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September-October 2011 • Elul 5771-Cheshvan 5772
Shabbat & Holiday Schedule
Shabbat Shoftim Deuteronomy 16:18 - 21:9 Sept. 2 Shabbat Service 6 pm Sept. 3 Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am Yom Kippur Oct. 8 Morning Service 9:30 am Children’s Service 2 pm Afternoon Service 3 pm Yizkor 4:30 pm N’ilah 5:30 pm Erev Sukkot Oct. 12 Erev Sukkot Service & Board Installation 7:30 pm Sukkot Oct. 13 Sukkot Morning Service 9:30 am

In this issue
Rabbi’s Corner, Reflections Cantor’s Notes, Co-President’s Message High Holy Days Lifelong Jewish Learning What’s Happening Women of Sinai Brotherhood, Ritual Committee Social Action Committee Green Team Israel Committee My Sinai “Scene” at Sinai Supporting Sinai September Calendar October Calendar In the Sinai Family Those We Remember Contributions 2 3-4 5-6 7-11 12-13 14-15 16 17 18 18-19 20-22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29-31

Shabbat Ki Teitzei Deuteronomy 21:10 - 25:19 Sept. 9 Shabbat Service 6:15 pm Sept. 10 Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am

Shabbat Ki Tavo Deuteronomy 26:1 - 29:8 Sept. 16 Tot Shabbat Service & Dinner 5:30 pm Shabbat Service 6:15 pm Sept. 17 Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am

Shabbat Sukkot Exodus 33:8 Oct. 14 Shabbat Service & Sukkot Sing-A-Long 5:30 pm Oct. 15 Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am Cameron Kaufmann Bar Mitzvah 10 am

Shabbat Nitzavim Deuteronomy 29:9 - 31:30 Sept. 23 Shabbat Service 6:15 pm Sept. 24 Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am

Erev Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah Oct. 19 Simchat Torah Service & Consecration 7 pm Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah Oct. 20 Simchat Torah Service 9:30 am Shabbat Bereshit Genesis 1:1 - 6:8 Oct. 21 Shabbat Service 6:15 pm Oct. 22 Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am

Erev Rosh Hashanah Sept. 28 Erev Rosh Hashanah Service 8 pm Rosh Hashanah Sept. 29 Morning Service 9:30 am Children’s Service 3 pm Tashlich, Oneg & Shofar Blowing Contest 3:30 pm Rosh Hashanah Sept. 30 2nd Day Text Study 9:30 am Shabbat Shuvah Service 6:15 pm Oct. 1 Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am

Shabbat Noach Genesis 6:9 - 11:32 Oct. 28 Shabbat Service 6:15 pm Oct. 29 Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am Charlie Lewis Bar Mitzvah 10 am

Erev Yom Kippur Oct. 7 Kol Nidre Service 8 pm

Shanah Tovah Umetukah!

Rabbi David B. Cohen • Cantor Rebecca Robins • Rabbi Emeritus Jay R. Brickman Director of Administration Karen Lancina • Program Coordinator Jen Friedman • Sinai News Nicole Sether Congregation Sinai • 8223 N. Port Washington Road• Fox Point, WI 53217 414.352.2970• 414.352.0944 (fax)•

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September-October 2011

Rabbi’s Corner
On Time for the Holy Days
This September 11th marks the tenth anniversary (yahrtzeit is a better term) of the crisp Tuesday morning that changed our world, our country, and my family. In many ways, this anniversary is like those preceding it. Loved ones will be remembered. Patriotic songs will be sung. Children will continue to grow up; bereaved spouses will fall in love again and, perhaps, remarry. Life, in all of its variety and complexity, will go on. This tenth anniversary marks one significant milestone: Osama bin Laden is no longer alive. For families who lost loved ones, Bin Laden‘s death is justice served but otherwise irrelevant to the day to day. September eleventh falls during Yamim Noraim, the cycle of Jewish Holy Days between Tisha B‘Av and Sukkot. This Holy Day cycle offers us the opportunity to reflect on the dual aspects of time: its cyclical nature, through which we revisit the seasons and events of years past, and the progressive nature of time, through which teshuva - repentance - and change is made possible. As Rabbi Alan Lew, z‖l, wrote: ―The Yamim Noraim are a dance that begins on Tisha B‘Av and ends on Sukkot, that begins with the mournful collapse of a house and ends with the joyful collapse of a house, this intentional spasm that awakes us and carries us through death and back to life again - stands for the journey the soul is always on. It is a map, drawn by the soul, of the journey it must take, of the journey it is already taking. Beginning from the barest of biblical outlines, the soul has filled in this map with its own imperatives. Our souls are making this journey, yours and mine. The trip will go better for us if we know where we‘re going.‖ One way to be mindful about where we are going is to assess our temporal orientation, i.e. the way we relate in our lives to the passage of time. It‘s what I like to call ―Jewish Time Management.‖ Jewish time management is not about juggling schedules; it is about finding temporal balance; that is, maintaining proper perspective on our past, our present and our future. Whether we are young or old, the Holy Days provide a chance to stop, reflect, and evaluate the attention we devote to each dimension of our existence. Keeping that balance takes work since our attention naturally shifts from the present, to the future, to the past, and back again. Even so, if we begin to fixate on one dimension of time exclusively, we can lose our balance and become disoriented in time. What does that look like? Perhaps we are dwelling too much on the past, paralyzed by the questions of ―what if?‖ and ―why me?‖; we might be focusing too much on the present, living for only the moment with little care to planning for the future; or the future might be our primary preoccupation, the emphasis on building a career blinding us to the needs of those around us in the moment. The cycle of the Holy Days, from Tisha B‘Av through Sukkot, gives us time to reassert a new balance in our lives: To be aware of our past as a source of our identity and values; to look to the future, alert to its possibilities, committed to its betterment; and to experience every day in the present, living according to our values, grateful for every moment. I look forward to sharing these most important days with you! Rabbi David B. Cohen

Arguments for the existence of God are fortified by the unexpected appearance of Representative Gabrielle Giffords to cast a vote which may have saved our nation from financial default, and the world from economic chaos. Like the good parent, God remains behind the scenes, allowing us to bumble along the best way we know how. It is unfortunate that, unlike our animal predecessors, humans often become locked in controversy, with neither side willing to yield, and disaster looming. At such moments of crisis, God may intervene to keep humankind (hopefully, his favorite species), from becoming extinct. As we approach the New Year, let us resolve to work with citizens of goodwill to improve the economic and spiritual well being of our surroundings. Should we fail in our endeavors, let us pray that, as so often in the past, God will enter the scene of history and rescue us from catastrophe. Rabbi Jay R. Brickman

September-October 2011

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Cantor’s Notes
In looking at the messages and listening to the melodies of the High Holy Days, familiar refrains speak loudly to us: These are the days of judgement. God will balance God‘s din (judgement) with God‘s rachamim (compassion). We are obligated to three things: tshuvah (repentance), tefillah (prayer) and tzedakah (judgement). This year, as I begin my high holy day preparation, I am struck by an apparent paradox I have never noticed before in the familiar messages. I have always been captivated by the unetaneh tokef text in the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Amidah. These texts, actually, are most famous for some of the most resounding quotes: ―On Rosh Hashanah it is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed: Who shall live and who shall die…‖ And ―the great shofar is sounded, the still small voice is heard.‖ This section of the liturgy of the yamim noraim seems to be full with the norah, awesomeness, of the days, and as our machzor (holy day prayerbook) suggests, these texts are full of dread. A close examination of the texts takes us not only to these moments of awesome proclamation, but on a journey of fear, faith, and ultimately comfort. In preparation for this year‘s celebration of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, compelled by this very textual journey, I selected a setting of the unetaneh tokef for Yom Kippur morning that I feel most effectively illustrates this musically. In Max Janowski‘s splendid setting, through rhythmic motive, use of dynamics, how he voices the choir, and the extreme range of the piece, every moment, idea and thought of this sacred liturgy is wound together in a spectacular interpretation of the text. The awesomeness, dread, inwardness, and graveness of the liturgy is fully ‗sung.‘ Setting us up for the recitation of ―on Rosh Hashanah it is written…,‖ one cannot help but contemplate God‘s power – if even for a moment – as the liturgy is recited through this piece of music. At the same moment, I began my preparation of the Yom Kippur morning Torah portion: ―For on this day, God has set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Choose life.‖ Perhaps it was the close proximity in which I studied the text, or perhaps just the course of life‘s inevitable questions – but how, I wondered, on one morning can we pronounce that ―on Rosh Hashanah it is written…,‖ presumably by God, and ―choose life,‖ presumably our choice? Because, as God‘s partners, perhaps it is not God who writes in the Sefer Chayyim, Book of Life, but us. In Pirkei Avot we are taught, ―hakol tzafui, v’ hareshut n’tunah” ―all is predetermined, and free will is given.‖ If we are to understand the messages of the holy days in this way, then this is not a paradox either. This Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, though we can never know precisely what lay ahead, let us remind ourselves that we write in our own Sefer Chayyim, and let us write ourselves for a life of peace, blessing and health – peace, blessing and health that begins in us, with us, for us. Zerek and I wish you and your family a shanah tovah u’metukah – a sweet and happy new year. Cantor Rebecca Robins

From the Co-Presidents
A Sinai Vision As I write this in mid-August, the weather is stifling, the Air Show was fabulous (as usual), and my Co-President Judi Ketten is getting ready to celebrate her daughter’s wedding. Although the Jewish New Year and the Days of Awe still seem far away, I thought that, rather than writing about the state of the Congregation now (a subject that Judi will ably cover at Rosh Hashanah), I would, in keeping with the spirit of hope and renewal that those Days represent for me, share the “State of the Congregation” that I hope our successors will be able to report to you as we approach the High Holy Days in 2016. Sinai 2016 We are a little more than halfway through 2016, and we are pleased to report that Congregation Sinai is thriving as never before. Of course, much of the credit goes to our longserving and dedicated clergy, Rabbi David Cohen and Cantor Rebecca Robins. It‘s hard to believe that Rabbi Cohen has been leading our Congregation for 20 years, and it seems like almost yesterday (not 8 years ago!) that Cantor Robins joined us. In fact, the stability of our clergy and professional staff has been a huge plus – the administration of the day-to-day business of the Congregation, under the leadership of Karen Lancina, certainly makes for a satisfied membership; and speaking of membership, Jen Friedman has done a phenomenal job over the last 7 years in helping to grow our membership to 400 family units. This membership growth, with the infusion of many younger families, has revitalized the Congregation and, not unimportantly, has generated additional revenue that has made the annual budgeting process a little easier, allowing the Board to focus more on effective programming and the like and less on cutting costs (though we still keep a keen eye out for any waste and inefficiencies we can eliminate).
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September-October 2011

From the Co-Presidents (continued)
Speaking of revenue, expenses and budgets, we have two great pieces of news to report. First, Part Two of our Building Renovation Campaign (can you believe that the first part of the Campaign started over 10 years ago and that we‘ve been enjoying our beautiful renovated space for over 8 years?) was wildly successful and we have retired the mortgage on our building by raising over $1.3M in contributions! A heartfelt thanks to all who contributed (and virtually everyone did!). Second, our Sinai Endowment (the ―Congregation Sinai Endowment Fund‖), which is kept as a fund at the Jewish Federation, is steadily growing, and has reached a point where the yearly income it is generating has permitted us not only to increase our programming and infrastructure, but to actually reduce dues levels this year. So thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Fund, whether through immediate contributions or by remembering Sinai through estate planning. Remember, anyone who wishes to remember Sinai through estate planning should contact one of us, our Treasurer, or the Jewish Federation (you should check the Sinai website for more information). Increasing the Endowment is incredibly important to the future of this Congregation. We are pleased to report that our religious school is thriving as never before. Thanks especially to Cantor Robins for her untiring work on keeping our curriculum strong, even cutting-edge. And the influx, as previously mentioned, of so many young families with school-age children has things really humming. Of course, we would never have been at such a good place without the work done 5 years ago by Jenni Goldbaum, Cantor Robins and their school vision committee. And special thanks to Rabbi Cohen, whose persistence finally broke through the reluctance of the other Milwaukee Reform congregations to combine some of our resources (like our Reform community‘s joint post- B‘nai Mitzvah education program) to increase efficiencies, reduce cost, and educate our older children more effectively. Also, let‘s not forget our strong adult learning program. And isn‘t it amazing that our beloved Rabbi Emeritus, Jay Brickman, is still going strong and still leading Shabbat Morning Torah Study and teaching other classes as well. Although we have the best professional and administrative staff around, they cannot and should not have the responsibility of making Sinai an effective institution and vibrant community. That is up to all of us members of our Sinai community. It starts with our lay leadership (our officers and Board of Trustees) and is effectuated primarily through our Committees (Social Action, Membership, Chesed, Education, Ritual, Fund Raising, and the like) and our service organizations, the Women of Sinai and the Brotherhood (isn‘t it great that those two organizations have found just the right balance between serving the Congregation and being fun!). We are so pleased that our Board and our Committees have strong leaders and are active and effective. Here‘s a special shout out to the work of the Social Action Committee, which has infused the entire Congregation with a new spirit; for too long we had put social action on the back-burner, and we are now doing so much more to help address the many needs of both our Milwaukee Jewish community and our greater Milwaukee community. And another special shout out to the work of the Chesed Committee, which has really helped take some of the burden off Rabbi Cohen and Cantor Robins in serving the needs of those in our Sinai Community who are ill or who otherwise need someone to reach out to them. The work we have put in over the past few years building our leadership capabilities has certainly paid off! But of course the work of our Committees cannot and should not be done by the person chairing the committee (in fact, the biggest impediment to having Committees that are effective and sustainable is the fear of congregants that if they accept the responsibility of leading a Committee they will end up being stuck with doing all the work!). That is not a problem at Sinai, however, as more and more congregants volunteer their time and expertise so that our Committees prosper, our programming is strong and our professional staff and lay leadership are not as stressed as they used to be. We are so happy that at Sinai, our members do not just sit back and expect things to happen for them, but jump in to make things happen! So that‘s our report. We are so pleased that Congregation Sinai continues to be known as a learning Congregation, a caring Congregation, an accepting Congregation, and a singing Congregation. And we know that there is a bright future for this special community. So that’s my Sinai vision – we aren’t there yet, but I have confidence that we are on the right path, and if we all work together and do our parts as members of this wonderful Congregation, it will be a vision fulfilled. L’Shanah Tovah Tikatevu. Marc Kartman

Congregation Sinai gratefully acknowledges and gives thanks to our outgoing Board Members: Steve Moglowsky and Bobbi Rector as they have completed their tenure with the Board of Trustees. We welcome Julie Lookatch, Amy Newman and Jimmy Schulhof as they embark on this very holy congregational work.

September-October 2011

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High Holy Days
High Holy Day Service Schedule
Erev Rosh Hashanah: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 8:00 PM Erev Rosh Hashanah Service 1st Day of Rosh Hashanah: Thursday, September 29, 2011 9:30 AM Rosh Hashanah Morning Service 3:00 PM 3:30 PM Rosh Hashanah Children‘s Service Family Tashlich & Shofar Blowing Contest

2nd Day of Rosh Hashanah: Friday, September 30, 2011 9:30 AM 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Text Study & Light Breakfast 5:00 PM Tashlich followed by Shabbat Shuvah Service on the Shore at Doctor‘s Park

Erev Yom Kippur: Friday, October 7, 2011 8:00 PM Kol Nidrei Service Yom Kippur: Saturday, October 8, 2011 9:30 AM Yom Kippur Morning Service 12:30 PM 2:00 PM Adult Study Session Yom Kippur Children‘s Service Yom Kippur Afternoon Service of Healing and Forgiveness Yizkor (Memorial) Service N‘ilah (Concluding) Service Break-the-Fast

with Board Installation
Wednesday, October 12th at 7:30PM
Join us for a warm and musical service to welcome and celebrate Sukkot! Help us to instill in our board members wisdom and insight from Jewish tradition, and bless the work of their hands and hearts on this festive holiday.


3:00 PM 4:30 PM 5:30 PM 6:45 PM

Erev Simchat Torah
with Consecration
Wednesday, October 19th at 7:00 PM
Together we rejoice in the celebration of Torah! We’ll sing, dance and read Torah as we roll our scroll back to the beginning. Help us welcome our newest learners into our tradition of study with the ritual of consecration!

Oneg to follow!

For more High Holy Day information please refer to your High Holy Day Packet.

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September-October 2011

High Holy Days
COMMITMENTS OF THE HIGH HOLY DAYS: Through Jewish Texts to our Daily Lives
Friday, September 30, 2011 at 9:30 am.
On the second day of Rosh Hashanah this year, Dr. Sherry Blumberg will teach Jewish sacred texts relating to three major topics of the season enumerated in the High Holy Day liturgy, Teshuvah (repentance), Tefilah (prayer), and Tzedakah (charity). In addition, Dr. Blumberg will connect the texts with the Middot – personality characteristics – by which we plot our course for the coming year, including: humility, giving others the benefit of the doubt, extending justice and mercy, and many others. “Sherry Blumberg is an extraordinary teacher,” says Rabbi Cohen. “We are indeed fortunate that she will be guiding our study the second morning of Rosh Hashanah. I know the conversation will be informative and deep.” If you have any questions about the second day Rosh Hashanah study session (which will take place in lieu of a service) please contact Rabbi Cohen.

Second Day Rosh Hashanah Text Study

Please RSVP through Eventbrite by September 3

The Sinai Brotherhood brings you...

Friday, October 14th
5:30 pm: Family Shabbat Service & Sing-a-long 6:15 pm: BBQ & Oneg, rain or shine
Celebrate in the Sukkah with Rabbi Cohen and Cantor Robins Participate in fun games and activities! Enjoy delicious food and drink! Socialize with old friends & meet new ones! Shake your lulav (or ours)!

Cost: Adults: $10.00 Children 12 & under: $7.00 Children 3 & under: Free
RSVP by Monday, October 10th
Co-sponsored by the Israel Committee & Mitbach Sinai (Sinai Cooks!)

September-October 2011

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Lifelong Jewish Learning
Adult Learning Fall Classes
Introduction to Judaism Class
Tuesday nights at JCC starting after the Holy Days For those contemplating conversion or coming back to their roots. This class is taught by JCC Jewish Educator Jody Hirsh and community rabbis at the JCC, 7-9:30 pm. Classes run Nov. 8 - March 13 (no class Dec. 27) For registration, call Karen Hintz at Sinai, 414-352-2970 or register by Oct. 4 at https:// registration-forms-for-introduction-to-Judaism Sponsored by the Wisconsin Council of Rabbis

Engaging Israel
Selected Tuesdays with Rabbi David Cohen of Congregation Sinai and Rabbi Jacob Herber of Congregation Beth Israel The 21st century signals an opportunity to assess the Israel/Diaspora relationship. In the past, that relationship was predicated on real and imminent threats to Israel‘s existence. This inspired the creation of a Jewish identity in which the survival and perpetuation of the Jewish people and the defense of Jews in danger became central values. Political, economic, and cultural success among Jews in many communities throughout the world has diminished the compelling nature of the narrative of crisis. At the same time, there is the success story that is Israel. Without denying the dangers that Israel still faces on a daily basis, its military power and prowess render a narrative of crisis less meaningful. When one adds to the equation the economic vitality of modern Israel, it becomes increasingly difficult to portray Israel as a weak country in dire need of help from Jews around the world. Given these changes, how might we build a relationship that transcends the focus on crisis, speaking instead a dialogue rooted in Jewish values and ideas. The ―Engaging Israel‖ class uses the lenses of Jewish thought, political theory, and international law to address: the necessity and significance of the Jewish national enterprise; how a Jewish state should exercise power; why a Jew who lives outside of Israel should care about Israel; and what the State of Israel can offer the world. Rabbis Cohen and Herber will co-teach the class, utilizing materials and media produced by the Shalom Hartman Center in Jerusalem, where they are both Senior Rabbinic Fellows. Classes will meet 7-9 pm. Dates: Oct. 25, Nov. 1, 8, 22, 29, Dec. 6, 13, Jan. 3, 10, 17, 24, Feb. 7

Judaism For Adults with Rabbi Cohen
Selected Sunday Mornings, 10:30 am–12:00 pm Perhaps it‘s been a few years since you studied Judaism?  Maybe the last time was when you were a child or adolescent? If you are interested in approaching Judaism as a modern adult, then this class is for you! Over six monthly sessions, we‘ll address questions, such as: How do Jews talk about God? What‘s the difference between religion and spirituality? What do we believe about the afterlife? What does the separation of Church and State mean for Jews in America? What role did Jews and Judaism really play in the life of Jesus?  What‘s the difference between reform, conservative, orthodox and reconstructionist streams of Judaism?  Where does the modern state of Israel fit into current Jewish identity? Sept. 18, 11:15-12:00 pm First class Class dates (10:30 am-12:00 pm): Nov. 20, Jan. 22, Feb. 12, March 4 (Scholar in Residence), April 22

Ongoing Classes
Men's Spirituality Discussion Group
Share coffee and bagels and discuss spiritual and practical matters concerning God, work, family and more Day: 2nd Tuesday of each month Time: 7:45 am With: Rabbi David B. Cohen & Joe Glassman

Lunch & Learn
Parashat ha'shuvuah through many and varied commentaries found in Torah La'Am Day: Fridays (no class Sept. 30, Oct. 7, 14, 21) Time: 12:00 pm With: Dr. Larry Hurwitz

―Through the Eyes of Women‖ Women‘s Ways of Reading the Bible
From traditional to modern including feminist readings and modern midrash Day: Fridays (beginning October 1) Time: 9:30 am With: Dr. Sherry Blumberg

Shabbat Morning Torah Study
Verse by verse, line by line, word by word... Day: Saturdays Time: 8:00 am With: Rabbi Jay Brickman & Rabbi David B. Cohen

Seniors Havurah
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 Tuesday, October 25, 2011 All Seniors Havurah meet at 1:00 p.m. With: Rabbi David B. Cohen

A Modern Rabbi's and Jungian Analyst's Approach to the Bible
Day: Wednesdays (beginning Sept. 14) Time: 9:30 am With: Rabbi Jay Brickman

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September-October 2011

Lifelong Jewish Learning
School News
Shalom u‘veracha! Greetings and blessings! At the beginning of this, the 2011-2012 school year, I am overjoyed that on September 18th, we will come together again for a year of learning. This is a special year for our Congregation Sinai Youth Education Program. In grades K-7, we are implementing a new and engaging Judaica curriculum, CHAI. Designed and supported by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), this is sure to be an exciting, meaningful and innovative change for our Judaic studies here at Sinai! We will continue, with more knowledge and skill, to use Mitkadem for Hebrew studies. We have expanded our staff to include a Hebrew tutor to support all our students in this amazing program. Stay tuned to our website, too, for Mitkadem at home. Grades 8-10 will meet at a new time (4:00-5:30 p.m. on Sunday afternoon), and there is a new curriculum for 8th and 9th grade that will provide endless opportunities. We are also looking forward to the combination of formal and informal learning through youth group events with CoSY, our new Sinai youth group. We are also getting ready to welcome learning as a broader Milwaukee Jewish community, including events with our neighboring north shore Reform congregations, and city-wide days of learning for teens in December and March. As a new school year, and a new calendar year (5772) approach, we have much to look forward to. Please join me for parent orientations to all these initiatives and more on Sunday, September 18th. See below for the times for your child‘s grade! For the start of school and the start of 5772, I wish you and yours a shanah tovah u’metukah – a sweet and happy new year! Cantor Rebecca Robins

Important Dates
Sunday, September 18 First Day of School! 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 4:00 PM 4:45 PM Back-to-School and Cereal Breakfast Kindergarten-7th Grade Parent Orientation Kindergarten-7th Grade First Day of Classes 8th-10th Grade Parent Orientation 8th-10th Grade

B.Y.O.B.C! Bring Your Own Breakfast Cereal
Let’s start the year off right! On Sunday, September 18, Gan (K4/K5) - Grade 7 kicks off at 10 AM with a cereal breakfast!

Thursday, September 22 4:30 PM October 9 October 27-30 First Day of Thursday School NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL

Parent Orientation for 2011-2012/ 5772
Please join us for Parent Orientation for new and returning students, and learn about our year ahead and our new curricula! Sunday, September 18 10:30-11:15 AM: Gan (K4/K5) – 7th Grade 4:45-5:30 PM: 8th-10th Grade

Your family should bring their favorite breakfast cereal (anything from Apple Jacks to Wheaties! Your fave!) We’ll bring the bowls, milk, and bananas!

September-October 2011

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Lifelong Jewish Learning
School News

Tots at Temple
Join Us For Programs Perfect For Tots & Their Families!
September 16 5:30 - 7:00 PM Tot Shabbat Service and Dinner
Join our clergy on the steps of the bima for a welcoming Kabbalat Shabbat full of music, instruments, and ruach (spirit)! Hear a great story and wish your friends Shabbat Shalom! Guests welcome! Stay for a yummy dinner—on us! Please RSVP by September 11 at

October 14

5:30 PM Shabbat/ Sukkot Sing-a-Long 6:15 PM Sukkot BBQ

$7 Children 12 and under $10 Adults FREE Children 3 and under Please RSVP by October 10 at:

October 23

10:00 AM—12:00 PM Pray & Play for Tots!

Join Rabbi Cohen, Cantor Robins and Jen Moglowsky for an awesome way to start the week...praying and playing together! Moms, dads and tots will love joining our Sunday morning service full of story and song! Then, spend the rest of the morning playing together, doing crafts, and making new friends. Please RSVP at:

High Holy Day Youth Programming Registration

S’more Shabbat!
Friday, Sept. 2, 2011 6:00 p.m. Bring the family and make a s’more with the Rabbi - following services!

Don’t forget to register for Youth Programming for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur for students in grades K4-8th Grade!

t Da the

avee! S

Sunday November 6, 2011
10:00 AM – 12:00 pm

3rd Grade Family Learning:
Hunting for God

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September-October 2011

Lifelong Jewish Learning
Family Programming - Year at a Glance
Friday, 2 Friday, 16 Sunday, 18 Thursday, 29 6:00 PM 5:30 PM 10:00 AM 3:30 PM S‘more Shabbat (last outdoor service) Tot Shabbat & Dinner 1st day religious school Rosh Hashanah Children‘s Services, Tashlich & Oneg, Shofar Blowing Contest


Saturday, 8 Friday, 14 Wednesday, 19 Sunday, 23

2:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:00 PM 10:00 AM

Yom Kippur Children‘s Service Sukkot BBQ & Sing-a-Long Simchat Torah Services with Consecration Pray & Play for Tots

Friday, 4 Sunday, 6 Sunday, 13 Friday, 18

5:30 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 6:15 PM

Tot Shabbat CHAI: 3rd Grade Family Education Pray & Play for Tots Rockin‘ Family Shabbat & Congregational Dinner

Sunday, 4 Sunday, 18

10:00 AM 11:00 AM

Pray & Play for Tots Chanukah Party & Latke Lunch


Friday, 20 Saturday, 28 Sunday, 29

6:15 PM 5:00 PM 10:00 AM

Rockin‘ Family Shabbat & Congregational Dinner PJ Havdallah & Movie Night Party (Tot-2nd grade) CHAI: 4th Grade Family Education

Sunday, 5 Friday, 17

10:00 AM 5:30 PM

PreK-2 Tu B‘Shevat Program Tot Shabbat


Sunday, 11 Friday, 16 Sunday, 25 Sunday, 25

10:00 AM 6:15 PM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM

Purim Carnival Rockin‘ Family Shabbat & Congregational Dinner Pray & Play for Tots CHAI: 5th Grade Family Education


Sunday, 1 Sunday, 29

10:00 AM 10:00 AM

Passover Scavenger Hunt & Matzah Bake-Off CHAI: 7th Grade Family Education


Sunday, 6 Friday, 18 Sunday, 20

10:00 AM 6:15 PM 11:00 AM

Taste of Sinai/ Pray & Play for Tots Rockin‘ Family Shabbat & Congregational Dinner Family Picnic

September-October 2011

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Lifelong Jewish Learning
Congregation Sinai's program for high school age youth, CoSY, provides fun youth programming for all 9th through 12th graders. CoSY is run by it's members and is a part of NFTY, the North American Federation of Temple Youth, which plans events for Reform Jewish teens throughout North America. To learn more about NFTY, go to In addition, put the following upcoming events on your calendar: Information about upcoming events will be sent directly to all teens and be posted on the Sinai web page. Fall Kallah: November 18-20th, Madison, WI Winter Kallah: January 20-22nd, OSRUI JYG Kallah: March 2-4, OSRUI, for 7th and 8th graders Spring Kallah: April 19-20, Milwaukee, CoSY will be co-sponsoring, hosting Friday night services. Seven CoSY members attended August's summer Kallah at OSRUI and had a fantastic time. Don't miss out when the next Kallah comes around! If you are interested in learning more about CoSY, contact Presidents Aviva Glassman (414) 333-8329 or Michael Cohen (414) 213-9097, or CoSY advisor, Julie Turetsky, (414) 899-5128.

s en Te


CoSY is Cruising!

Mazel Tov Affirmands!

This year Congregation Sinai will be offering a new program geared toward families who want to extend their celebration of Shabbat to the synagogue with learning, singing and fun with our clergy and other families. Midreshet Shabbat is a five session family program for Shabbat afternoons over the course of the year. It will meet from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. with some time for family learning and fun; some time for learning by age; and completing the evening with havdallah together. The year‘s theme will be Bible Families - Family Dynamics - a great way to explore sibling and parent child relationships! The cost of the program will be $36.00 per family for the whole program including all five dates. The dates are as follows: November 5, 2011 January 7, 2012 February 11, 2012 April 21, 2012 June 2, 2012 The hope is that your family could attend all five but please don't rule out participation if you have a conflict for one of the dates. Mark your calendars now and look out for more registration information. Please contact Michelle Silverman with any questions: Register at:

i li e m Fa


Midreshet Shabbat

Top row (from left to right) – Michael Cohen, Jacob Schermer, Dick Kaeppel, Macabee Pereira, Milton Padway, Rabbi David Cohen. Front row (from left to right) – Cantor Rebecca Robins, Alicia Rowen, Mariah Schlossmann, Katherine McManus, Bria Schlossmann.

Tribal Blends Coffee
Thank you parents for supporting Sinai’s School!
The school’s Tribal Blends Coffee sale has raised over $1000 since September 2010!

Tribal Blends Coffee Schedule: Order Deadline: Sunday, Sept. 18th Pick up: Sunday, Sept. 25th. Order Deadline: Sunday, Nov. 13th Pick up: Sunday, Nov. 20th.
Look for forms in the lobby, download from our website or weekly e-news blast. For more information contact Bobbi Rector at or 414-540-0284.
Judy Flegel, Youth Ed Chair Cantor Rebecca Robins, Director, Youth Ed Program

Need something? Think of something? Email us!

Jeri Danz, School Administrator Jenni Goldbaum, Youth Ed Chair

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September-October 2011

What’s Happening Aleph Bet Yoga
Every Tuesday with Susan Solvang
8:45 am, Worship & Learning Space Join us for a high quality, friendly, and accessible yoga class. 10 class pass is $100 or pay per class @ $11/class. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Yoga mats and props are provided. Don't miss the fun!!

Sinai Shabbat Walks
Did you know that every Saturday after Shabbat services at Sinai there is a group that enjoys walking?
If you are interested in a Shabbat stroll for about an hour around the immediate neighborhood with Sinai friends we'd love for you to join us. For more information contact Randee Zitelman at

Like us on Facebook!
Congregation Sinai has a new page! Stay connected to other Sinai members and get up to date information on events. Find us at

t ck ou √ Che ibrary l inai’s S

Looking for a beautiful, quiet reflective place?

Look no further!

Sinai Enews & Website
Stay informed about all the happenings at Congregation Sinai! Each week you should receive a Sinai Enews about the upcoming events at Sinai. Be sure to open and read your Sinai Enews. All kinds of exciting things are happening at Sinai and you won‘t want to miss any of them! If you are not currently receiving the Enews, please email or call Congregation Sinai at 414-352-2970 so we can update our distribution list. Also, visit our website at

The Congregation Sinai Library is filled with wonderful Jewish literature for adults and children.

Come “Check It Out” Save the Date!
Scholar in Residence Weekend: March 2-4, 2012 Rabbi Sheila Pelz Weinberg

September-October 2011

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What’s Happening
Join with the Milwaukee Community in marching to eradicate hunger in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Walks With the World

Sunday, October 9, 2011
Distance: 2 or 5 miles
Register: 12:30 p.m. Walk: 1:30 p.m. Food Drive: 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. McKinley Marina - Milwaukee Lakefront For information contact: Nicole Carver @ 414-276-9050

More information at:

Interested in walking with Sinai? Contact: Idy Goodman at

is coming to Sinai!
Watch the Sinai Enews for more information

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September-October 2011

Sinai Committees
Women of Sinai
Sisterhood is an amazing way to connect to Jewish life, and synagogue life. Without a doubt, Jewish women have nurtured and sustained one another as a community from biblical times to today, and Women of Sinai is an amazing example of our synagogue‘s women learning together, sharing together, and supporting both one another and Sinai. This month, each and every female member of our congregation will receive their invitation to join Women of Sinai for another inspiring year. We look forward to another strong and successful year of programming that engages our synagogue‘s women, and builds on Sinai‘s foundation for success for all.

Cheshbon haNefesh: Women & Teshuvah
a special “fireside chat”

The Women of Sinai invite you to break-the-fast at the conclusion of Yom Kippur services on Saturday, October 8, 2011. Shanah Tovah We look forward to breaking the fast with you!
Kugels Needed!
If you are able to bake a kugel or dessert, please contact Judy Shor at by Friday, September 23rd. If you are unable to bake, monetary donations are greatly appreciated. Please make checks payable to Women of Sinai. Drop off at the synagogue office or mail to Sinai.

Please join Cantor Robins for a pre-holiday discussion of tshuvah (repentance) and the challenges and opportunities women face as they prepare their souls for the High Holy Days. Stay for Shabbat services to meditate and pray on the ideas discussed, or head home for some QT with you and yours!

Friday, September 23
(Shabbat Services Begin at 6:15 PM)

5:00-6:00 PM

Women of Sinai: Fireside Chat
Save the 7:00-8:30 PM Date! Bayshore Place (apartments at Bayshore Mall)

Tuesday, December 6

Join us for food, conversation, laughter, learning and fun!

“Chanukah should be more than just wrapping endless gifts and making so many latkes that my house smells like oil for a month!” Understand the unique meaning of Chanukah for Jewish women.

September-October 2011

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Sinai Committees
Women of Sinai

Women of Sinai to visit Jewish Museum November 14th

Join Women of Sinai, Monday, November 14th at 7:00 p.m.
Through artistic and historical displays, the Jewish Museum Milwaukee will present the life and work of this Milwaukee hero. Learn the fascinating story of personal courage and the difference one individual can make by standing up in the face of adversity. This event is free. Please let us know you are attending. RVSP by November 9th at:

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September-October 2011

Sinai Committees
Welcome to another great season of Brotherhood activities. I know that many of you have enjoyed the diverse programming that has been offered and we thank you for your interest and support! Our membership information and the schedule of events should be "in the mail" by early September, so please watch for the "Congregation Sinai" envelope. Membership is open to anyone who chooses to financially support our mission at Congregation Sinai. The Sinai Brotherhood promotes Jewish fellowship for men and other interested members. This is accomplished through the sponsorship of monthly Sunday morning coffees (open to the public), softball Shabbat, Sukkot BBQ, monthly men's spirituality meetings and the Sinai woodworkers guild. The Brotherhood contributes financial support to Consecration, B'nei Mitzvah and Affirmation gifts, Purim prizes, and Chanukah lox boxes. Membership dues are $36 for regular membership, $72 for sustaining membership, and $18 for student membership. With membership you will receive special email notification of upcoming Brotherhood events and other events of interest at Sinai. Volunteering for events is a wonderful way to serve your synagogue community and a terrific opportunity to meet and become friends with other congregants who are involved with synagogue life. The Sinai Brotherhood is an enthusiastic and social group committed to the promotion of the Sinai community. We hope you will join us this year! While details will be forthcoming, please MARK YOUR CALENDAR for these events: October 2 Sukkah construction October 14 Sukkot BBQ November 13 Brotherhood coffee #1 December 11 Brotherhood coffee #2 January 8 Brotherhood coffee #3 February 26 Brotherhood coffee #4 March Adult event (date to be determined) April 22 Open event May 1 Softball begins In addition, we are trying to put together a few other events such as: a Brewers game and tailgate, an informal Sinai golf outing (4 some w/scramble) and a bowling night! If you have any ideas for programming or just have some questions or comments please feel free to call or send me an email. We look forward to seeing you. Jim Stillman, Brotherhood President (414) 963-2116 or

Ritual Committee
We've all blown it at one time or another..... The Shofar of course!
Ritual Question of the Quarter: When is the right time to blow the Shofar? Answer: Traditionally, the Shofar is blown every day in the Hebrew month of Elul (this year August 31stSeptember 28th). Further, it is considered a mitzvah to hear the Shofar blown on the day of Rosh Hashanah. It is considered a "wake up" call (to us and to God) to think about our year, take stock and atone. It is also traditional to hear the Shofar blown at the end of Yom Kippur signifying the end of the day of atonement and the closing of the 25 hours of fasting. This section was brought to you by the Ritual Committee of Congregation Sinai. We are a group of lay leaders who work on developing and recommending policies and procedures regarding the ritual affairs of the Congregation to the Board. If you have a burning ritual question, concern or idea, please email Michelle Silverman at:

September-October 2011

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Sinai Committees
Social Action
Social Action at Sinai is booming! Sinai‘s Social •Sukkah Garden programs and harvesting Action Committee is opening opportunities for social justice •The Social Action Film Series work to all congregants as well as bringing Sinai into the •Social Action Shabbatot community, from The Bethesda Meal Program and Commu- •And more…. nity Advocates Family Shelter to the Sukkah Garden and collaborating with the new Chai Curriculum in the school. Contact information: Idy Goodman – Our committee, chaired by Craig Johnson and Idy Craig Johnson - Goodman, has ten engaged members. We usually meet on the 2nd Friday of each month at 12:00 p.m. in To read what Reform Judaism has to Your contributions the conference room. Please consider being a say about the most current issues of the day, go make a difference: part of this committee. Our conversations are to and click on ―Social Action.‖ ExMuch of the financial lively, informative, and meaningful. Our conplore the various links. They are rich with inforsupport comes cerns include decreasing our Sinai environmenmation. Also register to receive ―Ten Minutes of through the tal footprint, underwriting part of the Bethesda Torah‖ at Sinai Tzedakah Church meal program that serves over 35,000 meals in a year, running a topical film series – Featured below: June 5 Community Advocates Fund. Ideas from you are definitely welcome! Family Shelter Activity Day Please consider this Please watch your Sinai E-News for Packing toiletries, painting basement walls, fund when making information about: planting vegetable and flower planters. your next contribution •Monthly Barrel collections. For August through Side-by-side with shelter families. in honor or memory of October, we will be collecting school supplies A wonderful and happy morning for all involved. someone. and disposable diapers (sizes 3-6) for the Thank you to our volunteers and generous doCommunity Advocates Family Shelter nors: Mary, Jamie, Drew & Cameron Kaufmann; •Our 5th Semi-Annual Social Action Day at the Community Laurie & Dean Segal; Bill & Idy Goodman; Deb, Brian, Jacob & Advocates Family Shelter on Sunday, October 23rd Ari Schermer; Naomi Soifer; Bill and Karen Elliot and everyone •Updates on the summer CSA program who dropped off toiletries and checks. •The Milwaukee Community Crop Hunger Walk on October Next Activity Day: October 23! See you there! 9th

Laurie Segal, resident, Deb Schermer

Ari Schermer, Jacob Schermer, resident

Jamie Kaufmann & Bill Goodman

Community Advocates Family Shelter Collections

September & October: School Supplies & Diapers (size 3-6)

Please drop off donations in the Sinai lobby.

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September-October 2011

Sinai Committees
Green Team
The Eternal took and placed the human being in the Garden of Eden, to cultivate it and to protect it.
(Bereishit 2:15)
Our third annual Sukkah Garden is growing beautifully. This season, we have had the strongest participation from congregants for watering and weeding, as we had a total of 14 families each taking a week shift. Gourds, sorghum, sunflowers, potatoes, and nasturtium are growing strong and eager to adorn our Sukkah in October. Once again, the students in the religious school will make our Sukkah decorations from the garden harvest during the children‘s program on Yom Kippur, and will hang the decorations in the Sukkah during religious school on the first day of Sukkot. I cannot think of a better way to teach our children about the harvest festival of Sukkot than by having them engage in a harvest of their own! Please take a moment to thank Naomi Cobb when you see her for all her time and effort in making this wonderful garden project a reality for our congregation, as not only has she designed the garden layout and coordinated all the participating families, she has put together all the children‘s educational programming surrounding this project, making it a very special experience for our entire congregation. I hope that the congregants who have weeded, watered and tended the garden this summer feel the same sense of pride that I do in our community accomplishment. In other Greening of Sinai news, we are well into our first CSA season. Though the harvest got off to a bit of a slow start due to the very cold spring, we have enjoyed radishes, baby spinach, snow peas, sugar snap peas, arugula flowers, swiss chard, and many other organic vegetables. We have 21 Sinai families participating in this program, which is a tremendous response our first year out with this initiative. As an added bonus, we were able to purchase an additional share every-other-week which is donated to a charity. Our donation is arranged through the Surplus Garden Project of Tikkun Ha‘Ir of Milwaukee. With the addition of Sinai‘s donated share, this project has donated well over 1600 lbs. of fresh produce to feed the hungry in our community. The farmers, Andrea and Steve Levsen of Stoney Meadow Farm have been as flexible and accommodating as can be and we thank them for their Andrea Levsen, one of the farmers of partnership. I look Stoney Meadow Farm forward to a growing relationship between our community and Stoney Meadow Farm in the years to come. Lastly, at the June meeting the Sinai Board of Trustees voted unanimously to adopt an Environmental Policy Statement. The statement affirms Sinai‘s commitment to the concepts of Bal Tashchit and Tikkun Olam, the biblical principles not to destroy or waste, and to repair the world. The full text of our new Environmental Policy Statement can be found on our website: Happy New Year Everyone! Deb Schermer and Greening of Sinai

Israel Committee
Over the last six years Congregation Sinai has befriended and cultivated a warm relationship with Congregation Emet ve'Shalom in Nahariya, Israel; believe it or not, the only Reform (or Progressive outside the U.S.A.) synagogue in the Northwest of Israel. We have heard their trials and tribulations of meeting and celebrating in a bomb shelter because it was the only available meeting space afforded to them by the local municipality. We shared in their worries and fears as hundreds of bombs flew into their community from Lebanon during the Second Lebanon War of 2006. And we shared in their joy at receiving subsidy from the Israeli Movement for Progressive Judaism (through URJ) to remodel and lease their own modest above ground building for offices, classes services and celebrations. For more than three years they have flourished in their new surroundings, but recently with the economic downturn and funding cuts, they suddenly have found themselves struggling to make ends meet. This past spring they waged an international fundraising campaign to extend their lease. Congregation Sinai responded to the challenge with a $360 donation and the Israel Committee will continue to look for ways to support this small, vibrant Israeli congregation this coming year. If you have an interest in learning how to help Emet ve'Shalom, or learning about Reform Judaism in Israel, please contact me at Eti Ganin Israel Committee Chair

September-October 2011

Page 19

Sinai Committees
Israel Committee

How Do Arab Citizens Live in Israel?
Arab minority represent 20% of the 7.5 million Israel population. What is it like for them living amongst Israeli Jews? What inspires them to succeed?

Nazareth and studied at Hebrew University. He will share his personal and professional perspective about the existence and coexistence of Arabs and Jews in Israel.

Fahed Hakim, MD a senior Christian-Arab physician grew up in

Congregation Sinai
Worship & Learning Center

Sunday, October 16th
10:00 am

Dr. Hakim is currently completing a postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric sleep medicine at the Univ. of Chicago, IL. As a Christian-Arab physician in Israel, Dr. Hakim is an advocate of Arab-Jewish relations and coexistence. He is a senior physician from Rambam Health Care Center in Haifa and will be returning to Israel with his family upon completion of his fellowship.

Sponsored by Congregation Sinai Israel Committee
For more information call Eti Ganin 414-964-2727 or email

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September-October 2011

My Sinai
Sinai Cooks!
Mitbach Sinai (Sinai Cooks!)
Do you enjoy cooking for fun with friends? Come have a glass of wine with Sinai Cooks! During the course of the year we will gather in the Sinai kitchen to cook and bake for Sinai events and ourselves. We promise laughter, great conversation and friendship! Please look to your eNews for cooking dates and times. Soon, we will be cooking for the Sinai Sukkot BBQ. Looking forward to seeing many new faces! Have a great Sinai Cooks! Idea? Contact Jill Weinshel @

Sinai Outside

Join us for a family hike on the Ice Age Trail in Monches on Sunday, October 9th.
Meet at Sinai at 1:00 pm to caravan/ carpool. The hike starts at 2:00 pm. This is guaranteed to be a beautiful hike on an easy trail with gentle hills and a lovely display of autumn foliage. There are options for kid friendly stops at water's edge, or if you like, a more strenuous hike out and back. Leashed dogs are welcome. No bathrooms on site. RSVP to Bobbi Rector so we will know to wait for you!

Culture Connection
Get connected with Milwaukee’s art and culture scene AND with fellow Sinai congregants. We have a wonderful time enjoying theater, restaurants, festivals, all while making new friends through Sinai. Come join us. Our next event is Driving Miss Daisy at the Milwaukee Chamber Theater.

Saturday October 22, 8:00 pm show.
We will arrange dinner before the show when RSVPs are finalized. Tickets are $30.00 Please RSVP by October 3 Purchase online at: Or send a check (payable to Congregation Sinai) to Sinai by October 3
Cabot Theatre Directed by C. Michael Wright Featuring Ruth Schudson, Michael Torrey & Jonathan West

Winner of the 1988 Pulitzer Prize and the Outer Critics Circle Award

“When Daisy Werthan, rich, sharp-tongued and Jewish, demolishes yet another car, her son, Boolie, decides it's time to hire a chauffeur. Little does he realize that the thoughtful, but uneducated, Hoke Coleburn will become a major influence in Daisy's life over the next 25 years.” Alfred Uhry's quietly powerful script examines the ever-changing racial relations of Atlanta, Georgia - and America - with an abundance of humor, honesty and dignity.

September-October 2011

Page 21

My Sinai
Brit Nashim
B‘rit Nashim means ―Covenant of Women‖. We are a group of women who meet one evening each month, for programs of Jewish and personal content. We also have an annual Shabbat retreat. Our group, which started about 16 years ago, was designed to be a forum for women to gather to share common interests and to build a community of women within the larger community of Congregation Sinai. We have, in fact, formed close personal bonds and grown into a true "covenant" of women who support each other in all areas of our lives. The only requirements to join B‘rit Nashim are that you are a woman, a member of Congregation Sinai, and that you are looking for a group of women who are committed to each other. There is no cost to be a member except for any expenses that might incur from the projects we undertake. Our members take turns leading or planning the meetings; sharing our diverse talents, interests, ideas and experiences with one another. Sinai clergy as well as outside presenters also enrich our meetings. Some examples of our past activities include sessions on: Jewish artists & writers, ecology and its relationship to Judaism, cooking sessions, book discussions, crafts, and an annual "Mitzvah" activity. One highlight is our annual winter Shabbat retreat. This is a time to get away from our daily routines to rejoice together. We always plan meaningful and enjoyable activities, however we find that it is really not the activity we are doing, but rather that we are together that matters. Most importantly, we have become friends. Each fall, B‘rit Nashim is open to new members. We find that this is a great opportunity to get to know additional women, who bring wonderful new energy and input to our "covenant." We invite you to join us. Potential members can come to our open meeting, Monday, October 10th. For further information, please call Toby Colton at 351-5205 or Joanne Roberts at 351-6486.

Sharing Sinai
What is it that YOU love about Sinai?
Warm, inclusive & musical worship? Engaging, interesting and challenging learning? Nights at the theatre, the ballpark or on the hiking trail with your Sinai community?

Share what YOU love about Sinai with a friend!
We are proud to offer you the opportunity to bring your friends and families into the amazing community that is Congregation Sinai.

Know someone interested in checking us out?
Please contact our Program Coordinator, Jen Friedman at (414) 352-2970 or She’ll give you a token to share with your currently unaffiliated friends or family good for their one-year membership at Sinai.*

Bring your friends & family into our congregational family! Share what you love!
*Religious School fees not included

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September-October 2011

My Sinai
Mazel Tov to:
Ellis Bromberg for his appointment as the new President of Hillel at UWM Michael Cohen and Aviva Glassman on their appointments as co-presidents of CoSY (Congregation Sinai Youth) group Jordan Ellerbrock and her soccer team for winning the Girls U-13 State Cup Championship Nathan Fishbach for being ranked among the best attorneys in Wisconsin by Chambers and Partners. Chambers publishes the prestigious Chambers USA guide, used by businesses and other organizations in determining the best possible legal representation Julie, Scott, Sam, Kate, and Kelly Griswold on the birth of Sydney Wynn Griswold David, Nicole and Ava Hirsch on the birth of their son, Ari Aaron Holman on becoming a Bar Mitzvah Jessica Ketten and David Levi on their recent marriage Joan Lubar and Jon Crouch on their recent marriage Judith Ross and Ronald Sinclair on their engagement Ari Schermer on becoming a Bar Mitzvah Sydney Stelzer on becoming a Bat Mitzvah Barb and Brad Tenin on their recent marriage Our Sinai High School graduates - Class of 2011 Our Sinai College graduates - Class of 2011

Condolences to:
Hamakon Y’Nachem—May God Comfort
Jayne Butlein on the death of her mother, Bernice Greenspan Eve Eiseman and Marge Eiseman on the death of their husband and father, Bob Eiseman Jean, Pete, Jim & Bob Friedlander of the death of their husband and father, Ted Friedlander Betsy, Shelly & Jessica Goldberg on the death of their husband and father, Peter Goldberg. Betsy Goldberg on the death of her sister-in-law, Barbara Zelig Hugh Hoffman on the death of his father, Milt Hoffman Rosalie Kahn on the death of her husband, Jerry Kahn Cynthia Kartman on the death of her father, James Davis Damien Jacques on the death of his father, Norm Jacques Andy Komisar on the death of his mother, Carolyn Komisar Avi Lank, on the death of his father, Norman E. Lank Jim, Carly, Bryan & Stephen Phillips on the death of their wife and mother, Lisa Phillips Keith Roberts on the death of his father, John Keith Roberts Judith Ross on the death of her mother, Kathryn Ross Ruth Stroiman and Linda Ross on the death of their husband and step father, Theodore Stroiman Madelaine Yafet on the death of her mother, Esther Tarnoff

Welcome to:
Do you have a Mazel Tov to share?
Email Jen Friedman: Rachel Buff, Joe Austin, Ruby & Ellie Balotovsky Yvonne, Dmitry and Bennett Brodsky Eileen Gossman Ron Lee Barbara & Bradley Tenin

Soup from Sinai!

Do you know a member of Sinai that could use some TLC?
Thanks to some fantastic volunteers, Congregation Sinai is stocked with soup for you to deliver to someone in need! Just give us a call and let us know you would like to bring a congregant some soup!

September-October 2011

Page 23

“Scene at Sinai”

Last day of Religious School Fun! Sukkah Garden

Scene it at Sinai? Don‘t forget to bring your camera to the next Sinai event and share your photos! Send to:

Outdoor Shabbat

Wine & Cheese Shabbat Cantor Robins visits Sinai kids at Camp Interlaken on Shabbat

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September-October 2011

Supporting Sinai

Support Sinai While Shopping at SENDIKS!
Now you can purchase your Scrip card at times that are convenient for YOU!
Buy in person and receive your card the same day
Stop in the Sinai office during office hours (9 am-5 pm Mon-Thurs., 9 am-3 pm Fri. ) OR Buy your card on the following Sundays and receive the card the same day:

September 18 What is Scrip?

October 2

October 16

Scrip means “substitute money”. Through Sendiks Food Market Scrip program 5% of what you pay for your Scrip card is donated to Sinai .
Scrip cards can be used at any Balestreri owned Sendiks: Elm Grove, Franklin, Germantown, Grafton, Greenfield, Mequon, Wauwatosa and Whitefish Bay.

Questions? Contact: Lori Salinsky:, or call Cara Seppi-Bern (262) 236-0263

Come SHOP at the Sinai Gift Shop!
The Holy Days are coming!
How about something new for the New Year? This is a great time to check out the Sinai gift shop for candlesticks, Kiddush cups, Shofarim and beautiful hostess gifts.
Open during office hours or email Susan Solvang: for special orders.

Sinai Wishes
When you wish upon a...
Underwriting Opportunities:
HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Colorful mats for the multipurpose room TV/DVD player

...Our dreams come true
Please contact Karen Lancina: to discuss how you can help make our dreams come true!

Sponsor Bima Flowers or an Oneg ….A Lovely Way to Say It
If you are looking for a wonderful way to honor or remember someone, or recognize a special occasion, you can do so by sponsoring the flowers on the Bima or an Oneg Shabbat after a Friday night service. Congregation Sinai typically provides these items for Friday evenings when there is no Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Simply let us know that you would like to sponsor and we will create a beautiful flower arrangement or dessert table to recognize your occasion. All sponsorships will be acknowledged in the Sinai Shabbat Pamphlet and the Sinai News. We will also send a note of congratulations or thanks to the honorees. The cost of sponsoring Bima flowers is $60.00 and an Oneg Shabbat is $260.00. Email Jen Friedman at or call (414) 352-2970.

Available Dates for Sponsorships: September 9, 16 & 23

September 2011
Executive Committee Meeting 7 pm






Lunch & Learn 12 pm Office closes at 1 pm S‘more Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm





Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am


Labor Day Office Closed Yoga 8:45 am HHD Choir Rehearsal #4 7 pm Ritual Committee Meeting 7 pm





Through the Eyes of Women 9:45 am Lunch & Learn 12 pm Social Action Committee Meeting 12 pm Shabbat Service 6:15 pm


Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am


Teacher In-Service 9 am Men‘s Spirituality Group 7:45 am Yoga 8:45 am HHD Choir Rehearsal #5 7 pm

Rabbi Brickman‘s Bible Study Class 9:30 am

Brit Nashim 7 pm




Board Meeting 7 pm


Through the Eyes of Women 9:45 am Lunch & Learn 12 pm Tot Shabbat & Dinner 5:30 pm Shabbat Service 6:15 pm


Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am


K-7 1st Day of Religious School Opening Breakfast & Program 10 am K-7 Religious School Parent Orientation 10:30 am Judaism for Adults 11:15 am 8-10th Grade Religious School 4 pm 8-10th Grade Religious School Parent Orientation 4:45 pm Tribal Blends & Scrip Yoga 8:45 am HHD Choir Rehearsal #6 7 pm

Rabbi Brickman‘s Bible Study Class 9:30 am




1st Day of Thursday School Chugim 4 pm Religious School 4:30 pm


Through the Eyes of Women 9:45 am Lunch & Learn 12 pm Women of Sinai Wine & Cheese 5 pm Shabbat Service 6:15 pm


S’lichot Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am Community S‘lichot Program 8:30 pm (@ Cong. Beth Israel)


Religious School (K-6th grades) 10 am Religious School (8th-10th grades) 4 pm Tribal Blends pick up



Yoga 8:45 am Seniors Havurah 1 pm HHD Choir Final Rehearsal 7 pm


Erev Rosh Hashanah Office closes at 12 pm Rabbi Brickman‘s Bible Study Class 9:30 am Erev Rosh Hashanah Service 8 pm


Rosh Hashanah Office Closed Rosh Hashanah Morning Service 9:30 am Rosh Hashanah Youth Programming 9:30 am Rosh Hashanah Children‘s Service 3 pm Tashlich, Oneg & Shofar Blowing Contest 3:30 pm


Rosh Hashanah Office Closed 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah Adult Text Study 9:30 am Tashlich & Shabbat Shuvah Service 5 pm (@ Doctors Park)


October 2011









Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am


Brotherhood Sukkah Construction Religious School Staff Meeting 9 am Religious School (K-6th grades) 10 am Religious School (8-10) 4 pm Scrip Sunday Finance Committee Meeting 7:30 am Yoga 8:45 am HHD Choir Rehearsal 7 pm Chugim 4 pm Religious School 4:30 pm Executive Committee Meeting 7 pm

Rabbi Brickman‘s Bible Study Class 9:30 am





Erev Yom Kippur Office closes at 12 pm Through the Eyes of Women 9:45 am Shabbat Service 6:15 pm Kol Nidrei Service 8 pm


Yom Kippur Yom Kippur Morning Service 9:30 am Adult Study Session 12:30 pm Yom Kippur Children‘s Service 2 pm Yom Kippur Afternoon Service 3 pm Yizkor Service 4:30 pm N‘ilah Service 5:30 pm Break-the-fast 6:45 pm


No Religious School CROP Walk (off site) 12:30 pm Sinai Outside Ice Age Trail 1 pm Men‘s Spirituality Group 7:45 am Yoga 8:45 am Rabbi Brickman‘s UWM Class 6 pm Erev Sukkot Office closes at 3 pm Rabbi Brickman‘s Bible Study Class 9:30 am Erev Sukkot Services & Board Installation 7:30 pm


Brit Nashim Open Mtg. 7 pm




Sukkot Office Closed Sukkot Morning Service 9:30 am Chugim 4 pm Religious School 4:30 pm


Through the Eyes of Women 9:45 am Social Action Committee Meeting 12 pm Family Shabbat Service & Sing-a-Long 5:30 pm Annual Sukkot BBQ 6:15 pm


Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am Cameron Kaufmann Bar Mitzvah 10 am


Religious School (K-6th grades) 10 am Israel Committee Program ―How do Arabs Live in Israel‖ 10:30 am Religious School (8-10) 4 pm Scrip Sunday

Yoga 8:45 am Rabbi Brickman‘s UWM Class 6 pm



Erev Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah Rabbi Brickman‘s Bible Study Class 9:30 am Simchat Torah Service w/ Consecration 7 pm


Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah Simchat Torah Service 9:30 am Chugim 4 pm Religious School 4:30 pm


Through the Eyes of Women 9:45 am Shabbat Service 6:15 pm


Torah Study 8 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am Culture Connection ―Driving Miss Daisy‖ 8pm


Religious School (K-6th grades) 10 am Tot Pray & Play 10 am Social Action Day @ Community Advocates 1-3 pm Religious School (8-10) 4 pm



Yoga 8:45 am Seniors Havurah 1 pm Rabbi Brickman‘s UWM Class 6 pm Engaging Israel Class w/ Rabbis Cohen & Herber 7-9 pm


Rabbi Brickman‘s Bible Study Class 9:30 am


No Religious School Ritual Committee Meeting 7 pm


Through the Eyes of Women 9:45 am Lunch & Learn 12:00 pm Shabbat Service 6:15 pm


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September-October 2011

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In the Sinai Family
B’nei Mitzvah Bios
Cameron Kaufmann
Cameron Kaufmann will become a Bar Mitzvah on October 15 th, 2011. Cameron is the son of Mary and Jamie Kaufmann and brother of Drew, grandson on Morrie and Anne Chernis and the late Margaret and William Kaufmann. Cameron is a 7th grader at Bayside Middle School. He enjoys several sports including baseball, basketball, snowboarding and scuba diving. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his friends and family. Cameron is very excited about his Bar Mitzvah and its religious significance. He and his family thank Rabbi Cohen, Cantor Robins and Linda Ross for their assistance and guidance preparing him for this special day.

Charlie Lewis
Charlie Lewis will become a Bar Mitzvah on October 29th, 2011. Charlie is the son of Richard and Michelle Lewis, brother of Joey, grandson of Michael and Marsha Lewis and the late Sheldon and Madelain Julius. Charlie will be a 7th grader at Lakeshore Middle School in the fall. His interests are computers/technology, history and science. He especially enjoys traveling, visiting museums and spending time with his family. Charlie is excited about his upcoming Bar Mitzvah and, as a mitzvah project, is working with the Community Advocates Family Shelter to help its residents with job searching. Charlie and his parents would like to thank Rabbi Cohen, Cantor Robins and Linda Ross for their support and guidance.

Chandlar Strauss
Chandlar Strauss became a Bat Mitzvah on the eve of June 18th, 2011 in Israel. The ceremony was performed along the beautiful shores of the Kinneret at sunset by former teacher to Chandlar - Rabbi Philip Nadel. The evening was celebrated with family and friends from both Milwaukee and Israel. Chandlar is the daughter of Diane and Randy Strauss, and sister of Cole, granddaughter of Joni Ansfield, Richard Strauss, Dorothy Flora, Maurice Andrade and great–granddaughter of Goldene Strauss. The next morning following her Bat Mitzvah ceremony Chandlar and her family cleared an overgrown path and removed litter from along the shores of the Kinneret for her Mitzvah project. Chandlar will be delivering the D‘var Torah on Friday, September 2nd for the evening service at Congregation Sinai. Chandlar will be an 8th grader at Milwaukee Jewish Day School this fall. She enjoys many sports including basketball, volleyball and figure skating, but her passions are dance, water skiing, and snow skiing. Her heart gravitates to helping others, improving our community and the world in which we live. Her friends and family are an integral part of her happiness. Chandlar and her family thank Rabbi Cohen and Rabbi Nadel, Cantor Robins and Linda Ross for their efforts and guidance in preparing her for this special occasion.

Charlotte Siegel
Charlotte Siegel became a Bat Mitzvah on June 13, 2011 in Israel. Rabbi Nadel officiated and her family was there to celebrate with her. Charlotte is the daughter of Joan Lubar and the late Jeffrey Siegel, step-daughter of John Crouch, sister of Isaac, Max and J.D.; and granddaughter of Sheldon and Marianne Lubar. Charlotte will be a 7th grader at University School of Milwaukee. Charlotte loves to travel, play soccer and ski. Charlotte and her family would like to thank Cantor Robins, Rabbi Cohen, Linda Ross and Rachel Nelson for helping prepare her for this meaningful event.

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September-October 2011

Those We Remember
September Yarhzeits
September 2, 2011 Samuel Bender Dr. Mary Zeldes Friedman Ruth Gelbart James Jay Katz Esther Larkey Irving Malawsky Racine Meyerowitz Lee Ostermann Charlotte Schwartz September 9, 2011 Rose Adler Naum Akselrod Kenneth Allschwang Milton B. Katz Gertrude Kerns Beryl Levine Edward Rosenberg Victor Salinsky Pauline Schwedelson Lilly Wallis Sidon Jeffrey C. Siegel Esther Smith Beverly Zitelman September 16, 2011 Andy Alameno Phillip Altshul Hilda Barash Manny Birenholtz Andrew Cherniack Carl Diamond Selmer Melvin Feld Russell Fisher Paul Gratch Carl Greenfield Edik Loxvitsky Jim Muchin Molly Jeanette Rosenberg Maybelle Sametz Benjamin Schiffer Lois Taus Herman Veit September 23, 2011 Irving Bram William Dinkes Abe Friedman Maureen Kahn Sol Lindenberg Leah Mandel Mariam Medvedovsky Kurt Meyer Eugene Prudell Frances Robins Eugene Schwartz Ann Simon Charlotte Teweles Edith Winkler Price September 30, 2011 Klara Borkovitz Leon Borkovitz Albert Cherniack David Colburn Louise Friedlander Sara Kaplan Warren W. Laing Milton Letven Lottie Lubar Miles Mandel Anna Melcher Sara Moskol Ada Perlson Tammy Robinson Richard Saltzstein Sara Shafton Ethel Weinberg

October Yarhzeits
October 7, 2011 Sam Butlein Henry Federlin Lucille Fensin Max Fershtman Ralph Heilbronner Eleanor Mann Eli Meltzer Joseph Pereles Herman Pollishuke Ethel Primakow Jonathan David Resek Sandra Rotter Ida Rugowitz Mildred Sanderson Michael Shapiro Jenny Wiviott October 14, 2011 Hannah Auerbach Milton Auerbach Robert Fishkin Marvin Fishman Mary Fishman Jean Golper Thomas E. Hassel Beverly Hassel-Manburg David Hirsh Elise Kahn Isadore Kaplan Louis Kaufman Elizabeth Lamb Leon Lepold Sylvia Letven Dr. Jerome Marks Morris Moskol Fanny Padway Charlotte Rabenn Anna Reuter Virginia Saffro David Joel Schechter Morris Schwartz Esther Handelman Vail Florence Waxman Arthur Weissman October 21, 2011 Bessie Becker Lana Blok Ishmael Bratt Dr. Harry Brauer Steven Doyle Jack Fagan Mary Flesch Harold Frolkis Errol J. Glusman Fanny Goodman Louis Greenebaum Jr. Edward Jacobson Abram Levine Robert Grant Marks Dorothy Polacheck Rose Shaiken Rabbi Ulrick Steuer Dora Werbel Elmer Winter October 28, 2011 Janet Bensman Benjamin Einhorn Jacob Fine Lester M. Gershan Abe Lipton Bernice Stein Abraham Tepps Robert Weber

Life Cycle Events
If you learn of any events - births, engagements, marriages, ordinations - that should be included in our ―In the Sinai Family‖ page, please notify the congregation office at or by telephone (414) 3522970. When there is a death in our immediate family, please notify the synagogue office, even if the funeral is out of town. The clergy and the Sinai community would like the opportunity to express sympathy for your loss.

September-October 2011

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Donations received from 3/31/11 to 7/15/11
Adult Programming and Education Endowment Fund In memory of David Fishkin Pauline Zarne In memory of Norman Jaques Mimi Schechter & David Weissman Andy Brickman Museum Fund In memory of Eva Jolton Stanley Jolton Miriam Miringoff Kitchen Fund In honor of Bob Eiseman’s 80th birthday In memory of Morris Fredlich In memory of Bernice Greenspan In memory of Janice Higgins In memory of Jeffrey Kasch In memory of Michael Kleiner In memory of Hirsh Larkey In honor of marriage of Joan Lubar & John Crouch In memory of Susan Pittelman’s mother In memory of Arthur Saltzstein In honor of Goldene Strauss’ 100th birthday Judi & Michael Ketten Tzedakah Fund In memory of Irvin Becker Joan & Mike Friedman Speedy recovery to Rosalee Bratt Dorothy Schmidt Sue & Neal Zechman In memory of Hans Brauer Ilse Brauer In honor of Bob Eiseman’s 80th birthday In memory of Frances Fershtman In memory of Norman Jaques In memory of Harry Soifer Naomi & Morton Soifer In memory of Bob Eiseman Joan & Mike Friedman In honor of Joan & Michael Friedman’s new granddaughter, Ella Rose Friedman Sally & David Moskol In memory of Milt Hoffman Joan & Mike Friedman In memory of Norman Jaques Eve Eiseman In honor of Edward Kapper’s 90th birthday The Gene Mayer Family In memory of Selma Kay Stanley Jolton & Sons In memory of Herman Larkey In memory of Hinda Larkey Jay Larkey In memory of Hirsh Larkey Eve Eiseman Helen Padway Jim Phillips In memory of Hyman Madnek Sharon & Ruth Madnek In memory of Lilli Meyer Ilse Brauer In memory of Lisa Phillips Joan & Mike Friedman Idy & Bill Goodman In memory of Irwin Porter In memory of Rachel Porter Idy & Bill Goodman & Family In memory of Earl Zechman In memory of Ida Zechman Sue & Neal Zechman In honor of Randee Zitelman’s graduation Dorothy Schmidt Rabbi‘s Discretionary Fund In appreciation Jayne & Eric Butlein Nancy & Joseph Carruth Eve Eiseman Damien Jaques Ruth Stroiman In memory of Maurice Ansfield James Ansfield In memory of Dr. Irvin Becker Margery Becker In memory of Edith Bilsky Marlene & Bert Bilsky In memory of Louis Cohen The Rattner Family In honor of marriage of John Crouch & Joan Lubar Bob & Esther Sametz In memory of Bob Eiseman Stanley Jolton Nancy Ostermann Marleen Pugach & Bill Rickards In honor of Bob Eiseman’s 80th birthday In memory of Bernice Greenspan Barbie & Morty Blutstein In memory of Adolph Emerman In memory of Mollie Fromstein Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Fromstein In memory of Eugene Frank In memory of Fanny Frank Jeffrey Frank & Family In memory of Morris Friedman Joan & Michael Friedman In memory of Myron Fromstein Mr. & Mrs. Fromstein In memory of Murray Glass Ingrid Dris & Mark Glass In memory of Helen Grossmann Beth & Ron Shapiro In honor of Toots Hassel’s birthday Bettie & Dave Meltzer In memory of Norman Jaques In honor of Howard Weiss’s very special birthday Stanley Jolton In memory of Avie Jude’s father Elizabeth & Howard Holman Jodi & Alan Holman In memory of Sam Kaufman Barbara Shafton In honor of marriage of Jessica Ketten & David Levi Toots Hassel In memory of Hirsh Larkey Stanley Jolton Jay Larkey & Lois Malawsky Barbara Tabak & Damien Jaques In memory of Jack Levin Deborah & Jim Gollin In memory of Paul Pugach Marleen Pugach & Bill Rickards In memory of Estelle Rand Bede Segal In memory of Ann Recht Sheila & Morrie Rudberg In memory of Nina Rotman In memory of Rose Taitelman Sheila & Don Taitelman In memory of Arthur Saltzstein Idy & Bill Goodman In memory of Gertrude Schulner Bob Schlossmann In memory of Leo Shafton Barbara Shafton & Family In honor of Goldene Strauss’s 100th birthday Sheila & Donald Taitelman In honor of new great-grandchild to Dr. & Mrs. Charles Winter Bede Segal In memory of Morton Wolfe Rona & Gary Wolfe Cantor‘s Discretionary Fund In appreciation Nancy & Joseph Carruth Peggy Goodman Damien Jaques Ruth Stroiman In memory of Dr. Irvin Becker Margery Becker In memory of Sol Gollin Deborah & Jim Gollin In memory of Ellis Hassel In memory of Mamie Muchin Toots Hassel In memory of Janice Higgins Eileen & Glenn Graves Lori & Marc Jacobson Mimi Schechter & David Weissman Laura & Charles Waisbren In memory of R. Todd Lappin The Konik Family In memory of Hirsh Larkey Jay Larkey & Lois Malawsky In memory of Jack Levin Deborah & Jim Gollin In memory of Siegfried Lowin In memory of Frances Pories Linda & Bill Ross In honor of Nancy Mandel’s special birthday In honor of Ann Pereles’ special birthday Toots Hassel

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September-October 2011

In memory of Ted Stroiman Carolyn & David Lincoln & Family Passport to Israel Fund In memory of Milt Hoffman Sheri & Lloyd Levin In memory of Leah Mlavsky Alla & Zorian Pinsky In memory of Gene Suvalsky Julie & Yoni Zvi In memory of Ben Wiener In memory of Kate Wiener Bill Wiener In memory of Rosalyn Zaret Sheri & Lloyd Levin Contributions made to the Temple Speedy recovery of Rosalee Bratt Bubbles Shumow In honor of marriage of Joan Lubar & John Crouch Marlene & Marv Lauwasser Micaela Levine & Tom St. John In honor of Bob Eiseman’s 80th birthday Margie Becker Rosalee & Herb Bratt Marian Brill Ed Blumberg & Sandy Weinstein Bunny & Ron Cohen Diane & William Forman Sue Freeman & Dick Kahn Joan & Mike Friedman Lili & Rick Friedman Diana & Leonard Goldstein Rocille McConnell Arlene Mann Judy & Jerry Salinsky Doje Sherman Judy & Allan Strauss June Wallace In memory of Bob Eiseman Jacquelyn & Melvin Askot Margery Becker Barbara & Morton Blutstein Rosalee & Herb Bratt Peggy & Sam Dickman Harriet & Jerry Dorf Ellen & Jim Flesch Susan Freeman Diana & Leonard Goldstein Marilyn & Paul Goldstein Sharon & Robert Goldstein Deborah & Jim Gollin Idy & Bill Goodman Betsy & Michael Green Sara & David Harris Marcia Hecker Anne & S. Fredric Horwitz Komisar Brady & Co. Marlene & Marv Lauwasser Barby & Ed Levi Sheri & Lloyd Levin Rita Leweneauer Betsy & Jordan Lewis Nancy & Bob Mandel Audrey Mann Jo Ann Mann Elaine & Howard Myers Helen Padway Bobbi & Larry Polacheck Jill & Jerry Polacheck Gayle & Rick Rakita Bobbi & Paul Rector Judy & Gerry Salinsky Dorothy Schmidt Doje Sherman Jane & Jack Shlimovitz Barbara & Richard Simon Nancy & Mark Stall Anita & Robert Stone Susan & Richard Stuckert Roberta & Ed Teitelbaum June Wallace Sandra Zetley In memory of Morris Fredlich Marlene & Marv Lauwasser Susan & Richard Stuckert In honor of Edith Gilman for Mother’s Day Dr. Daniel Gilman and Family In honor of Jacob & Gloria Golding’s 50th anniversary Susan Freeman Jill & Jerry Polacheck Roberta & Larry Polacheck Judy & Gerry Salinsky In memory of Bernice Greenspan Susan Freeman In honor of Toots Hassel’s 75th birthday Nancy & Bob Mandel Polly Siegel In memory of Janice Higgins Anne Ghory-Goodman & Ward Ghory Susan & Oyvind Solvang In memory of Milton Hoffman Susan & Richard Stuckert In memory of Alfred Jacobs Jeanne Jacobs In memory of Norman Jaques Nina & Richard Edelman In memory of Gerald Kahn Anne & S. Fredric Horwitz In memory of Eunice Kartman Cynthia & Marc Kartman In memory of Ray Kramer Sheila & Morrie Rudberg In memory of Hirsh Larkey Marian Brill Jeanne Jacobs Micaela Levine & Tom St. John Barbara & Dick Simon In memory of Joe Lubar Camp Cheppewa Foundation Anne Ghory-Goodman & Ward Ghory Janet & Nick Padway & Family Jami & Bruce Ross Caroline & Bill Schulhof Sue & Bud Selig In memory of Ruth Mayer Marion Rice In memory of Donald Musickant In memory of Arthur Saltzstein Goodman-Bensman Whitefish Bay Funeral Home In honor of Sarah Nocton’s bat mitzvah Bobbi & Paul Rector Pauline Zarne In memory of Milton Padway Janet & Nick Padway & Family Abraham Sciammas In honor of AJ Pangallo’s bar mitzvah Peggy & Nat Bernstein Gerry & Art Schmidman In memory of Lisa Phillips Carla & Adrian Cohen Barbara Collings Marlene & Jason Goodman Diane Gutmann & Tom Palay Nancy & Arthur Laskin Mordecai Lee Rhonda & Greg Oberland Dottie & Gil Palay Miriam Sabshin Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Slavkin Michele & Richard Seesel Sherry & Harold Wolfe In memory of Arthur Saltzstein Cynthia & Marc Kartman Micaela Levine & Tom St. John Audrey Mann In memory of Ted Stroiman Mary Ann McCarthy & Walter Pories Rose-Deep Sun Farm Seymour Stein In memory of Esther Tarnof Marianne & Sheldon Lubar Sharon Roth In honor of Howard Weiss’s 90th birthday Judy & Gerry Salinsky Landscape Fund In memory of Robert Brill In memory of Bernice Greenspan Marian Brill In memory of Marc Flesch Ellen & Jim Flesch In memory of Edward Kelly, Sr. Madeleine Kelly Lubar & Family In memory of Morris Mendeloff, Jr. Alan Mendeloff In memory of James I. Schulhof In memory of Pearl Schulhof Caroline & Bill Schulhof & Family Floral and Oneg Fund In memory of Rivka Charney In memory of Joe Lubar In memory of Arthur Saltzstein In memory of Leslie Unger In honor of Eli Weinshel The Rectors In memory of Nellie Cherniack In memory of Selma Cherniack Gerry Cherniack In memory of Allen Goldmann Ruth Goldmann In memory of Gerald Kahn Muriel Silbar

September-October 2011

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In memory of Elza Roth The Lancina Family In honor of Howard Weiss’s 90th birthday Rabbi Jay, Rita, Cliff & Haje Brickman Florence Senkowsky In memory of Shirley Wile Naomi Arbit & Family Chesed (Caring) Fund In honor of Scott Arbit’s 60th birthday Susan, Bruce, Jeremy & Andrea Winter In memory of Theodore Cayle In memory of William Miller Shari Cayle In memory of Bob Eiseman Dorothy & Al Meyers In memory of Katherine Fagan Bernice Fagan In memory of Rose Fishkin Pauline Zarne In memory of Morris Fredlich Ilene & Jeff Wasserman Susan, Bruce, Jeremy & Andrea Winter In memory of Norman Jaques In memory of Gerald Kahn In memory of Mathilda Luff In memory of William Luff Dorothy & Al Meyers In memory of Maurice Kimmel Ronna & Richard Kimmel Sue & Joel Kimmel In memory of Lisa Phillips Dorothy & Al Meyers In memory of John Roberts Barbara & Ariel Friedlander In memory of Max Schulner Bob Schlossmann In memory of Arthur Stone Nancy, Scott, Andrew & Stephanie Phillips Anita & Bob Stone In memory of Ted Stroiman Luci, Steve & Danny Stroiman In honor of Jordan Strouse‘s bar mitzvah Pauline Zarne In honor of Howard Weiss’s big birthday Dorothy & Al Meyers In honor of Randee Zitelman’s graduation In honor of Chelsea Beth Domer’s graduation In honor of Robin Alicia Domer’s graduation Rosalee & Herbert Bratt Dorothy & Al Meyers Barbara Eiseman Memorial Fund for Spiritual Growth In memory of Bob Eiseman Gloria Krasno Helen Padway Pat & Allen Rieselbach Laurie & Dean Segal In honor of Bob Eiseman’s 80th birthday Ruth Goldmann Eileen & Glenn Graves Alice & Jerry Jacobson Gloria Krasno Nancy & Bob Mandel Pat & Allen Rieselbach Fran & Dick Rubinstein Dorothy Schmdit Bea & George Strick In memory of Hirsh Larkey Gloria Krasno Music Fund In honor of Steve Colburn’s long history with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and his retirement Dorothy & Al Meyers Judy & Gerry Salinsky Speedy recovery of B.J. Cohn Emmie & Erv Merar In honor of Bob Eiseman’s 80th birthday Beverly Ugent In memory of Bob Eiseman In memory of Theodore Stroiman The Friedlander Family In memory of Hutchins Kealy, Dr. The Kealy Family In memory of Hirsh Larkey Marcia & Gerry Cherniack In memory of Judith Peck Emmett Peck In memory of Lisa Phillips In memory of Kathryn Ross Lise Meissner In memory of Molly Razeper Doje Sherman In memory of Bess Rosenberg Marcia Cherniack In memory of Ted Stroiman Miriam & Gene Mayer In memory of Esther Tarnof Marilyn Simons Janet Greenebaum Scholarship Fund In memory of Daniel Albert Hana Albert In memory of Max Feuer In memory of Edward Loewenthal In memory of Katherin Loewenthal Janet & Donald Greenebaum Jacob M. Fine & Family Library Fund In memory of Rae Bailey In memory of Sheldon Baily Robin & Hugh Hoffman In memory of Beverly Bender Rosalee & Herbert Bratt In memory of Helen Butlein Jayne & Eric Butlein In memory of Bob Eiseman Jayne & Eric Butlein Rochelle & Paul Whiteman In memory of Maurice Fredlich In memory of Bernice Greenspan Lori & Marc Jacobson In memory of Bernice Greenspan Joy & Steve Appel Robin & Spencer Block Idy & Bill Goodman Terry & Jay Goodman Judy & Gary Guten Robin & Hugh Hoffman Barbara Kohl-Spiro & Dr. Herzl Spiro Marlene & Marv Lauwasser Jerry & Jill Polacheck Naomi & Morton Soifer Karen & Neil Wahlberg In memory of Janice Higgins Jayne & Eric Butlein In memory of Beatrice Hoffman Robin & Hugh Hoffman In memory of Milton Hoffman Jayne & Eric Butlein In memory of Robert W. Mann Audrey Mann In memory of Lisa Phillips Jayne & Eric Butlein Robert Grant Marks Youth Fund In honor of Gloria & Jake Golding’s 50th anniversary Brynn & Jerry Bloch Future Fund In honor of Toots Hassel’s 75th birthday In memory of Gerald Kahn Ann Pereles Lieberman Memorial Arts Fund In memory of Joseph & Sabilia Bibbye Lieberman Joan Lieberman In memory of Bob Eiseman Ruth Goldmann In memory of Beatrice Kapper Sally & David Moskol In memory of Faye & Ben Kolbur Ruth Goldmann Joan Lieberman Prayer Book Fund In honor of Howard Weiss’s 90th birthday Rosalee & Herb Bratt In honor of Howard Weiss’s “Noventa” birthday Maureen Eichenbaum In memory of Edward Zien Bede Segal Social Action Fund In honor of Edward Kapper’s 90th birthday Miriam Mayer

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