We must keep in mind that we are still fighting a battle for our Supreme Commander and Master Teacher’s freedom. Note: You can clearly see The Golden Fly of Valor Symbol on the Aswud Mir (Black Pyramid). Therefore. PAA Medjayu What is the Paa Medjayu? In our own language given to us by our Master Teacher and Savior. The significance of flies is best known during the New Kingdom. We overstand that this requires a lot of hard work. MEN OF VALOR PROTECTING MEN Golden Fly Of Valor Paa Medjayu Logo By Ah Mus Saw Atum Re Raahubaat Dear Reader: This is the Emblem (above) which was designed by Our Beloved Master Teacher and given to me. It is also imperative that we realize that psychological warfare is continuingly being waged.paamedjayu.com Feather Of MA’AT . The Three Flies represents a custom as far back as the 18th Dynasty where the supreme commander of the army present to his most courageous soldiers with this pendants in the form of three flies for their valor on the battlefield. because of flies apparent qualities of persistence in the face of opposition. It is becoming imperative that we as Men. for The Paa Medjayu in his letter to me. we are willing and able to get the job done. 1. brothers. I was surprised to learn its meaning. This is a huge responsibility considering the situation of the world and the crisis of the recession. PAA MEDJAYU WEBSITE www.com WEBSITE Email Address: admin@paamedjayu. above. Edition 1 Volume 1. The flies on a gold chain were found in Queen Ahhotep Tome offered to the queen by her sons. fathers. Nazdir: Amunnub ReAkh Ptah shil Paa Hanutu: Djedi. Captain Ah Mus Saw Atum Re. DO YOU HAVE A ARTICLE? ARE YOU SEEKING MORE INFO ON PAA MEDJAYU? paamedjayu@yahoo. Nazdir: Amunnub ReAkh Ptah.PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN “THE PROTECTORS TEXT RECORD” Page 1 MEDJAYU EMBLEM PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN NEWSLETTER Vol.com Paa Medjayu means AND OUR “The Protectors”. Edition 1 April 2009 Paa Medjayu “The Protectors” Then and Now Who are we now? We are the men of the Nuwaupian Tribe that have come together for the purpose of providing and protecting our tribe. perhaps. It is our duty to restore our family to the heights of glory and pride which was and still is being demonstrated by our Master Teacher. We as Paa Medjayu are required to demonstrate courage and valor in our duties as providers and protectors of our great tribe. The Nazdirt of Truth and Justice which I. interpreted as we. along with the Feather of MA’AT on the Capstone. The Feather of Ma’at represents our Mother Maat. of Paa Medjayu must exert truth and justice in performing our duties as Protector of our tribe. the Pharaohs Ka Mus and Ah Mus. and husbands realize that protection is a major concern. nevertheless. unwavering tenacity is needed in this battle. It does have a significant meaning.

and disciplined men of this Nuwaupian Tribe who are willing to assist. Although generals might be represented in stone carvings. His actions have increased tribal pride. dead carcasses rot in the sun. Consider. The author assumes that the fly was used as this word. steeds of war. even if you were an Egyptian General! The Golden Fly of Valor. also. as it is just like the determined enemy. it comes back.Page 4 PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN Paa Medjayu “The Protectors” We are seeking all committed. wherein. Everyone has a purpose and can assist. making it one of the most valuable military decorations as well as the most ancient. then. As such. motivation. the Egyptians were creating . dating back to at least 1400 BCE. the bothersome and stinging Horsefly which can drive even horses. The award was made up of about a half-pound of gold. Egypt also knew how to wage war. The Egyptians represent what was probably the greatest of the ancient civilizations. and it is not surprising. establishing trade with Mesopotamia. Being providers and protectors of this tribe means utilizing what skills you possess as an individual and putting them to use in a collective manner. also known as The Order of the Golden Fly. Captain Ah Mus Saw Atum-Re has been traveling across the United States reaching out and selecting brothers of the Nuwaupian Tribe to move forward in a positive direction. These have made the author suppose that the fly was associated with the military because of its determination as the enemy. no matter how much it is shooed away. The Gold of Valor was an honor that could be worn to show his peers and other Egyptians his proven worth in combat. and one’s exasperation with a bothersome fly is often expressed in a sound similar to a fly. we are on the move! From: Ah Mus Saw Atum Re Commanding Officer monuments like the Pyramids. While the Greeks were just primitive tribesmen and the inhabitants of Britain still sacrificing virgins to bushes. We have no time to lose. warfare was still relatively primitive. at this time. Nicholson 1995: 101. which was mostly made of gold. Good leadership meant leading from the front. into distraction and even a routing stampeed in full disarray! Paa Medjayu The Golden Fly of Valor was a necklace. commemorating battles meant to preserve the event for all time. it was a predecessor to modern medals. that they established the first military decoration known to history: The Golden Fly of Valor was awarded by the Pharaoh to military leaders who distinguished themselves in battle. and the selfdetermination needed in the brotherhood. dedicated. Of the most famous specimens of jewelry is the Golden Fly of Valour. even though some silver examples have been found. with three pendants in the shape of flies. Especially battlefields. and exploring the African continent west to the Atlantic Ocean and south to the Indian Ocean. Don’t miss out. To join in and get involved seek out the brothers in your area. as well as the fly’s tendency to hang around battlefields where blood is being shed. It must be remembered that. there is so much work to be done. It was a fly-shaped pendant.

1-2. 186. pilots. such as police forces (*note: the Medjayu were the police force of Ancient Egypt). Edition 1 April 2009 Paa Medjayu “The Protecting Defenders” Composed by: Lieutenant Ahasen Tum (aka Neb: Hakum-RE) The Medjayu can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Sudan. but a Nubian Egyptian from Egypt of the ‘Beja’ tribe. “The True Mahdi” “In 1845 A. also spelled ‘Bija’ and known as the Fuzzy Wuzzies. The Medjayu was a police force consistent of African tribes. during the so called 18th Dynasty. such as the Beja. The Medjayu was the force that ousted the Hyksos out of Egypt across the hot burning sands back into the mountainous regions of Europe. A True Egyptian.) They earned an unenviable reputation during the wars by their hideous mutilations of the dead on the battlefields. mazoi. The name Medjayu is also spelled as: Medjay. The Medjayu served and protected the Pharaoh and can be traced back to the old kingdom of Egypt as well as the New Kingdom of Egypt.y from mDA” according to Erman & Grapow. it just so happens that you have the word “Mayday”.’ (S.). most notably Kamose and Ahmose. Egyptian man was born. During this time the Heka Khasut “Hyksos” had invaded our land of Egypt and sought to take it over by force with no regards to life or law.’ of Dongola Nubia. 2. Their elaborate hairdressing gained them the name of Fuzzy-wuzzies among the British troops (this was likely the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling's poem. Source: Zed Festival Program Itinerary .L. who was called ‘Al Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad. The word “mayday” is used to signal a lifethreatening emergency by many groups. keeper of the secrets as a Sufi initiate. "Fuzzy Wuzzy". Al Mahdi was of the ‘Bija (Beja) Tribe. who are the pure descendants of the tribe of Hadendawa who mixed in with the Tribe of Judah. firefighters.G.y”. Wörterbuch der ägyptischen Sprache.Page 5 Paa Medjayu Dakrun Volume I. Now when you read the word “Mda. and in the Egyptian Hieroglyphs it was transcribed as “Mda. medjai. a Nubian. and transportation organizations. after the order of ‘the son’s of the green light. The Mahdi was not a Sudanese by birth.D.’ As you know. Hadendawa tribe which according to Roper (1930) means “Lion clan/Children of the Lioness”. They were Aha-u “warriors” that assisted various Pharaohs.

they invaded Africa spreading it to us. The distress signal or call ‘mayday’ was in actuality the Medjay receiving a distress call for help from their Egyptian family in the South. however they are the same people. Often times many writers have tried to separate the Sudanese from the Original Egyptians. a Arabian religion to Indo-Arabs mixed. Edition 1 April 2009 Paa Medjayu Mayday is an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications. Muhammad Ahmad” of Africa against the British. tone/phonetics prove that the word ‘Mayday’ actually traces back to ‘Medjayu’. the word the Greeks changed to Aiguptos so we have no need of their way of life. and Muhammad Ahmad was a convert to an invaders religion. That would make him a Egyptian a Hut-Ka-Ptah. and to distinguish an actual Mayday call from a message about a Mayday call. Now. Africa than in Egypt Africa! We must make this point because many African Americans still don’t realize that EGYPT is in AFRICA ! This is why our Master Teacher has definitely blessed Us by educating us in The ANCIENT EGIPTIAN ORDER (A. 1. Islam was a religion that invaded Africa. Turks. blood. The words Sudan and Egypt both mean “Black”! And. meaning 'come help me'. there are actually more Pyramids in Sudan.PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN Page 6 PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN NEWSLETTER Vol. “Islam.E. it’s not ours. Judaism.” (Quoted from 7-27-2007 letter from Paa Nazdir) . and Christianity all come from Egipt and was changed.) and reconnecting Us with our Ancient Egiptian Ancestors of Tamare (also known as Kemet). The call is always given three times in a row ("Mayday Mayday Mayday") to prevent mistaking it for some similar-sounding phrase under noisy conditions. keep in mind that the Medjayu was called upon from Sudan to Help and assist their Egyptian brethren that were being invaded and attacked by the Hyksos in the South. updated. and seed. indo-Egyptians. In the case of Islam.O. Edition 1 Volume 1. reasoning. Keep in mind. He was a true Nubian by birth. It derives from the French venez m'aider. An example of a more modern account of the Medjayu battling the Hyksos can be seen in the battles of “The Mahdi. This is how Al Mahdi of Sudan got it. Pure logic. Ancient Egypt is the source of all world religions. to suite their own people.

well known in the Egyptian Army Known rulers. Deir al-Madinah is the Arabic name of an Ancient Egyptian village that was home to the artisans who built the temples and tombs ordered by the pharaohs and other dignitaries during the New Kingdom period (18th to 20th dynasties) in the Valley of the Kings. York. I would like to thank Captain Ah Mus Saw Atum Re. not only my family and myself. in some countries. covering the Eighteenth. They were instrumental in the protection of Thebes and the royal complex at Deir al-Madinah. Army (From Latin armata (act of arming) via Old French army can. in the History of Egypt. Dr. Paa Medjayu Lieutenant Neb Hakum Re. for the Eighteenth Dynasty. We pray that We live up to the duties and requirements of the officeship and prove to be worthy of the trust afforded us. Secondly. Greece. and Twentieth dynasty of Egypt. but hundreds of thousands of other families throughout the planet Earth. New York PAA MEDJAYU IS THE PRESENT DAY RESTORATION OF THE TRUE NUWAUPIAN BROTHERHOOD By Neb Qasum Re Lieutenant of Information First of all.PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN Page 7 PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN NEWSLETTER Vol. for his priceless gift of Divine Guidance and Supreme Wisdom that he has selfishly bestowed upon. 1. Some very important tasks were overseen by Medjayu officers. also. Commander of the PAA MEDJAYU. Nineteenth. Malachi Z. Edition 1 April 2009 A newer term of "Medjayu" refers to a division of ancient Egypt's police during its 18th Dynasty (a part of New Kingdom). refer to any armed force. HOTEP (Peace) PAA MEDJAYU TROOPS .. for his appointment of my son and myself to the position of Lieutenants in the New York area. The New Kingdom period of Egyptian history is the period between the 16th century BC and the 11th century BC. The Medjayu were. Edition 1 Volume 1. I want to thank our Beloved Master Teacher. see Thebes. Thebes For the ancient capital of Boeotia.

C. The evidence for Nubians living in Middle Kingdom Egypt is open to several interpretations.). and Medjay (mDAy) for a group or groups from the deserts east of the Nubian Nile Valley. during which time they accompanied an expedition into the Wadi Hammamat. that inhabitants from the Nubian eastern desert settled in Egypt (pan-graves). This indicates the view from Egypt. from material culture. For the Second Intermediate Period there is good evidence. 1. Further research is needed. Nubia: Nubians in Egypt The evidence for Nubians in Egypt may be divided into written sources and archaeological record. but they have not been analyzed in numbers or methods suitable for demographic studies. The classic Middle Egyptian phase of the Egyptian language provides evidence for Egyptian attitudes to the inhabitants of lands immediately south of Egypt. Edition 1 Volume 1. with a comprehensive catalogue illustrated in colour for all examples of each period. Does it refer to a Nubian. .E.PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN Page 6 PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN NEWSLETTER Vol. Nehesy (nHsy) for inhabitants of the river valley.'Nubian' appears several times. There seems to have been two main words used. Edition 1 April 2009 They continued to serve in this capacity well into the reign of Pharaoh Rameses IV (about 1152-1144 B. Dark skinned people are sometimes depicted in Middle Kingdom art. It seems almost impossible to decide whether these were Nubians or whether the dark skin is chosen for other reasons ('rebirth'). as mediated through language. The name Nehesy . The human remains from the latter would provide the most direct or primary sources. It is again very difficult to draw any conclusion from this. It is possible that it represents a simplifying generalization for a more complex linguistic and ethnic map of Nubia. either born in Egypt or someone who changed his or her foreign name? Was it just a 'fashion' to call somebody 'Nubian' or was the child darkerskinned than usual so that the parents decided to give him that name? What does darker skin mean? This question leads to the modern debate over race in ancient Egypt.

Today Dr. then suppressed them. Every July 4th. People must remember that Egypt was invaded by the Indo-Arabs and the Euro-Berbers in the 6th and 7th century. we celebrate the return of our true way of life. all those in that country are called Sudanese. Pictured above is The Mahdi’s family lineage to his Great. they murdered. 1. Edition 1 Volume 1. He is a Naturalized Citizen of Liberia and has Diplomatic status as a Counsel General of Liberia. York seeks to be repatriated to Africa. popularly known spiritually as Imaam Issa Al-Haadi Al-Madhi. . They shunned their cultural background. Pushing out the black Egyptians to North and South Africa. who is raising Egypt in the West. Amun Nubi ReAkh Ptah . In fact. Malachi Z. and like us ‘Ansaar’s’. Edition 1 April 2009 Paa Medjayu Continued The Mahdi was called out of Egypt to help his Sudanese relatives to fight against the British army. raped and killed many Black Egyptians. York” a. in the western world. they used Islam as their veil. So.’ The results of the Arab invasion caused the original inhabitants of Egypt to shield or hide their true way of life.k. alive.PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN Page 7 PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN NEWSLETTER Vol. This was called the ‘Arab Invasion. and thank him for being a role model to his great grandson. also. Amunnubi Reakhptah (our Savior). mutilated. he lived there and was known as a Sudanese.a. In 1999 he was officially granted Citizenship to The Republic of Liberia. while secretly they still practiced their Egyptian old ways. Let’s thank the Mahdi for reestablishing the old ways of the Egyptians. Great Grandson “Dr. Malachi Z. Nuwaupic. West Africa. and keeping the true ancient Egyptians language.

who to like. 2. the man of the times. Malachi Z. how to think and feel. Let’s correct our wrongs. Let’s respect the laws of nature and the source of it all. I will follow the Lamb in true faith. I don’t hate any race. let’s work together for a better world. Let’s work together to build a better place for our children. Let’s forgive and seek forgiveness. I greet all in peace. wrong. 16. I want to help open the eyes of the world to right knowledge. Let’s avoid gossip and slander. Let’s enjoy life. I follow the laws of the Holy Tablets. Our 19 Nuwaupian Affirmations 1. I don’t steal or lie. . Source: The Little Guide Book for Nuwaupians ANKH Key Of Life . and I seek the true light inward. creed. THE ALL. Dr. I asked you. 8. 19. I will not kill or even commit suicide. 6. and I look for the signs of the Most High. 3. I don’t disobey the laws of the government in which I live. 5. York. religion or sexual orientation 13. or eat unclean things. 4. I don’t become drunk or intoxicated. truth. I listen for the voices of my creators sent by the Most High. 18. 17. it’s short. forerunner of the real Messiah. for it is a sin. and with a sincere heart. 10. 14. 15. 9. 12. and am not cruel to children and animals. We can take that which is evil and turn it good. I don’t tell you what to eat. our savior. I pray with an open heart. and facts. 7. Let’s apologize to those we hurt because of religion.11. I am non-violent.

Continued on the next page……. although expressed in terms that sound patronizing today. An' some of 'em was brave an' some was not: The Paythan an' the Zulu an' Burmese. daring and unmerciful race of fighting men in the world “ From 'Fuzzy Wuzzy'. an' if you want it signed We'll come an' 'ave a romp with you whenever you're inclined.Volume 1. We gives you your certificate. But the Fuzzy was the finest o' the lot. since it was quickly found out that: ”. brave. We never got a ha'porth's change of 'im: 'E squatted in the scrub an' 'ocked our 'orses. written in 1918. The poem is in the voice of an unsophisticated British soldier and expresses admiration rather than contempt. We've fought with many men acrost the seas. 'E cut our sentries up at Suakim. Africans are the most fierce. by the European invaders. one of Rudyard Kipling's Barrack Room Ballad Poems.without a doubt. Edition 1 April 2009 Page 10 Fuzzy-Wuzzy Poem By Ruyard Kipling (Sudan Expeditionary Force) The Beja Hendendowa were given the nickname. at your 'ome in the Sudan. less terrible. . The British as almost a pet name. which was also a deliberate attempt to make the African Warriors who were worthy and skilled Aha-u “Fighting Warriors” seem less awesome. An' 'e played the cat an' banjo with our forces. Fuzzy-Wuzzy. “Fuzzy Wuzzy”. You're a pore benighted 'eathen but a first-class fightin' man. So 'ere's to you.

Daughters. Ababda. Our orders was to break you. Fuzzy-Wuz. an' of course we went an' did. called “Fuzzy Wuzzies”. Amarar. Per Re Ah: Bastet Nefer Sawt Atum Re (Maun) Elevating the Nubian Women to the status of Nazdirtu: Supreme Beings (Divine Status). YORK IS TRULY AN ADVOCATE FOR TRUE WOMEN LIBERATION! ATUM RE! ATUN RE! AMUN RE! ANUN RE! . Beniamier. They are. But for all the odds agin' you.Shetayet Nefer Hemet Atum Re (mau-un) Above ->Sudanese Boy from a Beja Tribe. We Salute Messenger. also. Beja is divided to 5 main branches- Hadendawa.” (End Quote) Paa Rasult. Paa Rasult . by special ritual dance with swords. The Boers knocked us silly at a mile. The Burman give us Irriwaddy chills. Paa Medjayu who went to Egypt and helped The Pharaoh to drive out the Invading Hyksos from along The Nile.Paa Rasult. also known as Nazdir: Amunnub Reakh Ptah or Nazdir: Atum Re. Nieces. Fuzzy-Wuzzy. We sloshed you with Martinis. and Halanga. Per Re Ah: Bastet Nefer Sawt Atum Re (Ma’un) and we congratulate her along with Sister Shetayet Nefer Hemet Atum Re upon their being elevated in the Ancient Egiptian Order to the sublime positions of Feline Pharaohs. the papers say. Sisters. He has achieved the noble goal of not only RESPECTING and PROTECTING Nubian Mothers. an' the missis and the kid. and Aunts. but also in Fact. is only one of the accomplished goals of His Excellency Dr. Malachi Z. York. Per Re Ah: Bastet Nefer Sawt Atum Re (mau-un) 2 . They are famous as good sword and knife makers and. Then 'ere's to you. An' a Zulu impi dished us up in style: But all we ever got from such as they Was pop to what the Fuzzy made us swaller. The PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN NEWSLETTER recognizes the above two Female Pharaohs appointed by Paa Nazdir: Amunnub Reakh Ptah. also.Page 11 PAA MEDJAYU DAKRUN We took our chanst among the Khyber 'ills. They excel as Ahau (Fighting Warriors). or Pharaohs: (Royal Status). an' it wasn't 'ardly fair. you broke the square. We 'eld our bloomin' own. as well as IN DEED! There are Now 2 Female Pharaohs 1 . May The Most High Bless and Protect Them! CONGRATULATIONS! AND GOOD FORTUNE TO OUR BEAUTIFUL NUWAUPIAN FELINE EGIPTIAN PHARAOHS ! DR MALACHI Z. but he has also ELEVATED Our Nubian Women in not only Word. But man for man the Fuzzy knocked us 'oller.

com .com PAA MEDJAYU NEWSLETTER EMAIL ADDRESS paamedjayu@yahoo.paamedjayu.com/ WEBSITE EMAIL ADDRESS: admin@paamedjayu.Ahlun Ila Paa Medjayu Welcome To Paa Medjayu - Visit our Paa Medjayu website Designed by Sister Mut Sent Nehisi Website Address: www.

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