 Company BackgroundIn 1973, the UK based multinational pharmaceutical company, ICI plc, established a subsidiary in Dhaka, known as ICI

Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited. In 1992, ICI plc divested its share to local management, and the company was renamed Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited. ACI formulates and markets a comprehensive range of more than 120 products covering all major therapeutic areas, which come in tablet, capsule, powder, liquid, cream, ointment, gel ,ophthalmic and injection forms. ACI also markets world-renowned branded pharmaceutical products like Diprivan, Fluothane, Nolvadex, Accolate, Meronem, Atarax, Humulin, Ceclor etc. from world-class multinational companies like ASTRAZENECA, UK; ELI LILLY, USA and UCB, BELGIUM in Bangladesh. ACI is actively engaged in introducing newer molecules and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) to meet the needs of the future. ACI introduced the concept of quality management system by being the first company in Bangladesh to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1995 and follows the policy of continuous improvement in all its operations. What was primarily a business in 1992 with a turnover of Tk.80 million with stagnant growth, the new management brought about fundamental changes in policies and has in year 2005 grown to over Tk. 3413.05 million in turnover through diversified business interest including personal care products, food products, animal health, agrochemicals and seeds in addition to gaining a strong position in business. Aligned with the concept that a pharmaceutical must ensure effective management of environment, ACI complies with standard environment management policy, thus adorned with EMS 14001 in 2000. ACI maintains a congenial and supportive relationship with the healthcare community of Bangladesh, with the belief that business excellence can only be achieved through pursuit of quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


Business Type: Manufacture.100 People 2 . Mid East.10% Total Annual Purchase Volume: US$2. Product/Service: Pharmaceutical Chemicals. Main Markets: Southeast Asia. Brands: ACI. Address: 245 Tejgaon Industrial Area.US$5 Million Factory Size (Sq.aci-bd. Food Processing. through its products and services of uncompromising quality. thus operates with a progressive attitude to provide effective solutions to satisfy the customers’ needs. Email: Web: info@aci-bd. Distributor/Wholesaler.US$50 Million Export Percentage: 1% . Number of Employees: Above 1000 People. Phone: 880 2 9885694.000 square meters Factory Location: Dhaka QA/QC: In House Number of Production Lines: Above 10 Number of R&D Staff: 91 . Other. Agribusiness.5 Million . Africa.com  Basic InformationCompany Name: Advanced Chemical Industries Limited.com www. a competent team of professionals. 880 2 9886029. meters): Above 100. Total Annual Sales Volume: US$10 Million .  Address Of ACICompany Name: Advanced Chemical Industries Limited.The management of ACI. Consumer Goods. Dhaka-1208.

80 People Contract Manufacturing: OEM Service Offered. Encourage and assist in the qualitative improvement of the services of its suppliers and distributors. Promote an environment for learning and personal growth of its employees.Number of QC Staff: 71 . ACI is committed to the pursuit of excellence through world-class products.  Company MissionACI’s mission is to enrich the quality of life of people through responsible application of knowledge. Attain a high level of productivity in all its operations through effective and efficient use of resources. innovative processes and empowered employees to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its customers. Develop its employees by encouraging empowerment and rewarding innovation.  Company VisionTo realize the mission ACI will: • • • • • • • Endeavour to attain a position of leadership in each category of its businesses. adoption of appropriate technology and alignment with our core competencies. Establish harmonious relationship with the community and promote greater environmental responsibility within its sphere of influence. skills and technology.  Company Value• • • • • Quality Customer Focus Fairness Transparency Continuous Improvement  Product & Service3 . Provide products and services of high and consistent quality. ensuring value for money to its customers.

The product kills bacteria in the toilet. It is used in minor burn. Savlon Liquid Antiseptic is the highest selling antiseptics. ACI Aerosol – ACI Aerosol is one of the prestigious products of this country which has been enjoying the market leadership position since its marketing in 1967. Aci Fresh Air FreshenerACI has another very attractive product in this Air Care category with Angelic Fresh Air Freshener. ACI Aerosol is produced through a unique process of production and quality checking. Savlon is almost an essential product in every home of this country. SavlonACI has another very strong range of products in its Hygiene Product category. • ACI Salt• • • • • • • 4 .ACI Mosquito Coil is another product of the Home Care category products of ACI Consumer Brands. The product is basically another disinfectant for using only on skin surfaces. It is also produced in ACI Formulations.☼ The Product Of ACI Is Given Below. Savlon Antiseptic CreamSavlon Antiseptic Cream is another range of products in Hygiene Product category. This is the first ever locally manufactured Air Freshener of this country whose fragrances has been seriously applauded by the users. Gazipur. Vanish Toilet CleanerACI has introduced a high quality toilet cleaner for the disinfection and cleaning in the brand name of Vanish Toilet Cleaner. fragrances the surroundings and keeps the toilet sparkling. cut and abrasion. The Formulation Factory of ACI Aerosol is situated in Rajabari. soothes and heals the pain. It also cleans the wound. Savlon liquid SoapSavlon liquid Soap is a powerful hand wash which not only kills bacteria but also moisturizes the skin. ACI Mosquito Coil.

These programs cover medical problems frequently faced by the practitioners. ACI Salt is vacuum evaporated. covering case related medical problem faced by the physician in their daily practice. free flowing and rightly iodized. ☼ • • Services Of ACI is- Scientific seminars- ACI frequently arranges seminars and symposia covering a wide range of medical topics attended by members of health care community. Pure Drinking WaterACI also has a very fine quality mineral water ‘Pure Drinking Water’. update their knowledge. • Pure Spices – Recently ACI release their new product that is ‘Pure Spices Powder’. and make them aware of the new therapies and medical technologies. The company has developed a postage paid business reply card attached to every literature in which the doctors usually send their queries. Pure drinking water can be found in 600 ml and 1500 ml PET bottle as well as in Jar for corporate use.ACI has recently launched a unique product for the first time in Bangladesh in its food items category. • Continuing medical education of physicians and surgeons- ACI regularly arranges CME programs of both physicians and surgeons all over the country. Every meeting is being supported by audio-visual media. 5 . Vacuum evaporation technique gives the product the utmost purity as it is free from all kinds of dirt. The faculty of these programs usually consists of both reputed medical experts and experts from marketing team of ACI and its international principals. • Clinical meetings- ACI arranges clinical meetings. ACI tries to provide a comprehensive answer to the queries of the physicians covering all the details. The best in its kind. ‘ACI Salt’. • Responding to doctors’ queries- It is the most regularly performed task of the marketing team of ACI. ACI Salt was launched in 2005.

It provides the market with a wide selection of drugs 6 . All employees of ACI must follow documented procedures to ensure compliance with quality standards. meeting and exceeding customer expectations. transparencies and printed text whenever medical experts wish to share their experiences and results of their research with the health care community. ACI Pharmaceuticals ranked 11th in the Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals Industry. The management of ACI commits itself to quality as the prime consideration in all its business decisions. • Reprint services- ACI provides the doctors with reprints of selected publications on topics that can assist the doctors in their professional practices.  Business UnitesIn 2004. ACI also meets all national regulatory requirements relating to its current businesses and ensures that current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) as recommended by World Health Organization is followed for its pharmaceutical operations.• Medical illustration and audiovisual aidsACI is ready to assist in preparing presentation packages including computer slides. ACI follows International Standards on Quality Management System to ensure consistent quality of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction.  Quality PolicyACI's mission is to achieve business excellence through quality by understanding. The pool of human resources of the company will be developed to their full potential and harnessed through regular training and their participation in seeking continuous improvement of work methods. accepting. • Info Medicus- ACI publishes quarterly medical news letter for the physicians with current medical information particularly emphasizing common diseases.

Ltd. Beiersdorf.across all major therapeutic classes. In the liquid antiseptic and mosquito repellant categories. Parle Group (for Parle G biscuits). • Ensure appropriate communication and cooperate with internal and external interested parties on environmental issues. ACI has formed joint ventures with leading FMCG and agribusiness players in the region. Foreign partners represented in by this division include Godrej Consumer Products (for hair care and skin care products). ACI will• Comply fully with all local and national environmental regulations. and adopt environmentally safe processes. with ACI having 50% shareholding. Animal Health has experienced one of the highest growth rates in this sector. Eli Lily and UCB in Bangladesh. • Tetley ACI Bangladesh Limited: Joint venture of ACI and Tetley Group of United Kingdom for distribution of Tetley products in Bangladesh. ACI Consumer Brands is a leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company in Bangladesh.  Environment PolicyACI is committed to maintain the harmonious balance of our eco-system and therefore constantly seeks ways to manufacture and produce products in an eco-friendly manner so that the balance of nature remains undisturbed and the environment remains sustainable. Germany (for Nivea range of products) and Colgate Palmolive. UCB. Isagro Asia and Borregaard Taicang Chemicals Co. to prevent pollution or degradation of environment. Invesa. ACI Crop Care and Public Health Division is holding the leadership position in the industry. • Conserve natural resources like water and energy for sustainable development. this division is a very strong market leader. and also offers some specialty medicines. 7 . In pursuit of this goal. ACI Agribusiness has partnerships with several international conglomerates including Ceva Santhe Animale. • Ensure appropriate treatment of all effluents prior to discharge. ACI Pharmaceutical represents AstraZeneca. These are: • Asian Consumer Care Private Limited: Joint venture of ACI and Redrock Limited. for distribution of various ranges of Dabur products in Bangladesh. ACI holds 50% stake in the venture.

the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh is growing. Food products (ACI Salt. the Middle East.• • Create awareness on environmental issues among our employees and suppliers. Hygienic products (Savlon. ACI Pure drinking water. In this growing market.  Product Line & Product MixProduct LineACI have some product line. ACI Formulations has been setup at Gazipur and the Tetley factory has been built at Konabari. Pure Spices ). through its 18 strategically located depots. Adopt modern waste management technology. Myanmar. ACI has been able maintain its growth above the market growth through its innovative marketing strategies as well as products and services of uncompromising quality. we follow CGMP guidelines and standards recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) for pharmaceutical formulations. the pharmaceutical market and at the samestime. Savlon liquid Soap. ACI Limited is the first company in Bangladesh to have attained the ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management System and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System. The response of foreign consumers to our products has been encouraging. • Product Mix8 • . Savlon Antiseptic Cream.  MarketsDomestic market Being a developing country. The Pharmaceuticals plant is located at Narayanganj. ACI covers the health care community of whole Bangladesh based in both urban and rural markets. such as Home care products (ACI Aerosol and ACI Mosquito Coil). • •  Manufacture StandardsACI has three separate manufacturing plants in the outskirts of Dhaka.Vanish Toilet Cleaner). International market Many ACI products have crossed our national boundary and are being successfully exported to various countries in Asia (Srilanka. Vietnam).Yemen. Savlon Family Protection Soap . At our manufacturing facilities. The Trading subsidiary has also received ISO 9002 certificate.

From the very beginning ACI has to face some problem but it always turnover its all problems and giving their best services. It was started with a low number of products but today it is running fast with more good products. ACI Super Coil and ACI Super Plus High Booster Coil). Savlon liquid Soap. For their service quality all types of consumers are highly satisfied. Product mix of ACI is Home care products (ACI Mosquito Coil Green. As a result we can found ACI anytime everywhere.  ConclusionACI Consumer Products are now a world wide known able products brand.ACI group has got a whole range of different products to offer to consumers. Hygenic products (Savlon. 9 . Savlon Antiseptic Cream. Savlon Family Protection Soap).

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