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7 DAYS OF CREATION (History of Governments & Nations)


myhla hwhy

Gen 2.4

Ihsouj Cristoj Mt 1.1

Krat Kurioj o Qeoj O [One] [keeping] to pan Krat [and] Wr[a] Rev 4.8


THE PARABLE OF 7 DAYS OF CREATION (History of Governments & Nations)

Sid Williams

myhla hwhy

Ihsouj Cristoj

wr[a Kurioj o Qeoj o [One] [keeping] to pan Krat [and] wr a] Rev 4.8
The God Can Count to Three Bible Series

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NEW JERUSALEM - AD 77; Sid & Barb Williams, A Living Link to the Millennium (1859-1959).

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Introduction ..................................................................... 4

1. Sixteen Names of the Gods Banned ............................. 9 2. The Seven Spirits of God ............................................ 12 3. Beginning and End of the World................................. 13 4. Ends of Kingdoms/Heavens and Earth .................... 16 5. First Day of Parable ................................................... . 19 6. Second Day of Parable ............................................... 22 7. Third Day of Parable ................................................... 24 8. Fourth Day of Parable .................................................. 29 9. Fifth Day of Parable .................................................... 33 10. Sixth Day of Parable .................................................. 35 11. Seventh Day of Parable .............................................. 43 12. Outline ...................................................................... 57 13. The End of the Earth Is Near; Gen 8.22 . 58

14. New Name of the God and the Iesous 60 Last Page: 67 Words: 41,271

INTRODUCTION But let Patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. If any of you lacks Wisdom, let him ask of the God (tou Qeou), who gives liberally and without reproach, and it will be given him. But let him ask in Faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from [wealth] of the Lord (tou Kuriou); he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways - Jas 1.4-8. 1) THE WISDOM THAT COMES FROM GOD. The testimony of the Lords mercy and power in our lives is beneficial to the babes in the Anointed (O Cristoj); and also, to the weak in Faith. But at the same time we must avoid boasting, as though we had done something by ourselves. For he who boasts, let him boast in Lord (en Kuriw) (2Cor 10.17). (1Cor 1.31 and Jer 9.24). Iesous (Ihsouj) identified the Wisdom that comes from God in these two Scriptures: 1) Here is Wisdom. He who has Understanding will calculate the number of the Beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is: 666 - Rev 13.18. 2) Here is the mind that has Wisdom: The 7 Heads are 7 Mountains on which the Woman sits - Rev 17.9. A) THE 7 HEADS. Many Protestant expositors have identified the first 6 Mountains, and B. W. Johnson, the writer of, The Peoples New Testament; with Notes (1891), had properly named all 7 Heads; or, Mountains. A Mountain is a kingdom in prophecy. These were: 1) Egypt, 2) Assyria, 3) Babylon, 4) Media & Persia, 5) Greece, 6) Rome, 7) Eastern Rome, 8) The 8th Head = Papal Rome; or, Babylon. The Premillennialists failed the test because of their fascination with Antichrist. They would invariably slip Antichrist into the list and mess up all of their deductions. But then, we can learn Wisdom just by listening to the right people. We do not have time here, but Johnson gave the explanation of all the features associated with these awful Beasts in the Scriptures. So then: The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong ..... but time and chance happen to them all Eccl 9.11. In other words, things of this nature do not come about by the will of man, but by the providence of God. Stated differently, You have to be in the right place at the right time. This is not only true of the race and the battle, but also of Wisdom. At the age of 10 years, I was blessed to hear a complete review of the book of Revelation by a historical approach commentator. Historical approach means that it is really true, as opposed to Preterism (past tense only) and Futurism (future tense only). Time and chance happened to me. B) NUMBER 666. The Greek words all represent a definite number, and this is how #666 is calculated. "I Protera" ( ) determines #666. This is translated, the tenth first of two. I = 10, P = 80, R = 100, O = 70, T = 300, E = 5, R = 100, A = 1. Total: 666.

The bishop of Rome was the first Ecumenical Bishop, and later the bishop of Constantinople declared himself the equal (or, second) Ecumenical Bishop. Pope Gregory I (r. 590-604) was unhappy about this, and he let him know about it! In AD 1054, the Eastern and Western Churches divided permanently, and this cause of friction was one of the reasons assigned by historians. Gregory was the 10th Pope since the government had resumed the promotion of Papal Powers, in AD 527. There were actually 12 popes, but two were unseated, and so, Gregory was the tenth first of two. The other two have been removed from the Catholic Churchs official list of popes. The 42 Months was from AD 600 to September of 1860, and so, Gregory is our man! C) LEARNING FROM PAGANS. God keeps us in our proper place by instructing us through the Knowledge of pagans. The servant of He Is (hwhy - no THE LORD) turns this Knowledge into Wisdom. We must be of a humble nature in order to respect the opinion of pagans; but they do know many things. Gods teaching includes the instruction, not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to do. Therefore, Joseph, the prophet of Gods (myhla) was instructed by Pharaohs dream. Pharaoh only knew the dream, and not the interpretation. In like manner, Daniel was instructed by the dream of Nebuchadnezzar. Therefore, in these two cases, the pagans supplied the Knowledge (from God), and the prophets of Gods (myhla) furnished the Wisdom. Knowledge and Wisdom were wed together to glorify He Is (hwhy). And, that brings us to the subject of this book, The 7 Days of Creation. For what reason, I know not, but I was reading the writing of an Atheist, and his assumptions on the story of the Creation of the World. Sometimes, God causes me to trip over Wisdom, which He has placed in my path. In other words, Wisdom is achieved accidentally. This is how the Holy Spirit works sometimes. This Atheist was a semi-bright fellow. Although I had read all of the book of Genesis several times, he observed things that I had missed. For instance, he noticed that there are 2 conflicting accounts of Creation in Genesis, Chapters 1 & 2. This had never caught my eye. His Knowledge of the subject was greater than mine. Look at the evidence: (1) Then Gods (plural) said, The earth, she will bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself on the Earth; and it was so ... So the Evening and the Morning were the third Day - Gen 1.11, 13. (2) In the day that He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) made the Earth and the Heavens, before any plant of the field was in the Earth, and before any herb of the field had grown, for He Is Gods had not caused it to rain on the Earth ... - Gen 2.4b-5. There you have the proof that the Atheist was semi-correct! The first Creation had the herb in the field on the Third Day of Creation. The second Creation had the Earth and the Heavens completed before any herb of the field had grown. The first Creation was identified, The Heavens and the Earth (1.1); while the second Creation was named, The Earth and the Heavens (2.4). When you are right; then you are right! However, his entire conclusion was faulty. He declared, The Bible is full of contradictions, and so, there is no God! He should have read, The fool has said in his heart, No Gods (myhla)! (Ps 14.1). But now that he had supplied the Knowledge, I felt obliged, as a servant of God, to seek the solution to the problem. The task of supplying the Wisdom had fallen on my shoulders. Right away, it was obvious that the forwards and the backwards Creation were different; whichever one you should consider forwards. We will refer to The Heavens and the Earth as being forwards because it is listed first (Gen 1.1). When we recall all of the Christians who have written books, supposedly exposing the folly of the scientists, about this account being, literally true, we burn with shame. They have all embarrassed God. The scientists point out that you cannot have the Heavens created on the second day (1.8), and the two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night (1.16) on the fourth day; if this is literally true. Also, you cannot have Light on the first day (1.5), and the two great lights, and the stars on the fourth day (1.16); if the account is literally true. It is obvious then, that the forwards Creation, The Heavens and the Earth is a parable. The remainder of the Bible, which had not yet been written, confirmed this parable. And, this is the task before us in this book: to interpret the Parable of Creation properly.

As we study, The 7 Days of Creation; or, The Parable of Creation the examples of the use of hours, and days, and months, and years as symbols for a period of prophesy is a necessity. Otherwise we would be feeding on the wind, or groping in the dark. When is literalism intended in the Bible? Several expositors have written, If the literal interpretation is absurd, or impossible to understand; then a figurative message is probably intended. This is easily demonstrated. (1) If your Right Eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your Members perish, than for your whole Body to be cast into Hell. And if your Right Hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your Members perish, than for your whole Body to be cast into Hell - Mt 5.29-30. If the literal interpretation is absurd ... Here we have a perfect example of what the expositors were referring to, when they made the quote above. Therefore, the Eye is a symbol for something else, as is the Hand. Iesous was a Teacher of parables (Mt 13.13). A parable is defined to be: A simple message, easily understood by all, with a hidden spiritual meaning. For instance, if your Right Eye, or Right Hand, had incurable cancer; then the surgeon would probably recommend cutting them out of the human body. Chemo-therapy would also probably be suggested, in order to make sure that all of the cancer was eliminated from the human body. But then, Iesous was not talking about the human body. He was addressing the nation of Israel; or, the Body of Israel. The context of these two verses was in a discussion of adultery (5.27) and divorce (5.31-32); spiritually speaking. The Divorce of Israel from the God was the subject under consideration. (2) How the faithful city has become a Harlot! - Isa 1.21. (3) Where is the certificate of your mothers (Zions) Divorce, whom I have put away? ... For your iniquities you have sold yourselves, and for your transgressions your mother has been put away Isa 50.1. Who was the Right Eye? -- and the Right Hand? We consult a Bible concordance, and the answer stands out immediately. (4) Woe to the worthless Shepherd, who leaves the flock! A sword shall be against his Arm and against his Right Eye; his Arm shall completely wither, and his Right Eye shall be totally blinded - Zec 11.17. The From Speaking (ek lektoj) of Israel, who were saved by the Lord Iesous, were named the From Calling. (ek klhsia = From Calling; and the word church was, and still is a corruption of the Bible.) From Caling of whom? Naturally, this would be out of Israel. The Eye referred to the blind leading the blind (Mt 15.14), while the withered Arm indicated the loss of the war with Rome (Mt 21.41-46). So then, the worthless Shepherd was the Right Eye and the Right Hand of the Body of Israel. As the Eye and the Hand were symbols in this parable, so the word Day is a symbol in The Parable of Creation; or, the Creation of The Heavens and the Earth (Gen 1.1). This shall be demonstrated convincingly, in due time, but first let us look at other symbols of periods of time. There are actually a good number of examples of this nature. We will avoid the over-kill, and limit our number of observations. The example with the most uniform interpretation was the 70 Weeks of Daniels prophecy. Weeks should have properly been translated, "Sevens"; but it all adds up the same anyway. And a Week; or, a Seven was not intended to be taken literally, as we shall see. 1) THE 70 SEVENS (WEEKS). (1) Seventy Sevens [Weeks] are determined for your people [Daniels], and for your holy city [Jerusalem], (1) to finish the transgression, (2) to make an end of sins, (3) to make reconciliation for iniquity, (4) to bring in everlasting righteousness, (5) to seal up vision and the prophet, (6) and to anoint the Most Holy [Ones] - Dan 9.24. (2) And after 62 Sevens the Anointed [not Messiah, Anointed] shall be cut off ... - Dan 9.26. A) THE CAUSE FOR CONFUSION.

These 6 propositions determined the End of the 70 Sevens! Other subjects were added to the prophecy later, and some were within the 70 Sevens, while some did not fall within these specified limits. One proposition included in the 70 Sevens was: But in the middle of the (70th) Seven He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering. Another subject, not included within the limits of the phrase, 70 Sevens, was: And the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the holy place (Temple). This conclusion was confirmed by the six propositions, and also, by the apostles interpretation of these propositions. As though this were not sufficient proof, The Anointed was Iesous, and His coming in the flesh was being described. Iesous was not in the flesh when the prince came to destroy the sanctuary, in AD 70; so that is out. The Jews invented Premillennialism, because they had rejected Iesous in the first century, and continued to reject Him when they dreamed up this scheme. Did you ever wonder why Premillennialism is chock full of Judaism? This is because the Jews invented it. They still have hopes of a different Messiah in the future. John Calvin, in his commentary on Daniel, exposed the Jews perversion, and a Rabbi named, Rabinel. [Does it not seem strange that the Calvinists today do not believe Calvin?] 2) THE SIX PROPOSITIONS INTERPRETED BY THE APOSTLES. A) TO FINISH THE TRANSGRESSION. (1) My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work - Jn 4.34. (2) I have glorified You on the earth. I have finished the work which You have given Me to do - Jn 17.4. (3) So when Iesous had received the sour wine, He said, It is finished! And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit - Jn 19.30. B) TO MAKE AN END TO SINS. (1) Now the end of the commandment is love from a pure heart ... This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that the Anointed (Messiah) Iesous came into the world to save sinners - 1 Tim 1.5, 15. [John Calvin: Lk 1.77.] (2) Son, be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you - Mt 9.2, Mk 2.5, Lk 5.20. (3) Assuredly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men (except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit) ... - Mk 3.28-29. (4) For I will forgive their iniquity and their sins I will remember no more - Jer 31.34. (5) ... whom God set forth as a sin offering by His blood ... because God had passed over the sins that were previously committed (or, past) - Rom 3.25. C) TO MAKE ATONEMENT (RECONCILIATION) FOR INIQUITY. (1) For if when we were enemies we were reconciled (atoned) to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life; and not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Iesous the Anointed (Messiah), through whom we have now received the reconciliation (atonement) - Rom 5.10-11. (2) ... that God was in the Anointed (not, Messiah) reconciling (atoning) the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them ... - 2Cor 5.19. [Calvin: Rom 4.25, 8.15, Gal 4.6.] It is beginning to appear as if the apostles will interpret all six propositions for us. D) TO BRING IN RIGHTEOUSNESS OF (or, for) EVERLASTING ONES. (1) But to you (Israel) who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings; and you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves - Mal 4.2. (2) For He made Him (Iesous) who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him - 2 Cor 5.21. [Calvin Rom 4.11 with Heb 10.1.] E) O SEAL UP VISION AND PROPHET. (1) And one of them, Caiaphas, being high priest that year, said to them, You know nothing at all, nor do you consider that it is expedient for us that one man should die for the people, and not that the whole nation should perish - Jn 11.49-50. [Calvin: Gal 4.4, Heb 1.2.] (2) Immediately after the tribulation of those days the Sun (King) will be darkened, and the Moon (Priesthood) will not give its light; the Stars (Jewish Prophets) will fall from Heaven (Government), and

the powers of the Heavens (Sun, Moon, Stars) will be shaken - Mt 24.29. [Calvin: 2Cor 1.20, 1Cor 10.11, Mt 11.13, Lk 16.16.] The bell had rung! -- school was out for the Jewish prophets. John goes on to say that Caiaphas did not speak on his own (Jn 11.49-50), referring to the fact that all prophesy is by the Holy Spirit. God prophesied through the high priest of Israel. See: 2 Tim 3.16, 2 Pet 1.20-21. F) AND TO ANOINT HOLY (PLACE) OF HOLY ONES. Then you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel: I am He Is Gods of you (mklhla hwhy) and there is no other (AD 28 - Lk 3.1) ... And it shall come to pass, afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh - Joel 2.27-28. [Calvin: Col 2.9, Jn 17.19.] Joel prophesied these three events: The Lord comes, and The Jews were Anointed, and The Gentiles were Anointed. Iesous came in the fifteenth year of Tiberius (AD 28 - Lk 3.1). The Jews were Anointed in AD 32, on the day of Pentecost. The Gentiles were Anointed in AD 35, when Peter went to talk with them. This defines both limits of the Seventieth of the Sevens! The beginning was Iesous ministry in the flesh, in AD 28. The Bible had divided flesh into Jews and Gentiles. The 120 students received the Spirit, and spoke with tongues, on the Day of Pentecost. Cornelius and his Gentile friends received the Spirit, and spoke with tongues, three and one-half years later. See: Acts 1.15, 2.1-4, 10.44-48. The midst of the Seven (Week) when Iesous was cut off was in AD 32. This is dated from the fifteenth year of Tiberius, in AD 28. AD 28 + 3.5 Years = AD 32. AD 32 + 3.5 years = AD 35. AD 28-35 = One Seven. 474 Years - 19 [20th Year of Artexerxes] = 455 BC. 70 Sevens = 455 BC to AD 35. 3) ISAIAHS PICTURE OF THE 70th SEVEN (WEEK). And it shall come to pass that from one New Moon to another [New Moon is understood], and from one Sevens (Sabbaths) to another [Sevens is understood}, all flesh [Jews & Gentiles] shall come to worship Me, says He Is (hwhy) - Isa 66.23. Iesous (Ihsouj), our Lord, and Savior, and law-giver (Isa 42.4, 42.4, 1Cor 9.21), had confirmed the law for one Seven (Week); which was 7 years. In the 15th year of Tiberius (Lk 3.1), Iesous began His ministry. After three and one-half years He was crucified, and in the following three and one-half years, concluding in AD 35, He had added the Gentiles to His From Calling (Church is a corruption of the Bible), and had trained Paul to be the apostle to the Gentiles. Therefore, 7 Days = 7 Years (AD 28-35). Each symbolic Day had a multiplier of 360 Days, making it equal to one literal Year. And so, the symbol, day was not intended to be taken literally. Iesous was a Teacher of parables. Literalism is certain death. [Sabbaths were confirmed by the Greek translation, called The Septuagint to always be in the plural number. The Hebrew manuscripts had the same letters for both singular and plural Sabbaths. These letters were: (TH), B, (SH). The Greek words were: , and , and . Whether Greek or Hebrew, the Sabbaths were always plural.] 4) EZEKIELS SYMBOLIC YEARS. (1) ... Israel will go out and set fire and burn the weapons (of Gog & Magog) ... and they will make fires with them for seven Years - Eze 39.9. Gog & Magog are determined to be the king of Babylon, and the kings warlords. This is determined by association. Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel are three prophecies that have parallel subjects throughout. Isaiah and Jeremiah condemned Babylon, but did not mention Gog and Magog. See: Isa 13 & 14 & 21.9; and Jer 50 & 51. On the other hand, Ezekiel condemned the same nations as the other two, including Moab, Tyre, Egypt, etc., but he did not condemn Babylon. But because Ezekiel condemned Gog & Magog, and not Babylon, we have concluded that Gog & Magog equaled Babylon. The remainder of Chapter 39, confirms our deduction. (2) Speak to every sort of Bird and to every Beast of the field: Assemble yourselves and come; gather together from all sides to My sacrificial meal ... - Eze 39.17.

Birds; or, Eagles were identified as nations, by Ezekiel. Two Eagles were named to be Egypt and Babylon. See: Eze 17.1-18. Daniels four great Beasts (Dan 7.1-7), were: Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. But in other prophecies Iesous indicated other nations by the words. Birds and Beasts. The Supper of God was the annihilation of the nation of Israel, in their war with Rome (AD 66-73). See: Rev 19.17-18. The 7 Years were the time between the first fall of Babylon, and the second fall. Cyrus, the Persian, My shepherd, My anointed (Isa 44.28, 45.1), took off the heads, so to speak, of Belshazzar, and his thousand lords, and their concubines, in 539 BC. This was the first fall of Babylon. Then, in the reign of Darius, Babylon, and all the other Persian provinces, became engaged in rebellion against the Persians. After two years of battle, Darius prevailed, and this was the second fall of Babylon. The foundation of the temple was laid in the second year of Darius, which began in 519 BC, and continued into 518 BC. See: Ezra 4.24, Haggai 2.10, Zec 1.7. Therefore 7 symbolic Years equaled the time from 539 BC until 518 BC; or, 21 literal Years. One symbolic Year equaled 3 literal Years; and one symbolic Day equaled 3 literal Days. We see the pattern developing of the word Day being employed as a symbol for a period of prophecy. 5) EZEKIELS SYMBOLIC MONTHS. For 7 Months the house of Israel will be burying them (bones of Magog), in order to cleanse the land (Israel) - Eze 39.12. Now we get involved with a case of metamorphosis. This is defined to be: A change of physical form by supernatural means. In fact, we have encountered double-metamorphosis! But this is not nearly as absurd as the message of the enemies of the cross. If you can swallow their camels before straining out a gnat, then you can comprehend this message. God had transferred the meaning of the bones of Magog from the literal bones to the sins of the house of Israel. They must be buried to clean up the land. Then, the New Birth is metamorphosis of another nature. Worldly men are transformed into spiritual beings; into a new creation (2Cor 17). And so, burying the bones means dipping for forgiveness of sins that are past. This began when the Lord Iesous commenced His ministry, in AD 28, and continued until AD 35, when a new period of time was introduced. AD 35 - AD 28 = 7 Years = 7 Months. Each Month had a multiplier of 12, and so, each Day would be 12 literal Days. As we examine the 7 Days of Creation, it will be stated clearly that the words Days are not to be taken literally. Iesous, himself, and the apostle, Paul will verify this fact. The very first Day of the Parable of Creation will be identified as a symbol for a period of prophecy. Let us have at it.

1 Seventeen Names of the Gods Banned. The single word "God" is LA (la) in the Hebrew found 395 times. 1) MYHLA (myhla) = plural "Gods"; Genesis 1.1, and 2,491 other times -- banned! These plural names were translated, singular "God." And -- recorded 220 times as plural "gods," when referring to plural pagan "gods." See: Judges 10.6. 2) HWHY (hwhy) = "He Is"; Genesis 2.4, and 6,375 times -- banned! "He Is" was translated, "the Lord";

which would be "!wdah" in Hebrew; but the words, "lord" (!wga) and "of lord" (ynda) were only connected to the definite article "h" (H) in Hebrew Scripture four times. Added to that fact, hwhy does not equal nwdah. NOTE: We have concluded these four exceptions and 634 times w/o the = error. 3) HLA (hla) = God of Her (H). This was translated, "only God"; ignoring the suffix, "her" - 92 times. Then it was corrupted to even omit the word "God" - 42 times. NOTE: The Greek letter, "Omega" is "w" (w) in the Greek, and long "oo" in English. 4) Iesous (Ihsouj) - 977 times -- banned! NOTE: There is no letter "J" in either the Greek alphabet, or in the, "1611 Authorized Version," or in the Geneva Bible, 1599; or in the Douay Old Testament, 1609. 5) "Anointed" (Cristoj) - 490 times -- banned! NOTE: Also recorded, "The Anointed" (O Cristosj). NOTE: Because there is no "christ" in the Bible, then logically, there are no "christians" (Acts 11.26; Strong's #5546) in the Bible; and there is no single "christian" (Acts 26,18, 1Pet 4.16) in the Bible. Strong's #5546: Cristianoj . "Christos" is "Anointed"; identified in all lexicons. Mr. Mounce recorded no noun declension compatible with an "-IANOS" case ending; and also no adjective declension was listed, "IANOS." This would indicate the chance of a compound word. Possibly this second word of the compound word is: "lian" (#3029), being translated, "exceeding" and "great" 5 times each was intended. In the second declension of nouns, "-OS" would indicate a male, nominative, singular noun; producing, "[man] [of] Great Anointed." So then, [of] CHRIST + [L]IAN + OS = [man] "of great anointed" - masculine, singular, nominative. "... In a little you are persuading me to become a [man] '[of] Great Anointed' (cristianon) (acc.)" - Acts 26.28. But whether this is right or wrong or close, the letters composing, "christ" do not belong in the English definition of, "christianos." But, the letters composing, "anointed" do belong in the English definition. 6) "The God" (O Qeoj) - corrupted over - 777 times, omitting, "the." NOTE: This name was recorded 70 percent of the time, in Romans, with the definite article, "the"; and 30 percent of the time without it. 7) Matthew 3.17: "... This is The Son (O Yioj mou) of Me , The [One] of Extreme Loving (o agaphtoj en w ), in whom I had found delight (eudokhsa). NOTE: "Agape love" is Extreme Love (both good and evil), and the case ending (-TOS) is sometimes defined to be a "genitive participle" (of Extreme Loving). See: Mounce's Analytical Lexicon to the Greek New Testament, 1993, page 42. The prefix, "be-" in the word of the translators, "beloved" has no corresponding prefix in the Greek. NOTE: These names for "The Anointed" (Mt 3.17) were recorded 9 times -- Mt 3.17, 12.18, 17.5 -- Mk 1.11, 9.7 -- Lk 3.22, 9.35, 20.13 -- 2Pet 1.17. 8) Acts 17.29. Qeion = Qe[on] [ag]ion = holy God; and "deity" is a Latin word, and is not a Greek word. Holy (agion) God (Theon). 9) Rom 1.20: Qeioths = Qe[oj][ag]io[s]thj; reading, "of the (TES) holy (AGIOS) God (THEOS)." And, "divinity" is a Latin word, and is not a Greek word. 10) Col 2.9: Qeothtoj = Qeo[s]th[j][zwvn]toj swmatikwj ; reading, "God of the living body."


Qeoj thj zwntoj swmatikwj; God (Theos) of the (Tes) living (zoontos) body (soomatikoos).
NOTE: There is no justification for the word "godhead" in the Bible translations. Consider, "the Head of Anointed": "... The Anointed is Head of all man, and Head of woman, the man; and Head of Anointed, the God" 1Cor 11.3. So then, we have no "three-headed" God. 11) Heb 7.11: nenomoQethto = of the (th[j]) new (ne[oj]) law (nomo[j]) [to] the (to) God (Qe[oj); "received the law" (KJV), omits "God" (Qe[oj]). The NKJV also omitted "God" (Qe[oj]). Of the (tes) new (neos) law (nomos) [to] the (to) God (Theos)." 12) Heb 8.6: nenvomoQethtai = new (ne[oj]) law (nomo[j]) of the (th[j]) God (Qe[ou]) He Is (tai). He Is (tai) new (neos) law (nomos) of the (tes) God (Theos). 13) 2Pet 1.3: Qeiaj = God (Qe[ou]) of Him (autou) of the (thj) of holy ([ag]ias\j) of power (dunamewj). Of holy (agias) of the (tes) of power (dunameoos) of Him (autou) of God (Theou). "Divine" (KJV, NKJV) is a Latin word. It is not a Greek word. 14) Rev 20.10: into the lake of the fire and (kai) of God (Qe[[ou]) of holy ([ag]iou); combined as Qeiou. And (kai) of holy (agiou) God (Theou). See: Daniel 7.9-10; where God is described to be, "fire." It is my opinion, that almost all "one-time-only definitions" are wrong. 15) Rev 14.10: "And they will be tormented with fire and 'in holy God' (Qe[w][ag]iw) before [face] of the holy messengers (aggelwn) and before [face] of the Lamb (tou Arniou)." NOTE: Qew translated, "brimstone" is an error. "The[oo]" is God in the dative case; and "[ag]ioo" is holy in the dative case; producing, "in holy God." 16) Rev 19.20: The two were thrown 'living' into the Lake of the Fire of the burning in God (en Qe[w][ag]iw)*. NOTE*: "The[oo][ag]ioo" = God - dative, holy - dative = in holy God. 17. Rev 9.17: "And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and ones sitting on them, having breastplates [of] red and blue and 'of no holy Gods'." [mh]deij (no) [ag]iw[n] (of holies) Qe[wn] (Gods). Qeiwdeij; Strong's #3367 (MNDEIS) and #40 (AGIWN) and #2316 (THEWN).


2 SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD. The receiving of the Spirits by Prayer, and the operations of the Spirits have been discussed in another file. Now we will look at various lists of the holy seven, from the Bible, in side-by-side columns. This will demonstrate the fact that each one of the seven Spirits of the God has a multifaceted personality. For instance, Faith is represented as the Teaching of Iesous (One Faith), and as the answer to Prayer (Counsel), and as Trust and Prayer (Faith). The other seven Spirits will be seen in different lights also. ISAIAH: (1) Wisdom and Understanding, (2) Counsel, (3) Might, (4) Knowledge, (5) Fear of "He Is" (hwhy; HWHY), (6) Judge (-ment), (7) Righteousness. EPHESIANS: One - (1) Body, (2) Spirit, (3) Hope, (4) Lord (Kurioj), (5) Faith, (6) Dipping, (7) God (Qeoj). ["One" replaces "the."] EZEKIEL: Face of; (1) Man, (2) Lion, (3) Ox, (4) Eagle; (5) Holy Spirit before the throne; (6) Iesous (Ihsouj) on the throne; (7) The God (O Qeoj) on the throne. GALATIANS: (1) Love, (2) Joy, (3) Peace & Self-control [Ihsouj], (4) Longsuffering [Holy Spirit], (5) Kindness & Goodness [the God; O Qeoj], (6) Faith, (7) Meekness [Dipping]. 1) The Spirit of Love is represented as the Face of a Man, and as One Body, and we (the Body) are the Righteousness of God in Him (Ihsouj). If we do not Love man whom we have seen, how can we Love the God (O Qeoj) whom we have not seen? 2) The Spirit of Faith is represented as the answer to Prayer (Counsel), and as being Lion-hearted, in our Belief in the God (O Qeoj), and as One Teaching. 3) The Spirit of Knowledge is pictured as the Ox plowing to sow the Seed, and represented by the Joy of sowing the Seed, and as the Hope of the message of the Seed sown, which was the resurrection in AD 77. Our Hope today is in the promised resurrection at the End of the Time. 4) The Spirit of Forgiveness is the result of Meekness, and the Fear of "He Is" (hwhy); for many are too proud to submit to the One Dipping. The Eagle is the symbol of Urgency in the Old Testament, for the God and the pagan nations, are predicted to swoop down like an Eagle destroying the enemies of the God. Iesous taught that unless you forgive your brother, you will not be forgiven. 5) The One Spirit of the Body represents Obedience to One Lord and One God; this is the Spirit of Obedience on earth. The seven Spirits before the throne are from the God in Third Heaven; and also, the Spirit is Longsuffering. 6) Iesous on the throne is the One Lord, and He is our Peace, and He demonstrated Self-control in going to the cross, for He opened not His mouth. Then, all Judgment is committed to the Son, and in a general list (which follows), Iesous is our Atonement.


7) Our Heavenly Father is One God on the throne with One Lord, and He has the Spirit of Might, or Strength, to destroy nations and individual men; or to deliver nations and men, and Body and Soul. The new Body of man is immortal; or, incorruptible. The God is also the Spirit of Adoption; this is into the Body on earth first, and then, into Third Heaven finally. We have been aided in our labors by 25 translations of previous men, and by a fine collection of Hebrew and Greek lexicons, and analytical lexicons, and by the 7 Spirits of the Lord God Almighty, and by the mercy of the Lamb.


(1) In the beginning Gods (myhla), creating (arb) of the-Heavens and of the-Earth - Gen 1.1. (2) This is the generations of the Heavens and-the-Earth, in (B) the (H) creating them (marbhb), in day doing of (Y) her (T) (twv[) He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) made Earth and-Heavens, before any plant of the field was in the Earth and before any herb of the field was grown ... - Gen 2.4-5. In the Hebrew language the conjunction, and is usually a prefix of one letter, which is added to either Heavens or Earth. The prefixes have been noted above by connecting and to the proper word with a hyphen (-). The word, Earth was noted with a sign of two asterisks, one above the other, to be the last word of the sentence. Our translation agrees with most Bible translations, and so, the reader does not necessarily have to understand how to read the Hebrew text. The Parable is found in verses (1.1 to 2.3), and the literal account of the Creation of the world is described in verses (2.4-2.25.) Writers of the Bible, who were not born yet when Moses wrote the account of Genesis, continued this pattern of expression until the end of the book of Revelation. See for yourself. (3) Then I saw a great white throne and The [One] sitting Himself [Middle Voice] on it, from face of who the Earth and the Heaven fled away - Rev 20.11. The Greek Interlinear Bible reads: h ghj kai o ouranoj the Earth and the Heaven (Mk 13.31). They are also recorded: of the heaven and of the earth; tou ouranou kai thj ghj.


Now we will observe selected verses to demonstrate both methods of creating the two realms. The physical Creation will be demonstrated first, followed by the Parable of Creation. We will limit ourselves to the majority of the translations of the Bible, at times; and to the conclusions of the Hebrew and Greek lexicographers at other times. 1) THE LITERAL CREATION: THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH (Genesis 2.4-5). (1) These [are the] generations [of] the-heavens and the-earth in day in the-creating them (M), in day He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) doing her (T) (twv[) earth and heavens; and all of herb [of] the field he was not yet in-earth and all of plant of the field he grew not yet, for He Is Gods sent not rain on the-earth and [there] was not man to-till the-ground - Genesis 2.4-5. This verse compares two creations of the-heavens and earth. The Third Day (1.11) records the creation of the grass, herb, and fruit tree; in the Parable. So then, in the literal creation, The-heavens and the-earth were created before [not yet] the grass, herb, and fruit tree. What was intended as the message of God was that the-heavens and the-earth were before, and without man, and grass, and herb, and fruit trees. THEN -- man was created (2.7), and a garden was planted by Gods (myhla), named Eden (2.8); and every tree for food (2.9) was added. There was a river to water the garden (2.10), and it became four heads (2.10). Gods took the man to dress the garden (2.15). THEN -- He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) formed every beast of the field [this shoots down Evolution, and man coming from an ape, for -- Man was formed before the ape was formed.], and every fowl of the air (2.19); and Gods made (hwh; "Eve" is mythical) (2.22). The Parable was: Light (Day One -1.5), and Heaven (Day Two - 1.8), and grass, herb, fruit trees (Day Three - 1.13), sun, moon, stars (Day Four - 1.19), and fowls and moving creatures (Day Five - 1.22), and man in Our image (Day Six - 1.31), and rest (Day Seven - 2.2). So then, we can see no logical connection between the literal creation (2.4-25), and the Parable (1.1-2.4). Everything mentioned in the literal creation, and the Fall and Curse of man (Chapter Three), fell under the First Day (Gen 1.1-5) of the Parable. Also the Atheist, who brought this to our attention, deemed these two creations to be a contradiction in the Bible. But we have the interpretation of the Parable. Other references to the literal creation follow. (2) They will praise of name [of] He Is (hwhy), for He will return (bwvn) name of Him to (L) alone of him (W) (wdbl) glory of him above Earth and-Heavens - Ps 148.13. (3) Where lives of you (tyyh) (Job) in foundation of [Me] (ydsyb) Earth? ..... And increasing (ksyw) in door of (Y) them (M) (mytdb) [the] Sea, in (B) bursting him (W) (wxygb) coming from womb? ..... The from days of you, commanding of (Y) hers (T; "days") (tywc), Morning, knowing She (T; days) (ht[dy) Morning of Her (H; days)? - Job 38.4, 8, 12. The Lord was lecturing Job about his impudence, in demanding to know why God had done something. In effect, He was saying, Who are you, little fellow, to question your Maker? The Lord was describing the physical universe, and He even went into a discussion of animal life on land, and in the sea, and in the air. Earth is recorded in verse four, and the Sea (on the Earth) in verse eight, and finally, Morning and Dawn, which represent the Heavens, in verse twelve. (4) And (W) the (H) men of (Y) them (M) (myvnahw) who not dying-them, striking them in (B) strong (LP') of (Y) them (M), and the cry of the City (on Earth) She (cry) went up to the-Heavens 1Sam 5.12. We have seen that men, on Earth, prayed with their hands raised to the Heavens (Sky). (5) ... and two of them, they crossed over in (B) dry Ground (Earth) ... and looking a chariot of fire appeared and horses of fire, and they separated between (nyb) two of them (Elijah & Elisha); and


Elijah, he went up in (B) a whirlwind [into] the-Heavens - 2Kin 2.8, 11. Again, Earth and the Heavens represented the physical Creation. Later, we shall demonstrate that the pattern is just as consistent for the Parable of Creation being described The Heavens and the Earth. (6) And he said, This the Wickedness! And he cast with her into inside the basket, and he cast of cover of the lead over mouth of her (basket). And I lifted eyes of [me] and I saw, and looking, Two Women they coming Her (Wickedness) and wind in wings of them; and (W) to (L) looking (HNH) wings as wings [of] the stork, and She (Stork = Two Women) lifted Her (Wickedness) of the basket between the-Earth and-between the-Heavens - Zec 5.8-9. Here we have three prefixes: (1) the-Earth, (2) and-between, (3) the-Heavens. This was the story of the second fall of physical Babylon (539 & 518 BC). The Two Women were the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Together, by the power and authority of God, they suspended Babylon between Earth and Heaven (figuratively speaking), until Pope Gregory I would establish spiritual Babylon in AD 600. Consistency! Consistency! This is the only way to comprehend the Bible message. (7) And he was, as finishing Solomon to the praying to He Is.(hwhy) ... the-this rising ... from kneeling on knees of him (on Earth) and mouth of him (wypkw) spreading of (Y) her (T) (tyvrp) [to] theHeavens - 1Kin 8.54. (8) And I heard of (TA) the man clothing the linens, who from above to (L) [place] from (M) waters of the river (on Earth), he held up right hand of him and left hand of him to the-Heavens, and swore in (B) living (yxb) [Him] to ever ... - Dan 12.7. Children can comprehend that this message is about the physical Earth and the Heavens. Now consider another verse very similar. (9) And the messenger (aggeloj) whom I saw standing on [face] of the Sea and on [face] of the Earth raised up of the hand of him into (eij) the Heaven - Rev 10.5. Although it is disgraceful to mention the fact, some today have been deceived not to believe in the End of the World. At the same time, others match their lack of Faith, by saying that it can not happen now. God, who knows the thoughts of man, has had it recorded that all of the nations which He destroyed believed that it could not happen to them. Consider Noah and the Flood. Although he warned men while he was building the ark, he could not muster a single convert, except for his family. But if any of the readers are presently deceived about this point, we hope to change their minds. 2) THE LITERAL END OF THE WORLD. (1) While all of days of the earth [remain], seedtime and harvest, cold and heat*, winter and summer, and day and night not (al) remaining (bvy) you (t) [in] them* (w) - Gen 8.22. In grammar, and in logic, this is known as an implication. In other words, although all of these things will be preserved by God, while the earth remains; it is implied that the earth will not always remain. Copenhagen Summit on climate change indicated End of Earth is Near; December 2009. (2) ... If anyone worships the Beast and the Image of him [Holy Roman Emperor], and receives a Mark [3 = 2] in [place] of the Forehead of him [Mind] or in the Hand of him [Utility & Financial Donations], and he will drink, himself, from [bitterness] of the wine of the wrath of the God, of the [thing] having been mixed undiluted in the cup of the wrath of Him. He will be tormented in Fire and holy God (Qe[w][ag]iw) [Persecution] in the presence [on earth] of the holy messengers and in the presence of the Lamb (tou arniou) [Who sees from Third Heaven] ... [This referred to the 42 Months: AD 600 - May 1860.] ... Here is the patience of the holy ones [Martyrs of First Resurrection], the [ones] keeping the commandments of the God and the faith of Iesous [Not to Receive the Mark of the Beast; and this was the First Resurrection - AD 1775.] And I heard a voice from [place] of the heaven saying to me, Write! Blessed the Dead, the [ones] dying in Lord from now [on] [Final Resurrection - Rev 20.11=15], Yes, says the Spirit, So that they may rest from [affliction] of the labors of them, and the works of them follow - Rev 14.9-13.


And the Pope teaches that there are only two resurrections [3 = 2]; and the churches believe him. So then, at the Final Resurrection, there will be no men of earth. Possibly, as implied in Genesis, Chapter Eight, when this happens, there will be no more earth. (3) Then I saw a great white throne and The [One] sitting on it, from whose face the Earth, and the Heaven fled away. And there was found no place for them - Rev 20.11. In the following verses, the places for the just and the unjust are described to be the Sea [of Glass - 4.6], and Death and Hell. The Earth and the Heaven is ambiguous throughout the Bible, referring at times to the Sky, and other times to the Governments [Heavens] and the Population [Earth] of nations recorded to have been overthrown; and also it is meant to be taken literally many times. So then, the just and the unjust went to their places, but there was no place found for the Earth and the Heaven. In light of these facts, The Earth is doomed! And presently, Global Warming is destroying the Earth. 3) THE SUN, MOON, AND STARS DARKENED. (1) To face of them, the Earth [Israel] trembling ; the Heavens shaking; Sun [Zedekiah] and Moon [Levitical Priesthood] darkening them, and the Stars [Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah] holding them shining of them [in 588 BC] - Joel 2.10. (2) The Sun [Antipas], he will be turned to darkness, and the Moon [Levitical Priesthood] to blood [AD 69], to face of He Is (hwhy) day of coming, the great and the awesome - Joel 2.31. So then, whether literal or symbolic, the Heavens and the Earth are doomed!


1) BABYLON IS FALLEN, IS FALLEN (Isa 21.9). Burden [against] Babylon that looking Isaiah the son of Amoz .....For Stars of the Heavens (Astrologers) and Constellations of them (Soothsayers) not praising them (wlhy), light of them; the Sun (Belshazzer) darkening in coming her (T) [to] him (W; day) (wtacb) and Moon (Thousand Lords) will not give light of him .... For this I will shake Heavens (Sun, Moon, Stars), and the Earth (Babylon) she will move from place of Ner, in the wrath of He Is of hosts (twabc hwhy) and in Day of fierce anger of Him - Isa 13.1, 10, 13. Compare: Daniel, Chapter 5. Therefore, The Heavens and the Earth signified the Babylonian Empire, which was overthrown by God. The prophet of God, Isaiah, had proclaimed this fact about 200 years before the fact. [739 BC 539 BC = 200 Years.] Another prophet of God, Jeremiah, had decreed the fate of Babylon in the fourth year of his reign (Zedekiahs): or, about 595 BC. [595 BC - 539 BC = 56 Years. See: Jer 51.59.] Ezekiel had predicted the ruin of Gog and Magog, which was the king of Babylon and the


Thousand Lords, in the 27th year (of the captivity of Jehoiachin; which was consistently referred to in this book); or, in about 573 BC. [573 BC - 539 BC = 34 Years.] 2) THE FALL OF JUDAH; OR, THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. (1) To face of them (Babylonians) Earth (Judah) trembling, Heavens shaking them; Sun (Zedekiah) and Moon (Levitical Priesthood) darkening them, and Stars (Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah) holding [back] shining of them - Joel 2.10. The Earth and Heavens is symbolic of the universe shaking under the tread of the Babylonian army. Then, the Sun, Moon, and Stars represent the Heavens (Government) of Earth (Israel). (2) For Jerusalem stumbling her, and Judah falling, for tongue of them, and from doings of (Y) them (MH) (mhyll[mw) against He Is (hwhy), to rebellions eyes of glory of Him - Isa 3.8. (3) And she will be all of Earth, the-this, to waste, to astonishment and an astonishment, and thethese, the Nations (12 Tribes) they will serve of king of Babylon seventy years - Jer 25.11. The darkening of the Sun, Moon, and Stars was the Fall of Judah, in 588 BC. 3) THE FALL OF EGYPT; OR, THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. (1) Son of man, lift (av) a lamentation for Pharaoh King of Egypts [always plural in Hebrew], and saying Her (Lamentation) [to] God of (Y) him (W) (wyla) .... And covering of Me (YT) in (B) quenching of (W) Her [of] you (K) ($twbkb), and the blacking of Me (ytrdqhw) of Stars (Magicians) of them; I will cover him, Sun (Pharaoh), in clouds, and Moon (Sorcerers & Wise Men), he will not lighten light of him. All of from shining of light in Heavens (Governments), I will darken them, over of [Heavens} of you, and giving of Me darkness over Earth of you, saying Lord of [us], He Is (hwhy ynda) - Eze 32.2, 7-8. Egypt was cursed with many falls. Cambyses II, of Persia conquered the land during his reign (529-522 BC); and Xerxes I invaded Egypt in about 480 BC. The following kings of Persia ruled over Egypt until they were overthrown in 331 BC. But Alexander the Great had possessed the land in 332 BC. However, we find another quote that more exactly dated this prophecy. (2) Son of man, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, the servant (dyb[h) of army of him, serving her great against Tyre ... yet neither he nor his army received wages from Tyre ... Therefore so saying Lord of [me] He Is (ynda hwhy), The seeing of [Me], giving to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon of Earth of Egypts (plural) ... lifting the numbering, and spoiling spoiling of her, and despising despising of her; and she will be hire to army of him - Eze 29.18-19. Nebuchadnezzar ruled 34 years (606 BC - 572 BC), and so, the curse on Egypt would be after Jerusalem fell, in 588 BC, and after the war against Tyre for 13 years. Possibly, the Babylonians conducted both wars simultaneously for a short period. This prophecy was in the 10th year (of the captivity of Jehoiachin). See: Eze 29.1. [598 BC - 9 Years = 589 BC.] 4) THE FALL OF EDOM; OR, THE HEAVENS TO BLOOD. (1) And they will pine away all host of the Heavens (Sun, Moon, Stars), they will be rolled up as a book, the Heavens (Governments), and all of host of them, he (host) will fall as leaf from vine, and as fading from fig tree. For she will fill (htwr) in Heavens (Governments); sword of Me, looking on Edom, coming down, and on people of destruction of [Me], to judgment - Isa 34.4-5. Esau was the father of the nation of Edom, and they were under a double curse. Esau, and his progeny, were cursed because he had despised his inheritance -- which was from He Is. He Is also condemned Edom for helping the enemies of Judah during Jerusalems destruction. (2) So saying Lord of [me], He Is (hwhy): Because Edom doing to house of Judah in vengeancing vengeance, and they trespassed, trespassing, and avengeancng them in them, therefore so


saying Lord of [me] He Is (hwhy): And stretching of Me, hand of [Me] against Edom, and the cutting off of Me (YT) from her man and beast, and giving of Me [to] Her (hyttnw) wasting from Teman and Dedan they will fall in sword - Eze 25.12-13. Babylon was the messenger of He Is against Edom, as she had been for Judah. 5) THE FALL OF ISRAEL; OR, THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. (1) And shaming her, the Moon (Levitical Priesthood), and confounding her, the Sun (Antipas) ashamed; for the He Is of hosts (twabc hwhy) 'kinging' in Mount Zion (Third Heaven - Rev 14.1) and in (New) Jerusalem and before His (24) Elders, gloriously - Isa 24.23. [See: Elders - Rev 4.4, 10.] (2) And giving of Me (YT) wonders in-Heavens (Governments) and-in-Earth (Israel); blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The Sun (Antipas), he will be turned to darkness, and the Moon (Levitical Priesthood) to blood, to face of [Me] (ynpl) day of the great He Is (hwhy), and the 'he will fear' - Joel 2.30-31. Peter quoted this verse with verses 28 & 29, on the Day of Pentecost. See: Acts 2.17-21. The anointing of the Holy Spirit of God and the destruction of Jerusalem are coupled together in this prophecy. Joel wrote in about 713 BC. [713 BC to AD 70 = 783 Years.] Isaiah wrote about 723 BC; see: Isa 20.1; 2Ki 18.17. [723 BC to AD 70 = 793 Years.] (3) For truly where ever the carcass (of Israel), there the Eagles (Roman legions) will be gathered together. But immediately after the tribulation of those days the Sun (Antipas) will be darkened, and the Moon (Priesthood) will not give light of her; and the Stars (Jewish Prophets) will fall from [place] of the Heaven (Government), and the powers of the Heavens (Governments of Israel) will be shaken Mt 24.28-29. Iesous and Josephus, the Jewish historian, combine to identify the Sun as Antipas. (4) I know the works of you, and where you are dwelling (Pergamos), where the throne of Satan is (altar to Zeus). And you hold fast to the name of Me, and did not deny My faith even in the days in which Antipas was the faithful witness of Me, who was killed among you, where the Satan (Israel) is dwelling (Jerusalem) - Rev 2.13. Josephus had documented that the Jews were continually escaping from Jerusalem, while it was surrounded by Titus, and the Roman legions; and Titus let them go their way. Antipas was not a faithful servant of Iesous, but rather he was faithful to the prophecy about the Sun being darkened. This is similar to He Is addressing the pagan Cyrus, the Persian, as My shepherd, and My anointed; and also, naming Nebuchadnezzar, My servant. See: Isa 44.28 & 45.1; and: Jer 27.6. Josephus was rather windy, and so we shall summarize his comments. He identified Antipas as being of the royal lineage, and John of Gischala murdered him. Then, The Sun was darkened. It does not get much darker than that. The Bible consistently identified the Heavens and the Earth to be a symbol for the Government and the Subjects of various nations. Zechariah, without mentioning the symbols, listed the elements of Heaven, and the Earth in these terms: The House of David (Sun = King); the house of Nathan (Star = Prophet); the houses of Levi (Priest) and Shimei (Scribe) (Moon = Levitical Priesthood); and all the houses that remain (Earth = Israel). See: Zec 12.10-14. Then Iesous was predicted to be, The Sun of Righteousness; and recorded to be The King of Israel. In mathematics, Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. [Mathematics is the most exact science known to man.] And so we conclude mathematically: Iesous = Sun; and: Iesous = King. Therefore the Sun = King. Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. 6) ONCE MORE, FOR THE RECORD: FALL OF HEAVENS AND EARTH. (1) But the now Heavens and the Earth in the word of Him (tw logw autou) are preserved into day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly men ... But the Day of Lord will come as a thief in Night,


in which the Heavens will pass away with a great noise, and Elements (Sun, Moon, Stars) being burned up will be loosened; both Earth and the Works in Her (Israel) will be burned up - 2Pet 3.7, 10. During the Dark Ages (AD 500-1000), when all known men were retarded, the Popes and their priests taught that this was the End of the (Physical) World. But then, the kingdom of God is everlasting (Dan 2.44). Where were the servants of God? (2) And two wings of a great eagle were given to the Woman (New Jerusalem) so that she might fly into the wilderness into the place of Her, so that she might be nourished there a Time and Times and half a Time (1260 Years), from face of the Serpent (Satan) - Rev 12.14. As a result of this fleeing, the world was left in darkness. Pope Gregory I (r. 590-604) was the Father of the Dark Ages. Then, Pope Leo III was the Father of the Papal Inquisitions. And, Europe was a bloody mess; as an Englishman would put it. (3) Dark Ages ... from about 476 A.D. to about the end of the 10th century; so called from the idea that this period in Europe was characterized by intellectual stagnation, widespread ignorance and poverty, cultural decline, etc. The Pope is back in charge today, and so, the dictionaries and history books have been tampered with in our society. This has been termed revisionist history, and pluralism. Forgive me for reminiscing about the Millennium. But, the Heavens and the Earth still referred to the nation of Israel, and their death in the war with Rome (AD 66-73). 7) CONCLUSION. The Heavens and the Earth were parables of Creation of kingdoms, which have all come and gone -- except the kingdom of God. Now then, knowing the difference between physical and symbolical, and being familiar with the entire Bible story, we are prepared to identify, The 7 Days of Creation.


"In beginning Gods (myhla), creating of the Heavens and the Earth. And the Earth, she was (htyh) vanity (wht), and emptiness; and Darkness over face of Deep (Sea). And Spirit of Gods [was] hovering on the face of the Waters (Nations). And He said, Gods, He will be Light; and he was Light. And Gods, He saw of the Light, for [it was] good; and Gods, He divided between the Light and between the Darkness. And He called, Gods, to Light, Day, and to Darkness calling Night. And he was Evening and he was Morning: first Day - Gen 1.1-5. A) IESOUS TEACHES BY PARABLES; OR, SYMBOLISM.


We have seen that the Heavens and the Earth were symbols for nations; or, kingdoms. God would shake the Heavens and the Earth, and overthrow the nations. See: Isa 13.13, 24.18-23; Eze 38.18-23; Joel 14-16. Our Lord, and Maker, also darkened the Suns (Kings), and Moons (Senates), and Stars (Prophets). Then Waters and Streams and Floods and the Sea had been identified to symbolize nations. See: Waters: Rev 17.15, Jer 47.1-4; Streams: Isa 66.12; Floods: Ps 98.7-9, Ps 93; Is 59.19, 60.5; Sea: Isa 57.20, Hab 1.12-17. Now we are confronted with the separation of Night and Day. Moses recorded that one day ended at sundown, and the next day began at sundown. These words confirm the fact: In month, the first, in four and ten of month, between the Evenings [or, at twilight], Passover to He Is (hwhy). And in (B) five and ten day, to month, the-this, Feast the Unleavened Bread to He Is (hwhy) ... Lev 23.5-6. The Jewish day began and ended at twilight; or, sundown. Josephus confirmed the order of the Passover feast of the lamb, at night; and the Feast of Unleavened Bread at the congregational assembly in the daytime. But both periods, Evening and Morning were considered to be the same calendar day. The Jews today still teach this point, in fact, a Rabbi shared his time with me on the subject. Therefore, all of the Darkness (Night) came first, followed by all of the Light (Day) for any specific day of time; or, any period of prophecy designated a day. In the Parable of Creation, Night and Day follow the literal pattern for the Israelites. In other words, we will have a period of apostasy followed by a period of revival for each of the parabolic days. B) EVENING OF THE FIRST DAY. (1) And He Is Gods (myhla hwhy), He commanded the man, to saying, From all of tree of the garden eating; you will eat, and from of the Tree [of] the Knowledge of Good and Evil you will not eat from him, for in Day eating you from him, dying, you will die - Gen 2.16-17. (2) And the woman, she said to the Serpent, We will eat from fruit of the fruit of the tree of garden; and from fruit of the Tree that in middle of the garden, Gods (myhla) saying, You will not eat from him, and not you will touch in him that you will die with them [fruits]. And the Serpent, he said to the woman, Not dying you will die with them ... For Gods knowing that in day, eating of you from him, eyes of you, they will be opened, and lives of you (mtyyhw) as Gods (myhla), knowing Good and Evil - Gen 3.2-5. (3) And He said, He Is Gods (myhla hwhy), Look, the man being (hyh) as one from Us, to knowing Good and Evil. And now, lest he put his hand and take also of the Tree of the Lives (myyxh; Iesous), and eating, and living to ever -- and He Is Gods (MYHLA HWHY), He sent him from garden of Eden to till of the ground from that taking from there - Gen 3.22-23. (4) In sweat of face of you, you will eat bread until returning you to the ground, for from her taking you; for dust with her (hta), and to dust you will return - Gen 3.19. This was the sentence of Death, and of Darkness, and of Evening -- in-Day; see this verse: Gen 2.17. But then, Man lived 930 years (Gen 5.5). And so, the Day was not literal! We shall observe other Days of Creation that were also symbols for periods of prophesy. But that was not all of the Night. Cain had something to do with that Day. (5) And he said, Cain to Mourning (lba), brother of him; 'We will go [to] the field.' And he was (yhyw) in being of them (mhwyhb), in field, and Cain rose up against Abel, brother of him, and he killed him - Gen 4.8. Now then, Man and Eve had been driven from the presence of Gods, and He Is put a mark on Cain, and he and his family were separated from the family of God, who later came from Seths seed. This is the story of Darkness, preserved for our benefit. First was rebellion against He Is, and then came murder; and these were followed by the Curse of God (Chapter 3).


C) THE MORNING OF THE FIRST DAY. (1) And knowing Man (mda) again of wife of him, and she gave birth (dltw) a son and she called out name of him, Seth, For Gods setting to me another seed under (txt) Mourning (bla), for the killing him, Cain. And to Seth also, this, he was son born and he called to name of him, Enosh. Then, 'the he began' (lxwh) to calling in the name [of] He Is (hwhy) - Gen 4.25-26. (2) And he/she* did walk ($lhtyw), Enoch, walked with the Gods (myhlah); and desiring not (wnnyaw), for Gods taking with Her (Soul; hta) - Gen 5.24. NOTE *: The double Person Indicators, he (Y) and she (T) refer to man (he) and his soul (she). Now, truly, joy had returned to the sons of men. Gods said, He will be LIGHT! D) CALCULATING MANS DEATH; AS TO WHAT DAY IT WAS. Next we seek to find the Evening of the second Day. When was the next period of apostasy? Is the following Scripture a convincing suggestion? So He Is (hwhy), He said, I will blot out (hxma) of the man whom creating of Me (YT) from on face of the ground (hmdah), from man to beast, to creeping things and to bird of the heavens, for comforting of Me (YT) (ytmxn) for doing of Me (TY for YT) them (M) (mtyv[) - Gen 6.7. Does this qualify for Evening (Darkness)? We will consider a chart of the limits of the first Day, and decide if Man actually died in the-day. What do you think? LXX Man xth (Seth) Man (Enosh) Nest (Cainan) From Praise of God (Mahalaleel ) Put Down (Jared) Dedicated (Enoch) Man of Putting Off (Methuselah) Taught (Lamech)c Rest (Noah) Totals: 2242 1656 Years. 230 205 190 170 165 162 165 167 188 600 HEBREW 130 105 90 70 65 162 65 187 182 600 = The Flood

The first Day was for 1656 years; or, for 2242 years. And Man died at the age of 930 years. Therefore, he did not live to see the second Day. NOTE: There is no record of how long Man and Being (mythical, Eve) lived in the garden of Eden. Therefore, the Creation of Man and Woman was one event, and The Beginning of Time was another story beginning with the expulsion from the garden of Eden. Also, the Creation of the Universe was before the Creation of Man, and before the Beginning of Time.



And He said, Gods (myhla), He is Spreading ([qr) between the Waters (Nations), and he is dividing between Waters (Nations) to Waters (Nations). And He did (v[yw), Gods, of the Spreading, and He divided between the Waters that from under (subject to) to Spreading and between the Waters (Nations) that from on (ruled over) to Spreading (Government); and he was so. And He called, Gods, to Spreading, Heavens (Governments). And he was Evening and he was Morning: second Day - Gen 1.6-8. The first point of order is to recognize that there are two Heavens in the Parable of the 7 Days of Creation. During the account of the second Day the Heavens were named the Firmament. However, Iesous teaches in synonyms, and in His description of the fourth Day, the Heavens were recorded as the Sun and the Moon and the Stars also (Gen 1.14-19). Heaven and Earth in Isaiah, Chapter 13, were the Sun, and Moon, and Stars of Babylon, at its fall in 539 BC. This has been proclaimed before we reach the fourth Day, so that the reader will not be confused; and to let you know that we have everything under control. A) THE EVENING OF THE SECOND DAY. It was necessary to expose this as the rebellion against He Is, resulting in the Flood, while we were discussing the first Day. But now we will consider the time element involved between the Flood and the Morning of the second Day. All the population of the Earth was lost in the Flood, except for eight souls from the family of Noah. Darkness continued until He Is called Abram out of his native land to become the father of many Nations. The Darkness was recorded: ... this saying He Is Gods of (yhla hwhy) Israel: Fathers of you, beyond the river (Euphrates) they lived, from long ago, Terah, father of Abraham and father of Nahor, and they served other gods (myhla). And I took of father of you, of Abraham from beyond the River, and I walked with him in all the of Earth of Canaan, and I multiplied seed of him, and I gave to him of Isaac - Josh 24.2-3. This is what the theologians call, Revealed Religion. He Is revealed Himself to Abram by speaking to him from the Heavens, and through angels. Abrams father was a pagan, if we accept what we read here. So then, there was a period of time, we know not how long, when there were no believers in God upon the face of the Earth. Now, God was creating the Heavens (Governments), and calling His chosen people. But let us get back to chronology. The Creation of Time; or, The Beginning of Time, was in 4148 BC; or, 5614 BC, depending on which account you prefer. But this was only the Creation of Man (and, his Fall from Favor), and the Bible does not document an approximate age for the Earth. [4148 BC - 1656 Years = The Flood in 2492 BC.] The Septuagint (LXX) calculates the Flood: [2065 - Promise to Abram + 1307 Years = 3372 BC.] The prophecies of God, and the books of the kings of Israel and Judah, produce the date for the year that Abram received the Promise. This begins with the reign of Darius I, in 520 BC, which is confirmed by many historical documents; although some quibble about a year, or two. Darius wrote a book about his wars against rebels, and denoted this his first year; but nothing could be farther from the truth. The entire Persian Empire was in a state of revolt. We perceive that the end of the wars began Darius first years, from 519 and into 518 BC.


LXX Shem begot Arphaxad: 2 (years after the Flood - Gen 11.10) Arphaxad 135 Cainan 130 Salah 130 Eber 134 Peleg 130 Reu 132 Serug 130 Nahor 179 Terah 130* Abram, 75 (at promise - Gen 12) Totals: back.). 1307 Yrs.

HEBREW 2 35 0 30 34 30 32 30 29 130* 75 427 Yrs. (Beginning at 2065 BC, and counting

* Terah died at the age of 205 years (Gen 11.32), when Abram was 75 years old (Gen 12.4). [205 Years - 75 Years = 130 Years of age for Terah when Abram was born.] That was a lot of Darkness! If it was truly all Darkness. But this began an indeterminate period of time before the Flood (in 2492 BC; or, 3372 BC -- give, or take a little), which was brought about because of apostasy. Moses recorded the situation in these words: The giants being them (wyh) in Earth in days, the-those, and also after of [them], there that the sons of the Gods (progeny of Seth) they came to daughters of The Man (ancestors of Cain) and they bore children to them. The What (hmh), The Mighty ones who from of old, men of The Name. And He Is (hwhy), He saw for great wickedness of The Man in Earth, and all of form of thoughts of heart of him was only Evil all of the day ... And the Earth she was destroyed to face of the Gods, and the Earth was full of violence - Gen 6.4-5, 11. Therefore, the Light from the first Day of the Parable of Creation was turned to Evening (Darkness) of the second Day. B) THE MORNING OF THE SECOND DAY. "And he (Joseph) dreamed again, dreaming one, and he told with him (wta) to brother of him, and he said, Look, dreaming of me (YT) another dream. And look, the Sun, the Moon, and one and ten (11) Stars bowing them to me. And he told to father of him (Jacob) and to brother of him; and father of him, he rebuked him, and he said to him, What the dream, the-this, that dreaming you? The coming, we will come, I (Sun), and mother of you (Moon), and brother of you (11 Stars) to the bowing of Her (Assembly) to you [to] ground? - Gen 37.9-10. The Darkness of the second Day had dawned to Light, when the Spirit of prophesy from God was sent to men of Earth. Jacob was also a prophet, as his father, Isaac, and his grandfather, Abraham, had been before him. Joseph was the fourth generation of prophets in the family. Together, the four of them spread much Light in the world. But Josephs brothers sold him into captivity into Egypt. He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword (Rev 13.10). He Is sent a great famine on the Earth, and because Joseph had prepared Pharaoh for the emergency, by interpreting his dream, he was made governor of Egypt. Jacob and his family had to go to Egypt in order to survive the famine; and -- they had to bow down to Joseph! The Promise to Abram was in 2065 BC, when he was 75 years old. At the age of 100 years, in 2040 BC, his son Isaac was born (Gen 21.5). When Isaac reached the age of 60 years, in 1980 BC, he had a son named, Jacob. Jacob entered Egypt, in 1850 BC, at the age of 130 years (Gen 47.9).


Although the fathers were part of the Heavens (Firmament), still there was no Earth, for they had more rulers than subjects. But that is the story of the next Day. C) THE WATERS (NATIONS) UNDER THE SPREADING. The 12 Tribes of Israel were subject to the Government; or, under the Spreading. These were recorded to be: Rueben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph, Benjamin. See: Gen 49. One of these tribes was not listed in the remnant saved. The new list was recorded to be: Judah, Reuben, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, Benjamin. See: Rev 7.5-8. Josephs two sons were Ephraim and Manassah. Ephraim (the nation) was condemned by the prophets because of idolatry with Jeroboams two golden calves. The second golden calf was located at Dan. Therefore, Dan and Ephraim were lost, and Josephs son, Manassah, was added to the remnant saved. Ephraim was not included in the original list, and so, Manassah was the substitute for Dan in the remnant saved. These 12 Nations (Waters) were under (subject to) the Firmament (Government of Israel). D) THE WATERS (NATIONS) ABOVE THE SPREADING. Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, were prophesied to be afflicted for 400 years (Gen 15.13; 2035-1635 BC). Wars were recorded in Genesis, Chapter 14, before Israel became a Nation (Water). The kings of the warring Nations (Waters), who Abraham was subject to in secular matters were: Amraphel, Arioch, Chedorlaomer, Tidal, Sodom, Admah, Zeboiim, and Zoar. Although Abraham did win one battle to recover his nephew, Lot, who had been carried off in the war; nevertheless he is recorded to have been a man of peace. Disputes over wells that he and Isaac had dug, were resolved by the fathers of Israel packing up, and moving on. Abimelech, the king of Gerar, disputed with Abraham for one of his wells (Gen 21.25-34). The two of them made a covenant, and named the site of the pact, Beersheba. But the 12 Nations (Waters) of Israel did not possess any military might until they destroy Jericho (1594 BC), and began to drive the 7 Nations (Waters) out of the Promised Land; which was the land of Canaan. Jacob led 66 souls into Egypt to serve Pharaoh. [Jacob + 66 Souls + Joseph + Manasseh + Ephraim = 70 Souls.] These 70, and their descendants, and servants, were later to be oppressed by a new Pharaoh that did not know Joseph. In summary, the Heavens (Spreading), which was the Government of Israel, was a spiritual operation to make known He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) to Abrahams descendants. While being subject to other Nations (Waters) in secular affairs, they were dedicated to the Local Spreading in spiritual matters. They did not become a Nation (Waters) until the third Day of the Parable of the 7 Days of Creation.


And He said, Gods (myhla), They will be gathered, the Waters (Nations) from under the Heavens to one place, and she appeared, the dry ground; and he was so. And He called, Gods, to dry ground, Earth, and to gathering of Her, the Waters (Nations), calling, Seas. And He saw, Gods, for [it was] good. And He said, Gods, She will herb (avdt) the Earth: Herb, Grass, from seeding seed, Fruit


Tree doing Fruit to kind of him that seed of him in him on the Earth; and he was so. And she brought out [on] the Earth: Herb, Grass, from seeding seed to kind of him, and Tree (King) doing Fruit that seed of him in him to kind of him.. And He saw, Gods, for [it was] good. And he was Evening, and he was Morning: third day - Gen 1.9-13. 1) THE IMAGERY FOR THE THIRD DAY DEFINED. A) THE SYMBOL SEAS WAS IDENTIFIED. (1) But the Wicked are like the troubled Sea, when it cannot rest, whose Waters cast up mire and dirt - Isa 57.20. (2) and your heart shall swell with joy; because the Abundance* of the Sea** shall be turned to you, the Wealth* of the Gentiles** shall come to you (New Jerusalem) - Isa 60.5. Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. Abundance and Wealth was equal to the Silver and Gold which had been represented as, Wisdom and Knowledge (Prov 8.10). Then the Sea and the Gentiles were equal to the pagan converts to Christianity, when New Jerusalem was founded, in AD 77. When the Israelites were Wicked; or, Abominable, God would compare them to the Nations (Gentiles). Come out from among them and be you separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you (2Cor 6.17; Is 52.11). Paul was commanding the congregation at Corinth to be Separate from unbelievers (vs 15). Isaiah was predicting that Iesous would deliver Israel from their rulers (vs 52.5). Therefore, whether Gentiles or Jews, the Wicked were the Sea. But ideologically, if Israel would have remained faithful to the Lord, the Earth would have represented Israel, while the Sea would have indicated the Nations (Gentiles). Why did Gods speak contemptuously of the Nations (Gentiles)? What did they do? (3) For He Is [being] great, and greatly praising; he will fear (Man), this, above all of (Pagan) gods (myhla; see: Gen 1.1). For all of gods of the Peoples (Gentiles) are idols, and He Is doing (hv[) Heavens - Ps 96.4-5. (4) The idols of the Nations (Gentiles) silver and gold, from doing her (hv[m) hands of man Ps 135.15. By association, Wickedness is related to the Sea, and idols are abominations of the Gentiles (Nations). On the other hand, the Earth (Israel) was pure, and fruitful. Initially, the contrast was between Israelites and Gentiles, but later it was more frequently employed to distinguish between true Israelites, and the backsliders with the abominations of the Gentiles. B) THE SYMBOL EARTH WAS IDENTIFIED. (1) And doing of Me (YT) of Seed of you (Abram) as dust of the Earth; that if a man can number dust of the Earth (literal) then Seed of you, he will be numbered - Gen 13.16. (2) And now, if obeying, you obey him, voice of [Me], and keeping them, of covenant of Me (YT), and lives of you (mtyyhw) to Me peculiar from all of the peoples (Nations); for to Me [in] all of the Earth. And with them (mtaw) you will be them to Me from 'kinging of Her' (kingdom; hklmm) of Priests and a holy Nation - Ex 19.5-6. The prophecies quoted referred to Israel, and the servants of Iesous in the first century AD -only! The nation of Priests was Israel, until Peter informed the dispersion of the Israelites that they were now a nation of Priests (1Pet 2.4-10). The word Earth in these predictions had a limited meaning. The Chinese were not intended, nor the Russians, nor the citizens of the Americas. Only Israel fulfilled the prophecy. Then, the firstfruits were resurrected and became Priests and Kings (Rev 1.6, 5.10, 14.1). This was in AD 77. All the Earth is Mine could not be interpreted literally -- for it was not true at that time. However all the Earth (New Jerusalem) is worldwide today. Iesous Revelation details the worldwide spread of New Jerusalem. (3) He Is (hwhy), He will dismay him striving of him against Him (He Is), from Heavens He will thunder, He Is (hwhy), He will judge end of Earth. And, He will give strength to King of Him, and He will exalt Horn (Kingdom) of Anointed (Cristoj) of Him (Iesous) - 1Sam 2.10.


(4) And now, kings of the [ones] understanding Him; the founding them, judge of Earth. Serve of He Is (hwhy) in fear, and rejoicing Him with trembling. Kiss Him, Son, lest He will be angry, and you will perish him in way ... - Ps 2.10-12. He Is will judge the ends of the Earth was not literally true. For Iesous only judged the nation of Israel, who was spread throughout the Roman Empire. In fact, He even destroyed the rebels of the nation of Israel for their apostasy and unbelief. Since the use of the word Earth was not intended to be taken literally, it must have been a symbol for something; and we believe the symbol was for Israel. The second Psalm was about the crucifixion of the Lord Iesous. Did you notice that the kings were separated from the judges of the Earth? This is because the kings were Gentiles, and the judges of the Earth were Jews. Rome instituted Pilate as king of Judah. Pilate wanted to release Iesous, but when He tried to deliver the Lord, the judges of Israel persuaded him to kill the Son of God. (5) I saw of the Earth (Jeremiah speaking), and look, it was vain, and empty; and of the Heavens (Governments of Israel), no light of them ... From the voice of horsemen and casting archer in smell of Her (City), all of city coming them in thickets and they come up in rocks all of city forsaking Her, and none, he will dwell in there - Jer 4.23, 29. Surely, the reader will agree that if the Earth was vain and empty, and the Heavens without light, then there would have been no one on the planet to flee from the horsemen and bowmen. Man can not survive without planet Earth, and the light of the Sun. But Jeremiah dated this prophecy to be in 611 BC, and he was talking about the fall of Jerusalem and the nation of Judah. Earth = Judah. C) THE SYMBOLS GRASS, HERB, FRUIT TREES. (1) And giving of Me (YT) Grass in field of you for to beast of you, and eating you and filling Her (Israel) - Deut 11.15. (2) The earring of us (wnyzah), the Heavens (Government), and I will speak her; and you will hear, the Earth (Subjects), sayings of mouth of [Me]. He will drop as rain to taking of [Me] (yxql), she will flow as dew, saying of Me (YT) as showers on Herb, and as showers on Grass. For name of He Is (hwhy), I will call the coming greatness to Gods (wnyhlal) of us - Deut 32.1-3. (3) And being (hyhw) for He will bring you, He Is Gods of you (kyhla hwhy) to the Earth of that He swore to fathers of you ... to giving to you, cities large ones, and good ones, that you did not build ... and Olive Trees that not planting you ... the keeping to you, so not you forget of He Is (hwhy) who the bringing of you from Earth, Egypts, from house of servants - Deut 6.10-12. (4) Voice saying, 'Cry'; and saying, 'What I will cry?' All of the flesh [is] Grass, and all of the mercy of him as Flower of the field. The Grass, he withers, Flower fading, for breath of He Is (hwhy) blowing her in him; surely the people [are] Grass - Isa 40.6-7. Moses, by the inspiration of God, was predicting what the Promise Land (Canaan) would be like when the Israelites drove the seven nations out of their homelands. (5) An Earth of wheat and barely, of Vines and Fig Trees and Pomegranates, an Earth of Olive Oil and Honey - Deut 8.8. [Compare: Joel 1.12.] (6) And I (David) as a Green Olive Tree in the house of Gods; trust of me (YT) in the mercy of Gods to ever and ever - Ps 52.8. (7) He Is (hwhy) calling name of you Green Olive Tree, Lovely and of Good Fruit. With the noise of a great tumult He has kindled fire on her, and breaking them, branches of Me (YT) [of] Him (Jacob; wytwyld) - Jer 11.16. Jeremiah was rebuking the nation of Judah, who had inherited these lovely names from He Is Gods (myhla hwhy). Now we have arrived at the source of all Wisdom. If the prophet of God declared that Judah was the Olive Tree, who can dispute him? Where did the Olive Tree make its home? Was it not in the Earth? But that is enough documentation for these symbols; what of the Seed? D) THE SEED OF THE FRUIT TREE (Gen 1.11). (1) And Moses came up from the plains of Moab, to Mount Nebo ... that [is] across from face of


Jericho. And He saw Her (H; Jericho) [with him (W; Moses) (wharyw), He Is (hwhy), of all of the Earth of Gilead to Dan ... And He said, He Is (hwhy) to him, This the Earth that swearing of Me (YT) to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to saying, To Seed of you I will give Her the seeing of Me (YT) of (Y) you (kytyarh) in (B) eyes of you, and that (S) there (MH) you will not go over - Deut 34.1, 4. [The waters of strife did him in - Ps 106.32.] (2) And He said, Gods (myhla), She will Herb, the Earth (Israel) Herb, Grass, from Seeding Seed, Fruit Tree (Olive Tree) doing (hv[) fruit to kind of him, whose Seed in him, on the Earth (Israel); and he was so - Gen 1.11. Abrahams Seed was many Nations; 12 Israelites and 12 Ishmaelites, and 8 Chiefs of Edom. However, the Earth was limited to the Seed of the 12 sons of Jacob. The phrase, whose Seed is in itself, refers to the prohibition, in the law of Moses: The keeping to you, lest you will cut a covenant to dwellers of the Earth (Canaan) ... and taking you from daughters of him to sons of you, and daughters of him, they prostitute [to] one of (ydxa) gods of them (!hyhla) and the prostituting them of sons of you to gods of them (!hyhla). The doing to you not gods of (yhla) from Seba (Ex 34.12, 16-17). Therefore, an Israelite son for an Israelite daughter; and the Seed is within itself (Israel). 2) THE EVENING OF THE THIRD DAY. Joseph was a prophet of God. He related his dream to his brothers, but they would not be warned. The younger brothers wanted to kill Joseph, and not have to listen to any more dreams. But wiser heads prevailed, and instead of murder, they sold Joseph into slavery, and he ended up in Egypt. Pharaoh had a dream, and hearing of Josephs correct interpretation of the dreams of the butler and the baker, he sent for him. Egypt enjoyed 7 years of bumper crops followed by 7 years of famine. Joseph was made governor of Egypt to store the excess during the bumper years, and be prepared for the famine. Canaan, where Jacob and his sons lived, also was struck with famine. They were forced to pack up, and get out, and come to Egypt (because they would not listen to the prophet of Gods!) Abram was 75 years old, in 2065 BC (Gen 12.4). He was 100 years of age when Isaac was born (Gen 21.5). Isaac was 60 years of age when Jacob was born (Gen 25.26). Finally, Jacob was 130 years old when he, and 66 souls (making 67 altogether), entered Egypt in 1850 BC. Joseph and his two sons, who were already in Egypt, increased the tally to 70 souls. See: Gen 46, 47.9. [25 Years + 60 Years + 130 Years = 215 Years in Canaan.] The 215 Years of Day (Morning) in Canaan was followed by 215 Years of Night (Evening) in Egypt. A different Pharaoh, who did not know Joseph, was established, and then the trouble began. Jacobs sons had to pay for their sins. (1) And he rose a new king over Egypts [Always plural], who not knowing of Joseph ... And they named over him (Israel) prince of taxes in order to afflict him (Israel) in burden of them, And building them cities from treasure of her (Egypts) to Pharaoh; of Pithom and Raames - Ex 1.8, 11. Jacob, and his son, Judah, and his grandson, Perez, and his great-grandsons, Hezron and Hamul, were the fulfillment of this prophecy: (2) And He said to Abram, 'Knowing, you will know for that Seed of you, he will be a stranger in Earth, and serving them (Israel) to them.(Egyptians), and afflicting them 400 years ... And four of generation they will return here, for iniquity of the Amorites not full to here - Gen 15.13, 16. The 400 years refers to affliction in Canaan for 185 years, and in Egypt for 215 years. The apostle, Paul, had interpreted the prophecy for us, that it would be 430 years from the promise to the law (Gal 3.17). The Promise was in 2065 BC, and the Law was in 1635 BC. The affliction for 400 years, began when Isaac was five years old; or 30 years after the Promise. [2065 BC - 430 Years = 1635 BC. 2035 BC - 400 Years = 1635 BC.] It would appear that Paul knew what he was talking about!

And here is a chart of the breakdown for the 215 years captivity in Egypt: 15 Years = The rest of the first generation, of Hezron and Hamul was born. 50 Years = The second generation was born. 50 Years = The third generation was born. 50 Years = The fourth generation was born. 50 Years = The fourth generation came out, at the age of 50 years. 215 Years = The total number of years in captivity in Egypt. This was the Evening of the third Day. (Misery and woe; misery and woe!) 3) THE MORNING OF THE THIRD DAY. (1) And they were all of numbering of sons of Israel, to house of father of them (mtba), from son 20 years old and from above, all of bringing host in Israel; and they were all of the numberings 603,550 - Num 1.45-46. (2) And He said, Gods (myhla), 'She will the Earth, Herb (Vines), Grass, from Seeding Seed, Fruit Tree (Green Olive Tree) doing (hv[) fruit to kind of him whose Seed of him in him on the Earth, and he was so' - Gen 1.11. That was pretty good work for 70 souls! If we estimate the women and children, then this calculates to 13.5 children per man. But they were authorized to take women for concubines, so that, there was more than one woman per man. See: Deut 21.10-14. Jacob had 4 mates. After a little rebellion here, and a little there, Israel finally entered the Promised Land in 1594 BC, and completed driving out the seven nations in 1560 BC. (3) And keeping you of the commandment, and of the statutes, and the judgments that 'as (K) I' (ykna) from (M) commanding you (K) the-day, and to doing you (T) them (M) (mtv[l). And being (HYH) for you will hear them, of the judgments, the-this, and keeping them, and doing of them (mtyv[w), with them (M) (mta) and keeping; He Is Gods of you ($yhla hwhy) to you of the covenant and with the mercy that He swore to father of me (YT) [of] you (K) ($ytbal). And loving you, and blessing you, and multiplying you; blessing fruit of womb (Seed) of you, and the fruit of ground of you ... - Deut 7.11.13. [Note: Earth and Land are the same word in the Hebrew. The phrase, father of me of you means the father of Moses (Abraham) and of Israel (You)]. The period of about 450 years of Judges followed Joshuas death (1560 BC - 450 Years = 1110 BC). This was when Samuel began to judge Israel for 20 years. But then, you know that they could not behave for that long a period of time. The Evening of the fourth Day began during this period of time, but that is the next chapter.



And He said, Gods (myhla), He will be from (M) Lights in Spreading [of] the Heavens to the dividing between the Day and between the Night; and being them to Signs and to Seasons, and to Days and Years. And being them to from (M) Lights in Spreading [of] the Heavens to [give] the light on the Earth. And he was so. And He did (v[y), Gods (myhla), of two of the Lights, the great ones; of the great Light (Sun) to ruling of Her, the Day, and with the less Light (Moon) to ruling of Her, the Night; and with (TA) the Stars. And, Gods (myhla), He gave with (TA) them (M) in Spreading of the Heavens to the Light on the Earth, and to rule in Day and in Night, and to the dividing between the Light between the Darkness. And He saw, Gods (myhla), for [it was] good. And he was Evening and he was Morning: fourth Day - Gen 1.14-19. 1) THE IMAGERY OF THE FOURTH DAY. A) LIGHTS TO DIVIDE THE DAY FROM THE NIGHT. While considering the third Day, mention was made of the fact that the Day would end, and the fourth Evening begin during the 450 years of the reign of the Judges (1560 -1110 BC). One of the Greater Lights (Suns) in the Heavens would end the Darkness (Evening), and the next Greater Light (Sun) would begin the Light (Morning). And so, the Lights would divide the fourth Evening from the fourth Morning. [This was not to divide one day from another day, but merely to divide the Day from the Night; or, vice versa, in this case.] But let us observe the record of the beginning of Night; (Evening of the Fourth Day). (1) And he said to the man clothing [in] the linens (Priest), who from above to waters of the river, Until when fulfillment of the wonders of Her (Prophecy)? And I heard of the man clothing [in] the linens ... for to from time, from times, and half (42 Months; Rev 11.2); and as (K) all of (LK) of (W) Her (T) breaking hand [of] holy people (Israel), She (Breaking) will end Her (Israel) all of God of Her (hla) ... And from time the daily sacrifice is taken away, and to giving Her, abomination of desolation there shall be 1290 Days. 'That of' (yrva) the from (M) waiting (hkxmh), and he will move to [Resurrection] 1335 Days (AD 77) - Dan 12.6-7, 11-12. Now we are making progress! This is easily dated. However, He Is wishes to make the job challenging, and so, first we must understand that these are three linear prophecies (1260 Days, 1290 Days, 1335 Days). The second period (1290 Days) builds on the first apostasy (1260 Days); and the third period of Time builds on the first two figures. 1260 Days + 30 Days = 1290 Days; and: 1290 Days + 45 Days = 1335 Days. Confirmation of the interpretation is provided by other prophecies of 30 Days and 45 Days. Iesous preferred to double-state everything. But we will reserve the addition for later Days. (2) And they increased, sons of Israel, to doing the evil in eyes of He Is (hwhy), and they served of the Baals, and of the Ashtoreths, and of the gods (myhla;; see: Gen 1.1) of Syria, the gods of Sidon, the gods of Moab, the gods of sons of Ammon, and the gods of the Philistines; and they forsook of He Is (hwhy) and not serving of (W) Her (H; Israel) [of] Him (W) (whwdb[) - Judg 10.6. *** THE TIME THAT THE DAILY SACRIFICE WAS TAKEN AWAY.


When Israel forsook He Is and did not serve Him and served Baals and other, then it is most probable that they took away the daily sacrifice. If Israel left He Is, who would be left to offer the daily sacrifice? Although it is not stated dogmatically, nevertheless the fact is certain, that the daily sacrifice was neglected at that time. The periods of affliction, and peace, in the book of Judges, up to verse 10.6 are: 8 years (vs 3.8), and 40 yrs (3.11), and 18 yrs (3.14), and 80 yrs (3.30), and 20 yrs (4.3), and 40 yrs (5.31), and 7 yrs (6.1), and 40 yrs (8.28), and 3 yrs (9.22), and 23 yrs (10.2), and 22 yrs (10.3). This is a total of 301 years. [1560 BC - 301 Years = 1259 BC.] However, the text does not say that the apostasy began immediately after the last 22 year period, and the date 1258 BC coincides with the end of the prophecy. When dealing with a period of 1260 years, if we establish a date within one year of the beginning, and dogmatically establish the end of the prophecy, as we shall do, then it does not seem unreasonable to add subtract one year to a recorded event like 1259 BC. [1259 BC - 1 Year = 1258 BC.] Therefore: 1260 Days = 1258 BC - AD 2. And, 1290 Days = 1258 BC - AD 32. And 1335 Days = 1258 BC - AD 77. But, more of that later. B) AND THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION WAS SET UP. (1) And yet that (S) judging of (Y) them (MH) (mhytpv) listening them not to prostituting them one of gods (myhla), [other] ones, and they bowed them (W) [to] him (W) (wwxtvyw) - Judg 2.17. (2) And Gideon, he doing with him to ephod and set with him up in city of Ophrah. And all Israel prostituted one of him there, and he was to Gideon and to house of him to snare - Judg 8.27. (3) And he was as (K) that (tvak yhyw), Gideon dying and they turned, sons of Israel, they prostituted [to] one of the Baals, they named to them Baal Berith to gods (myhla)" - Judg 8.33. (4) Of whom you, She will delicate? Against whom you broaden of (Y) in (B)) him (W) mouth (hp wbyxrt), lengthen all him, tongue? The-not with them (M) (mta) children of transgression ... for on all of high hill and under all of green tree of prostituting ... Israel going her, this, on all of high hill and at under all of green tree, and She fornicated there - Isa 57.4-5. See also: Isa 66.17, Jer 2.20, 3.6. The reader should be made familiar with the reformer-kings of Israel, who destroyed the images and idols in the land, such as, Jehoshaphat, and Hezekiah, and Josiah. Then David and Solomon built a temple to He Is [Morning of the Fifth Day], but Solomon fell away into apostasy [not noting a Night] and: And he was, to time of old age, Solomon was old; (pagan) wives of him stretched of heart in (B) him (W) (wbbl) after [worship] of gods (myhla), one of them, and being (HYH) to (L) heart in (B) him (W) (wbbl),[at] peace to He Is Gods of him (wyhla hwhy), as heart of David father of him (1Kin 11.4). But the mercy of He Is endures to ever; and so, Solomon was saved. See: 2Sam 7.12-16. For the present, it is sufficient to know that the Evening of the fourth Day began in 1258 BC. King Saul, of Israel, was one King (Sun) dividing the Night from the Day. He had disobeyed his Lord (!wda), and was rejected by Him. C) Samuel anointed David to replace Saul while he was still reigning. Naturally, this caused a little friction between the two men, and Saul tried several times to murder David. However, David refrained from retaliation. Saul died in battle, and his son, Ishbosheth ruled after him, but only for two years, and then he died. David was the third king of Israel. He was the second Sun (King) who divided the Night from the Day. Saul ruled in the Night, and David reigned in Fourth Day. (5) And he said, David to Michal (Sauls daughter), To face of He Is (that he danced naked), who choosing for more than (M) father of you, and more than (M) all of house of him, to commanding with of me Ruler over people of He Is (hwhy), over Israel, and laughing of me to face of He Is (hwhy) 2Sam 6.21. (6) And now, this shall you will say (Nathan the prophet) to servant of [Me]. to David, This saying He Is (hwhy) of hosts: I, to taking of Me (YT) [of] you from sheepfold, from after the sheep, to lives of you (twyhl) Ruler over people of [Me] over Israel - 2Sam 7.8; [Fourth Morning].. The Sun (King) was the greater Light to rule over the Day, and the Moon (Priesthood) was the


lesser Light to rule over the Night; or, in the absence of the Sun (King). And Gods made the Stars (Prophets) also. C) THE MOON RULED AT NIGHT. And he kinged, David (Sun), over all Israel ... And Zadok son of Ahitub and Ahimelech son of Abithar ["doing" - vs 15) [over] priests (Moon) - 2Sam 8.15-17. See: 1Chr 9.11. (1) PRIESTS ASSOCIATED WITH NEW MOONS. "And sons of Aaron, the priests, they will blow in trumpets ... And for you going them to war ... And in day of gladness of you, and in your feasts of you, and in beginning of months of you (New Moons), and you sound in trumpets of you over burnt offerings of you ..." - Num 10.8-10. (2) PRIESTS (Moon) APPOINTED TEACHERS. "And He spoke, 'He Is' (hwhy) to Aaron (and, logically to his followers in office of high priest), to saying, 'You drink not wine ... and to the separating between holy and unholy ... and to the teaching of sons of Israel ...'": - Lev 10.8-11. The Priests were Teachers of the nation, and so, part of the Government (Heavens). Sun (King), Moon (Priests), Stars (Prophets) were the Government of Israel (Heavens). The priests were authorized to Teach and to preside over the feasts of the New Moon. Therefore, Day and Night Israel had guidance toward serving God faithfully. D) APOSTLE, PAUL, CONFIRMED THIS INTERPRETATION OF VOICES. (1) The Heavens (Governments) from (M) declaring of them (MY) glory of God (la); and from (M) doing hands of Him, Spreading (Heavens) showing the Spreading (Firmament). Day (Sun) to Day (King) he pours out saying, and Night (Moon & Stars) to Night (Priests & Prophets) He Is (hwhy) knowledge. There is no saying and no language [where] he is not heard. In all of all the Earth, he comes out, line of them, and in end of the World fullness of them; to Sun (King) naming ( ) tent in them - Ps 19.1-4. The reader is reminded that the Earth = Israel; and the Sea = Gentiles. Then, the Greek lexicons define the word, World to represent the population of the nations. Does the Sun speak? Would the Moon reveal knowledge? Do the Stars have words for the World? We can readily see that figurative language has been employed by the psalmist. These symbols had been defined earlier, while observing the ends of the Heavens and the Earth, which represented the nations of Babylon, and Judah, and Edom, and Israel -- in the first century AD. Therefore the presence of the King (Sun) ruled the Day; and in his absence, the Priests (Moon), and Prophets (Stars) reigned over the Night. These three celestial bodies spoke to all the Earth (Israel). In order not to seem speculative, and disrespectful of the word of God, we will share with the reader the apostles, Pauls, interpretation of this prophecy. Would you believe Paul? (2) So the (h) Faith [comes] from hearing, and the (h) hearing through word of God. But I say, 'No, not, Israel did know? Yes indeed: To all of the Earth their sound has gone out, and to the ends of the house of dwelling (World) of them (Ps 19.4).. But I say, 'No, not Israel did know? - Rom 10.17-19. Iesous also mentioned the darkening of the Sun, and Moon, and Stars (Mt 24.29; and others); and Peter declared that the elements of Heaven would melt with fervent heat (2Pet 3.10); and Peter had quoted Joels words about the same symbolism (Acts 2.19-21, Joel 2.30-32). This is actually more common than rare in the Bible. These symbols: Sun, Moon, Stars, Heaven & Earth, appear to be Gods A, B, Cs. Anyone without this knowledge is fighting a losing battle in their efforts to comprehend the Bible message. What Paul was teaching, in AD 58, when he quoted Psalm 19, was that the preserved words of the kings (Suns), and priests (Moons), and prophets of God (Stars) had been taught to Israel from their early youth. Therefore, when the words were preserved, and read, and taught; then their voices were heard by the nation of Israel; though they were dead. But then, Paul leaves you to understand the application on your own endeavors. He did not specifically mention the Sun, and Moon, and Stars; but only applied their voice (words) to the present generation. What other interpretation is better?



Matthew Henry believed that Paul was speaking of the gospel and the Gentiles (Rom 10.18). This totally disregards the Nineteenth Psalm. Although the Gentiles were mentioned in Romans 10, it was sparingly. Brethren, my hearts desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved (10.1). But I say, did Israel know? First Moses says ... (10.19). The reader is qualified to judge the matter. Dr. Adam Clarke believed that the literal Sun, Moon, Stars spoke to the people of earth. Yes; for we may say of the preaching of the gospel what the Psalmist has said (Ps XIX.4) of the heavenly bodies: Their sound went into all the earth, and their words unto the ends of the world. As the celestial luminaries have given testimony of the eternal power and Godhead of the Deity to the habitable world, the gospel of Christ has borne testimony to His eternal goodness and mercy to all the land of Palestine, and to the whole Roman Empire (Rom 10.18). Is this Deism? Did the luminaries actually give testimony? The reader is qualified to judge. E) LIGHTS FOR SIGNS AND SEASONS. (1) And coming her on of you, Spirit of He Is (hwhy), and (W) the (H), She (T) prophesying of (Y) Her (T) (tybnthw) will come upon you (Saul = King), and you will prophesy, hiding, and He will turn you to one (another) man. And being (HYH), for She will come of (Y) them (HN) (hnyabt) thethese, the Signs doing (hv[) to you, that She finds hand of you for the Gods (myhlah) of people of you - 1Sam 10.6-7. David, the third king of Israel, was also a prophet (2Sam 23.1-2), and, The Spirit of He Is spoke by me. Solomon followed in his fathers footsteps, and had a dream by night, and He Is spoke to him, making him a prophet; and promised Solomon a wise and understanding heart (1Kin 3.5, 11-12). And so, The Lights were for Signs (Gen 1.14). [These examples are the Morning of the Fourth Day.] (2) These Feasts of He Is (hwhy), holy assemblies which you will proclaim them, of them, in (B) [Day] from (M) time [of] them (M) .... speaking to sons of Israel, and saying you to them, for you will come them to the Earth that I giving to you and reaping you (T) then (M) of harvest of Her, and (W) the (H) coming you (T) them (M) (mtabhw) of sheaf of beginning of her, harvest of you [coming you] to the priest, at their appointed Seasons ... then you shall bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest to the Priest. And the waving of the sheaf to face of He Is (hwhy) ... - Lev 23.4, 10-11. Therefore, the Light of the Moon (Priesthood) was for Seasons. The prophecy of the Suns (Kings) was for Signs. Combined, the Light of the Suns and Moons (Kings & Priests) was for Signs and Seasons. (3) For Lord of [me] He Is (hwhy ynda) does no speaking, for if (unless) He reveals secret of Him to servants of Him, the prophets - Amos 3.7. (4) Glory of Gods (myhla) the concealing a speaking (Scripture), and glory of kings searching out a speaking (interpretation of Scripture) - Prov 25.2. Both of these propositions were, and still are, eternal truths. The result was, and still is, that the children of God have always known the future. Also, the mysteries of God are made known to the men of earth -- at the proper time! David and Solomon [Morning of Fourth Day] knew the future, as is evidenced by their prophecies of the Lord Iesous in the flesh. The apostles of the Lord Iesous interpreted these prophecies. 2) THE LIGHTS FOR DAYS AND YEARS. (1) And he was in eighty year and four hundreds year of coming out, sons of Israel from Earth of Egypts (plural) in the fourth year ... to kinging of Solomons over Israel ... - 1Kin 6.1. (2) And he was in year, the fifth, to kinging of Rehoboam ... - 1Kin 14.25. (3) ... in year two to Asa king of Judah ... - 1Kin 15.25. (4) And she came in siege, the city until doing of ten year to King Zedekiah - 2Kin 25.2. Judahs war with Babylon ended the fourth Day. King Jehoiakim became the servant of


Nebuchadnezzar for three years (601-599 BC), and in the third year (599) he rebelled. See: 2Kin 24.1-2. Nebuchadnezzar replaced Jehoiakim with Jehoiachin, but he lasted less than one year. He was removed by force, and Zedekiah ruled after him. In 588 BC, Zedekiah and Jerusalem were overthrown, and the temple was burned. The beginning of these events, in 601 BC, was the Evening of the fifth Day. The fourth Day is dated from 1258 BC until 601 BC. The Evening (Night) of the Fourth Day was from the "the daily sacrifice ended"; 1258 BC to David "kinging"; 1250 BC. The Morning of the Fourth Day was from the installation of David as king of Israel to 601 BC, and the beginning of Babylon's war to carry Judah captive.


And He said, Gods (myhla), They will Creep [in] the Waters (Nations) creeping, soul of living [men], and Bird (Nations) he will fly above the Earth (Israel) on face of Spreading, the Heavens (Governments). And He created (arby), Gods (myhla), the Sea Creatures [Serpents](Egypt), the great ones, and with all of soul, the living [of] the Moving that Creeping them [in] the Waters to kind of them; and with all of Bird of wing (Nation) to kind of them. And He saw, Gods (myhla), for good. And He blessed with them (mta), Gods (myhla), to saying, Fruitful them, and multiplying them, and filling them of the Waters (Nations) in Waters (Gentiles), and the Bird (Nation) he will multiply in Earth (Israel). And he was Evening, and he was Morning: fifth Day - Gen 1.20-23. 1) THE IMAGERY OF THE FIFTH DAY. A) SEA CREATURES IN THE WATERS. Daniel speaking, saying, I was looking in vision of [me] by night, and I saw them, four winds of Heavens from stirring up to Great Sea (Mediterranean or simply Gentiles). And four Beasts (Nations), great ones, coming them from the Sea, one different from other. The first as a Lion and wings of eagle to her; I was looking until ... And seeing another Beast, a second, like a Bear ... In (B) after this looking [at]


lives of Her, and seeing him after of as another as a Leopard ... In after that, looking [at] lives of her, in vision of night, and see him, fourth Beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth ... - Dan 7.2-7. John Calvin, in 1561, published a commentary on the book of Daniel, and he identified these four Sea Creatures to be: Babylon, and Persia, and Macedonia (or, Greece), and Rome. Nebuchadnezzar had a vision of an image of gold, and silver, and brass, and iron and clay which related to these four Sea Creatures. Daniel interpreted the dream to mean that Nebuchadnezzar was the Head of Gold; or, the first Sea Creature (Dan 2.37-38). So then, Babylon was the Lion. Chapter 8 had a partial vision of the same message, where Media and Persia were destroyed by Greece. See: Dan 8.20-21. Considering these facts, Calvins conclusion seemed to be founded on firm ground. But then, John Calvin was not alone in this determination of the meaning of these symbols. The Geneva Bible mostly agreed, and the Matthew Poole Commentary, and Matthew Henry mostly agreed, and the Douay Old Testament coincided with this evaluation, and Sir Isaac Newton on Daniels Prophecies, and Robert Milligan on Daniel, and Andrew Fausset, and a multitude of other expositors of the Bible. Many commentators on Revelation agreed about the Leopard, and Lion, and Bear (Rev 13.2). Usually even the commentators disagreeing, for instance, that the fourth Beast was Syria, would quote another man who did agree with Calvin. The high school freshmen, studying World History, learned this order of these four Empires, in the public schools (in the past!) B) THE BIRDS THAT FLEW ABOVE THE EARTH. (1) And saying you this, saying Lord of me, He Is (hwhy ynda), 'The great Eagle (Babylon) powerful of the wing, long the feather, full the plumage ... coming to Lebanon and he took of top of the Cedar (King) of highest twig of Me (YT) of him (W) (wytwqyny) ... And he grew and he was to spreading Vine of low stature (Israel); to turning branches of Me (YT) of him (W) toward him (Babylon) ... And he was one great Eagle (Egypt) ... and looking, the-this Vine bending roots of her toward him ... - Eze 17.3, 6-7. He Is decoded this parable for Ezekiel, and for Israel. While Babylon was threatening Judah, after they had entered into an agreement with Nebuchadnezzar, the leaders of the house of Israel sent messengers to Egypt seeking military aid. While Jeremiah and Ezekiel were counseling Israel to be subject to the king of Babylon for 70 Years, the Shepherds of Israel were preaching peace! They convinced the simple that Israel could win a war with Babylon. For heeding the false prophets, and ignoring the prophets of Gods, He Is pronounced the death sentence on the king of Israel; that he would die in Babylon. See: Ezekiel 17.17. Therefore, the Lion (Babylon) was represented by an Eagle (Bird), as was the nation of Egypt. The Bear, in Chapter 7, was a Ram in Chapter 8. Also the Leopard, in Chapter 7, was a Male Goat in Chapter 8. The great Sea Creatures were presented to the prophets of Gods as Beasts of the field. However, each symbol was explained, and so, it did not really matter. (2) And with her (hta), son of man, thus saying Lord of [me] He Is (hwhy ynda), Saying to Bird (Nation), all of Bird, and to all of Beast of the Field (Nation): The gathering them, and coming them; the gathering them from about to Sacrifice of [Me] that I preparing to you ... to (12) Mountains (Kingdoms) of Israel, and you will eat them, flesh; and you will drink blood - Eze 39.17. (See: Rev 19.17-18.) Quote (1) described the destruction of Jerusalem and Judah in 588 BC. Quote (2) was about the Fall of Jerusalem to the Roman legions, in AD 70; and the burning of the temple; and the end of the law. The Jews could not obey the law without a temple. Babylon ruled over Judah from 601 to 539 BC. Persia reigned from 539 to 331 BC. Greece dominated the area from 332 to 160 BC. Rome began to rule in 63 BC when Pompeii made Israel a Roman province. Therefore the prophecies were fulfilled. 2) THE EVENING OF THE FIFTH DAY. The Morning of the fourth Day was the rule of the house of David over Israel until 601 BC, when Jehoiakim became a vassal of Nebuchadnezzars. See: 2 Kin 24.1. Judahs war with Babylon, and their


70 Years Captivity were the Evening (Darkness) of the fifth Day. The Dawn chased away the Night in the second year of Darius I; which began in 519 and continued into 518 BC. The year was determined by the date that the king first ruled. In looking (!ydab), ceasing her (tljb) work of house of the God of Her that in Jerusalem, and being (HYH) the ceasing (529 BC), until second year to kinging of Her (twklml) (Babylon), Darius king of Persia (518) - Ezra 4.14. 3) THE MORNING OF THE FIFTH DAY. (1) Name them now heart of you, from this day, the-this, and from bringing (hl[mw) from 24th day to 9th [month] (of 519), to from the day that founding of the temple of He Is (hwhy) -- Name them heart of you ... from the day, the this, I will bless - Hag 2.18-19. (2) In 24th day of the 11th month ... in the second year to Darius (518) ... Returning of Me (YT) to Jerusalem with mercies; house of Me, he will be built in her, saying of He Is of hosts (twabc hwhy) - Zec 1.7, 16. Although the kings determined when the year began and ended, nevertheless, the months were constant for the nation of Israel. The Bible consistently dated years from the kings reign, and months from the Passover. Quote (1 - 519) was also in the same year [12 months] as 518 BC (2.10). The servants of He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) obeyed, and their Heavenly Father blessed them. How long will it last?


1) THE BEASTS OF THE EARTH. And He said, Gods (myhla), The Earth (Israel), she will bring forth Living Soul to kind of her: Beasts and Creeping Thing and She (T) Living them (W) (wtyxw) of Earth (Israel), to kind of her; and he was so. And Gods, He doing of Living [of] the Earth (Israel) to kind of her, and with Beast to kind of her,


and with all of Creeping (Thing) [on] the ground, to kind of him. And Gods (myhla), He saw: for good - Gen 1.24-25. THE NEW BIRTH OF ISRAEL. The Lord God Almighty (Rev 11.17) had created the 12 Tribes of Israel, and they were always divided, and usually at war with one another. Now it was time to prepare for New Jerusalem, and the Prince of Peace would rule over the enriched and enlarged nation of Israel. Isaiah had prophesied this glorious event, and the apostle, Paul, had interpreted a part of his prophecy; while Luke had recorded the fulfillment of another portion of Chapter 11 of Isaiah. (1) Now it happened, in 'to the Dipping all the people' and [time] of Iesous (Ihsou) having been Dipped, and Praying, the heaven being opened, and the Holy Spirit coming down in bodily form as a Dove on Him, and a voice from heaven coming [down] saying, 'You are the Son of Me, The (O) [One] of Extreme Loving in You I had found delight" - Lk 3.21-22. Iesous had demonstrated how we should be Born out of Water and of Spirit today. First, He submitted to Dipping, as an example of how we have our past sins cleansed. In our case, this cleanses the temple of the Holy Spirit. See: 1Cor 3.16, 6.19; 2Cor 6.16. Secondly, Iesous prayed to God. Luke does not say what He prayed for at that time. But we have examples of praying for the 7 Spirits of God; and because Iesous received the Spirit next, it seems logical that He prayed for the 7 Spirits of God. James advised his readers to pray for Wisdom. See: Jas 1.5. Paul prayed intercessory prayers for the congregations to receive the Spirits of Wisdom, Revelation, Knowledge, Understanding (Eph 1.15-18); and: Love, Knowledge, Discernment (Php 1.9), and: Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding (Col 1.9). Therefore, both directly, and indirectly, the congregations received the 7 Spirits of God by prayer. And also, Iesous was anointed with the Holy Spirit in bodily form after being Dipped, and after Praying. We have digressed here to point out the interpretation of Chapter 11 of Isaiah. (2) There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse (David), and a Branch (Iesous) shall grow out of his roots. The Spirit of He Is (hwhy) shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding (#1), the Spirit of Counsel (#2) and Might (#3), the Spirit of Knowledge (#4) and of the Fear of He Is (hwhy) (#5) ... But with Righteousness (#6) He shall Judge (#7) the poor - Isa 11.1-4. Then follows the story of, The Wolf and the Lamb ... We will identify the Beasts of the Earth (Israel) later, but now we must consider that Paul interpreted the following verses. Therefore first, Luke recorded the Spirit of the Lord on the Rod of the stem of Jesse, which was Iesous; secondly, the Beasts of the Earth (Israel) were made to lie down in peace; and thirdly, the Gentiles were added to Iesous From Calling. (3) There shall be a root of Jesse; and He who shall rise to reign over the Gentiles, in Him the Gentiles shall hope - Rom 15.12. (4) And in that day there shall be a Root of Jesse, who shall stand as a banner to the people; for the Gentiles shall seek Him, and His resting place shall be glorious - Isa 11.10. The word of God had interpreted the prophecy, by the inspiration of the apostles of the Lord Iesous. And, did the reader notice: And His resting place shall be glorious? This is about Gods (myhla) resting on the seventh Day (Gen 2.2) -- in the future after the Gentiles were added to the Body of believers. (5) There remains therefore a Rest for the people of God. For he who has entered His Rest has himself also ceased from his works as (did had been added) God from His. Let us therefore be diligent to enter that Rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience (of Israel) - Heb 4.911. The pronoun, us is the present tense pronoun, meaning, you and me. Another example is the pronoun, we which was a present tense pronoun in the first century, and so, it does not apply to anyone today. See: 1Cor 15.50-52, 57, 1Thes 4.16-17; Heb 11.39-40; 2Pet 3.13. We have examined the context, of Chapter 11 of Isaiah, and determined that it was fulfilled in the first century, now we will consider the symbols of the Beasts of the Earth (Israel). These Beasts of Israel dwelled in peace after Iesous was anointed with the Holy Spirit, and before Paul wrote to Rome.


(6) The Wolf also shall dwell with the Lamb, the Leopard shall lie down with the Young Goat, the Calf and the Young Lion and the Fatling together; and a Little Child shall lead them. The Cow and the Bear shall graze ... and the Lion shall eat straw like the Ox - Isa 11.6-7. These Beasts of the Earth (Israel) are grouped together to picture the divisions in the 12 Tribes of Israel, in the past. But now the war was over. Iesous was the Prince of Peace! The Wolf was identified by Jacob to be the Tribe of Benjamin (Gen 49.27), and they were later at war with the Lamb, whom Hosea named to be Israel (4.16). Therefore, because the tribe of Benjamin was joined together with the tribe of Judah, to make war with the Ten Northern Tribes of Israel; then the Wolf and the Lamb represented the former opponents in war, Judah and Israel, to be dwelling in peace in the first century AD. Gad and Reuben had separated themselves from the other tribes of Israel, and settled in Nimrah on the east side of the Jordan River. Nimrah means Leopard. Judah and Israel on the west side of the Jordan were named Rams (Goats) by Jeremiah (50.4, 8). The Calf (Heifer) was Ephraim (Hos 10.11), and Judah was a Lions whelp; or, a Young Lion; and the tribe of Joseph was the Fatling (Gen 48.15-16; 49.22). Ephraim and Joseph signify the 10 Northern Tribes, while Judah consisted of the Two Southern Tribes of Israel. A little child shall lead them refers to Peter, and the other apostles of the Lord Iesous, who were born again, and so, they were babes. See: Mt 21.16, Jn 3.3-8. Amos called the Samaritans, Cows (4.1), and David, of Judah, was depicted as a Bear (2Sam 17.8). Once again, Israel and Judah were described to be at peace. Israel was a Lioness (Eze 19.2), who had a Cub (Zedekiah of Judah), and Balak, king of Moab, described Israel as an Ox (Num 22.1, 4). The message was that the former enemies, among the 12 Tribes of Israel, had been made to lie down in peace together. This was after Iesous had been Dipped, in AD 28, and before Paul wrote to Rome, in AD 58. The Anointed (no Messiah; only, Messias) had confirmed the covenant with many for one Week (AD 28-35). He was cut off in the midst of the Week (AD 32), but continued to confirm the covenant by adding the Gentiles to His From Calling, and by training Paul to become an apostle. The covenant was being confirmed until AD 35. So that is the story of the Beasts of the Earth (Israel) on the sixth Day of the Parable of Creation. 2) WE WILL DO MAN IN OUR IMAGE. And Gods (myhla), He said, We(N) will do (hv[n) man in image of Us, as (K) likeness of Us (WN); they will rule in Fish of the Sea (Nations), and in Bird of the Heavens (Governments), and in Beast (Nations), and in all of the Earth (Israel) and in all of Creeping Thing that Creeps in the Earth (Israel) Gen 1.26. A) IESOUS IN THE FLESH WAS THE IMAGE OF GOD. (1) Behold, the virgin shall be with Child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name, Immanuel, which is translated, The God with us - Mt 1.23; Isa 7.14. The Lord spoke to king Ahaz, and told him to ask for a sign from He Is Gods of you (mklha hwhy). Ahaz considered this to be a sinful act, but the Lord told him that the child of Isaiahs virgin wife would be for a sign to the people. And, before the child knew to refuse Evil and choose Good, the land that you dread (Israel and Syria) will be forsaken by both her kings: Rezin, king of Syria, and Pekah, king of Israel both died in this short period. [The skeptics claim that Isaiahs wife could not have been a virgin because the Lord said to Isaiah, before the promise of Immanuel, Go out now to meet Ahaz, you and Shear-Jasub your son (Isa 7.3). The promise of Immanuel was verse 7.14. But then, they are willingly ignorant of the fact that the students of the prophets were called the sons of the prophets. And so, Shear-Jasub did not have to be a physical son of Isaiah. See: 1Kin 20.35; 2Ki 2.3, 5. 7, 15; 4.1, 38; 5.22.] But Iesous was determined to be, The God with us when He declared, For the Son of man is the Lord even of the Sabbath (Mt 12.8). Only God was the Lord of the Sabbath! Again, Iesous declared His part of our Gods, saying, But that you may know that the Son of man has power on Earth to forgive


sins -- then He said to the paralytic, Arise, take up your bed, and go to your house (Mt 9.6). Only God had the power to forgive sins! But the proof gets more dogmatic! (2) In beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and God (Qeoj) was the Word - Jn 1.1. Paul declared Iesous to be, The King (Basileyj) of kings, and Lord (Kurioj) of lords (1Tim 6.15). Iesous Revelation to the apostle, John, described the King of kings (Rev 19.16) to have a name, The Word of God (19.13). Therefore, by association, Johns message about the beginning, and the Word was God referred to Iesous the Anointed, our Savior. (3) In whom the god of this age has blinded the minds, of the [ones] not believing, for the not to shine in them the light of the good message of the glory of the Anointed (tou Cristou), who is the image of the God (tou Qeou) - 2Cor 4.4. (4) Who is image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation - Col 1.15. By the term, the firstborn, was meant, the firstborn from the dead (Rev 1.5). (5) ... in these last days spoken to us in a Son (Yioj) ... who being the brightness of glory and the express image of His person, and upholding the all in the word of power of Him ... - Heb 1.2-3. The conclusion is clear, that Iesous in the flesh was the image of God. B) THE SERVANTS OF IESOUS WERE CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD. (1) For whom He (God) foreknew, and He also predestined [to be] conformed of the image of the Son of Him, for the 'To be Him firstborn in many brothers - Rom 8.29. So then, Iesous (Ihsouj) was the image of God, and the servants of God were the image of His Son. The phrase, the firstborn among many brethren indicated that when they were resurrected, to be with God, the servants of God would become like Iesous -- created in the image of Gods. (2) For with man, he ought not to cover his head, being image and glory of God; but woman is glory of man - 1Cor 11.7. Paul was addressing a congregation of believers in Iesous, who had been saved by Faith and Obedience. Man had been declared to have been made in the image of God in the book of Genesis (5.1,, 9.6). However, the prophet, Isaiah, also informed Israel that they had been divorced by God. See: Is 50.1. Why was woman not created in the image of God? You cannot have two of equal authority, and expect to live in peace. The Curse of Woman (Gen 3.16) was to be ruled over by her husband. [The Social Gospel, and the corruption of this message from God has led to wholesale divorce in our land, and in the churches.] What then, did this mean, He made them Male and Female? See: Gen 1.27. This was a spiritual message which shall be addressed later. But I want you to know that the Head of every man is the Anointed, the head of the woman is man, and the Head of the Anointed is God (1Cor 11.3). Try not to get too distracted by another subject. Remember that we are talking about, We will do man in Our image (Gen 1.26). The Lord did not mention, woman. [Male and Female is another subject representing Husband and Wife, or Bridegroom and Bride. We will explain that thoroughly farther along in our page.] (3) And just as we bore the image of the [one] of dust, and we will bear the image of the heavenly - 1Cor 15.49. (4) But we all, through unveiling in face, the glory of Lord (Kuriou), according to seeing the same image, are being transformed [into] the same image from glory into glory, just as from [power] of Spirit of Lord - 2Cor 3.18. Now the Spirit of God had been brought into the picture. (5) and having put on the new, the [one] being renewed into Knowledge according to image Of The [One] Him having created it, where there is not Greek and Jew, circumcised and uncircumcised, son of tribute (barbarian), Scythian, slave [nor] free, but the all and in all [who is] Anointed (Cristoj) - Col 3.10-11. (6) Therefore, if anyone in Anointed (Cristw), [he is] a New Creation; the old [things] have passed away; 'see yourself' [Middle Voice], all things, he did become new - 2Cor 5.17.


Iesous (Ihsouj) had come to Earth (Israel), and had created man in a new form; in His image. These servants of God were described to be, in the Spirit. See: Rom 8.1, 9-10; 1Cor 2.12, 3.16; 2Cor 3.2-3; Gal 4.6-7; Eph 1.13; and many other verses of Scripture. The unbelievers; or, the lost were described to be dead, and blind, and deaf. See: Mt 8.22, 13.14-15; 15.14; Rom 11.8. Again, they are contrasted as children of the Day, and children of the Night; or, Light and Darkness. See: 1Thes 5.56. Iesous was the Head of a spiritual Kingdom, for He said, My kingdom is not of this world (Jn 18.36). Finally, the difference was stated to be between everlasting life, and condemnation. See: Jn 3.16-19. C) THE MAN IN OUR IMAGE WAS TO SUBDUE THE EARTH. (1) And in days of Her (H) of them (N) (nwhymybw) that of the (A) kings (ayklm) (Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome), 'I of them' (nwga) God of Her (hla); kingdom of the (A) Heavens (aymv), He will raise up to ever of them, She will not be destroyed, and kingdom of Her and She will not be left to other people; She will break [in pieces] and She will consume all of, of them the (A) kingdoms (atwklm), and this, She will stand to ever - Dan 2.44. NOTE: The suffix, "A" in Chaldean is translated, "the." Iesous (Ihsouj) established the kingdom in the period of the Roman empire. Odoacer, and the Herulii, destroyed Rome in AD 476. Muhammad II, and the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople in AD 1453. The British general, Edmund Allenby, forced unconditional surrender of the Ottoman empire, on October 29, 1918. The servants of the Lord Iesous had prophesied the death of all these kingdoms hundreds of years before the events. They also published their doom shortly before they fell. The New Man was subduing the Earth (New Jerusalem). (2) For all, the [ones] having been born of the God (tou Qeou) overcomes the world. And this is the victory overcoming the world, the Faith of us. Who is the [one] overcoming the world, if the [one] believes that Iesous (Ihsouj) is the Son of the God? (O Yioj tou Qeou) - 1Jn 5.4-5. (3) And naming of Me (YT) a sign in them; and sending of Me (YT) from them escapees to the nations: to Tarshish, Pul and Lud, drawing of [them] bow; Tubal and Javan, the islands, the far ones, who not hearing fame of [Me] and not seeing them of glory of [Me]. And the binding them of glory of [Me] in nations" - Isa 66.19. Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles began the conquest; or, the subduing of nations, and it continues until the present day. See: Acts 9.15. These Nations are represented in Genesis to be: the Earth (Israel), and the Fish of the Sea, and the Birds of the Air, and also, every Living Thing that Moves in the Earth (Israel). See: Genesis 1.26. 3) THE NEW CREATION: MALE AND FEMALE. And, He created (arbyw) Gods (myhla), of the man in image of Him; in the image of Gods creating (arb) with him; Male and Female creating (arb) them - Gen 1.27. NOTE: Here we have demonstrated in one sentence both the verb (He created; arby) and the participle (creating; arb). The verb has the Person Indicator (in this case, "Y") prefixed, but the participle has no Person Indicator. And this proves dogmatically that Genesis 1.1 is translated wrong in all Bible translations. Gods (myhla) loved participles, but the Jews hated participles, and they corrupted most of them. The lazy Christians merely copied the Jews sinful work. A) THE SON OF GOD WAS CREATED MALE. Although the Anointed was not initially created, but: being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross (Php 2.6-8.) Many are confused about this story because they attempt to understand the message without including all of the information. The Confessions of faith read that Iesous was eternally created, what ever that may mean. But it is hostile


to the Bible message about Iesous the Anointed being eternal; or, from the beginning of the ages. Although Iesous was without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life ... (He) remains a Priest continually (Heb 7.3); as Melchizedek was; when He came to Earth He was, made like the Son of God. As a man is born, and raised first, and becomes the president of the United States later, in like manner, Iesous was without beginning and became a Son and a Priest later. This was accomplished by voluntary submission of the Son to the Father. (1) You are the Son of Me (Male), The [One] of Extreme Loving; in You I am well pleased Lk 3.22. (2) For as in the Man all die, so also in the Anointed (en tw Cristw) all shall be made alive. But each in the order his own: Anointed (Cristoj) the firstfruits (#1 - Male; AD 32), afterward the [ones] (#2 - Female; the Body; AD 77) [in] of the Anointed (tou Cristoj) at the coming of Him; then the end, when He delivers the kingdom (Female) to God (tw Qew) and Father (kai Patri) ... - 1Cor 15.22-24. NOTE: #3 = Final Resurrection; Revelation 20.11-15, Rev 21.7-8. Iesous was resurrected in AD 32, and ascended to Third Heaven to be with the Father (Acts 1.310). The Old Heavens (2Pet 3.7) was resurrected in AD 77 (Dan 12.12; Jn 16.16; Rev 2.10). The New Heavens was established in AD 77, and will be resurrected when time ends (Gen 8.22, Rev 20.1115). (3) You are the Son (Male) of Me, today (AD 32) I have begotten You - Acts 13.33; Heb 1.5, 5.5; Ps 2.7. This act of begetting was described to be after the kings of the Earth set themselves ... against He Is and against His Anointed in Psalm 2.2, 7; and also in Acts 13.28, 33; and in Hebrews 1.3, 5; and in Hebrews 4.14, 5.5. The verb for begetting () is in the perfect tense, and active voice, and indicative mood. This would relate to our past tense in English grammar. But then, prophecy frequently declares future events in the past tense. The lexicographer, Robert Young, had written that this signified the certainty of the event. Babylon fell, which was an event 1800 years in the future when it was written, was represented by an aorist verb; or, a past tense verb (Rev 18.2). Also the Moon was struck (Rev 8.12) was 400 years in the future, but was recorded in an aorist verb; or, a past tense verb. But the conclusion of the discussion is that Iesous was the firstborn from the dead (Rev 1.5, 1Cor 15.23). And at that time He became the Son of God. Although He was declared to be so in the past, it was a prophecy of this event. And our theory harmonizes all of the references to Iesous becoming a Son. Enoch and Elijah and Lazarus were resurrected before the Lord Iesous, but they only reached as far as Paradise. See: Lk 16.20-31. The writer of Hebrews makes it clear that they had not yet been, perfected; or, they had not passed the bar of judgment to stand on the Sea of Glass, before the throne of God. See: Heb 11.39-40, Rev 4.6, 5.13. B) THE HIGH PRIEST WAS CREATED MALE. (1) You are a Priest (Male; iereeuj; !xk) to ever according to the order of Melchizedek - Heb 5.6; Ps 110.4. (2) ... and from [the throne] of Iesous the Anointed (kai apo Ihsou Cristou) ... the firstborn from the dead (Male) - Rev 1.5. C) THE CONGREGATION OF THE LORD WAS CREATED FEMALE. For husband is head of the wife, as also the Anointed (O Cristoj) (Male) Head of the From Calling (Female); and He is Savior of the Body (Female) - Eph 5.23. Let us make man in Our image; Male and Female, is explained by the founding of the Body of the Anointed, after Iesous had become the firstborn from the dead. Then the terms marriage, Bridegroom, Bride were employed to depict this New Creation. We have a strange Creature presented to our minds of a Male Head with a Female Body. But they are all one! For the Body is pictured to be in the Anointed. And, to have, the Spirit of the Anointed. Now we will consider the Food for this strange creature. E) THE FOOD FOR THE NEW MAN.


And Gods (myhla), He said, Seeing, giving of Me (YT) to you of all of Herb seeding Seed that [is] on the face of all of the earth, and all of Tree that in him fruit of Tree seeding Seed; to you he will be for Food of Her (Earth). And to all of Beast of the Earth (Israel), and to all of Bird of the Air, and to all of Creeping on the Earth (Israel), that in him Breath of life, of all of Green Herb to Food of Her; and he was so - Gen 1.29-30. A) THE BREAD OF LIFE. (1) He says to him the third [time], 'Simon of Jonah, you (Peter) love Me? ... You feed the sheep of Me - Jn 21.17. (2) I Am (Egw Eimi; Ex 3.14) the Bread of the Life ... I Am the living Bread, The [One] from [place] of the Heaven, having come down. If anyone eats from [sacrifice] of this Bread, he will live into the age (eieij ton aiwna); but, and the Bread which I will give is the flesh of Me, which I will give in behalf of the life of the world - Jn 6.48, 51. The Bread of Life was defined to be, A Branch of Righteousness (Jer 33.15). Then, the Branch of Righteousness declared that He is the Vine (Jn 15.1). A Vine would qualify as an Herb, and as a Green Thing. For if they do these things in the Green Wood (Tree), what will be done in the Dry (Tree)? (Lk 23.31). Iesous is the, Tree of Life; or, the King of Life. See: Prince of Life - Acts 3.15; 5.31; Rev 1.5. The sheep have life only through the Blood, the Spirit, and the Word. The Blood was Iesous sin offering for our sins which is remembered by eating the bread, and drinking the wine. The Spirit is received by Prayer, after One Dipping. The Word is equated with the Bread of Life; or, the Word of God; both equaling Iesous. B) THE VINE AND ITS BRANCHES WERE FOR FOOD. (1) Gods (myhla) of hosts, returning now, speaking from Heavens and seeing, and visiting this Vine (Israel) and building that planting Her, right hand of You, and son strengthening You (T) Her (H) (htcma) to You - Ps 80.14-15. (2) That of all of [one] fearing He Is (hwhy), the going in ways of Him ... Wife of you as fruitful Vine in sides of Me (YT) house of you; sons of you as Olive Plants all around table of you - Ps 128.1, 3. (3) I Am (Ex 3.14) the true Vine, and the Father of Me is the vinedresser. All Branch in Me not bearing Fruit He takes it away; and all the [one] bearing Fruit He prunes it, so that it may bear more Fruit ... Remain in Me, and I in you. As the Branch cannot bear Fruit of itself, unless it remains in the Vine, neither can you unless you remain in Me - Jn 15.1-2, 4. Compare the doomed part of Gods Vineyard in Revelation 14.18-20. C) THE LIVING WATER IS THE HOLY SPIRIT. If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. The [one] believing in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his belly will flow Rivers of living Water. But this He spoke concerning the Spirit ... - Jn 7.38-39. The Bread of Life is the Word of God, and His flesh is our sin offering. Iesous is our High Priest, who makes intercession with the Father for our sins -- if we confess them! The Word of God makes known to us the Will of God; when we have received the Spirit. The Bible is spiritually discerned (1Cor 2.14; and others.) We remember the cross, and Iesous agony for our sins, and His bleeding body when we have communion services. His blood washes away our sins (Rev 1.5). The apostles also mentioned the milk of the Word, and the meat of the Word. The milk was for babes, and the meat for mature persons. See: Heb 5.12-14. D) THE WORK OF GOD IS FOOD INDEED. But saying to them, 'I have Food to eat of which you do not know ... My food is that I may do the will of The [One] having sent Me, and to finish the work of Him - Jn 4.32, 34. When the work was finished, then God did rest from His labor, on the seventh Day. And, the firstfruits rested with Him. See: Heb 4.9-11; Jas 1.18; Rev 7; 14.1-5. But presently, we are concerned with the uses of the word, Food. E) THE OLIVE TREE FOR FOOD AND LIGHT.


(1) For if you (Gentiles) were cut out of the Olive Tree which is wild by nature, and were grafted contrary to nature into a cultivated Olive Tree, how much more will these (unbelieving Jews), who are the natural Branches, be grafted into their own Olive Tree? For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that the blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in (the resurrection in AD 77) - Rom 11.24-25. We will now document the date under the Morning of the seventh Day. (2) Righteous as Palm Tree, he will flourish, he will grow as a Cedar in Lebanon. Planting of them in the house of He Is (hwhy) they will flourish in the court of Her, Gods of us (wnyhla). They will still bear Fruit in old age ... - Ps 92.12-14. The Olive Tree is the congregation of the Lord; the Bride of the Anointed. The other Trees represent Kings; and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father (Rev 1.6, 5.10). (3) And he said to me, What with her (hta) seeing? And he said, Seeing of me (YT), and looking [at] Lampstand all of her gold and a bowl at top of her, and seven Lamps of her, seven chamber (hyl[) and seven pipes to Lamps that at top of her. And Two Olive Trees one chamber from right of the bowl and one on left of her ... And I answered, and saying to him, What the-these two Olive Trees -- on right of the Lampstand and on left of her? ... And he said, These two of sons of the Anointing the standing ones to Lord (nwda) of all of the Earth (Israel) - Zec 4.2-3, 11, 14. Who were the two Anointed ones beside He Is (hwhy) of the whole Earth (Israel)? These were the writers of the Bible. Israel was Dipped in the Red Sea, and drank the spiritual Water from the Rock, which was the Anointed, Iesous. See: 1Cor 10.1-4. Moses was Dipped in the Red Sea before he wrote the law. Iesous created His From Calling (see: Mt 16.13-19), and after they had been Dipped in the Holy Spirit (Acts 2.2), they wrote the New Testament. The seven Lamps are the seven Spirits of God, which are received by prayer, after one has had the temple of the Holy Spirit cleansed by Dipping in Water for forgiveness of sins that are past. Therefore, the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood bear witness for God. See: 1Jn 5.6-8. The Holy Seven are: Love, Faith, Knowledge, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Atonement, and Adoption. Also, Paul mentioned, One Body, One Faith, One Hope, One Dipping, One Spirit, One Lord, One God to represent the Holy Seven. See: Isa 11.1-4, Eph 4.4-6, 2Pet 1.5-8, Rev 5.12, for other lists of the Holy Seven. These are the power of God in man! Faith moves Mountains; meaning kingdoms of Earth. But that is another subject. 4) THE EVENING OF THE SIXTH DAY. A) THE PREDICTION OF DOOM. And forces from him they will stand, and they will pollute the sanctuary, the strength, and the turning them [from] the continual (daily) [sacrifice], and giving them the abomination of desolation (altar to Zeus) ... And the king (Antiochus Epiphanes) doing as acceptable to him. And He/She (Abomination) will exalt them (mmwrtyw) and he/she will make great (ldgtyw) above all of god (la), and he will speak against God (la) of gods (myhla), he will say, 'We are wonders of Her'; and the prospering indignation for He determining her, He doing her - Dan 11.31-36. The house of Israel had been warned ahead of time! God prefers to bless rather than to punish. This was written in the third year of Cyrus (537 BC - Dan 10.1). Chapters 10, 11, & 12 were all one vision of Daniel, and all bear the same date. But then, even Moses had warned the house of Israel in 1594 BC. See: Deut 28. Did the loving care of He Is (hwhy) do any good? B) THE RECORD OF THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION. And the fifteenth day of the month Chislev (December), in the year 145 (167 BC), the king erected the horrible abomination upon the altar of burnt offerings, and in the surrounding cities of Judah they built pagan altars. They also burned incense at the doors of the houses and in the streets. Any


scrolls of the law which they found they tore up and burned. Whoever was found with a scroll of the covenant, and whoever observed the law, was condemned to death by royal decree - 1Macc 1.54-57. Antiochus was the type, and the Pope was the antitype. The Papal Inquisitions murdered men for possessing the Bible, or for translating the Bible out of Latin into their native tongue. John Wyclifs bones were dug up and burned (as though that would hurt him), and the ashes sprinkled in the river, because he had translated the Bible into English. For three years the temple was without a daily sacrifice. What did the Jews do this time, to incur the wrath of God? [The first year of the Syrian calendar was in 312 BC. 312 BC - 145 Years = 167 BC.] C) THE REASON FOR THE POLLUTION OF THE TEMPLE. (1) In those days there appeared in Israel men who were breakers of the law, and they seduced many people, saying: We will go and make an alliance with the Gentiles all around us; since we separated from them* many evils have come upon us. The proposal was agreeable; and some from among the people promptly went to the king (Antiochus in 175 BC), and he authorized them to introduce the way of living of the Gentiles - 1Macc 1.11-13. * Haggai and Zechariah separated the people from the Gentiles in the second year of Darius (518). The temple was dedicated in 515 BC. Ezra separated more Israelites from Babylon in the seventh year of the king (Ezra 7.8; meaning in the reign of Xerxes I; or, in 480 BC). Nehemiah was made governor of Jerusalem from the twentieth year of the king until the thirty-second year of his reign (Neh 2.1, 13.6). This king was Artaxerxes I, ruling in a Co-reign from 474 BC. The twentieth year would begin after nineteen years, in 455 BC; and the thirty-second year would begin after thirty-one years; or, in 434 BC. These events seem to be, to the best of our knowledge, the separation referred to by the writer. So then, Evening had come, and Darkness ruled over Israel again. The reader should take this message personally. If the leaders of the congregations have consistently led the membership into Darkness for centuries; why should it be any different today? This is why Iesous and His apostles have warned you against deceivers, and false prophets, and false teachers. Consider Iesous warning, which has already been accomplished today: (2) And with the thousand years, The Satan will be loosed of the prison of him, and will go out to deceive the nations, the [ones] in the four corners of the Earth (New Jerusalem), The Gog and The Magog, to gather them together to the battle, of whom the number of them as the sand of the sea. They went up on the breadth of the Earth (New Jerusalem) and surrounded the camp of the holy ones and the having been Extremely Loved City (perfect passive participle; New Jerusalem) - Rev 20.7-10a. And what new teaching did they teach? [I was there!] They ridiculed the idea of a thousand year reign with the Anointed, and also of historical approach to prophecy; meaning -- it is real! They taught that Iesous is confined to the first century; as the Pope teaches! The Mark of the Beast in the Forehead (Mind) was also considered a laughable matter. The Jewish Gospel was recited every week. This is about getting the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands; but they denied that. Also speaking in tongues was a sign of being saved during the Jewish Gospel; but they rejected that too. Singing and praying in tongues; and healing the sick were components of the Jewish Gospel; but they scorned them too. The emphasis is on Iesous being confined to the first century; which is from the Popes and the Dark Ages. Reader beware! 5) THE MORNING OF THE SIXTH DAY. (1) I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is (the Morning of the sixth) Day: the (Evening of the seventh) Night is coming when no one can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world - Jn 9.4-5. Therefore, Man and Being (Eve) died in the-day symbolic of a period of prophesy. In this place, Iesous (Ihsouj) works in a Day that is meant to signify a period of prophecy. He Is (hwhy) told Man and Eve, for in the-day that you eat of it you shall die (Gen 2.17). But they did not die in the literal day that they ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Did Gods (myhla) lie? Was Satan right? Man died 930 years later. This was in the first Day, which was from 4148 - 2492 BC; or,


it was a period of 1656 Years. This is according to the Hebrew Scriptures. It was from 5614- 3372 BC; or, a period of 2242 Years. This calculation is from the Greek Septuagint. Mans lifespan of 930 Years, fits into both periods, regardless of the source. Did Gods lie? Do you want to believe in lying Gods? In the verse under consideration (Jn 9.4-5), the Day and the Night mentioned are still not meant to be taken literally. Iesous is not recorded in the Bible to have only worked for one Day! But, He confirmed the covenant with many for One Seven (Week) - Dan 9.27. And, In the middle of the Seven (Week) He was cut off; or, He died. Iesous was Dipped in the fifteenth year of Tiberius (Lk 3.1), which was in AD 28. Half a Seven (Week) would be three and one-half Years, when Iesous died in AD 32. When did the Seven (Week) end? Do you know? (2) To bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophet, and to anoint Holy of Holy Ones - Dan 9.24. (3) While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard the word. And those of the circumcision who believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also ... Can anyone forbid Water, that these should not be Dipped who have received the Holy Spirit just as we? - Acts 10.44-45, 47. (4) And being (hyhw) after this I will pour out of Spirit of [Me] on all of flesh - Joel 2.28. He Is (hwhy) had divided all flesh into Jews and Gentiles. The Spirit was poured out on the Jews on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2.2). After receiving the outpouring of the Spirit, the Jews passed it along to others by the laying on of hands. See: Acts 8.17, 9.17, 19.6; 2Tim 1.6. The interval from Acts, Chapter Two, until Chapter Ten, is described is such a way that it would represent three and one-half years. Cornelius, and friends, ended the prophecy to anoint the Most Holy (Place); or, the Body of the Anointed. Peter witnessed the outpouring of the Spirit. (5) And Gods (myhla), He saw of all of that doing (hn[), and looking, very good. And he was Evening and he was Morning: the sixth Day - Gen 1.31. 6) THE EVENING OF THE SEVENTH DAY. I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is (the sixth) Day: the (seventh) Night is coming when no one can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the world - Jn 9.4-5. But then, that is our next chapter.



The Heavens (Governments) and the Earth (Israel & New Jerusalem), and all the Host of them (Suns, Moons, Stars, Trees, Vines, etc.). And He finished, Gods (myhla), in the seventh Day from work of Him that [He] doing (hv[), and He rested in the seventh Day from all of work of Him that doing. And Gods (God and The Word) He blessed of the seventh of Day and He holy with her, for in him resting from all of work of him that Gods, creating to doing (twv[l arb). These generations of the Heavens and the Earth (Israel & New Jerusalem) in the creating them (marbhb) in day He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) doing Earth and Heavens. And all of Herb of the Field he was not yet in Earth, and all of Herb [of] the Field he had not grown yet, for He Is Gods not the rain on the Earth, and not man to work the ground - Gen 2.1-5. 1) THE IMAGERY OF THE SEVENTH DAY. A) THE NEW HEAVENS AND THE NEW EARTH. (1) And the bringing of Me (YT) Seed from Jacob, and Judah, he will possess (12) Mountains of Me (Tribes); Chosen of Me, they will possess her, and servants of Me, they will dwell that-there (hmv) .... But you are those who forsake He Is, who forget My holy Mountain ... And with them, forsaking of He Is (hwhy), the forgetting of them of Mountain of holiness of [Me] ... And the leaving you (Israel) them (New Jerusalem) name of you (Israel) to curse to chosen of [Me] (From Calling); and Lord of [me] He Is (hwhy ynda) will [be] the death of you (Israel), and to servants of Him burning one name (New Jerusalem) ... For looking of [Me], creating (arwb; see: Gen 1.1) Heavens, new ones, and a New Earth (New Jerusalem); and not She (New Jerusalem) will remember Her (Israel), the first [state] of Her, and not She (Israel) will come Her to heart - Isa 65.9, 11, 15, 17. Isaiah wrote this message from He Is in about 700 BC. Moses had previously declared the same thing, in 1594 BC. See: Deut 28. When the apostles of the Lord Iesous asked Him, Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel? they were referring to the prophecies about New Jerusalem. See: Acts 1.6. When the Jews asked John of the Dipping, Are you Elijah? ... Are you the Prophet? they were inquiring about New Jerusalem. See: Jn 1.21; Mal 4.5, Deut 18.15-16. (2) For this they willfully have not noticed to the word of God Heavens (Governments) were from of old, and Earth from out of the Water and through Water existing, by which the World then [existing] by Water being perished ... But the Heavens and the Earth (Israel) of Him now by the same word are stored up, being reserved [for] Fire (Tribulation) into Day of Judgment (AD 77) and Destruction of ungodly men ... But We (present tense pronoun in AD 66), according to Promise (Resurrection), look for New Heavens and a New Earth in which Righteousness (Iesous) dwells - 2Pet 3.5-6, 7, 13. Iesous (Ihsouj), and His apostles, interpreted the Old Testament prophecies to be historical events; and many of them were fulfilled in the lifetimes of Iesous and the apostles. These are the Three Dispensations of Man on Earth: 1) The Pre-flood Era, 2) The Old Heavens Era, 3) The New Heavens Era. Although the message is simple, the Pope was, and still is, The Deceiver of all nations. See: Rev 13.14 (before the Millennium), and: Rev 20.7-8 (after the Millennium). He holds the World in


darkness through the traditions of men. Where do men learn the traditions of men? The Seminaries and Bible Colleges major in the traditions of men. They teach that Iesous words are wrong, and then, they substitute the Popes words for the Bible message. Then their products (preachers) are sent out to deceive the whole World. Iesous (Ihsouj) also taught of New Jerusalem. The resurrection, and the destruction of the temple, and the end of the age, and, the coming of the Son of the man were terms employed by Iesous to teach of New Jerusalem. Here is one account of the Old Heavens being destroyed. (3) But immediately after the Tribulation of those days (War began in AD 66) the Sun will be darkened (Antipas murdered in AD 66) and the Moon will not give Light of her (Temple & Priests destroyed in AD 70); the Stars will fall from [place] of the Heaven (Jewish Prophets ceased to be), and the powers of the Heavens (Governments) will be shaken ... Truly, I say to you, no not, this Generation (AD 32-77) will pass away till ever all these [things] take place - Mt 24.29, 34. B) IESOUS SPOKE ABOUT THE NEW KINGDOM. The Lord (O Kurioj) had many words of warning about the evils of Judaism; or, the Old Heavens. The disinheritance of Israel was frequently His subject for discussion. (1) the children of the kingdom shall be cast out - Mt 8.12; (2) harlots go into the kingdom of God (tou Qeou) before you - Mt 21.31; (3) the kingdom of the God (tou Qeou) will be taken from you - Mt 21.43; (4) and he (God) sent out his armies, destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city (Jerusalem) - Mt 22.7. The emphasis of all these quotes is the disinheritance of Israel, and the beginning of the kingdom of God -- in the future. How did Iesous answer His apostles question about the time of the kingdom? It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the Earth (Israel) [Acts 1.7-8]. This verse, and many others, shoot down the Popes theory that the kingdom began on the Day of Pentecost! Witnesses of what? The apostles were witnesses of the resurrection of Iesous, and of the coming resurrection of the Body of believers, and the kingdom of the God (tou Qeou). C) IESOUS (Ihsouj) DISCUSSED THE NEXT AGE. (1) ... but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit it will not be forgiven him either in this (Jewish) age or in the (one) to come (New Jerusalem) - Mt 12.32. (2) ... the cares of this (Jewish) age and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful - Mt 13.22. (3) ... the Harvest (Resurrection) is the end of the (Jewish) age, and the reapers are the angels Mt 13.39. (4) Therefore as the Tares (Weeds) are gathered and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of this (Jewish) age - Mt 13.40. (5) So it will be at the end of the (Jewish) age. The angels will come forth, separate the Wicked from the Just, and cast them into the furnace of fire - Mt 13.49-50a. (6) Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the Sign of Your coming, and the end of the (Jewish) age? - Mt 24.3. Iesous (Ihsouj) was the Prophet of Doom to most, and the Savior (swthr) of the World to others. This depended on their attitude, which office He would fulfill in their lives. Iesous had two messages that appeared to be contradictory. First, He informed His students to live for today. Regarding tomorrow, He said, Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Secondly, the Lord, and Son (Yioj) of the God, inspired hope in the resurrection, and the possibility of passing the Judgment Day unharmed. But then, they were not really contradictory at all; for the first message about today, was the key to passing the Judgment. D) THE SIGN OF IESOUS COMING. (1) the Holy Spirit indicating this, that The Way (Iesous; Ihsouj) into the Holiest of All (Third Heaven) is not yet made evident (to the majority) while the first tabernacle (vs 2) is still standing - Heb 9.8.


NOTE: The Popes Bible commentators, in the Dark Ages, taught that Hebrews was written after the fall of Jerusalem, in AD 70. And so, they changed the present tense verbs and participles (is) to the past tense (was). But our Greek lexicons today have them properly identified. It is only the Bible translators that are in the dark today. And so, the Sign of Iesous coming was the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem in AD 70. See: Mt 24.2, 30. Another Sign of Iesous coming was the Sign of Noah; or, the Flood of Roman troops destroying the nation. See: Mt 24.35-42. The third major Sign of Iesous coming was, till Heaven and Earth pass away (Mt 5.18). But then, we have demonstrated that, Heaven and Earth was an epithet for Israel. Therefore, all three Signs of Iesous coming were the destruction of the nation of Israel. E) WORDS OF COMFORT ABOUT THE RESURRECTION BEING NEAR. (1) But concerning the resurrection of the dead, have you not read what was spoken to you by [prophet] of the God (tou Qeou), saying, I am the God (tou Qeou; yhla)* of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living - Mt 22.31-32; Ex 3.6. NOTE *: The Hebrew Scripture reads, "Gods of Abraham, etc." The Jews corrupted the plural Gods word (myhla) to read singular God (la) in the Greek Septuagint of 250 BC. But the God and the Lamb (Rev 22.1; producing plural "Gods") used the corrupted Jewish translation because it was familiar to the nation of Israel. However, in the "From Calling of Iesous," the people of the Living God were taught of , "one Lord and one God" (Eph 4.5-6). This was a comforting message, meaning that the dead did not have to wait for the resurrection in order to be with God. Iesous was teaching that the fathers were already with God in Paradise; though not yet in Third Heaven, for no one could enter Third Heaven before the firstfruits of the dead, who was Iesous. A Parable of Iesous was about Lazarus being in Abrahams bosom -- before the resurrection! See: Lk 16.19-31; Mk 12.26-27. (2) Assuredly, I say to you, there are some standing here (about AD 30) who shall not taste death till they see the Son (Yioj) of the man coming in His kingdom - Mt 16.28. Never so!; shouts the Pope. And, the simple believe him. The Pope, and his servants, teach that you cannot trust the Lord of Life. Listen to me, fellow; listen to me! The Deceiver of all nations has been singing this song for centuries; and the simple believe him. This conclusion is determined through Speculative Theology; and the Pope has a Doctors degree in Speculative Theology. What is substituted for your benefit, is that this means the Day of Pentecost; or, the Mount of Transfiguration. The simple believe every word ... (Prov 14.15). But, if any of these wild and woolly speculations are true, then -- Iesous is a liar! (3) Do not marvel at this; for the Hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice and come forth -- those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation - Jn 5.28-29. Sounds imminent! What do you think? (4) Iesous (Ihsouj) said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may DIE, he shall live. And whoever LIVES (to the resurrection) and believes in Me shall NEVER DIE - Jn 11.25-26. The Lord presented two cases to His students, for contemplation: (1) those who die before the resurrection; and: (2) those who live until the resurrection! For other Scriptures that state clearly that some men would never die, see: Mt 16.28, 1Cor 15.50-52; 1Thes 4.17; Heb 11.39-40. (5) Peter, seeing him, said to Iesous, But Lord (Kurie), what about this man? [Meaning, John.] Iesous said to him, If I will that he remain till I come, what is that to you? You follow Me - Jn 21.21-22. Peter, and the Lord, were discussing the apostle, John. Iesous had explained to Peter in what manner he would die (21.19). Peter wanted to know how John would die. Iesous made it clear that John would not die, as the other cases quoted above. NOTE: Then, we (21.24) gets into the act. He denied everything that Iesous had just spoken. As a very young man I had noticed this contradiction. But the congregation insisted that there were no


contradictions. This caused me a lot of grief. The Bible translations have numerous intentional lies within them. Church reformers expose them. But this discrepancy is from the manuscripts. If men corrupt the Bible translations today, then they probably corrupted the Bible manuscripts in the past. However, if this is true, it is very minimal. But this seems to be a sure case of manuscript pollution. 2) THE EVENING OF THE SEVENTH DAY. (1) Assuredly, I say to you, all these things will come upon this generation (AD 32). Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! ... See! Your house is left to you desolate; for I say to you (those living in AD 32), you shall see Me no more till you say, Blessed is He (Iesous) who comes in the name of Lord! (Kuriou) - Mt 23.36-39. How did the Jews who murdered Iesous see Him again? That is a long story, involving several connected steps of operation. But it did happen! Zechariah, the prophet of God, told one part of the answer. (2) And I will pour on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem (Israel) the Spirit of Favor and Supplication; then they will look on Me whom they pierced. Yes, they will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son, and grieve for Him as one grieves for a firstborn - Zec 12.10. In the following verses, Zechariah continued to relate the subject of Israels grief and mourning. The house of David (Sun), and the house of Nathan (Star), and the houses of Levi and Shimei, who constituted the Moon, and all the families that remain (Earth) were recorded to be mourning by themselves, and their wives by themselves (Zec 12.11-14). They were in grief because the Romans had destroyed their land, and the city of Jerusalem, and had burned their temple; and had almost annihilated their nation. Josephus, the Jewish historian of that day, recorded 1,100,000 slain, and 97,000 sold into slavery. The loss was so great that the skeptical Bible commentators state their doubt of the accuracy of the numbers; but the conservative expositors all accept the facts. The Sun was the king, and the Star was the prophet of God, and the Moon was the priesthood; while the Earth was the congregation of Israel. In their sorrow, the Jews remembered that Iesous had predicted these things would come upon them (Mt 24); and especially they recalled the teaching of the destruction of the temple (24.2), because the thought of this seemed impossible to them. The temple had stood since 515 BC, and Herod had worked 34 years enlarging it, and adorning it with precious gems. Only the Messiah would have been able to prophesy the future like this, and so, they realized that the had murdered their Savior. The next step to our solution is from John, the apostle. (3) And again another Scripture says, They shall look on Him whom they pierced - Jn 19.37. This was not the complete fulfillment of the prophecy, but was only quoted to identify for sure who had pierced Him. The Jews were the guilty party. Iesous continued the story in His Revelation to the apostle, John. (4) Behold, He is coming with Clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him (Jews). And all (12) Tribes of the Earth (Israel) will mourn because of Him. Even so, Truly - Rev 1.7. The date of Johns writing is still not the accomplishment of the prediction. These verbs are in the future tense. The real event was yet future when John wrote in AD 67. John mentioned the Day of the Lord (Rev 1.10), which was the first year of the Jews war with Rome. Antipas was murdered in AD 66. Iesous mentioned this to be a past event in AD 67, when Revelation was written. See: Rev 2.13. The Greek verb for, see is , which is future tense. Iesous (Ihsouj) mentioned six times, I come quickly. But the Pope, and his boys, have convinced the world not to believe the Lord of the Earth (New Jerusalem). Quickly is equated with this generation (Mt 24.34 - AD 32), and some standing here shall not taste death (Mt 16.28 - about AD 30), and also, We (present tense pronoun) shall meet Him in the air (1Thes 4.17 - about AD 53). Here is another quote from Iesous, equating quickly to 10 Days. (5) Indeed the Devil (O Diaboloj) is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have Tribulation 10 Days (Years). Be faithful until death, and I will give you the


crown of Life - Rev 2.10. The Lord Iesous (Kurioj Ihsouj) informed some of the seven From Callings of Asia that he would come quickly, in the letters dictated to the congregations. But this address to the congregation at Smyrna promised that the Tribulation would only be for 10 Days. Therefore, our conclusion is that quickly equals 10 Days. [AD 67 + 10 Days (Years) = AD 77.] This dated the end of the Evening (Darkness) of the seventh Day and the beginning of the Morning (Light) of the same seventh Day. The Bible contains other comments about the Night and the Day and the Last Hour. Consider these Scriptures with an open mind, and with prayer. 3) FURTHER COMMENTS ABOUT THE EVENING OF THE SEVENTH DAY. (1) The Night (Evening) is far spent, the Day (Morning) is at hand - Rom 13.12; AD 58. (2) Behold, I tell you a mystery: We (*present tense pronoun) shall not all Sleep (Die), but We* shall all be changed -- in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump -1Cor 15.51-52; written in AD 57. (3) Then We (present tense pronoun) who are Alive and Remain shall be caught up together with them (Dead) in the Clouds to meeting of the Lord (tou Kuriou) in the air - 1Thes 4.17; AD 53. (4) And all These (dead servants of God), having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the Promise (Resurrection), God having provided something better for Us (*present tense pronoun), that They (Dead) should not be Perfect (Resurrected) apart from Us* - Heb 11.39-40; AD 66. These Scriptures all promise the living generation that some of them would live to meet the Lord in the air. Or, that some of the living generation would never die. See: Mt 16.28, Jn 11.25-26. The teaching of the Dark Ages, when all men were retarded, is still being passed off today, as though men had never heard of the Renaissance or the Protestant Reformation Movement. The apostles all published this message of the imminence of the coming of the Son of man. (5) Nevertheless, We (*present tense pronoun), according to Promise (Resurrection), look for New Heavens and a New Earth (New Jerusalem) in which Righteousness (Iesous) dwells - 2Pet 3.13; AD 66. New Jerusalem was described to be both in Third Heaven, and on Earth. The 144,000 Firstfruits were resurrected to Third Heaven, and became priests and kings over the Earth (New Jerusalem) [Rev 1.6, 5.10, 14.1-5.] We know that New Jerusalem is on Earth because they were promised a resurrection of the Just and the Unjust [Rev 21.7-8]. We know that the Firstfruits are in Third Heaven because Iesous (Ihsouj) came quickly. This explains the plural New Heavens being divided into two singular New Heavens. For the promise of the plural New Heavens see: Isa 65.17, 66.22, 2Pet 3.13. For the fulfillment of the two singular New Heavens see: Rev 4.1-2 and Rev 21.1. The first New Heaven was without an Earth (Rev 4.1); although Heaven and Earth (Israel) were in it (Rev 5.3, 13). But this is symbolism, and does not describe an Earth, but the nation of Israel in their new bodies. Third Heaven is the Eternal Abode of God (Qeou), but it became New in AD 77, when men of Earth were added to it. The Bible will graphically describe the Holy City (New Jerusalem) on Earth, with borders and a Wall and a Street of Gold. But that will follow. (6) You (*present tense pronoun) also be patient. Establish Your* hearts, for the coming of the Lord (tou Kuriou) is at hand ... Behold, the Judge is standing at the door! - Jas 5.8-9; AD 63. (7) Little children, it is the Last Hour; and as you have heard that the Antianointed (antiCristoj) is coming (Man of Sin = Nicholas), even now many antianointeds have come (Doctrine of Nicolaitanes), by which we know that it is the Last Hour - 1Jn 2.18; AD 66. In these quotes, the emphasis has been on the present generation. We find no mention of anyone 1900 years later. There is no reference to Iesous delaying His coming for 1900 years; or, even for 100 years. Get ready now!; was the message of the apostles. NOTE: Some writers have always understood this interpretation of the Bible. They were called,


Preterists. Preterists are even enjoying success today. The reason that their message was not more generally accepted is because it is a hopeless doctrine! According to them, God ended everything in the Bible in AD 70. This leaves no hope for men of earth today. But they were still partly right! Iesous teaches that: 3 = 3. The Preterists, and the Futurists, teach: 3 = 2. This is from the Pope, and the Dark Ages. After a lifetime of Bible study, from beginning to end, and after much research in Bible concordances; we have never run across a single Scripture about two resurrections only! You will never find it in the Bible! This is from the Pope only. So then, the Preterists believe that Iesous (Ihsousj) came quickly, but they do not believe in the final resurrection (Rev 20.11-15). The Futurists believe in the final resurrection, but they do not believe that Iesous (Ihsouj) came quickly; in the first century AD. All denominations believe in the Popes 3 = 2 theory! For the Three General Resurrections listed together, see: 1Cor 15.21-24. For the Three General Resurrections listed separately, see: Rev 1.5, Rev 14.14-16; Rev 20.11-15. Besides these Scriptures there are many more that document the Three General Resurrections; and, the Six Particular Resurrections. These Six Particular Resurrections are: Enoch (Gen 5.24), and Elijah (2Ki 2.11), and Iesous, the Lamb of God (Mt 28.10), and the Old Heavens (1Thes 4.17), and the First Resurrection (Rev 15.2-4, 20.4-6), and the Final Resurrection (Rev 14.13, 20.11-15, 21.7-8). The Preterists, and the Futurists, and the Big Gap adherents do not believe in the Six Particular Resurrections either. The Big Gap Theory is from the Pope. This is a mixture of part Preterism and part Futurism, and no Truth! Where will you find documentation for the Popes two only resurrections? Surely, not in the Bible! 4) THE MORNING OF THE SEVENTH DAY. A) THE CURSE OF GOD. (1) No one can come to Me unless the Father (O Pathr) who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up at the Last Day (AD 77) - Jn 6.44. This sounds dreadful! The Spirit of God prohibited men from coming to Iesous, and being saved. We will present other Scriptures with the same message. This was Predestination. Only the Elect could come to Iesous; the Spirit of God barred the others. But then, did we not study grade school grammar? This condition only prevailed until the Last Day (AD 77). So then, some were saved now, and others later. But let us examine the other Scriptures about, The Curse of God; or, Predestination. We hope that the reader will agree that God put it in the Bible to be taught. (2) And He said, Go and tell this people: Keep on hearing, but do not understand; keep on seeing, but do not perceive. Make the heart of the people dull, and their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and return and be healed. Then I said, Lord how long? And He answered, Until the cities are laid waste and without inhabitant, the houses are without a man, the land is utterly desolate ... But a tenth will be in it, and will return and be taken away [Safely] ... So the holy Seed shall be its stump - Isa 6.9-13. The Lord Iesous (O Kurioj O Ihsouj) interpreted this prophecy to be about the first century AD. For Iesous quote of this prophecy, see: Mt 13.14-15. The Curse of God had been pronounced twice, so then, God (Qeoj) must really have been serious about this message. But, keep in mind our grade school training: this is only until the Last Day (AD 77). Then everything was different! But God wanted to hammer home this point, and so, it was repeated in these words. (3) Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God (Qeou): on those who fell severity (Jews); but toward you, goodness, if you continue in goodness. Otherwise you also will be cut off (Gentiles and some Jews). And they also (the blind Jews), if they do not continue in unbelief, will be grafted in, for the God (O Qeoj) is able to graft them in again (New Jerusalem) - Rom 11.22-23. Now we are making headway. The Curse of God had a Cure mentioned. The mercy of He Is endures into the age. The Cure was stated more than once. (4) For the earnest expectation of the Creation (Heaven and Earth = Israel) eagerly waits for the Revealing (Resurrection) of the sons of the (Tou Qeou) God. For the Creation (Israel) was subjected to


futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected (her) in hope; because the Creation (Israel) herself () also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God - Rom 8.19-21; written AD 58. Once again, the Scriptures read: Some saved now, and others later. See: (1) The Elect were Predestined, and: The meek inherited the Earth (New Jerusalem). The Firstfruits were first, and the Harvest was later. For, Firstfruits, see: Rom 8.23, Jas 1.18, Rev 14.1-4. Frequently, the Bible has condensed lists of events or names, which do not agree completely with the entire Bible record. And, this is true in this case (Rom 8.19-21), for Iesous was the Firstfruits of the Firstfruits; but He was not mentioned here. See: 1Cor 15.20, 23, Rev 1.5. In the law of Moses, the firstfruits of the harvest was in the spring, and the full harvest was in the fall. The resurrection of the Firstfruits, and all those in the graves, was in AD 77. The First Resurrection (Rev 20.4-6) was the Firstfruits of the New Covenant dispensation, before the first bowl of wrath on the Earth, in AD 1775; and the Final Harvest, after the thousand year reign (AD 1859-1959), will be at the End of the World. See: Rev 20.11-15. Therefore, what all of these messages about, The Curse of God were saying was, that the nation of Israel would be destroyed, and the cities uninhabited, and not a man would be found. Then, The Cure stated that, The meek would inherit the Earth (New Jerusalem). But in order that anyone should not think that we are treating the word of God disrespectfully, and engaging in speculative theology, as the preachers do, we will discuss the subject more fully. For, the proof of our interpretation is overwhelming. B) THE BLINDNESS AND THE HEALING OF BLINDNESS. (1) But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for our glory (apostles), which none of the rulers of this (Jewish) age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory ... But the natural man (w/o the Spirit) does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned - 1Cor 2.7-8, 14. Now the reason that God blinded Israel in part (Rom 11.25) is declared to be: So that they would crucify Iesous. If the Father had drawn them to Iesous, then there would be no one left to agitate for His murder, and to support the priests in their goal. God possibly would not blind anyone and then let him die in his sins; without a later chance to repent. Therefore, those who died before the resurrection were not among the portion of Israel that was blinded by the Spirit of God. Instead they were blinded by the god of this (Jewish) age [2Cor 4.4]. The god of this (Jewish) age was named to be Pride, and Works of the flesh. See: Mt 6.24, Mk 7.20-23, Gal 5.19-21. The blinded, or, the meek, had their lives preserved through the war with Rome, and inherited New Jerusalem after the resurrection. Please bear in mind, Gods list of Three General Resurrections: the Anointed (O Cristoj), the coming of the Anointed, the End of the World. See: 1Cor 15.21-24. The Pope teaches that: 3 = 2. But let us now return to Pauls message of blindness. (2) ... we (apostles) use great boldness of speech -- unlike Moses, who put a Veil over his face so that the children of Israel could not look steadfastly at the end of what is passing away (the law in AD 57). But their minds were blinded. For until this day the same Veil remains unlifted in the reading of the Old Testament, because the Veil is taken away in the Anointed (evnv Cristw). But even to this day (AD 57), when Moses is read, a Veil lies on their heart. Nevertheless when one turns to Lord (proj Kurion), the Veil is taken away - 2Cor 3.12-16. Iesous is the Word of God (O Logoj tou Qeou) and the Light of the World. And He would not leave us in the dark. Therefore He had dated the lifting of the Veil for us. One critical reason that men do not understand the good message of Iesous is because they do not read it! It is amazing how much of the good message is explained in the prophecies of the Old Testament. But multitudes of men boast, even in print, that they only believe, and only read the New Testament Scriptures. But even this is a lie, for they do not believe in the book of Iesous Revelation. Therefore, they only read 20 percent of the Bible, and are very smug and arrogant.


(3) Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out through mouth of God (dia stomatoj Qeou) - Mt 4.4. C) DATING THE LIFTING OF THE VEIL. And He will destroy on this mountain the surface of the covering cast over all people, and the Veil that is spread over all (12) Nations (Tribes). He will swallow up death into the age, and He Is (hwhy) will wipe away tears from all faces (Rev 21.4); the rebuke of His people He will take away (the war with Rome) from all the Earth (New Jerusalem; Rev 22.1-3); for He Is (hwhy) has spoken. And it will be said in that day: Behold this is our Gods (myhla; Rev 22.1); we have waited for Him, and He will save us. This is He Is (hwhy); we have waited for Him; we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation (Rev 21.3-4, 22.4-5, 17) - Isa 25.7-9. Many Bible commentators have connected these verses in Isaiah to Revelation, as we have done. While reading either Isaiah or Revelation, a Bible concordance is consulted for the key words, and the connection is made. Iesous predicted this founding of New Jerusalem (Mt 5.5, 18-19), as did Paul (Rom 8.19-23; 11.21-27), and as Peter did (2Pet 3.13). Common sense would date the resurrection, and New Jerusalem at the same time, by these words, I come quickly. The Popes 1900 year gap is very irrational. The words, Tribulation 10 Days would also date the founding of New Jerusalem in the first century AD. Men must be thoroughly brainwashed to believe the Popes 3 = 2 doctrine. His Holiness teaches that all of these past events of the first century are still in the future. But then, all of Iesous words would have to be wrong. We are faced with a pledge of allegiance; either to the Lord Iesous, or to the Pope! D) DANIELS TIME FOR THE RESURRECTION. (1) ... that it shall be for a Time, Times, and a Half-time; when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered, all these things shall be finished ... And from the time that the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the abomination of desolation was set up, there shall be 1290 Days. Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the 1335 Days - Dan 12.7, 11-12. (2) Then the children of Israel again did evil in the sight of He Is (hwhy), and served Baals and the Ashtoreths, the gods (myhla) of Syria, the gods of Sidon, the gods of Moab, the gods of the people of Ammon, and the gods of the Philistines; and they forsook He Is (hwhy) and did not serve Him - Judg 10.6. All three of Daniels periods of prophecy began at the same time, and so, 1260 Days + 30 Days = 1290 Days. Then, 1290 Days + 45 Days = 1335 Days. The 30 Days was identified as, One Month, by Zechariah (11.8). And, the 45 Days was designated to be, A Little (Jn 16.16). This information provides checks and balances for our calculations. When Israel served a multitude of other gods, and when they, forsook He Is; then the daily sacrifice was taken away. We have determined this to have been in 1258 BC. [Several expositors have compiled chronologies of the Old Testament, by which they date almost every event in the Old Testament. We have discovered omissions in all of them, and so, we consider our compilation to be more accurate. But it would be impractical to discuss the details in this work.] () THE 1260 DAYS. The Scripture in Judges (10.6) is dated: 1258 BC. [1260 Days - 1258 BC = AD 2.] The daily sacrifice was taken away. The reader should understand that they would not be serving all of these foreign gods (myhla), and forsaking He Is (hwhy), and still maintain the tabernacle worship. () THE 1290 DAYS. ... and I fed the Flock (Israel). I dismissed three shepherds in One Month (30 Days). My soul reaped them and also she (Flock) detested Me. Then I said, I will not feed you. The dying die, She will die; and the "he perishing; You will perish." The, "he will be left of Her, you will eat Her, each of other


of Her - Zec 11.7-9. Augustus Caesar was trying to decide who should succeed him as emperor when he died. In AD 2, he interviewed his son, Agrippa Posthumus. He was displeased with the interview, and cut him off, recalling his stepson, Tiberius, from exile to follow in his steps. Agrippa was the first shepherd cut off. Augustus died in AD 14, becoming the second shepherd cut off. Our Lord, and Savior, Iesous the Anointed was cut off in AD 32. [One Month = AD 2 - AD 32.] These periods are confirming our interpretation of Daniels 1260 Days and 1290 Days and 1335 Days. The entire Bible is in agreement. Also our Parable of Creation is being confirmed. () THE 45 DAYS. A Little, and you will not see Me, because I go to the Father (proj ton Patera); and again a Little and you will see Me - Jn 16.16. A Little is mentioned several times, but because it is a period of prophecy, the beginning and end remain the same, and do not depend on the date of every mention of the subject. This would be impossible. See: Jn 7.33, 12.35, 13.33, 14.19, 16.16 to 16.19. We have determined that A Little, before Iesous left His apostles, was: One Day (Jn 12.35) + One Day (Jn 16.16) + 3 Days (Matt 12.40) + 40 Days (Acts 1.3) = 45 Days. Iesous was in the belly of the earth three days and three nights (Mt 12.40), and he showed Himself alive with many infallible proofs for 40 days (Acts 1.3). Therefore, all of these numbers in the Bible have a purpose. The 70 Years Captivity, of the Jews in Babylon, was mentioned both before it began (Jer 25.11), and again after it ended (Zec 7.5). But the dates beginning and ending this period of prophecy were not determined by when it was mentioned. In like manner, A Little could not begin when everyone of the verses citing it were spoken. [45 Days = AD 32 - AD 77.] This interpretation of Daniels days, agrees with our interpretation of the 10 Days (Rev 2.10), and with the multitude of references to some would not die (Mt 16.28, and others). Therefore, the second of the Three General Resurrections (1Cor 15.21-24); or, The Coming of the Son of man, was in AD 77. However, unlike the Preterists doctrine of, No hope, who believe in the first century resurrection, we teach the surety of the Final Resurrection, at the End of the World. See: Rev 14.13, 20.11-15, 21,7-8. The Old Heavens resurrection is past, and the New Heavens judgment day is still to come. 5) THE FOUNDING OF NEW JERUSALEM. A) THE LIGHT OF THE SUN SEVENFOLD. (1) Moreover the Light of the Moon (Iesous) will be as the Light of the Sun (Iesous), and the Light of the Sun (Iesous) will be sevenfold, as the Light of seven Days (of the Old Sun), in the Day (AD 77) that He Is (hwhy) binds up the bruise of His people (Israel) and heals the stroke of their wound - Isa 30.26. The 7 Spirits of God, and a Knowledge of biblical arithmetic, and Understanding of secular history all work together to produce the answer to this riddle. Matthew Henry considered the light of the gospel, as compared to the light of the law, to be a possible explanation; but this does not explain the Light of the Moon being equal to the Light of the Sun. Andrew Fausset believed that these changes in Light would be literally fulfilled hereafter in the heavenly city. However, this seems too general in nature to be a substance of joy for men of earth. The Matthew Poole commentary agrees with Henrys belief in the gospel fulfilling the prophecy. But, let us define the New Moon, and the New Sun, and compare it to the Old Sun. This seems logical. (2) and has made us kings and priests (Moon) to the God and Father of Him (to Qew kai Patri auton) - Rev 1.6; 1Pet 2.5, 9. (3) And made them to the God of us (tw Qew hmwn) kings and priests; and we will reign over the Earth (New Jerusalem) - Rev 5.10. (4) and in the midst of the seven Lampstands (From Callings) One like the Son of man, clothed


with a garment down to the feet, and girded about the chest with a golden band - Rev 1.13. (5) These things says He who is holy, He who is true, He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens - Rev 3.7. Iesous (Ihsouj) is the New Moon (High Priest - #4). Then again, Iesous is the New Sun (King #5). Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. And so, the Moon = Iesous. The Sun = Iesous. Therefore, the Moon = the Sun. The Light of the Moon will be as the Light of the Sun. The writer of Hebrews documents Iesous being the New High Priest (New Moon). See: Heb 8.1 Iesous Himself teaches that He is the New King (New Sun). See: Rev 19.16. The Old Sun (house of David) ruled over 1600 furlongs (Rev 14.20). Our Heavenly Father and the Lamb rule over New Jerusalem, which was 12,000 furlongs square [in AD 77-78]; and 12,000 furlongs high. [1600 Furlongs X 7.5 = 12,000 Furlongs.] And so, Iesous Light as a King was sevenfold, or 7-1/2 times the Light of the king (Sun) of Israel. Dan, was the northern most city of Israel, while Petra was located at the southern limit of the kingdom. The distance was 200 Miles; or, 1600 Furlongs. New Jerusalem was 1500 Miles square. The imagery of the Holy City being 1500 Miles high was used to emphasize the nearness of God. As the Jews were used to traveling 1500 Miles from Egypt to Assyria, they could just as easily reach God 1500 Miles in the air -- through prayer. The reader is reminded that Israel had been totally destroyed, and Jerusalem and several other cities had been demolished. Therefore, we must think spiritually about the area of the globe covered by the refugees from Israel and Jerusalem, as constituting New Jerusalem. The other elements of the Holy City will confirm our conclusions. B) THE 12 GATES OF THE CITY. And how is it that we hear, each in our own language in which we were born? Parthians and Medes and Elamites, those dwelling in Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya adjoining Cyrene, visitors from Rome, both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabs -- we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of the God (tou Qeou) - Acts 2.8-11. The Holy City, New Jerusalem, had 3 Gates on the north, and 3 Gates on the east, and 3 Gates on the south, and 3 Gates on the west (Rev 21.13). The New Testament history of the From Calling, which is mainly in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, mentioned these possibilities. ON THE WEST: Greece (Corinth), and Crete, and Cyrennaica (Cyrene). ON THE NORTH: Macedonia (Phillipi), and Asia (7 congregations), and Cappadocia. ON THE SOUTH: Egypt, and Arabia (Petra), and Elam (Persia). ON THE EAST: Parthia (Assyria), and Media, and Mesopotamia. This list of possibilities forms a square of 1500 Miles on each side. C) THE WALLS OF THE HOLY CITY. (1) But you shall call your Walls, Salvation, and your Gates, Praise - Isa 60.18. (2) We have a strong city; He will appoint Salvation for our Walls and Bulwarks - Isa 26.1. (3) Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things? Shall the Earth (Israel) be made to give birth in One Day? [12 Months.] Or shall a Nation (New Jerusalem) be born at once? For as soon as Zion was in labor, she gave birth to her children - Isa 66.8. [12 Tribes of Israel (Rev 21.12) X 4 Months = 48 Cubits of Salvation.] [12 Tribes of Israel X 8 Months = 96 Cubits of Salvation.] [12 Tribes of Israel X 12 Months = 144 Cubits of Salvation.] The Walls of the Holy City encompassed the 12 Gates suggested, which make the Walls 1500 Miles square; or, 12,000 Furlongs square. D) THE STREET OF GOLD. (1) In that Day there will be a Highway from Egypt into Assyria, and the Assyrian will come into Egypt and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians will serve with the Assyrians. In that Day Israel will be one of three with Egypt and Assyria -- a blessing in the midst of the Earth, whom He Is


(hwhy) of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance - Isa 19.23-25. (2) A Highway (Street) shall be there, and a Road, and it shall be called, The Highway of Holiness - Isa 35.8. Gold is associated with Holiness because the vessels of the tabernacle were made of Gold, and the Lampstand with 7 Lamps (which are the 7 Spirits of God) was made of pure Gold. Therefore, the two words are used interchangeably in symbolism. E) EXPANDING THE CITY. And the nations of those who are saved shall walk in Light of Her (authj ), and the kings of the Earth bring their glory into Her (autw). Its Gates shall not be shut at all by (seventh) Day (there shall be no Night there) - Rev 21.24-25. [The 7 Nights had all ended.] After One Day (Year) the Nations were added to the 12 Tribes of Israel, and the prophesy was fulfilled where there are no more Jews, and no more Gentiles. One Day: AD 77 to AD 78. () NO MORE JEWS. And there shall be no more Curse (law), but the throne of the God (tou Qeou) and of the Lamb (kai tou Apniou) shall be in Her (en auth), and His servants shall serve Him. They shall see His face, and His name shall be in their Foreheads (Minds) - Rev 22.3-4. It is impossible to be a Jew without the temple in Jerusalem, and the animal sacrifices, and all males shall appear before He Is (hwhy) in Jerusalem three times each year. Iesous (Ihsouj) had declared that the law would only last until Heaven and Earth (Israel) would pass away (Mt 5.18). Now, Heaven and Earth were gone, and the law was abolished. Paul identified the law as a Curse; Anointed (Cristoj) has redeemed us from the Curse of the law, having become a Curse for us (for it is written, Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree.) See: Gal 3.13. But Paul was addressing Gentiles only. The Jewish Christians were ordered to keep the law. See: Mt 23.1-3, Acts 21.26. Now, with the coming in of New Jerusalem, both Jews and Gentiles were free from the law. God had moved out of the second dispensation, and into the third dispensation. The Jewish Gospel was also done away (1Cor 13.10). The Gift of the Holy Spirit was gone, as predicted, and the Jewish Gospel was mostly about the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Peter named the three dispensations to be: the Pre-flood, and the Old Heavens (Jewish included), and the New Heavens. New Jerusalem began the New Heavens dispensation in AD 77. It will continue until the End of the World. () NO MORE GENTILES. For He himself is our peace, who has made both one, and has broken down the middle wall of separation, having abolished in His flesh the enmity, the law of commandments contained in ordinances, so as to create in Himself one new man from the two, thus making peace - Eph 2.14-15. Paul was addressing the congregation at Ephesus, which consisted of both Gentiles and Jews. See: Eph 2.1-3. You (Gentiles) once walked according to the prince of the power of the air (Zeus). We (Jews) also lived in the lusts of the flesh. While the Gentiles and the Jews in the From Calling of the Anointed were united, still the meek who were blinded remained separated from the Gentiles. The From Calling was resurrected in AD 77, and Israel inherited the Earth. New Jerusalem was pictured to be the 12 Tribes of Israel for One Day. After 12 months the Nations of the Earth were invited into the Holy City. Gentiles were non-Jews. God (Qeoj) destroyed the Jews, and so, there are no longer any nonJews. God had created one new man, The law of Moses had been fulfilled when Rome destroyed the nation, and Iesous came on the clouds, and New Jerusalem was founded. See: Deut 28 to 30. Revelation is the New Covenant book in the Bible, and is a history of New Jerusalem until the End of the World. Today the Holy City has expanded worldwide, but is in captivity to Gog and Magog. See: Rev 20.7-10. However, God rested for a short time, and the redeemed of the Earth (Israel) rested into the ages of the ages. They had entered into Gods rest. See: Heb 4.8-11.


"And Gods (myhla), He finished in Day, the seventh (AD 77) Gods work of Him doing (hv[)- (Gen 2.2). Then the creation of the Heavens and the Earth (Israel and New Jerusalem) was completed. And, there will be no need of any further creations of other Heavens and Earth. Also, There is no Night there, for the seven Nights are all over. We live in what the song writers have named, one eternal Day. The fortunes of the citizens of New Jerusalem had not been, in some past periods, and is not presently, very pleasant. On the other hand, in the past, the children of God have enjoyed short periods of bliss. Iesous had predicted that we will enjoy bliss soon. But first, we have to change our lives, and especially our teaching (which is from the Pope). 6) THE CONCLUSION. The Pope is #666 and the deceiver of all nations. When the Protestant Reformation Movement and the Millennium (1859-1959) taught these facts, Iesous was pleased, and He blessed us tremendously. Then the Ecumenical Movement took the seal off Satan, and we have been in the second Dark Ages ever since that dastardly deed in 1959. The parents sell their children into bondage to the Beast and the False Prophet, and teach them to worship Gog and Magog and the Devil that deceived the nations. See: Rev 20.7-10. Will you change and receive Iesous the Anointed and the 7 Spirits of God?


12 OUTLINE OF PARABLE OF SEVEN DAYS OF CREATION 1) FIRST DAY: LIGHT (Gen 1.1-5). The generations of Man, began the creation of the Heavens and the Earth. This was The Beginning of Time in 4148 BC, according to the Hebrew manuscripts. A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). "The Man" (Man) and (Eve; hwh) ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and were cast out of the garden of Eden. They died in the-day, which was the 1656 years until the Flood. "The Man" (Man) lived to be 930 years old (4148 BC; Gen 5.3). The Flood was in 2492 BC. B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). Men began to call on the name of He Is (hwhy) (3913 BC; Gen 4.26, 5.24). 2) SECOND DAY: HEAVENS (Gen 1.6-8). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). Men became continually wicked, He Is (hwhy) destroyed them in a Flood (2492 BC; Gen 8/10). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). He Is (hwhy) revealed Himself to Abram (2065 BC; Gen 12.1-7). 3) THIRD DAY: EARTH AND SEAS (Gen 1.9-13). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). Jacob and 66 souls went into Egypt, and were later mistreated (1850 BC; Gen 46). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). Moses led 603,550 men of war came out of Egypt (1635 BC; Num 1). 4) FOURTH DAY: SUN, MOON, STARS (Gen 1.14-19). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). The Israelites forsook He Is (hwhy) and followed Him no more (1258 BC; Judg 10.6). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). David was declared by He Is (hwhy) to be king of Israel (1043 BC; 2Sam 7). 5) FIFTH DAY: SEA CREATURES (Gen 1.20-23). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). Sea creatures; Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome were created to punish Israel (601 BC; Dan 7.17). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). Haggai and Zechariah instructed to begin the second temple (518 BC; Hag 2). 6) SIXTH DAY: MAN IN OUR IMAGE (Gen 1.24-31). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). Antiochus Epiphanes polluted the tabernacle; tried to destroy the law (167 BC; Dan 11). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). See: John 9.4-5, Day & Night.


Iesous (Ihsouj) confirmed the New Covenant with many for one Week (AD 28-35; Lk 3). 7) SEVENTH DAY: GOD RESTED (Gen 2.1-4 -- and Man). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). See: Rom 13.12, Night & Day. The servants of the Lord Iesous (O Kurioj Ihsouj) were persecuted (AD 35-77; Acts 8). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). The coming of the Lord (O Kurioj) with ten thousands of His messengers (AD 77; Jude 14). The firstfruits were resurrected to Third Heaven and became priests and kings over the Earth (New Jerusalem - Rev 5.10). New Jerusalem was founded, being 1500 miles square, with a Street of Gold from Egypt to Assyria (Rev 21, Isa 19 & 35). Isaiah named this Street, the Highway of Holiness, and he declared that the nation was born in One Day (Isa 66.8). The "spiritual Holy City" covered much of the Roman Empire, and the Body was known to some men of earth, by the witnessing that they heard, and by the holy conduct of the members of the Body. But to the government, and much of the population the Holy City was invisible. They were "in the world" but not "of the world." This principle is also true today. New Jerusalem is the New Covenant congregation.

THE END OF THE EARTH IS NEAR: Genesis 8.22, Rev 20.11 Ever (

d[) all of days of the Earth [remains], seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night, no remaining you [in] them (w t bvy al) - Gen 8.22. w t bvy al ERROR: text = w t bvy and not - tbv. tbv tbv

KJV: While the earth remains [remains not in text, but supplied in our translation] day and night shall not cease ( ) Gen 8.22. Strongs #7673 ; - cease 43 times; - #7676 Sabbath 106 times. NOTE: Amplified Version, 1964, NAS, 1960, NIV, 1978, ESV, 2008 all copied the KJV error. NLT, 2008, left out the final participle with two suffixes. A) The phrase, all of the days is clear that a period of time to the End of the Earth is described. NOTES: them (W) [in] you (T) remaining (BSY - #3427 148 times) no (AL). Forwards: no remaining you (T) [in] them (W = these contrasted conditions; as day and night). This prophecy means that you (man) will not remain in them (contrasted conditions) ever all of days of the earth. Stated simply, The Final Resurrection will occur ever (as long as) the earth remains.


In other words, the Final Resurrection will precede the End of the Earth. The Dark Ages writers misquoted Second Peter 3.7-10 to say the earth will be burned up. And the Day of Lord will come as a thief in night in which the heavens (Governments) will pass away with hissing, and elements (Sun, Moon, Stars)* being burned up will be destroyed, both Earth* (Israel) and the works in her will be burned up 2 Peter 3.10. NOTE *: = A, B, Cs of God. Sun = king, Moon = Levitical Priesthood, Stars = Jewish Prophets, Earth = congregation of Israel. Peter was predicting the annihilation of the nation of Israel which certain prophecy was repeated often. the Sun (Antipas Rev 2.13) darkened (killed) and the Moon (Priesthood to blood) Joel 2.31, Mt 24.29, Mk 13.24-25; Lk 21.25, Acts 2.20, and many others. After the annihiulation of Israel, Peter predicted new heavens and a new earth (New Jerusalem) 2 Pet 3.13. Therefore, the Dark Ages interpretation is ignorance. The Revelation of Iesous also contained this prophecy of the Final Resurrection: And they saw a great, white throne, and The [One] (Iesous)* sitting on it, from whose face the earth** and the heaven** fled. And a place was not found for them [on earth] . And the dead [only], they were judged from in the books Rev 20.11-12. NOTE *: For neither the Father does judge no one but He has given to the Son the all judgment Jn 5.22. NOTE **: Now then, What are the earth and the heaven. The sun and the moon, above, were king and priesthood; or, the government. Heavens and Earth were repeatedly used to describe, Government and Subjects of the Government. CONCLUSION: The Government and the Subjects fled from the face of Iesous, and there was no place for them [on earth]. This is exactly what the prophecy in Genesis 8.22 had proclaimed. The literal earth is fading away, and the Final Resurrection will precede her demise. IN OTHER WORDS the Judgment Day is Near!


24 New name of the God and of the Iesous; Rev 3.12 The [one] overcoming, I will make him a pillar in the temple of the God of Me, and no, never, he will go [out] [any] longer. And I will write the name of the God of Me and the name of the City of the God of Me, [name] of the New Jerusalem, the [she] which comes down from [place] of the heaven, from [throne] of the God, and the new name of Me Rev 3.12. A) Who was speaking? The angel of Iesous Anointed (Ihsouj Cristoj; Rev 1.1) was confirming His Revelation. B) To Whom was He Speaking? He was speaking to the one sent (apostle), John, and to the Jewish congregations in the seven cities of Asia (a Roman Province in what is now Turkey). C) In what Age was he speaking? He was speaking in the Old Heavens; Law of Moses Age. D) Does it still apply today? Absolutely not! This promise of new names for the God and the Iesous was to be revealed at the Resurrection of The Dead and the Living (Mt 16.27-28) in AD 77. I. God had declared that, He had divided Himself, in order to come to earth and die for our sins. A) Look, the virgin will have [a babe] in the womb, and will bear a Son, and they will call the name of Him, Immanuel which is being translated, The God with us Mt 1.23. NOTE: One God in the Spirit in heaven and one God in the flesh on earth equals two Gods. B) In beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and the Word was God Into the own He came, and the own (Israel) did not receive Him Jn 11, 11. NOTE: One spirit-God in heaven and one God in the flesh on earth equals two Gods. C) For this, you will be minded in you which was in anointed [Body] of Iesous (en cristw Ihsou)* who in form of God did not consider [it] robbery the [act] to be equal with God, but emptied Himself, taking form of a Servant in likeness of men coming to be becoming obedient until death, and a death of a cross Php 2.5-8. NOTE *: Anointed is dative case (object of a preposition; w), and of Iesous is genitive case (possessive form in English; ou). Two words of different cases (w ou) in one phrase or sentence cannot refer to the same subject. But the alleged Bible translators have all rendered this, Christ Jesus. Neither the word Christ (Anointed) nor the word Jesus (Iesous) are found in the Greek manuscripts. All Greek Interlinear Bibles today confirm Anointed and Iesous. This gross error is repeated 59 times. NOTE: One God in the flesh and on the cross, and one God in heaven equals two Gods. D) For a Child is born to us, a Son giving to us and He will call name of Him, Wonderful, He will Counsel, God (la) of Might, Father of Everlasting, Prince of Peace Isa 9.6. NOTE: Father and Son being equal means, I and the Father are One Jn 10.30. The Father of Me is greater is greater [than] Me (Jn 14.28), means that God was divided into two unequal parts. The reason that the Father was greater is because Iesous was limited by His fleshly


body to be in only one geographical location at a time. On the other hand, the Father had His eye on the entire universe, controlling nature everywhere, and also controlling kingdoms everywhere. II. The Reunion of the Divided God was Recorded Just as Dogmatically as the Separation. A) And being He Is (hwhy) to kinging over all of the Earth (New Jerusalem) in day, the-this, He Is (hwhy) One, and name of Him he will be (hyhy) One Zec 14.9. NOTE: See the two participles, one for God (hwh) and another for man and name (hyh). Zechariah was predicting New Jerusalem after the Division of God was healed. B) And when the All are subjected to Him (Iesous), then also He, the Son will be subjected to The [One] (God) having subjected to Him (Iesous) the All, in order that The God may be The All in all 1 Corinthians 15.28. C) So then, the Reunion of God was recorded in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. III. NEW NAMES OF DIVIDED GODS RECORDED IN NEW COVENANT AS UNITED. Now we will search for the name of God of Me (Iesous) and, My new name (of Iesous). This name of God was to be revealed in Third Heaven, after the resurrection in ten days (AD 67-77). My (Iesous) new name was also to be revealed in Third Heaven.* NOTE: First Heaven was Israel, and Second Heaven is New Jerusalem, and Third Heaven is The Eternal Abode of God, mentioned in 2 Corinthians 12.2; and pictured in Revelation 4 & 5, and Revelation 7. The Eternal Abode of God became a New Third Heaven when men of earth were added to the citizenry, in AD 77. We will begin our search by identifying what these new names are not! (1) The Lord will not be considered for the Jews are still boasting of creating that name. They claimed that the name of God (HWHY = He Is) is too holy to be pronounced, and so, When we come to that name, we change it to adonai. Quote from David Biven, (2) Iesous told the Jews that He would teach, the name of My God, and so it must be a new name that they did not know in AD 67, when this statement was written. These names, from the manuscripts, would include: the God and holy God and God of the Fathers and King of kings (1 Tim 6.15) and Gods of the gods and Lord of the lords (Deut 10.17) and great King above all gods (Ps 95.3) and Lords of us more than all of gods (Ps 135.5) and Gods of the gods and King of the nations (Jer 10.7) and Mighty God and Father Everlasting (Isaiah 9.6). (3) My new name would exclude: Iesous Anointed and Father and Son and One Lord and One God, and High Priest and Lamb of God, and Savior and The Nazarene and The God with us. So then, What is left? Chapter Four of Revelation is the first chapter describing Third Heaven and the Resurrection in AD 77. God was recorded, He sits on the throne (Rev 4.2). NOTE: kaqhmenoj was translated by the lexicographers to read: [one] sitting on the throne. But then, oj is the masculine, singular, nominative case ending. This (singular) means, No Father and Son. Lord, the Almighty God is Verse 4.8. Genesis 17.1 reads: I, God of Might. The Almighty in the alleged Old Testament translations is, fake. Genesis 17.1 reads, I God of Might (ydv la yna). Ezekiel 10.5: reads, God of Might (ydv la). The Hebrew words for all are - #3605 lk = all of;


and the most frequent is the letter K

k = all.

But there is no justification for the word, Almighty in

the Hebrew. NOTE: ynda (Lord of [me]) and ydv (might of) have the, Dangling Preposition Y (y). YNDA is from NWDA for, Lord and is translated, Lord of [me] sometimes. The Dangling Preposition has an Implied Object (in this case, me) which must be supplied by the translator or reader. NOTE: This is not adding to the Word if it is clearly marked by brackets ([..]) or. Italic print (Lord of me). The Bible has many sentences without a verb. And quite a many without a subject. Anyone reading an Interlinear Bible for the first time will be shocked at how many supplied words are in their Bible translations. But these missing words are determined by the context, and someone familiar with all the Bible can correctly supply the missing words. GREEK: o Pantokratwr = the Almighty (in the translations) so then, this is a new name. NOTE: Pan = all. to = the. krat[h] = power (5 times). wr[a] = time. This translates to, The All (to pan) and Lord the (o) God (masculine) the (o) [One] [] time power (feminine). And, what does [] mean? The definite article, to pan (the all neuter) cannot apply to God (masculine) or to time (feminine) but precedes Power (neuter). What we need here is a neuter gender word, or a participle, that makes sense in this sentence. I am disappointed that the new name for God is not dogmatically recorded in the Bible. The Bible translators rendering, the Almighty (o Pantokratwr) seems to be a guess rather than a translation. But in years of translating I have run across many iffy translations requiring supplied words by the translator. We will settle on this definition: Kurioj o Qeoj o [One] (fulavvssontej) [keeping] to pan Krat[oj] wr[a].

Kurioj o Qeoj o [One] (fulavvssontej) [keeping] to pan Krat[oj] wr[a]. Kurioj o Qeoj o [One] (fulavvssontej) [keeping] to pan Krat[oj] wr[a].
Lord, the God, the [One] [keeping] the all power [and] time.*** NOTE: Lord was used in harmony with the Hebrew Grammar, that the was not connected to Lord. [The Jews fake name, the Lord is exposed by Hebrew Grammar. God, in His extreme wisdom, chose to witness to Israel by quoting the Jews corrupt Septuagint, possibly because they were familiar with it. But at the same time, Iesous condemned the Septuagint when declaring, I Am (Egw eimi; Jn 8.23, 24, 58); also Iesous claimed power to forgive sins which belongs to God only. But the Jews had corrupted Deuteronomy 6.4, $xa, reading, Brother of you; by overwriting the letter K and changing it to a letter D producing, Lord (Kurioj) is one (eij). But this was sloppy work and childishness. However, the wise one will believe that Iesous and His ones sent (apostles) quoting the Septuagint was not meant to endorse it. The very first verse proves this point. HEBREW: In beginning (plural) Gods (myhla) creating of the heavens and of the earth. SEPTUAGINT: In beginning the (#1) God (#2) (o Qeoj) cteated (#3) the heaven (#4) and the earth. (#1) There is no definite article with Gods. (#2) Gods is plural, and not singular. (#3) creating is a participle, and not a Greek Aorist verb. (#4) heavens is always plural in the Hebrew; because of Night and Day (mymvh).] CONCLUSION: This is as close as we can get to a correct definition. We believe that this is more accurate than, the Almighty.

NOTE: God had been reunited and so, There is no more Iesous today! REPEAT: There is no more Iesous today! Iesous was flesh and blood. There is no flesh and blood in Third Heaven. Iesous is not recorded in the New Covenant Scripture. This was from Revelation 4.1 to Revelation 22.16, which begins a Goodbye Salutation to John and the Jews being addressed in AD 67 before the resurrection. THIS IS SHOCKING NEWS! The Papacy and the Pope (Beast and False Prophet) had been deceiving men for 1900 years to worship a dead body. The Reunion of God had changed, Iesous Anointed into The Lamb. Paul stated the transformation of our bodies and of Iesous body in these words: For as in the Adam all die, so also in the anointed [Body] all will be made alive. But each in his own order, Anointed [not Iesous] firstfruits [AD 32], then the [ones] of the Anointed at the coming of Him (AD 77). Then The End (of Time), when He hands over the kingdom to the God and Father, when He abolishes all rule and all authority and power 1 Cor 15.22-24. It is sown a natural body (Iesous), it is raised a spirirual body (Lord, the God) Ibid., 15.44, And this I say, brothers, that flesh and blood are not able to inherit name (klhr onom[a]hsai) of kingdom of God, nor the corruption (Iesous) the incorruption (Lord, the God). Look, I tell you a mystery, we will not all sleep (die), but all will be changed in a moment (AD 77 and also Final Resurrection), in twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet [of the Old Covenant], for a trumpet will sound (Mt 24.31) and the dead will be raised incorruptible [Iesus became God] and we will be changed. For it is necessary this corruptible to put on incorruption [a new body vs 15.38] and the mortal, this to put on immortality then will come to pass Death was swallowed up in victory. Death where is the sting of you? Hell where is the victory of you? 1 Cor 15.50-54. NOTE: Anointed [Spirit] [the] firstfruits. This is also recorded, first born of the dead (Rev 1.5). As the human servants of God were predicted to change so Iesous Anointed changed when He ascended to Third Heaven. [There is a long, and involved story of Iesous in Paradise (Luke 23.43), which explains how, The Son of the man standing from right of the God (Acts 7.56). But we have no room for it here.] Not only Iesous was changed, but Anointed was changed also, and it (Spirit = neuter gender) had a new name, which will be recorded in Revelation, Chapter Five. Therefore, anyone having doubts about Iesous changing, should be convinced by Anointed being changed. ALTHOUGH THERE IS NO IESOUS (Body and Blood Today) HE IS STILL THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. Salvation was purchased for us IN THE PAST IN AD 32. The writers of the Bible state this fact clearly. Therefore, we do not need a living body to be saved, although it is written, we will be saved by the life of Him (Rom 5.10). It is also clear that this life is in the reunited God. But we are also told that we were saved in the past. And He is a sin offering concerning the sins of us, not concerning the ones of us only, but also concerning [those] whole of the world 1 Jn 2.2. NOTE: In other words, the offering once for all (Heb 7.27, Heb 9.26, Heb 9.28, Heb 10.10) will continue until the End of Time. Paul explained that this once for all was so that Iesous did not have to


suffer often (Heb 9.25). This was also made clear by Isaiah, And He Is (hwhy) delighting oppressing Him, sickening Him. When you do trespass [offering] of soul of Him, He will see seed, He will prolong days and delighting He Is (hwhy) in hand of Him, He will prosper Isaiah 53.10. Flesh and blood on earth, are our sin offering. But this was, once only in AD 32. This sin offering is good throughout time by the promise of God. This fountain opened for sin (Zec 13.1) also reached back to the mourning (lba h; Abel; Heb 11.4). The servant of God, and the student of the Bible, must remind himself continuously that, God is supernatural! fell on the faces of them and worshipped the God, saying, We thank You, Lord, the God, the [One] [keeping] the all power and time Rev 11.16-17. NOTE: This was the 24 Elders praising God in Third Heaven, in AD 67 when Revelation was written. John records flashbacks to his being raised up to heaven with the 24 Elders through out Revelation. He quotes their praises to God while being in Third Heaven. They use His new name. And they sing the song of Moses, the servant of the God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvelous the works of You, Lord, the God, the [One] [keeping] the all power [and] time, righteous and true the ways of You, The King of the nations Rev 15.3. NOTE: This was the Resurrection of the Martyrs (AD 1775) in Third Heaven. And I heard saying of the altar, Yes, Lord, the God, the [One] [keeping] the all power [and] time, true and righteous the judgments of You Rev 16.7. NOTE: This was the angel of the waters praising God in Third Heaven for the defeat of Papal forces on the rivers of the Alps, from AD 1798 to 1802. For they are spirits of demons doing signs, which come out on the kings of the whole house of dwelling (earth) to gather them into the battle of that day of the great God of The [One] [keeping] the all power [and] time Rev 16.14. NOTE: This is the gathering together for Mountain of Megiddo (Armageddon), which gathering was the Balkan Wars, AD 1912-13. And I saw the heaven having been opened, and look, a white horse (Victory) and one sitting on it And out of His mouth (/The Word of the God vs 13) proceeds a sword, double-edged, and sharp, in order that in her (auth) He might strike the nations. And He [Iesous before the resurrection in AD 77] will shepherd them with an iron rod. And He (Lamb) treads the winepress of the wine of the wrath of the wrath of the God the [One] [keeping] the all power [and] time Rev 19.15. NOTE: The treading the winepress was the annihilation of Israel from AD 66 to AD 73 in Masada. The phrase, of the wrath was duplicated for emphasis. The message was from Third Heaven, and so, the new name of God was used, The [One] [keeping] the all power [and] time. God has shared His wisdom and name with us. These were only recorded in pictures of Third Heaven. These pictures began in Revelation 4.8, after John was carried to heaven in the Spirit. After that point Iesous was mentioned as: testimony of Iesous (12.17, 19.10) and faith of Iesous (14.12), and testimony of Iesous (19.10, 19.10), and witness of Iesous (20.4), and I, Iesous have sent My messenger (angel). But there was no fleshly body of Iesous, after Revelation 1.9, because He had been reunited with God.


IV. Now we will address the changing of Anointed to The Lamb. And I looked in midst of the throne and of the Four Living Creatures, and in midst of the elders, a Lamb as having been slaughtered, having seven Horns and seven Eyes, which are the Seven Spirits of the God being sent out into all the earth Rev 5.6. A) SEVEN HEADS, Mountains are kingdoms in prophecy, and Hills are smaller kingdoms, and Heads are components of one Kingdom, as the Seven Pagan Nations were Heads/Kings (17.9-10) of Babylon (Papal Rome). Ten Papal States were smaller concurrent components of the kingdom of the Beast (Papacy). Heads (17.7) are components of one kingdom, as the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns (Rev 13.1). The Seven Heads (17.9) were: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, Rome and Eastern Rome. B.W. Johnson, The Peoples New Testament with Notes, identified these in AD 1891. B) THE SEVEN HORNS OF THE LAMB are (in my opinion): Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In other words, The Lamb is King of every day. XXX) The Anointed was mentioned five (5) times in the New Covenant Scripture. These were: (1) And the seventh messenger (angel) souded a trumpet, and he became himself [Middle Voice] a great voice in the heaven (Note) saying, The kingdom of the earth became of the Lord of us, and of the Anointed of Him, and He (One) will reign into the ages of the ages Rev 11.15. NOTE: This was, the mystery of the God was finished* (Rev 10.7). On September 20, 1870, Italy ran the Papacy and Pope Pius IX out of Rome, and the Millennium was firmly established. But then, Anointed was not pictured toi be on earth. (2) And I heard a great voice in the heaven (Note), saying, Now he came himself (Middle Voice) the salvation and the power and the kingdom of the God of us, and the authority of the Anointed of Him Rev 12.10. NOTE: This was because Constatine the Great ended persecution of servants of God in AD 312. But again, Anointed was not on earth. (3) And the Dragon (Satan vs 9) was angry over the Woman (New Jerusalem), and he went off to make war with the rest of the seed of her, the [ones] keeping the commands of the God and having the testimony of Iesous Rev 12.17. NOTE: Iesous had said, The Heaven and the Earth (Israel) will pass away, but the words of Me, no, they might not have passed away (Mt 24.35). Iesous is the prophet of the God. (4) And I saw thrones, and they (Martyrs) sat on them, and judgment was given to them, and the souls of the [ones] having been beheaded on account the testimony of Iesous and on account of the word of the God, and those who did not worship the Beast (Papacy) nor the Image of him (Holy Roman Emperor), and did not receive the Mark (Rev 13.6) on the Forehead (Mind) and on the hand (Service & War) of them. And they lived and reigned with [servants] of Anointed the thousand years (Rev 20.4). NOTE: This is a picture of Third Heaven, and does not involve earth. (5) Blessed and holy the [one] having a part in the First Resurrection (AD 1725). On these the Second Death (Rev 20.14) does not have power, but they will be priests of the God and of Anointed, and they will reign with Him a thousand years (Rev 20.6). NOTE: This is a picture of Third Heaven, and does not involve earth. The Lamb was recorded 27 times in Revelation, and, These have one mind [Ten Papal States], and the power and authority of them they give to the Beast (Papacy). These will make war with The Lamb, and The Lamb will conquer them (Rev 17.13-14). NOTE: The Ten Papal States were conquered in 1870 when their conquered people became, Italy and they drove the Papacy and Pope Pius IX out of Rome. And they say to the mountains and to the rocks, Fall on us and hide us from the face of The [One] sitting on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb (Rev 6.16).


NOTE: This was the fall of Catholic Constantinople in AD 1453. and the throne of the God and of the Lamb will be in Her (auth)* (Rev 22.3). * New Jerusalem. NOTE: The God and the Lamb took an active part in New Jerusalem, which is the New Covenant kingdom of thhe God. The Iesous and the Anointed were worshipped for their accomplishments in the First Century. Iesous is still the Savior of the world. However, He suffered, once for all, and His dead body is gone. He is part of the Reunited God and, The God and the Lamb are to be worshipped today. However, we are still to mourn for our sins and remember Iesous suffering to bring us forgiveness. C) SEVEN SPIRITS OF THE GOD FROM BIBLE COMMENTATORS. I am a historian of Protestant Bible Commentaries, and none of them identified the Seven Spirits. (A) 7 Spirits endued with the Spirit of God; Matthew Poole Commentary, AD 1680. (B) 7 Spirits Holy Spirit*; The Peoples New Testament, AD 1891, B.W. Johnson. (C) 7 Spirits All-Conquering Might, All Knowledge and All Power. He Knows the Future, and is Able to Control it; Halleys Bible Handbook, 1945. [But then no Scripture reference.] (D) 7 Spirits - Christian Baptist monthly magazine; AD 1823-30; Alexander Campbell not mentioned. (E) The Millennial Harbinger monthly magazine, AD 1830-70; A. Campbell; 7 Spirits not mentioned. (F) Geneva Bible, 1599 7 Spirits opening the eyes of John. (G) Matthew Henry, 1714 no answer. (H) Jamieson-Fausset-Brown, 1899 7 Spirits no answer. (I) Dr. Adam Clarke, 1832 7 Spirits no answer. (J) Albert Barnes, 1851 7 Spirits no answer. (K) Revelation, 1969, Leon Morris 7 Spirits This may refer to the Holy Spirit* The seven eyes on this view denote perfection of seeing. Nothing escapes him. (L) Interpretation, Revelation, 1989, M. Eugene Boring 7 Spirits not mentioned, (M) The Book of Revelation, 1966, Foy E. Wallace, Jr. 7 Spirits symbolic of the perfection of truth. (1) Power attribute of supreme and absolute and underived authority. (2) Riches unlimited resources to bestow and endow all things pecuniary and spiritual. (3) Wisdom Jesus is the wisdom of God (4) Strength the perogative to rule over all things (5) Honor a divine Being (6) Glory the brightness of God (7) Blessing the doxology of the angels, in praise, adoration, thanksgiving, blessing NOTE *: 7 Spirits = Holy Spirit. This is true from this proof: W) The Son of David, the Branch, was anointed with seven Spirits Isaiah 11.1-4. X) Iesous was anointed with the the Spirit of God Mt 3.16. Y) Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. Iesous being anointed = 7 Spirits. Iesous being anointed = Spirit of God. Therefore anointing = anointing; and 7 Spirits = Spirit of God; or, Holy Spirit. BUT THEN -- that is no help at all. What they have done wrong was to equate the particular (7 Spirits) to the general (Holy Spirit) muddying up the picture. These Seven Spirits of God are to be received, in our midst and written on our hearts (Jer 31.33) referring to New Jerusalem, in AD 77 and following. D) SEVEN SPIRITS OF GOD IDENTIFIED BY PARALLEL LISTS. A) Wisdom and Understanding (One Spirit; #1), Counsel (One Faith; #2), Might (One God; #3), Knowledge (One Hope; #4), Fear of He Is (hwhy; One Dipping; #5), Judge (One Lord; #6), Righteousness (One Body; #7) Isaiah 11.1-4 and Ephesians 4.4-6. B) One Spirit (Wisdom; #1), One Faith (Honor; #2), One God (Strength; #3), One Hope (Glory;


#4), One Dipping (Power; #5), One Lord (Riches; #6), One Body (Blessing; #7) Ephesians 4.4-6 and Revelation 5.12. These Seven Spirits were unknown to me (and to many that I had read) until AD 1997. God revealed them to me, (when they were unknown to me) although I had been praying for some of them, and praying for an answer to the, Seven Spirits of God. This brought to mind, The Elijah Syndrome. Elijah told God, Who has believed our report? And he said, Being zealous, I was zealous to He Is (hwhy) Gods of (yhla) Hosts for rejecting them covenant of You, sons of Israel, breaking down them of altars of You and killing them prophets of You with sword and I AM LEFT, I, TO ALONE and they seek of soul of [me] to taking her 1 Kings 19.10. The capitalized words are blasphemy against God, and the Elijah Syndrome. Elijah claimed that he was THE ONLY BELIEVER IN GOD. God rebuked Elijah: And the reserving of Me (YT) in Israel all of seven of thousands that they did not bow the knees to Baal, and all of the mouth that not kissing to him 1 Kings 19.18. [What about the Pope?] So then, being aware of the Elijah Syndrome I was determined not to commit the same sin. But, instead, I searched the web and found many web sites with the Seven Spirits of God in Isaiah 11.1-4. But 99 and 9 tenths of the posts on the web about the Seven Spirits are wrong. So this involved a lot of work to find the right ones. Since 1997, we have been blessed by God with new knowledge unknown in the past. In 1992, God taught us the, Three Ages of Man (Pre-flood, Old Heavens, New Heavens in AD 77) unknown in the past. In 2004, God taught us the Beginning of the Eleven Year Period of Casting the Beast and the False Prophet into the lake of fire (Rev 20.10). This period is: AD 2004-2015. This was only possible by knowing The Eleven Year Period of Casting the Beast and the False Prophet into the lake of fire before (June 4, 1859 to September 20, 1870). In 2006, God taught about four on the web His Old Testament name unknown before, which is He Is (hwhy). WHAT IS THE REASON WE ARE RECEIVING ALL THIS NEW KNOWLEDGE? The reason is obvious to promote change! We will be led to change by a real words Bible translation; including the Names of the Gods. I have already published some of this Bible. I will continue to publish more of it. I feel confident that others will join me in this holy work of love. Anything is better than what you now have available to you.