Getting To the End of the Road If you have a home studio or a small set-up for your recording studio

, you are p robably familiar with the blues of the recording process. It includes the down times of having to listen to the same things over and over again, trying to hear the different levels and parts of the instruments several times and spending ho urs just to get to the end of the road. It's the recording blues that stop hundreds of small bands from completing a CD and taking ten years to get their next album out. The difficulties that come wi th recording and the process that has to be done can be tedious, frustrating and can cause to burn out of either the songs, members or others who are working on the CD. If you are recording, and even if it is by yourself, you don't want to stop unti l you complete the CD. The levels of satisfaction that can be achieved can help you to do greater and better things and can help to influence those around you to do the same. There are several perspectives that allow for the benefits of f inishing the CD to be a part of what you are doing. Sticking with the process, learning what you need to and plowing forward will eventually get you to the end result and allow you to be even more effective with your music and creativity. If you're feeling down about your recording, keep in mind your end goal. Keep v isualizing yourself at the end of the road and how this will affect everyone els e. This begins with the achievements that this is able to bring you and what yo u have accomplished with the CD. This is something that many don't have the wil l power, desire or capacity to do. That already puts you ahead of the game. More than that, never stop thinking about what your fans or potential fans would think if you have a CD out and how this will influence them. Finishing the rec ording process and getting the CD into the public opens doors for you to make co nnections in a positive way and to do what you need in order to share your creat ive process with others. Whether it is one person or fifty million, this part o f the process is one that can be effective and make you want to set the next dat e to record your next CD. In recording, it is not necessarily the end goal of the CD, even though this wil l bring rewards individually and towards those around you. It is also the proce ss of being able to hear your pieces in a different way and to manipulate the so unds from an engineering point of view, instead of just a performance point of v iew. If you haven't stopped to enjoy the process of putting together your CD, s tart listening a little bit differently for the way that things fall together wi thin the process. The main advice for recording your CD is to keep the different perspectives in m ind. While the entire process may be tedious and difficult, allowing yourself t o enjoy the process and think of the end benefits can help you to further your c areer as a recording producer and engineer as well as a musician who is able to share creativity with others. PPPPP word count 560