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7 Responses for Rapport

by Tung


You will be able to make ANYONE truly feel like they are on top of the world..conversationalconfidence. When you are building rapport at will. Make them feel as if everything they’re presently doing with their life is correct. © www.The Most Important Social Skill You Can Learn Learning how to build rapport at will is one of the most rewarding skills you can learn. No longer will you be left wondering who you can trust and who’s actually talking behind your 1/15 . Friendships that rival the strength of the bond between you and your best friend. and everything will be ok. you will make others feel as if they had accomplished one of their lifelong goals. When you learn this one little secret (of many more I have in my bag) you will have the power to create real friendships at will. and how they would be dumb if they were living their life any other way..

. without even knowing it! Read . © www.If you do not take the time to learn what I am about to teach you. You will look forward to each and every forthcoming conversation you will have.awkward moments caused by you! Once you grasp even the gist of this report.. you will remain in the clouds whenever you need to meet someone. never quite knowing how your interactions will turn 2/15 .conversationalconfidence. not only will you create unnecessary animosity with your current friends. but with EVERY new person you meet as well. leaving them completely to chance.. You will once again become excited about conversing with people. and quite often fail miserably. And if you don’t take the time to learn this vital life skill. instead of being nervous as hell. you will start to feel a load lift off your shoulders..

only to run into feelings of jealousy. I discovered this principle while observing ALL of my naturally gifted socializing friends. voice tone. about things which they had zero experience with. unless they are asking a question. and words. “Wow. I witnessed them talking with experts they had never met before. denial or hatred toward you? Everyone’s been 3/15 . or issuing a salutation. they are ALWAYS.conversationalconfidence. 100% of the time. and EVERY TIME they would come out of the conversation looking like they knew even more about the subject than the expert! And not in a snooty. subconsciously seeking a sign of understanding from the one they spoke to. “I’m better than you” type way but instead in the.The Great Secret of Conversation Whenever words leave a person’s mouth. you’re someone who actually understands why I do what I do” type way (which automatically gets them perceived as anyone’s best friend!) The last part of the discovery was the most fascinating. How many times have you demonstrated that you know more than someone else. But this is where I discovered how to do that AND be loved like a best friend! © www. An understanding of their total body expression including their body language.

“What were they trying to get me to understand?” Respond accordingly making sure you demonstrate that you not only heard what they said.conversationalconfidence. tone of voice. All there is to it is the following: Listen to what the other person is trying to express by observing their body language. Gather the total message of what they were trying to express and ask yourself. 2. 3.The 3 Simple Steps to Rapport So you’re in a conversation with someone and you want to build rapport with them. and then finally their words. but understood it from their perspective as 4/15 . © www. 1.

I don’t trust the guy. Pay 5/15 . that is not your goal at this moment. * Remember. not to try to reverse her political views.For example: You’re a guy talking to a girl you want to get to know better. And then she opens her mouth and says: Her: “I hate Obama.conversationalconfidence. Your goal is to build rapport with this girl. He isn’t going to follow through on any of the things he says he’s gonna do! Our country is doomed.” Now let’s say you are Obama’s biggest fan. Even though every fiber of your body wants to put this girl in her place. Chances are. you wouldn’t want to build rapport with someone who so greatly disagrees with your own personal views. The only reason he won is because he was Black. © www. You figure out she leans towards the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of who she supports. But I’m using this as an extreme example to demonstrate how even this scenario can be worked out. and she brings up the oh so heated topic of politics. this report and advice is for when you WANT to build rapport.

Using just one of my 7 Responses for Rapport . it’d be nice if the presidential race wasn’t so much like a student council election. you didn’t even state who you personally supported.conversationalconfidence. © 6/15 . People who voted for him would’ve been like. but also clearly understood what she was trying to say. On top of that. you gave enough evidence backing up what you said in order to not sound like you were just agreeing with her. Obama realistically could have had one of his policies as “Monkeys will take over and run our banking institution from now on. why didn’t I think of that!” Rapport built. the girl won’t even ask you who you voted for in this situation because she’s content with you understanding why she thinks the things she does. since you took the time to understand why she voted for the other guy. she will be more open to hearing why you did. You’ve demonstrated that you not only heard what she said.stating an ANALOGY to what she said you can seamlessly build rapport without sounding like you’re just agreeing with her to get her to like you: You: “Yeah. Most of the time. “Monkeys? That’s a good idea. It’s still up in the air. A popularity contest. Also. Even if it does come up and you tell her you voted for Obama.” and still won.

Bring up a controversial topic. 7/15 . Call up a friend. 2. work. like politics. friends. 3. Get the other person to input a big opinion about the topic by either asking them what they think. or start a conversation at work with a co-worker (at least once a day) strictly for the purpose of you trying out what you’ve learned here in this report. sports. or stating your own strong views on the subject at hand. religion. relationships etc. 1. get together with someone for a drink. family. life. so you can see for yourself the power of not blatantly breaking rapport. Run through the 3 steps to rapport as we’ve gone through them above: © www.Five Days to Discovering Your Hidden Social Skills Here’s what I want you to do for the next 5 days to implement this report.

you might want to grab a copy of my book “The 7 Rapport Responses” here. I sandwiched together 2 MORE types of responses in the example above to increase the effectiveness. in addition to several more ways. but understood it from their perspective. Gather the total message of what they were trying to express and ask yourself. • • Side Note: I personally have 7 specific ways in which I would respond. One of them I’ve already showed 8/15 . In fact. tone of voice. “What were they trying to get me to understand?” Respond accordingly making sure you demonstrate that you not only heard what they said. © www. and then finally their words.• Listen to what the other person is trying to express by observing their body language. To learn what those are. the ANALOGY. Everything that I say that builds rapport falls into one of these 7 categories of responses.

Just because I’m not talking. So. you can see this principle in action just by making off handed comments towards people you pass by.conversationalconfidence. doesn’t mean I stop thinking. People don’t need to speak words in order to express 9/15 . We as humans are ALWAYS. 100% of the time. Notice. for example: • • • Someone watching the news with a facial expression of disagreement Someone trying to wave down a bartender with a frustrated look on their face Someone with a blank expression on their face while watching a stand-up comedian © www.The Easiest Way To Start A Conversation The last thing I want to have happen is for you to walk away from reading this report and NOT EVEN seeing yourself what I am describing here. if you’re having trouble getting into a conversation with someone. expressing SOMETHING.

What do they want from us?” For the one watching the not-so-funny comic: “I think he made a last minute change where he decided to recite a eulogy instead. © www... but are slow as hell. isn’t it. valid.” For the one waving down the bartender: “They expect you to tip them. Wanting to feel that their thoughts and feelings are in fact.You can practice the principle of this report by shooting a comment towards these people.” These all fall into the principle of people just wanting to be 10/15 .conversationalconfidence. For the one watching the news: “This world is crazy. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the day everything runs smoothly for a while.

com 11/15 .To know if you’re on the right track.conversationalconfidence. the responses you get will be along the lines of: • • • • A smile Laughter Them nodding their head in agreement Them firing up a conversation with you If you are not doing this correctly. you will simply get: • • • • A blank stare A weird look Ignorance Them firing up a conversation with you about how you’re wrong The last one is even potentially good! So you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you try this out! © www.

you don’t walk in there with “Hey boss. how’s it goin’? Any plans for the summer yet?” Then you run through the 3 steps to Rapport we’ve gone through already after you gather his/her answer. You will begin to truly see why it’s who you know. You walk in there and say. Not only that.” No. Even if you’re walking into your boss’ office to ask for a raise. “Hey Boss. Not only will people stay out of your way. It really is this simple! © www. 10% of it will be business. Use what you’ve learned and apply it in that 90% of fluff. within minutes of talking with them! You are going to get invites out to places you’ve never even heard of. Whatever the conversation you’re having is. they will open doors for you. give me a 12/15 . whenever you run into someone you talk to. Where and When To Apply Your New Skill You can start to apply this report into your life.The Benefits You Will Reap Once you get the hang of building rapport at will. rather than what you know. but they start to treat you like their best friend.conversationalconfidence. and the other 90% is all fluff. you will start to notice how everyone you meet warms up to you faster than ever.

conversationalconfidence. The prep work for making the other person open to being influenced by what you have to say far outweighs the time you need in order to speak to them.When To Hold Back I want to take a minute here to mention where the advice in this report does not apply. Blatantly disagree with such a person to snap them out of their own head. you won’t even feel the need to exercise your level of influence on somebody. © www. don’t worry about building rapport with them. using these techniques would be a waste. is that there’s no use in talking with someone who does not listen to you. and they are extremely 13/15 . simply because. The whole goal of being a good conversationalist is to be heard. What All This Means… Which brings me to my last point. you don’t need everyone to listen to what you have to say. If you’re talking to someone who isn’t listening to anything you’re saying anyway. Most of the time. If you’re interacting with someone who you do not have any interest in getting to know.

They prep to get the BEST shot possible. © www. and create faints. They pass it around. You see how preparation strongly out-weighs the moment of success? Take this analogy with you the next time you are speaking to a member of the opposite sex. make 14/15 . do they automatically make a bee-line toward the opposing net and try to score? Absolutely not. and make them feel amazing about themselves.If I had to sum up what the whole picture looks like. the main goal of the game is to score more goals than the other team. The moment you’re in with them will rarely be a moment which determines the fate of your relationship with them. they will be prepared for it. For when the time comes for you to take it to the next level. But even knowing that. they are doing this ALL to prepare for that ONE MOMENT where ONE of the players will shoot the ball on net and score. So relax.yes. Take this analogy one step further.conversationalconfidence. and rewind to before the game. that is the only measure of the success of a given team. And to be fair. when any given player on the team gets the ball. think of meeting people like you would a soccer game . While the players are in the gym or on the field practicing.

we’d love to hear from you.conversationalconfidence. This eBook last updated: April 07. more genuine friendships with each other Tung has decided to give something back to everyone who couldn’t get a hold of him in person.. 2009 © www... Comments? Have any comments on this report? Anything you’d like to see in addition to it? Something unclear? Let us know . being released in April 2009.. just send us a quick note via email or join in on discussions on our 15/15 .About the Author Tung is the author of 7 Responses for Rapport. After years of working with men and women worldwide and helping them develop skills to meet and attract the opposite sex a lot easier as well as create longer lasting. Stay tuned for much more in very near future. containing some of his ground breaking theories about the art of conversation and relating to people. Subscribe Buy the Book Get more details or preorder a copy of 7 Responses for Rapport Sign up for our free announcement list to be notified about upcoming books and free reports like this one as soon as they are available.