The Steam Gargants used by Feral Ork tribes are, if anything, even more varied in appearance than the more traditional Gargants used by other tribes. This is because Feral Orks have not been exposed to the full extent of Ork kulture, and so will develop their own ideas of how to do things. While most Mekboyz know that a Gargant should be a living idol created in the form of the Ork gods Gork and Mork, a Feral Ork Boilerboy hidden away on a backwater planet will often have no idea of this, and so will create giant war machines in any shape and size that takes his fancy. In one way, however, Steam Gargants are the same as any other Ork Gargant, and that is in being large, well armoured, and very, very shooty!

Points: 1200

Gaze of Mork

Deth Kannon ▪ Supa-Gatler

▪ ▪
Titan Choppa

Mega Kannon

Size Komparison UNIT: 1 Steam Gargant TYPE: Super-Heavy Walker Structure Points: 6 Transport: The Steam Gargant has a transport capacity of 30. Access Points: One rear hatch. Fire Points: The Steam Gargant has six fire points in its hull. Wargear: ▪ Fist of Gork (Lifta-Droppa) ▪ Gaze of Mork ▪ Mega Kannon ▪ Three Supa-Skorchas ▪ Two arm weapons selected from the following: - Titan Close Combat Weapon - Deth Kannon with coaxial Supa-Gatler Mega Kannon Range 60” Str 10 AP 2 Unreliable Krew: Ork crews are unreliable and need constant ‘dissaplin’ from their Nob to keep them focused on their jobs. At the start of each Ork turn roll a D6 on the table below:
1 Mukkin’ about! The crew decides to take a break while the Nob’s not looking. The Gargant may not move and may not fire its supa-skorchas. Get ta work ya gitz! The crew goes to work as normal; the Gargant can move its normal pace and shoot all its weapons. It’s gonna blow! The crew put in too much coal into the Gargant’s furnaces, spitting fire and steam throughout the massive machine. The Gargant must move an extra 2D6 in the movement phase; the Pag Gargant also suffers a penetrating hit. e | 27

WS 4

BS 2

S 10

Front 13

Armour Side 13

Rear 12

I 2

A 2

Effigy: The Steam Gargant is a roaring, belching personification of the warrior god Gork (or possibly Mork). All Ork mobs within 12” are Fearless.



Notes Ordinance 1, 10” Blast Primary Weapon Version 2.9: REVIEW DRAFT 4/3/2008 3:04 AM

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