Discworld Legacy

Chapter 5

Children Everywhere

Welcome back to my Discworld Legacy, an alphabet legacy based on the books by Terry Pratchett. This chapter is brought to you from the house of Albert Discworld the youngest child of my founder Great A'Tuin.

When Albert graduated he married his university sweetheart Christa. His dream is to own 5 top businesses so he got straight to work by purchasing a plot of land and building his very own electronics shop.

He also got to work on expanding his family.

The electronics shop reached level 10 and Christa gave birth to Bill (not quite at the same time).

Bill grew up into a studious child, and Albert purchased a grocery store.

Christa gave birth to Rebecca while Albert was away working on getting the grocery store up to level 10.

Albert was home long enough to see his daughter grow up and purchase a flower shop (he also found time to spend time with his wife leading to their third child being on its way).

When I left off Angua had just given birth to her fourth child and first boy Brutha.

Hey sis. Haven't had a chance to talk in a while, things have been a bit eventful. Brutha has become mum's absolute favourite, I can barely keep her away from the nursery. He is an adorable baby, big brown eyes and golden hair (I think that might be why mum loves him so much, he's the only one with her hair).

While she's not looking after Brutha mum has been working out a lot, she says she wants to be like dad and be as skilful as possible. Bethan has been making me proud, she managed to get the lead role in her school play. It was a shame you couldn't come and watch her, we did get a video so you can see it if you want.

Not long after her play Bethan hit her teenage years.

She's a very pretty teen, I'd be worried about boys, but I know I've got both Dominic and dad to keep an eye on her and scare away anyone who tries to hurt her. Plus from the sounds of it she's far more interested in making as many friends as she possibly can. [Bethan rolled Popularity and wants to become Mayor.]

At the same time Boddony left her toddler years behind her and became a child (told you I'd been busy).

Dominic makes sure to be at all the children's birthdays, I just wish I could see he during the day.

I can already tell that Boddony is going to be beautiful but for now she's happy running around with her sisters and trying to persuade Dominic or me to read to her.

I'm not free of toddlers yet (not that I would want to be) as just as Boddony leaves toddlerhood Brutha enters it.

I love toddlers but I will miss having a baby around, there won't be any around the house for a while, there simply isn't room.

I couldn't help but include a picture of him, isn't he adorable. [Brutha is a Virgo with 10 neat, 4 outgoing, 2 active, 3 playful and 7 nice]

If mum monopolised Brutha's baby years then dad's doing the same with his toddler years.

Dear Albert, Glad to hear about the two new additions to your family and about how well you're doing with all your businesses (although I honestly think you're mad spending all your time away from your family like you are). All the girls are doing well, they've become really quite studious, I think it's mum and dad's influence.

You may have heard about this from elsewhere but I may as well tell you myself. I've become the new Captain Hero, I was doing my normal duties as Police Chief when I noticed some irregularities in the accounts. Turns out some of my officers have been channelling extra money into their pension fund, I couldn't stand by and watch it happen so I reported it. It didn't make me very popular with the officers involved or their friends but as a reward the city gave me the opportunity to replace out newly retired Captain Hero.

My new role in life won't distract me from my children. The very day I got my promotion I came home and taught Brutha to walk and talk, he's the first of my kids that I've been able to do this. Love Angua

P.S. Give my congratulations to Christa, I'd love to meet your children sometime soon.

[This picture is here because I find it really funny - bubble propelled Captain Hero!]

Bethan's Diary - Day 19 I don't know if dad will ever forgive me.

I'm so fed up of never seeing him he's either at work during the day or sleeping and by the time he's got up in the evening I'm busy with my homework or my new job. I can't even see him at the weekend 'cause he's a stupid vampire and can't come out of his coffin. Well he won't be for much longer. I bought a potion that is guaranteed to cure him, it wasn't cheap but if it means I can see him more often it'll be worth it (plus mum might give me some money for it, I know she wishes he was back to normal).

I planted the potion in the garage so Dad'll be sure to see it when he gets home from work, I forged a note from mum saying it was a present from her (if I talk to her she might even write it herself). Hopefully he'll fall for it and drink it.

Dominic's Diary - Day 19 Today was a day of change. For starters I got my final promotion and am now a Business Tycoon [perma plat woo!].

Secondly I got home from work today to find a bottle of a purple liquid in the garage.

Tied round its neck was a note from Angua saying that this is a present to show how much she loves me, so of course I drank it.

As soon as I'd emptied the bottle I started to feel strange.

Then I felt such pain I'd never imagined.

But when it stopped I realised that I had a pulse again, that my skin was no longer blue and that I no longer cringed away from even the smallest bit of sunlight, I was human again. I just wish Angua had told me how much she wanted me to give up my life as a vampire, I would have done it happily, there was no need for her to trick me.

Angua's Diary - Day 19 After explaining to Dominic why Bethan and I had felt the need to trick him (something for which he has forgiven both of us) it was time to celebrate another couple of birthdays.

First up was Berilia.

She was quite surprised at how her body has changed, I guess this means it's going to be time for “the talk” very soon.

She's a very beautiful young lady, I'm glad I've got dad and Dominic to watch out for her (although I'm sure she won't be). I'm ever so proud of her, she's told me that she wants to be like me and settle down and have a family as soon as possible. Although I do think her grandparents have had some effect on her as her biggest dream in life is for at least three of her children to get university degrees. [Yes Berilia is a family sim with the life time want to graduate 3 children from university.]

Next up was Brutha, true to from dad brought him to the cake (the pair of them have been almost inseparable).

I'm going to miss having a toddler around, they're such fun, although they do have a tendency to get under your feet.

Brutha is an adorable child, there is something about the combination of those big brown eyes and golden blonde hair. He's going to be a heart breaker when he gets older.

Hey Agnes My poor Dominic has been demoted, he won't tell me all the details but I don know it was something about buying a plot of land to build a seaport and then finding out that the land was unusable because it was home to a species of rare canary. At least he was able to find a position in his old company as President. Even so I'm sure you'll understand how devastated he is about it.

The headmaster has been round again (actually it was a different man, I didn't think we were that bad).

Despite a slightly chaotic kitchen both Boddony and Brutha made it into private school joining the other two.

Although Bethan wasn't at school for much longer, she's left for Unseen University now. I'm really going to miss having her around the house, although it does mean that there's now room for me to have another baby. Love Angua

Dear Mum and Dad, I will admit I was a bit worried when I left, after all this is the first time I've ever been away from home. I moved into one of the dorms on campus, it's given me a chance to meet lots of new people and make plenty of friends.

One of my best friends here is called Jacqueline Hyatt. She's really nice and lives right next door to me.

Actually I have to admit Jacqueline is a bit more than a friend, you know I was never interested in boys back home, well know you know why.

I'm in love with Jacqueline, she's everything I've ever looked for and she's so much like me.

We've moved into a little house near the dorm, it's not just me and Jacqueline living here, there's also another friend from the dorm to keep us company.

I've joined the Greek House that you set up at my age, the two guys are nice, a little strange, but nice. (Did you know that they're officially seeing each other now).

Jacqueline and I passed our first year with top grades and we had a little party to celebrate (nothing to extreme don't worry). Love Bethan

Dear Albert Things are going well here, I still miss Bethan a lot, but at least I know she's doing well as she gets in touch regularly (yes that is a hint). Boddony really appreciates the $100 you sent her for her grades, I've some of it aside for her to use when she's older, the rest has been spent on new clothes.

I'm sure it won't come as too much of a surprise to you to hear that I'm pregnant again.

Mum has been making great advances with her skill building, she's now happy with her creativity and has moved on elsewhere.

Berilia has started dating, I know she's a sensible girl and is looking for more than a casual relationship but I can't help but be worried about her (it's a mother's right).

The boy she's dating has a rather worrying image.

I just hope she knows what she's doing, she seems rather smitten with him.

I will admit that underneath his hair, and his makeup and his clothes Kent seems to be a reasonably nice person and he does seem very keen of Berilia.

Although he does seem a bit too keen sometimes.

I think there may be something different about this pregnancy, I'm feeling worse than I usually do. [Yes that is cheese cake, I'm getting impatient.]

While she's not with her boyfriend Berilia is spending a lot of time with her little sister. She says she wants practise for when she's a mother herself (dad says he remembers me saying something very similar).

Did you know that dad has been making toys? He's getting very good at it, and in my state I have nothing better to do than test them out. Love Angua

Angua's Diary - Day 23 Today was Boddony's birthday.

She was fascinated by the changes to her body, I'm going to have to sit her down very soon and have The Talk (hopefully it'll be as easy as it was with Berilia).

Boddony is boy mad, and those clothes! I really do not approve! I'm going to have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't get hurt.

Angua's Diary - Day 24 Today I went into labour for the fifth time. This time it was a little different. For a start it was more intense.

It didn't take long for Beryl to be born. [Beryl is a common troll name as is used in Light Fantastic]

However the pain didn't stop with Beryl's birth.

I was still in labour!

The second of the twins was another little girl who we named Black Aliss. [A very powerful and skilled witch, who once lived in a gingerbread cottage . Known deeds: sending a whole castle to sleep for a hundred years, turning a pumpkin into a coach etc. Bad temper, romantic, sweet tooth, dirty fingernails. Died when a couple of kids shoved her into her own oven. Something of a legend among witches, and probably the most powerful till Esme came onto the stage. She never appears in the books but is mentioned in The Light Fantastic, Wyrd Sisters and Witches Abroad]

Angua's Diary - Day 26 Life's been a bit busy recently what with two babies to look after. Today was a triple birthday. First Brutha became a teen.

I don't what he wished for (after all if he tells us it won't come true).

[I couldn't but laugh at this - Brutha grew up in a kilt Hahaha]

I was right when I said he'd be a heartbreaker, he is a very handsome young man. Like Bethan he is less interested in girls and more interested in making friends. Also like his big sister he wants to one day control this town (it'll be interesting to find out who wins). [Brutha is another popularity sim with the lifetime want of becoming Mayor]

Then it was time for the twins.

We let my parents carry them to the cake as I don't know how much longer they'll be around for, dad is certainly slowing down a lot.

As soon as they were toddlers Dada and I got on with teaching them the three most important skills.

[Black Aliss is a Scorpio, with 10 neat (I'm cursed with this genetic abnormality, Angua was a freak with 10 neat while neither of her parents had more than 5, and now 5 out of her 6 children also have it), 7 outgoing, 8 active, 5 playful and 5 nice. No she didn't grow up in the black tux but it was the only outfit that seemed suitable for a little witch.]

[Beryl is a Virgo with 10 neat (cursed I tell you), 7 outgoing, 2 active, 0 playful and 8 nice The twins are very nearly identical, which is something I've never had before.]

Now that the twins are toddlers Berilia has decided to leave for university, she's getting impatient to start her own family, but has promised to complete her education first.

She's been such a help with her younger brother and sisters, I'm really going to miss her. It doesn't get any easier to say good bye to my children.

Dear Mum and Dad, Bethan was very welcoming when I moved in with her and Jacqueline (who is a lovely person, you have nothing to worry about mum). We spent a bit of time catching up with all the gossip.

Bethan has become really quite relaxed here, I've even seen her heading to class in her pyjamas (but don't tell her I said so).

Like Bethan I've joined your old Greek house, the guys were very welcoming, but I think I'm going to continue living with Bethan rather than move in with them.

I think I've met the man I'm going to marry. His name is Geoffrey Bruty and he's a student here at Unseen U. I'll write again soon

Love Berilia

Dear Mum and Dad, It was very nice to see you for the family reunion. Bethan didn't tell me about it before hand so I was a bit of a surprise to come back from class and find you all in the kitchen.

After the party Bethan proposed to Jacqueline (she doesn't know I've told you so promise you'll act surprised when she does).

I think Bethan must have been planning this for ages, it's a really impressive ring.

Of course Jacqueline said yes, you've seen how much in love they are.

Not to be out done by my sister I proposed to Geoffrey.

He said yes (I really couldn't see him saying no) and has also agreed to move in with us. Apart from a little difficulty with a cow mascot everything is going great. Love Berilia

P.S. Tell Boddony there's space for her in the house if she wants to join us.

With a picture of Albert's youngest child (and probably last child) I will end this chapter. Next time Angua's brood will increase and hopefully the heir will be born (I don't like Brutha's personality).