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PROPOSAL FOR A Integrated Stock Control System

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Time Line – Annex A 10.Index 1. Hardware and Software equipment 9. Work distribution 7. Student Information 01 02 03 04 05 06 06 06 08 09 . Proposal of the new system 5. Initial new system requirements 6. Current system 3. Benefits 8. Introduction 2. Basic problems & Limitations 4.

Operations Director. Each of the Supermarkets has an Manager and couple of Supervisors and stuff. And each individual supermarket has its own small accounts departments that handles payments and salaries of the employees.1. The supermarkets have a quite a lot of suppliers which gives them the above mentioned items. Introduction The organization what we have selected for our project is F & B Group of companies where the main businesses are exporting Tea. The chain of Supermarkets has a vast product range in which most of them are food items. Our intention is to computerize the Supermarket Business processes in all of the Supermarkets. liquor. General Manager so on.00pm each day.00am to 10. 200mn where 25mn is from the 10 Supermarkets in which they have a 15% profits out of them. Rubber and 7 other minor crops and chain of supermarkets around the country. cosmetics. All Supermarkets have to answer to the Head office in Colombo. meat. Company is a public quoted company. Kalutura and they have just started their new line of Business in establishing Supermarkets around the Country. Galle. . Sector Financial Controller. Each supermarket has customized there product range depending on the area of in which they operate. In which they need to categorize them and keep track of all goods. Currently they have 10 Supermarkets and planning on opening 5 more in the coming year. Matara. stationary goods. The average turnover for a month for the whole group is Rs. The company was formed as a private company on 22nd June 1992 under the privatization program by Government. Average head count for a supermarket will be around 15 employees in which they have to all round activates in the supermarket Work from 9. Company has 20 estates located in 4 different regions in the country namely Uva. pesticides and an hardware goods as well. At this stage above fact would be sufficient for initial proposal where most of the company detail could included in analysis report once a deep study has been carried out. Head office organizational chart consist of Managing Director. dairy products. pharmaceuticals.

And every 4 months the Manager has to give a repot on sales and which product/ product are best selling and which are not and he also needs to include a customer satisfaction report on the supermarket environment and the quality of goods. The accounts department too has does almost everything manually.2. The cash register has a built in memory to hold the product codes and the prices of the items at the time of purchase. In order to give a quarterly report the manager looks at the books that were entered as well as the spread sheets that they maintain. if not to reorder it from the suppliers. But the Goods control or stock control system is been done manually. they maintain spread sheets in calculating salaries and other payments for supplier by looking at the books kept by the stores. Every weekend they once again do a check to see if they have sufficient stock. When stocks come in a supervisor and couple of employees stock them in there stores and do a manual count by checking the products and entering them into the books at the point of delivery and then re-enter it to a computer in the office. They do there functions all most everyday except for the salaries which needs to be done by the 25th of each month. And end of the month they do the final count to tally the total accounts of goods. And every two hours they go around the supermarket to check the stock balance on the shelves and restock them. Current system The company currently uses only a cash register program that helps the cashiers to do the daily transactions. .

As we found out the above are the limitations that is been faced by all departments of F & B Chain of supermarkets. Because of this the time lost and efficiency decreases and customer satisfaction might fall down as well. Waste of time by the current system has affected the employee mentality as well since they need to work late to finalize the product report end of the day. . And keeping books makes data redundancy as well since they enter it twice. One mistake can make an huge issue when it comes to payments. And most of the times they find inconsistency in final total tallying end of the day. And tracking is almost impossible. The accounts department to wastes a lot of time in cross checking supplier details and Purchase orders and going through loads of files to find history payments and added to this end if the month they need to calculate the salaries (-absence & + Overtime) to the employees. Currently the F & B chain of supermarkets are facing a problem where they have limited time to do everything that needs to be done with limited staff and in most occasions time is wasted on uncritical things. According to the supermarket management the above mentioned limitations are a major draw back for there daily business and especially when it comes to seasonal shopping. Basic problems & Limitations As we know in business time is money. In the supermarket business things need be done fast in a short amount of time. All most all of the stock inventory is done manually and most of the employees time and energy is wasted on it. This is a big issue to the business that they are running. And they need to keep a lot of books in order to keep track of products and if any kind of disaster takes place with those books all of there tracking will be washed out. The integrity of the manually entered data is been questioned.3.

employee details and to look at payments made to suppliers or dealers and history records of Customer receipts. we have planed to develop a computerized integrated Stock control system which include salary calculation plus dealer details. By installing this system the time wasted can be saved and efficiency of the employees can be increased while they can spend more time in improving customer satisfaction. To use this system they do not need specialized IT professionals but we are able to train the employees of each individual supermarket. And this will create a consistency across the chain of supermarkets coz even if an employee transfers from one Supermarket to another the process will be the same and has nothing to worry. and to gain time in a most cost effective way. This system is done with security as well as to improve the efficiency. This system will make life easy for the employees as well as for the Management. . The proposed system can vary from its original path but it would not be an huge change but few additional menus and more dialog boxes might come in depending on how the customer wants the GUI to look. This will take out maintaining books totally not needing to worry of loosing any data in the case of an disaster.4. And is able to cut down time wasted in uncritical activities by 55% and it can improve the employee satisfaction by 75% as well. This can be done in a signal point where it will update computers online. The new Stock Control System can improve the efficiency by 60%. Proposal of the new system Since F & B supermarkets face a lot of difficulty in the manual system when it comes to stock control and payments. coz the new system they could be backed up everyday. purchase items through the system.

With above hardware configuration the proposed system would execute without any problem. PC1 Brand Processor Speed Memory Hard disk PC2 Brand Processor Speed Memory Hard disk PC3 Brand Processor Speed Memory Hard disk IBM . It will be easy to use system comparing to the present system in operation. 10GB. . Our system will be placed in the cashiers area. All in all Pentium 3 and above computers with minimum256 RAM will be sufficient. 8GB.5. accounts and Managers cubicles. Database should support large number records as well network access and data entry. stores. All operations are done with a cash register and the accounts do it with a keyboard. 40GB (Some of the PCs upgraded) - HP-Compaq Pentium IV 2.4 GHz 256MB 40GB We found the above PC’s in the accounts department.Netvista Pentium IV 1. Initial new system requirements We found that existing PCs with following configurations. The existing systems in the supermarkets are not in graphical user environment.8 GHz 128MB 40GB IBM – 300GL Celeron 433MHz 128 MB (Upgraded) 4GB. The backend would be or the database would be selected based on high performance. System proposed will be developed on Graphical user environment. They will not need high graphic cards for this coz the proposed system will need only 800*600 resolution. They will need to upgrade the current computers and purchase more computers and we would recommend them to have XP as the Operating system in all Computers.

stationary cost will be cut down and storage space also will be reduced greatly. Further study will be carried out to implement a suitable procedure that management accepts to adopt to have better procedure in place for accurate information. This is to develop the system on minimum requirement and it will be testes throughout. And is able to cut down time wasted in uncritical activities by 55% and it can improve the employee satisfaction by 75% as well. The possible back end will be suggested at this stage would be Microsoft Access. . Multiple users will be able to work simultaneously unlike with the current system. Visual basic and Crystal reports. The front end would be developed using Visual Basic. accounts details and it will give a professional image to the supermarket entities as well. All the procedures will be adapted to the system. System will be developed on Pentium 3– 800Mhz with 256 Memory. Work distribution As with existing methods the system we develop also will function. This will be based on Access. 7. The new Stock Control System can improve the efficiency By 60%. 8. At any time staff can access to product. Mainly any duplicate work to be eliminated by introducing the system. Hardware and Software equipment The proposed system will developed on Microsoft Environment as company is using Microsoft operating system on all the PCs.6. Benefits Implementing a Integrated Stock Control system to the company will reduce the usage of books. The Front end and Back end also will be chosen to support MS windows environment. This will be changed after the consultation depending on the need. And duplicate entries in the manual process to be identified and a perfect system developed to save time and unnecessary effort in preparation of accounts. Valuable time wasted. Timely retrieval of information is the main idea. Minimum Hardware requirement for a better performance is 128 MB Memory and the processor Pentium 3or above.

Steve Bastiaensz Contact No. 2. Student Information This proposal prepared and submitted by. 1. Gavashkar Subramanium Contact No.10. LK040402829 0773 184630 LK040402797 0773 187 077 .

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