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Course Title: Business Environment Course Code: BUS 404 Assignment on: A demographical survey on factory workers

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01. Simon Haque [Leader] 02. Rubel Rana 03. MD. Selim 04. Mehedi Alam Khan

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Ms. Sabrin Sultana, Lecturer, Dept. of Marketing, Bangladesh University of business & Technology (BUBT)

Submission date: 12th May, 2011.

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12th May, 2011. Ms. Sabrin Sultana, The Course Co-ordinator, Dept. of Marketing, Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT), Mirpur, Dhaka. Subject: Submission of assignment. Dear Madam, You will be glad to know that, we have already completed our survey on the workers of “Colour Design Limited” which was given by you. We have been enriched with fruitful information by completing this survey by getting practical test of the survey. We have tried our level best to complete the survey with exact information as much as we can. We, therefore, hope that you will be kind enough to take the survey report for your assessment and also thank you very much for your helpful guide line and oblige thereby. We remain, Sir, Your most obediently, 1. 2. 3. 4. Simon Haque Rubel Rana Md. Selim Mehedi Alam Khan ID: 018 ID: 012 ID: 008 ID: 026

Company Introduction Colour Design Limited is a washing and dying industry established at 2007 by Mizanul Islam Miju which is situated in Mirpur. There are 150 low level workers, 8 mid level workers in this company. The director and production manager is Md. Abdul Motin. This is the flow chart of the management :

The points of the servey 1. Age 2. Gender 3. Income level

4. Working Level 5. Overtime facilities 6. Attitude of the supervisor/manager 7. Date of salary (approximate) 8. Educational level 9. Family size 10. Safety in workplace 11. Leave of absence 12. Security of job The result of the survey is showing below : Age The result of survey is 10-15 = 1 16-20 = 1 20-25 = 3 25-30 = 3 So, we can say that the average age of the workers is 25. Gender From the survey we have found that the maximum workers are female. Income level The result of survey of age is 1500-3000 = 3 2000-5000 = 3 5000-8000 = 2

8000-15000 = 0 So, we can say that the average income is TK. 2500. Working Level The survey shows that most of the workers are lower level workers. Basically we have done the survey on that level.

Overtime facilities The workers are not satisfied with the overtime facilities. Because the overtime payment is poor and they don’t get that properly. Supervisors also force them to give him a portion of the payment. Attitude of the supervisor/manager The attitude of the supervisor and manager are unfavorable. They behave with the workers rudely. Date of salary (Approximate) The servey shows that the workers get the salary within 10-15 of the month. Education Level Most of the workers have finished only the primary level. Family size The most of workers family size is 6 - 9. Safety in workplace The workplace is not safe according to the workers. Because the dying and washing machine what they use are need to run safely what they don’t follow. Leave of absence The leave of absence is without pay for the low level workers. But for the supervisors it is with pay.

Security of job For low level workers, there is no job security. But for the supervisors job security is existed.

By above discussions, we can say that the workers are not overall satisfied with the factory. The management should concentrate on that, and then may be their turnover will be increased as well as the satisfaction of the workers.