Tailors of faith After spending over then a decade of her life lying in hospital in so called persistent vegetative state

, attached to instruments which had been artificially keeping her alive, unaware of the fact that millions had been watching her in that state on their TV screens, unaware that she had became a symbol of al and everyone's interests and political agendas, unaware that she was even alive, finally TS ceased to exist, a person to whom had happened to accidentally become a symbol,a person who would peacefully lived her anonymous life, if things haven't gone out of control.the way those lustful cameras were shooting her, that half-alive, half-dead face of a person, who had gone out of any control, without her own will and glimmer of consciousness. Which kind of human been has authorities to take rensponsibility for the future and tell ''never again?. Aren't the terms such as never and forever in domain of different powers, divine, unreachable to us. Right there it lies the beginning of all possible controversy, beginning of real war that had been initiated in this country for that random person. After years and years of court proceedings, local judges had, after all, reached the verdict to take out the feeding tube from T-s body, after which T was left with nothing else but to die slowly in pain which luckily she wasn’t aware of, in most morbid way , in sight of the whole world. First and main question is the next one What is life. how do we define it.and how do we,according to that,define the end of life. Do terms like dignity of life take any kind of place in our relation to sickness and death? Do we ,the people, have a right matters we have not been allowed to decide upon, matters far greater than us,matters incomprehensible, matters divine. We found ourselves on the thin ice when medicine and religion cross their ways, or when thez collide. Some religions prohibit any kind of contact with medicine to their followers. To this observer this principle seems somehow most fair. Namely if we believe that we,the small people don’t have a right to decide about direction of our life and our death, than there is no need to go to dentist and not to mention attaching seriously ill persons to instruments that feed them and allow them to breathe. than, we indeed need to resign ourselves to god,s will, faith, chance or however we want to call the powers that rule over our lives. And if we, after all believe that an intervention is sometimes necessary (and why else to concern ourselves with medicine and science at all) than we easily and quickly start to lose ourselves in something what has the semblance of the dark forest in which we don't differentiate shapes, in which we don't recognize their sense, in which everything around us seems illusive, ambiguous, indeed with more meanings, variable, unclear and illegible The American religious right,headed by bush, is ,of course, always unambiguously for life. And now, when poor T died,they blame the liberals, democrats for disrespecting the life as such, for cynism, for lack of humaneness and spirituality. Division is,as always black/and/white and there is no doubt that rightists are warm and spiritual, that they are the one who care, and that the leftists are cynical, ruthless barbarians who don’t know the meaning of compassion and care for those who are in difficult situation. i have been reading a recent bush statement,after he,all careful and passionate as he is,terminated his vacation on his ranch in crawford, texas, and returned to the White House just to sign new, urgent law, made just for that purpose, which was supposed to give a new lease of life to ill T or to say vegetation, depending on which side we are.So Bush has stated.* The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak.* two things come to one,s mind. The first one is a mental list of different activities of his administration which do the quite opposite. If we skip the war in Iraq,i.e. every-day-killing of “weak” by “strong”, there is Bush’s proposal for stopping aid for the poor ( in form of food-coupons thanks to which 9,7 millionb of children in Amwrica are surviving at this moment). Ewith that the government would manage to get 35 billions of dollars,directly taken from the poorest,that is the weakest (if they accept this Bush’s proposal, 300 000 of people will be left without their foodcoupons,i.e.hungry and homeless) and there is,among other things, reduction of budget for Medicaid (another 15-20 billions) health insurance for poor,which was ironically, directly covering the treatment of TS. The other thing is ideological. The program of the conservative republican right by the way,on which is this country established, is the program which goal is to lessen the country and prevent her interfering into individual’s life. This country is formed on the fascinating, brave, victorious idea of individualism-.that idea Is the one that enchanted us ,the children of socialism who were raised in communal spirit ,not on individual basis. And it enchanted us With a very good reason. The idea is,actually, empowering.sexy. it smells on freedom and inspires actin,because,in other words,the number of options is unlimited and only the sky is the limit.. practically that means tax cut (for the rich), to have a free hand for business, that means “survival of the fittest”, everyone for oneself and against everybody else. So there is no compassion for the weak because the true conservatives believe that the one who is weak is the one to be blame for it. The true conservative believes that the country does not have responsibility to anyone, that is to say, nothing belongs to anyone if he himself doesn’t take it. So how came that precisely the conservatives leaped so passionately on case of TS,who is, at least to same point,responsible for her own faith since she was starving herself (so called bulimia) ,so it resulted in the absence of potassium,what caused heart stroke, which lead to permanent brain damage. Over and over again, in a million examples, political and others, we see interference just of opposite ideas, incomprehensible connection of incompatible, coloring black with white, and white with black. Amazed, we are watching ruthless use of ideas and attitudes toward current real political needs. This woman died finally, but discussions are still underway. Republican Tom Delay is publicly threatening to federal and state judges who opposed Bush’s ad hoc created law, democrat E.k. publicly asked him , did he called to violence against judges, thereby to judges arrived daily death threats. And I, like the most so called ordinary citizens, think: should leave as son as possible to lawyer and your wishes about their own end put on paper. That man’s own child would not watch one day on the television screen viewed crying, and his chin hanging lifeless, and have some other domestic and foreign, Buhes, that shape destiny’s at all of us while we live, would not suddenly got a chance to make a fair decision and sensible decision about our and only our death.