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MS EXCEL 2000-2003 SHORTCUT KEYS What are shortcut keys?

Shortcut keys are a great way to do move around a program without taking your hands off the keyboard. Shortcut keys are generally a combination of the control (Ctrl), alternate (Alt), Shift, or command key (Windows or Apple icon key) with a letter. In addition to the combination shortcut keys, many times the function keys are used as shortcuts (the function keys are F1 through F12 located at the top of the keyboard). Please note that several applications may share the same shortcut key or it might perform a different action. In many software programs, you can learn the shortcut keys through looking at the drop down menus. When a letter is underlined in the menu it generally means that it is a shortcut used with the Alt key. For example, Alt+F, will open the File menu in many Microsoft and other programs.

Windows Shortcut Keys These shortcut keys work in the Windows environment and help you to navigate around in Windows. Using these keystrokes in any program will result in the same action, since it applies to the operating system not a particular program.
Keystrokes Windows Windows + Break Windows + m Windows + Shift + m Windows + e Windows + r Windows + f Windows + l Alt + Tab Alt + Shift + Tab Alt + double-click Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab Alt + Print Screen Actions Start menu Opens System properties window Minimizes all open windows (all programs) Maximized all open windows Opens window explorer (not IE) Opens Run Command box Opens Search window Locks the pc (you will need to sign back in to restore the session) Cycles between open windows Cycles, in reverse, between open windows Displays the properties of the object Cycles between multiple open instances of a program (e.g. 2 or more excel workbooks) Cycles, reverse, between multiple open instance of a program Copies the screen image (can be pasted later)

Some Universal Shortcut Keys These shortcut keys work in many programs, although they will not work in all.
Keystrokes F1 Ctrl + a Ctrl + s Ctrl + p Ctrl + f F3 Actions Universal help in most programs Select All Save Print Find Find

Ctrl + c Ctrl + v Ctrl + x Ctrl + z F5 F10 Alt + F4

Copy Paste Cut Undo Refreshes the contents Activates the menu bar Closes current program window

Microsoft Office Shortcut Keys These shortcut keys will work in all MS Office programs.
Keystrokes Ctrl + n Ctrl + b Ctrl + u Ctrl + i Ctrl + h Ctrl + HOME Ctrl + END Ctrl + F6 Ctrl + F4 Actions New Bold Underline Italics Find and Replace Goes to the top of the file Goes to the bottom of the file Moves between open instances Save and Close

MS Excel Shortcuts These shortcut keys apply directly to Excel.

Keystrokes Ctrl + Ctrl + Ctrl + Ctrl + Ctrl + HOME Ctrl + END Ctrl + Shift + HOME Ctrl + Shift + END Ctrl + Page Up Ctrl + Page Down Ctrl + TAB Ctrl + F6 Shift + F11 Ctrl + ; Ctrl + Shift + ; Ctrl + ' Ctrl + ` Ctrl+ d Ctrl + r Actions Last Cell in Row First Cell in Row Last Cell in Column First Cell in Column Left Top Cell Right Bottom Cell Selects from active cell to A1 Selects from active cell to last cell in range Back one tab Forward one tab Moves between workbooks Moves between workbooks Adds new tab Enters current date Enters current time Copies the value from the above cell Shows formulas Copies value and format from above cell Copies value and format from cell to the left


Data Entry


Selection and Hiding

Dialog boxes Saves

Keystrokes Ctrl + 1 Ctrl + Shift + Ctrl + Shift + 4 Ctrl + Shift + 5 Ctrl + Shift + 6 Ctrl + Shift + 3 Ctrl + Shift + 2 Ctrl + Shift + 1 Ctrl + 8 Ctrl + SPACEBAR Shift + SPACEBAR Ctrl + 9 Ctrl + 0 Ctrl + Shift + 9 Ctrl + Shift + 0 Shift + F3 Ctrl + + Ctrl + F4 Alt + F4

Actions Format cell window Applies the general number format Applies the currency format Applies the percent format Applies the scientific format Applies the date format (15-Mar-07) Applies the time format (12:00 AM) Applies number format with comma and - sign Select Cells in Region Selects Column(s) Selects Row(s) Hides selected rows Hides selected Columns Unhides selected rows Unhides selected columns Opens Formula dialog box Opens Insert dialog box Save and Close Save, Close and Exit