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Body ofArt
A Hot for Teacher Tale

By Bronwyn Green

Resplendence Publishing, LLC

Resplendence Publishing, LLC P.O. Box 992 Edgewater, Florida, 32132 Body of Art, A Hot for Teacher Tale Copyright © 2009, Bronwyn Green Edited by Tiffany Mason Cover art by Rika Singh Electronic format ISBN: 978-1-60735-030-9 Warning: All rights reserved. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000. Electronic release: May, 2009 This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and occurrences are a product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places, or occurrences, is purely coincidental.

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For Chel and Kel—thanks for talking me into this. I love you guys.

” Seth’s chocolate brown eyes were pleading as he pulled another chair around and straddled it. as an adjunct professor. wet smear of clay streaking her forehead and temple.” She shook her head and sighed in annoyance when loose strands of hair drifted across her vision.” It wasn’t as if she had a problem with nudity—she used nude models in her sculpting classes all the time. She wouldn’t be available to pose for Seth’s class too. No. “No. catching on her glasses. Insane and breathtakingly gorgeous. “C’mon.Chapter One “Are you high?” Incredulous. He folded his arms across the back of the chair as he leaned toward her. “My model went into early labor and I’ve checked everywhere. Close enough for her to smell his warm. Callie. but she also knew the woman attended graduate level classes before coming to the art studio. she watched as he looked like he was about to launch into another round of verbal coercion. “And before you ask. “No. a lock of nearly black hair falling into his eyes. male scent over the heavy odor of wet clay. completely off limits. She couldn’t help but notice the way the worn denim of his jeans pulled taut over his muscular thighs. “Absolutely not.” he began. yes.” The man was insane. There’s got to be someone else. facing her. She had one coming in for tonight’s class. Scowling at him. “It’s like this. Callie Sullivan stared at the man in front of her.” He held up a hand. I’m completely serious. And.” Seth shoved a hand through his hair and scooted closer. barely able to keep her pottery wheel going at a steady speed. And no. “Try harder. she shoved her hair from her face using the back of her hand and felt a cold. I wouldn’t ask unless I was desperate. . I can’t find anyone else willing to do it. Shaping the clay by feel.

keeping her gaze on the clay where it belonged. Taking a freshly kneaded ball from the side of the tub surrounding the wheel.” He shrugged.” She glanced at him through her lashes as she worked. do you know of anyone who might?” She glanced up at him. she knew firsthand what getting involved with a good-looking professor entailed—scores of attractive co-eds all wanting to be teacher’s pet. “Not funny. how about if you get naked in front of just me?” An image of Seth bending her over one of the sculpting tables and taking her from behind filled her mind. Unfortunately. Her ex hadn’t even lasted a year. but if you won’t. Cold clay oozed between her fingers as she glared both at him and her overactive imagination. Her breath stalled in her throat and her pussy clenched.” She shook her head. With that kind of temptation. it didn’t take long before the guy eventually gave in. She closed her eyes as her hands convulsed on the barely formed pot. Besides.” Balling up the ruined pot. Too bad she hadn’t found out about it until several years after that and at least a dozen students later.Callie frowned. so I’d prefer to have you model. “No.” . Seth was a colleague and at least six or seven years too young. the only guy she’d been interested in since her divorce from John two years ago. It’s not gonna happen. “Look. his snug T-shirt pulling across his well-defined chest muscles. but he was completely serious. Pushing aside the memories. “Okay. “Why?” “Um…so I don’t have to cancel a class for students who are likely already on their way— not to mention I don’t want to throw off my lesson plan. He was the first…well. dropping her gaze back to the wheel before peering at him through her lashes. “I wasn’t trying to be. crushing it. she focused on Seth. she dropped it into the bucket of watery clay at her side. I’ve been dying to sketch you. feeling bad for him. Not that. expecting to see his one-dimpled grin and laughter in his eyes. she centered it and started over. but she couldn’t imagine stripping down in front of an entire room full of people—especially if Seth Granger was one of those people.” “Uh-huh. “I’m not about to get naked in front of a classroom of students.

he seemed completely sincere. Callie felt her cheeks flush. she gestured with her slurry covered hand toward the old couch she sometimes crashed on. but you’ve kept me at arm’s length—or farther— since I started here. She wasn’t the kind of woman men like Seth went for. unable to bring herself to respond. His hand drifted away from her face.” He shrugged. Sure he’d flirted with her.” He stood and walked to stand behind her.” He reached out and wiped the now dried clay from her temple.“Why do I want to draw you?” he asked as understanding lit his eyes. “There’s not that much to know. Her mouth went dry at the sight. Can you answer it. Looking around for her phone. but she’d never taken him seriously. I’m boring as hell. She had no idea what to say. his T-shirt riding up and baring his tight abdominal muscles. “You fascinate me.” He leaned toward the couch. “Professor Sullivan’s phone. Scooping up the phone. If anyone needed to be a nude model it was him. one moment please.” He rolled his eyes. “It’s true. She missed his warmth already.” His firm lips had turned down and his eyes had taken on a solemn cast.” “Somehow.” She forced a smile.” She snorted. She swallowed hard. Her stomach fluttered nervously as his gaze dropped to her mouth before traveling leisurely back to her eyes. enveloping her . his touch more of a caress than anything else. he brought it to his ear. “There’s a certain vulnerability inherent in allowing another person to sketch you. that’s my model for tonight’s class. “It’s no secret I find you attractive. But looking at him now. skimming along her cheek and setting her belly to fluttering again. Will you at least consider—” Her ringing cell phone cut him off. he looked at the screen.” “Crap. “It says Courtney Davis. “Right. Not at all the kind of woman he typically dated. quick?” Flipping open the phone with long nimble fingers. “I guess maybe I’d hoped to get to know you better. “Can you check the ID and see who it is?” “Sure. She was average at best—bordering on boring. I sincerely doubt that.

She’d forgotten that Courtney’s partner was expecting. Canceling class wasn’t really an option. They were behind as it was.with his warmth. “I’m good with that. and the midwife is going to be here any minute. and I’ll do starkers for you. She cleared her suddenly dry throat. “I’ll model for your class if you’ll model for mine. “So?” She sighed. She glanced at the clock. “No worries. hi Courtney. Amber. who closed the phone and resumed his seat across from her. It would be next to impossible to find someone at this point. for God’s sake. An image of him stripping off his clothes formed in her mind before she could stop it. sit with your back bared for me. Good luck with the baby!” “Thanks. I’ll figure something out. but I won’t be able to make it to class tonight. She tried to push away the nervousness. she hadn’t been able to think of another model. I’ll keep you posted. If nothing else. he tucked her hair behind her ear and held the phone to her head so she could hear.” Despite racking her brain.” He shrugged. “I’ve got a full nude session scheduled for tonight.” He grinned unrepentantly at her.” Seth offered. just went into labor. “How about if we make a deal? You come in. you are.” As theatre grad students. they were the primary models for the university art department. She was a professional. what’s up?” “I’m so sorry. She could do this. “Hello?” “Professor Sullivan?” “Yes. . so…” Stifling a sigh.” “Of course. Seth might give up his ridiculous flirting after seeing her naked. “My model canceled. both Courtney and Amber made extra money modeling for the art department—in fact. My partner. Callie straightened and pulled away from Seth. Carefully. too. she focused on what the other woman was saying.” As Courtney disconnected.

and she dropped her chin to her chest. “Six o’clock. However. “What time is your class?” he asked. too.” He fought the urge to whoop and holler like a…well. Hell. Instead. he wanted to break through the barriers she kept throwing up and get to know her better. He could practically hear the thoughts rattling around her head. A grin spread across his face as he continued to watch her work. “I’ll do it. he headed for the door. He wasn’t lying when he’d said he wanted to get to know her better. Her head was bent. That would change with tonight’s modeling session. If nothing else.” she sighed. He watched as she worried her lower lip between her teeth. Room two-eighteen at three-thirty.” “Great. Let’s grab supper between classes. Some of it had fallen free from the haphazard pile pinned to her head with what looked like chopsticks. he turned to look at her one last time. It was impossible not to be entranced by the fluidity of her movements and the ever-changing shape of the clay. before a look of horror crossed her features. His gaze dropped to the spinning wheel and the hypnotic way the clay rose and fell with the gentle force of her fingertips. like a drunken college student. “Fine. Grabbing the door handle. But yeah.” She nodded. It occurred to him that he’d never once seen her with her hair down. her pale green eyes wide. “Excellent. He stifled a laugh at her nearly transparent thoughts and guessed she was already regretting her decision. he suspected she was watching him through the wavy strands of honey-brown hair. the mere thought of her had coaxed him to life more times than he cared to admit. decorated with dangling beads.Seth Granger watched Callie’s face intently. he shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded. he wasn’t going to complain if he managed to get her naked. She’d likely be horrified if she knew how . Deciding to leave before she changed her mind.” “I’ll be there. and she was ostensibly watching the pot growing under the guiding pressure of her hands. Her eyes closed. What he wouldn’t give to taste the soft flesh. He suspected she could coax to life anything she wanted.” She stared at him. As staidly as possible he said. He’d lost track of the number of times he’d come while thinking of her.

he studied her. Her clear. Her gaze was often wary with a hint of sadness—particularly when she looked at him.” she murmured as she grabbed a long wire with wooden handles at either end and sliced between the small.often he’d imagined fucking her. He’d bet they were on her arms. fucking her mouth? Swallowing a groan. How many times had he visualized sliding his cock between her full lips. His gaze drifted to her mouth. His cock stirred now as he pictured kneeling in front of her while he dragged her pants off and buried his face between her legs. Her lips were full. He realized he’d never heard her laugh before. and the gentle sound kicked him in the gut. he’d find out. either. it was. How often he’d imagined sliding into the slick. A gradual silence filled his awareness and he realized that the whir of the wheel was missing and Callie watched him expectantly. She wasn’t a raving beauty by anyone’s standards. but she certainly wasn’t homely. she rubbed her cheek with the heel of her hand. but it was impossible to tell since they were almost always covered in varying stages of wet to dry clay. He shifted in the doorway.” She laughed. Apparently oblivious to him at this point. . He’d wanted her since he’d met her and she’d shot him down every single time. welcoming heat of her body while she rocked and writhed against him. but her mouth was almost too wide to be considered pretty. He wasn’t even sure what it was about her that drew him. His cock jerked against his zipper as he tried to imagine how she’d taste. guileless eyes were an odd shade of gray-green he’d never before seen. leaving behind another red smear that highlighted the dusting of freckles across her cheeks and nose. perched above her adorably pointed chin. as well. graceful vase and the flat. “I didn’t realize you were still here. How often he’d imagined stripping those shapeless clothes from her body and baring her entirely. Watching the clay go from a lump to a vase is kind of hypnotizing. And yet. He’d get to know her—whether she liked it or not. One way or another. It seemed tonight would be a night of many firsts. “Sorry. Somehow her features came together perfectly to form the face of the woman he wanted more than any other woman he’d over known. metal surface of the wheel. He scrubbed his hand over his face in frustration. and he wondered what he’d done to have her view him with such mistrust.

” Rosy pink color crept across her cheeks and she looked away. She sighed. They could certainly start out with clay. She rolled her eyes. he didn’t want to be perceived as a crazy stalker guy. I’ll see you in a bit. He leaned against the door frame. It was odd. catching her breath when Seth raised his eyebrow at her in question. her cheeks still flushed. “If you ever want to give it another try. It can have that effect on people. “Actually. It probably sounded like the lame come-on she desperately tried to convince herself it wasn’t. but offering to tutor Seth came in as a close second.” she said as she shifted her creation to some kind of plastic plate before wrapping the whole thing in a sheet of clear plastic. agreeing to model was by far the most moronic decision.” He watched her for a moment more as she scrubbed the red-hued clay from her hands and forearms. she glanced up at him.” He’d be more than happy to have her tutor him. I should probably get cleaned up. I practically failed ceramics when I took it. let me know. he felt like he’d made more progress with her in the last few minutes than he had the entire time he’d known her. “Well. Callie’s exposed skin was covered with goose bumps. closely inspecting the wheel for traces of clay. watching as she carefully carried the vase to the drying shelves on the other side of the room. However. so he returned to his room to prepare for the afternoon class…and Callie. She just wasn’t equipped to deal with men .” “Cool. What the hell had she been thinking? Every decision she’d made today bordered on epic stupidity. Removing her glasses so meaningful eye contact was impossible. I’d like that. no big deal. Her smile was more open and genuine than he’d ever seen it.” She nodded. **** Despite the warmth radiating from the space heaters that were placed around her. “If not. “I guess I just find it amazing that you can turn a pile of mud into anything useful.” Wiping her wheel down with a wet sponge. freezing in the pose she’d chosen for the art class. Her smile faded and he immediately felt its loss.“Yeah. “If you wanted to that is. wanting to prolong the moment of contact as long as possible. Granted.” she said. and right there he found himself vowing to make her smile at him like that as often as possible. she looked away. I’d be happy to tutor you. but he hoped they wouldn’t stop there. ducking her head.

She turned into a babbling idiot whenever he was around—worse than any first-year student with a crush. She’d gotten there just in time to see one of his poly-sci students down on her knees giving him an incredibly thorough blow job. Callie. she adjusted the drape. “Pay special attention to the way the light hits her skin. Acutely aware of every move he made. he whispered. leaping to her feet and rebuttoning her blouse as she dashed from the room. She’d done something she’d never done in the past—and hadn’t since—canceled her office hours a few minutes early. Leaning over her shoulder. Jealousy she had no right to feel tightened her middle as she wondered if he touched his other models. she sat-stone still as he made his way around her.” he continued. but she felt the heat of his body nonetheless. In retrospect. but she had to move? She’d kill him later. but she never would have thought that John would stoop to screwing students. Watching. she’d just stood there. Holding a soft white sheet over her breasts. Seth rose from his seat in front of the class and walked to stand behind her. taking care to move as little as possible. Like a fool. scarcely touching her. John finally noticed her…after the young woman registered her presence with a shriek. highlighting her muscle structure. A couple? It was bad enough that she was sitting here mostly exposed. tonight we have a guest model who graciously agreed to fill in when our scheduled model canceled. “Are you doing okay?” She nodded stiffly and kept her gaze off the avid faces of the students who had pulled their chairs and easels closer. “But we’re beginning with this one. she tried to ignore the fact that she was completely naked and Seth was close enough to touch.” She glared at him. will be doing a couple of poses for us. She’d like to think that he wouldn’t since most of the life art models were students. “Okay. Slowly.” His fingertips swept down her spine. . and he’d certainly proved her wrong. She glanced at him from the corner of her eye and he winked at Seth Granger. In shock. Callie realized it was typical of him to be so focused on himself that the world around him ceased to exist. It hurt to think that if she hadn’t showed up earlier than usual so they could have a long romantic lunch together. here. Fixing her gaze on a distant spot on the gray tiled floor. she might still be married to the bastard.

“Stay where you are. and his fingers pressed against her bare leg sent shivers coursing through her. concern and what looked like a million questions shadowing his eyes.” he breathed. And besides.” He moved closer. trying to figure out how to best shift without flashing the entire room. After all. John followed. Scooting backwards on the table. Leaning forward. “I’m sorry. he’d decided that he’d been a victim of his circumstances and she hadn’t been the kind of wife he’d needed. He had. she’d completely forgotten where she was and what she was doing. “Callie?” Shaking off the past. Once again. what else was he supposed to do when Callie didn’t pay enough attention to his needs? She’d tried to point out that she’d taken on extra classes so he could teach fewer in order to pursue his research and finish the book he always seemed to be working on but never managed to finish. sexy smile spread across Seth’s face and her breath caught in her chest at the sight of it. In the end. She’d been so lost in her memories. all but forgotten.” She lifted her hand from her leg to reach back and pull the hair sticks from her hair. his groin directly in front of her face. her best hadn’t been good enough. he removed the carved wooden sticks that had anchored the messy twist to the back of . he’d said. she glanced at Seth. she drew her legs to her chest and carefully removed the sheet. Callie pushed down her rising discomfort. she wrapped her arms around her calves and rested her face on her knees. The pose is perfect. He was only human. What?” “We’re ready for the next pose. begging her forgiveness. he’d insisted.Without a word. letting it slide to the floor. “Wait. but he laid his hand over hers. Did she detect a bulge there? Carefully. of course. She supposed it was par for the course. how was he supposed to resist when his students came on to him day after day. been the victim. A slow. pushing it back to her body. “Perfect. Her nipples tightened painfully against her thighs as she imagined his fingers sliding up her leg to find her pussy wet and pulsing for want of him. The sensation of his hand covering hers. she’d tossed her wedding ring on his desk and driven home—completely numb. He watched her closely.” John. Will you let your hair down?” “Sure.

Before. he began weaving though the room and she heard him murmuring quietly to various students about their drawings. It was startling—particularly in front of a group of students. Now she watched him work. The bulge in his pants that she’d detected earlier seemed larger than before. she couldn’t deny that the idea of Seth pounding into her while a group of people watched was seat-squirmingly hot. he resumed his seat and picked up his pencil. “Class ends in thirty-five minutes. he slid his splayed fingers through her hair. Slipping them in his back pocket. If she wasn’t careful. It was unnerving to be the focal point of such formidable concentration. “Okay. His dark hair fell across his line of vision. What his lips would feel like on her breasts. she’d kept her focus off Seth. If he kept up his teasing caresses. his eyes bright with an intensity she’d never before seen from him. her thighs would be slick with long-denied desire. Had she imagined the attraction? Without a word. God help her if he—or anyone else—caught sight of that. she’d be hard pressed not to. she’d never seen him work before. Really touch her. but that had only gotten her a head full of bad memories. The tight. His gaze barely left her as his hand flew across the paper. but it was also arousing. After what seemed an eternity. Perhaps the fleeting touches were more purposeful than she would have expected. She’d never been into voyeurism. his eyes hooded and his expression unreadable.” Callie heard the screech of chairs scraping along the tile floor as students around her shifted position then the rasp of pencil and charcoal on paper. but as she relaxed under his touch. her pussy. It was so tempting to lay back and demand that he fuck her now.” He glanced at his wrist. willing away the empty throb . Of course. She sighed. Feeling Seth straighten. her stomach. If they weren’t surrounded by an entire classroom of students. spreading it over her back and absently stroking her skin as he arranged the bedraggled length. but he ignored it as he studied her.her head. so move your chairs if you want a different angle. she opened her eyes. She squeezed her thighs together. by the time class was over. His simple touch felt better than anything she could remember. Seth glanced down at her. This is the last pose of the session. achy feeling in her breasts intensified and she couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have him touch her. she might consider it anyway. Callie closed her eyes and bit back a moan. Her pussy clenched at the sensation of his work-roughened hands on her tender flesh. but start drawing. people.

she hurriedly shoved her arms into the sleeves and wrapped the robe around herself. but are you sure you’re all right?” “I am. the subject matter was also completely different. she recited all the reasons getting involved with Seth would be stupid—the most important being that she was smart enough to know that she wouldn’t be able to keep her heart out of the situation. he laid a hand on her shoulder. She listened as he balanced praise with encouragement. An horrifically bad idea. it was as if there were tendrils of energy arcing back and forth between them. “Here’s a robe for you. Finally. he nodded and got to his feet. not bothering to hide the questions in his gaze. Now. As she secured the belt . he rose and moved to squat in front of her.” Handing her the garment. Really. Seth’s hand stopped moving and his eyes narrowed as he studied her face. Granted. His watch beeped. “Okay guys—five minutes. Time to finish up. The warmth of his palm sank into her skin and her belly fluttered nervously. What was she thinking? Had taking off her clothes addled her brain? Mentally. The well-washed terry cloth chafed her hypersensitive nipples and she fought the urge to squirm. as he seemed to drink her in with his gaze. his face nearly level with hers. It’s just been a weird day for me. drawing his attention from her as he checked the time. Hell. His teaching style was far different than John’s.” He studied her a little longer as if weighing her words for truth. Sliding off the table. And it would also be an exceptionally bad idea. shielded her from the rest of the room as she dressed.” Setting aside his pencil. he picked up the sheet from the floor and averting his gaze. I thought you might want to see the sketches. She wasn’t sure she’d survive being betrayed again. There was no way a man like Seth was going to fall in love with a woman like her—not in the permanent sense. it would be better than phenomenal.that had settled there from the moment he’d laid his hands on her body. discussing each student’s drawing. Was she that easy to read? She fought the urge to look away from him while trying to will away the color she felt staining her cheeks. He made another circuit of the room. Coming up behind her. She knew then that sex with him would be phenomenal. “I feel like a broken record today. but John had always made a point of telling students why they were wrong whereas Seth offered suggestions for improvement.

but Seth had managed to depict her emotions perfectly. Unable to keep her gaze from the picture. After she’d seen all of the different renditions of herself. “Can I see the other one?” she asked.’” She cleared her throat. masking her reaction. wishing she had her hair sticks so she could keep it out of her face. “So? What do you think?” She shoved her hand through her hair. She shifted uncomfortably as he turned to look at her. If he hadn’t known she was completely aroused by him before. “Who were you thinking about?” “When?” she stalled. he flipped over the sheet of paper and revealed the first drawing he’d made. she couldn’t contain her gasp as she viewed the rendering. In the drawing. She’d known he was good. So much for hiding her thoughts from him while he worked.” “My ex-husband. noticing that he’d said ‘who’ and not ‘what. He turned his stool to face her. Her breath caught in her throat at the expression of pain he’d captured in her eyes. When she returned. After studying her for a moment longer. the way her cheeks burned at his intense perusal and the image on the paper. he obviously didn’t believe her. working on his drawing. “But. he had to know it now. Unfortunately. her lips were parted and her eyes looked liked she was begging him to fuck her right there. he handed her glasses to her and proceeded to lead her around the room to view the artwork. she wrapped her arms around her middle. hating the feelings of vulnerability his drawing evoked. clearly unimpressed by her attempt to play dumb. but this was like looking in the mirror. Of course. she excused herself to put on her clothes. maybe it was better to keep it down. I…” How could she say it without looking like she was fishing for compliments? “I didn’t realize that’s how I looked. “It’s really good.” she finished lamely. Beautiful…” “I hear a ‘but. he’d gotten the horny part down just fine. As quietly as she could manage. From the expression on his face. desperate to change the subject. Well. The students’ drawings were good. the students had gone and Seth sat alone at his easel.” . Sadly. she crept up behind him. looking in a mirror that made her seem considerably prettier than she was in reality. “While you were posing.’” He snorted.around her waist.

The intent in his expression was unmistakable. “He cheated with a student.” “I can’t believe someone was stupid enough to let you go. I’m sure you get hit on by students all the time. Oh God…he was going to kiss her. “Good. “Look. “I’m sorry he hurt you.” Her breath caught in her throat as his gazed centered on her mouth.” Disappointment hollowed out her middle.” She pushed her hair off her face. He was gorgeous. brushing his thumb back and forth across the sensitive skin of her inner wrist. it was stupid to think students didn’t fawn over him.” Stepping closer. she did.” “It’s over and done with. but she pushed away the thought. Who wouldn’t want him? God knew. Seth was every bad idea she’d . But he’d checked out long before I filed for divorce. She shrugged and pulled away. Besides. But that wasn’t going to happen.” It wasn’t a question. but I’m serious. rising to his feet. “It does to me. She couldn’t afford to give in to the temptation he presented. “I know it sounds like a line. unable to look away from the heat in his eyes.” she murmured. “I was just too stupid to realize it.” “How do you know it wasn’t me who ended it?” “Was it?” “Yeah. “Who is this asshole?” Seth demanded. talented. “Do I know him?” “It doesn’t matter. Part of her wanted to hear him deny it so she could give in to her nearly out of control attraction for him. and genuinely nice.“You were married?” She couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled out.” She laughed harder. “That’s what you get when you marry the ‘hot prof. “You sound so surprised.” “It doesn’t mean I act on it. but she couldn’t risk getting attached to him. and he had the good grace to look embarrassed. he rested his hands on her shoulders.” His gaze pulled at her and she wanted nothing more than to wrap herself in the comfort she knew she’d find in his arms.” Before she could shove her hand in her pocket. his eyes narrowed and his brow furrowed. Going down that road would only bring her to the same place she’d ended up with John.’” His expression hardened. he grabbed it.

Not ever. she couldn’t let it happen. to know what he tasted like. . Not now.ever had all rolled into one tempting package. As much as she wanted to feel his lips on hers.

He hadn’t modeled since he was in college. However. The tables had been rearranged to form a circle around a wooden pallet positioned in the center.Chapter Two “I should go and get stuff set up for class. but he forced his grip to relax as she pulled away from him. Even now. He let his hands fall to his sides and watched her rush from the classroom. Seth’s fingers tightened on her shoulders. He couldn’t imagine having a woman like Callie and cheating on her. She’d let him. Hell. he could. Whether she’d own up to it or not. He guessed that’s was where he was supposed to do his thing. the thought of . and he’d certainly been propositioned often enough. if she’d let him. She clearly wanted to get away from him and he’d let her go—for now. not meeting his eyes. and he’d do whatever he needed to get her to admit to it. Well. The most difficult part would be keeping his erection at bay. He was a guy. he couldn’t imagine fucking his students either. It was about time she found out not all men were like her asshole of an exhusband. he decided. he couldn’t erase the memory of her desirefilled eyes from his brain. but he didn’t call her on it. but it wasn’t as if it was particularly challenging. Stepping inside the door. He wanted to beat the shit out of her ex. “I thought we were going to grab supper. earlier. but that was a line he wouldn’t cross. Since he’d approached Callie.” She waved away the idea as if it was a bug.” Her belly rumbled loudly in protest. “You go ahead—I’m not really hungry after all. she wanted him too. he’d spent the entire day in varying stages of arousal. Small space heaters were placed at even intervals around the pallet. After paying for a pizza and a couple of bottles of Coke from the café.” Callie muttered. for chrissakes. But he’d seen the way she’d looked at him. he headed back to Callie’s studio. As he made his way across the commons to the student union. he’d cross Callie’s line again and again. he glanced around.

His cock leapt happily at the images in his head. “Hey. he held the bottle to her lips. He still had her hair thingies in his back pocket.” She opened her mouth to respond and he put the pizza there instead. Her eyes widened as she caught sight of him. so she’d pinned up her hair with a couple pencils. “I’ve got you covered. As if she knew he was envisioning.” she said as she continued to pump the pedal with her foot. A bumping spinning noise pulled him further into the room.” Pink stained her cheeks. It was as if she was indifferent to the fact that he’d damn near kissed her a short while ago. It wasn’t working properly. “I brought you something to eat. but she didn’t look away.” He lifted a gooey slice from the box.” He followed her gaze to her clay covered hands.” He grinned. . this was going to be a real interesting session. Her eyes closed in obvious appreciation and she groaned. operating the kick-pedal with her foot.her had his cock straining against his fly—straining toward her like some sort of carnal divining rod. Unscrewing the cap of one of the Cokes.” She shrugged. He had to clear his throat in order to speak. and I have to give a presentation next week. “I did. She was such a liar. What the hell was she doing? He rounded the corner to find her at one of the standing wheels. hunger won. he opened the pizza box and set it on the closest table. Finally. her eyes narrowed at him.” Didn’t he just wish. The sound went right to his cock. Ignoring her pointed look. I just made some adjustments. Glaring at him. watching her war between wariness and hunger. “I thought you came back here to set up the room. it was impossible not to imagine her swallowing around his cock as he pumped it into her mouth. she took another bite and swallowed. Her lips closed around it and she took a bite. “No worries. “Now I’m checking out the calibration. Watching her throat convulse as she swallowed. He held it up to her lips. “Really? ’Cause from here it looks like you were trying to avoid the conversation we were having. “I wasn’t avoiding anything.” He nodded toward the pizza box and soda. He couldn’t wait to pull them out and feel the silky length falling over his skin. “So what’s with the old school wheel?” “It’s a kick wheel. Yeah.” Her casual tone grated at him.

“What are you on about now?” she demanded. he pulled back and glanced down at her. A shiver worked through her body and her foot slipped from the pedal. “And I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. “Actually. Still holding her head between his palms. nervous. The clay she’d been spinning slid off the wheel to thump loudly against the side of the tub that housed the wheel. shaking her head.” he murmured as he stepped closer to her. Her breathing quickened and she held herself so tightly she trembled. Gently.” she mouthed. he lowered his head until his lips hovered just above hers.” “I like the way you say my name. That leads me to believe you either have an exhibitionist streak. I think it’s the latter. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” he whispered against her ear. he angled her face upward.” She shook her head. “I’m sure no one else noticed.” He captured the velvet sweetness of her mouth as she stiffened in his embrace.After she finished. he set the bottle down. “Seth. he nipped and suckled until she opened beneath the pressure of his lips and .” She gasped. his lips skimmed her cheek as they coasted toward her ear. Seth. Don’t think. Leaning closer. frantic little movements between his hands. “You knew I was about to kiss you earlier…and you wanted me to.” “I didn’t know being chilly was a turn on. “I think you’re mistaken. her voice breathy. the sound sharp against his ear. Her eyes widened in alarm. “If I’m mistaken about that.” A squeak that might have been the word ‘no’ escaped her lips. but no sound came out. but she didn’t say anything. am I also mistaken about the way your nipples tightened when you were posing for me?” “It was cold in there. Holding her gaze. but I could smell your arousal. “Judging from the way your nipples are knotting against your shirt right now. Sliding his hands into her hair. or…you want me as badly as I want you.” “No.” Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips and she kicked the wheel faster. I don’t think—” “Good.” she choked out. I don’t think you were avoiding the conversation as much as you were avoiding what I was about to do.

So was Callie. “I’m not proud. The last thing he wanted with her was gentleness. Callie. He shrugged. She was strung so taut. “Doctor Sulli—Um…yeah…I’ll just come back later. Her body jerked against his in response and she released a shuddering sigh into his mouth. “Nope.” The words registered in the back of Seth’s brain. He had it bad for this woman. but whoever had been there was long gone. Returning to his side with a wet washcloth. “Don’t you think we should maybe talk?” he asked. Her hands grasped his forearms. and every moment spent in her company made it worse. She pushed her glasses up on her nose. he tasted something uniquely Callie—delicious and addicting. I don’t mind. “We don’t have a proper dressing room in . As it was. she unlocked a heavy wood door and propped it open with a cinder block doorstop. but he also didn’t want to scare her away. Why don’t I show you where to change?” Her withdrawal was tangible.” She did meet his eyes then. her lips sliding against his. she still held herself rigidly in his embrace. he urged her closer. Mixed with the tanginess of the pizza and the sweetness of the Coke. He pulled her flush against his body. He glanced toward the door. She’d already darted across the room and busied herself scrubbing the clay from her hands. flush against his aching cock. and sliding the other down her back to rest at her waist.” He’d meant to comfort her. he realized the words were true. I’ll take your touch any way I can get it.” Skirting five large kilns and two smaller ones. stumbling backward into the base of the standing wheel. forcing her to stay. as Callie flew from his arms. Keeping one hand anchored in the silk of her hair. splotching his skin with cold. “S’okay.” He grabbed her arm. she began to respond.he deepened the kiss. she studiously avoided his gaze she handed it to him. wet clay as she dug her fingers into his flesh. parting further to accommodate the gentle probing of his tongue. it seemed like she might shatter at any moment. watching silently as he wiped the clay residue from his skin.” she muttered before attempting to retreat to the far side of the room again. As if she was moving in slow motion. but as he spoke. It wasn’t close enough. suddenly melting against him. “Students will be here any minute. tasting her fully. She might as well have slammed a door in his face…and dragged heavy furniture in front of it to barricade his way. “Sorry about getting you dirty.

” She didn’t want to talk? That was fine. from behind. that’s all she’d been doing—thinking about how she wanted him. But now she was going to have to look at him—naked—and know that no matter what he said. too. hot length of Seth’s body. the dumbest thing was responding to Seth’s kiss. She sighed. For the love of God. deep inside of her. Agreeing to this modeling exchange was the dumbest thing she’d ever done outside of believing John when he’d told her he loved her. She knew him well enough to know that he wouldn’t be satisfied by just a kiss. she could hardly call it just a kiss. It was Sarah. she focused on the upcoming class period. On the table. “It’s not like profs don’t have lives. “Um. she amended. Closing her eyes. I had no idea you and Professor Granger were involved and um…I…” Callie shook her head. “No. between her thighs. she really didn’t care how he posed. Of course. hard and fast…yeah. She just wanted to get this little slice of hell over with and get on with her life—such as it was. “Start thinking about how you want me. on top. That was incredibly unprofessional of me and I apologize. up against a wall. but before the night was over she was damn well going to feel. I’m sorry. Her nipples were still tight and tingling and her panties were a damp reminder of what it felt like to be pressed against the hard.” Sarah shrugged and grinned. At this point. It was going to be hard enough to teach with his taste on her lips and the memory of his warmth against her. but the storage room locks and there are several robes hanging on a hook on the back of the door. No. I mean.” . she’d done far too much thinking about that already. same young woman who’d interrupted before. That kiss had shifted the ground from beneath her feet. Doctor Sullivan? Are you…busy?” Callie recognized the voice.” Callie swallowed hard as Seth shut the door behind him. “Hey what’s up?” “I am so sorry about earlier. Placing the wet rag in her hand as he crossed the room to enter the storage room. Willing her embarrassment away. he looked her in the eye. She was doomed. she turned to face her. the floor. she was going to have to say no.

but it’s the other way around. it was an easy request. “Hmm?” “Have you decided where you want me? If not. Callie smiled and hoped her face wasn’t as red as it felt. his depreciating chuckle vibrated through her. trying to steer the conversation back on track. Warm hands settled on her hips and Seth stepped close to her back. darlin’. you’re making it really hard—” He was so close. because Seth chose that moment to exit the storage room and her brain turned to mush at the realization that he was naked under the robe. the rest of her class had filed in and the majority of the students were eyeing Seth with great interest. most of what I have in mind will have to wait until after class. It was going to be a long class session. “I just wanted to see if I can schedule some extra studio time next week. “So have you decided?” The deep timbre of his voice settled low in her abdomen and her pussy clenched in need. I’ve got some great ideas…of course. one of her grad students.” “What would that be?” he asked. had sidled up to him and was now trailing her fingertips along his arm. she continued. but his hands on her body chased away all thought. “Teach this class or manufacture reasons to keep avoiding your attraction to me?” . You’re the one making it hard. Turning back to Sarah. She fought the urge to growl and throw the other woman out of the room.” By the time she’d finished scheduling Sarah for several sessions the following week. “Let’s see what’s available.” “Absolutely. As if she needed more confirmation that getting involved with him was a bad idea.” Thankfully. goose bumps peppering her skin. “You must have come here early for a reason. She tried to remember what he’d asked her. what can I help you with?” she asked.” She sighed. “You’re making it difficult to do what I need to do. “Seth. she pushed aside the papers that covered her desktop calendar. “Sorry.This one doesn’t. Lisa.” Not bothering to respond. breathing against her ear.

Pressing her lips together. unable to bring herself to look past his chest. but it was the thickness that made her pussy weep.” “You want me sitting or standing?” It was nearly impossible to have this conversation while pretending he didn’t make her hotter than any guy she could remember.Ignoring him altogether.” She gestured loosely toward the pallet. she tried not to gasp at the sight of his cock. . it was a decent length. “Why don’t you go ahead and get comfortable. so get the clay you wedged last week and whatever tools you want to use. but she wasn’t about to waste the opportunity to sculpt him. she glanced at her students who all watched expectantly. trying not to choke as he stepped onto the pallet and loosened the robe’s belt. He seemed very comfortable in a room full of people. Her gaze traveled across his broad chest following the sparse hair that thickened as it trailed over his tight abdominal muscles down to his groin. Her imagination hadn’t even come close to doing him justice. Turning away from the alluring sight before her. She could almost imagine how he’d feel filling her mouth and throat. “However you’re most comfortable. To think she’d just been wrapped in those same arms—she was an idiot for pushing him away. Her mouth went completely dry as he slipped the garment from his body and tossed it to her. She might not actually get to touch him. most of whom were openly ogling him. She had to give him credit. Setting her supplies at the spot Sarah had discreetly saved for her. The strong column of his neck flowed into wide shoulders and a leanly muscled back that narrowed into the most perfect ass she’d ever seen. Semi-erect. she turned to Seth. she was caught in the intensity of his stare. “Okay. He turned to face her. The desire she’d felt before was back—a hundred times worse. we’ve got a substitute model this week. she sank down onto the chair in front of him. Unable to keep her eyes from straying to his face. “I turned on the space heaters. She’d never wanted to go down on a guy more than she did now. so you should be warm enough. she looked away and stripped the plastic sheet from her slab of clay. a dare in his eyes. she retrieved her own slab of clay and tools from the shelf.” she managed.” Girding herself. His arms were beautifully sculpted. Drawing on inner reserves she didn’t know she possessed.

” she addressed the class. She’d tried to pull free a couple of times. and she didn’t want to cause a scene. She molded the clay more by feel than sight.” He grabbed her hand. please be sure you use enough slip and cross hatching to get a strong attachment. but hand building was her favorite. “Is it weird to have your boyfriend modeling for class?” “He’s…” She had no idea how to even begin finishing that sentence. half-hoping he’d decline and put his clothes back on. she’d managed to get that across to them. except for Lisa. she hurried to the sink and washed the clay from her hands before handing the robe to him. but it was difficult to think with her hand nestled in Seth’s. She didn’t bother to hide the fact that she was waiting for Seth. Doctor Sullivan? Class was up almost half an hour ago. Her students had done an amazing job. and pulled her close as they walked the perimeter of the room. “Um.” She hazarded a glance at Seth. I’d like your work to reflect the natural flow and curve of the body. but he refused to let go. She’d been so intent on Seth. Remember to pay attention to the model’s musculature. After telling the class to start their cleanup procedures. “that you have enough air holes in your piece to keep it from exploding in the kiln. Feigning indifference. Anything to make him less of a temptation. She’d been so focused on her work. He continued to watch her with undisguised interest. “I’d like these to be full sculptures as opposed to focusing on a specific body part. The remainder of the class period passed in near silence until finally Sarah nudged her and murmured. she scanned the room. Apparently. “The whole day has been weird. she’d completely lost track of the time. She loved working on the wheel. “Do you want to take a look?” she asked. . she hadn’t noticed. She’d always considered it thinking with her hands. checking out the various sculptures. and Callie thought she heard a collective groan of displeasure from the room’s occupants as they went about gathering up their supplies.” Sarah leaned over toward her. He slipped it on. she began to shape the slab into the rough form of a man.” Shutting out the distractions around her. someone had gotten up and put a CD in the player. “Yeah. Hopefully. so she remained where she was. Soft music drifted through the air. And if you’re joining pieces as opposed to carving from a single piece. Seth disappeared into the storage room to get dressed and the rest of the class left for the night.“Make sure.” Callie looked at the wall clock in surprise. Eventually.

” she laughed. but her stomach dropped further with every step he took toward her. The other woman finally left. Her muscles tightened and shivers raced across every square inch of skin.” She didn’t think it was possible.which was probably a good thing. but language had deserted her.” Callie didn’t miss the look of incredulity on Lisa’s face. “What are you doing?” “Trying to prevent you from running off before we finish this conversation. She was a tangible reminder of what getting involved with him would entail.” She opened her mouth to speak. she busied herself cleaning up her area and setting the room to rights. “Are you still in love with him?” he prodded. Callie tamped down the jealousy she had no right to feel. It didn’t matter what Seth did or with whom. He shook his head. Well. but I’m involved with Doctor Sullivan. Callie. . “Are you talking about an actual conversation or about the kiss?” Her voice sounded remarkably calm. The tumbling of the lock echoed in Callie’s stomach. “Can you actually tell me you don’t want me—and mean it?” She found her voice. “The way you were looking at me. an expression of annoyance twisting her lips while Seth followed her to the door. He cupped her cheek and traced her lips with the pad of his thumb. and he settled his other hand on the opposite side. not quite able to believe they were having this conversation. As soon as he exited the storage room. “Thanks. she tried to ignore them anyway. aren’t you. “I can just read you. Lisa was at his side. considering her knees were made of bubbling water. It was reminiscent of the look she’d frequently received when she and John were together. Her body rejoiced as it came into contact with his. “A little full of yourself. Why are you fighting it?” She had no answer. It was impossible when he kept saying her name. Ignoring them both. His hand skimmed down. locking it behind her. “Why do you fight this when it’s obvious you want it as much as I do?” “Obvious?” His laugh skated over her skin and trembled through her. over her shoulder to rest on her waist. dragging her against him. I could practically feel your lips wrapped around my cock.

As if he was afraid she’d change her mind. she’d have no regrets. That hadn’t changed. demanding her acquiescence. no!” With purposeful movements. Seth lifted her glasses from her face and set them on the table behind him. Longing clawed at her. She pulled at his shirt. but she’d deal with that later. she’d have Seth filling the emptiness inside her. desperate to be filled. she’d give in to the urgency roiling through her. Over a year of tamping down her desire for him welled up and she couldn’t get him inside her fast enough. And that was the trouble. The smooth. Before she could talk herself out of it. Who was she kidding? She’d wanted her hands on him since she’d met him. he wrapped his arms around her and backed her against the kiln. Need tumbled endlessly through her belly while her pussy ached. His lips moved against hers. slipping her hands beneath the fabric to stroke the warm. For tonight. She didn’t want to and they both knew it. quickly dominating the exchange. firm skin she’d been dying to touch all night. For tonight. The heat in his eyes singed her as he drew closer. pressing into her stomach. she closed the distance between them and kissed him. more than willing to give it—for now. She relaxed into his embrace. There was time enough for that tomorrow. It was still just as bad of an idea as it had been then. tight planes of his muscles shifted against her as his cock swelled. . giving her plenty of time to back away if she really wanted to. For tonight.“John? God. heightening the sensation of his touch.

he pulled the shirt over his head and let it fall to the floor as he gazed at her. feeling it jump and flutter at his touch. he yanked her head back and took her mouth again. he wanted everything from her. but she freed it quickly enough and yanked at his zipper. almost tentative touch of her fingertips wasn’t enough. she applied pressure to the underside of his head with her tongue. it was nearly impossible to get the zipper open. Her cheeks hollowing as she sucked. One by one. He pressed her hand flat to his chest. Breaking the kiss. “Touch me. Her knuckles skimmed across his belly as she fumbled with the button on his waistband. He splayed his hand over her belly. she managed it. He was so damn hard for her. The fleeting. trying to get closer. she squirmed against him. Sweet. freeing the honeyed brown waves to fall past her shoulders. wet warmth enveloped him as she drove herself up and down his length. and her eyes were nearly glazed as she trailed her hands over his body. and slipping her fingers inside his boxers. he pulled the pencils from her hair. Driving his fingers into the mass of silk. Before he could stop her. she leaned forward and dragged open-mouthed kisses down the center of his chest before sinking her teeth into the meat of his pectoral muscle. hoping she’d come around. Fire licked at his balls as .Chapter Three Seth had no idea what had changed for Callie. He wasn’t about to question her change of heart or his stroke of luck. but it was like someone had flipped a switch. He’d been waiting for so damn long. wrapping her mouth around the head of his dick. Now that she finally had. Callie. Was she this responsive all over? Still tugging at his T-shirt. Finally. she dropped to her knees and freed him completely. Her lips were red and puffy. Gripping his shoulders. cupped him in her small hand.” he demanded. reverently. delving between her parted lips and tasting her thoroughly. Streaks of lightning shot along the length of his cock in response to her sharp nip. She’d gone from reluctant to trying to tear off his clothes in nothing flat.

She dug her fingers into his shoulders. darlin’. Nipples he couldn’t wait to taste. He was desperate to taste her and for all his pretty words. “That’s it darlin’. his needy cock trapped between them. Slowly. drawing a strangled whimper from her lips. Jesus! Her breasts rose and fell with each shuddering breath she took. His selfish cock protested the loss of her heat. pink nipples. twisting and pulling.” Her green-gray eyes fluttered open and she slowly let him slip from between her lips. She trembled at the passing caress. Wrapping her hair around his fist. it was a wonder he hadn’t lost it already. he yanked her loose fitting shirt off her body. Her eyes were squeezed shut as though she couldn’t stand the scrutiny as he looked his fill. If she kept up.” he murmured against her skin. he’d never last. Her nipple knotted further against his tongue as he sucked hard then scraped it with his teeth. Wanting more contact than he was getting. “I want you to fuck me. Urging her closer. “Uh-uh. Reaching out.” Slipping his hand between their bodies. smiling as she arched toward him. . Seth. he brushed the backs of his fingers across a quivering peak. He’d been on edge for this woman for over a year and now that he had her…well. watching her reactions play out on her expressive face. “We’ve got all night and I don’t plan to let a single inch of your body go unexplored. flicking the distended flesh with his tongue. Her eyes snapped open. tell me how much you want this. but he ignored it. he tangled his fingers into her hair and tried to pull her off.pressure built. he worked at the button on her cargo pants. he gently pulled. he wasn’t sure how long he’d last. her short nails abrading his skin. Medium sized and perfect—tipped with tight.” He shook his head. He captured a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He planned on getting a whole lot more from Callie than a few kisses and a quick blow job. she was beautiful. he sat back on his knees and pulled her forward until she straddled his lap. He wanted it all. Hissing his pleasure. Christ. he bent his head and sucked a pebbled tip between his lips. I’ve been waiting too damn long for you to have this over with in under five minutes. Lowering himself to his floor in front of her. he leaned toward her and traced the curve of her collarbone with his tongue. No bra—thank you. He wanted all of her. Now.

yet. Pink and puffy and all his.” she gasped. inhaling the heady scent of her arousal. she stood in front of him in nothing but pale pink.” she demanded. he nuzzled the front of her panties. sharp flavor burst in his mouth and he wanted more. A quiet groan escaped her at the pressure. Resting the heel of his hand over her pussy. She might not realize it yet. juices he was dying to taste. so he did it again. clearly wanting more than the controlled licking he was giving her. one leg at a time. He worked off the pants. digging her fingers into his scalp as she tried to urge him closer. dragging his fingertips along the length of her sweetly freckled thighs.” he growled against her dripping flesh. He hadn’t figured her for pink. What did she mean. he stroked her creamy flesh over and over. Seth dragged the panties down her thighs. “For tonight. “Before I taste you? Not a chance. “Now. “Just fuck me already.” Her word niggled at him. for tonight? It she thought this was the end of it. impeding her movement. Ignoring the troublesome thoughts for now. Though he tried to hold her immobile. Leaving her underwear around her knees. Carefully avoiding the swollen nub of her clit. he pushed. His fingertips brushed across her belly at the motion and her stomach muscles quivered at the faint touch. but this was just the beginning. she was sadly mistaken. he breathed deeply of her scent. grinding it against her. with her juices. “You’re mine. “Couch. Her sweet. Damp. Her breathing grew more rapid as she began to squirm. “Seth.” he growled against her pussy. he dragged his tongue through her gathering juices.” . Callie canted her hips toward his mouth. baring her completely. but he wasn’t ready to give her what she wanted. His cock jerked at the desperation in her voice. her feet on either side of his thighs.” Parting her light brown curls with his thumbs. Holding her steady.She braced her hands on his shoulders as she struggled to her feet and kicked off her shoes. he bared her glistening pussy to his gaze. Gripping her hips. please. She grabbed his head. Free of her pants. he drew a single finger along her heated folds. cotton panties. Her hips jerked as he took another pass across the damp fabric.

I want you to see how much I enjoy your body.” The whispered word burst from her on a sigh. Circling her quivering opening. She tried to close her legs. nails biting into his scalp and his name on her lips. his stubbled cheeks rasping against her tender skin. watching as her eyes fluttered shut. but he stopped her with a hand on each knee. He could only imagine how tightly she’d grip his cock. Giving her a gentle shove. “Never hide from me.” He lifted her a little higher and her eyes popped open. She caught her breath as he inched his way to her molten core. “Perfect. creating a driving rhythm her hips eagerly lifted to meet. he worked her harder still until she finally stiffened against him. scarcely able to believe that he had Callie Sullivan right where he wanted her. “Please. Seth nuzzled and licked until Callie finally came back to herself. How much I enjoy you. Slowly. He stripped the remainder of his clothes from his body. he nuzzled her inner thighs. Adding a third finger. Hovering above her pussy. occasionally worrying her swollen clit with teeth and tongue while his thumbs plied the flesh of her pussy. not wanting to miss a single drop.” He slid his hands beneath her ass and her legs fell open even farther.” she moaned. Callie. he added a second finger and shoved harder into her dripping pussy. Holding her gaze. “Wow. “Open your eyes. “More. he flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue. Her cream flowed freely and he drank from her. she backed toward the ugly green sofa against the far wall and he followed close behind. he shifted her . Slipping his arm around her waist. Chuckling against her warmth. her legs splayed. I need more. gripped his head and shoved his mouth against her cunt. he slid his digits in and out while her hips lifted to meet the short strokes.” he breathed as he pulled the underwear completely off her body. he toppled her into a sitting position. he began lapping in earnest. Her internal muscles clutched at it as he tried to withdraw. he removed his fingers and sucked her cream from each one as she lay limply against the couch.Panties falling to her ankles. She arched against his mouth on a keening sigh and without warning. Carefully. He lifted her slightly.” He shifted a hand in order to slide a finger inside her velvet warmth.

trying to urge him between her legs. she shifted.” he whispered into her ear. Instead of complying with her wishes. he moved back and forth between her nipples.” Her breath caught as the head of his cock brushed her clit. His restraint was killing her. you’re not going to get the opportunity. A ragged groan escaped his lips as her wet pussy slid along the rigid length of his cock. I’m tired of being teased. The satiation and post orgasmic bliss had begun to wear off. branding her with his thick heat. driving her arousal higher still. I’m about to make you come again.” he groaned. Callie tasted herself in Seth’s mouth as he rocked against her. Stroking his broad back. Her pussy still clenched with the remembered sensation of the almost brutal release he’d forced on her.” she gasped. He tugged and twisted the engorged tips with his fingers. and never with a man’s face buried between her legs. she’d begged for it before he was done. She was usually far too tense to relax enough to find release in that position. He dragged her . “You should know. he trailed open mouthed kisses along the side of her neck. desperately seeking his cock. She wanted him inside her.” Shoving her breasts together. there hadn’t been a lot of force involved. She’d never come so hard and fast before. “Liar. propelling himself through her slick folds. “Oh really?” “Yeah. She sighed contentedly as she pressed against him. pulling his face to hers and kissing him deeply. Of course.” “If you don’t do it soon. he mimicked her action. filling her. Her response strangled in her throat as she thrust her hips against his. “Christ. Not so with Seth. If you don’t get on with it. the thick head of his cock leaving a sticky trail of pre-cum on her belly. His deep brown eyes sparkled as he stared down into her face. I’ll throw you out. But he’d pushed her far past her usual boundaries. His voice. “I want to pound into to you until we both come screaming…and then fuck you some more. sent a fresh rush of cream to coat her thighs. Body shuddering. stretching her. drawing feverishly on them with his lips while she writhed beneath a laying position and quickly covered her with his body. Callie. sucking and biting until she thought she’d go mad. raspy and thick with desire.

He nodded once before he grabbed her arms.effortlessly along the sharp edge of release. tilting her hips to take his cock. “Put it on. I need to feel your sweet cunt gripping me harder.” she ordered. he urged them further apart. Releasing her nipple.” she snapped.” he breathed. She barely had time to adjust to the exquisite fullness of his cock stretching her pussy before he pulled back. he grunted. darlin’. Tearing it open with his teeth. Pulling it free. Finally. Callie cried out at the force of his thrust as it expelled the air from her lungs. he raised his head and stared into her eyes. He’d closed his eyes and his teeth were clenched in a grimace that rode the line between pleasure and pain. If anything. He’d better have a damn condom on him. she was more frantic than ever.” . she reached back and grabbed his shoulders. “Don’t you dare.” His single dimple dipped inward with his grin as he snatched the condom from her impatient fingers. he deftly sheathed himself before settling between her legs. Fucking. he suckled at her aching nipples while pounding into her as promised. He’d better not think they were going to take this nice and slow. “So. “I’m not looking for gentle. He slipped his free hand under her ass and lifted. whimpering harder as he hilted himself within her again. Relief washed over her as soon as her fingertips brushed across a square foil packet. She almost wept with relief as the wide head of his cock nudged her opening. “Now. Finding them. “Wrap your legs around my waist. Tight. she worked his wallet from the back pocket and flipped it open. his own hard and hot with hunger. pinning them easily above her head. or she’d kill him. She waved it in front of his face. searching for his jeans. On a growl. I need to be deeper inside you. It was as if she hadn’t come a few moments earlier. Still holding her captive.” He dropped his forehead to her chest as he tried to control his breathing. tugging him forward. I want the pounding you promised me earlier. Callie reached out and felt around on the floor. then rammed himself home. Hooking his hands around her thighs. He slipped his hand from beneath her ass and pushed her thigh back toward her chest. trying to keep him where he was—deep inside her. She whimpered at the loss as he almost withdrew completely. Her internal muscles convulsed.

I need…” “You need what?” he asked.” he groaned as he stiffened. filling her over and over. she tried to take more. When she didn’t answer right away. he reared back before slamming into her again. He shook his head. Her wrists ached slightly from his tight grip. unable to bear his intensity. spiraling inward in an ever tightening knot. pulling her into his arms. All that mattered was that Seth was giving her what she needed.” he murmured.” She closed her eyes. pleased when he groaned out his satisfaction.” he growled in her ear. trying to goad him into finishing her. Finally.” she whispered. but she didn’t care. Sooner or later. causing her to ripple around his cock. someone would speak and shatter the incredible peace she felt with him. nearly stopping. darlin’. She thought she heard the couch legs scrape across the tile floor. he slowed his thrusts. pushing her past her limits and she loved it. Arching her back and grinding her pussy against his groin. She wrapped her arms around him and slowly sifted her fingers through his hair. “I need you. It was a tangible reminder of the best sex she’d ever had. “Harder. I need more.” she demanded. “Tell me what you need. She bucked against him.” she cried as he lunged faster. “Christ. “You. content to stay where they were. Callie. . but his hoarse words snapped through her like a whip and everything flew apart. “Tell me. his arm shaking with strain as his release poured through him. “Come now. “Fuck me.” Heat coalesced in her womb.” With a roar. and his balls slapped wetly against her ass. Release rushed through her body. to take him deeper. Callie. Seth. “Come for me. “What do you need. swamping her senses as her pussy rippled and spasmed around his cock and still he pounded into her. She locked her ankles at the small of his back. He shafted her so hard that spots drifted behind her closed eyelids. he loosened his hold on her wrists and slumped against her. “Oh God. She was really hoping for later. unable to bear the cliff he dangled her over. safe in a bubble of silence. but she didn’t mind.A fresh rush of cream flooded her pussy at his words. Callie?” He flexed inside her.

Nothing more. I didn’t mean to squash you. “I’m sorry. It’s rare that anything pulls me away from a meal.” she murmured.” . snagging a piece of pizza and his Coke. The loss of his warmth inside her left an emptiness worse than the one before he’d loved her. Her belly rumbled loudly. “What?” she asked. So could she. her hand falling away from his head. He kissed her again and slowly withdrew.Content to simply lie in his arms. she handed him another slice while he watched her through hooded eyes and fiddled with some of the tools that had been left on the table. This was a once in a lifetime thing. Pushing himself into a standing position. Smiling. tender kiss to her lips and grinned down at her again. she shifted. He pressed a slow. He grinned. Seth pushed himself up on his elbow and lifted his weight from her. holding up a double-ended modeling tool with different shaped wire loops at each end. He practically inhaled the slice of pizza and then laughed.” Unsure how to respond. “What’s this?” he asked. It was the perfect activity to put some emotional distance between what they’d just shared and the eventual awkwardness of saying goodbye and going their separate ways. holding him close. and she grabbed her shirt from the floor and tugged it over her head. Fucked her. Callie Sullivan. “You’re a distracting woman. reminding her that she’d never finished the supper he’d brought. They’d had sex. It had never been this good with anyone else. he stroked her cheek. Blinking back sudden tears. Callie closed her eyes. She pushed the thought aside. his impish dimple making an appearance.” “You’re fine. “A carving tool. She refused to get attached to someone like Seth. That was the problem. she corrected herself. “I could get used to this. She walked to the table where they’d left the pizza and pop and decided to finish eating.” Yeah. he padded across the room to dispose of the condom. Seth pulled on his boxers and leaned against the waist high table. The realization that it probably never would again surprised her with its stinging intensity.

” he murmured. Just as he was about to reach it. The already tight nub hardened further as he drew closer. “Seth…” “Callie…” he mimicked her tone. . his breath warm against her ear. The edge of the wire swept down her neck. a little wet spot on the fabric near the head. Glancing at her chest. growing slick again as he continued to torment her. he didn’t turn back. A tingling path followed the wire around her mouth as he traced it again.” he whispered. And waited. beating its wings like a wild bird in a cage. With his free hand. Hands clasped behind your back. pushing toward her. as he neared her nipple. he slowed his rate of movement as he crept along toward his goal.” She followed his gaze downward and saw her nipples peaking against the fabric of her shirt. She reached out to grasp him. but he lifted the wire from her breast. “I—” “Shh. She squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to bring some relief to her aching flesh. but he simply laughed. he reversed the direction of the tool. Her folds began to swell. “See…that wasn’t so bad.” he whispered against her neck as he trailed small. It didn’t work. If possible. repeating the process with the other breast. “Good girl. His cock strained against the front of his shorts.He fitted one of the loops over the tip of his pinky and a slow. Nervous anticipation spread through her. she did as he requested. She bit back a groan of disappointment as he switched sides. “What—” “Hush. This time. please. Instead. his eyes darkened to a deeper brown and his hand snaked out and pulled her against his body. hot kisses along her neckline. wicked smile appeared. his smile widened.” She scowled at him. “Uh-uh. along her sternum to loosely circle her breast. Reluctantly. slowly spiraling inward toward her nipple. was it?” Her lips trembled at the barely-there caress. he dragged the edge of the wire loop around her mouth. “This is what I wanted to see. slowly tracing her lip line.

She shifted against him. pulling it over her head. She cried out at the wet heat of his mouth and the slight pinch of the wire. The harder he sucked. he dragged the wire carver through the valley between her breasts and her body shuddered. and the more constrictive the wire felt.” He released her nipple with a near growl and nipped at her lower lip.” he mused. she arched her back. sucking hard. Bending. but leaving her arms covered. He gripped the hem of her T-shirt and lifted upward. Finally. “Since you asked so prettily.” he murmured. removing the tool from her body. Tracing intricate designs over her chest. but she didn’t want to. She could wriggle out of it easily enough. What was the matter with her? “Now. Seth. “Where were we?” “I was about to do you great bodily harm?” she asked sweetly. “So beautiful. Please more.The sound of his praise shot through her body to center on her clit. “Keep your hands clasped. desperate to find out what he planned next. he drew her nipple into his mouth.” Slowly. “More. The combination of sensations were overwhelming. baring her shoulders. breasts jiggling.” he murmured. the more engorged her flesh became. he inched the tool closer to her aching nipple before finally encircling it with the snug fitting wire. feeling her pussy clench emptily and her juices leak onto her thighs. Holding her gaze. trying to alleviate the pressure. Still holding her hands behind her as he’d insisted. His sharp bark of laughter contrasted with the scalding heat in his eyes. “This will never do. he slid the wire loop around her nipple. pushing her breast harder against his mouth. Both set her pussy to clenching. thankful the tool was clean. tapping the carving tool against her lips. He continued his downward trek over her belly to circle her navel . he dragged the cool metal up the underside of her trembling breast.” he warned. His stubbled chin scraped at her sensitive skin and she cried out. She nodded. “Oh?” she asked feeling somewhat proud that she could manage a complete sentence at this point.

“So pretty.” he ordered. bathing her pussy with his hot breath. drawing imaginary lines on her belly. Her stomach flip-flopped at the fervor in his gaze. Without warning. Just for me. Callie had no doubt he was headed there. she was going to lose her mind. he tilted his head back to look at her. Seth was still on his knees. He continued to tease her with the tool. Gently. Her legs trembled as he continued lapping at her tender flesh and she squeezed the edge of the table harder. she slumped against the table as he skimmed the wire loop over her damp curls. Her arms finally freed. connecting her freckles. she felt the cool press of metal around the ignored flesh and her hips jerked violently toward his face.with agonizingly deliberate strokes before carefully dipping inside ever so slightly. taking a roundabout path to her pussy. She drew a shuddering breath at the sensation. As she combed her fingers through his hair. he unclenched her fingers from the table and tugged the shirt off. When she could focus again. He was going to kill her. his arms wrapped around her waist and his head resting against the pillow of her stomach. so he did it again. Now. The pressure of his lips combined with the stricture of the wire sent her tumbling into an abyss of pleasure so intense.” He sucked her clit between his lips and she screamed. Her clit throbbed with neglect. If he didn’t give her the release she needed. bearing her to the cool air and his heated gaze. he spread her folds. but she knew she was the only beggar in this scenario. “All pink…and swollen. she hugged him to her. “Turn around. Seth trailed the tool over her abdomen. willing her legs to continue holding her upright.” he groaned. His intent shone brightly in his eyes. he knelt before her as if in supplication. deftly avoiding her clit with every single stroke. Arms still securely behind her back. wishing like hell she had more than this one night with him. black spots floated before her eyes. holding on through sheer will. He leaned forward and traced a line with his tongue up and down the length of her slit. . Sliding to his knees. Cause of death would be sexual overstimulation. She could become drunk on his voice alone. Pressing the palm of one big hand above her mound. Callie’s sensitized nerve endings bought her to her toes and his rumbled laughter shot through her like a bottle of wine. She dug her fingers into the tabletop behind her.

Someday. He spread his hands over her back and pressed. He never would have guessed that she had a little submissive streak.” Teeth sunk into her full. but the way she’d writhed and whimpered against him when he’d held her down on the couch convinced him to push her a little further—a little harder.” She lifted her trembling hands and placed them palms down on the tabletop.Chapter Four Callie’s eyes widened. Pushing his underwear to the floor. he’d sketch her like this. she loved it. Today he was going to be fucking lucky if he didn’t come the moment he slid inside her tight. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of Callie with her temptingly rounded ass up in the air. Starting near the sweet dimpled indentations above her ass. Seth had only come a short while ago. Searching his wallet. However. drawing her back against his cock. he placed gentle kisses up her spine. He ran both hands up and down her back. he glanced around for his wallet. He could tell from the sheer force of her response and her willing compliance. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her look over her shoulder. “Turn. lower lip. pushing her forward until her belly rested against the table. “Face forward. Callie.” She turned and he felt the shuddering breath she took all the way to his balls. he found one more condom. “Hands on the table in front of you. but she had him hard enough to hammer railroad spikes. wet heat. he had more at home. He’d sure as fuck better have another condom in there. Around. the gentle play of muscles under her skin. Rising. Now. He had a feeling they’d need them before the night was over. today wasn’t that day. Wariness warred with arousal in their green depths. . he walked back to her and tossed the foil packet on the table. she turned around. Thankfully. reveling in the soft warmth of her flesh.

The sight of her pleasure was too much. “I want your eyes on me. “But I just can’t. he counted backwards from fifty. I want you completely aware of who’s fucking you. One hand in her hair. jolting her body with every desperate thrust. Seth released the breath he’d been holding and lightly slapped her ass. covering her face. his entire body quivering with the effort. Releasing a hip. darlin’. He grabbed the base of his cock and gently slid it through her gathering cream. he grabbed the tangled honey colored mass and wrapped it around his fist. She glanced at him over her shoulder. his balls pulling up tight at the sensation.Snatching the condom. Who’s making you come. taking special care to brush it across her clit the way she liked it. and her fingers left little damp streaks on the matte black surface. She’d spread her hands on the table to support herself. “I want to see your face when you come. before positioning himself at her opening. and a primal scream ripped from her throat. powering through her . Even as her eyes squeezed shut. gripping him so hard.” His harsh words must have pushed her over the edge. trying to get his need to plow her though the table under control. the other digging into the curve of her hip. he pounded into her.” he gritted out. Snaking his fingers toward her head. he trailed his fingers through the faint sheen of sweat covering her back. she kept her face turned toward him. He drove into her again. Unable to keep still in the clasp of her body another second. he did it again. She tried to turn away. he quickly ripped it open and sheathed himself in record time. Braced on her forearms. Breathing slowly through his nose. her head fell forward as he seated himself. Every time he rammed into her. “Naughty Callie.” he murmured. he could barely move. Rewarded with a strangled cry. he slid home again. but he held fast. “I wanted to take it slow this time. he repeated the motion. tugging slightly on her hair. balls deep. her hair would drift forward. she wiggled. Loving her needy little whimper. Pushing forward. He couldn’t hold back any longer. Next time.” he murmured on a groan as he sank into the tight fist of her pussy. he gripped her hips and pulled back. arching her back and shoving her ass against him. Unfortunately.” he gritted. Her entire body trembled and her pussy convulsed around him. her eyes glazed with need. Her internal muscles rippled and clamped down on him and he thought he might lose it.

sipping wine and looking at his works in progress. Slowly he withdrew from her body and disposed of the condom while she quickly yanked her shirt over her head. but he knew that what they had was too good to simply walk away from it. “I don’t know…I kind of think they’re hot. Instead. He had a little more time to convince her that they were meant to be together. He’d talked her into leaving her car in the teachers’ lot. She still thought this was a onetime thing.” Seth released his pent up breath. he slumped forward. Breathless. her voice tight.” she said. promising that they’d come back for it later. twisting his balls until he spurted endlessly into her grasping body. “Come home with me. “Ah shit. relaxing somewhat. As soon as they’d gotten to his place. At this point.” Callie stiffened beneath him. she was wandering around his loft. kissing the damp skin between her shoulder blades. he wasn’t planning on forever. She’d figure it out sooner or later. He pulled her close and trailed kisses from her shoulder to her ear. Now. he poured two glasses of wine. He’d been half afraid that she’d turn around and go home if left alone to her own devices. wincing as he saw the fingerprint shaped bruises beginning to form on her hips. we’ll have to do that more often.” Her silence wasn’t lost on him. “For a while. he shifted so she could see his watch. “What?” Crossing to her.” he said.seizing muscles. “This was only for tonight. She glanced down at her hips and then into his eyes and shrugged. . Callie. this side of an orgasm. Hell. he bent and brushed kisses across the marks marring her flesh. “Tonight’s not over. He sighed. draping himself over her back.” Her cheeks colored brightly at her admission. that today only proved that they belonged together. even if she walked away right now he wouldn’t stop trying to convince her. He wanted to tell her that the walls she’d tried to build between them were pointless.” The tension in her body ebbed slightly and she whispered. A bright tingle of awareness bloomed at the base of his spine to shoot forward. This was the most relaxed he’d seen her. “In that case. either.

He threw on his clothes and raced to the campus. No wonder. She shifted. the line of her jaw. And yeah. He’d been wrong. that she was gone. From here on in. He kissed the corners of her mouth. Tenderly begging her without words to stay. He knew without searching the apartment. Now her heart was involved. her heart breaking a little. Coming home with Seth was the winner of the stupidity contest. she compounded it by adding another even more ridiculous one to the list. He’d deluded himself thinking that anything temporary would be enough. Where was a time machine when she needed one? If she could do it over again.Callie mentally slapped herself. she was stupid. Until now. Repeatedly. He checked his watch. Every day. It wouldn’t take much more exposure to him until she was totally and irrevocably in love. feeling the delicious ache between her thighs. but waking without her warmth and light convinced him otherwise. The art building was deserted. she reminded herself. And not experiencing making love with Seth… Sex—it was just sex. she shivered. amazing sex aside. She filled places inside him he’d never realized were empty. since he had no idea where home was. if she’d canceled. She’d been planning to make her excuses and leave when Seth led her to the doorway of his bedroom and kissed her. Every time she thought she’d made the stupidest mistake yet. Callie. It felt empty in a way that it hadn’t last night with her here. the space between her shoulder and neck and she was lost. could it? **** Seth woke to cold sheets where he was sure there should have been a warm body. she never would have had the most amazing sexual experiences of her life. he made his way to the ceramics studio to . Hands down. His gut twisted. He might not have been planning on forever when he propositioned her yesterday. It was barely seven in the morning…on a Saturday. Hopefully she’d go there instead of going home. Of course. Catching sight of the clay carving tool Seth insisted on taking home with him. He relaxed slightly at the sight of her car where they’d left it last night. she’d cancel her class and none of this would have happened. He wanted Callie in his life. One more time in his arms couldn’t make her hurt any more than she already was. Through dimly lit halls.

even.” “Who said anything about short term?” “Last night probably shouldn’t have happened. . “I refuse to believe you don’t want me.” she snapped. “Hey yourself. “Why?” “Look. “Why’d you disappear this morning?” he asked.” she whispered. “Then what the hell is it? Because I sure as fuck want you. “It does. She quickly looked back at the clay swirling through her fingers.” She stiffened in his arms and he knew what was coming. ignoring the slimy clay that now covered his skin. he wrapped his arms around her. feeling the motion of the clay through her hands. “I’m not saying last night wasn’t great…amazing. “I was going to make you breakfast in bed. but we don’t belong together. Callie glanced up at the sound of the door opening and the color drained from her face. He felt her halting breath as if it was his own. he saw her eyelids close and tears seep out between her lashes.” “It’s not a matter of wanting you or not. Not even for the short term.” she mumbled. His gut clenched. “It doesn’t have to be.” She’d said it was just for the night.” she sighed. It was more than worth it to be able to touch her again. He’d never agreed to that limitation.” From the corner of his eye. And the night was over. Sliding his hands over the tops of her thighs. “It really does. Relief washed through him when he pushed open the door and found her bent over her wheel. “We said it was just for the night.” He pulled a chair behind where she sat on a stool—so close his legs bracketed hers and his chest pressed to her back. She shrugged. “Bullshit!” “Seth—” Frustration tightened his hands on hers. nuzzling her neck.find the light shining through the high-set window in the door. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her pain.” He loosely gripped her forearms and stroked down to her hands. “Hey.” She talked over him as if he hadn’t spoken.” He settled this fingers over the top of hers.

seeking her warmth. Sweet coffee and Callie. Callie leaned closer.Heedless of the clay that covered him. and he felt the truth in them. her hands fisting in his shirt as she opened. but right now he didn’t want her blind hunger. He’d never tire of losing himself in her passion. I can’t go through that again. He was sure of it. The peace turned to gut-twisting anxiety when she didn’t respond. burying his face in the softness of her neck. “I would never treat you like your ex did. “I can’t do it. He wanted to make sure he had her full attention.” A sense of peace descended on him as soon as he uttered the words aloud. He wanted her to feel for him what he felt for her. I love you. bright with tears. He had no fucking clue how it had happened. “Are you telling me that you’re willing to walk away from the best damn thing that’s ever happened to you because you’re scared of being hurt?” he demanded. Callie was it for him. he wanted her to believe him. There wasn’t a better combination. Hope flickered within him as her lips quirked and a watery laugh escaped. capturing her quivering lips. but I’m not John. he wrapped his arms around her. He breathed her in. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. her arms clutching his. He wanted her to trust him. “Callie. pouring everything he felt for her into the kiss. I was just hoping you felt the same way.” Releasing his death grip on her.” She shook her head. leaving russet colored streaks. mixing with the clay dust there. look at me. he stared into her eyes. “I would never hurt you. inviting him in. For the rest of my life. but at the same time she sank into his embrace. She just watched him through huge gray-green eyes. pulling her tight against his chest.” . he spun her stool around so she had to face him—except that her eyes were firmly focused on the floor between them. he lowered his mouth to hers. “I’m positive you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. huh?” He wiped his clay crusted hands on his jeans before trapping her face between his palms. He pulled her off her stool to straddle his lap as he deepened the kiss. You’re the only woman I want.” The tears that had been trembling on her lashes slipped unimpeded down her cheeks. but he wanted her to love him. I know you’re scared. She rocked against him and his cock hardened. Holding her steady. Lifting his head.

She opened her mouth. I love you. “I believe you. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t seen it before. As soon as possible. she realized he’d been open with her from the start. trying to process his words. “I know you’re having a hard time believing me. . Seth rocked against her. John had never looked at her like she was the only woman who mattered. She tightened her legs around his waist as he rose from the chair and pinned her against the wall. I—” “Stop. he briefly captured her mouth. so I’ll repeat it until you do. made himself vulnerable in a way John never had. “You should know I plan to keep you in bed all weekend.” Opening her eyes. If she hadn’t been so damn afraid of history repeating itself. unable to make sense of what she thought she’d heard. I love you. Callie Sullivan. Her future was a beautiful lake of possibilities and she was jumping in with both feet. “I’ve been waiting forever to hear you say that. kindling her ever present need for him higher.” Her heart leapt in her chest at the brilliant smile that spread across his face and he pulled her closer. Done running from the pain. He wouldn’t betray her. brown gaze. Thrusting against her fabric covered pussy. I think you’re crazy…but I believe you.” Gripping her hips.” he gritted out as he slipped his hand under her Tshirt and cupped her breast. Seth had laid his emotions bare. I love you.His heart pounded wildly at the admission—at the words he’d never said to another woman. “Come home with me. replacing the fear she’d felt for so long. too. She wanted that again. A ragged groan escaped her lips as he thrust again. So close that if they were naked. Callie stared at him. Looking into his eyes. “And nervous as I am to admit it…I love you. She was done running from the past. she would have seen it months ago. A sense of peace settled over her. The sincerity shining from his eyes made it impossible to think. she lost herself in his warm. but before she could say anything he laid his fingers across her lips. He’d never allowed her to see inside him as Seth was doing now. Her nipple pebbled against his hand as he palmed circles around it. he be inside her already.” She shut her eyes.” she whispered against his lips.

Callie tangled both hands in his hair and arched away from the wall. I’ll show you here. first…and again when we get to your place. “Too long. scraping his teeth across the sensitized bud. “You should plan on spending all future weekends in bed. When he finally lifted his head.” Happiness soared within her as she made a few plans of her own.” He grinned as he freed the button on her waistband. . shoving her breast deeper into his mouth as she rocked against his cock. I’m going to spend the rest of my life showing you just how much I love you.“In fact.” he continued. he gazed into her eyes.” Lifting her shirt. he bent his head and sucked her aching nipple between his lips. “How long does it take to get to your place?” “About ten minutes.

Besides writing. pottery. she also enjoys reading. When not tormenting her characters. knitting. cross stitching. sewing. drawing—basically anything that helps her avoid cleaning and cooking. .About the Author Bronwyn Green lives in Michigan with her wonderful husband. she can usually be found helping with reading and writing projects in her sons’ classrooms as well as providing child care and tutoring for several daycare children. two amazing sons and four somewhat-psychotic cats.

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But within the shell of her timidity lies the heart of a siren. and she cannot talk to men. Sense and Sensuality by Cara Hart Eleanor McLaren leads a subdued life. Eleanor is the one woman he can’t get out of his head. Callie Sullivan.Find additional Hot for Teacher anthology titles today at Resplendence Publishing: Body of Art by Bronwyn Green Art professor Seth Granger has two problems—an absentee life drawing model and a case of unrequited lust. With her career in the hands of a blackmailer. sexy Chemistry professor. Derek Link. Derek Link has been itching to get his hands on the quiet. And one night with her is not . She hopes to work Derek out of her system while enjoying some much needed sexual stimulation. But for some reason. The trick will be getting her out of her clothes and into his studio…and hopefully into his bed. However. Luckily his troubles have the same answer—his colleague. Mina signs up to be his guinea pig in a female sexuality lab for those on the doctorate track. she’s beginning to think the lab was a very bad idea. looking like his wildest fantasy. she's intent on keeping her mind on her art and ignoring him. Eddie Harrington has never lacked for partners in his pleasure games. He can’t believe his luck when she signs up to be his lab. She is definitely not the type he usually pursues. Dr. Now he just needs to convince her she should be his body of art. And when one of the students recognizes Mina. her heart isn’t the only thing on the line. Then he sees her at a bar. They’ve worked in tandem in the same University facility long enough that even the sound of his voice makes her hot. Dr. She hates parties. Sex Ed by Mia Watts Mina Lasky has a pesky crush on Biology professor. Especially from the man who stars in her dreams of passionate encounters and works in her department. and her heart begging to trust Derek. Afraid of her own boldness. avoids social interactions. But one night isn’t enough and Mina won’t admit they can have something a lot more long term. It’s time to put the fantasy to an end. she hides her desires.

. The man who never commits just might have met his match—until a mistake from his past forces her to choose between trusting him or walking away.going to be enough.

Red: A Seduction Tale by Maddie James Garnet Boudreaux is going home. Fiery Ember by Celia Kyle Ember Ellason is a darned good secretary. Paul Ashe needs a new ad campaign and he’s found the perfect company with the perfect proposal in Ellason Advertising. in the middle of one helluva party. Then he can’t seem to find the elusive woman after their first intimate tryst. and tells her she must go—and go now—to see to her grandmother. True. her stepmother has taken over as CEO of Ellason Advertising. and is left with only a pair of panties to remember her by. Resplendence Publishing presents WICKED — Fairytales. She presses two pouches into Garnet’s hands. Max LeBlanc spies the lovely red-head across the street and knows in a heartbeat she is the one. but to her childhood home in the bayou. and for her. Fables and Folklore for Adults. wraps a red cape around her. There is nothing left for him to do. and isn’t certain what will be waiting for her when she arrives. she’d like to be more.Something WICKED this way comes. But when Clementine and her horrid daughters fail to show up for the meeting with the biggest client they could ever land. Will this Cinderella tale end in happily ever after? Or will Ember be separated from her panties—and her prince—for ever more? . But standing there in the voodoo shop on Bourbon Street. Soon. but since her father’s passing. she’s told by Madame Madeleine Dupuis that she has no choice. but mark her and claim her as his mate.. Ember saves the day by impersonating her stepmother. a werewolf if you will. but in Cajun bayou lands he’s known simply as The Rougarou. and Clementine Ellason feels Ember is only good enough to fetch coffee…barely. A rougarou always knows when he’s met his mate. Some may call him a lycanthrope. Not back to her nice little apartment in New York City. She doesn’t want to go. He’d waited several hundred years for this moment. Too bad his body is a little too interested in the voluptuous CEO with her fiery red hair and blazing green eyes..

finds her. When she meets a gorgeous “struggling” artist. feels like Sleeping Beauty. just waiting for her life to start.Sins of the Father by Janet Eaves Aurora was born to wealth and privilege but was spirited away as an infant to a place of safety after viscous threats to her life. the evil that has hunted for her all her life. But once she ends up in his hands. at twenty. Aurora. . Raised with an alias. and practically a prisoner of the three little old ladies who raised her. she seizes the opportunity to take her life into her own hands and have a little fun. and seeks to destroy her.

She yearns to share her heart and body with someone other than Bob. It’s not like Officer Chrissie Hansen is asking for prince charming to offer her the love of a lifetime. Meli’s quiet and predictable existence takes an unexpected turn when she is pulled over and ticketed by the most gorgeous cop she has ever encountered—Officer Michael Johnson. All she wants is a good orgasm that she doesn’t have to work for alone. $3. She let her father talk her out of marrying Bryan Stockard. she knows what to expect. However. making themselves the talk of the town. $2.Handcuffs and Lace Resplendence Publishing’s Erotic Romance Line of Law Enforcement Themed Stories Ticket Me More by Tia Fanning Hailed by the bridal flower world as an artistic genius. her Battery Operated Boyfriend. low-down. straight forward sex. while she herself lives a life of solitude.50 e-book Cuff Me Lacy by Demi Alex Three months is way too long to wait for some simple. Meli works long nights making bouquets for women lucky enough to find love. but acute shyness keeps her from engaging the “living” world. babysitting her grandmother while grandma and her boy-toy work through their list of sexual exploits. Now she’s back home in Texas. the man she loves.00 Search Me Baby. Though he does not seem to notice her as anything more than a traffic violation. she discovers that lace can imprison a heart better than handcuffs can. Meli makes plans to overcome her timid nature and seize the police officer’s attention… using any speed necessary. But when Patrick MacKlick returns to her life and tempts her with new options. At least with “The Bull”. and moved halfway around the world. One More Time by Melinda Barron Wren Thornberry’s life isn’t going according to plan. .

and the authority to make Wren.. $3. assume the position.. he wants to get back into Wren’s life—by any means necessary. It seems that Bryan Stockard is still around.But what Wren doesn’t know is that things in her hometown are about to heat up even more. and now he has just the tools to do it: A police uniform. handcuffs.00 . and it will have nothing to do with her grandmother. .com All Romance E-books Target Fictionwise Mobipocket www.Find Resplendence Titles at the following retailers: Resplendence Publishing Amazon www.