Key Club

Sept. 14th, 2011

g Welcome to our first meeting of the year! azin m Welcome back to our returning members, and ur a to g/ b.or k ou t welcome to our new members. We have a lot of c lu Che site a jkeyc fun activities planned this year and a lot of n web ://rhs. ways for you guys to earn points! Remember http you need 40 points by the end of the year (June) to be an active member for next year! What is K Key Clu ey Club? sponso b is a commu r n e activiti ed by Kiwanis ity based clu Club? d on colleg e b . ey and the s that help th We do differ , Join K s really goo to meet e comm en people Why unity o t in it. look s you get friends ub ut l, new Key cl s, plu

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Up coming dates: 9/14:Roxbury Day Care- 3-5 9/15:Eliminate hands sale 9/16: Student activity fair 9/21: General meeting 9/21: Roxbury Day Care– 3-5 9/21: Back to School Night– 630-9 9/25: Free to Breathe Lung WalkHorseshoe lake 10-2 9/28: Roxbury Day Care 3-5 9/29-30: Dialysis Patient Picnic-175

Important reminders: You need 40 points by June. 1 point per hour of service. Meetings are held in the cafeteria every other Wednesday after school (unless otherwise stated) You can bring in 10 box tops, 10 soda tabs and 3 canned goods a month for 1 point each Each meeting you go to is 1 point! Sign-ups for events are Online Only!!

Officers for the year: President: Alyssa Weickert Vice President: Allison Law Recording Secretary: Monika Szumski Corresponding Secretary: Joshua Raymundo Sergeant-at-Arms: Anthony Patane Treasurer: Buddy Sherrer Webmaster: Kim Tran Publicity: Sarah DeStefano Historian: Eleni Tzeneros Editor: Maddy Leckie K-Kids Representative: Janine Wasek Builders Club Representative: Niki Patel Advisor: Ms. Barbato
We will also be doing service hours at CSH (Children’s Specialized Hospital) There will be visitation days set up to go there and work with the children! CSH is an amazing hospital that helps children with injuries become better through therapy and treatment. The kids are always happy to see us there. Look for those dates coming soon! Sign up and come to help make a child’s day a little bit better!

If there are any questions feel free to email Alyssa Weickert: Or Ms. Barbato: Or Just ask any of the officers listed here. We are always ready to help!

Our service goals for this year include the Eliminate Project, which will help to eliminate MNT in third-world countries. MNT is maternal neonatal tetanus. This is a disease that a mother passes down to her child during childbirth. The baby then painfully suffers and dies within a few hours. They don’t even get to feel their mother’s touch. What we are hoping to do is eliminate this disease from 32 countries. We have already successfully eliminated it from 14 countries. In order to eliminate it the mother must go through a series of three shots that cost $0.60 each, adding up to $1.80 per mother. For more information and a video go to our website at http:// We will be selling Eliminate hands for $1 each for a month. Please try your hardest to sell as many as you can to save the lives of many mothers and their babies.

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