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You are here: Home / Top News / U.S. News / Rape charges filed nearly 15 years later

U.S. News Rape charges filed nearly 15 years later
Published: May 16, 2011 at 9:53 AM Comments Email Print Listen

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CONCORD, N.H., May 16 (UPI) -- An Arizona woman says she was forced to apologize to her church congregation for getting pregnant as the result of alleged rapes in 1997. Jury selection in the trial of the Gilford, N.H., resident charged in the alleged rapes was to begin

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Monday in Concord, N.H., the New Hampshire Union Leader reported. Ernest P. Willis, 52, is charged with two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and two counts of felonious sexual assault. Prosecutors say he assaulted then 15-year-old Tina Anderson at her home in Concord. Officials said the investigation was delayed more than a decade because Anderson moved to Colorado to live with friends shortly after the alleged incident occurred. She had the baby in Colorado and gave it up for adoption. Now in her late 20s, Anderson lives in Arizona and has three other children. Willis and Anderson attended Trinity Baptist Church and she babysat his children. Anderson alleged Willis raped her twice at her Concord home when her parents were away, impregnating her. Anderson said she was forced to stand before the church congregation and apologize for getting pregnant. Willis was required to apologize for his infidelity. Church officials reported the incident, but Anderson moved out of state, hampering an investigation, police said. Anderson is expected to testify at the trial, the report said.
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http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2011/05/16/Rape-charges-filed-nearly-15-years-later/UPI-20981305554029/[6/28/2011 3:48:54 AM]

Rape charges filed nearly 15 years later - UPI.com

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http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2011/05/16/Rape-charges-filed-nearly-15-years-later/UPI-20981305554029/[6/28/2011 3:48:54 AM]

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