I am hoping to get twice as much accomplished in the same amount of time. Which never seems to be enough. If you are interested in bettering your skills, helping a child or grandchild in school, or just want to stay sharp, I suggest you checkout his programs. This is a truly powerful comprehension aid that I can see benefiting everyone! Howard gave me this exclusive personal link for my friends to check out:

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