Recently, making expedition to the North-East Asia, the group of the anthropologists from Kazakhstan found the

remnants of the old lost civilization. Among all findings, there were books written by unknown author, probably, he or she belonged to that lost civilization. Paradoxically, these found books were even more valuable than all other observed stuff like utensils and jewelry because after analyzing these books, the linguistic anthropologist were able to describe the language of that society. As it was found out later, the mane of the land was Stargazerstan, and the citizens were called stargazers. As a result, through given conclusions by the specialists, we can infer further things like the location and the economy, the values and cultural development of Stargazerstan. Defining the geographical position of Stargazerstan, it is useful to refer to following statement made by the linguists. Stargazers had three words for terrain, denoting “absolutely flat”, “rolling”, and “slightly hilly”. One might conclude that the locality of stargazers was represented by different kinds of surfaces. They could see not only the steppe but also the hills in another place of land. This land must have been large enough because otherwise, it would be impossible to find such different surfaces in the limited area. Also, Stargazerstan might be landlocked country. In other words, possibly, it was situated far away from ocean or any other large bodies of water because it is known that stargazers weren’t familiar with the word ocean. According to the linguistically conclusions, there were several words for rain and only one meaning snow. Therefore, concerning the weather of that land, it can be concluded that it rained quite often, but it snowed quite rare. This could mean that there were distinctive seasons in the year. Taking into account all geographical characteristics if the Stargazerstan, it can be inferred that stargazers resided the place where nowadays Mongolia country situates.

The economic aspect of stargazers’ life can be seen through the statement that there were many terms for wheat in their vocabulary that let us think that they engaged in agriculture. The family in this society was considered to be very sacred. veal. the tolerance was really appreciated. leather. They had nine words meaning artist. They. they knew twenty words for book. so all conflicts concluded to compromise. The proof for this is that they didn’t know any terms indicating violent conflict or war. there weren’t terms for beef. The acting art was already studied by the stargazers. This can be inferred from the linguistically data that they never used the word leader on single form. Using other statements of linguists. pork. we can assume that Stargazerstan practiced early democracy. and a woman as a wife and mother. pig. and mutton. we can also think about the values that this society had. in which everybody plays his role: a man as a father and husband. Particularly. calf. we can say that they might raise the wheat because of the favorable weather conditions like frequent rains and the steppe. Hence. they had disputes and conflicts. Concerning the ruling system in that society. The main aim of . However. enriched with minerals necessary for growing plants. they didn’t kill animals in order to get sustenance or use their skin as clothes. It is interesting point that along with such words in their vocabulary as cow. Possibly. and sheep. Since they were very smart people. stargazers can be described as peaceful civilization that wasn’t involved in any wars or violent conflicts. most likely. which is based on idea of equality. They found it essential for human to learn about the world around them. were very educated and literal people who really enjoyed reading. there wasn’t any person like queen or king who oppressed the citizens. On the contrary. and four terms for theatre. Also.

we can conclude that the values of our contemporary society and those of Stargazers are the same. . they consider that only during these stages of life a person can earn the life experience and become smart and wise person. and that the citizens preferred to describe the human life only up to puberty. Both that lost civilization and modern nations try to get rid of violence. According to the statements that a child in Stargazerstan was seen as a wise one. Although we can’t determine even the approximate period in history when this civilization existed.creating the family was the same as it is now: giving birth to the next generation and bring them up as smart and educated citizens of the society. Possibly. tolerance and the equality of everybody. advocating the peace. conflicts and discrimination. it can be inferred that they appreciated childhood and youth.

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