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Crysis 2 Guide Game Objective Despite the ability to participate in combat, the goal of Crysis 2 is to reach a spot on the level to end the current mission. If there is opposition, chances are you can sneak by them using cloaking about 90% of the time. There are a few instances when you cannot sneak past encounters, and must destroy enemies to bring progress to the game (example — Semper Fi or Die, or Corporate Collapse, et al.) you should have plenty of munitions and room to take cover to recover energy. When enemies are all neutralized, there's no point in lingering, so you move forward. Your Campaign Career All the following you collect in the campaign (story mode) is saved to your Crysis profile (or game profile): nano-catalyst sum, armor modules (story mode only), and weapon attachments (story mode only). This means you can purchase the armor modules for use in harder difficulties in future ''New Games''. Do that. It makes Super-Soldier difficulty much easier than say, Dead Space 2's Hardcore Difficulty mode. You Are Now Samus from Metroid Prime — Scanning Soon after stepping outside in the mission ''Second Chances'', you will be introduced to the VISOR and its function as a scanning device. Since you can often approach an engagement cloaked, or in a spot that is hidden from enemy patrols, you can scan the area ahead for enemies, ammunition supply bins, and tactical option points. Scanning and marking important weapons (like C4 and JAW) and enemies lets you see them when you have the VISOR put away. Knowing where enemies and items are will let you fight or sneak more effectively. VISOR Range vs. Marker Range The range of the VISOR is probably about 200 game-meters (or more). It can certainly make icons pop up a lot further on your playfield than when you have the VISOR retracted. When something is marked, it will automatically appear but subject to a range limitation of 100 game-meters. Hence, a tactical point or enemy you marked will have its marker disappear until you get within 100 game-meters of it when you have weapons drawn. If you're not sure if you tagged something, bring up the VISOR again and make an effort to mark it. Until you remember everything in a level, marking is handy to get you used to a mission's layout. Earning ''Money'' or Nano-catalyst

Unless you are in the rare instance where you need to fight enemies to proceed, rely on cloaking and sneak by enemies. Farming Nano-Catalyst You start earning nano-catalysts midway through the mission ''Sudden Impact''. Since you have to actively confront and destroy the alien Ceph for nano-catalyst, you may want to earn these credits on the easiest difficulty setting. Most stages have a limited number of enemies, but the mission ''Unsafe Haven'' has a slow trickle of infinite Ceph until you complete the objective in the Onyx Building. Since you can run out of ammunition, resort to punching enemies. With the easiest setting, you can slowly gather the needed nano-catalyst for all your modules without the threat of being quickly killed by enemies. Nano-catalyst is that cloud of golden ''dust'' that appears where a Ceph is slain. The clouds have no weight, and float in the air if the enemy was killed in the air. Ceph Scout — 100 Nano-catalyst Ceph Soldier — 100 Nano-catalyst Ceph Commander — 300 Nano-catalyst Ceph Devastator — 500 Nano-catalyst Ceph Pinger — 2000 Nano-catalyst Nanosuit Modules Accumulated nano-catalyst can be used to purchase the dozen suit modules in the campaign mode (you unlock and level these same modules in multiplayer). The costs for each module are listed when you bring up the module menu (unlocked for all levels in future games once you pass the midway point of ''Sudden Impact''). Note that some modules are more helpful than others in the campaign. Save the nanocredits you earn for the recommended modules marked below, or you will find the game very hard (even on Recruit difficulty). VISOR Module — Threat Detector Handy, but not terribly important once you know where enemies are coming from (and memorize a mission layout). When this module is active, enemy shots are ''ray-traced'' with a green highlighter. Using these artificial lines, you can locate the origin of your attackers more easily.

VISOR Module — Proximity Detector

This module creates an audible "BAKK-BAKK-BAKK" sound (similar to the motion sensor in the movie Aliens or any of the half-dozen Aliens Vs. Predator games). The difference is that the closer you are to a living entity (an active enemy or ally, it doesn't matter), the faster the pings. For best results, you should decrease the volume of the game's music to hear the SFX for this module. It is a handy module for sneaking through heavily defended zones, as a furious series of pings means you're too close to an enemy (best for detection to your sides or back). However, it's not necessary for successful sneaking -- deliberate (and careful) scanning and marking is.

VISOR Module — Cloak Detector This module lets you see cloaked enemies easier. The cloaking "distortion" is greater with this ability active than not. However, the only cloaked enemies you fight in the campaign are the six cloaked Ceph at the last stage (and they are fairly weak). Use this module with some heavy firepower (and a K-Volt to decloak them) and you will make short work of the game's "final boss" (which is essentially that encounter).

Body Module — Armor Enhancement Until you have the nano-catalyst to buy the Nano-Recharge module, this cheap module effectively lets you remain in armor mode slightly longer. What it doesn't do is reduce damage from incoming attacks. This module effectively lets you use armor mode liberally, but does little to help you recover energy. It's handy for doing long-distance sniping (since maximum armor stabilizes your aim) and can help you survive slightly longer in light firefights since sprinting and jumping uses energy as well.

Body Module — Nano-Recharge · CAMPAIGN RECOMMENDED Basically a fast Energy Recharge ability. Once you stop using the suit's armor, cloaking, speed or strength, the energy reserves regenerates at more than double rate. The module's function is very basic, but highly important to the success of your ability to

sneak by long sections of enemy-held territory without being discovered. Buy this module and leave it on. The other alternatives suck all ass.

Body Module — Deflection This module increases the defence in armor mode so you take less damage. Effectively, it reduces the energy drain when you are attacked, but energy drains normally when in armor mode. Not being able to stack modules together means this module is not a good idea to have around in the thick of battle, unless you are fully loaded with weapons or using a Heavy Machinegun.

Mobility Module — Mobility Enhancement · CAMPAIGN RECOMMENDED A handy module to keep active all the time. Basically reduces the energy for sprinting and power-jumping, and you can mantle atop rooftops and sky-facing surfaces quickly. The other modules in this set are more for multiplayer, and not useful in the story mode.

Mobility Module — Air Friction Basically lets you control your descent (much like Section 8) when falling a great vertical height. Since this is Crysis and not Prince of Persia, the ability is pretty useless. Slowing down in the air to move doesn't protect you from dying from terminal velocity in story mode (unlike multiplayer mode). Remember this when taking a dive from a high height.

Mobility Module — Air Stomp This is the ability to deliver a spine crushing blow from the air. It's neat in theory, but not handy. Doing this move will completely drain your energy reserves, meaning your armor turns off and the enemies around you who aren't killed instantly open fire and murder your dumb ass.

Stealth Module — Covert Ops · CAMPAIGN RECOMMENDED This module is a sound nullifier that silences all sounds of movement. This means you can sneak through areas at full speed without alerting enemies with your footsteps.

However, energy drains as normal (and at great rates if you move quickly) so you ideally only make short bursts with this tactic. Where you need the speed though, this module definitely helps you get by!

Stealth Module — Tracking This module lets you monitor the patrol patterns of enemies. When enemies walk, their patrol route is traced on the ground for a brief time, allowing you to follow or evade them at your leisure. Solid Snake would have found this a handy ability in Metal Gear, but for Crysis' campaign, the module is unnecessary.

Stealth Module — Cloaking Enhancement · CAMPAIGN RECOMMENDED A vital module to stay cloaked for longer periods of time. This lets you cover the great stretches of ground IGN recommends in the Veteran/Super-Soldier difficulty walkthrough. When sneaking, weigh carefully the need to remain cloaked longer with the need for not making a sound to draw enemies. Where you need to make a quick hop over an obstacle or land from a high height, switch to the Covert Ops module quickly to mask your sound, then switch back to the Cloak Enhancement module to prolong your state of invisibility.


In the Deep End The submarine is a tutorial level. Follow the instructions and head to the surface with your marine fire team. If you fail this mission, you may want to play another type of videogame. Second Chances

You start off with an empty handgun. As any soldier will tell you, a weapon without ammunition is the world's heaviest paperweight (only more useless, since you can reasonably throw a paperweight and kill someone -- but that's a story for another day).

Note that this walkthrough is written for Super-Soldier difficulty, so for certain encounters we'll assume you have all the modules and attachments from a previous playthrough. You can quickly earn most (if not all) the modules and attachments for Crysis 2 on the campaign's Recruit difficulty. The game will not teach you much about the different functions until you need them (a mistake only with weapons), so hold your BACK / SELECT / Weapon Attachment key to bring up the attachments menu (the button on the console versions accesses the suit modules and the weapon attachments, so hold or tap to see either or). Any attachments earned before can be immediately used, as well as any modules.

Power jump the break in the hallway, and power jump / mantle again when you reach the hole. When stuck in Crysis 2, try and look for a way forward by looking up and down. You have the ability to climb moderately high platforms with the power-jump (better than the El-Crap-O Mjollnir armor).

After the VISOR tutorial, drop down to the ammunition bin and restock the NOVA handgun. Just like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, you want to take up an automatic weapon ASAP. There is a SCARABnear one of the ammo bins, but you can also neutralize the two C.E.L.L. (CryNet Enforcement and Local Logistics) mercenaries and loot their weapons. Since you do not have cloaking active yet, those enemies will more than likely see you when you approach Castle Clinton. Just deal with it -- preferably by shooting them until they stop moving.

Take a SCARAB and head inside the brown castle building at the top of the stairs. You will get the cloaking tutorial next.

Cloak and get close (crouch and move to avoid making too much noise) to stealth kill the enemy. If you fire, you will alert the other two sentries in the courtyard.

Remain ducked, recharge the cloak (de-cloak, let the energy refill, then re-cloak) and either explore (take out the enemies and explore) or hop through the crack in the wall to get to the next area.

The best method of entry is the stealth entry (Tactical Point 2). Ignore the CELL soldiers and drop into the street. Make a bee-line for the opening in the barrier / wall and remember that to keep from making too much noise, move whilst crouched. Secondly, allow your energy to recharge when you are alone and unseen (behind hard cover). Move while cloaked, and you can't go wrong.

You actually don't need to approach the lockdown door. If you know where you are going, you can head straight for the decontamination tents and minimize your chances of being killed by enemies.

Enemies abound in the CELL encampment -- once you duck into the decon facility, there are no enemies until go past the door with the operable switch. Use that time to recharge your energy. Kill the two sum'bitches in the decon area. Cloak and stealth kill to save on ammunition. If you did everything as IGN prescribed, you will have not spent more than a few rounds worth of ammunition.

Operate the laptop to open the door to the street. When the door jams, tear the damn thing apart with your bare hands (go to the door and use it). If personal quarrels could be resolved this easily, we wouldn't have an over-populated planet.

Head down the street and go through the drugstore / pharmacy to get to the alley leading onwards. The armor tutorial will be the final time you cannot do anything but look around. Activate maximum armor and drop back into the alley away from enemies.

When and where possible, you want to cloak and avoid enemies. In fact, if Halo Reach wasn't so hung up on special suit modules, the cloaking would've made the game much like Crysis 2. Use cloaking to sneak by the enemies. If you want to, claim the FELINE from an enemy, or take the one near the ammo bin. Bonus Task » Food for Thought After the armor tutorial, you can drop the giant donut on one of the enemy soldiers patrolling the street. This satisfies the condition for this bonus task. Note that causing an alert may play havoc with the patrol pattern, so adopt a cloak (and crouch) on the roof. Mark the enemies and watch for one of them to stray under the giant donut, then Lard Lad his ass.

The best thing to do is use the Tactical Point for stealth. Drop into the sewers and make your way through the tunnels to the other side of the CELL barricade. Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 1 / 10 Triggering the ten traffic cameras in the game satisfies this condition. Overlooking the intersection with the giant donut is a traffic camera (going towards the C.E.L.L. fortress). Sprint towards it to make the camera snap a photo.

Exit the sewer behind the CELL barricade and head for the subway. If you decided to fight through the enemies (not a wise choice, but an alternate solution), you can get behind the enemies the same way, or by using the alley on the street. Naturally, using the brute force method only works on Normal and easier settings, since enemies are lethal on Veteran or harder.

Once in the sewer, you only linger for a few more seconds as you head for the exit. You will have your nano-vision (thermal vision primarily) activated. At this point, all your suit powers will be available. Remember that on a replay campaign, you can still purchase suit modules from the very start of the campaign, provided you have enough nanocatalyst.

Rip apart some craptastic fencing and locate the CELL soldier who will have his face ripped off by Ceph bio-harvesters. From there, power jump through the hole in the ceiling and leave the level using the stairs.

Sudden Impact

Start off by heading for the end of the hall. You won't have enemies to deal with until you reach the parking structure on the street.

The MARSHALL is a handy pump-action shotgun for close encounters. While you do not have a suppressor for it (yet), you will unlock it in this stage if you haven't already. The shotgun can be found in the blocked room near where you start the level. Decide on whether or not you want the FELINE or MARSHALL before you step on the pedestrian walkway (you cannot come back up). The FELINE can use the pistol silencer you find at the start of the parking lot, while the MARSHALL uses the larger suppressor used for the SCARAB and DSG-1 you find at the top of the parking lot.

Take the Stealth NOVA from the ground at the parking lot, if you don't have the pistol silencer already (if you are on the console version of Crysis 2, you may have to, due to an attachment erasing bug). Silence your weapons (FELINE the first time, the SCARAB or MARSHALL on subsequent trips) and head into the structure.

Mark the enemies and proceed to cloak and sneak through their area. You can take out the lone sentry near the explosive barrel in the cage, then move on.

Stick behind the cars to let your energy recharge when you need it. For the most part, you can sneak by most, if not all, the enemies here. Anyone who disagrees should be riddled with bullets without any hesitation. Make it to the top level and exit the structure via the upper gate.

You should see the sewer grate you can take (it's a Tactical Point) on the street past the parking lot's fencing. Take the Stealth SCARAB from the ammunition bin on the stairs, and proceed to the next blue RV (rendezvous) point however you can.

You can approach the crash site by the rooftop or the sewer, but which ever way you do it, look for a ramp leading down to the second parking lot. You want to head down into it, since it places you closer to the objectives.

There's almost no one in the second parking lot, so stay in a corner to scan with your VISOR and recharge. Ignore Gould's orders to inspect the escape pods. All that does is light up the real objective. Instead, head out into the debris pit and locate a hole in the ground.

The hole you're looking for in the crash site goes down to some sort of subterranean office. Head down into it and take the JAW (Joint Anti-armor Weapon). JAWs, as explained on our weapons page, are crucial to defeating the large Ceph walkers (Pingers). Without them, you will find it hard to get close, deploy C4 and escape before you are destroyed.

By skipping your investigation of the escape pods, you saved yourself 5 minutes of extra work and lethal engagements with CELL mercenaries. Investigating the escape pods only award you with extra dialogue from Gould, one of the wimpiest quasi-scientists we've seen in a long, long while. Hence, when you find any JAWs, you should learn to husband their stock (maximum of four, unless the game gltiches) and use them only against the Ceph Pingers.

Entering the hole with the JAW will prompt Gould to mark the elevator shaft you need to access the room itself. Head back outside, go up the slope, avoid enemies, and rip open the elevator doors. Drop down to get to safety. At this point in time, you can leave your cloak un-used until you reach the sewers.

Scan the bio-mass by using the VISOR to mark the spot with the objective marker. Climb out of the room by going over the now busted-open window. There will be only one enemy until you reach the sewers, so you take out the shotgun or assault rifle and get ready to kill some ass.

Step out and get yourself violated by an alien Ceph scout (runner). Once it releases you, remain vigilant (you can cloak to try and stalk it) and hunt it down. Kill the enemy alien and "use" its corpse to take the alien DNA tissue. You will get 100 nano-catalyst and the ability to buy modules (if this is your first campaign). Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 2 / 10 Triggering the ten traffic cameras in the game satisfies this condition. While on the dusty street and heading to the sewers, stay on the right side of the (vehicular) road. You will trigger the camera as you sprint through the EMAT checkpoint.

Go through the dusty streets and keep a silencer on your SCARAB or FELINE. If you have a silenced MARSHALL, you will need to get close to enemies before killing them (one or two shots), so that might put you at greater risk of discovery (and then being shot to death).

Allow the enemies to kill one another before proceeding -- remember that you only gain nano-catalyst from slain Ceph, not CELL soldiers, so prioritize your murder spree. For the most part, you gain nothing (except less ammo) when you engage in combat with CELL soldiers.

Avoid or neutralize the remaining Ceph near the crashed bus, and locate the door which leads to the level exit. Once you enter that space, enemies (unless in ardent pursuit) will leave you alone. Go upstairs to end the level.

Road Rage

Head upstairs to get the tail end of a conversation between Lockheart and Strickland. Once they're done having their military lovers' spat, check out the yard and the enemy placement. The weapons here (SCAR) are not suppressed, but if you want, you can pick one up to unlock the attachments related to the weapon.

The best method to approach the next section would be to use the Tactical Point of stealth. Get up on the train tracks, cloak and move towards the objective marker. You can snipe the enemies from atop (note that enemies can see and fire through the track's slats and grating) or just drop to the street and slowly make your way to the marker.

Get onto the freeway using the rubble. While on the ramp going up, you can rest and recharge the suit's energy. You will need a full tank to move (cloaked) past the two CELL vehicles and the fire teams they bring. Fighting them is possible, but remember the enemy has two active heavy machineguns.

Try to sneak by the CELL technicals, since you have to deal with another CELL fireteam when the rappel down from the bridge. If you can cloak and hop over the tractor trailer blocking the tunnel, you're practically safe, as enemies cannot get around the obstacle to get to you. It may make some sense to sprint (while cloaked) for the last part to reach the trailer, vault over, and drop down before you take too much damage and die.

Trigger the quake event and note that you spawn enemies only once you are down on the ground (on the fallen highway). Use the VISOR, not nano-vision, to mark enemies. Nano-vision is handy, but not if you are moving around a lot while cloaked.

Approach the CELL checkpoint and use the Tactical Point for stealth again. Drop into the sewer and beware of the suspicious CELL mercenary who occasionally tosses down a hand grenade. Get past all that pop out of the poop tubes. If you didn't draw attention to yourself, you should be mostly clear of enemies (again, mark them all while in the sewer).

From the sewer exit, head for the break in the wall past the bungalows. An emplaced heavy machinegun will be at the break, but if you maintain your distance while cloaked, you can sneak by the enemies and head for the armored car.

The armored car has infinite ammunition and heavy firepower. Use it to destroy the enemy vehicles (the technicals are harmless, but the enemy armored cars will kill you) and drive up the road to the tunnel.

The tunnel -- enemies are in it. Before heading in, learn to avoid parked and abandoned vehicles. For some reason, they all have enough gasoline in them to explode like carbombs, which in turn, damages (then destroys) your armor unit. Blow up cars that look suspiciously untouched in the tunnel, just to be safe. You have no time limit, and limitless ammunition. Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 3 / 10 This traffic camera is in the vehicular tunnel, just past the spare CELL armored car in the right lane. Stop when you get around the barricade and look around -- you should see a spare vehicle for your use. The camera is attached to one of the support pylons adjacent to the side of the road facing the ocean.

While maintaining your progress, stop and check around (use the VISOR) for extra JAWs if you need them. The JAWs are either plentiful, or very limited, depending on your engagement. You might as well stock up on the maximum of four when you can!

The armored car also has a machinegun, so if you need to switch positions (this stops the armored car), you can pop out of the hatch and use the heavy machinegun to down enemy infantry. Don't detach the gun until you decide to leave your vehicle -- you can't re-attach it.

There are two spare armored cars in the tunnel. One at the start of the tunnel, the other at the final blockade in the tunnel (right before you fight it out with two enemy armored cars). Use them if your current vehicle is smoking, or suffered a few rocket hits for the final showdown outside the tunnel. Destroying the two enemy APCs is a matter of exploiting the terrain so you can block incoming fire, but get your own rockets and gunfire to shoot the enemy. While you can cloak and sneak by the enemies, it's a rather long walk to Gould's hideout.

There is C4 explosive in the container by the water (along with a third spare APC). If you manage to clear the whole place, stock up on weapons and ammunition. There is one final CELL mercenary who rushes out the door to greet you (by shooting you in the face) at the level exit. Be prepared (or cloaked) and turn the tables on the encounter. When you enter the building, you finish the level.

Lab Rat

Cloak and either opt to snipe or sneak to the next marker. If you don't have it yet, definitely kill the sniper and take his DSG-1. Otherwise, if you are on a serious replay and want to sneak, skip the b.s. and start acting like Snake.

If you want to sneak by, try taking out the vehicle on the highway and using the roadway to get to the building quickly. Just avoid the CELL patrols and stick to a silenced SCARAB.

Drop down into the warehouse and enter. Note that enemies can still follow you in, so make it a point not to be seen while recharging your energy stores. Wait for enemies to turn before attacking them with stealth kills.

The heavy machinegun in the warehouse can be handy if you manage to take it upstairs. Get rid of the sentry and enter the elevator only if you're ready to move on from the wharf area (there are secrets in the wharf area and in the warehouse).

Once upstairs, drop the heavy machinegun near the ammunition box so you can stealth kill the sentry at the door. The remaining two enemies with stealth kills, then shoot out the server to destroy it. Once you do, head back to the room near the elevator.

The room by the elevator is moderately safe. Enemies might come up the elevator to look for you (not always), so you can place C4 there (and detonate) if you feel the need to. However, since IGN recommends you hide there anyway, you should be on hand to fire and neutralize enemies while waiting.

The ammunition bin near the elevator has a lot of ammo, and is designed to refill almost all of your ammunition. Retreat to it when you run out of ammo. Avoid the CELL gunship and retaliate with the JAWs you've stockpiled. If you simply started on this stage, there should be JAWs in Gould's lab. Use the VISOR to locate them.

To re-stock your ammo, and to change things up with the chopper fight, CELL mercenaries rappel down from the roof. If you remain cloaked though, most of them will remain on the roof and never come down. You will have to weigh your desire for more weapons (some soldiers do drop JAWs) to avoiding unnecessary conflict. Use nano-vision to easily pick out the enemies when they are on the roof, or when the drop tear gas to obscure your vision.

Watch for enemies coming up the lift, and tag the gunship with three square JAW strikes. Failing that, you can take the heavy machinegun and hose it down. Once the enemy craft crashes, jump in the hole.

Head to the bottom floor of the building and shoot (or melee-shatter) the locks on the grating. Drop down through and get to the girder that bridges the gap from one building to the next.

Cloak and sneak (or stealth kill) once last time. Since you have to melee-shatter the lock to enter Gould's building, you may need to kill all the guards beforehand (not always necessary). Head up the lift and meet Gould.

Sit through Gould's exposition and exit the room once you're done talking. The assassination team will rarely be able to hit you in the apartment, but leaving would be a good idea since those are live rounds.

Hide in the elevator and wait for the enemy to appear in the hallway before you stealth kill him. The remaining enemies will have to be neutralized by conventional means. Go in and get rid of them however you can. You can armor-up while cloaked (it drops the cloak), giving you excellent protection as you reappear to open fire.

Approach the blue marker and you will automatically end the level.

Gate Keepers

Skip across the rooftops (note that falling off will kill you unless you use the unpatched Air Stomp glitch). Locate the broken brick walls that lead to the malfunctioning work scaffold. Stand on the platform and it will carry you down to the ground safely.

Once on the ground, you can take your time shadowing the Ceph scouts. Once they are killed by CELL soldiers, you can take their nano-catalyst and move on. Since the enemies are doing the work for you, just sit back and scavenge what you can after the battle. The way in is through the door at the corner bank (or whatever old-timey building that is). Wait for the CELL mercs to appear (opening the door) before you cloak and sneak in. You won't need anything heavy, so don't feel bad leaving the heavy machineguns at the checkpoint.

If you need some more C4 explosives, scan around with the VISOR at the checkpoint. There should be two units of explosive at the cashier's counter in the deli shop opposite the CELL strongpoint. If you don't need anything, don't risk discovery by exploring and head for the exit instead.

Go through the building and head for the next plaza. There will be no enemies until you reach sight of the church.

Take out the enemy at the overlook by the church and take the JAW. From there, you can some tactical options you can consider. The naturally fastest (and most efficient) method is to place explosives on the armory tents, and get the mission over with. Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 4 / 10 A camera is on the western street bordering the church. If you did not alert any enemies, you can safely decloak and sprint at the camera to trigger it without causing any alarm. If you're feeling malicious, or just want to try for more kills, you can snipe enemies from the sniper's perch to the church's east side. Just remember that human enemies give up nothing, but Ceph enemies yield nano-particles for module purchases.

The two weapon depot-tents are the same (but on different sides of the church). Just cloak, walk right in, and prime the marked container to explode (you have 10 seconds to get out of Dodge). It's so easy, even a caveman-terr'ist with cloaking technology can do it. IGN is referring to the crappy Hirogen from Star Trek Voyager. Remember, the timer for detonation only starts when you trigger / prime the explosive cannister. Before that happens, you can take your leisure by remaining in the ammunition depot tent to recharge energy.

Once you take your sweet time blowing up the two depots, head for the orange bungalow in the courtyard. It should be unlocked now (chiefly as a monster closet). Enter and operate the security switch inside -- this permits you to leave the level.

Before leaving this level, consider taking a DSG-1 with silencer (and full ammunition) with you to the next stage. It's not necessary, but it's handy to get a jump on the next fight.

After using the switch in the orange bungalow, go north (behind) it and head down to the street. The electrified fence blocking access to the level exit will be safe to use now. Go through the gate and push forward (no enemies in the basement) to end the level.

Dead Man Walking

You will start off at the top of Corner Tower. Peering down, you can make out some enemies. If you have a full load of sniper rifle ammunition, you can probably snipe and kill some, if not all, of the enemies on the buildings (you can ignore the soldiers on the street, as you do not need to go down to that level unless you are searching for secrets).

If you have Air Stomp, you can glitch the game by performing a stomp just before you impact the ground to survive the drop. Using armor mode (as the game suggests) will also work.

While you can start tackling the enemies after the drop, it's probably a better bet (on Super-Soldier / Veteran anyway) to down the enemies on the rooftop where you can snipe. Once the first rooftop is clear, you can drop and hop over without fear of being harassed.

If you have to take down the snipers up close, put the roof super-structure to block lineof-sight then shoot out the legs of the enemies. Stay away from the large circular structure where the sniper is, as enemies will destroy it when they suspect enemy activity. Take the weapons after the dust clears.

The way to the suit cradle in the bank vault is via the foot-bridge from the building adjacent to the one with the snipers. Power jump from the roof to reach it (if you drop see below). Start clearing the way forward with well-placed sniper fire.

Watch for the CELL fireteam escorting the Technical on the street. You may want to take them out first, should they be able to see you while you work over their buddies on the bank's rooftop. While you can get off one shot while cloaked, it's enough to drain your energy reserve to almost nothing.

If you fall off the buildings and drop into the streets, read this section on how to get back to the rooftops. Locate the scaffolding by the building attached to the foot-bridge. Mantle onto the scaffolding and eventually, you will find an opening into the building once more.

If you fell off — Inside the building, locate the stairs in the corner and go up. It's pretty obvious how you get back to the roof from here.

A chopper will attack you once you get close to the bank roof entrance -- if you neutralized the other enemies already, you will have an easy time to land a JAW hit on this chopper and down it. There are JAWs and C4 near the ammunition bins on the bank's roof.

Explosives are required to destroy the doors to the bank. Since C4 is somewhat difficult to use in fluid battle, consider using a single charge for the purpose of breaching the entrance. Head down but remain cloaked, as there are three enemies at the bank's security station.

Unlock the bank's elevator, then ride the lift down to Gould's level. Meet him and watch the scene unfold once you approach the suit cradle.

After you are back in control, revive your own ass using the suit's defibrilator (do it three times). When you can move again, cloak and stay alive. The exit is actually the manhole to your right once you get back up, but the blue marker won't appear until a set amount of time has passed. Until then, you may want to just sit tight, avoid combat, and wait. When the marked manhole appears, approach it to end the level.

Seat of Power

There are no real enemies (the harvesters are just nano-catalyst bonuses) until you go past the police building and into the plaza. Enjoy the sights of empty and infected New York.

Zip through the EMAT center. Unless you're looking for the collectible items, there's no point in staying there. No enemies, and worse of all, no weapons and ammunition.

Aside from the harvesters, there are some weapons and some ammunition bins here in case you need them. There are a lot of Ceph scout enemies in this level, so if you are interested in taking them out for their paltry 100 nano-credits, go right ahead. On Veteran / Super-Soldier, you may want to skip fighting and simply cloak / sneak to the end of the level. You need not even fight the Ceph Devastator near the level exit.

If you are intent on sneaking through the Ceph held plaza, drop off the bridge and head for the red-brown brick building on the right. The tactical point for the ledge grab (and cloaking) is the key to sneaking by the enemies patrolling the city-platz. Head into the window and be aware of the enemy sentries around you.

Avoid or stealth kill the enemies in your way and head downstairs. You can recharge energy here (middle of the stairway) as it hides you from enemy view when you are crouched. If you have the cloaking energy to spare, you may want to take one of the heavy machineguns from the barricade (just in case). If you are confident in your sneaking though (and the improved suit modules), you can skip all that work and just move on.

Head for the next zone. On the way there, you can restock any ammunition you may have spent. The radio with the conspiracy buff will lead the way. You won't need cloaking to examine the tactical options in the second clearing, but you will need cloaking to sneak by all the Ceph patrols.

Slip by the patrols on the left side (while facing city hall). That's practically the only way to go, as the right side is too steep to power jump. Put the edge of the map to your left and the rest of the stage to the right and steer clear of the Ceph patrols. Killing the weaker enemies here (for nano-catalyst) should be done on easier settings. Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 5 / 10 After passing through the Ceph infested park, you will approach a ramp leading to a bungalow with weapons (designed to let you destroy the Ceph Devastator near the level exit). The camera is at the bottom of the ramp to the weapons bungalow. Once you hit the shallow pool past the destroyed park, you're fairly in the clear (Ceph do not take notice of you as you head up the ramp). However, if you drew their attention, they will follow and attack you as far as the upper reaches of the level (practically the end).

The weapons in the bungalow are primarily for destroying the CEph Devastator and its weaker buddies (some sort of elite commander worth 300 nano-credits). If you're not hard up on money (esp. not after a replay), you should do yourself a favor and sneak by all the enemies here.

The barricades are good for temporarily stopping and recharging energy, but make it a point to be cautious as you need to swing close to the Devastator to make it to the exit. Once you get behind / past the juggernaut, you practically have a clear line to the exit.

Dark Heart

The subway station here has one human soldier (who gets killed 2 minutes into the mission) and the rest are all Ceph. If you want nano-catalyst, this is the stage to play over and over again (you can stop after hitting a checkpoint, as your nano-chit total is auto-saved).

Replaying this level over and over may be boring, but done on the easiest difficulty setting, you can amass enough nano-credits from killing the Ceph to buy all the suit modules in campaign. New weapons here include the M-60 (Pig) and HAMMER (handgun). For the record, only the M-60 will be of any use in later stages. You can stealth and sneak by almost all the enemies in this level.

If you decide to explore the subway platform, there is an M-60 LMG (light machinegun) at Tactical Point 1 (explore). Just follow the corridor to the ammunition bin where the weapon is. A handy attachment for the M-60 is the laser-sight, meaning you can essentially waddle around and shoot enemies with some ease (like Halo). Otherwise, head straight for the exit, and don't bother passing GO to collect $200.

Locate the CELL fireteam Hargreaves sent in, and proceed past them to the next subway platform. This platform (with the explosive cannister) has no enemies save the harmless Ceph harvesters. Destroy them for some quick cash (or ignore them -- once you have all the modules, collecting nano-catalyst is pointless).

The second CELL fireteam has an X-43 MIKE microwave cannon. It's a charge-able weapon (with a large shot reserve). The weapon is fairly rare (there seems to be only four in the game, including the one found here) and only has reserve ammo when you collect another X-43. Bonus Task » Popcorn

Only organic Ceph enemies are subject to the X-43 MIKE's attacks (the weapon is never offered when human enemies are around). Kill 20 enemies with the X-43 MIKE and you satisfy this condition. Hold the trigger to emit a constant barrage of microwaves on a target. While it may "stun" the enemy, it will continually damage them faster than most conventional weapons (which fire slower and shoots projectiles at earthly speeds).

Blow the tunnel and head for the first pit. If you choose not to kill every alien in the pit, you can choose to sneak up to the alien spore structure and sabotage it by "using" the fluid cannister on the front facing of the structure.

Escape the first pit by heading for the raging fire past the bus wreck. There will be a DSG-1 near some grenades at the start of the second pit, but those weapons are unnecessary if you're doing it Splinter Cell style.

The second pit's structure is similar to the first, but you have a better chance to remain undetected if you climb onto its platform from the left (basically, to the Ceph Devastator's right if its facing the pit's center). Put some room between you and the Devastator by going behind the structure, then approaching the front to hack the spore building. If you approached from the stage's right side (the Devastator's left), you can make a beeline for the spore conduit.

Exit the second pit via the container that leads "up" to the tactical point where you "ascend". Ascend the side of pit #2 (electric boo-ga-loo) and use the robotic animetentacle to get to the road leading to the third spore structure (it will not be in a pit).

There will be two Ceph soldiers who hot-drop (Nit-pick — if the Ceph are subterranean or aquatic, why are they deployed like Orbital Drop Shock Troopers?) on the road. If you cloak, you can take out one, then the other with stealth kills so you secure the area near the ammunition bin at the switchback. Bonus Task » Hole in One Near the third alien spore structure, there is a circular hole where water drains down into it. Grab and throw a Ceph into the hole to satisfy this condition. Note that grabbing an enemy decloaks you, and you cannot grab the Ceph Devastator, only the smaller assault units. Sneak by the Devastator and defence units to get to the third spore structure (behind the Devastator). Once you do, you practically head for the final destination (to the spore conduit's right).

With all three spore conduits infected with the suit's own virus, you can walk into the viral stream and corrupt it. Don't relax yet marine (see which game this line comes from) and await a quick time event that will occur once you get blown through the roof.

Slam the displayed button multiple times to avoid dying. Follow the rest of the button prompts to progress.

Unlike the traditional QTE, most of Crysis 2's events are surprising and unexpected. Of course, none of the QTEs in the game can top the awesomeness of Ninja Blade (todome!).

Escape the pit by heading back topside and sprinting to the chopper. Regardless how fast you are, the wave will end the level for you.

Semper Fi or Die

All the weapons are gone from your inventory, but your marine buddy Chino will offer you the MAJESTIC, which is essentially a high-powered hunting revolver. If you have unlocked the ACOG (or assault scope) by picking up a Ranged SCAR, you can make the gun your personal hand-held sniping weapon. Bonus Task » Band of Brothers The four marines (including Chino) who rescue you in the start of the level cannot be slain until they reach the safety of the building. Before moving off (after taking the Majestic), mark them on your VISOR. Thereafter, everything else that moves is a viable target. For best results, locate the marine with the HMG. Take the weapon (that marine can get killed with no effect on this condition), and stand on the nearby container. Chino's marines head for the trench (generally) and you can stand tall and snipe/blast the Ceph as they approach to attack. Naturally, you want to do all this on the easiest difficulty to avoid any extra hassle.

You can locate a SCAR a little further away though, so you should make an effort to keep it handy for the upcoming firefight. If you are not interested in keeping the marines alive for the bonus, you can opt to perch yourself at the edge of the pit and snipe the Ceph.

When the enemies on the ground are slain (collect the nano-catalyst if you want), the Ceph dropship will make a strafing run. Head for the marked building and neutralize the remaining Ceph to find a safe haven. You can restock ammunition and grenades from the bins before moving on.

The fight with the Ceph at the shallow pool is optional. You can cloak and sneak by, although you will find the use of the Improved Stealth and Energy Recharge modules very handy for this long-distance sneak. Get atop the highway using the yellow containers, and head for the shorn pipe. You can hide inside to recharge your suit's energy stores.

There is a Ceph Devastator near this broken pipe. If possible, get into it to get a much needed rest stop for your suit's batteries. Otherwise, you get sighted and start a very tough firefight (considering all the Ceph that are around).

Past all the Ceph, you will hear more conspiracy radio. Just past the radio will be a short highway section with a HummVee. The goal is to drive the car back to the marines and fend off an attack by the alien bastards .... without the assistance of Duke Nukem. Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 6 / 10 There's a camera on the "wall" at the top of the rubble ramp by the first parked HummVee. To trigger it, you need to sprint and jump off the ramp, then use armor mode to absorb the impact. The enemies on the highway are sparse. If they are on the road, they can be run over by your vehicle. Don't bother using the mounted machinegun, as you can detach it at the end of the ride and use it for the next battle.

At the end of the ride, take the heavy machinegun from the HummVee and help your marines fight through the Ceph Devastator and its supporting infantry to the rally point (the hill past the elevated train).

Don't take issue with leaving your marines to die (most of them are surprisingly tough for this section, and Chino is practically invulnerable). Head up to the train car and sit inside it. This way, you are protected from the bottom, sides, and top, and can fire (reasonably) out of cover.

From this perch, you can watch the assault take place, and respond within the means provided by your Gauss attachment, SCAR and MAJESTIC.

Don't worry if you want to hide like a coward. The allied NPCs have infinite ammo and can eventually destroy the Ceph gunship if left alone. On Super Soldier and Veteran difficulties, you are more important than anyone else when it comes to survival. There will be several waves of Ceph -- and multiple Devastators (one after another), so you need to have some serious firepower. Exhaust your own supply of stuff before venturing out to the rally point bins to replenish supplies (because there's a lot of it).

After you, or your allies, destroy the Ceph Gunship (remember, your allies have infinite ammo -- you do not), regroup with the marine Chino at the top of the bluff. A dog-tag will be near the ammo bin as you trudge to the exit, so be aware. Consider taking a silenced SCARAB and an M-60 (just in case you have to do the heavy lifting / fighting without a heavy machinegun). When you want to hose something down, the LMG is a great weapon.