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1Although Newton was known as an open and generous person, ----. A) how he was introduced to the most advanced mathematical texts of his day is slightly less clear B) he began revolutionary advances in mathematics, optics, physics, and astronomy C) in 1703 he was elected president of the Royal Society and was re-elected each year until his death D) at various times in his life he became involved in quarrels and controversies E) he did not resign his positions at Cambridge until 1701 2----, the more other people will respect and value you. A) If you were more confident than you are right now B) The more you learn to respect and value yourself C) As long as you do your job D) Because you are not nearly as good a communicator as you should be E) Since you know who you are and what you want 3----, when it was returned to Chinese rule. A) Hong Kong has been further integrating its economy with China B) Cantonese is widely spoken in Hong Kong C) Hong Kong was a British crown colony until 1st July 1997 D) The University of Hong Kong has been rated as one of the most prestigious universities in Asia E) Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world 4-----, unless evidence of a recent rabies shot can be provided. A) Domestic animals account for less than 10% of the reported rabies cases B) Dogs that have bitten someone must be quarantined for a period of two weeks C) Vaccines to prevent human rabies have been available for more than 100 years D) Some countries have few diagnostic facilities and almost no rabies surveillance E) There were eight confirmed cases of death due to human-to-human rabies transmissions 5When smoke passes through a building,---A) you should have pulled the nearest firealarm box B) it takes no more than a few minutes to evacuate your home safely C) this could have caused problems with your breathing D) you should replace my smoke alarm every 10 years E) it leaves a stain upon the walls


Good nutrition is reflected not only in the growth and function of the body ----. A) and it is dependent on consuming a variety of nutritious foods B) or acute nutrition diseases have largely disappeared C) but also in its appearance D) so the life expectancy has risen to 81 years E) since it is vital to keep children healthy

Başarmak için YESDĐL!


The law of conservation of energy states ----. A) as energy can be converted from one form to another B) that although energy can be changed in form it can be neither created nor destroyed C) since energy can't be created or destroyed D) because the total amount of energy in the universe is constant E) which is possibly the most important of several conservation laws in physics


---- whose orbit is outside that of the Earth. A) The axis of rotation for most of the planets is nearly perpendicular B) The Moon is known to be moving away C) Mars, named for the Roman god of war, is the nearest planet D) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are all gigantic E) The Earth's gravity just makes its speed change


----, when the domestic gold standard was abandoned. A) No gold coins have circulated in the United States since 1934 B) Gold coins represent the most desirable form of gold ownership C) The same basic principles about gold and platinum bars apply to silver bars as well D) Gold coins can be sold virtually at any place in the free world E) The portability of gold coins continues to attract investors



A) that took more than 1.----. each of which included heavy and light infantry C) Greece was the first country known for a disciplined military land force D) they sell their services to other rulers as well as to those who choose to avoid required military service E) the term army is applied to the armed land forces of a nation 13.com 2 . A) because he has never been able to find a better paying job B) why he is in trouble with his bank C) though his salary was substantially reduced D) that he can't sleep at night E) whether he will receive some money from his son until June 12.5 million lives B) when the virus threatens to trigger a global epidemic C) which were not as deadly D) if it were as contagious as the flu E) that caused economic losses exceeding $32 billion 17. ----.Although armies existed in ancient Egypt. India. A) Although it gives off a great deal of energy when burned B) As it reacts with water vapour and is eventually returned to the Earth as acid rain C) Because it can cause a fire if there is a source of ignition D) Whether natural gas was first discovered because of flames shooting up from the Earth's surface E) Due to its flammability and high calorific value 15. ----.yesdil.----. -----. China. A) but you stayed home and played with the kids for most of the day B) even though the majority of you are enjoying your summer holidays C) so you had plenty of time to hang out at home D) instead you had a short meeting at twelve o'clock that came with a free lunch E) as the boss decided to close the office 16. mutated from pig viruses. natural gas is used extensively as an illuminant and a fuel. ----.So much does he worry about his financial position ----.Unlike some other diseases. both the Asian flu and the Hong Kong flu.----. eye irritation and drowsiness D) it is really surprising that new car smells have hazardous side effects E) the problem tends to dissipate after about six months Başarmak için YESDĐL! 11. A) the other area of transport is steadily increasing its usage in all its forms B) there is no evidence linking that to the materials used in cars C) they cause headache. A) While we are observing the stars from different angles B) Ever since astronomers started to study the light emitted by the stars C) As the Earth moves in its orbit D) Once the distance from the sun to the Earth was known E) After scientists have developed a theory 14.Not having enough money. A) they have made military service obligatory for citizens and training is rigorous B) it was divided into legions. it became possible to determine the distances to the nearer stars. A) It would have blocked out natural light altogether B) Your kitchen window faced the east C) It protected interiors from harmful ultraviolet rays D) You'll need heavier curtains on the window E) Direct sunlight could have brought heat and glare 19.----.Since new car smells are toxic.You needn't have gone to work today. both they and the economy as a whole benefit. and Assyria. A) travelling abroad was not that expensive in 1980s B) our bills are promptly paid and we have no debt C) we spent our holidays at home last year D) the profitability of our company increased as well E) our children won't remember what we did for them www. A) After the number of people in working-poor families grew significantly B) As soon as the government increased supports to low-income working families C) When people are able to move up the economic ladder D) That the slow economy worsens the problems of the working poor E) As if some policies had provided valuable help to parents 18. ----.YARIM CÜMLE / TEST 1 (40 ADET SORU) Eskişehir YESDĐL 10.if you want to shut the sun out completely.

A) The Celts invented a special saddle for fighting B) The Romans defeated the Celts. but it is believed that these were qualities of the Celt warriors rather than Celts in general.in order to determine the history. yet we all know that. A) though it makes me happy as I only want the best for him B) that influenced my decision to take guitar lessons C) but it motivated me to want to be my own boss and develop my own business D) whether I knew he was going to be where he is today E) why it has helped me a lot in my early days of self improvement 27. A) Many people believe in the validity of lie detectors B) White lies can save friendships and relationships C) Honesty is not always the best policy D) Nearly all the parents use white lies to overprotect their children from reality E) Very few of us would consider ourselves a liar www.Nuclear reactors are vulnerable to meltdown. A) that tiredness can seriously impair people's ability to drive B) as people who consume more of vegetable or fruit juices live longer and healthier than those who don't C) though almost every fourth man considers the traditional division of housework to be normal D) which causes the accumulation of a toxic compound in the blood known as lactic acid E) since it is possible to compare literacy standards internationally 22. the Celts were tall.yesdil.com 3 . both in France and in Britain C) Celt warriors didn't believe in wearing armour D) The first literary reference to the Celtic people is by the Greek historian Hecataeus in 517 BC E) To the Greeks and Romans. and light-skinned 26. we have lied.---.-----.If everyone knew that health care is selfcare. customs and living habits of earlier civilizations.It was my brother's success as a musician---. A) Bilingual people have advantages over individuals who speak just one language B) Very few languages have phrasal verbs like English C) French as a foreign language is the second most frequently taught language in the world after English D) It is estimated that more than 800 languages are spoken in Africa E) Mathematics is the only language shared by all human beings regardless of culture 25. muscular. A) they believe that access to high-quality health care is a right of all people B) maybe they would pay more attention to what their bodies are telling them C) it should be provided equitably as a public service rather than bought and sold D) health care was once again moving to the top of the national political agenda E) health care can be a major expense for older people Başarmak için YESDĐL! 21.----.----. like the Russian reactor of Chernobyl. -----.A recent survey has proved -----. however they belong to comparatively few language families. at one time or another. A) the fact that arrangement included supplying nuclear fuel for the reactor B) as Russia had all agreements necessary for the transfer of the nuclear waste C) that nuclear weapons need to be dismantled globally D) since they have always insisted the nuclear program is peaceful E) which caused a humanitarian and ecological catastrophe 23.YARIM CÜMLE / TEST 1 (40 ADET SORU) Eskişehir YESDĐL 20. A) Bones at the base of Mayan temples tell the story of human sacrifice B) Archaeologists recover and examine material evidence remaining from past human cultures C) Most museums do not allow physical contact with the associated artefacts D) Anything that has a past history E) The present is the result of choices that people made and the beliefs they held in the past 24. ----.

In many countries.Ever since nicotine was first identified in the early 1800s.Emotions are mental states -----. and nicotine will be regulated C) it was rated as a more powerful drug than cocaine at high doses D) it will have been completely eliminated from your system E) it has been studied extensively and shown to have a number of complex effects on the brain 33. A) an announcement was made that the train had just left the station B) the crowd moved closer to the edge of the platform C) tourist class and business class compartments are provided with passenger seats of improved design D) the speed of the train was reduced to less than 10km/h E) it was scheduled to leave at any moment 29.In spite of all its advances. A) that high winds would subside about midnight and that the next day would have light breezes B) whether it has been raining for hours and the wind has been high at times C) as temperatures might be below normal between March 1 and March 7 D) but towering clouds could also be the cause of the prevailing weather conditions E) which has been blowing at speeds of at least 155 mph 35. but even then.com 4 .yesdil. climate change has been identified as an important emerging issue C) The average population density in coastal areas is 80 persons per square kilometer D) The impact of a hazard on society is complex E) Forty-two percent of all children in the world die 31.The child was on the verge of tears -----.The forecaster on duty at the National Hurricane Centre said on the radio ----. A) having lived with a relative without anyone's approval B) to enter or remain in gaming areas or operate a gaming machine on licensed premises C) involving in any work likely to jeopardise the health D) help parents have a better understanding of some of the laws which affect their children E) having become more aware of their legal rights and responsibilities 36. A) if they were a way of communicating one's feelings to others B) whether emotion makes up an essential part of human decision-making C) what animals or all human beings experience D) that arise spontaneously E) why they are a part of the social process www.-----.YARIM CÜMLE / TEST 1 (40 ADET SORU) Eskişehir YESDĐL 28.Hearing the train approaching. ----. A) commuters are experiencing improved travel conditions daily B) nuclear plants are far safer than ever before C) the role of a leader has changed D) medical science still knows little about the brain E) telecommunication networks have evolved in time 32. ----. rather than through conscious effort. children under 18 are not permitted ----.It was not until the 1970s ----. A) so that investment boom in one region could create a nationwide boom B) that women made inroads into the male culture of Parliament C) why the Ugandan population enjoyed better health status than its African neighbours D) which improved both the educational and housing prospects for individuals E) if there was not much to be gained in the field of infectious diseases Başarmak için YESDĐL! 34. progress was slow. ----. A) Half of the world's population live within a distance of less than 200 kilometres from the coast B) For more than a decade. A) some documents proved that tobacco officials knew it was addictive B) no advertising of cigarettes will be permitted. A) because he has given up hope of anyone coming to his aid B) when his mother asked him what had happened to him C) as soon as he has lost his colouring pencils D) though he had fallen off his bike E) whenever he has a high fever or a minor medical problem 30. which is more than double the global average.

ask yourself exactly ---.Before you start a diet.Many people often don't see ----.com 5 .YARIM CÜMLE / TEST 1 (40 ADET SORU) Eskişehir YESDĐL 37.yesdil. A) that your weight is considered normal B) since it is always a good idea to see a doctor first C) if you had thought of it as getting healthy rather than getting thin D) why you want to lose weight E) that you have realistic expectations 38.Last week several miners were trapped in a tunnel ----. A) which will most likely cause suffering in other people B) though it is easier to feel good if you look good C) that are unable to enjoy pleasurable activities D) because with depression there feels like there is no way out E) what they don't expect or want to see 39. A) after they have entered there to assist the victims B) that they emerged back into the bright daylight C) which collapsed as a result of heavy rains in the area overnight D) as they have already finished digging most of it E) by the time we have reached the tunnel entrance 40. -----. Başarmak için YESDĐL! A) there will be no requirement to wear a life jacket B) you must wear a life jacket when on the water C) you had insisted on a jacket that fits you appropriately D) every boater wore a life jacket E) it is tempting to boat without wearing a life jacket www.If you don't know how to swim.

yesdil. C 13. E 35. B 39. A 31. B 38. C 18. C 26. B 34. E 37. B 36. A 19.com 1. E 15. C 22.YARIM CÜMLE / TEST 1 (40 ADET SORU) Eskişehir YESDĐL YARIM CÜMLE / TEST 1 (40 ADET SORU) CEVAP ANAHTARI www. D Başarmak için YESDĐL! www. B 4. E 20. B 9.yesdil. B 14. D 23. E 8. C 10. B 30. C 29. B 17. B 12. D 2. C 24. D 28. D 11. C 40. E 25. E 3. D 21. C 16. C 27. E 32. A 5. D 33.com 6 . D 7. B 6.

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