IMC Assignment Effective Marketing Communication for IMT Mission Statement: Leverage its unique position to play a leadership

role in creating intellectual
capital in terms of scholarly research relevant to the evolving techno-civilizational context; thereby leading the way to a future of inclusive globalization and inter-connectedness. Be at the forefront of inventing and reinventing education to forge meaningful partnerships with the industry, government and social sectors; such that sustainable businesses are built fulfilling the collective needs of all stakeholders across society. Be at the crossroads of the currents that co-create an environment of learning, development and entrepreneurship that provides a platform from where true leaders emerge to influence thought and practice.

Objective: To increase the Top of the Mind Awareness among students for IMT Ghaziabad being the best Private Institute among other B Schools in India To level each of the IMT institutions’ with specific set of marketing objectives and communication strategies To build upon the perception of IMT as a pioneer in business education with a double digit package and a single digit ranking. To build upon the perception of IMT as a pioneer in business education and imparting a strong aspiration value to the brand. Web Strategy:  Website: A research conducted in 2009 shows that 78.8% aspirants browse for information on the B-School before they make a concrete decision and hence it is important for the institute to register a positive impression. A typical website should incorporate the mission, vision, events, activities, faculty credentials, course content, infrastructure, placement track record among other information.  Adwords/Keywords : Internet ranks top in the sources for obtaining information on the B schools for the aspirants hence it is important for the Institute to have an effective SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) strategy .  Pagalguy Sponsorships: Pagalguy is the premier site followed by the MBA aspirants to obtain information on the various institutes from the personal experiences of the current as well as the ex students. It is

 Supervision of Social Media: With Twitter. it is important that we keep a close look at any remarks which harms the brand name IMT and stand by for any disaster management in need. o Facebook also provides as a medium to keep the alumni in the loop with the current student affairs not only helping the students to receive direction but to get acquainted with the people in the industry which can later provide them an edge in the corporate world and provide a kick start to their career goals. LinkedIn and half a dozen more social platforms for people to express their opinions. Google+. It is influential. o The importance of Facebook arises due to the fact that while Pagalguy is somebody else’s opinions and content (word of mouth) that you do not have a lot of power to control and alter.  Facebook: It has been a 21st century phenomenon to the marketing world to get your message across to the mass audience.advisable that IMT forges strategic relationships with Pagalguy by sponsoring its activities and keep any critical information being discussed which affects its reputation. . Facebook. Facebook is an interactive medium and helps you to get to know your audience and has become an integral part of people’s social lives. cost effective and works. Facebook gives you a space of your own and your own content.

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