FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual



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FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Read this user manual before use Keep this user manual accessible Follow instruction Keep this unit away from cleanser Keep this unit dry in ventilation Give way to ventilation outlet Power cord must be fixed properly To avoid damage, unit must not be stuffed or be splashed with something Do not repair this unit on your own Please contact local dealer for the following condition: a. Power cord damaged b. Showered unit c. Failure in operation d. Unit dropped or cabinet damaged 11. Repairing components must be approved by original manufacturer. 12. Ground wire of outdoor image source must be well connected to the ground to prevent from thunder attack 13. Power cord and outdoor image source cable should be detached in case of thunder attack

Only qualified engineer can detach the cover. There is nothing inside for end users. Cover must not be removed in case of power on.

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FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual

1. OUTLINE 1.1 INTRODUCTION ------------------------------------------ 4 1.2 FEATURE ---------------------------------------------------- 5 1.3 ACCESSORY ------------------------------------------------ 5 1.4 SYSTEM REQUIREMENT ------------------------------ 5 1.5 PANELS ------------------------------------------------------- 6 1.5.1 FRONT PANEL ------------------------------------------- 6 1.5.2 REAR PANEL --------------------------------------------- 6 2. INSTALLATION 2.1 CABLING ---------------------------------------------------- 8 2.2 SURVEILLANCE SOFTWARE ------------------------ 11 2.3 ETHERNET FRAMEWORK & CONNECTION -- 13 2.3.1 PC TO VIDEO SERVER CONNECTION --------- 13 2.3.2 INTRANET CONNECTION -------------------------- 17 3. OPERATION 3.1 LivePlayer SURVEILLANCE SOFTWARE --------- 20 3.1.1 LivePlay SOFTWARE INTERFACE ---------------- 20 3.1.2 LivePlayer INTERFACE SETUP --------------------- 22 3.2 IE BROWSER SETUP CAMERA FUNCTION ----- 30 3.2.1 Web Server AUTHORIZATION ---------------------- 31 3.2.2 Status ---------------------------------------------------- --- 32 3.2.3 View --------------------------------------------------------- 33 3.2.4 System ------------------------------------------------------ 35 3.2.5 Network ---------------------------------------------------- 36 3.2.6 Image ------------------------------------------------------- 37 3.2.7 User --------------------------------------------------------- 38 3.2.8 Alert -------------------------------------------------------- 39 3.2.9 Factory Default Function ------------------------------ 40 3.2.10 Restart Function --------------------------------------- 41 3.2.11 Upgrade -------------------------------------------------- 41 4. ELSE 4.1 SPECIFICATIONS --------------------------------------- 42

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FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual

Video Server is a low cost provision of network surveillance facility which transmits images on network to remote PC in format of compression technology. Monitoring, storage and recognition on line are provided by video server. Image transmission remains the same quality on both ends of server site and remote site. Single image source can be transmitted to multi ports saving lots of cabling overhead.

Dual compression technology JPEG & MPEG-4, remote site operator can access to the server site via IE browser to secure personal safeguard and property. Video Server works with existing digital network transmission system. LivePlayer software provides functions of live monitoring, monitoring setup conditions & motion/schedule recording.

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11 or ADSL network Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.4 SYSTEM REQUIREMENT Pentium4 or above Windows 2000/XP OS Protocol comply to 802.3 ACCESSORY CD ROM Remarks [1] .FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 1.microsoft. Video server may be damaged & warranty void in use of other power adaptors 1.com/windows/windowsmedia/format/codecdownload.0 or above Microsoft Codec Installation Package for Windows Media Player 6. Please contact local dealer in case of accessory shortage [2] .2 FEATURE Image & audio transmission via network Dynamic IP & static IP support Dual compression technology JPEG & MPEG-4 Digital alarm I/O RS-485 for PTZ control LivePlayer client software Built in motion detection & recording functions IE browser remote monitoring & setup support Firmware upgrade via IE browser on line 1.aspx ) 第 5 頁 .4 or above ( http://www.

5.5.5 PANELS 1.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 1.2 REAR PANEL DC +12V Power input port receives 12VDC power 第 6 頁 .1 FRONT PANEL Video In Video input port takes images from camera or other image sources Video Out Video output port provides images to monitor or recording devices Audio In Audio input port takes audio from microphone or other audio devices Reset Button Press this button to restart RS-485 RS-485 control port for PTZ control 1.

FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual LAN RJ-45 10/100 Based-T Ethernet transmission port ALARM I/O Alarm input/output port two sets for digital sensor input one set for digital alarm output Definition of the pins 1. +12VDC 2. Hi active 4. digital sensor input #1. digital output out 6. digital output in caution: pin #2 & pin #3 are individual input ports Hi active input voltage rated 12VDC pin #5 & pin #6 are the same output port normal open alarm close POWER LED Power indicator power on indicator red LAN LED Network indicator LED ON LAN working 第 7 頁 . digital sensor # 2. GND。 5. Hi active 3.

Video Input Video source from camera or other device is to be connected to the “VIDEO IN" port. Video source must be format of CVBS. Other device could be DVR or VCR. camera or other device must be sure of working well. Video server could be damaged of improper voltage input. 第 8 頁 . INSTALLATION 2.1 CABLING 1. Power LED turns to red in five seconds video server system activated. 2. 75 Ω. Prior to video input. Power Input Plug in the power adaptor which supplies +12VDC. 1 Vp-p Composite Video Signal.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 2.

Video Output “VIDEO OUTPUT" is to be connected to CCTV monitor for live monitoring. Plug in Ethernet Cable Plug the cable in the Ethernet port with “LAN" mark for Ethernet connection.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. 4. The video output format is 1 Vp-p Composite Video Signal. 75 Ω 第 9 頁 .

RS-485 Connection RS-485 --. keep alert on the polarity D+ & D. Audio Input “AUDIO IN" receives audio from microphone or other audio device.Pan Tilt Control Port.of RS-485 port. Please 6. User can setup pan tilt control on IE browser. 第 10 頁 .FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 5.

exe” to start installation. Put the CD ROM in CD drive 2.2 SURVEILLANCE SOFTWARE Please use the enclosed CD ROM to install the software 1.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 2. Execute the file “Liveplayer_Setup. Click “Next” to initiate software installation 4. 3. traditional Chinese & simplified Chinese. Click “Next” in the dialog of “Choose Components” 5. Choose the default directory 第 11 頁 . This software promptly supports OS of English.

Click “start” ”program files” ”IPCam” ”LivePlayer” 第 12 頁 . Execute Codec Installation Package to download software via internet 7. Click “Close” upon installation finished 8.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 6.

3 ETHERNET FRAMEWORK & CONNECTION Video Server can be connected to DSL modem or hub.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 2. Default IP address 192. Use Cat5 Cross-over Cable to connect PC Cat5 Cross-over Cable (EIA 568A/B)layout & definition 2.168. Video server will start detecting DHCP protocol upon power input.200 starts working when NAT router not in use.168. Other device must be shut down beforehand until video server finishes IP setup.1 PC TO VIDEO SERVER CONNECTION 1.3. Video server default setup as follows 第 13 頁 . Video server enables DHCP protocol to work with NAT IP address when NAT router in use.200has been occupied by other device.1. 2.1. Suppose 192.

FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. Select ”TCP/IP” and click “Properties” 第 14 頁 . c. Select “Local Area Connection” by clicking mouse on the right. Setup IP address of PC’s LAN card same as video server’s domain. Click “Properties” accordingly. b. In condition of Windowns-2000/XP OS a. Select “My Network Places” by clicking mouse on the right. Click “properties” accordingly.

FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual d. Follow the following procedure to make sure IP address correct. Subnet mask and Default gateway. ”RUN” and input “cmd”. Select “Use the following IP address” to input IP address. Click “OK” accordingly. a. Click “START” Click “OK”. 第 15 頁 . 4.

Connection a. Execute the client software LivePlayer. Please review 3. Click “enter” to inspect IP address. mask and Default gateway. 第 16 頁 . Click “Setup” and “Refresh” to search video server. 5.1. Please be patient. Subnet Please log out and log in if IP incorrect. It takes time to search the video server. Alert dialog pops up upon video server found.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual b.2 for details. Enter DOS and input “ipconfig”.

2 INTRANET CONNECTION 1. Cat 5 cable must be used in condition of connection via router. DSL modem and hub. 2. 第 17 頁 .3. Click “View” and “OK” to start connection.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual b.

Video server detects DHCP when system starts working. 3. Connection a. Click “Setup” and “Refresh” to start video server search. 第 18 頁 . This device must be turned off prior to video server renew the IP setup.168. 4. Please make sure PC and video server same domain. Default IP address becomes for details. Execute client software “LivePlayer”.200 on internet.1.1. Please be patient for waiting video server search. Suppose there is an IP address 192. Click “OK” by the time video server detected. Video server enables DHCP protocol to accept IP address from NAT when NAT router detected. Please review 3.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 2.200 when NAT router not detected.

FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual b. Tick the item “View” and click “OK” to start connection. 第 19 頁 .

1. 第 20 頁 .1 LivePlay SOFTWARE INTERFACE 1. Double clicks on the mouse to activate LivePlay software. Click “Change to Small Panel” for small size panel. Screen shot and control panel displays as follows: 2. OPERATION 3. Four units of video servers can be monitored and managed at the same moment. LivePlay icon comes up on the desktop after installation.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. 3.1 LivePlayer SURVEILLANCE SOFTWARE Video Server provides LivePlay client software.

Digital output alarm status Digital Alarm Output Indicator Indicator gives alert when video server delivers digital output. Definition of buttons in the control panel Exit Exit LivePlayer Hide the Panel Minimize LivePlayer Quad View Viewing four channels at the same time Single view Viewing single channel Setting Entering setup menu to setup internet server. Recorded files can be found there. Audio volume PC’s Sound Card Volume Adjustment Can monitor the sound at the remote site. Input audio in quad status. alarm…… View recorded files Click this button to execute the folder in explorer. Digital input trigger status Digital Sensor Input Indicator Indicator of Digital Input Left --. Camera 1-4 Inspect the intended channel in single channel status.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. Default directory can be found C:\Program files\IPCam.Port # 2 Video Server comes with two digital input ports to receive alert from sensor. Change to big panel/change to small panel Change the size of the panel. 第 21 頁 . motion detection status Motion Detection Indicator Video Server gives alert when motion detected. Hide the status menu Hide the channel selection and alarm status to clarify the screen shot. recording. system configuration.Port # 1 Right --. Mute Mute the sound of sound card. Camera record status Recording Indicator PC keeps writing video files in the hard drive.

第 22 頁 . Click ”Refresh” to detect NAT router and to add camera status in the list. c.2 LivePlayer INTERFACE SETUP 1. Refresh Refresh function makes installation user-friendly.1. Click “Setting” to activate LivePlayer software. a. b.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. Enter “Camera” setup mode.

LivePlayer tells quantity of camera being added. Click OK f. e.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual d. Camera image comes up to the screen display 第 23 頁 . Tick up the camera items and click OK g.

FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 2. Camera name and description will be seen and test indicator green in condition of well connected. Add New Camera a. Click “Test” to make sure camera on line c. Fill in IP address to add up a new camera b. d. Software will search the cameras in the list upon next activation. Click “Add” to add the new camera to the list. 第 24 頁 . Test indicator red in condition of camera disconnected.

Name and Password must be given. f. Click “Modify”. 第 25 頁 . Tick up “View” item.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual e. If your router or your server requires Name and Password. Back to LivePlayer screen display. g. click “APPLY” and click “OK”.

Click “Test” to make sure camera on line. IE browser must be executed. Setup in IE Browser a. Find a camera in the list. c. Test indicator red in condition of camera disconnected. b. c. 4. Test on Camera Connection a.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. Click “Setup”. 第 26 頁 . Camera name and description will be seen and test indicator green in condition of well connected. Click camera name in the list b.

第 27 頁 . b. Scheduled Recordings Users can choose a camera to setup its Scheduled Type. Click “SYSTEM” to enter system setup mode. 6. Start Time and Duration. Time Limit For Recording Setup recording time for a video file. Tick up “Enable” to start password setup. c. File name will be changed upon time up. Password can be a single letter or digit up to eight letters or digits. Browse Setup the location for saved video files. b. LivePlayer Password Setup a.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 5. Recording Setup a. Users must keep password firmly in mind.

7. Tick “Superimpose camera information on the image view” input some information on the imge. Input password to enter the system.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual c. Superimpose camera information on the image view a. Password request pops out before entering setup mode. to 第 28 頁 .

FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual b. There are two event types. We can setup event type in alarm setup mode. Click “Superimpose camera information on the image view” in the live mode to show time and date. Alarm Setup a. b. 第 29 頁 . 8. Click “Alarm” to enter alarm setup. One is motion detection the other Is Din.

Both are used to modify camera setup.2 IE BROWSER SETUP CAMERA FUNCTION System manager can setup hardware via Goahead web server interface. 第 30 頁 . Users must install LivePlayer to modify device setup via IE browser. Please execute “Restart" function before leaving.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. Execute IE browser to input camera IP address or enter camera setup to click “CAMERA".

Network.1 Web Server AUTHORIZATION Please read 3. View and Support Sub menu 3. Alerts.2.System.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual The interface menu includes --.2. Config’s User YES YES YES NO YES YES YES YES YES YES YES Everyone NO NO NO NO NO YES YES* YES NO NO NO Different users have different limit on the web pages. Image. User. If setup “Only users in database” only User Database person can operate the page. NO stands for negative. (2) * is the mark for everyone in User Access option. States.7for detils. 第 31 頁 . Page Name System Network Images User Alerts Status View Support Factory Default Restart Upgrade Administrator YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES View’s User NO NO NO NO NO YES YES YES NO NO NO (1) YES stands for positive.

Firmware Version. 3. Password will be save in the remote site PC.2. User name and Password must be kept carefully in mind. Current Viewers.2 Status Status includes device name. MAC address. IP address.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual Default User Name & Password User Name:admin Password:passwd User Name and Password can be changed at the first time. Network Mask. Built Date. Tick “Save this password in your password list”. Gateway. description. 第 32 頁 . Setup Date.

Format of the file is . View enables users to monitor camera. Choose correct baud rate and ID. Scale Down. Snap Please be aware of the directory of saving files prior to snap feature executed. 第 33 頁 .FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3.3 View Provision of View: Scale Up. Message Display Tick “Time” & “Date” for time & date display. Pan/Tilt Set Click down pull option of protocol to choose Fum-MMS or Pelco-D. Zoom/Focus Control Click “Zoom In/Zoom Out/Stop” to control zoom lens. System generates file name promptly. “Device Name” & “Description”. Pan/Tilt Control Click “Up/Down/Left/Right/Stop” to control Pan/Tilt.Bmp. Record. Browse System saves the files in C:\ as default directory.2. Auto Pan Pan/Tilt auto scanning feature. Connect Pan/Tilt and video server via RS-485 control port. Snap…… Main Page Click “Main Page" for previous page. Tick “Text” for other display of “IP Address”.

Filename will be generated to device name plus system time.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual Record Please remember the directory before record button executed. Asf is the format of the file. Record button will become stop button soon as recording starts. Scale Up Amplify the picture Scale Down Minimize the picture 第 34 頁 .

tw prefer time. IPaddress.tw prefer clock.2. System Settings System settings are time.gov time-A. NTP time server as follows: time. email alert. Video server will notify 第 35 頁 . Device name is not a setting for administrator.stdtime.tw IP Address Notification Tick “Notify by E-Mail” and input email information.gov tick.gov.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. date and area. NTP protocol.stdtime.timefreq. Time rectification can be pre-scheduled through local time server. users IP address change by email.gov.4 System Prior to system setup.gov. NTP NTP makes time rectification possible via time server. User Name and Password are requested.bldrdoc.nist. Please click ok upon amendment finished. System provides administrator with amendment on camera information.stdtime.

IP address 192.5 Network Click OK upon information DHCP.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. amended. DDNS Please register on http://www.com prior to DDNS setting.168. DHCP off video server works in static IP mode.dyndns.1.200 will be used in condition of NAT router not detected. Option HTTP control port Number: 80 第 36 頁 . IP Setting DHCP on video server detects and receives IP address from NAT network. DDNS and HTTP can be modified in “Network”.2.

、 、 Power line frequency:50HZ/60HZ can be different from different area. Image quality will decline in condition of Max Frame Rate. 第 37 頁 . compression quality and live mode display. compression quality and live mode display. Adjustment Provides adjustment on brightness. contrast and sharpness.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. sharpness and audio.6 Image Provides image format settings including resolution. Image Quality: High/Normal/Low. There are three options on resolution: 640*240 320*240 160*128. Video Settings Provides image format settings including resolution. contrast. Please click ok upon setting finished. Image rotation provides mirror and reversal function.2. Picture quality adjustment includes brightness. Default frame rate 30 is the second best.

Administrator is the only user to get into user setup. User Access Click “Everyone” for all users viewing via network.7 User Provides administrator information and password setting.2. User Database Administrator creates users in the list and gives authorization to the users. Setup authorization in “Privilege” down pull bar.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. Click “Only users in database” for users in the list only viewing via network. Input User Name and Password. Provides User Name and Password setup also. Please click ok upon setup finished. 第 38 頁 . Admin Login User Name and Password can be created and amended in Admin Login. User Name and Password must be kept in mind firmly. Click “Add” to save the information upon setup finished. Only users in the list are authorized to enter system setup.

2.8 Alert Video server comes with external sensor input and motion detection. Please click ok upon setup finished. 第 39 頁 . Setup parameters can be modified. Record mode. Alerts Tick “Enable" to enable motion detection.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3. email transmission and ftp upload can be pre-scheduled also.

Digital Input 1 and Digital Input 2 in Detect Method. Transmission can be email or ftp upload. 第 40 頁 . System sends snap pictures if “Yes. record time and Gap to next detect can be modified. System sends recorded files if “Yes. and send snaps only”.9 Factory Default Function Everything will be back to the initial including User Name. System sends emails only if “No. There are five degrees for the sensitivity of Movement on image.2.2. System gets back to “Status” when restart finished. E-mail Create information about email transmission. email transmission and ftp upload can be pre-scheduled in “Video Record”. It takes time to finish restart function. Live mode must be closed prior to restart function. and send recordings only”. Back to factory default. 3. Record mode. 3. Recording Pre-record time. IP address should be given again if previous IP address changed while restarting. FTP Information must be correct for ftp upload. Password and IP address.10 Restart Function Better restart system after amendment. e-mail notify only”.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual User can enable or disable Movement on image.

FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 3.2.11 Upgrade Firmware can be upgraded via IE browser. 第 41 頁 .

ELSE 4. NTP/SNTP.DDNS.1 SPECIFICATIONS Compression VGA Resolution QVGA QQVGA VGA (MPEG-4) Transmission Speed QVGA (JPEG ) QVGA (MPEG-4) Network Protocol File Format Recorded format Motion Detection Digital Sensor email Alert Files Transmission IE Browser Email and file attached ftp upload Internet Explorer 5. HTTP. DHCP.SMTP.FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual 4.FUHO MMS / PELCO-D Audio on/off MPEG4 / JPEG 640x240 320x240 160x128 8 frames/sec 10 frames/sec 26 frames/sec TCP/UDP/IP.0 or above IP setup Image Mirror Image Reversal Brightness Camera Setup via IE Contrast Sharpness Pan/Tilt Control --. and TFTP AVI (MPEG-4/M-JPEG video stream with 32kbps ADPCM audio) AVI (MPEG-4/M-JPEG video stream with 32kbps ADPCM audio) Movement on image 第 42 頁 .

FUM-T10 Video Server User’s Manual Memory network 2M Byte Flash ROM / 8M Byte SDRAM 10/100 Ethernet X1 power input port X1 RJ-45 network port X1 audio port Motion Detection Port I/O Ports X1 Video Input Port X1 Video Output Port X1 System Reset X1 RS-485 Control Port Dimension Weight Power Input Power Consumption Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Humidity 100mm × 170mm × 30mm 800g DC +12V 400mA 5°C ~ 40°C 0°C ~ 70°C 10% ~ 80% 第 43 頁 .