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Bridges joins a national effort to increase understanding across racial and cultural lines.

The goal is to help participants embrace the value of diversity while finding the things they have in common. Bridges provides an opportunity for participants to hear and share diverse perspectives about issues that impact the daily lives of their neighbors.

Bridges began as an effort to bring diverse groups of people together for a meal and facilitated table conversation about issues related to race relations. It is a faith-based effort to bring people together for the common good. Belief in Gods loving care for all people continues to be its primary motivating force. Local churches hosted four dinner dialogues in 2006-7. During this first year, two issues of concern surfaced consistently. These were education and poverty. Since then we have discussed transparency in government. the need for a new Alabama State Constitution, the unreality of race and the high school drop out rate.

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Mobile, AL




Tuesday, October 4 Word of Life Community Church 351 S. Craft Highway Chickasaw, AL 6:00 pm8:30 pm
The Quest, Inc. 3263 Demetropolis Rd. Ste. 5 Mobile, AL 36693

There is no predetermined objective other than getting people together to share a meal and engage in serious dialogue. Any possible action steps that may surface will be optional. Participants and facilitators are asked to complete feedback forms prior to leaving the dinner. This information is used by the planning committee to design future Bridges events.

What can we do as citizens to impact these statistics? What is our role in law enforcement?

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This year we will focus on the Judicial System. Currently there are several hot topic issues such as the new Immigration Law and the proposed baggy pants and curfew ordinance which have many Mobile area citizens thinking about the judicial system. Crime is an increasing problem in our community and the US has the highest recidivism rate in the industrialized world, with almost 60% of released inmates returning to prison. Two thirds of all youth in the juvenile system will return once released. Race is a significant factor in these statistics as black males make up 40% of the inmates but represent only 12% of the population.

PROJECT OF Bay Area Womens Coalition The Quest for Social Justice The League of Women Voters

To promote genuine and substan-

FOCUS for Dialogue

Our theme for the next three dialogues is the Justice System. This first discussion will focus on Law Enforcement and You. Sheriff Cochran has worked in both the police department and the sheriffs office and can bring insight to how and why the system works like it does. His talk will be divided into three parts: (1) how law enforcement agencies interact with one another, (2) the operations of and the similarities and differences between the sheriffs office and police department, and (3) the publics role in law enforcement.

Please provide the following information so we can ensure the diversity of each group.

tive dialogue between a broad spectrum of area citizens.


Name Address City Day Phone E-mail Race Church if any

Are you interested in being trained as a table facilitator for future Bridges? The planning committee generally meets at 4 pm on a week day. Are you interested in helping to plan? ____Yes ____No May we save postage by emailing you future mailings ____Yes ____No ___Yes ___No

increase awareness and understanding of racial issues and to share personal stories. collective) on challenging or divisive issues.

To inspire action (individual and



Details of the Event

The evening will consist of a shared meal and facilitated conversation.


The table dialogues will follow a presentation by:

Word of Life Community Church is located at 351 S. Craft Hwy in Chickasaw. From Mobile, take I-10 north to exit 10 (W. Lee St.), turn left on W. Lee St./Lee St. After 1.4 miles turn left on Short Street. Go about 300 feet, turn right on S. Craft Hwy. Drive 358 feet, the church in a shopping center on the left.

(you will receive an e-mail or phone call with more information if you are interested)

Sheriff Sam Cochran

Duplicate this form as needed and return by Friday September 30, 2011 The Quest, Inc. 3263 Demetropolis Road, Suite 5 Mobile, AL 36693 or fax to (251) 643-7734 Or Register at the Quest Web Site