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After $1.50 mail-in rebate**

5 Plus Qts Jug OR 5 Qts of Pennzoil® Conventional Motor Oil and a Purolator®Classic Oil Filter
Includes Purolator Classic Oil Filters up to $11.99. $20.49 before rebate on Purolator Classic Oil Filter.




After $5.00 mail-in rebate**

5 Plus Qts Jug OR 5 Qts of Mobil 1® Synthetic Motor Oil and a Bosch® DistancePlus Oil Filter

$34.99 before rebate.

$ 99


Quaker State® High Mileage Motor Oil
*Limit 5 specials per customer. **Visit

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Rebate not valid in CT or RI.

Offers valid September 1 – 28, 2011.

purchase of 5 individual quarts. INCLUDES FILTER* $ 20 99 INCLUDES FILTER* $ After $3.99 before rebate on Purolator PureONE Oil Filter. † SALE $ 1299 Gallon Mfg 3511 † SAVE 30% $ † Castrol® Tection® Extra 15W-40 Heavy Duty Motor Oil 2899 3 5 Plus Qts Jug of Valvoline® SynPower®Synthetic Motor Oil Save 30% vs. . 5 Qts of Valvoline® DuraBlend®Motor Oil and a Purolator PureONE Oil Filter $23. Rebate not valid in CT or RI. purchase of 5 individual quarts. Includes Purolator PureONE Oil Filters up to $11.99.* $ 27 99 INCLUDES FILTER* After $3.00 mail-in rebate** SAVE 28% $ † 5 Plus Qts Jug OR 5 Qts of Pennzoil® Platinum® Synthetic Motor Oil and a Purolator PureONE Oil Filter $30. much higher than some other major retailers. 2299 5 Plus Qts Jug of Valvoline® MaxLife® Motor Oil Save 28% vs.Not all oil change deals are created equal. Our oil change specials include an oil filter with a value up to $11.99 before rebate on Purolator PureONE Oil for details. ** Visit AdvanceAutoParts.99.00 mail-in rebate** 5 Plus Qts Jug OR 5 Qts of Pennzoil® High Mileage Motor Oil and a Purolator® PureONE®Oil Filter $23.00 mail-in rebate** 2099 After $3.99 before rebate on Purolator PureONE Oil Filter. 2 *Limit 5 specials per customer.

BUY ONE GET ONE STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner Free Prestone Fuel Injector Cleaner ® Instantly with purchase of 2 gallons of Antifreeze/Coolant 16 OZ Mfg AS730 FREE After mail-in rebate 5. AF-888 $ Restore® Engine Restorer & Lubricant at regular price Restore Fuel System Restorer BUY ONE 11 OFF 5 OFF Mfg AF2100. Mfg 16-PB When you buy 1 gallon of Prestone Full-Strength Antifreeze/Coolant Mfg AF2000.25 OZ Mfg 78568 $ 15 OFF $ * 2 FOR 10 $ Chevron®PRO-GARD® Fuel Injector Cleaner Mfg 0488 When you buy 2 gallons of Prestone Full-Strength Antifreeze/Coolant After mail-in rebate 7 OFF * 2 FOR 7 $ PB B’laster® Penetrating Catalyst Quickly breaks loose the surface tension of frozen parts and protects against further rust and corrosion.Stay running for for details. AF850 After * rebatemail-in GET ONE Mfg 50012. 00011. When you buy 2 gallons of Prestone 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant After * rebatemail-in $ When you buy 1 gallon of Prestone 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant SAVE $1 4 On all Valvoline® Grease or Gear Oil 5 . 00019 FREE *Visit AdvanceAutoParts. 00015.

99 OE or better performance for long life. Starters and Alternators as low as $26. See back page for details. Mfg DW-K9633 SALE $ 2499 Autocraft 12-Volt Power Sport Battery Autocraft Power Sport batteries give you all the power you need. Mfg 170-1410 LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY Autocraft Silver Batteries 2YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT Radiators built tough Meet or exceed all OE specifications. Mfg E8421M 6 7 . Built to withstand the toughest demands on the cooling system. We’ll also recycle any used auto battery for FREE. Autocraft® Gold Batteries Mfg 16270 3YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT Engineered with PowerFrame grid technology for longer life. Free installation with purchase. Water Pumps as low as $18. 100% tested in manufacturing process.99 Driveworks ball joints are made to meet or exceed OE specifications. Ball Joints as low as $9.99 100% OE form. and installation. and function. most locations. fit. Mfg 43-3881 LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY Head in for FREE battery testing. charging. Automotive vehicles only.Save 15% when you join our email list. †Most † vehicles.99 Save time and money by replacing your timing belt (if equipped) while replacing the water pump. Mfg 4L-BS Fuel Pump Modules as low as $105.

Walker Direct-Fit Catalytic Converters Automatically reads codes and provides code descriptions. Visit for redemption form and promotion details. SAVE 1 $ After * rebatemail-in SAVE $20 $ SAVE $30 $ 6999 Mfg CP9550 SAVE $40 ® * After mail-in rebate Actron® PocketScan®Plus 9999 Mfg CP9575 Actron®OBD II AutoScanner® Displays live engine data to monitor actual component for details. 8 *Visit AdvanceAutoParts. struts or strut assemblies and receive a rebate check up to $125.Save up to 125. *Rebate not valid in CT or RI. Restrictions apply. SAVE 10% when you buy a Dayco® Timing Belt and Dayco Timing Component Kit Also save 10% on a GMB New Water Pump.50 $ 99* Purchase four qualifying Monroe® or Rancho® Premium shocks.49 each before for details. Dayco Hydraulic Tensioner. Champion Iridium Spark Plugs ® 3 EACH $6. $ Great deals to start your motor. or Fel-Pro® Cam and Crankshaft Seals when you buy a Dayco Timing Belt and Dayco Timing Component Kit. offer or rebate. form. The Monroe “What Shocks You?” promotion is a mail-in rebate. All items must be purchased on same ticket. SAVE $2. Visit www. Buy any combination of four qualifying Monroe®shocks OR struts and save up to $125 after mail-in rebate.monroe. See store for additional details. Purchase two qualifying Monroe Quick-Strut or Rancho QuickLIFT assemblies and receive a rebate check for $50. 2011. Offer may not be combined with any other discount. $ 49* SAVE 2 EACH After mail-in rebate $ After mail-in rebate 1 Champion® Double Platinum Spark Plugs $3. Offer available in-store only Autolite® Coil-On-Plug Boots OE fit. and function. Offer valid September 1– October 31.49 each before rebate. 9 .

com. see Official Rules at for complete sweepstakes details.AdvanceUltimateTailgater. including how to enter without purchase.AdvanceUltimateTailgater. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older. ($15 front set or $15 for rear set) See in-store flyer for details. Ceramic for cleaner wheels or for rebate processing and complete program details. NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. We've got brake pads and rotors for 99% of import and domestic cars/light trucks on the road today. Restrictions apply. Sweepstakes begins at 12:00:00 a. Sweepstakes ends at 11:59:59 p. ® SA VE on your purchase of Wagner ® UP TO ThermoQuiet Brake Get 15% OFF the complete brake job when you join our email list. See back page for details. Wearever Silver Brake Pads ® Dependable stopping power. Mfg 512133 10 11 .m. For details on how to participate.The complete brake job for less. $ 2-YEAR WARRANTY 1299 Mfg YH141403 Wearever®Brake Rotors SAVE $5 $ 4499 -Ton Torin 2¼ ® SALE $ 2 FOR 7 CRC Brakleen Brake ® STARTING AT Trolley Jack Mfg T82253 Parts Cleaner 19 OZ Mfg 0589 $ 3-YEAR WARRANTY 5199 Non-Chlorinated Brake Parts Cleaner 14 OZ Mfg 05084 National® Hub Bearing Assemblies Premium quality to meet OE configurations. ET on 9/28/11. Void where prohibited. STARTING AT $ 99 $ 30 * Pads after mail-in rebate 9 From 7/27/11–9/30/11.m. Visit www. ET on 9/1/11. Mfg NAD 31 LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY STARTING AT $ Exclusive! Enter The Advance Auto Parts Ultimate Tailgate Sweepstakes For Your Chance To Win! LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY 1999 Wearever Gold® Brake Pads OE replacement for superior stopping power. Mfg GMKD 207 STARTING AT Visit www. *After mail-in rebate.

78510. 2 FOR $9 Products Select Armor All ® Mfg 10160. 77951/78004. SAVE $60 $ 13999 Mfg PKCOPB Peak® 4. 78173. 90164 3 Peak 400-Watt Tailgate Inverter Max Dupli-Color ®Professional 2 FOR 7 Undercoat 16 OZ Mfg UC101 $ 20% OFF Motor Trend® Car Chargers and GPS Accessories 13 12 . 40334/40330. 77958.3" GPS with Back-Up Camera YOUR CHOICE $ 99 EACH On Select Meguiar’s® Items Mfg G13815. 78511. 10345/78000. 91166. G13919 4 SAVE $13 $ 2999 Mfg PKC0CBO YOUR CHOICE $ 99 Stoner ®Glass Cleaning Products Mfg 92164. G12024. 77960 Find your way to these savings. 70612.Make your car shine while the weather’s still nice.

Available for most vehicles. most locations. G19OOK SALE $ SAVE $4 Sylvania®SilverStar®Twin Packs Up to 35% brighter Up to 30% farther visibility compared to a standard bulb 15 19 TM 99 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System Mfg 39008 14 . The bright white HID attitude. SAVE $10 when you buy 2 Rain-X® Repel™ Wiper Blades The only wiper blade that is infused with water repellent SAVE 7 when you buy 2 Rain-X® Latitude®Wiper Blades Aerodynamic spoiler with all-season performance $ SAVE $4 when you buy 2 Rain-X® Weatherbeater®Wiper Blades All-metal frame construction SAVE $7 Sylvania®SilverStar Ultra® Twin Packs Up to 50% brighter Up to 40% farther visibility compared to a standard bulb Fast.* *Most vehicles. Get winter-ready for less. xenon fueled. free wiper blade installation with purchase.Make sure you see these great deals. Entire stock of Rain-X® Wipers on sale. SAVE $10 Sylvania®SilverStar®zXe Performance Headlights NEW performance headlights. YOUR CHOICE SAVE $5 Meguiar’s® Headlight Restoration Kit OR Two-Step Headlight Restoration Kit Mfg G3000.

INCLUDES FILTER* Now through Oct. $ 1688 5 Plus Qts Jug OR 5 Qts of Mobil®Super Conventional Motor Oil and a Driveworks™ Oil Filter * Limit 5 specials per customer. 4 SAVE $3 $699 Sea Foam® Motor Treatment 16 OZ Mfg SF16 Attn: Brand Marketing 5008 Airport Road Roanoke. 2011. HOT DEAL $ 99 Advance Auto Parts® 50/50 Antifreeze Gallon Mfg AF7502 After $1 instant † savings and $5 mail-in rebate. VA 24012 1.877. 15.ADVANCE Follow us for exclusive deals and information: . Find great fall savings on the products you need.Exclusive online coupon! Join our email list to get a special offer: Save 15% on $ orders over 50! Lowest price of the season.