Discworld Legacy

Chapter 10


Welcome back to the Discworld Alphabet Legacy. Last time we heard from Brenda Discworld who gave her account of her time in charge, given that she's a fortune sim it was heavily involved with money and paid very little attention to the children, which, lets face it, are the most important part of any legacy. So now it's time to hear from Marion, who, as a family sim, will have a very different perspective.

Hi, my name's Marion Discworld and Brenda has asked me to add to her account of her time in charge of this family. She won't let me read what she's written, but I know her and I can guess which areas she'll have left blank, so I'll try and fill in those blanks for you.

My darling wife's first interest is money, it always has been from what I understand, it means she isn't always around as much as I'd sometimes like, but I knew what she was like when I married her.

When we first moved home she found herself a job in the criminal underworld and quickly rose to become it's head. Now, she didn't (and still doesn't) know that I knew this, as far as she knew I was oblivious to her life of crime. You see I had myself a job in law enforcement and was quickly rising up the ranks.

The day I became Captain Hero was a great joy, but also a great worry. I knew sooner or later Brenda and I would meet as Captain Hero and Criminal Mastermind and we'd have no choice but to fight. I knew I had to do something about the situation so I began to formulate a plan, until I could carry it out I did my best to foil her plots without having to come face to face.

My opportunity came quicker than I'd anticipated. One of my colleagues managed to get himself captured by Brenda and had to pay quite a lot of money for his freedom, he was also forced to give information about my location to her, he dropped by to warn me about it before leaving town. This was the chance I needed to force Brenda's hand. I allowed her to see me leaving for work, knowing that it would leave her with a difficult decision on her hands.

I knew that there was a chance that she would chose her work over me, but it was a chance I had to take. In the end, after what must have been a very tough time for poor Brenda, she chose me.

She ended up finding a new career in show business where she's been very happy. I actually think she's happier there than she was before, after all now she can boast about her money, fame and power, before she had to keep it all a secret.

The other residents of the house when I moved in were Angua and Dominic, Brenda's parents. They were a very loving couple.

Even after they got old. I hope Brenda and I can be like that when we are grandparents.

It was a bit scary at first, the thought of living with my in-laws, but Dominic and Angua were so welcoming and friendly that I soon settled into family life.

I'm not sure how we would have managed without them. Angua was always ready to jump in with a feeding or a nappy change or just a bit of love.

And Dominic loved teaching his grandchildren all sorts of new things, half of them sad "grandpa" as their first word.

As the children got older Angua made it her duty to pass on all her experience, not just in cookery but in fitness and logic and many other things as well.

And of course she was always thrilled when I told her there was a new baby on the way.

It was a very sad day when Dominic passed away

Poor Angua spent the last days of her life in mourning for her husband.

I personally think that when she died it was from a broken heart and she just didn't want to continue without Dominic.

Now, onto the main focus of my life, my children.

My eldest is Cheri, a beautiful girl with my hair and eyes. [Cheri is a Pisces - 6,3,6,4,10, I was slightly concerned when I named her Cheri (Cheery) that she'd end up with only 1 nice point out of spite, but as it is she really lives up to her name]

She wasn't always the best academically but tried her hardest at everything she did.

And she grew into a gorgeous young woman.

She was a great help with her younger siblings. She'd put them to bed, get them up in the mornings,

feed them, bathe them, anything you'd ask she'd do. She always said it was good practise for when she had children of her own and so was happy to help. [Cheri is a family sim with the lifetime want of having 6 grandchildren]

When she wasn't helping with the children Cheri could often be found with her steady boyfriend Billy Time-Lord [yes this is the couple from the front of the last chapter], he's the grandson of our long time neighbour Azure.

They were very sweet, only ever had eyes for each other.

When she left for university he promised he'd meet her there. And of course he did. They're now married and have had 4 children so far and are planning more.

My second child, and first son, is Carrot. [Carrot is another Pisces - 6,5,7,1,6]

His birthday from toddler to child was a little strange.

Carrot was determined to hold on to his toddlerhood for as long as possible.

We did eventually convince him that there are many good things about being a big boy and he agreed to act his age.

He soon found being a child was fun, he especially loved playing the piano, now that's something he couldn't do as a toddler.

When he got older he stopped playing and started dancing to the music his siblings played, he said it was cooler to dance than to play the piano, oh well. He's now a university graduate and married with two adorable children.

[Carrot is a popularity sim with the lifetime want to become Mayor, which he's achieved, he's the host for this chapter]

Next there's Coin, the first of the children to have Brenda's hair and my skin, and he's Carrot's favourite sibling. [Coin is an Aries - 8,10,7,4,6]

They became firm friends when Coin hit childhood. Apart from their colouring the two boys look a lot alike.

Coin is academically brilliant and a very hard worker

but a little socially inept.

Like his mother his main interest is money and he liked nothing better than to borrow Brenda's sports car and head downtown for a bit of shopping. [Coin is a wealth sim his lifetime want is to own 5 level 10 businesses (not going to happen)]

I don't think Brenda really minded he was spending her money, she was mostly interested about bringing it in, and if it meant the kids weren't bugging her she was quite happy for them to spend it. Coin has also now graduated from university and is married. He and his partner have adopted one child, I'm not sure if they plan to adopt any more.

Next there's Conina, my little blonde angel.

[Conina is a Leo - 5,10,5,2,6 I'm getting a nice lot of variation with these kids]

She's also a little genius (well, not so little anymore), she brought home an A+ on her very first day of school, there aren't very many kids who can manage that.

She also loved to play chess with Brenda, unfortunately Brenda is a terrible cheat.

But isn't very good at hiding it (she's a very bad liar, how do you think I found out about her criminal career?).

Conina used to get pretty frustrated at Brenda's cheating, but it never stopped them playing together.

Conina never let anything stop her. Take dancing for instance, she was pretty terrible at it to start with. [Conina is a wealth sim, her life time want is to become a Hall of Famer]

Always falling over her own feet.

But she always picked herself up and tried again, she's much better at it now.

Her big ambition in life is to open her own beauty parlour, she was forever experimenting on poor Dominic.

She was really bad at it at first, but she persisted (and Dominic was patient enough to let her)

Until finally she got it right. Like her older siblings Conina has graduated and is married. She's also opened a home beauty parlour, so let's hope that all that practise made perfect.

Casanunda is my fifth child. [Aries - 6,10,5,3,6]

It was when he was an infant that Brenda changed careers and so was able to spend more time with him than she had with his older brothers and sisters. Brenda wasn't used to being around children and not everything she talked to him about was entirely appropriate. I do sometimes wonder if those conversations are at least partly responsible for his present activities.

As a child he did very well at school

and loved spending time with his brothers and sisters.

He was a studious teen,

but it was clear that study was not where his main interests lay.

It seemed like almost everyday a different girl followed him home from school, but there was only one he had any real interest in (oh if only it had stayed that way).

They were quite sweet really, they continued to go out up until Casanunda went to university.

He may have been faithful to one girl as a teen but it was quite a different story once Casanunda left home, but he can tell you that himself (just like all teenagers he thinks that his mother is oblivious to what he gets up to).

[In case you haven't guessed by now Casanunda is a romance sim (something I'm actually pleased about) and his life time want is to woohoo with 20 different people. He's also the heir, I need a break from the fortune/family combination I've had 2 generations in a row.]

His other main hobby was watching the stars, I don't think there was a single night he wasn't out on the balcony with that telescope.

Well, not before the incident anyway.

[There's no comments on the next few pictures, I just really like them so had to include them.]

I don't really know what happened, all I know is that there was a strange bright light and when I came running out onto the balcony he was gone.

Early that morning there was a strange craft hovering in front of the house and he was thrown out of landing on the pavement, fortunately he was unhurt, but very traumatised.

[Again no comments to the pictures, I love this sequence and couldn't leave it out.]

My poor darling boy, even now he refuses to talk about what happened to him.

[This is the picture Marion wouldn't want you to see, she seems strangely delighted by her son's abduction]

It took a bit of time but he did get back to his normal life, I think his girl friend helped a lot. He did stop star gazing though, he started dancing instead.

Like Conina he wasn't very good to start off with but did get better.

He was good at beating his sister Christine (I'll get to her in a minute) on the games machine, those two would play for hours on end if I let them.

Like the others so far, Casanunda has graduated from university, unlike the others he hasn't married yet, in fact he's back here now since Brenda named him heir and there's just no room for anyone else yet.

Christine is the first of my children still at home (well, excluding Casanunda anyway). [Taurus - 5,10,5,10,5 interesting personality!]

Between you an me I think she's Brenda's favourite, she certainly looks a lot like her other mummy that's for sure.

She was also a great favourite for her siblings, older

and younger.

And she always kept us all entertained with her jokes and stories.

As a teenager she spends a lot of time playing games with Casanunda and doing other fun stuff, I just hope she settles down one day. [Christine is a pleasure sim, her life time want is to have 50 first dates, so she's not going to settle down anytime soon, sorry Marion.]

The next two children gave me quite a surprise. By this point I had been through labour 7 times, so I thought I knew what to expect.

I didn't expect the contractions to continue after Cassandra was born or for Clancy to follow soon after. [Both girls are Aquarius. Cassandra - 6,1,6,10,8 Clancy - 6,3,6,10,10]

As toddlers the girls were never far from each other.

Something that's continued into childhood.

[Clancy is in pink and Cassandra is in green]

They are such friendly girls, I'm forever going over to the neighbours (mostly brothers and sisters of Brenda) to pick up one or other (or sometimes both) of the girls after school, they must be friends with the majority of their cousins.

[Seriously, every time I played a house with a child in it one of the girls get off the school bus with the kid.]

And finally there's Carcer and Chrysoprase my second set of twins, they're still babies at the moment so there isn't really that much to say, except of course that I love them dearly just like all the rest of my children. Well I think that's it, so goodbye, it'll be my son Casanunda who tells you about the next generation of this family.

I'll leave you now with a very cute picture of Carrot's eldest child and the family dog. Next time will be a very short (probably) chapter about Casanunda's university life.