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East Midlands

Development Centre

Working for positive outcomes for health

and social care in the East Midlands

inquire, aspire, improve

CSIP East Midlands Development Centre

CSIP East Midlands Development Centre

About CSIP East Midlands

Supporting the delivery of Department of Health policy priorities at a national,
regional and local level to bring about improvements in health and well-being.

Care Services Improvement Partnership is We are accountable to the Strategic

a partnership of four national improvement Health Authority for our regionally agreed
programmes, delivered regionally. programmes of work. We also have an
accountability to the director of the CSIP
The Department of Health (DH) and the National Support Office for discharging
Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) have our responsibilities for work commissioned
implemented changes to the Care centrally, and for ensuring that we
Services Improvement Partnership’s role contribute to nationally agreed
and way of working. programmes.

The changes were agreed following a We have agreed a change plan that
thorough review of CSIP’s eight regional outlines how CSIP East Midlands will
development centres (RDCs) and continue to support working across the
nationally coordinated programmes that NHS and social care, engaging with local
come under its auspices. government and the Government Office
network. CSIP East Midlands and the East
The value of CSIP’s programmes has been Midlands Strategic Health Authority will
recognised and their role in supporting keep key partners and stakeholders
improvement across and beyond health informed of progress on a regular basis.
and social care remains pivotal to the
effective delivery of an ambitious policy Our role is to support the
agenda. delivery of DH policy priorities
at a national, regional and
CSIP East Midlands is commissioned by
the East Midlands Strategic Health local level to bring about
Authority and the Department of Health. improvements in health and

Our approach

Our approach
A regional partnership for Core work programmes
regional priorities Our activity is focused on five core work
Our Regional Development Centre ensures programmes:
a strong emphasis on regional priorities. 1. Mental health
We work in partnership with DH, the East 2. Social care
Midlands Strategic Health Authority, the 3. Children and families
Government Office for the South West and 4. Health and social care in
local government to promote and support
criminal justice programme
the improvement and innovation of local
This brochure provides a flavour of some
the shared solutions we have successfully
Developing shared solutions
delivered in order to meet our local
We adopt a collaborative approach,
partners’ priorities.
understanding the needs of our partners
from the public and Third Sector and work
with them to achieve shared solutions for
the improvement and innovation of local

We achieve this by:

• developing the capacity and capability
to achieve improvements in delivery
• supporting policy implementation, and
• supporting the development of policy

The diagram on page 5 illustrates this


Our approach

Examples include:
• reducing delayed transfers from hospital for older people through improved data collection,
analysis and mapping the journey of people who use services
• working closely with service providers and people who use services, using evidence-based
tools and technology to deliver high impact changes in mental health
• working closely with many local authorities to develop sustainable efficiency improvements in
adult social care.

Developing the capacity and

capability locally to achieve
improvements in delivery


Supporting the Supporting

development policy
of policy implementation

Supporting system change

Examples include: Examples include:

• supporting the development of the • supporting the regional implementation of the
strategic framework for improving health National Dementia Strategy
in the South West following the Darzi • supporting services to implement
review improvements identified in the HealthCare
• leading the Department of Health Commission’s audit of inpatient mental health
consultation on the Commissioning services
Framework for Health and Wellbeing • supporting the implementation of Valuing
with input from regional partners, and People Now
• developing national demonstration sites • ensuring dignity is at the heart of all care and
through the Improving Access to support, particularly for older people
Psychological Therapies programme. • supporting implementation of the amended
Mental Health Act 2007

CSIP East Midlands Development Centre

1 Mental health
Working to improve the quality of life of people of all ages
who experience mental distress

Our mental health programme is led by the

National Institute of Mental Health in
England (NIMHE). NIMHE was formed in
2002 to help the mental health system
implement the Mental Health National
Service Framework and the NHS Plan.

We aim to implement national policies for

local benefit taking a whole system
approach across health and social care.
Our strategic objectives are:
• improving health and well being
• supporting service and performance
• promoting equality, access, choice and
independence, and
• supporting system change.

Led by XXXX, our mental health

programme has 6 workstreams:
• Improving Access to Psychological
• Effective Commissioning
• Wellbeing and inclusion
• Specialist Mental Health services
• Equalities
• Legislation

CSIP East Midlands Development Centre

2 Social care, older people and

learning disability
Helping to transform care services for adults, particularly older
people, those with long term conditions and people with learning
disabilities, to enhance their quality of life with greater choice and
control, wellbeing and personal dignity.

CSIP’s Social Care Programme relates to the wider social context of people’s lives
including their independence and wellbeing, and their housing, for example, as
well as their health and immediate care needs. We are committed to the vision of
health and social care services that are personalised and meet the needs of

Our programme provides consultancy,

support and delivery services focussed on
the policy priorities from the Department
of Health’s Social Care, Local Government
and Care Partnerships Directorate and in
conjunction with the East Midlands
Strategic Health Authority. The programme
is co-ordinated by XXX, Regional Change

Our insight into the everyday issues faced

by health and social care services enables
us to deliver real results to benefit health
and social care professionals and the
services they provide. We engage with
managers, clinicians and practitioners to
redesign pathways, improve skills and
motivate the workforce.

CSIP East Midlands Development Centre

3 Children and families

Working to support real change and better outcomes
for children, young people and their families.

Our children and families programme aims to enhance, at a regional level,

cross-government activity to support the delivery of Every Child Matters (2003)
and the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity
Services (2004).

At CSIP East Midlands our team is led by • Early years and child health
XXX, the Regional Change Agent. We work promotion – we are supporting areas
with all agencies and sectors involved with to implement the Child Health
children and families and can offer specific Promotion Programme and to develop
support to individual areas, based on their a wide range of services in Children’s
local needs. Centres and Extended Schools
• Emotional health and wellbeing –we
Our programme for this year includes work offer information, advice and support to
on: enable Partnerships to continue to
• Children with disability – we will improve their services
support the multi-agency • Maternity services – we are helping
implementation of Aiming High for areas to implement their Maternity
Disabled Children which includes Matters action plans
improvements in the provision of short • Safeguarding – we work with the East
breaks, transition planning and services Midlands Strategic Health Authority to
to those children with life-limiting support those professionals working in
illnesses this field as they implement the Child
• Commissioning – we work with local Death Review process
areas to develop World Class
Commissioning competencies within
the Children’s Trust arrangements

CSIP East Midlands Development Centre

4 Health and social care in criminal

Working to support better health and social care for
offenders and their families.

The main focus for the Health and Social Care in Criminal Justice Programme
(HSCCJP) is on supporting positive changes in the well-being of people with
health and social care needs in all areas of the criminal justice system.

The Offender Health and Well-being Our main objectives are to:
Partnership in the South West builds on • lead efforts to improve access to health
the work of the Department of Health services for offenders with mental
(DH), the Home Office (HO) and more health, physical health or substance
recently Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to misuse needs
modernise and mainstream prison health • support the implementation of National
care into the wider NHS and the Service Frameworks, the NHS Plan, the
developments highlighted in the Social Exclusion Unit report and other
consultation on ’Improving Health, related policy guidance within the
Supporting Justice’. As changes in context of the criminal justice system
structures within the MoJ and DH regional • contribute to the reduction of
presence proceed, we will continue to reoffending across the region
work in partnership to “improve health, • improve the quality of commissioning
address health inequalities and reduce processes for offenders
crime by maximising the opportunities • enable service developments to be
provided by better integration of health, informed by local experience and
social care and criminal justice systems”. stakeholder participation, and
• develop the use of the Prison Health
Our main aim is to support the delivery Performance Indicators (PHPIs) and
and implementation of Improving Health, support service improvement issues
Supporting Justice. arising from these

CSIP East Midlands Development Centre

Have your say

We have developed an ambitious
programme of work based on what our
commissioners have said are the most Talk to one of our team
important things we should do. Get in contact with one of our team to
share your views in person. Use the
Findings from last years IPSOS MORI contact list on the next page to identify
survey show that the majority of our the most relevant team member.
stakeholders say that we support positive
outcomes in health and social care Complete our stakeholder survey
services in the East Midlands. But what Our online stakeholder survey will take you
you think? Your views are important to us less than 2 minutes to complete.
and there are a number of ways that you
can have your say. We will do our best to
listen to what you say and implement any Write an email
improvement suggestions where You can provide your feedback by email to

Contact us
Tel: 01623 812930
Fax: 01623 812940
Regional Director: Dean Repper

Our team

Our team
Staff team contact details grouped under our core work programme headings and listed
alphabetically by surname. Click on a staff members name to read their biography on our website.