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This is to certify that the Summer Project work on “CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT AT IDEA CELLULAR LTD.”, is an original work and this work has not been submitted elsewhere in any form. My Indebtedness to other works/publications has been duly acknowledged at the relevant places. The Project work was carried during 19/05/2011 to 20/07/2011 in IDEA CELLULAR Ltd. (ADITYA BIRLA GROUP).


” where I was allotted the project entitled “CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT”. in order to trace out the prospective competitors in this business. The work was carried out over a span of 8 weeks. . The second part of the project was carried out by conducting market research to understand the customer’s view point of the cellular service expected from the company by telephonic and face to face interviews. I got an opportunity to do my project. Such is the rat race that PROFIT is becoming an Obsession. The first part of the project was to understand the concept of TELECOM INDUSTRY. he could have been speaking of the cut throat competition of today’s market and Corporate ambition. (GSM) and conduct a survey. in “IDEA CELLULAR Ltd.4 PREFACE When CHARLES DARWIN spoke of “the survival of fittest”.

Zonal Office Head of J&K zone at IDEA CELLULAR Ltd. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGER and Mr.I would like to place on records my sincere thanks to Mr.” with whose direct or indirect help and cooperation my project has become “A Great Success”. Last but not the least I would like to thank all those who have directly or indirectly helped me in the successful completion of my project.5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Here I have an opportunity to thank all those in “IDEA CELLULAR Ltd. I would also like to thank Dr. Director of our college for her unrestricted help and guidance all through the duration of my Project. Sarla Achutan. . Abhishek Gupta. With their unrestricted bank of Knowledge. for giving me an opportunity to work under his supervision as a summer trainee in the company. MOHIT GUPTA. My sincere gratitude to Mrs. all through successful Completion of my Project. guidance and encouragement. CORPORATE SALES MANAGER for their constant support. ANUBHUTI.


As IDEA CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE. good customer service and proactive smart marketing. which was all about understanding customers and how to maintain good and healthy relations with them by delivering quality service in telecom industry (GSM). In order to have a good market share in telecom industry provided with the following assignments: - . All this and more pave an organization’s way to global success in this highly competitive world economy.7 Executive Summary Globalization is the crux reality of 21st century. CUSTOMER HANDLING is one of the most complex. Marketing is indeed one of the most important aspects of organizational success. We are in an Era of innovations. As a young aspiring marketer I undertook a project. difficult and at the same time one of the most valuable business as the market place in which we operate is becoming more demanding and competitive day by day. wherever we are we can share all are joys and sorrows within no time. This is through telecom industry only we have come so close to each other. fast changing technology.

 To conduct a survey to know different competitors available in telecom market. Swot analysis of idea cellular helped me in analyzing the areas where idea cellular needs to focus .  To understand why customers leave the network by analyzing problems faced by them through personal meetings and trying to retain them. different stages. In what ways their offerings are converting into customer delight in turn leading to customer loyalty.  To know WHAT’S IN in telecom industry and WHAT’S OUT by conducting a survey to understand customer’s aspirations for future. how it works. SDQ staff recruited by idea cellular. I learned about different competitors of Idea Cellular Ltd. The subsidiary project was regarding service delivery and quality. and their competitive advantage over each other’s. In the span of 8 weeks I have done two projects. One main on customer relationship management and it comprises of above assignments.8  To conduct meetings with customers to analyze their problems and assure them for their resolutions by forwarding their requests.

Customer preferences. . Interaction with channel partners helped me in understanding customer expectations. . Beside reasons for customer loyalty I also got an understanding of brand switching behavior in this industry. It helped in drawing a conclusion the future trend of this industry from customer relationship management prospective.9 proactively for customer retention. distributors as company member in building customer loyalty.

 To make the corporate customer aware about the product portfolio offered by IDEA CELLULAR Ltd.10 OBJECTIVES MAIN OBJECTIVES:  To make a comparative study of IDEA CELLULUR Ltd. .  To understand future trend of this industry from Customer Relationship Prospective. against it’s competitors.  To recommend respective improvement and particularly focus on those problems. which need immediate attention.

 To determine why is customer care important.  To understand the importance of Call Center.  To understand different types of customers. .  To analyze the concept of Service Delivery and Quality.  To analyze how to handle different customers.  To make a SWOT analysis so that internal strength and weakness can be understood from point of view of cellular industry and also understand the opportunities that can be earned and threats that affects the business.11 SECONDARY OBJECTIVES:  To understand the concept of customers.

12  To understand different stages of cellular industry i.e.  To determine why customers leave the network.   To analyze mantras for Successful Customer Care.  To analyze Complaint Resolution Cell. Activation Retention Revenue Enhancement and Communication. To understand the concept of HNI Customers. .

Secondary source. In this method the data is personally collected by investigator from informants.e. (GSM) potential its future spare. Accordingly I had meetings with customers and give resolutions for their . 2. Personal Meetings. The focus was concentrated in Jammu & Kashmir. Research Approach 1. 1. Direct Interviews.13 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The perspective of the research is to understand customer relations And service delivery and quality in telecom sector i. Research Instrument 1. Observational. 2. Primary source. Exploratory. IDEA CELLULAR LTD. As I have used primary data by using Direct Personal Investigation Method. To fulfill the objective certain information was gathered by. The study is based upon exploratory research. 2.

14 problems. And secondary data has been collected from various internet sites as mentioned in Bibliography. .

GSM is a circuit-switched system that divides each 200 kHz channel into eight 25 kHz time slots. which is more than half of the world's mobile phone population.15 Overview of Telecom Industry(gsm) What is GSM: GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. GSM phones also supports data transfer at 9. GSM defines the entire cellular system.8GHz bands in Europe and the 1. there were over 250 million GSM users. not just the air interface (TDMA.9GHz PCS band in the U. which enables text messages up to 160 characters in length to be sent to and from a GSM phone. Today's second-generation GSM networks deliver high quality and secure mobile voice and data services (such as SMS/Text Messaging) with full roaming capabilities across the world. By the year 2000. Developed in the 1980s. GSM was first deployed in 7 European countries in 1992.A.). etc. Operating in the 900MHz & 1. GSM technology provides a short messaging service (SMS). CDMA. ISDN & POTS users. .S.6 Kbps to packet networks..

The progress hasn't stopped there. Growth has invariably outstripped even the most incautious speculation. Today. Today's GSM platform is living.16 Today's GSM platform is a hugely successful wireless technology and an unprecedented story of global achievement. However. The growth of GSM continues unabated with more than 160 million new customers in the last 12 months. As far as GSM is concerned. GSM technology is in use by more than one in six of the world's population and it is estimated that at the end of Jan 2004 there were over 1 billion GSM subscribers across more than 200 countries of the world. it became the world's leading and fastest growing mobile standard. In less than ten years since the first GSM network was commercially launched. it was clear there would be an escalating demand for a technology that facilitated flexible and reliable mobile communications. Since 1997. it's safe to assume that by the end of the century GSM will . spanning over 200 countries. the number of GSM subscribers has increased by a staggering 10 fold. Nevertheless. it's always been a risky business getting into the prediction game. growing and evolving and already offers an expanded and feature-rich 'family' of voice and data enabling services.

it is essential that user demand for applications plays as significant role in determining development as does technological potential. work is already well advanced on the development of multi-band terminals. The future of GSM technology is happening all around us.17 have over 150 million customers and be a major influence across every continent on the planet. These products will enable the user to roam freely between two. one of the keys to ensuring GSM maintains its market position lies in the provision of advanced customer care. Already significant steps have been taken to establish consistent standards across the networks. A number of satellite network operators already have rapport their . Genuinely global coverage is next. in the near future. as it should. It's not simply a case of attracting new customers. Global roaming has always been the cornerstone of GSM's success. it's easy to envisage a future in which if a GSM phone is not performing. and ultimately all three. Users are coming to demand ubiquitous coverage and seamless mobility. of the 900/1800/ 1900MHz GSM-related frequencies. the network's care center contacts the user and offers to replace the faulty device. but holding on to them. The aim should now be to engender a culture of customer care rather than simply the means of responding to customer complaints. As the technology advances. For example. For this reason. Just because it can be done does not necessary mean that it should be done. Equally important is that.

" . their calls will travel by satellite. Such phones will operate as ordinary GSM mobiles at their usual tariffs when the user is within a GSM coverage area. and development is under way of terminals that integrate both GSM and satellite networks. When they move out of coverage.18 membership of the MoU. "The advent of GSM is not seen as so significant a factor that the traditional cellular market growth trends will alter dramatically.

'The policy's mission statement is 'affordable communications for all'. With a population of around 1 billion growing at roughly 1. Much of this success can be attributed to the stabilization of the licensing and regulatory environment. After two rather difficult years. There is a genuine commitment to creating a modern and efficient communications infrastructure that takes account of the convergence of telecom. Competition in the mobile sector has already had a visible impact on prices with calls currently costing less than 9 cents per minute. India's telecommunications have undergone a steady liberalization since 1994 when the Indian government first sought private investment in the sector.19 GSM MARKET IN INDIA: ~ GSM India was the first regional interest group to be formed for a single country.7 per cent a year. This means that service . IT and media. More significant liberalization followed in 1996 with the licensing of that has had the most radical impact on the development of GSM services. the past 12 months have seen the region's promise beginning to come to fruition. and India currently chair it. In addition. Umang Das. India is potentially one of the most exciting GSM markets in the world. Spice Communications. the policy places significant emphasis on greater competition for both fixed and mobile services.

Such depth of coverage has required enormous investment from India's operators. With India's low PC penetration and high average Internet usage -at 14-20 hours a month per user it is comparable to the US -the market for mobile data and m-commerce looks extremely promising. It is estimated that more than Rs150 billion had been invested in India's GSM industry by mid2000. which cover the seven largest cities. . India has more than 40 networks. over 600 towns and several thousand villages. The good news is that subscriber growth is beginning to look healthy. GSM India will work with its members to realize the potential of early packet services in anticipation of the award of 3GSM licenses in 2003/04. In the year ahead. a figure that is set to be supplemented by a further Rs200 billion over the next five years. One of the challenges facing GSM operators in India is the diversity of the coverage regions -from remote rural regions to some of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world. It also helps explain why a recent Telecom Asia survey revealed that more than 70 per cent of Indian mobile subscribers felt that prices were now at a reasonable level. WAP services have already been launched in the subcontinent and the first GPRS networks are in the process of being rolled out.20 costs have fallen by 60 per cent since the first GSM networks became live in 1995.

GSM and CDMA technology. when the cellular system was introduced. the equipment was limited to operate only within the boundaries of a country and secondly.21 COMPARISON BETWEEN GSM AND CDMA:~ Cellular is one of the fastest growing and most demanding telecommunications applications. At the end of 1997. Today. GSM operates in 900-MHz – 1800MHz. If one has to connect to the specific . The GSM later came to be known as Global Service for Mobile communications (GSM). First of all. the market for mobile equipment was also limited. a couple of problems arose. let’s comprehend the meaning and functionality aspects of these technologies. Firstly. each nation had its own system. And the continuous advancement in this technology has provided many options to a consumer. Today it has Become the global standard in Europe and Asia. As a result. In order to overcome these problems. Global Service for Mobile Communications (GSM):~ During the 80s. the conference of European Posts and Telecommunications (CEPT) formed the Group Special Mobile (GSM) to create a common European mobile telephone standard. GSM was made available in more than 100 countries. the two alternatives that face the mobile world are .

which then transmits all the frequencies of the neighboring BTS’ to the mobile unit. The BTS then transmits the information to the BSC which has the deciding power as to which BTS should the mobile unit be assigned. GSM-users simply need to switch Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cards. a mobile unit logs on to the network after being switched on. Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA):~ Developed by Qualcomm for the US Military. CDMA is a spread spectrum technology whereby multiple users share the same time and frequency allocation in a given band. The final signal contains only the relevant conversation. Code Division Multiple Access is a system that enables many users to share the same frequency band at the same time. as the GSM was the choice for full mobility. As per GSM technology. which identifies the frequency on which the reception is the best and passes on the information to the BTS. CDMA based WLL . Each speech signal is modulated (spread) across an entire band.22 service provider in different countries. The respective receiver demodulates and interprets the signal using relevant code that is embedded in the signal. The mobile unit tries to contact a nearby BTS. The CDMA based mobile technology was introduced in India to provide WLL services.

As CDMA can very well connect large geographical area. WLL operators were given the rights to provide "limited mobility" whereby a WLL operator could allow network coverage to the boundary of a Short Distance Charging Area (SDCA).23 operators were given license of operation as fixed line operators. .

When mobile telephony was introduced in India. gaming and Internet are concerned. 1800 and 1900 MHz.  The user of GSM is enabled an easy international roaming.  While GSM cannot add more than a fixed number of subscribers in a cell.  GSM has already set a standard in India. Being a patented technology. Hence GSM was the only choice. all CDMA equipment’s and handsets require a royalty to be paid. whereas CDMA is predominant in US and South Korea. CDMA works on spread spectrum. The Choice: is determined by the service used by those whom you call most frequently. CDMA was an emerging technology. As far as SMS.24 Differences:~  While TDMA and FDMA are the types of multiplexing in GSM. . But today’s scenario calls for an evaluation of the alternatives.  The biggest advantage with GSM is its widespread network in Europe and Asia. the capacity of the system is not rigid in CDMA. both GSM and CDMA score an equal point. which is 800. However the bandwidth available is same for both the technologies.

Australia and China. fertilizers. Philippines.000 employees belonging to over 20 different nationalities. viscose filament yarn. branded apparel.25 COMPANY’S PROFILE ADITYA BIRLA GROUP The Aditya Birla Group is India's first truly multinational corporation. Indonesia. sponge iron. A premium conglomerate. the Group is driven by a performance ethic pegged on value creation for its multiple stakeholders. insulators and financial services. Thailand. it is anchored by an extraordinary force of 72. . Global in vision. Canada. the Aditya Birla Group is a dominant player in all of the sectors in which it operates. Malaysia. Egypt. cement. non-ferrous metals. carbon black.7 billion conglomerate. Its 66 state-of-the-art manufacturing units and sectoral services span India. chemicals. Over 30 percent of its revenues flow from its operations across the world. with a market capitalization of US$ 7 billion. Such as viscose staple fiber. rooted in Indian values. A US$ 6.

Currently around 57 percent of our Equity Shares are held by our Promoters who are companies belonging to the Aditya Birla Group. The Aditya Birla Group is a dominant player in all of the sectors in which it operates? Among these is viscose staple fibre. insulators. viscose filament yarn.26 The Group has also made successful forays into the IT and BPO sectors. branded apparel. cement. telecom. financial services. carbon black. chemicals. Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited 2. Grasim Industries Limited 3. sponge iron. non-ferrous metals. Our Promoters are – 1. Birla TMT Holdings Private Limited. BPO and IT services. Hindalco Industries Limited and 4. fertilizers. .

ABNL .Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited* .PSI Data Systems .Shree Digvijay Cement .Idea Cellular Limited .Birla Global Finance Limited .27 Following table lists the major Indian companies of the Aditya Birla Group and the products and services they offer: Company .UltraTech Cement Limited .Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited* .Bihar Caustic and Chemicals Limited .Birla Sun Life Distribution Company Limited* .Indian Aluminums Company Limited .Grasim .TransWorks .Hindalco .Birla NGK Insulators* .

when the Aditya Birla Group and AT&T (through Birla AT&T. . there has been no looking back for Birla Tata AT&T (Idea Cellular). Since then. IDEA Cellular has licenses to operate in 11 circles. the historic path-breaking merger and the subsequent acquisition of RPG Cellular . a testimony to the quality of the company's services and subscribers. Gujarat) and the Tata Group (through Tata Cellular-Andhra Pradesh) came together to set up cellular networks.(Madhya Pradesh circle) helped take their aims even further and led to the formation of Birla Tata AT&T Limited. 1 in customer satisfaction among all operators (as per the NFO MBL survey). In 2000. In its very first financial year. As India's leading GSM Mobile Services operator.Tanfac Industries Limited* fluorine chemicals Idea cellular Idea Cellular's antecedents date back to 1995. The company BTAL (now Idea Cellular) also ranked No.Maharashtra.28 . Idea Cellular recorded the fastest growth among all cellular operators at a 135% increase in subscriber base.

UP-West. A brand . As a leader in Value Added Services. 'Group Talk'. Gujarat. for the first time in India. Goa. A frontrunner in introducing revolutionary tariff plans. with 'Super Power'. for pre paid customers. Customer Service and Innovation are the drivers of this Cellular Brand. Chattisgarh. IDEA Cellular's footprint currently covers approximately 45% of India's population and over 50% of the potential telecom-market. Andhra Pradesh. 'Background Tones'. Maharashtra. IDEA Cellular has the distinction of offering the most customer friendly and competitive Pre Paid offerings. Uttaranchal. 'Lifetime Idea' is the first and only loyalty program. Lifelong offer and other segmented offerings like Women's Card. Jammu & Kashmir and Kerala. Madhya Pradesh.29 With a customer base of over 10 million. Haryana. It is the first cellular company to launch music messaging with 'Cellular Jockey' . 2 Minutes Outgoing Free. a voice portal with 'Say IDEA' and A complete suite of Mobile Email Services. introduced by a Cellular brand. Himachal Pradesh. Innovation is central to IDEA's VAS Factory. IDEA Cellular has operations in Delhi.

rooted in Indian values. the group is driven by a performance ethic pegged on value creation for its multiple stakeholders. Global in vision.3 per cent. The latest feather in the IDEA cap is the GSM Association Award for Bill Flash.30 known for their many firsts. Idea Cellular is part of the Aditya Birla Group. The combined holding of the Aditya Birla Group companies in Idea stands at 98. which is India's first truly multinational corporation. it has recently won making it the first cellular operator in India to win an award on this platform. Idea is only operator to launch GPRS and EDGE in the country. .

31 Vision: To become most profitable Cellular company Strengthen Channels Reduce cost per minute Improve Profitability Capture additional subscribers Protect Current ARPUs Retain existing subscribers .

Customer: Whole universe of current and potential users who have communication needs. Delight: Positively surprise customers with every interaction. . Communication: All voice and non-voice services that are permitted under the license. Individual Communication Needs: Specific communication needs of individual consumers.32 Companies Mission “We will Delight our customers While meeting their Individual communication needs anytime anywhere” We survive because of our customers.

33 Values CUSTOMERS Our customers are our most valued assets. quality and care. . We will strive to exceed their expectations at all times by providing them with superior services that embody value. innovation.

Kodiak Ltd Mauj Net4nuts India Ltd Yahoo Rediff India times Mobile2win Sify NDTV ROAMING Roamware.34 Some of our Technology and Content Partners Onmobile Asia Pacific Ltd Cellebrum India Ltd Siddhivinayak Astro Services Ltd.inc Starhome Bharti Telesoft .

35 MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS Lowe India Pvt Ltd Insight Media Ltd PUBLIC RELATIONS Clea PR NETWORK Nokia Ericsson Siemens BILLING Atos Origin COVERAGE .

however.namely Mumbai and Bihar. Idea Cellular's footprint idea is to first achieve critical mass. Haryana. the company has been providing excellent service to its subscribers in various states. The company is now poised to launch its services in new circles .36 Idea Cellular Ltd has seen phenomenal growth since its inception. Uttar Pradesh (E). Kerala. Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh. Including the circles of Andhra Pradesh & Delhi (inclusive of NCR). Jammu & Kashmir. Maharashtra & Goa (excluding Mumbai). With a footprint dominating the map of India. In keeping with this. then drill deep instead of spreading thin.it also drills deep and successfully attempts to provide excellent network coverage in all its circles of operations . does not believe only in increasing geographic footprint . Himachal Pradesh. It controls a portfolio of India's most attractive and contiguous telecom geographies. Rajasthan. Idea Cellular accesses over 60% of India's total telephony potential. Idea Cellular Ltd. Gujarat.

37 .

. Stimulate. Continuously innovating to help liberate our customers from the shackles of time & space... Innovations that stimulate the customer and liberate him from the shackles of time and space are the core of our brand. Brand values are the company values and vise versa. nothing less. Nothing more. which have made us a formidable player in the telecom industry. This is what we strive for... Liberate.. The brand mission statement is. It is these brand values.Brand Values Innovate. .38 The brand Idea It is almost impossible to disintegrate brand Idea from the corporate Idea... nothing else. To be the most customer-focused mobile service brand. Brand Vision: It goes without saying that the brand vision of idea mirrors The company’s vision. IDEA .

The Technology Advantage Idea Tomorrow's technology to enrich today.39 IDEA . The Employee Focus Idea Nurture the roots that nurture our ideas. The Customer Focus Idea Make a single interaction a lasting relationship.Brand Mission The India footprint Idea Anywhere connectivity bringing India closer. .

40 Available wherever you want • New Innovative channels • Brand Perception Product Innovation Best Distribution Network Prepaid • Ecotalk • Lifetime Idea • Super Power Postpaid • Good Bye Landline • Dual IMSI Solution VAS • Cellular Jockey • Global SMS • Idea Mail Best Service Delivery Innovative Affordable Caring Honest • Positively surprise during all customer interactions Sum total of customer experience with our service creates a perception What Idea Brand stands for? .Four planks of competitive edge in the mind of Consumer .

000km Average monthly Calls on network: 1.41 What business are we in? Infrastructure? Total investments: Rs 67 bn Number of Towns covered:~2000 Highway coverage: ~20.3 mn FMCG? Total Consumers: 7.000 Daily relationship calls made: 65.25 bn Average monthly SMS: 200 mn Service? Manpower for customer service: ~3.000 Bills delivered every month: 1.000+ Daily Calls received at call center: 500 k .000 BPO? Call Center agents: ~1.3 mn Number of Retailers: 125 k Average monthly gross adds: ~650.

•Commoditised market. •Tariffs dangerously low. •Number portability will come. Customer Service is the only long-term differentiator. •Need to look at your niche. . •Create customer relationships.42 Financing? Short term debt: Rs 14 bn Average monthly debt rollover: Rs 1 bn Industry Scenario •Growth phase for 2-4 years to continue. •Numbers game will change. •New Business Model required. •Highly competitive.

43 Sellers’ to buyers’ market… What’s out What’s in Product centered Pure acquisition mode Market centered Profitable growth Faster than competition Different than competition Internal focus Operations driven Innovative products Economical products Expand distribution External focus Service driven Meet changing needs of customer Unique value to customer Differentiate service delivery .

•Communication: Continuous Corporate Communications. •Measurement and Reporting: Leverage IT for BI & MIS. •Segmentation: Mass customization. Focus Areas •Empowerment: Four Levels of Mgt. •Quality & Processes: Enterprise Process Mgt and Six Sigma. •Regulation: Be prepared to exploit opportunities.44 Either you change yourself. •Partnership: Develop outsourcing partners. •Innovation: Do it differently. or customer will change to another operator. . •Technology: Stay ahead of curve. Push decisions to lowest level. SLA management skills.

a refundable deposit and verification of the requisite documents. To avail this type of connection. you will be required to submit a signed Customer Service Agreement (CSA) form along with certain specified documents. In this type of a connection.45 TYPES OF PRODUCT OFFERED BY IDEA CELLULAR Post-paid subscription A post-paid subscription is also called a billing connection. Your connection will be activated post the payment of the one-time charge or activation fee. On consistent and regular payment and high usage patterns. you could win yourself the opportunity to enjoy exclusive loyalty and frequent user facilities provided by Idea Cellular. . you can avail of the cellular connection first and pay for the usage at the end of the month.

50 1.00 0.40 0. you can pay in advance for using the services and your credit balance on the subscription keeps reducing in real time against usage.50 1.40 2.50 1. NEW PLAINS OF IDEA CELLULAR Plan Details Charges 1 Onetime Charges (a) Sec Deposit (b) Activation 2 Recurring Charges (a) Monthly Rent (b) CLI 3 Call Charges (a) Intra-circle i2i i2M i2L SMS (b) Inter-circle i2i i2M i2L Easy 149 500 200 149 Nil Easy 199 500 200 199 Nil Easy 249 500 200 249 Nil 0.40 2.75 0.00 2. To subscribe.50 1.50 0.00 2.50 0.75 0.46 Prepaid subscription A prepaid subscription is like a ‘cash & carry’ subscription.75 1. Under this subscription.25 0. designed for quick convenience and ease of mobility.50 1 2.50 . do ask for the ‘IDEA Chitchat’ brand at our outlets.00 1 2.

00 5.00 Rs.200 Km Non-POPs C2 M2F&M2WL above 200 Km Non-POPs Inter Circle (Distance Taken From Agra Level one TAX) TMCODE: New Easy 500 99 401 0 0 500 500 minutes 0.50 1.00 Rs.00 Rs. 149 2 7.UPEAST M3 M2M .00 1.00 5.99 50.20 9.Reliance & Tata C0 M2F & M2WL 0-50Km C1 M2F&M2WL above 50.50 7. 199 0.99 50.10 0.50 0.00 5.00 1.50 0. 249 Tariff matrix New Easy 500 Bill Plan Telephony MMF CLI charges VAS Fee Total UDP/Free Minutes (Intracircle calls +STD calls) Outgoing Band Intra Circle (Distance Taken From Routing POI CUG *** M2M Idea M1 M2M Competitor M2 M2M .20 9.20 9.30 0.99 50.00 .47 SMS (c) ISD Country – I Country – II Others SMS UDP (local idea to idea calls 4 only) 2 7.

25 0.25 5. Canada. Singapore & Hong Kong Other Countries (Except ROW-II) ROW-II 6.00 ISD USA.00 1.00 1. Europe (F).00 60 sec 0.19/ min 49.00 1.00 1.48 E1 E2 E3 P1 P2 P3 M2M 50 to 200 km M2M 200 to 500km M2M >500 km M2F & M2WL <200 M2F & M2WL 200-500 M2F & M2WL >500 Pulse SMS (P to P Only) Local SMS National SMS International SMS 1.40/ min 9.20/ min .00 1.

UPEAST M2M .6 PM to 10 AM M2M Competitor M2M .00 2.65 2.10 0.25 0.50 0.00 .10 AM to 6 PM M2M Idea .65 2.00 1.50 0.65 60 sec 1.65 2.200 Km Non-POPs M2F&M2WL above 200 Km Non-POPs Inter Circle (Distance Taken From Agra Level one TAX) M2M 50 to 200 km M2M 200 to 500km M2M >500 km M2F & M2WL <200 M2F & M2WL 200-500 M2F & M2WL >500 Pulse SMS (P to P Only) Local SMS 0.50 1.49 Tariff matrix Happy Hour Plan Bill Plan Telephony MMF CLI charges VAS Fee Total TMCODE: Happy Hour Plan 99 76 0 0 175 Outgoing Intra Circle (Distance Taken From Routing POI CUG M2M Idea .65 2.65 2.Reliance & Tata M2F & M2WL 0-50Km M2F&M2WL above 50.00 1.10 0.

Singapore & Hong Kong Other Countries (Except ROW-II) ROW-II 6.19/ min 49.4/ min 9.00 ISD USA.00 5.20/ min . Europe (F).50 National SMS International SMS 2. Canada.

51 "Attracting and nurturing talent has become the single most dominant force in business. We therefore hire the best professionals brimming with ideas and develop them for future leadership positions. Idea is all about participation and involvement . attracting and retaining the best employees. and remain. . give opinions and always speak your mind. Idea invites you to join a journey of excellence. Our people are our greatest resource as they are our biggest differentiator. And finally make a difference within the company.seek opportunities. We aim to be the best employer. at Idea." Idea cellular recognizes human resources as a backbone for its long-term success. We have focussed on conserving the best aspects of our unique culture and on perpetuating what attracts people to join.



Customers •Where are they………….everywhere! •Who are they…………..everyone! •When will they come…...any minute! Who is a Customer •Some one who buys regularly. •In USA and UK, a customer is GOD . •In Japan, the customer is the KING. •And in India the customer is the BOSS!


Why a Boss?

•Because a boss can fire you when he is unhappy with you or your work. The Modern Customer •He is innovative in nature and will always go for the best. •He is fussy, choosy, ambitious, proud, sophisticated and global in nature.

What is CARE?
•Care means ---To have regard or liking for. •To look after.

Why is customer care important?
•It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. •One unhappy customer tells 10 other people. •64% of customers change suppliers because of poor service. •Out of 100 customers only 6 will complaint.


Building the relationship: Key concepts.
Each interaction, However Miniscule, can begin or build a long term Relationship. The customer isn’t always right, But the customer is always the customer! The problem isn't the problem, But how you handle the problem. Give customer A little something extra.

Must Remember…
•If you will not take care of your customers… some one else will…

Three dimension of Service

•A attitudes. •S Skill. •K Knowledge. • •ASK----attitudes skill and knowledge.

•Education levels. .55 Customers are NOT… •Just buyers. Customers vary… •In age. •Taste. •In income. •They are whole persons having individual differences. •Just numbers.

56 Different Customer Types •The Business Like Customer. This customer is technically very aware of what he is buying. A very common type. Loves to talk-about the weather. . •The Knowledgeable Customer. about the Indian hockey team. The customer is no nonsense type. His mail objective is to spend only as much time with an executive as is strictly necessary. He knows the right question to ask and it is very difficult to evade the Issue raised by him. •The egoistic customer. about politics… In short. •The friendly customer. about everything except business.

Confused customer. Because he does not take decisions. Reassurance. This type is probably the most difficult to handle. And that is precisely we need to give him. And that he is solely responsible for everything that goes right. •Other customer types.57 The man who feels nothing can happen without him. frustrated customer… . •The timid customer. He is usually insecure and needs a lot of reassurance.

invite a supervisor to join you and the customer will notice you are treating them as important by seeking additional help. Don’t allow customers to make you feel inadequate. Write down their complaint or concern – show the customer you are listening by recording their problem and if you are on the phone.58 Handling difficult customers Don’t take it personally – remember when a customer complains they are unhappy with the product or your company – not you. tell the customer you are writing down all the details. Debrief the situation with someone else when the customer leaves – . Ask a supervisor to join you and be part of the transaction – if the customer is becoming more difficult. Remember you are good at your job – remind yourself of the skills you have and why you are working there.

focus on the positives and also ensure your body doesn’t carry stress you will be able To handle these difficult customers easily. Consider what you could do differently next time – if the customer is complaining about a company system or process. Think about the way you handled the customer and note anything you would do differently next time. Recognize and accept you will work with customers who have bad days – understand when you are working with the public some people take their bad days out on you – it is not personal. . take some time to review this and determine if this might need to be changed.59 Sometimes you may need to talk to someone about your difficult customer to debrief and get rid of any negative thoughts and emotions you may have – this is a very important step. Learn stress management techniques – this may help you stay calm if a customer raises their voice or becomes emotional. By learning to breath deeply.

there are some universal rules governing good customer service. ." Although that's a pointed oversimplification. "Rule Number 1: The customer is always right." and below that. and keeping customer happy and coming back is of the utmost importance. "Rule Number 2: Refer back to rule number 1. and that is the customer is the reason for the business. Though customer service truly can't be simplified into a one-rule overview and the truth is that customers aren't always right.60 FIVE MUST OF GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE Have you ever seen one of the signs regarding customer services that many places of business have hanging up? They say. the statement makes a valid point. whatever that business might be. there would be no business. Without the customer. The customer is what keeps the business fueled and running.

slow-moving line or being put on hold. just to let them know they haven't been forgotten about and that you'll be with them as soon as it's possible. Customers appreciate being heard. it's a good idea to pick up the phone every now and again. For customers waiting on hold. complaint or statements. and if you take the few moments to really.61 1. For customers at the back of a long line. Whether they're waiting on a long. 3. customers are more apt to remain patient if they feel like they're not being ignored. and maintaining that standard is professional and should be adhered to at all costs. 4. Devote your full attention to the customer: There's nothing ruder than a cashier that's chatting about her plans for the night with the cashier at the next register while she's ringing up your purchases. the first rule is to listen to what they're saying rather than anticipating what they want. 2. Acknowledge: People appreciate being acknowledged. you're increasing the odds that you'll be able to help them in an efficient. Be courteous and respectful: Even the most difficult customers often respond to courtesy and respect. direct manner. Listen: When dealing with a customer. paying attention to something else while assisting a customer opens the door for . In addition. really listen to their request. often a simple smile and statement of "I'll be with you soon" will increase their patience manifold.

but these are a great starting point for providing service that will keep customers coming back to your business. . Personal business is for your own time. Don't hesitate to find a supervisor or manager to help when you find yourself in a position that you can't resolve on your own. That's what they're there for. and there are difficult customers who just refuse to be reasonable. There are many other Do's and Don'ts in the world of customer service. particular when at the register or when working with money and figures.62 mistakes. Know when to ask for help: There are times when you just don't have the wherewithal to help the customer. 5.

These Top Ten Tips for Customer Service will get you well on the way. Be Your Customer Live the life of your customer and experience what they do. Work your systems hard and focused to get product there on time. 4. Enjoy them and learn fast. 2. call your call-centre. Have Product Available Generally. Give Memorable Service Make the life's mission of everyone (yes. but getting most right will be much. Listen Hard to Complaints Complaints are a wonderful gift .63 TOP TEN TIPS OF OUTSTANDING CUSTOMERS Remember the 80:20 rule? You may not get everything perfectly right. much better than the majority of your competition.it is feedback of the highest order. everyone!) to be customer focused – even those seemingly out of direct line of fire. Stand in line. 1. soak up feedback. 3. you can't sell it if you haven't got it. .

ask questions and feed back information from your customers. 'What would my customer think of this . .would it give brilliant service?' If not. Enable Your People Enable and encourage your people to give an immediate and generous customer response. Research the Marketplace Do more in your own business from what you experience as a customer elsewhere. Be Curious Encourage everyone in your team to overhear.64 5. be nosy. reshape the system fast. It builds relationships. React Fast Make sure that you and your people work with pace and immediacy with customer issues. 8. Relationships are business. 7. Encourage your people to do this too. 9. 6. Be Systems Focused Ask. 10.Have Fun Have fun with your customers.

GOAL Holds responsibility to Convert all “Customer Interaction Moments” into “Moment of Delight” for our customers by providing excellent services and creating a strong positive Brand Image for Organization as an institution rendering unparalleled World Class Service.65 SDQ IDEA’S Service Delivery &QualityAn Overview What is Customer Care? Cellular business requires : • Customer Interaction as transactions between Customer & Organization. • Holds responsibility to efficiently service the customers at each point. . • It presents an opportunity to practice Customer Relationship Management.


Service Delivery and Quality
Creating Competitive edge by achieving:

• Customer Delight At “Moments of Truth” interactions. • Trained & motivated employees. • Well defined processes. • Strong systems. • Advance technologies at the Call Center, Front Desk & Back-end Operations.



Collections & Credit

PnT (Provisioning) Idea Royale

Retention Service Delivery and Quality (SDQ)

Customer Care

Call Center

Field Staff


External & Internal Customer s

Training & Quality

Document Center


SDQ-Field Staff
• 25 Customer Care Officers at 8 DO locations. • Specialized in Front-desk, Retention & Back-end operations. • Customer A/c activation & Service Change Mgmt. • Channel Operations review & Training. • Customer retention & CRE support. • Customer walk-in & on-line channel query support. • Stock Maintenance. • Adjustments & Waivers. • High User Relationship Building.

. • 3 Supervisors & 1 Manager. • A differentiating factor which could help us give the competitive advantage. We are looking at call center as a tool for building a long-term relationship with the customer.69 CALL CENTER SDQ-Call Center • 101 Call-center officers. • High degree of Standardization. • 5 Lac Plus customers: More than 4 Lac calls per month. • Four teams with individual leaders. • Not only a complaint resolution cell. • Information Updates. • Internal Customer Unit (ICU) for Internal Customers. • 24*7 operational help line for any kind of Assistance.

70 There are three skill sets: • Common (Prepaid. Land line calls.321 No.12345 • ICU (Club royal. In roamers) • Postpaid No. 347 . channels) No.

. INSS . No.Postpaid. DO-Backend support. • Audits. viz.71 PRODUCT AND TECHNOLOGY (P N T) SDQ-Product and Technology • 8 Customer Care Officers. Control & Cross-function Coordination. etc. . RUG. Automation. bulk actions. • System support: BSCS .Pre-paid. DP5 uploading. Market Move. • Special Activities requiring Expertise. EPN. • Centralized activities. Audits. • Product Specialization: Pre-paid & Post-Paid. management.

Involuntary. Activities undertaken to retain customers. • Schemes to reduce churn. 2. . Revenue Enhancement & Communication ( RRC) Retention • Retaining the customer who is about to leave the network. • Take steps to reduce churn. • Churn Projection.72 Retention. They Can be of two types: 1. Voluntary.

73 .

•10% are chronic complainers. •3% move away. .74 Why Customers Leave? •1% die. •9% finds somewhere economical. 9 out of 10 service specs are defined not by the customer but by the service provider. •14% are dissatisfied. •4% are natural floaters. •5% move on recommendation. they just don’t ‘care’. Average company has to spend six times more to attract new sale than to get a sale from an existing client. •68% go somewhere else because the people who serve them are indifferent to their needs.

• Report generation from I . • Communication To channels and Field for clarity. Complaint Resolution Cell ( CRC) • Back end operation. • Coordinates with other departments. • 15 days satisfaction call to the customer. • Resolving complaints in coordination with other departments.Care (an indigenously designed CRM software) . • Revenue enhancement through Value Added Services. Communication • Information to customers through SMS and Mailer.75 Revenue Enhancement • Bill message on every Bill cycle. • Fulfilling customer requests. • Upselling and cross selling by the out calling department.

Pre Paid • Validity Issues. • Recharge Issues. . Types of Complaints Post Paid • Activation/De-activation. • Top-ups. • Billing. • Refunds. • Service Changes. • Delay/Wrong Payment postings.76 • Based upon the type of the call for that particular number action is taken. • Adjustments.

• Other Value Added Services.77 Technical • Network Related. Others • VMS. • Auto roaming. • Signals/Quality. • SMS. .

• Quality control of service delivery & Communication to Idea Care. . • Monthly evaluation of Customer base to review categorization. Club Roy ale SDQ-Idea Roy ale • One Customer Care officer. • Regular analysis of Churn. • Customers.78 Sources of Complaints • Call Center/ICU. • Management of Idea Care gift Scheme & its distribution. • Daily monitoring of Barring & Temporary Disconnection. • Cost-benefit analysis of loyalty Schemes. • Channels. • Dos (District Offices).

• BSCS v/s Switch reconciliation. • Refund balance Closure. • Configuration Testing of new Products. . • IN v/s Switch reconciliation. • Deposit Restructuring. • Exposure Management. • Market Move adjustments. • Limit enhancement and Down gradation. • Deposit refund. • Customer categorization.79 CREDIT AND COLLECTIONS Credit • Customer Profiling. • Pre Bill Testing.

Pre Paid Upload Utilities.80 Our Idea of Customer……… Technology Support to SDQ Some areas where Technology has benefited • Call Center . CTI. ICFS.IN. Hyperlinks.Database support. .IVR. CRM. DP5. • PnT . Bulk SMS. • Document Center . • CRC .Barring/Unbarring utility. • RRC . Billing.Huge System capabilities. Billing Reports. Pre Paid Upload Utilities & Mediation frontends.


82 4 R Mantra for Successful Customer Care •Record. •Rever. •Resolve. •Relationship. and no end to servicing… .

P(W) in which 40% is of CHIT CHAT cards. . Number of subscribers: All the Players Idea.P(w). as compared to Airtel has only less number of subscribers and 35% of them are cash card subscribers. While Airtel. Sambhal.83 COMPETITIOR ANALYSIS 1. Range of network: Airtel. and BSNL have a cutthroat competition in U. Whereas. Amroha. 2. Airtel. Rampur. Idea and BSNL service providers have been into this cellular industry from a very long time and have developed a complete and vast network in Delhi and around the remote areas. Chandausi. of conections. of towers to cover in Moradabad. Gajrola. Trying to add more customers to its service with IDEA has maximum subscribers base in U. All the operators have vast no. While BSNL has less number of towers as compared to Idea with a radius of 1012 km and not being able to provide proper service in other remote areas. Hutch has lowest no.

 Call Waiting: This feature helps the second sender to wait for the call if the receiver is busy with the first call. . This gives you the flexibility to either reject the call or answer the call.  Call Hold: This feature helps the receiver to put on hold the first call to enable him to listen to second call. which all the player offers:  Call Line Identification: Presentation (CLIP): Clip gives you the power to know the phone number of the calling party even before you answer the call. Also.  Call Divert forward the call to: This feature helps the sender to receive his calls on other number even landline if his mobile is busy.84 Value Added Services (VAS): Let me first take up the common value added services. the name of the calling party will flash on the handset screen if the same is available in the Handset Phone Book.

You can now get the latest information. Infact you can set up a conference. . It keeps you in touch with your caller’s even when you are busy or outside the coverage area of IDEA or your cellular phone is switched off. Your calls are diverted to your Easy Mail box.line.  Call Conference: Idea Call Conference service enables you to carry out a Teleconference with 6 different people simultaneously.  Cell Surf: The easy way to access the Internet. even if the other five are using the PSTN land. at your convenience.  Easy Mail: Easy Mail for IDEA is the most advanced voice mail service.85  Call Roaming: The user can roam anywhere in the country where the roaming facility is available. direct on your handset from the web.  Remised billing: Keep track of your calls through a detailed account at the end of each month. You can retrieve the messages left for you.

Including all the four metros. Airtel and Idea) (Gsm network)one also enjoys a host of benefits including free incoming calls from anywhere in the network. . From getting flight updates to mobile banking to sending voice messages and more. All the more useful because the Hutchison network covers places that one is most likely to get his calls from. one can enjoy a wide range of affordable value added services. right from the gsm phone.86 Whether one is on prepaid or postpaid. (Vodafone. one can access all that he wants. more frequently.

Bharti Airtel BSNL Vodafone Essar 1054042 1394226 1774251 JUNE'11 1663414 1139342 1418663 1865574 JULY'11 1752840 1219294 1542414 1970110 2500000 2000000 1500000 1000000 500000 0 Ideal Mobile Comm Bharti Airtel BSNL Vodafone Essar Series1 Series2 Series3 .P(W OPERATOR MAY'11 Idea Mobile 1609504 Comm.87 MARKET SEGMENTATION CAPTURED BY EACH PLAYER :` STATE U.

88 Growth path of only GSM Services provider Operators Dec'05 Dec '06 Bharti 484850 834269 Cellular Hutchison 343241 580328 Essar BSNL IDEA 45408 NIL 129809 128306 Dec '07 March '08 April '09 Mar '10 1366113 1202345 170089 501693 3240240 1390201 1217407 174423 508254 3290285 1405334 1223510 182053 514271 3325168 1331003 1026077 156501 420828 2934409 873499 1672712 Market Share of Cellular Players in India :~ Group Company Wise Cumulative S. No.01% 19. Name of Company Total Sub Figures 1 Bharti 6504314 2 BSNL 5229145 3 Hutch 5148048 % Market Share 24.70% .89% 20.

we should see total monthly net adds of 7.39m subscribers in June compared to 5. June 2007 was one of the strongest months for GSM operators.98% 100.13m in April.64m in February and 4.03% 1. 4. Bharti’s total subscriber . compared to 1.46% 7.5m (4.21% 4.63% 3.04m subscribers in May.93% 3.00% GSM operators in India added a record 5. 5. with second highest monthly net additions ever recorded.79% 3.96m subs in June 2007.38% 0.85m in the previous month. 4. The total GSM subscriber base in India now stands at 135.76m in January 2007 (all numbers are excluding RCOM GSM for comparison). a record in Indian wireless history. in line with our theory of accelerating subs addition.2m. Assuming same net adds run rate as last month for CDMA operators.89 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 IDEA BPL Spice Escotel Aircel Reliance MTNL Hexacom All India 2732689 1882754 1208890 989084 1026377 790529 360550 257053 26129433 10. Bharti Airtel continued its impressive run with record net adds of 1.1% MoM growth).9m in March.

Idea’s subscriber base now stands at 16.4% YoY).42m.1m (up 5. Idea Cellular saw a good month. We have modelled in 1.90 base now stands at 42. Vodafone Essar (erstwhile Hutchison Essar) (Not listed) also reported record numbers. Improved performance in Delhi.86m in June 2007.6% MoM and 88.5% MoM and 55.9% YoY). A stronger performance by Bharti would provide further upside to our estimates. with net adds of 0.7m subscribers (up 4. Vodafone’s subscriber base currently stands at 30.8m (up 5.92m subscribers per month for the remaining nine months of FY08E in our earnings model.3% MoM and 75. with monthly net additions of 1.8% MoM and 85. Rajasthan and UP (West) circles led to strong overall subscriber growth for Idea. .4m (up 1. BSNL (Not listed) again saw a poor month with monthly net adds of 0. taking its subscriber base to 28.3% YoY). Severe capacity constraints continued to choke the growth of BSNL and we think this will continue until its new capacity comes onstream.54m in June 2007.1% YoY).

91 .

Rajasthan and U. The Company is focusing on building. 503. The initial launch expenses in these circles created some pressure on margins. strengthening and expanding network and related services .92 IDEA’S PERFORMANCE IN TELECOM INDUSTRY:Idea Cellular Limited has delivered a robust performance during the year. The company rolled out operations in three new circles viz.6% between March 31. thus expanding its network across 11 circles.2011. 2010 and March 31. The All India market share has improved from 7. 2011. 2819 Crores. The Company has over 14 million subscribers as on March 31.3 Crores.4 Crores from Rs. 4366.5 Crores in the previous year. The operating margins of the Company declined to 34% vis-à-vis 37% in FY ’06. Total subscribe base increased by 90% over the corresponding period last year. 2965. 211. The Company’s net profit soared to Rs. from Rs. The company’s gross revenues have risen significantly by 47% to Rs. an increase of 138%.P (E).7% to 8.8 Crores. Himachal Pradesh. The Company has successfully completed its Initial Public Offering and raised Rs.

National Long Distance roll out is being worked on.93 In the new circles and as planned roll out of services in Mumbai and Bihar circles. .

94 Idea – A growth story  Idea strengthened its balance sheet by raising Rs.  Licenses for remaining circles being pursued.  Aggressive Capex planned for both capacity and coverage.78% after IPO. . 2819 Cr through IPO & Pre-IPOPlacement.  Nuvo’s stake in Idea came down to 31.  Roll out of services in Mumbai & Bihar expected by January’08.

Customers also face problems in connecting the ISD calls. Redressal: Due to some weather problems and exchange faults these problems arises and on the other side these problems were passed on to the technical staff. Redressal: This problem has been conveyed to the technical department and will be taken care of for its rectification.95 Problems faced by the customers and their Redressal The most widely faced problem by the customer is of poor network. Redressal: In some areas the idea’s network is not up to the mark and in order to overcome this the company is now providing a Patch Panel Antenna which when attached to the Fixed Wireless Terminal strengthens the weak signals. . whenever any customers complained to us about weak signals it was duly noted down and forwarded to higher authorities so that the customer could attain a Patch Panel Antenna and his problem gets rectified. Problem of unclear sound and echo effect.

Problem of communication gap. Redressal: This problem arises due to wrong plan opted by customer. so customers are told plains which are suitable to them according to their usage and their request is forwarded through customer care.96 Many idea connection owners face a problem of bill jumping. Redessal: This problem arises when customer does not get proper response about the queries and complaints through customer care or channel ends. .

P (w) area.  Idea Cellular company is the first company to launch Music Messaging with Cellular Jockey.  Oldest channel network in U.97 SWOT ANALYSIS Strength  The Brand Name “IDEA” (Aditya Birla Group).  Oldest operator in U. Back Ground Tones.  Loyal Customer Base identified as Roy ale customers. .  A 24 hours dedicated customer care services. a Voice Portal with say IDEA and complete suite of Mobile E-mail services.P (w) as far as GSM is conserned. Group Talks.

98 WEAKNESS  Network problem. . So reliance has a advantage over GSM operators because their network is never busy.  CUG is not free while other CDMA operators are this facility to their customers.  GSM operators use copper while reliance uses fiber for network connectivity.  Sales process is Good but lengthy to go.  New roll out is very slow as per as network is concerned. mostly in congested areas.

99 OPPUTUNITIES  IDEA Cellular considers rural market as an opportunity for them.  Slums and camp areas where wire lines cannot reach. . They are providing bundle offers i. sim cards with handsets to cover large market share.e.  To increase their Prepaid customer base.

100 THREATS  All GSM operators considers THIRD Generation Mobiles as a threat for them because in next few years customers can make calls from whichever network they want i. they can dial the code of that network and make a call to enjoy economy calling.  Competitors have lucrative plans and policies.e.  Authority of Negotiation. . competitors have over us. competitors have but Idea does not have. Huge capital investment will be required.  GSM operators need to revise their Revenue Enhancement Process when third generation mobiles will be launched.  Aggressive marketing strategies.

 Idea cellular should try and make their process as short and simple as possible specially in case of barring. .  Idea cellular should work up on payment posting so that it can be flashed with in half an hour on customers mobile after payment so that they can be updated.  Idea cellular customer care should take proper feedback from customers and their suggestions should be implemented and feedback is provided to them which can be in terms of rewards like free airtime. to reduce Conjunction in network and call drop.  Idea cellular should launch competitive offers more aggressively on regular intervals to make customer feel delighted.101 Recommendations and suggestions  Idea cellular should update its network more aggressively.

This can be done with the help of mailer along with the call statement which should be send and by enabling auto caller system which call the number from the database by themselves and play the recorded message. According to me. It is hampering on their sales and their image in the market.  Idea cellular should cut down the time period of activation. This will go a long way in . offers and tariff plans of the company. complaint handling should be faster to gain an edge over the competitors to the customer care department needs to be strengthened so the customer can directly contact the company.  The customer should be updated with all the latest schemes.102  Idea cellular must make a provision to make additional services automated so that services could be available at earliest.  A major complaint by the customer was that grievance handling takes a lot of time. as this is a constant cause of complaint.

 Idea cellular should provide authority of negotiations to its employees. So that they can negotiate with corporate customers and fulfill their requirements and retain them for long.103 putting up a smile on the customers face and they will feel associated with idea cellular. .

with cellular services expected to contribute approx 26 billion by 2012. If we talk about the total base of idea prepaid as well as postpaid connections. The cellular market penetration will also get triple.104 Conclusion After completion of this project at idea cellular I came to certain conclusions about the growth and future prospects of idea cellular. huge promotions by Idea cellular and handset bundling schemes can help them in building strong and . This proves that it is readily accepted among the customers. telecom industry is likely to register 18. So Idea Cellular has a very bright future in GSM industry and it can capture maximum market share by exploiting rural market. According to my point of view. The overall penetration would be driven mainly by an increased focus on rural market. As India will continue to be the fastest growing country in the Asia-Pacific region next to China. Their was a rapid growth.4 per cent growth per annum during the 2007-2011 and around 58 per cent of the rural population and 95 per cent of the urban population would get mobile connections.

These steps would ensure definite success and would help idea cellular to sustain as a leader in GSM market. The next step. If they will be satisfied then they will build good customer relations. Idea should maintain good customer relations by taking regular feedbacks from them. For this they need to take quick actions for the redressal of customers grievances. . This can only happen when Idea Cellular will try and further keep their employees motivated. which idea cellular should concentrate on maintaining its Existing customer base.105 healthy relations with its customers.

106 Bibliography  www.com  www.ideamobile.com  Google search engine  Interacting with local business associates. .com  www.adityabirlagroup.telcomindustry.com.com  www.bhartiinfotel.com  www.ideacellular.  Direct interactions with customers.

107 .