Kevin Women’s changing role since 1950s to 1960s and issues risen from that.

From 1905s, homemaker/housewife and Father went to work. World War II, men overseas so women take the jobs (build bullets) When men came back, wanted jobs back. 15% to 60% increase. Two types of gender segregations, horizontal (Men and women enter two different fields)/ Vertical segregations (same jobs with Men higher wage) because they don’t have as much home responsibilities. Male mean = more than female 90th percentile. Main factor is kids because women may potentially have to deal with kids. This contributes to male dominance. Look for daycare solutions. US paid leave available mothers is 0 in public institutions. Super moms versus stay at home moms. Michelle Why algae than crude oil. Renewable, sustainable, won’t run out. Why no corn or soybean oil to make biofuel? Algae use 10 times less land and same amount of oil yield. Don’t need clean water to grow. Can use livestock waste water and salt water. Problem: needs more specialized systems to cultivate. US policy regarding renewable fuel does not include algae. Protein, lipid, and carbohydrate. Advantages for open ponds are cheap to make but open to environmental contamination. Low productivity. PBR, closed space, can control environmental conditions. Expensive to make, and difficult to harvest. Nonenclosure and closure types for the immobilized culture systems. Scrubber surface, mixes the water and allows algae to grow on it. Easy to harvest, high productivity rate. Disadvantages, cost a lot to build and maintain and hard to scale up. Biofuels comparing to fossil fuels, come from biological source (corn, soybean). Grow it and harvest it. More efficient mass production method. Natural grown algae? Possible to use but not cost effective to harvest. Ocean has many contaminates. Other strains of algae? Genetically modify algae to increase lipid content. Where is this technology developed? Do you see algae able to take on interest of ethanol in the future? Algae will overtake since it grows vertically, does not take up land space. Amanda Female reproductive endocrinology and behavior in sheep and horses. Why care about reproductive endocrinology and behavior? Production management Optimize reproductive output Production management: sheep Widely eaten in china. Provide meat, milk, cheese. Production management: Horses Use them for trail riding, police, and sport. Conservation: long wool.

optic chiasma. Hypothalamus secretes gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) GnRH acts on the anterior pituitary Anterior pituitary secretes luteninzing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) which act on the ovary. Follicle: structures within the ovary containing a single oocyte (immature egg cell) Surrounded by granulose cells Corpus luteum: temporary endocrine structure. Destrous cycle: the period from the beginning of one estrus to the next Ewe: 17 days Mare: 21 days Four stages: Estrus: ovulation occurs Metestrus: corpus luteum development Diestrus: CL maturity: ends in Cl regression Proestrus:Period between end of Cl regression and start of estrus: rapid follicular development. Hypothalamus. FSH promotes follicular growth Endocrine Control Seasonality Controlled primarily by day length Sheep: short day breeders Breed in fall and winter Gestation: 5 months Horses: long day breeders Breed in spring and summer Gestation: 11 months Brian East Palo Alto US health system Objective To improve the public health and standard of living Why east palo alto? Poor public education system Poor public health High poverty levels High rate of crime Low population Public education system Api(academic performance index) used to measure performance of schools Score of 800 considere satisfactory .General reproductive strategies. Estrus: period of sexual receptivity. aka “heat” Monoestrous: 1 estrus/year Polyestrous: 2+ estrus/ year Seasonally polyestrous: breeding season is specific to a particular time of year Anestrous : period of ovarian inactivity. pineal gland. pituitary gland.

drinking. not big news. ratio of 8:1. What causes crime? Study found that socio-economic status strongly associated with crime Long term unemployment and basic education best predictors of offending Social determinants of crime in a welfare state: do they still matter? Policy Improve public education Rocketship elementary schools Consistently tests into upper echelon of schools in CA Rocketship takes a more active role in tying education in with the community Build community centers Individuals with better education have better health Better understand certain lifestyle choices (Smoking.7 of students in epa are overweight 10% of 5th graders have smoked cigarettes 30% of these 10% smoke cir daily 36% of th graders have tried alcohol 14. Education = mortality rates among adults with at least 1 year of college education Better education lead s to better jobs.7% 3% of epa residents have cancer Average in san mateo is 0.6 Average is 100 Epa health profile (standford uni 27. better jobs leads to more income > less poverty Live with violent parents are most likely to commit crime and abuse drugs Why community centers Alternate environment for children Teach ideals like honesty or integrity Improving public education system and building stronger communal ties can improve the stand of living in EPA.3% have college degree (27.Epa public schools is at 686.363 Cost of living for epa is 151. drugs.3mil instead of 180000. etc) Better grasp of health care options Eecorreing disparities in education associated mortality rates would save 1. . Public education has an effect on poverty.6%) 18.2% have high school degree( 84.634 National average is 62. Ages 25+ 66.5% of families below poverty level Median family income 48. public health. and crime Community centers offer adolescents a positive environment to grow up in.2% of epa residents have asthma Average in san mateo county is 6.5) Poverty 15.5% Crime very prevalent.

Maxwell house coffee got its name from someone who invented this coffee. Why not? Too standardized Now in college. exhibited as a freak show throughout Europe in the 19th century. It can work for you 3. Its relevant 2.Pancakes. Creates a style guide using weathers’ grammar B. syrup. It’s real 4. Grammar is about expression. Group specific composition instruction based on that year’s students Teach at their level . A new style of teaching Tom Romano (descriptivist) Embraces students’ creativity in writing. During the civil war. the student must enlarge his collection of usable stylistic materials. Reebok shoe advertisements show women’s bodies but for men’s shoes. or alternative style. he will now learn a periodic Also too boring and uniform Proposes students copy famous authors to find usable stylistic elements. Allows students to cultivate their own styles of writing Implementing early high school writing program Beginning of the year free write exercise. Not something your teacher made up one day to confuse you. The student learned a compound sentence in high school. Lets students come up with their own tone and world combinations like “blugurt”.Basima Negative effects of historical effects of advertising to impose stereotypes on people First stereo types. Black face. Using aunt jemimia to promote southern leisure. not memorization Claims to be against the drill and memorization methods established by prescripts. Aunt Jemimia. April 4th 1971. nothing is shown. Black face comes from menstrual shows where white actors put on black makeup to mimic black stereotypes. black girls have big butts Sarah bartman. Jeff house More modern thinker. Men’s ads use famous athletes but for women use random models. watermelon) Amber Teaching style from prescriptive and descripitive point of view Winston weathers Why style is important to you 1. because that brings about the pelareu of confirming established knowledge Paul butler manages to pin point areas of study Cohesion and sentence combining But can’t come up with a way to teach these areas effectively. Maxwell house served confederate soldiers who wanted to protect slavery. (fry chicken. Created a writing assignment in which students where introduced to grammar rules in creative ways.

Results: Mix of alternative and standard instruction will help understanding of principles on standardized tests Marlene Education in fascist Italy Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini After WWI felt that socialism was a failure and Italy needed a dictator to be great. .Teach the rules as an option for certain situations or to add to their own style. 2011 Budget crisis. in 1927 launched a battle for births. police shot at young men and died. a peaceful demonstration august 6th Protesting police actions from Thursday becomes the first night of rioting in London. you are old enough to face the punishments. Monday august 8. violence escalates and spreads from Tottenham to various other east London neighborhoods.” PM Davis Cameron on August 8. Failed. “Figli della lupa” sons of the she-wolf. which helped Mussolini in political influence. responsible for bearing many children focused on physical health and family values expected not to continue onto higher education. 2011 The peak of the rioting. Families given a target of five children. Gov’t response. Education: young fascist men All Italian life must have one focus: Mussolini Role of a soldier and breadwinner Essence of masculinity. Opera nazionale Balilla 1926-1937 Fascist youth groups additional to education Additional group for children age 6 called figli della lupa Ages 8-14 ballilla for boys and piccolo italine for girls Ages 14-18 avanguardisti for boys and giovani italine for girls. Sports were urged in order to not be feminie and weak Italy won the 1934 FIFA World Cup. Women pursuing a university education viewed as lacking natural inclinations toward motherhood. Work with them to strengthen this style through one on one discussions of purpose Then show them both dominant and alternative styles. Education: young Fascist women War is to man as motherhood is to woman Role of mother. This plan would: cultivate each student’s personal style before introducing rules. were taught to obey authority. On Saturday. The blackshirts( paramilitary) Ages 16 Laura London riots Thursday. Boys from age 6-8 wanted soldiers obedient to his fascist empire. “if you are old enough to commit these crimes. as an ideal roman solder with appropriate mental and physical abilities.

Wilson Effects of thyroid hormone 80% of T4 (thyroxine) 20% triiodothyronine. door. chosen traits. Techniques PCR: polymerase chain reaction = a DNA amplification technique used to test for single dgene disorders and identification of x linked diseased. For sea lamprey Adding T4 prevents metamorphosis Inhibiting T4 production increases metamorphosis! Researchers propoe KCLO4 decrease endogenous T4 in the bloodstream Still data does not explain why thyroid hormone inhibits metamorphosis Receptor activity? Different cascade message? Sarah Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis: creating designer babies Ideal test tube children. object): number associated with event Memory palace: imagine house grow up in. the sack surrounding the embryo and one or two blastomeres are aspirated for testing. light switch. Methods to remember lists. action. Adults live at sea. . They filter feed organic detritus. larvae metamorphosis into the adult form and migrate to sea. doorknob. sea laprey Methods to control sea lamprey population: Mechanical wires and electrical barriers Lampricide 3-trifluoromethyl 4 nitrophenol (TFM) Metamorphosis of sea lamprey Eggs hatch into larvae. imagine lizard in front of your door.John Memory and how it works. Bmakes copies of target sequence dna. larvae live in rive mud for 5 to 6 years. 10x more potent Vampire fish. Frog metamorphosis We can take out the thyroid gland Or chemically inhibit the thyroid gland from making thyroid hormone We could also remove the pituitary gland which prevents the secretion of TRH. names. link system: picture 2nd way: peg system: numbers associated with imagery PAO system (person. adults return to rivers to spawn and then die. What is pgd? An in vitro fertilization technique that allows for genetic testing prior to implantation. Cleavage stage-embryo biopsy: a hole is drilled in the zona pellucid. and numbers 1st method to remember. Used to be complete sci-fi. Recollection of daily events.

Huntington’s disease. labor industry. sold off to brothels. Easy to border across countries. food. Future of PGD: In 2007. red is extra chromosome. (Mind control) Tracy Human trafficking of women into sex industry in Vietnam A movement of one person from one location to another. Pros: possibility of saving the life of your child with leukemia or other disease. and hair color of northern Europeans. could allow deaf parents to choose to have a deaf child. Taken attempts but not enough effort to combat that. when victim reach destination. from poor rural world to cities Recruitment to victim in rural village. (can only label 7 to 9 chromosomes) CGH: comparative genomic hybridization comprehensive test for aneuploidy in all 23 chromosomes. Dean Hamer has produced a study that links the vmat2 gene to a trait known as self transcendence. .linked diseases. Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam. police can’t provide exact numbers. Estimate from 2009 to 2010. Kearns discovered the pieces of DNA that were linked to the skin. Illegal activity. a late onset disease is one in which one of the parents is afflicted and the disease sets in at an older age. take them to destination and during transport. Compare patient and reference dna mix those two and put it up on a slide that contains all the normal chromosomes. Cons: savior sibling is treated as a junkyard and is not old enough to give consent. and translocation. different versions of vmat2 lead to different degrees of self transcendence and therefore to different propensities for religious or spiritual belief. which are the largest known contributor to inherited deafness. borders Laos. waitresses. Go across bridge or river. Disability discrimination Screening for GJB2 mutations. The travel fees acts as a debt so they have to pay it back. Passport. china. Competition between patient and reference. Dr. victim incurs fees they don’t know of.FISH: fluorescence in situ hybridization fluorescent probes are genetically engineered to match specific chromosomes in order to test for aneuploidy. (inflated fees) to make the victim have debt. Vietnam classified as tier 2 watch country for human trafficking. X. In Vietnam. (red + green = yellow) Controversial applications of PGD Gender selection Pros: could reduce infanticide in countries such as India and China. Exploitation. sex industry. Late-onset diseases. eye. victims can’t escape. some cases to other countries. Without documents. Is avoiding implanting an embryo with Down syndrome the same as discriminating against those with down syndrome? HLA matching Human leukocyte antigen matching leads to choosing an embryo that will develop into a savior sibling. Yellow is normal. disguise as bar girls. He has proposed that. green is missing chromosome. Occurs within the country itself. promises them high paying job. Thailand. hotel. about 3000 trafficked women. everything taken away. money. No way to escape. Cons: could lead to great disparity in sex ratios and cause sexism to run rampant possible “gateway” application leading toward eugenics. Transportation of the victim.

Unsurprisingly. Vietnam required kids to be educated up to age 14. US tier 1 country. have lower confidence in government. Why does it happen? As metro areas grow. implement policies that slow the growth of suburbs and focus on renovating inner cities to make them more attractive to home buyers. Either farmland or produce at the market. and pretty soon a city that used to be on the outskirts of town is now surrounded by new developments. Florida and California. or equipment Why automate? Productivity and cost reduction. Social capital is a sociological concept that refers to one’s social networks: Friends family neighbors peers. Parents usually agree because more income for their family. girls at 14 up to 40% drop out of school to support family. a procedure. Promote the immense opportunities that come with living in a bit city. more and more suburbs are created. 2011. advertising themselves as places to get away from it all. No job opportunities in the country. Victims are more trafficked into the US than outside. People living in suburban communities lack social capital compared to city dwellers. Part of the culture to support family. this is an extremely unsustainable growth pattern. More into labor industry than sex industry. Young women for sex purposes than labor purposes. Why automate continued… Hard physical or monotonous work Dangerous environments . People who are concerned about inner city crime are looking to raise a large family. 6 people charged.One of the reasons is economic status. July 8. or simply don’t like living in cities are drawn to these low density suburbs. 50 year old men possession of minor forced to work as prostitute from 2005 to 2007. General profile for women are homeless or runaways. Adrian The effects of suburbanism on the American Psyche What is urban sprawl? Urban sprawl occurs when new cities are formed on the edge of growing metropolitan areas. Why is this important to us? Human trafficking occurs in the US. Suburban dwellers: Tend to have poorer social and mental health than their urban counterparts. Trevor Automation & artificial intelligence What is automation? The conversion of some work process. done all they can to combat human trafficking. Minimum penalty is 10 years and max is lifetime. Have few close friends. What can be done? Educate people. possess a decreased likelihood of voting or volunteering. minors taken to streets to find customers. 2011. July 29. a lot of workers are trafficked to work on strawberry farms or farms. Find parents who have young women and lie to them that daughter have job opportunity in the city so they can send money back to the parents.

heidelbergensis become h-sapien When and where did controlled fire originate? Two main problems: 1. vision system. natural language processing. diplomat or spy. International Law. In everyday life: C-Span can explain what is going on. Lie law school. hearth. High burn temperatures. 2 ways to use this other than the work world. Branches of AI Perceptive system. robotics.e what is congress up to. My lan Origins of Fire. 2. . The IR major is interdisciplinary. Sociology. Thinking about multiple pieces. What is it? Most people automatically think. i. economics and foreign language.0001%. heart-like structures. Jason International Relations Major Group decision making and how inadequate it is. Poor preservation of fire evidence. politics.erectus become h.ergaster = H. Combining or involving two or more academic disciplines or fields of study. lower burn temperatures. regular fire use indicated by hearths. Natural: widespread burns. Unequivocal evidence of fire ~200 kya during middle Paleolithic. neural network. Academically: concept maps aide us in asking and answering new questions. History. bad economy. Gesher benot ya’ aqov 780 kya in Israel. H. cooking.Optimized throughput Greater precision Void of human emotion Adapt to multiple jobs Used to be 1% not 0. and human evolution. Artificial neural network Looking to the future. created and controlled or naturally caused? Controlled vs natural fire Controlled: confined clusters of burned material. clusters of burned and unburned materials. United Nations: a Mecca of diplomacy. war in Middle East. Disadvantages Unemployment of human workers System vulnerability Unpredictable development costs Initial costs (machine roughly 40000 to 70000) Artificial intelligence A system which perceives its environment adapts in order to maximize its chances or success. closing gap between monotonous machines and artificial intelligence. learning system. ash layers. recently discovered.

Phil Ivey is one of the world famous poker champions. reduced pathogens. site evidence poorly preserved or not yet found? Site evidence supports later dates for the origin of controlled fire. H. then cooking is responsible. Han Advantages of online poker Legality in the US SAFE port act.habilis -> h. gut reduction. addiction. another expand Explains how diet change. easier to digest. US vs Scheinberg et al. unlawful internet gambling enforcement act.erectus -> h. most of the players online and gave store credit back. large body size. Morphological changes caused by something else? Alternative: opportunistic exploitation of natural fires for cooking before creation/control of fire. Benefits of cooked food – more calories. 8 world poker series. narrower pelvis. Exceeds 8 million dollars. cheating. dealers. energy. 1 cent small blind. and flint) Volcanic eruptions. for changes in morphology.sapiens(largest brain case) Morphological evidence supports an early date for control of fire.Natural fires unlikely to occur here! (Wood. Shut down 3 major companies. and brain expansion co-evolve. Brain expansion. Won because he played at 18 online and won in casino at 21. If controlled fire and cooking originate before 780kya in Africa. youngest player to win world series poker. 2 cent big blind online. Expensive-tissue hypothesis Energy expensive organs must reduce in size Brain heart liver kidney gastrointestinal tract use up 60-70% only make up 7% of body mass If one shrinks. Traits co-evolved with diet? Barrel-shape rib cage. softer to eat. Dollars in casinos because of tables. All hand history is kept in database so can’t cheat. Online vs live. plants.02 big blinds Record kept Convenient Live 2 dollar big blinds No records kept Usually requires a drive Eric Music Therapy Music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship Who would benefit . Gambling problems. Online gambling led to family problems. lightning storms only occur in rainy season so won’t catch on fire. A lot cheaper to learn to play online. Joseph Cada. drinks. Online 0.

Nurse practitioner PCM (primary care manager) Medical model approach Prescribe medication Lower tier in medical specialty Higher costs for medical visits More autonomy NP (Nurse Practitioners) Nursing model of care and medical model of care Prescribe medication (varies from state) . the brain is able to rewire itself from a stroke to function more normally. Music provides a means of organized movement. ADHD Cost of music therapy? Self care or profession Free up to 69 dollars Free: listen to radio.People who have Alzeheimer. Music provides a way to train the brain to focus and reduce impulses. 1965 medicare (elderly) & Medicaid (low income) 1965 the first nurse practitioners training program Loretta Ford and Henry Silver (University of Colorado) What is Nurse Practitioners? An advanced practice nurse who is qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the direct supervision of a doctor RN with advanced education Master’s Degree or Doctorate of Nursing (DNP) Special training in primary health and/or specialty care NP license Doctor vs. Energetic music helped with her to walk quickly. Cerebellum: activated by the rhythm and tempo Forebrain: analyzes the meaning and structure of the song Mesolimbic system: includes the amygdale. while slow music helped with her tremors. Autism. Regulate heart to the rhythm of the music. Cathy Are nurse practitioners the new generation of primary care? Brief history of the Nurse Practitioners in the United States Lack of primary care physicians Specialization in medicine. physician mentoring. youtube Low cost: 10 dollars to buy mp3 player High cost: $69 for 1 hour and 43 dollars for 30 min follow up session Seeing a music therapist is a bargain compared to what a psychiatrist would cost Psychiatrist charge $525 for 80 min and $195 for 25 min follow up Most studies have used soothing and relaxing music such as classical or melodic music However rock music provides energy and motivation for people lacking in those areas. Dementia. cingulated cortex which enacts arousal. Pain. Music helps recover forgotten memories because of the emotional quality of music. Alleviate and control physical pain. Alternative to antidepressants due to the increase of dopamine and norepinen. With the help of music. Auditory cortex: converts music into electrical signals.

A Fan is a keen spectator. scholarships. entertainment aesthetics. Challenges Lack of autonomy in independent decision making Collaborating with a physician Reimbursement rates What needs to be done? Nurse practitioners must actively educate the public and legislators so laws can be changed Vigorous lobbying efforts: 1989 legislation was passed to allow reimbursement for medicare services provided by NPs in rural and long term care facilities Persistent political activism by NPs Legislative victories led to more federal funding towards nursing education Loans. economic. grants. A spectator looks at some scene. Why it’s relevant Understanding the motives of the consumer teams can create marketing schemes that reach a broader market This allows us to see deeper into the minds of the fanatic (those who gets tattoos and fight for the pride of their teams Make clear that there are different levels of involvement and fan ship. self esteem. dermatological biopsies. NP’s role Diagnosing. eutress. and rewards 50 million grant program towards nurse managed clinics Less restrictions on NPs More recognition towards NPs Onyemaechi Comparing the differences between Fans and Spectators To clearly define a fan and a spectator Establish criterion to distinguish the two Explain the motives Explain the relevance of this research Facts The sports industry is worth a project 213 billion dollars The united states market is the biggest sports market followed by Spain One of the fastest growing industries. family need. . and managing acute and chronic illness and disease Obtaining medical histories and conducting physical examinations Providing prenatal care Screening and immunizations for child visits Minor surgeries: suturing. treating. Sports Fan motivation Scale (SFMS) It is one of the most prominent method of identify the motive of a sports fan 8 motivators. escape.Upper tier in nursing More cost effective Less autonomy. group affiliation.

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