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Thunderstorm Tranquility

I listen to the rain outside Hear it crash on the ground, on the roof Like raging waves on the sandy shore I listen and I wonder If it'll ever stop And I know it'll stop But I listen and I wonder If it could go On and on and on. I listen to the rain outside, Listen as the patter turns to a roar, Listen as drops turn into sheets. Cold wind whistling an Eerie, dreary counterpoint That goes so well With my somber, solitary mood. Will this cold, this grim This chilling loneliness Ever, ever end? I listen to the rain outside, Listen as the wind whistles,

Listen as the wind howls, Listen as the rain drums and pounds And bangs on the roof, on the windowpane. I sit, I listen, I watch. I sit, I listen, I wonder: When will it end? Will it ever end?

Tea and Therapy

Author's Note: The italicized stanzas are meant to be whispered like poetry... I brew myself a pot of tea The soothing kind, no surprises. The heady note of lavender, Smooth, sweet honey, A touch of cream, A cinnamon kiss, An afternoon of quiet bliss. His pictures are all gone, I've thrown away his cards, Every present stowed or sold Away, away from me. I pour my love a cup of tea A peppermint brew that pleases. A sprinkling of sugar To soothe, to quell, To quieten his soul To wash away his tears And nurse his fragile heart.

What need have I of him When all he does is tease, When all he does is mock, When all he does is blame? My love and I share our Sunday tea With cream for me, plain for him. Sweetened with honesty, Made pleasant by tenderness; An extended conversation On life, on grief, on joy, On forgiveness, on love. I turn my back on him, Turn my back and leave. I slip my hand into yours And think, "Why, yes; of course..." It's pleasant having Sunday tea On this first of many afternoons. When we can both forget the past, And know that what we have will last; That the shadows have gone, That they've faded away... And we've each other, Forever and always; Long may the sweetness last.

It's You

Author's Note: Back story for this song/poem: Argie wrote this for Ditas, his wife, when he proposed. He couldn't talk - laryngitis, alas - and had to write the damned thing down. (Couldn't wait, wouldn't wait!) Unfortunately, the messengers - Puck and Ginger - took it one step further, set it to music, and played it for Ditas instead of delivering the written note. They sang it again during the wedding where Ginge caught the bouquet, Puck caught the garter, and a rollicking good time was had by all. For every smile at the break of day, There are things I want to say: That we're meaningful together, That we're meaningless apart. That things work out when you're with me, And get shot to hell when you're not. For every tear shed in sorrow, I want to hold your hand until the morrow: To shield you from everything, To save you from anything,

To cherish, to protect My all, my everything. I'd rather be with you in madness Than be sane and safe alone; Turmoil's more fun when I'm with you, Sharing the trouble cuts it down. You are my silence, my safe haven, You are the calm in the midst of chaos, You are the peace I have within, The one I can't live without. For every ticking second Of the relentless march of time: I want us to be together, I want us to be one. It's you; it's you My all, my everything.

Does Not Play Well With Others

Don't hate me for being me, 'Cause it's how I'm supposed to be. Mad or bad, Silly or sane Ain't none of your beeswax What I'm gonna do. Don't mess with what I'm doing I don't poke my nose in yours! A little madness, A bit of hellfire Whatever it is, mate, It'll all be good. Don't push me around; I'm not as weak as you think. Better watch your back, Better think twice,

Better start running, mate, 'Cause I will fight back. You can't bend me, You can't break me, You can't tend me, You can't mend me 'Cause I'm my own man, I got my own style, Don't go breaking it You'll regret it. Stay away from me, Get out of my face! If you're not with me, Then you're against me And it's none of your beeswax What I'm planning to do. So don't push me around; I'm not your punching bag. 'Cause I will give as good as I get, I can live without a regret, Watch it, mate; watch your back Watch it good 'Cause I will fight back.

Dream/Nightmare Cycle

Author's Note: The italicized words at the end of the lyrics are meant to be spoken, not sung. Whenever I close my eyes I am transported elsewhere, Somewhere I'd rather be, Somewhere I'm supposed to be, Somewhere I can't be And it's all my fault. Whenever I close my eyes I see someone's face: A face I dearly miss, A face I want to kiss But things are all amiss, And it's all my fault. Wake me up, Someone wake me up!

Get me out of here, Get me away from here! Let me be, Leave me be Just stop this madness, Stop it now. Whenever I open my eyes I feel like crying, I feel like cursing, I feel like dying, I feel like breaking everything in sight Because it's my fault. Whenever I open my eyes And see her face and not yours I feel like screaming, "Am I still dreaming?" I feel like grieving 'Cause it's my fault! Wake me up, Someone wake me up! Get her out of my head, God, but I wish I were dead! Let me be, Leave me be Just stop this madness, Stop it now. Wake me up... Oh, baby, I'm so sorry... Someone, anyone wake me up... I didn't mean what I said... Wake me up... Babe, please come back...

Just wake me up... I love you more than life itself. And I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...

Forever and Six

If I could be with you, If I could stop the time, If I could spend forever and six days with you, I would and I will. So kiss me now, So hold me close, We may not have forever, We may not have it just yet, But at least we have tonight. If I could keep the world away, Stop it from coming between us, If I could break the walls between us, I would and I will. So take my hand, Let me hold you close, I'd really love forever, But until the right time, At least we have tonight. Let me wipe your tears, Let me hold you tight, Let me fight off the world, Let us share this space, Let us share this place.

Please kiss me now, Please let me love you, Please let it be forever... But if we can't have it yet, At least, we have tonight.

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