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Corporate Collapse

Proceed forward and take down the enemies who attack the marines ahead of you. Whether they survive or not is moot. Keep pushing forward with Chino and get to the clearing in front of the Hargreave-Rasch building (the clearing with the Statue of Liberty's head).

The goal is to enter the Hargreave-Rasch building to get some data. To do that, you need to use the broken armored car's cannon and missiles to punch a hole in the security shutter. Getting to the APC is essentially a sneaking exercise, so that's rather self-explanatory.

Once the hole is created, you may want to disembark and cloak as there's a Devastator that hot-drops down once you do. Get out of Dodge when you can, or you die and start back from the roadblock.

Head into the parking lot (swim under the obstacle) and start "gearing up" like in Metal Gear. Cloak and stealth kill the enemies who come to inspect the splashing water, and grab a SCARAB (for silent takedowns) and restock your M-60. The grenadier enemies here have the L-TAG, a grenade lobbing weapon you may have found while wandering in the clearing outside (it was in an ammo bin in a building basement). We didn't bother pointing it out since the weapon is pretty useless for encounters in the parking lot on any difficulty.

Sneak to the security checkpoint and be ready to clash with a small fireteam of CELL mercenaries at the lobby. Try to prevent them from taking the emplaced machinegun (you can use it yourself by detaching it). Take it along with you, as you will need it shortly.

To take the heavy machinegun along, drop the weapon then operate the switch to open the elevator doors. Take the HMG again and drop it inside the elevator before you press the switch. Clunky, and Agent 47 had a better way to interface with his own gaming world.

The non-Tifa Lockheart douchebag has orders to ambush you at the terminal. With this knowledge, you just need to know that enemies spawn at the elevator and the sides when you approach the conspicuous terminal in the middle of the room. When they do, you can be cloaked and try to slip by them (head back to the elevator).

Secure the area near the elevator so you have a place to fall back to for energy. Use armor mode to bolster your defences and the heavy machinegun to make quick work of the enemy in the room. Should be easy, esp. if you track them beforehand. Use the computer after all the enemies are gone, and then follow the sewer pipe (after the flood event). You will reconnect with your marine buddies and a very large alien war machine.

The Ceph Pinger battle-machine can fire plasma shots or launch a pulse explosive. Either kills you quickly on Super Soldier, but the machine's best offence is the "ping" which is an EM pulse. If you are hit by it, your energy drains to zero, denying you armor and decloaking you.

The Pinger is invulnerable to all weapons fire except explosives from the JAW or C4. Furthermore, it's one weak spot is the red cylinder on its back (the one that pumps when the machine pings). It takes patience to wait for a clear shot (and with the machine not moving) before you fire a rocket. Take your time — this fight is easy compared to the later ones. Play the mouse hunting the lion and sneak around (give the Pinger a good distance) while you bring it down with the JAW. There's plenty of JAW shots (and C4) to take down the machine, so don't miss (and don't hurry).

Once you get this pretty sight of the Ceph battle machine being destroyed, collect the nano-catalyst it drops (2000 credits), then scan the area for munitions, C4, and JAWs you didn't use before approaching the marked soldier to end the level.

Train to Catch

You drop into a firefight with some Ceph and marines, so do yourself a favor by cloaking and fleeing into the building where the aliens burst from (it's some kinda checkpoint). Inside, load up on the ammunition for the M-60 (you may need it if you are careless with the heavy machinegun).

The next street has a full-out battle between marines and aliens. There's a Devastator on one of the corner buildings as well, but your friendly marines can help you take it down (depends what they are firing on at the time). Stock up on the JAWs (you can use a shell before leaving) and drop into the street.

There are two missile batteries on the street -- one at each end. Switch them back on by locating their switches (blue markers) and operating them. The missiles will fire on the Ceph transport as it strafes the ground, so it will eventually be take down.

The street is a tough battle, and Ceph continually hot-drop in until the transport is destroyed. The best course of action (COA) is to use cloaking to mask your movement, and get the missile turrets activated without engaging the enemy. The marines at the barricade will draw the attention for you. Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 7 / 10 Before entering the burning library, there is a traffic camera eye-balling the street near the EMAT gate. Trigger it before entering the library but after destroying (or evading) the enemies on the street. When the airship is firing from above, locate some cover from the sky -- the open containers are placed on the middle of the street for exactly this purpose. If you're hidden well enough, you can duck and recharge energy while in them before moving out once more.

Enter the library when you've had your fill of resupplying. Note that you can take the heavy machineguns at the barricade and enter the burning library (drop the HMG, open the door, then pick it up again). Bonus Task » Literary Agent When prompted for a Tactical Assessment in the burning library, one of the tactical points on your VISOR are the books you need to scan. Simply scan the tactical point to satisfy this condition. Guard yourself against fire by using armor mode. You should have plenty of energy to run through the fires blocking the doorways to the exit. Follow the blue marker to get back outside.

Go through the final few rooms of the library stacks and head outside. There will be activity outside, so get ready to rumble.

The back entrance of the library is being attacked. Instead of standing at the stairs and getting slaughtered, try firing from the top of the building you emerge from. You should get enough of a vantage point to fire down on the enemies, and with the HMG, you have a pretty potent weapon to ice the oncoming extra-terrestrials.

Finish off the enemies and move onto the next encounter. More aliens and a Devastator will appear. If you fail, you can try the L-TAG you found back on the backstairs, but with the marines backing you up and the HMGs lying around, you should be pretty set-up.

Take the battle to the fountain (again, more Ceph and a Devastator) and use the explosive barrels as extra firepower. If you power kick a barrel, you can ignite it by shooting it. Load up on ammunition once more, as you will face another alien fight (more Devastators).

Take up station at a barricade (so you can duck and recharge energy for your armor mode) and hose the incoming enemies with your weapons. If you have a few rounds left in your HMG (say 40 or so), consider dropping it and using your regular weapons on the peon Ceph. When the Devastator drops in, you want the power of the HMG to chip away its (unseen) lifebar. When all the enemies are dead, open the gate to let the convoy in, and board the marked vehicle to end the mission.

Unsafe Haven

You start with a sit-rep from Colonel Barclay. You won't be doing much but a quick sneak and infiltration mission, so if you're not looking for secrets, the level will be over quickly.

If you're hard up on nano-catalyst, and can deal with infinite enemies, this stage will continually spawn Ceph scouts in squads of three. Since ammunition is limited, you may need to resort to using stealth kills or melee to kill them for their nano-particles. Head to the loading dock, rip open the gate and head for the marine-manned checkpoint. The Ceph in the street can be avoided while cloaked (you can lift the gate while cloaked). Your marine escorts will take the brunt of the damage, but that's what they're for.

Meet Sergeant Rainer (.... Wolfcastle ... haha) and get the assignment to blow the detonators at the Onyx Building. Leave the weapons you find at the bridge and proceed out while cloaked. The reason is there'll be more enemies (specifically, a Devastator) when you've completed the detonator task and return to Sergeant Rainer.

Use the partially blown out building on the side of the street to reach the Onyx Building. While going through the building, note that it's where the demo team is stationed (and where the bomb's trigger will be after you prime the bombs in the Onyx Building). Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 8 / 10 After meeting the Marine Sergeant and tasked with blowing up the Onyx Building, you will have free reign in the street between the barricade and your objective. There is a coffee shop called the "Suburban Chronicle" -- the traffic camera is on the street adjacent to this establishment. Try and recognize the layout a bit before you wander too far. Unless you are unnecessarily drawing attention to yourself, staying in the building's halls will keep you safe from the marauding Ceph on the street.

Notice that one of the elevator shafts is open, and leads up one floor higher than the one you can mantle onto from outside. The demolition team is up there, and you will need to reach them after priming the bombs in the Onyx Building.

Aliens continually spawn from the Onyx Building (it's a spot you cannot reach) to keep the stage occupied and busy. Sneak to the parking office to unlock the gate blocking access to the underground carpark.

Head into the parking lot and locate the three bombs on your VISOR. It's advisable to prime the two bombs on the upper level of the car park first, then the one on the bottom level, as you spawn enemies when you go down either of the ramps.

If you're into weapons, there is the GRENDEL assault rifle, which is pretty unimpressive. The SCARAB can be silenced, the SCAR has a great sniping weapon (the Gauss attachment) and both can fire automatically and burn up enemies up close. The GRENDEL's 3-round burst is fun if you're playing an earnest military shooter, but the Ceph aren't human ... Stick with the SCARAB, and if you're hard up for a marksman weapon, use the DSG-1. For everything else, there are a lot of other weapons you can use that are more effective than the GRENDEL.

After priming the three bombs, make your way past the enemies (cloaking helps) and to the building where the demolition team was. Locate the open elevator door that lets you power jump to the next floor via the elevator shaft.

Kill the enemies on the second floor and approach the switch to get a cut-scene. After the building topples, and the streets are dusty, head back to the bridgehead where you met Rainer. It will be tagged by a blue marker on your HUD.

Destroy the Ceph Devastator who appears at the bridgehead. You can use the C4 you find to chunk the hefty bastard, or burn up the heavy machinegun that overlooks the Devastator's spawn point. After you destroy the Ceph Devastator (killing it is a must to clear the mission -- try the heavy machineguns at the barricade), fill up on C4 if you're low. You may find the charges handy in the next stage.


Go through the station (it's a cinematic of sorts) and soak in the atmosphere. All the weapons you had before are present, but there will be more for a big-ass fight later in the stage.

You regain control (sort of) after you meet Barclay, Chino and Gould at the entrance. Follow them to the elevator, then stick to Barclay and ride the elevator down.

Go into the command center and wait for Barclay to cut you loose. The next fight is the only one in the level, but it's against a Pinger, and an infinite number of Ceph soldiers (one pair at a time) who appear until you kill the Pinger.

In Grand Central Station's main hall, the lower office is a somewhat safe place to loiter and recharge energy. So long as you're not spotted through the windows, you can be

somewhat safe. There are SWARMERlaunchers dotted around the arena, but the best weapon is still the JAW.

Don your stealth and sneak around the battlefield to find a good spot to ambush the Pinger's weak spot. Remember the best time to fire is when the machine has stopped moving to scan, shoot or right after a ping. Don't waste any shots, and you should have plenty of ammunition to destroy it.

A little detail you may notice about the Joint Anti-Armor Weapon — if you pick up a JAW while you still have at least one rocket, you will only gain one more shot. However, if you pick up a JAW while you have no shots left, you will gain a JAW and a spare shot. If you're really hard up on JAW ammunition (or you miss with the weapon a lot), go with the tactic of expending all your JAW rockets before picking up another JAW to prolong your ammunition supply.

When the Pinger is dead, don't race to the vehicle immediately. Re-stock your weapons and take the destroyed Pinger's 2000 nano-catalyst. Once you board the vehicle, there's no going back.

Power Out

The level starts off with no enemies, but ends with a big ass battle, much like the previous mission. Unlike the past few Pinger fights though, you will fight against the machine and its alien escorts alone (no marine help). Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 9 / 10 Before you drop into the Times Square (starts the battle), check the poles near the EMAT barricade for this traffic camera. That means you should have the Improved Cloaking module and Energy Recharge module to prolong your time stealthed. Not being seen means you can move to predesigned "safe" spots in the arena to recharge and avoid enemy contact.

Dropping into Times Square is a one-way trip to Murdertown. Ceph will hot-drop in and attack the marines, forcing you to seek shelter in the subway entrances or in the small kiosk in the center of the arena. The kiosk is a supply shack with some ammo bins, JAWs, C4, and weapons (including the JACKAL). Use your supplies wisely (there are JAWs and ammo bins on the sides of the arena as well) or you will be hard-pressed to destroy the Pinger later.

If you're a total hard-ass (e.g., you are playing on Super-Soldier), let your marines take down the enemies. That's what they're there for anyway, since they will all retreat and disappear during the appearance of the Pinger. Let them expend their limitless ammunition destroying the peon Ceph while you scout the place and mark JAWs, ammo bins, and other items. There are three sets of subway entrances around the arena. One of them is a dead-end while the other two seem to be connected to one another. The tunnels are designed to let you travel unnoticed underground to avoid enemies and the Pinger. Learning where these entrances are can save you later -- you can recharge energy while in the tunnels.

When power is out, you will be hinted to use "nano-vision" to find enemies. You can do that, but do yourself one better by marking them with your VISOR so you can use the energy for cloaking instead.

Remember that there will always be two Ceph scouts in the arena once the Pinger shows up. Those two units will patrol the area in a set pattern, increasing the risk of you being detected when you make an attack on the JAW. Should you kill a Ceph scout, a new scout will hot-drop from the map edge and resume the patrol. Since it's a new enemy, you need to spend time marking it on your VISOR. The best way to approach the fight is to avoid killing the scouts unless they directly threaten your survival. Focus on destroying the Pinger, because once it's gone, the arena will be cleared of enemies and you can resupply.

Hide like a craven coward (or a smart warrior) and mark the JAWs, C4, and supplies you need to fight the Pinger. With the arena dark, the marks on your VISOR appear even more visible. Mark the Pinger and its escorts as well, so you learn to attack one while avoiding the others. Use the subway tunnels to recharge the energy and slowly chip the Pinger away with the JAWs. Remember — once you start firing JAWs, pick up new ones only after you run out to get more warheads (two rockets instead of one).

Resupply before regrouping with Barclay. Locate the alien spire and enter it once Hargreave explains the situation. You have some Quick Time Events to do, so stay awake.

Enter the tower and get ejected from it again. Hit the defibrillator to restart yourself, then head for the Osprey before you're caught and dead. Once aboard, you should be fine and the level ends with that.

Eye of the Storm

This whole level is primarily a stealth mission. Even when you are accosted by Commander Lockheart (and his dickish insults), you can sneak right up to the control tower and assassinate his ass. Bonus Task » Stealth Assassin (Part 1 of 2) Power down the sub-station without triggering an alert or be discovered by an enemy. Although the condition doesn't kick in until you get Hargreave's message about the EMP trap in the green building, it's wise to practice stealth at the beginning to avoid complications (changes in enemy patrols, etc.) You can skip out on the stealth for this mission, but that makes the game far more difficult than you need it to be. While you will have plenty of ammunition to take down all the CELL mercenaries, that's just unnecessary effort.

After killing the first guy (at the stairs where you come out of the water), head up the lighthouse to take out the marksman on overwatch. If you go towards the green building in the distance and decloak (you will have to, in order to recharge), the sniper will spot you. Stealth kill him and consider taking the DSG-1 so you can engage in some silent marksmanship exercises.

Evade the patrols and head for the ruins in the distance. There is a CELL squad stationed at the ruins, and you can sneak past them all without expending a single shot. Use the debris and walls to hide yourself when you need an energy recharge.

The "left" side of the ruins is a better bet for sneaking (the lighthouse would be behind you) although any route is fine, so long as you have a place to stop and recover suit energy to maintain the visual cloak.

Make for the green house and shoot for the tactical point for stealth entry. Slip past the CELL Technical and mantle onto the containers near the open window.

Note that jumping up onto the container and then making another jump into the building will completely your suit's energy. Quickly hide and remain still (unless there's an enemy nearby inside -- although there usually isn't) until you can cloak and move out again.

Inside the building, there's a one way trip to the generator area. Drop down the hole and worm your way through the building's basement. It will lead to an exit (from the building) on the upper level.

Use the power jump to reach the building exit. It should be a pretty quick exit as Hargreaves drones on about the EM trap Lockhart has set for you.

The sub-station with the generator you need to disable is guarded like a fortress. You can use the Path-Finding module to track enemies while they patrol, or simply use cloaking and move in after you marked the dangers ahead. Bonus Task » Stealth Assassin (Part 2 of 2) Power down the sub-station without triggering an alert or be discovered by an enemy. The best thing to do is sneak into the substation, use the elevator, and remain cloaked. You can actually use the Improved Cloaking module to literally go from the start of the generator room to the switch (includes the slide) on one full meter. If you have to kill, do it silently. Even if you do use stealth kills, the enemies do check in and may discover the body. The best thing is to make a (cloaked) run for the switch and not worry about killing enemies and remaining in the room (risking discovery.

Move around the watchtower by the water and seek to enter the generator building's door. There should be enemies nearby, but none are directly in your way to enter the building.

Watch for the enemies on the Technical and the sentries on the catwalk above the entrance. If you manage to go inside, you can recharge your energy once you enter the elevator.

If you take out the sentry at the entrance of the generator room, you can cloak and sneak your way to the switch. If you don't, and decide to stealth kill the rest of the enemies, you will run the risk of being discovered.

Just watch for enemies coming up the stairs and make your way to the hallway with the electrical sparks. Slide by ducking while sprinting. Operate the switch to shutdown the electricity.

Use nano-vision to assist your navigation during escape. Focus on leaving the building, since you are in a very confined space. Enemies can see in the dark as well as you, and since you pull on the same energy reservoir for both armor and vision modes, you wind up disadvantaged (esp. in numbers).

Once you're outside, you can sneak to the room where Lockheart intends to trap you. Avoid the fireteams on the road and take an indirect approach to the next objective marker.

Inside the storeroom where Lockheart traps you, locate the door and get ready to go inside and shoot the locks off the flooring. When you do, you enter the sewers and can come out in the grounds around the watchtower where Lockheart is.

Cloak and climb out of the sewers. You need not kill all the enemies wandering the place, but you may want to secure a small vantage point so you can check things out.

Cloaking and approaching the command tower where Lockheart snipes at you from is the best strategy on Super-Soldier. Don't bother fighting the enemies — simply cloak and get close to end this particular task.

The hard part would be entering the door of the tower. There's usually an enemy or two there, but you can occasionally sneak past (or shoot past) them. Once you are in the tower, you can hole up and fight back. Otherwise, head upstairs to the room where Lockheart is.

Switch to armor mode to start the cut-scene where you fight Lockheart. Once he's gone, fee free to sneak back out, or use the GAUSS weapon to take some pot-shots at enemies past the nano-wall. You may want to think the crowd while you still can -- once you're on the ground, you are completely exposed.

Enter the room marked on your VISOR and you will end the level.

Masks Off

Taa Strickland will bail your ass out. In doing so, all your weapons are belong to her — you essentially start with a SCARAB, and that's it. It'll be good enough for what you're going to do though, so head out.

Avoid the CELL checkpoint and clear the area out from the storeroom. The SCARAB is one weapon, and consider taking the GAUSS or similar later (after meeting Hargreave). Do not bother with the GRENDEL, or as IGN calls it, the least interesting gun-shaped paperweight in the world of videogames.

Clear out the lobby, since you want to restock on ammo and grenades. You can use the storeroom to silently snipe or stealth kill enemies as they come in to investigate. Head upstairs once you're done.

Cloak at the top of the stairs (before going into the gallery). In an effort to rearm, you can kill the rest of the enemies here, although you can do just as well sneaking by.

The sentry on the scaffolding and the one at the emplaced machinegun are dangerous adversaries. Take them out and recloak.

Stock up on grenades and detach the mounted gun if need be. You will only start using them after you meet Hargreaves, so the effort to take the HMG may not be worth it.

Meet Hargreaves in the study, and pan your camera right. Notice the stairs? Go up them and escape after you perform the injection.

Take the syringe and upgrade your suit with the Tunguska protocol. After you recover, head up the stairs previously mentioned and cloak. Depart via the secret passage when it opens up and start moving.

Exercise caution when going through the junked rooms. Avoid the electricity by using the wooden pallets on the ground to get across the flooded room. You can find a GAUSS, L-TAG and some other heavy firepower in the weapons locker before you exit the Prism proper.

You can fight or sneak past all the crap on the Prism's grounds (a stealthy escape is better). While you can kill a few Ceph on the way out, they do get hot-dropped back into the playfield when replacements are needed. Hence, it's to your advantage to leave without stirring up too much trouble.

Cloak and let your CELL allies draw enemy attention. You can sneak through the first clearing, head up the lift, and enter the area of the second clearing via the red-green vehicle garage door.

As you near the foot of the bridge, avoid the Ceph Devastators (there are two simultaneously active) and do your best to make progress without discovery. Stopping to fight may be a bad idea, as the Ceph really out-number you and the CELL.

Get into the lift that takes you to the next level of the bridge. During the ride, you should be safe, so feel free to decloak and recharge the energy.

For the broken bridge, head to the upper deck and start sneaking past the aliens to the very end. There are Devastators that drop in as you near the end, so you certainly do not want to fight them on such broken terrain.

Once you reach the end of the bridge, don't check out yet. There is still a QTE to handle to avoid being killed. Once you're falling into the water, after performing all the button inputs, the mission should be over. Bonus Task » Speeding Ticket · 10 / 10 The final traffic camera is on the upper deck of the truss bridge, just past the missing persons billboards. It will be attached to steel arches above the road, and not to the sides as usual.

Out of the Ashes

Get up and meet Strickland and Gould near the convoy. You may want to explore the area before boarding your vehicle (there's a secret collectible here). In any case, load up on weapons that do damage so you can be well outfitted later.

Ride the vehicle and shoot liberally at anything that threatens you. Since you have infinite ammunition, that should be easy. If it moves, it dies.

An alien robo-phallus will destroy your APC, and automatically boot you off the gun-ride. Cloak and head for the building occupied by the Ceph.

Your goal is to enter the building and ride the lift up to secure an overwatch point. Take the C4 explosives in the hotel lobby if you need them. For the most part, you may not need any of that at all.

Ride the lift up and explore while cloaked. You can locate the destroyed hallway leading to the emplaced machinegun — should you take it, you can start killing the Ceph that patrol the overwatch room with little trouble.

Don't linger at the emplacement, because enemies can come at you from behind. Take the gun and head back to the hallway entrance to lure enemies into your killzone. Enemies cannot jump through the window where the gun was pointing out from.

To deal with the Ceph Gunship, lower you VISOR and mark it for an airstrike. That done, you can move on to the next zone.

Sneak through the next zone (and to the exit). Locate the top of the greenhouse and aim for the tactical point which details "Ledge Grab".

Get up onto the square greenhouse near the Ledge Grab tactical point and aim for evading the Ceph Devastator and heading for the marked rooftop. Once you reach it, the mission ends.

A Walk in the Park

There are no enemies until you reach the wall of rubble near the amphitheater. You may want to stealth kill them to avoid alerting enemies.

There is a large battle at the amphitheater you can simply avoid. Stock up on ammo, cloak and start your sneaking approach. There is a Devastator (or two) as well as many Ceph, so fighting is a last resort.

Recharge in the trench as you approach the Amphitheater. Go up the stairs and away from this battlefield to move on. The game doesn't award you for killing enemies en masse. Take the M-43 MIKE from the secret container (see collectibles for this level) so you can lay waste to the enemies later.

The final encounter requires you to kill four elite Ceph (the cloaked guys). If you have the M-43 MIKE, you should make short work of them. If not, you will need some heavy firepower (like a SCAR or SCARAB with extended magazines). The alien spore structures should be approach by stealth (with some silent shooting, when necessary). For the most part, you corrupt the spore facility and move on to a new target, leaving the patrolling enemies in limbo.

The second alien target is on the opposite side of the first one -- you can corrupt one side or the other first, but the final alien spore target will open a tunnel that leads to the final clearing.

Walking from the first to the second alien spire is dangerous, since Ceph can see you easily and there are plenty of Devastators around. Make sure you have full energy, improved cloaking, and are aware of which enemies (mark them) are where so you can take refuge and recharge your energy!

The final alien spire (the third one) is highly exposed, so make a dash for it when you are cloaked and full of energy. Once you corrupt it, make a beeline for the tunnel, but make sure you stocked up on ammo beforehand.

Once you enter the final tunnel, you cannot back out. You only have a K-VOLT and some ammo at the final battle, so if you are low on ammo, you may need to revert to stealth kills to get your point across (not advisable on Super-Soldier).

Try placing a C4 charge at the tunnel to the final spire — when enemies go through the chokepoint, blow the charges. It won't kill them, but it will weaken them enough that you can toss more grenades or explosives (JAWs are neat) to finish them off. The enemies are cloaked and will appear very faintly unless you have the Cloak Detection module active (they appear as bad black shadowy outlines then). That module only helps (or nano-vision) here, but you want the energy for armor mode (esp. on Super-Soldier) since you die so easily from weaponsfire.

After defeating the four cloaked enemies (required to advance the story), other cloaked Ceph will guard the final portal. Simply cloak and do your best to power jump and mantle to the entryway (approach the cliff's rightside to get a grip). Once you enter the portal, follow the QTEs to get to the end and deliver victory.