Installing the SIM and battery

To install the battery, insert the battery into the opening on the back of the phone. Put the battery cover on the phone and slide it downwards until it locks into place.

4 Install the battery Insert the top of the battery first into the top edge of the battery compartment. Ensure that the battery contacts align with the terminals on the phone. Press down the bottom of the battery until it clips into place.

Getting to know your phone
Earplece Main LCD Send key • Dials a phone number and answers a call. • In standby mode: Shows the history of calls. Alpha numeric keys • In standby mode: Input numbers to dial Hold down – International calls – Connect voice mail centre to – Speed dials - Hold the key down to go Silent mode • In editing mode: Enter numbers & characters Multitasking key Go to Home screen or Menu directly. Soft keys (Left soft key / Right soft key) • These keys perform the function Indicated in the bottom of the display. Confirm key / OK key • Selects menu options and confirms actions. End key • switch on/off (hold down) • End or reject a call. Navigation key • In standby mode: Briefly: Quick menu. Briefly: Contacts search. Briefly: Profiles. Briefly: Homescreen. • In menu: Scroll up & down.

Icon Description
Network signal strength (number of bars will vary) No network signal GPRS available EDGE available Flight mode is activated Calls are diverted Roaming service Bluetooth® is activated WAP service is connected Multitasking available An alarm is set Schedule New message New voice message New Email Normal profile in use Silent profile in use Outdoor profile in use Headset profile in use Remaining battery life Battery empty External memory FM radio MP3 music playing

Note: To view a quick list of all your recent calls, press Key while in standby mode.

Using the menus
Selecting or Modifying a Menu or Feature : 1 Press the Left soft key to access Main menu. 2 Use the Navigation keys to reach a desired menu and then press . 3 If the menu contains any submenus, locate the one you want by using the . Press to enter the submenu. Navigation keys If the selected menu contains additional submenus, repeat this step.

LG900G Quick Start Guide

1 Remove the battery cover Press the battery cover release latch. 2 Remove the battery Lever the bottom edge of the battery and remove it carefully from the battery compartment. 5 Replace the battery cover

Turning the Phone On or Off
1 To turn on, install a charged battery. 2 Then press until the LCD screen lights up. 3 To turn off, press and hold until the display turns off.

Changing the display language
Allows you to use the bilingual feature according to your preference. Choose between English and Spanish. 1 In Idle mode, press the Left soft key to access Main menu. 2 Select o o . 3 Use to select English, Spanish or Automatic, then press

1 All Calls: Allows you to view the list of missed calls; up to 40 entries. Press Left Soft Key , , , oUse to highlight an entry. 2 Missed Calls: Allows you to view the list of received calls; up to 40 entries. Press Left Soft Key , , , oUse to highlight an entry. 3 Dialed Calls: Allows you to view the list of dialed calls; up to 40 entries. Press Left Soft Key , , , oUse to highlight an entry. 4 Received Calls: Allows you to view the list of the most recent missed, received and dialed calls; up to 120 entries Press Left Soft Key , , , 5 Call durations: Allows you to view the duration of the different types of calls. Press Left Soft Key , , oUse to highlight one of the call types (below). Last call/Dialed calls/Received calls/All calls

Menu map
1. Add Airtime 2. Buy Airtime 3. My Phone Number 4. Airtime info 5. Airtime Display 6. Serial Number 7. SIM Number 8. Code Entry Mode

1. Create new message 2. Inbox 3. Drafts 4. Outbox 5. Sent items 6. My folders 7. Templates 8. Emoticons 9. Settings

Recent Calls
1. Call logs 2. Call durations 3. Data volume 4. Call barring 5. Fixed dial numbers 6. Call waiting 7. Settings

1. Add new 2. Search 3. Speed dials 4. Groups 5. Service dial numbers 6. Own number 7. My business card 8. Settings

WARNING: Do not remove the battery when the phone is switched on, as this may damage the phone.

Options to customize your phone's sounds: .

3 Install the SIM card Slide the SIM card into the SIM card holder. Make sure that the gold contact area on the card is facing downwards. To remove the SIM card, pull it gently in the reverse direction.
WARNING: Do not replace or remove the SIM card while your phone is being used or turned on.

6 Charging your phone Pull out the cover of the charger socket on the top of your LG900G. Insert the charger and plug into a mains electricity socket. Your LG900G will need to be charged until a message reading “Battery full” appears on screen.

Clear / lock key • Clears a character with each press. Hold the key down to clear all input. • Hold the key down to lock when using menus.

Ringers Making Calls
1 2 3 4 Make sure the phone is turned on. Enter the phone number (include the area code if needed). Press to dial. Press to end the call. 1 2 3 4 5 Press Left Soft key and select My folder, then choose My sounds. Select Default sounds or Voice recordings. Select a sound and press Play to listen to it. Select Options and choose Use as. Choose from Ringtone, Message tone, Start-up or Shut down.

1. Camera 2. Video camera 3. Music 4. FM radio 5. Voice recorder

My folder
1. Pictures 2. Sounds 3. Videos 4. Games & apps 5. Flash contents 6. Other files 7. Memory Card

Games & Apps
1. My games & apps 2. Settings

1. Calendar 2. To do 3. Memo 4. Secret memo 5. Date finder 6. Settings

Your home screen
• Depending on the software installed or your service provider or country, some of the descriptions in this guide may not match your phone exactly. • Depending on your country, you phone and accessories may appear different from the picture in this guide. MMBB0000000 (1.0)

Yahoo! Search
1. Yahoo! Search

1. Quick menu 2. Alarms 3. Calculator 4. Stopwatch 5. Converter 6. World time

Wap Browser
1. Home 2. Enter address 3. Bookmarks 4. Saved pages 5. History 6. Settings

1. Profiles 2. Phone 3. Screen 4. Connectivity 5. Network 6. Packet data conn. 7. Security 8. Memory info. 9. Reset Settings

The status bar
The status bar uses various icons to indicate things like signal strength, new messages and battery life, as well as telling you whether your Bluetooth connection is active. The table below explains the meaning of icons you’re likely to see in the status bar.

Recent Calls
The Recent Calls Menu is a list of the last phone numbers or Contacts entries for calls missed, received, or dialed. It is continually updated as new numbers are added to the beginning of the list and the oldest entries are removed from the bottom of the list.

1 2 3 4 Press Left Soft key and select Settings. Select Profiles and then choose the profile you want to edit. Select Options and choose Edit. You can change all of the tones, its volumes and alert options from here.

. 9. Fixed dial numbers allows you to choose a list of numbers that can be called from your phone. . New Message allows you to send text messages and e-mail transmissions. Call barring allows you to select which calls you would like to be barred. Avoid damage to your hearing Damage to your hearing can occur if you are exposed to loud sound for long periods of time. • While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various LG phone models. which is 1. . Message editor combines SMS and MMS in one intuitive mode that is easy to switch between. Camera allows you to take a photo. or SAR. This is particularly imperative when near roads. Other files allows you to view the list of files which are not My images. . do not obstruct with installed or . • If you are listening to music whilst out and about. . . . SIM Number allows you to displays the SIM number. . Quick feature reference This section provides instructions on how to access the different features on your phone. My Phone Number displays the phone's phone number. Drafts allows you to view the saved (message) Drafts. . . Press OK key once to start recording. . Menu Description Converter allows you to convert units of Currency. Call durations allows you to view details of how long you have spent on your calls both received and dialled.followed by Open. Blasting area Do not use the phone where blasting is in progress. It includes small parts which may cause a choking hazard if detached.2 Menu style 3. • The radio wave exposure guidelines employ a unit of measurement known as the Specific Absorption Rate.6 W/Kg averaged over 1g of tissue. . .2 Language 2. Call waiting allows you to be alerted when you have a call waiting. Saved Pages allows you to connect to the saved page. . • When your vehicle is equipped with an air bag. .2 Handset lock 9. . Data volume allows you to view the amount in kilobytes of all your received and sent data. Own number allows you to view your number.16W/Kg (10g) and when worn on the body is 0. . . you should never depend solely on the phone for emergency calls. . . Music allows you to access the music player. . . Therefore. please ensure that the volume is at a reasonable level so that you are aware of your surroundings. My sounds. . . Other conditions and restrictions may apply. Access to view contents of sent messages and verify whether the transmission was successful or not. . or explosives in the same compartment of your vehicle as your mobile phone and accessories. . . .1 PIN code request 9. • Use a hands-free kit. In aircraft Wireless devices can cause interference in aircraft. . . Weight. . We also recommend that music and call volumes are set to a reasonable level. Secret memo allows you to write the private memo to protect your privacy. *Many of the features and services described are network dependent and may require additional subscription and/or usage charges. Enter address allows you to type in your desired URL. . • Turn your mobile phone off before boarding any aircraft. . .2 USB connection mode Network allows you to select network setting and set preferred lists. you can't receive incoming calls or use events alert. . • The SAR limit recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is 2 W/Kg averaged over 10g of tissue. Guidelines for safe and efficient use Please read these simple guidelines. Rec will appear at the bottom of the viewfinder.4 Information Screen allows you to customize your phone's display. . . Yahoo! Search allows you to access Yahoo Mobile Internet Service. Observe restrictions. .3 Change codes Memory info. and erase memo. . .1 Screen theme 3. Games & apps allows you to play the downloaded games and view (or manage) any applications you have. Serial Number simply displays the phone's serial number. portable wireless equipment.4 Font 3. You need the security code to activate this function. History allows you to view the list of web page titles you have accessed recently. modify specific data and troubleshoot the phone. . Settings allows you to configure settings for Call. select Messaging and choose Create new message.2 Preferred lists Packet data conn. and your phone can alert you with a reminder. Alarms allows you to set alarms. . Video Camera allows you to take a video. . or delete group. Menu Description My folders allows you to move messages of Inbox or Sent items into My folders. . . . © 2009 LG Electronics. Reset Settings allows you to reset all the settings to the factory definitions. . Voice recorder allows you to record voice memos or other sounds. . Tests for SAR are conducted using standardised methods with the phone transmitting at its highest certified power level in all used frequency bands. Date finder allows you to help you calculate what the date will be once a certain number of days have passed. Buy Airtime allows you to buy airtime. . Then press OK key. . . . See carrier for more information. . . allows you to configure setting for packet data connection. . . . World time allows you to determine the current time in another time zone or city.1 Bluetooth 4. . you will need the security code or pin code. . Call logs allows you to view the list of calls. . The default setting of the message editor is SMS mode. . Memo allows you to add. Sent items allows you to view your sent messages. These requirements are based on scientific guidelines that include safety margins designed to assure the safety of all persons. • Give full attention to driving. Inc. . Menu Description Add Airtime allows you to start an over-the-air request for additional airtime. My videos. . . its volumes and alert options. . Sounds allows you to view the Downloaded sounds. . .802 W/Kg (10g). .1 Auto Key Lock 2. Settings allows you to configure settings for Game & Apps. . useful for a quick reply. . . . Bookmarks allows you to add and access your bookmarks for easy and fast access to your favorite websites. . . Exposure to radio frequency energy Radio wave exposure and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) information This mobile phone model LG900G has been designed to comply with applicable safety requirements for exposure to radio waves. . and follow any regulations or rules. 5. My games & apps allows you to play the downloaded games and view (or manage) any applications you have. . Press OK key again to stop recording. . 4. edit. • Do not use it on the ground without permission from the crew. Videos allows you to view the list of downloaded videos and videos you have recorded on your phone. Not following these guidelines may be dangerous or illegal. . and an alarm message will be displayed on the LCD screen. . Menu Description FM radio allows you to listen to the radio. . Length. Settings allows you to configure settings for Organizer. . . • Do not use near fuel or chemicals. . Calculator allows you to perform simple mathematical calculations. .5 Backlight 3. . . . . • RF energy may affect some electronic systems in your vehicle such as car stereos and safety equipment. if available. • Do not use a hand-held phone while driving. . . See Entering text on the right for more information on how to enter text. . .3 Power save 2. • The highest SAR value for this model phone tested by DASY4 for use at the ear is 1. 2. . edit. Airtime info displays the phone's airtime infomation. Templates allows you to use list of pre written useful messages. . . • Pull off the road and park before making or answering a call if driving conditions so require. You enter the security code to use this menu. . Groups allows you to create. Settings allows you to configure settings for Wap Browser. . . . Default sounds and Voice recordings. . Not al features are available for purchase or use in al areas. .To access one of these pages. We therefore recommend that you do not turn on or off the handset close to your ear. . . • SAR data information for residents in countries/regions that have adopted the SAR limit recommended by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).1 Select network 5. .simply select the required page and press Open. The Security menu allows you to secure the phone. regardless of age and health. edit and delete emoticons. Do not transport or store flammable gas. . Quick menu allows you to add and delete menu to access more quickly. My business card allows you to create your own business card. . . . Check with your local service provider. . Settings allows you to configure settings for Messaging. Profiles allows you to change all of the tones. . Also you can move those messages of My folders into the original message box. Surface. . 3 Enter your message using the keypad. . . . . . Code Entry Mode will allow the phone to accept Tracfone-related codes in order to add units. they are all designed to meet the relevant guidelines for exposure to radio waves. You can access this menu in idle mode. Home allows you to access the web. directory enquiries and voicemail numbers. . Service dial numbers allows you to view the list of Service Dial Numbers (SDN) assigned by your service provider (if supported by the SIM card). read. Settings allows you to configure settings for Contacts. 3. Calendar allows you to access your Calendar appointments. . . It can cause the air bag to fail or cause serious injury due to improper performance. . 2 A new message editor will open. . .6 Handset theme 3. .7 Greeting message Connectivity allows you to set up your phone for Bluetooth use and select the USB connection mode for several uses. Simply enter your appointments in the Calendar. . any set alarm will sound (depending on your volume settings) the tone of your choice. . liquid. . . . Phone allows you to change your phone settings. Children Keep the phone in a safe place out of the reach of small children.3 Dialing 3. Pictures allows you to view a list of images including default images preloaded onto your phone. • . To access this menu. . . Emoticons allows you to add. allows you to check out the memory status of your phone. .Sending a message 1 Press Menu. Speed Dials allows you to assign a frequently-called contact to a speed dial number. Add new allows you to add a new contact to your Contact List Search allows you to search name of your contact list. . Potentially explosive atmospheres • Do not use the phone at a refueling point. At the alarm time. . Point the lens towards the subject of the photo. images downloaded by you and images taken on your phone’s camera. Road safety Check the laws and regulations on the use of mobile phones in the area when you drive. Volume and Velocity. . . . . Such numbers include emergency. . Flash contents allows you to view all of your default and downloaded flash contents. To do allows you to add an item to your task list. . You will need to insert your headset in order to listen to the radio. Temperature. . You can insert the emoticon which you preferred on writing a message. Memory Card card allows you to view the list of files stored in external microSD memory card. . games or applications. . Outbox is a temporary storage folder while messages are being sent or stores the messages that are failed to sent. . . Inbox allows you to view your received messages. In using the Code Entry Mode. Stopwatch allows you to use your phone as a stopwatch. Emergency calls Emergency calls may not be available under all mobile networks. . . Airtime Display allows you to set your airtime display on or off.