English 102 Fall 2011 Essay #1: Constructing identity Part I In class we have, and will continue to, discuss the

different components that create ones identity. For this first assignment you have the opportunity to explore your own identity and use it to build your writing and research throughout the semester. Identity goes far beyond your name, physical appearance, job, or hobbies. Who you are is developed, as our text explains, through birth, cultural environment, and personal choices. For this assignment you will create a digital collage that makes an argument about what your identity is. This collage must be more than just a collection of things you happen to like. The collage needs to connect together as a whole to create an argument about who you are. To do this you may want to focus in on a theme or a few topics of things that exemplify your identity. In addition to images, you can use text, audio, and hyperlinks if you wish. In class we will discuss how to compose digital texts, including how to effectively design documents. We will also look at a variety of tools that can assist you in building these collages including Microsoft Word, Picnik, and hyperlinks. Brass Tacks:  Your digital collage must contain at least 10 images  Your digital collage must be coherent and construct an overall argument  You digital collage must implement design principles discussed in class Part II After completing your digital identity collage, you will write a two page, double-spaced, essay to accompany your collage. It should explain to readers what the components of the collage represent and how it depicts who you are. Although the essay will accompany your collage, the collage should still, like any piece of artwork, stand on its own. Brass Tacks:  Two pages, double spaced, 12 pt font  Proper essay format with introduction, support, and conclusion  Explain how your collage represents your identity