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Man Arraigned On Charges Of Raping 15-Year-Old - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire

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Man Arraigned On Charges Of Raping 15-Year-Old

Man Accused Of Raping, Impregnating 15Year-Old Girl In 1997
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CONCORD, N.H. -- A Gilford man has been charged with raping a 15-year-old girl who was moved out of the state by her church following the 1997 incident.
The case was reopened after a blogger noticed a chat on a website and notified police. That eventually led to the arrest of Ernest Willis, 51, who appeared in Concord District Court on Wednesday morning. Willis was charged with two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault, both Class A felonies. Part of the complaint accused Willis of forcing the girl, his children's babysitter, to have sex against her will. Willis was also charged with two counts of felonious sexual assault, Class B felonies, for allegedly raping Tina Anderson inside a car and at her home. Anderson, who is now a mother of three living in Arizona, has chosen to publicly identify herself so that the story can be told. In 1997, Willis and Anderson were members of the Trinity Baptist Church in Concord. Anderson said that as a result of the rapes, she became

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Man Arraigned On Charges Of Raping 15-Year-Old - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire

pregnant. She said church elders sent her to Colorado, where she gave birth to a girl in March 1998. She then put the baby up for adoption. Church leaders said they notified WMUR/Ray Brewer authorities of the pregnancy, but Concord police said when the girl was moved out of the state, it effectively ended their investigation. "Almost all of the congregation have been shocked and horrified by the details as they unfolded," said the Rev. Brian Fuller, current pastor of the church. Fuller said the most horrifying detail is that the rape was kept under wraps, and Anderson was forced to apologize in front of the congregation for getting pregnant. Willis remained a church member after Anderson was sent away. "We're also very concerned and very alarmed that the perpetrator stayed here for years after this was allegedly reported to the Concord police," Fuller said. The case recently was reopened after a blogger at noticed a chat and notified police. Police said Anderson agreed to cooperate. In a statement to News 9, Anderson wrote, "This is the first time in my life that I have started to see and believe how wrongly all of these situations have been handled." Anderson said that when she told Willis she was pregnant, he "asked me if I wanted him to punch me in the stomach as hard as he could because that might cause a miscarriage." She said that the pastor of the church at the time, the Rev. Chuch Phelps, "told me that I should be happy that I didn't live in Old Testament times because I would have been stoned because I didn't cry out and tell people sooner." Phelps later moved to a church in Indiana. Willis left Trinity Baptist in 2003. Willis remains free on personal recognizance bail of $100,000. He is due back in court on July 6 for a probable cause hearing. Tell Us More: E-mail WMUR your tips and story ideas.
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Man Arraigned On Charges Of Raping 15-Year-Old - New Hampshire News Story - WMUR New Hampshire

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