The Story of a Flat Broke English Graduate who Spent a Decade Searching for a Way to Turn an Apparently Useless Skill into a $1,000,000 Income!
Marsha graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. She had majored in English and minored in theater arts. She was proud of her accomplishment and had thoroughly enjoyed the last four years but a new challenge awaited her. Now Marsha had to figure out how she could apply her in-depth knowledge of Shakespeare interpretations into a real world paycheck.

First Step, Write for Cash
The first step was to find a job. The skillful use of language she had developed while obtaining her degree allowed her to bend and shape her qualifications to apply to many different fields. She went from describing her ability to interpret literature as a valuable communication skill applicable to the corporate world, to touting her dramatic writing skills as useful in the flashy world of publicity. Unbeknownst to her, these were her first attempts at salesmanship in print. Journalism, that proud profession where hopeful idealists wage war against those wanting to deny the public the truth, seemed like a good fit. Her first trip to the local news journal showed her, however, that newspapers were less about the writing and more about the skills that sell. Subsequently, three weeks later she was offered a job in the classified advertising department.

Journalism, high in self-respect, low in pay
Every time an editorial position came up, she would apply, but she was always weary of the pay rate. It seemed creativity only paid enough for her to share a flea-bitten apartment on the bad side of town with a slightly psycho roommate who would steal her CDs whenever she wasn’t home. The next move was the corporate world. Surely they would value her creativity, commutation skills and 6 months worth of experience at a small local newspaper. They did. Over the next 4½ years she would learn some truly valuable things about business. She would learn about customer service, order fulfillment, shipping departments and much more.

A Second, Less Expensive, Education Begins
Her experience would include creating departments, hiring and managing staff, working with big ticket customers among other important duties. She would go from dealing business to consumer straight into business to business. She learned it all. She left that company sure that she could handle the back-office side of running her own business but unsure of a crucial element, how to bring in customers in the first place.

Back to the Classroom

Her quest was now less focused on combining creativity with a paycheck and solely focused on finding a lucrative career. So, naturally, she began the three and a half year journey to earn an MBA at night school. She would later file this massive undertaking under the heading, “the long and arduous journey down the wrong path which left me standing in front of the men’s room while desperately bursting to go!”

Cold Calling, high in pay, low in self-respect
After graduating, she took a sales job in a small Boca Raton firm. It was then she first began her true journey to that $1,000,0000 paycheck, for it was then she began to realize the truth: the only real skill that ever could have make wealthy was selling. Problem, she lacked the chops for cold-calling. Being told “no” and “not interested” was bad enough but when the rejection was followed with a “lose my number,” or “stop calling here,” things got worse. The unpleasant click of a phone hanging up being followed by the indifferent sound of a dial tone particularly vexed her. This was unfortunate, since both things were rampant in the cold-calling profession. Next, she was introduced to a glamorous and widely misunderstood profession, marketing. At first, she took the job thinking Cleo awards were in her future, but then, she learned the truth about effective marketing. $20,000,000 budgets, brand management campaigns and glitzy, artsy ads that bear no relevance to the sale of a product were not true marketing. Marketing, real marketing, was selling and each campaign should be held directly accountable for its return on investment.

Direct Response Marketing: The Skill that Must be Mastered,
In her capacity as a marketing manager she was exposed to the three most important words in business “direct response marketing,” the race was on. She could clearly see how mastery of this skill would allow her to create successful businesses out of simple ideas, but the mastery would not be easy. She took lessons from the best:
         

The Gary Halbert Letters, Gary Halbert The Robert Collier Letterbook, Robert Collier Seven Steps to Freedom, Ben Suarez How to Get Rich in Mail Order, Melvin Powers No B.S. Marketing, Dan Kennedy The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches, Joe Karbo Scientific Advertising, Claude Hopkins Tested Advertising Methods, John Caples How to Write a Good Advertisement, Victor O. Schwab Breakthrough advertising, Eugene Schwartz

The Answer is Online?

She looked for the cheapest way to reached the largest amount of people and, of course, found herself on the internet. It would be difficult to talk about the response level to her first attempts at direct response copywriting, partially because there was none, but also because there was a reason for this lack of response. The search engines stood firmly between her copy and her audience, making it difficult to track any percentage response to her copy. And then, finally, one small hint of success. She wrote an article entitled “How to Lose Belly Fat.” She uploaded the article to a popular directory and forgot about it. Three days later, she checked the website; the magic of search engine optimization had brought 200 people to her article. 36 of them had been so moved by her words as to sign up for her newsletter and, gasp, two of them had purchased her affiliate product.

Success! Can be Small
Her crude, unaccomplished, grasp of the enviable skill of direct response copywriting had garnered her $36 after 6 months of work! It was then that she realized this was potentially the most lucrative skill in the business world. Her search to develop it began … It was this search that lead her to the readers of this letter. Your offer to show her how to make $100,000+ a year from the skill of writing captured her interest the moment she read it, causing her to vie for an interview. I would like to further discuss your needs in filling this position.

This writer promises that should the interviewer spend half an hour with her and find it to be a waste of his or her time, she will promise to pay the interviewee $30 back. That’s $1 for every minute spent in the interview! Yours sincerely, Marsha Direct Response Writer in Training. P.S. I have outstanding qualifications for this position. I have sold face to face as well as over the phone, an important prerequisite to selling in print. In addition, I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Business Administration, creating a useful combination of creative and business skills. Also, I have embarked upon a journey of self-education in the area of direct response copywriting, reading books written by collier, Kennedy, Schwab and more. My selftaught skills will be greatly enhanced with personal training.

P.P.S. Direct response copywriting is a learnable skill. It may be more difficult than most, but it is still a learnable skill. I believe that the most important part of learning a difficult skill is desire. Find the candidate with the strongest desire to learn this skill and, with your training, she will produce results. It is my hope that the ten year search I have described above proves to you my strong desire to master the skill of direct response copywriting.

“I employed Marsha as a Marketing Manager at Sales Empowerment Institute and found her to be a valuable employee. Her biggest asset is her capacity for learning. Marsha took on numerous new tasks while in my employ and trained herself to be proficient in all of them. “ Alvin D. Managing Director Sales Empowerment Institute

“While working as a Marketing Manager at Sales Empowerment Institute, I found Marsha Fto be a great asset. While she performed her function as Marketing Manager in a very professional way, she was also always willing to be helpful in other areas. I found her to be reliable, personable and versatile.” Grace D. VP, Operations Sales Empowerment Institute

I have known Marsha for many years and have found her interest in the areas of sales and marketing to be consistent for some time. Through self-education, she has progressed in these areas and continues to dedicate herself to learning more and more. In addition to this, we share an interest in personal development materials. Over the years, I have watched Marsha learn and grow from this exposure to self development and am sure that she will continue in her progress. Selina A. R.N. Florida Hospital - DeLand “I have known Marsha for over a year now and have had the pleasure of working with her for a while now. She is a very pleasant person and a very good friend. I love to watch her work because she is so poised and offers a proper, knowledgeable calm about herself that I admire and hope to attain. We have become friends mostly due to a passion that we share to become better women both professionally and personally. She is very driven and a great student as I have seen her attain the knowledge of any subject she puts her mind to. She inspires me and I can attest to the fact that she will be an asset to anyone who has the pleasure of working with her. I sure enjoy working with her.” Emmy I. Licensed Insurance Agent National Agent’s Alliance

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