Builtagani : ern On Fabric Folding ~ = Mary Jo Hiney $27.95 Can. $45.95. Try an incredible, new technique that combines two popular crafts— quilting and origami. These completely unique, raised designs are created using traditional origami folds with one excit- ing difference. You'll make them with fabric instead of paper and use them as embellishments on all kinds of stunning quilted decorations for your home. Mastering the basics is easy—from the folds to foundation piecing—and prepares you for the ter- rifie projects that follow. The Evening Sky Pillow fea- tures three panels of stars that resemble whimsical pinwheels. They'll catch your eye with a variety of fabrics in charming patterns and colors that you'll use in typical patchwork fashion. Bring a bit of nature indoors on an extraordinary dimensional wall hanging that will garner many compliments. On one quilt block there’s a great little snail that looks as if it's crawling across the surface; on another, leaves appear to be blowing in the wind, Children will love the Come Play With Me Quilt, Ducks swim and birds fly across the horizon, while a (continued on back fe QUILTAGAMI