There was upon a time, a Maiden with beauty never seen before. When she was old enough, her mother arrange her wedding with the richest Datus in the village. So beautiful she was that she had a few men after her, and one of them murderer her fiance, who also was killed by the fiancé’s loyal slave. When the Maiden knew about this deaths, sad and broken hearted ran to the very top of the Sacred Mountain, where she prayed on her knees to Bathala to take her with him, so her beauty would not be reason for any more deaths. Bathala listening to her prayers, decided to call her forth, and with a lightning, she was killed. With pain in her soul, her mother buries her, watering the tomb of her beloved daughter with her tears. Then one day the Mother notices some grasslike plants growing on her daughter's grave. Trying to clean it, she

137 | P a g e

pulls them out and realize that the seeds looked like her daughter's teeth. While she was admiring them, a voice out of nowhere said to her: "Those are your daughter's teeth" In her heart, the Mother knew it was Bathala giving her a memento to remind her of her daughter. The next day the Mother plants the seeds all over the land, in a way to spread the memory of her daughter. And this is the Legend of the Garlic.

138 | P a g e


Lovely glittering,

little sparkling,

creatures, throwing

fragments of light in the dark night skies. How did the fireflies or alitaptap come about?

Once, a long time ago, in the valley of Pinak in Central Luzon, one of the islands in the Philippines. There was a deep large lake rich with fish. There, the people of Pinak fished for their food, and always, there was plenty for all. Then suddenly, the big river dried up. In the shallow mud, there wasn't a fish to catch. For months, there were no rains. Out in the fields, the land turned dry. The rice-stalks slowly withered. Everywhere in Pinak, there was hunger. Night after night, the people of Pinak prayed hard. "Dear Bathala," they would recite together in their small and poorly-built chapel, “send us rains, give us food to eat. For the people are starving, and there is want among us!" Then one black and starless night, the good Bathala answered the prayers of the faithful people of Pinak. For suddenly up in the dark skies appeared ablaze of

139 | P a g e

gold! A beautiful chariot of gold was zooming thru the sky. The people started to panic but a big booming voice came from the chariot soothing them with words. " I am Bula-hari, and I have come with my wife, Bitu-in. We are sent to the heavens to rule Pinak from now on. We have come to give you good life!" As Bulan-hari spoke, the black skies burst open. The rain fell in torrents. Soon the dry fields bloomed again. The large lake rose and once again was filled with fish. The people were happy once more under the rulership of Bulan-hari. Soon Bulan-hari and Bitu-in had a daughter. She grew up to be a beautiful maiden. Such long dark hair! Such lovely eyes under long curling lashes! Her nose was chiselled fine. Her lips like rosebuds. Her skin was soft and fair like cream. They named her Alitaptap for on her forehead was a bright sparkling star. All the young, brave handsome men of Pinak fell in love with Alitaptap. They worshipped her beauty. They sang songs of love beneath her windows. They all sought to win her heart. But alas! the heart of Alitaptap wasn't human. She was the daughter of Bulan-hari and Bitu-in, who burst from the sky and were not of the earth. She had a heart of stone, as cold and as hard as the sparkling star on her forehead. Alitaptap would never know love. Then one day, an old woman arrived at the palace. Her hair long and dirty. her clothing tattered and soiled. Before the king Bulan-hari, Balo-na, the old, wise woman whined in her sharp voice... that she had come from her dwelling in the mountains to bear the king sad news. The news being that she saw the future in a dream and it betold of their fate... the warriors of La-ut are coming with their mighty swords to conquer the land, the only solution is to have a marriage between Alitaptap and one of the young men, so as to have a heir to win the war. At once Bulan-hari pleaded with his daughter to choose one of the young men in their village. But how could the beautiful maiden understand? Alitaptap's
140 | P a g e

heart of stone merely stood in silence. Bulan-hari gripped his sword in despair... " Alitapatap!" he bellowed in the quiet palace, "You will follow me, or you will lay dead this very minute!" But nothing could stir the lovely young woman's heart. Bulan-hari blind with anger and fear of the dark future finally drew his sword. Clang! the steel of his sword's blade rang in the silence of the big palace. It hit the star on Alitaptap's lovely forehead. The star burst! Darkness was everywhere! Until a thousand chips of glitter and light flew around the hall. Only the shattered pieces of the star on Alitaptap's forehead lighted the great hall, flickering as though they were stars with tiny wings. Alitaptap, the lovely daughter from the heavens lay dead. And soon, Balo-na's prediction had come true. Riding in stamping wild horses, the warriors of La-ut came like the rumble and clashes of lightning and thunder. They killed the people of Pinak, ruined crops, and poisoned the lake. They spread sorrow and destruction everywhere. When it all ended, the beautiful, peaceful valley of Pinak had turned into an empty and shallow swamp. At night, there was nothing but darkness. But soon, tiny sparkles of light would flicker and lend glimmers of brightness in the starless night.

And so, the fireflies came about. Once, a long time ago, they were fragments from the star on the forehead of Bulan-hari's daughter, the beautiful Alitaptap.

141 | P a g e

A long time ago, there was a farmer that had a small farm. One day he realizes that one of the walls he built a couple of days ago keeps getting knocked down by

someone or something, tired of this happening he decided to wait and catch the responsible. One evening while he was in guard he heard something strange near that wall, then he ran and surprises three star maidens. When they saw the farmer they ran trying to escape, two were able to do it while one was left behind. The farmer then got a hold of the star maiden and felt in love with her, afraid that she would run away from him, he thinks in a way to stop this from happening, which is hide her magical wings. Time went by and the farmer and star maiden got married and were blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby boy. They were happy
142 | P a g e

for a long time, until one day that in one of the star maiden's walk she found her magical wings near their house. She then thinks on her sisters and how much fun they use to have, and with this in mind she wears her wings back and with her son next to her, she flew back to her sisters leaving the farmer heart broken. The gods saw this and felt pity for the tears of the farmer, so they decided to build a way for him to climb to the sky and see his son and wife, making a bridge of different colors. And this is the Legend of the First Rainbow

143 | P a g e

A long time ago, a young girl lived in a forest who was an apprentice of the Goddess of Weaving, who always looked over the young girl. One day the Goddess

called the girl and ask her to make a dress made of cotton. The young girl had no idea in how to make this, and so the Goddess explains it to her: Clean the cotton beat it, spins it, weave it into cloth, cut it and finally sew it. What the Goddess didn't know it was that the girl was lazy and thought that making a dress was a lot of work. Believing it would be easier, she just took the leather cloth used to beat the cotton and wore it, plus also it would last longer than the cotton.

144 | P a g e

When the Goddess asked the girl to show her the dress, she got furious to find out what the girl didn't do what she was asked. As punishment the Goddess made the leather stick to the poor girl's skin and the beating stick became her tail. And this is the Legend of the Monkey in the Philippines.

145 | P a g e

A long time ago, there was a giant that used to live in one of the islands next to the nice people, this giant was very generous and

always gave them salt to prepare very tasty meals. One day, the ocean was very agitated and the people could not go to the giant's island for some salt, the days passed by and the sea was still very rough, eventually they ran out of salt for their food and started to find a way to go and get it. A child gave them the idea to ask the gentle giant to stretch one of his legs so they could cross the ocean and get the salt they needed. The giant accepted the idea, but when he stretched his leg, he didn't notice that landed on an anthill. This made the ants furious and started to bite the poor giant's leg, the giant, in pain, asked the people to hurry.
146 | P a g e

As soon as the people made it to the other side, the giant gave them sacks full of salt. When they were done the giant stretched his leg one more time, landing, again on the anthill. The giant in more pain than before, begged to the people to hurry because the ants were biting him again, but the sacks were so heavy that slowed down the people. Sadly before the people were able to reach their own village, the giant in a scream of pain moved his leg to the ocean so the ants won't bite him anymore, throwing the people and the sacks of salt in it. The giant saw the people drowning and in a quick move save them, but the salt melted in the ocean that at that time didn’t have any taste making it salty. And this is the Legend of how the sea has the salty taste.

147 | P a g e

Once upon time wild specie of the upo plant grew in the garden of Tandang Teban. When the old man saw the growing plant, he carefully entwined the stem around a small bamboo post to make a trellis for the plant. The plant did not like the idea of the old man. It wanted to grow freely like any other plant. So the plant talked to the wind. "My friend, look at me," the plant preaded. "I am a mere slave of mang Teban. I need your help. I want to frow freely like the grasses and the plants around me. Look at the banana, the rose, the sampaguita, and the other plants in this yard. They are free. So my friend, I beg you to blow hard and loosen the tie around my body till it breaks."

148 | P a g e

"Your request is not just," replied the wind, "but if that is what you like, I will do what you please." So the wind blew hard. It blew hard some more, thus breaking the knot around the body of the upo. "Thank you," said the upo gratefully. The vine then crawled freely on the ground. Just then a dog that was looking for a piece of bone came along. The dog stepped heavily on the small vines and was able to find the bone. In taking the bone away, the dog also carried a part of the vine to a far distance. The poor plant not only became short; every part of it was damaged. When Tandang Teban visited his upo plant next morning, he saw the poor state of the plant. At once he tied the plant to a thin bamboo post. The plant drew a deep sigh of relief. After a few days, Mang Teban arranged a trellis for the upo to sling its vines on. The plant blossomed. The leaves gave shade while the flowers and fruits gave joy to those who saw them.

149 | P a g e

One time the wind blew hard and played with the leaves of the upo. The plant requested the wind to blow softly so that the plant would not fall down. "When you were still a small plant, you asked me to set you free from the bamboo post so you may crawl freely on the ground," the wind replied. "Now you request me to spare you. YOu sound funny indeed." "I had an unforgettable experience," said the upo. "I know now that all creatures have their own ways of living on earth. Experience is the best teacher."

150 | P a g e

THE LEGEND OF MANGOES Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Ben who had a wonderful heart. He is the son of Maria and Juan. Ben’s a kind and helpful young lad who was nurtured well by his parents who have good hearts as well. One day, Ben saw a very old beggar and he took pity on him. So, Ben decided to invite the old beggar into their humble home and he cooked food and fed the old beggar until he could not eat anymore. Ben was not a rich boy but that did not stop him from helping this old beggar by serving him with the type of food that Ben’s family could only afford. After a sumptuous meal, the beggar thanked the young lad and bade him farewell. On another day, while Ben was looking for fire woods, he passed by an old man who was also very hungry. Ben took pity on him once more and without a doubt in his mind, he invited the old man back to their home and gave him food and some clothes that his father does not use anymore. Ben’s parents were happy that they have a son who has a heart of gold like Ben. Unfortunately, the time came that Ben suddenly got very ill. His parents were troubled and didn’t know what to do. But despite that, they persisted to have their son treated but to no avail, Ben died. His parents mourned over the loss of their only son. The next day, after Ben’s death, a beautiful fairy came to

151 | P a g e

Ben’s wake and talked to his parents. She asked them to give her Ben’s heart. They agreed and gave it to her. The fairy then flew away and in a mountain, she dug and buried Ben’s dead heart. It then turned into a fruit-bearing tree whose fruits were in the shape of a heart and whose taste was so sweet. People were amazed upon discovering this new type of fruit and when they tasted it they were happy as it’s the sweetest fruit they have ever tasted. From then till now, people enjoy the benefits of this wonderful fruit.

152 | P a g e

A long time ago, there lived a beautiful maiden named Rosa. She is known for her exquisite charm and extraordinary kindness. There are a lot of handsome young men who keeps on courting her and wanted to capture her heart, but neither one of them catches Rosa’s attention. She insists that she will never get married nor ever dreamt of getting married at all. Rosa wants to offer her whole life in serving Bathala by helping those who are in need. Whenever there are people who are sick, whenever there are people who are suffering, whenever there are people who needs comfort, Rosa is always ready to help in the name of Bathala. Everybody loves Rosa. However, Cristobal, one of her greatest admirers, and would want Rosa to be his no matter how hard it is or how impossible it may be. Cristobal has a very strong devotion for Rosa. One night when the maiden went to the garden to get some fresh air, Cristobal tried to assault and maltreat Rosa.
153 | P a g e

“Whether you like me or not, you will be mine!” Cristobal said. While Rosa began to be scared, she prayed wholeheartedly to Bathala and said: “Bathala, please don’t let this man desecrate your faithful servant who wants to offer her whole life to you.” Immediately, Rosa became unconscious and died.

That incident filled Cristobal with so much apprehension. In his fear, he buried the maiden in the garden and ran away as fast as he could, never to return in that place ever again.

Nobody saw Rosa since then. After a few days, they saw a very odd plant growing at Rosa’s garden. It has a red flower at the stems has a lot of thorns. The first one who saw the flower became attracted to it instantly. She tried to pick it but when she got hold of the stem she screamed in pain, “Ouch! Ouch! The thorn’s pricked me! It seems like this plant do not wanted to be touched!”

154 | P a g e

And that is true. It was Bathala’s will to make his loyal dead servant a beautiful flower, a flower whose stems are filled with thorns that serves as its protection to those who wants to take it. The rose’s thorns served as a warning that the flower does not want to be touched.

155 | P a g e

THE LEGEND OF THE SAMPAGUITA A long time ago, neighboring villages Balintawak and Gagalangin are

separated by a strong wall made of dried bamboos. This wall is torn and replaced every five years, sometimes by the guardsmen by of the Ballintawak guardsmen and of


Gagalangin. This is done according to the respective datu's command. Rosita, the daughter of barangay Balintawak's is blessed with incomparable beauty and kindness. Her mother died when she was young but she has four maids to assist her. A lot of admirers tried to win her heart but her heart belonged only to Delfin, son Gagalangin's datu. The conflict between their families did not hinder their love for each other. Every night, when the moon is bright they would secretly meet at the end of the fence with Rosita's maidservants. One day, the datu of Gagalangin heard that the fence is being destroyed by the servants of datu Balintawak so that they can build a new one. He asked one of his guards to watch at the said fence-

156 | P a g e

making. When the guard came back, he told the datu that the new fence was moved. He was mad because the datu of Balintawak took five meters of their land, in essence occupying a bit of their land. Immediately, he sent a man to the datu of the neighboring barangay. "Tell him", he said, "to take the fence back to its original place! He is being unlawful and stealing is a crime!" When the datu of Balintawak heard about it, he became furious and said, "Tell him that I did not stole anything. I am just returning the wall to its original position according to the laws of my ancestors!" Delfin's father was enraged when he heard the response. In situations like this, the usual conclusion was bloodshed. The cheif of Gagalangin prepared his army. By the edge of his sword, he had to take back the land that was taken from him. When the chief of Balintawak heard that the cheif of Gagalangin are preparing for war agains him, he too prepared his army. When the time drew nearer to the day of the attack, the chief of Balintawak suddenly fell ill and not long after that, passed away. Delfin was left with the great responsibility of being general of the army of Gagalangin.

157 | P a g e

When Rosita heard of this, she was distressed. Delfin was very young and had not had any experience in war. Whereas her father has been honed by many fights ever since he was a child. Indeed, she was extremely distressed. She wanted to speak to Delfin so that the war could be postponed so that they could have a peaceful negotiation with her father. However, there was no time for them to talk. The next day, her father was heading a massive army. The battle between the two tribes was fierce and bloody. Many men died that day. Delfin was fatally wounded, and because of the amount of blood he lost, he fell to the ground. Before he breathed his last, he gave instructions to his soldiers for his body to be buried next to the wall, near the secret passage where in the full moon, he and Rosita, along with her maidservants, peacefully walked through the lush grass of the fields. The stories of old never went into details as to the two lover's story, nor did it mention the result of the battle. All that was said is this: when Rosita heard about Delfin's death, the young woman fell desperately ill. Her father called the best doctors from everywhere, but none of them could heal the pitiful young lady. Little by little, her strength left her. When Rosita felt that she did not have long to live, she requested that her father that her body be buried next to Delfin's.

158 | P a g e

Although this was hard on the cheif, he granted the wish of the daughter whom he loved dearly. Many years passed since that time. The days of the villages and chiefs have long gone and the Spanish came to colonize the land. The city of Manila had been founded and there are now many people living in Balintawak and Gagalangin. However, the people from these two places have been perturbed by one mysterious thing. Every month of May, especially when the moon is bright, there is a mysterious sound heard somewhere in the middle of the two cities. The sound is like that of a young woman, sweetly whispering like a wind in the night, kissing the leaves and the plants. "Sumpa kita!... Sumpa kita!" ("You are my promise.. you are my vow!") is what they would hear. Some people would wait around but they did not see anything. However, they noticed in the wild part of the area, there grew two trees who's flowers are small and white with many petals and who's smell was unbelievably fragrant. This is what the people saw every year on the month of May. It was not long until they thought of digging underneath the two trees to find out the mystery of that voice and the meaning of the words that were uttered. They did not have to dig too deep until they found something. However, their wonder was only deepened when they saw that the two trees started from the mouths of two skulls,
159 | P a g e

buried close together, with their skeleton still intact. It came back to the memories of the elder people of the story of the two lovers, Delfin and Rosita. In the meantime, this story, passed down from mouth to mouth has been altered bit by bit. The words "Sumpa kita!" uttered by the evening breeze, to the listeners of the ages has become "Sampaguita", which is now used for the beautifully scented flowers that sometimes grow on the grave mounds of lovers.

160 | P a g e

Kapre is another popular mythological creature from the Philippines. It is characterized as a menacing creature that seeks refuge in big trees and displays human physical attributes but with taller height at about 7 to 10 feet and more hairy with thick beard, brown skin and deep eyes that makes them appear more menacing than ordinary human beings. A Kapre is usually depicted as sitting on a large tree trunk smoking a huge tobacco that emits smoke that produces a strong aroma that will attract it’s human prey’s attention. They are indeed one of the scariest mythological creatures told through generation from generation in the Philippines. Most considered them as just a pigment of the wide imagination of man, but a growing number of people especially in the countryside have been reporting sightings of these mythological beasts The term “kapre” was derived from the Arabic term “kaffir”, meaning a non-believer in Africans. It is also related to the Spanish
161 | P a g e

term “kapfre”. According to historical accounts, the early Moors and Arabs used that term to signify persons who are non-Muslims and who possesses dark complexion. By having contact with the Moors, the term later on find its way in the language of the Philippines by the Spanish in their more than three century of colonizing the Philippines. The legend of the kapre lingers on and still very much alive and infused in the consciousness of Filipinos. Scores of people from the countryside have reported sightings of a mysterious creature atop a big tree, usually an acacia, bamboo, narra, banyan (known locally as balete) and mango trees. Sometimes a kapre can be seen sitting unmindfully under those trees as well. Wearing only a bahag, a locally made loincloth underwear that covers only the private part of a person, typical cases has the kapre sporting a belt which the elders believe gives the kapre a magical power that makes them invisible to the naked eyes anytime they don’t want to be seen.

162 | P a g e

Kapres are not entirely described as pure evil unlike other Philippine mythological creatures such as the aswang and the manananggal. Kapres sometimes develops fascination with human beings and had them reaching out to human beings with the intention of offering a sincere kind of friendship, in some cases kapres are found to develop being attracted and smitten to a woman. In this case, it will become a frightening situation for any woman to attract the attention of a kapre because it is learned that when a kapre fell in love with a female human being, they will pursue this love throughout the life of that particular woman and tales of a kapre doing everything in his power just to get the heart of a girl ran abounds through generations past. Most of the stories about close encounters with kapres involve pranks played by kapres on humans. Not too long ago a dozen of mountain climbers climbing a mountain in a scenic Philippine province of Batanggas, become disoriented thus losing sense of their direction. They decided to leave marks on the trails that they already
163 | P a g e

passed by only to find themselves passing back that same place over and over again. Until a local man about 70 years old that lives near the mountain heard their call and helped them by reciting a prayer and a ritual that pays homage and respect to the kapres asking them to stop the pranks being played on the mountain climbers. After a few minutes the climbers went on with their downward trek and were able to find the right place to lowland again. Some witnesses reports seeing a tree shaking its tree branches and leaves violently even if there’s an absence of a strong wind. Strong and loud laughter that sends a chilling after effect on the ears of people around the vicinity of a tree that a kapre resides in are also reported as one of the exhibition of existence of this mythological creature. Although they don’t harm people all the time, just the way they display their existence as told by people who believed that they have

164 | P a g e

seen and proven that the kapres really exists swears that the sight of them smoking from atop of a tree and staring down on you with those huge, fiery and haunting eyes is enough to make anybody run like hell. Whatever the truth about this interesting mythological creature that originated in the Philippines, myth or fact? It continues to dazzle the mind and the interest of everyone. Scary at times, romanticize in some accounts of their pursuit of beautiful women, playful, cigar lover. All these add up to the mystery and what fascinates ordinary people into believing the real existence of kapres and makes even the skeptics to have an open mind regarding the possibility that kapres do really exist.

165 | P a g e

In a small peaceful kingdom down south, a beautiful princess lives. Near the kingdom’s castle is a small forest with beautiful flowers. The princess spends her time there picking the most exquisite and rare that she can find. Although she has her own piece of garden near the palace, the princess prefer visiting the strange forest during siesta time to take a peaceful stroll and enjoy the nature. One day, she met a handsome man garbed in princely clothes. Although a stranger, the beautiful princess fell in love at first sight at the handsome gentleman. The stranger asked her name and introduced himself afterwards. He said, “I am Prince Aging, and I live in a nearby kingdom, Your Majesty. If it is not too much to ask, I would like to know thy name?” The princess gave her hand for the prince to plant a kiss and gave her sweetest smile and replied, “I am Mariang Maganda, a princess of this kingdom. Where is this kingdom you are talking

166 | P a g e

about, Prince Aging”. The prince replied sadly, “It is deep in the forest where no human can enter.” A friendship immediately grew. Every day, the princess would wait for the prince at the forest and they would spend long hours together. One day, the Prince confesses his love for the Princess. The prince holds her hand and said,” Oh, Princess Mariang Maganda, I love you so much”. The princess replied with the same emotion, “I love you too, my prince.” She was about to add that she has been smitten by the prince since the first time they met when the tears on the prince’s eyes dropped. The prince sadly bade her goodbye and started to leave. Confused, the princess asked him, “But why are you so sad, my love?” The prince voiced out a very sad reply, “I have to go now, my love. I have to go home before it’s too late. If I don’t make it to our kingdom, I won’t be able to go home forever.” As he turn his back, the princess shouted after him,” Are you going back to see me? Will I see you tonight? I will wait in my garden for your return, my prince.” The prince gave a nod and left hastily.

167 | P a g e

The prince came back before midnight. The happiness that the princess felt upon seeing her prince was priceless. They hold each other tightly and look into each other’s eyes. They talked about many things and told each other about their undying love. Time passed by so swiftly that the prince gave a start when he realized that it is near daybreak. He hold the princess in his arms and told her that he is about to leave. The princess touches his arms and hold his hands tightly, “Are you coming back?” The prince replied gravely, “I don’t know, my love. But please, always remember that you are the only woman I will ever love.” The princess tried to stop him from leaving by holding his hand firmly. The prince tried to let go of the hands that is grabbing him tightly when suddenly he was gone! All that was left are the prince’s hands that she was firmly holding. Frightened and shocked, she buried the two hands in her garden and retired for the night full of sorrow. Days passed, the princess waited for her prince charming to
168 | P a g e

return. Then she noticed strange plant on her garden. The plant grew tall and bears fruits as she waited in vain. The fruits, to her surprise were very similar to the hands of the prince. It downed on her that the Prince Aging is not coming back. The fruit was later on called Banana.

169 | P a g e

Long time ago in a very far away forest there is a small seed inside the cashew fruit who always wonder about the world outside. One day, he heard excited voices of different animals that are talking merrily in the forest. He listened to the celebration and gave a sigh. He said rather loudly, “Oh, how I wish I live outside so that I can join the fun!” A fairy who joined the festivities heard him. The kind-hearted fairy touched the cashew fruit and said, “You poor little thing! From now on, you will be outside this fruit so that you can enjoy the outside world” Even before the fairy can finish her words, the little seed was blinded by the brightness of the forest. He looked around and saw trees of different sizes and leaves. With eyes closed, he breathed in the smell of the flowers, the gentle touch of the breeze on his exposed body, the smell of the outside world. His heart was wild with

170 | P a g e

excitement as the happy chattering among animals assembled for the day’s festivities comes clearer than ever. It seems that his wish came true! Then he opens his eyes and look around with a clear head. He saw different kinds of animals having fun, talking and sharing laughter over the abundant banquet. It was an endless fun for him. Then he remembers the fairy that is standing beside him, watching with amusement. He gratefully told the fairy, “Thank you very much, my lady. Can I stay here forever?’ The fairy gave a nod and said yes. She left to join the others who are having a grand time. The seed was so happy to see the world outside his fruit, the place where he took shelter for what seems like a very long time. Meanwhile, while the seed was enjoying the sight that the forest offers dark clouds started to form above the skies. The temperature started to drop and the wind became colder to the skin. The animals
171 | P a g e

started to bid each other good bye, and some are already hurrying for home, hoping to take shelter before the heavy rain drops. Then it happened. The joyful chatters were replaced by the howling wind and the tiny seed clung to the fruit for his dear life. The gentle breeze is now a strong gust of wind that seems to sweep him away from the fruit that used to be his shelter. The raindrops are cold on his exposed body, hitting on his bare skin painfully. The trees are swaying wildly with the rain, scaring him more than ever. The darkness that replaced the sunlight seems to go on forever. He closed his eyes shouting for the fairy. He is asking for the beautiful creature to bring him back to his old shelter. He longs to be inside the fruit where he hears the sound of happiness outside. But no one seems to hear his plea. When things seem to be hopeless, the rain suddenly stopped. Then he heard light footsteps coming. He saw the fairy smiling down at him. He begged to be brought back to the inside of the fruit but the fairy refused.
172 | P a g e

“I cannot do that, my dear. You made a wish and it was granted.” She smiled to him kindly, “Let it be a lesson for you. That it is important to be grateful of what the Creator gave us”. Then the fairy was gone. From then on, the cashew nut can be found, unlike all other fruits, outside the cashew fruit.

173 | P a g e

Once on a balmy as a child eve, many years ago


I sat in the yard at my Mother's side, and a butterfly lit at my sleeve. "It's a sign of good luck", my Mother said as the butterfly stayed at my arm. "It's a symbol of all the beauty in life. Make sure you do it no harm." First butterflies are eggs, and after they hatch they see that their life's just beginning.

They're content with their lot in life, so they go out on a limb and start spinning. They stay out awhile in a magic cocoon, then emerge like flowers in spring. They share the story of their victory

through each of the colors of their wings. The gold in their wings is the Golden Rule. To follow that is a must. The blue in their wings means true blue. Always be someone people can trust.

174 | P a g e











"Stay green, and you'll always grow." The silver is the lining in the clouds of doubt that you must look for as you go. Butterflies bend with the wind, it's true.

Still they get where they want to go. They arrive through their own persistence, A lesson more people should know.

175 | P a g e

Lansones or Lanzones is a fruit that they said can’t be eaten at first. Its legend began when people chased a certain thief who hides himself in a Lansones tree. The thief was so hungry and tired of running so he picked some of the fruit and ate them. When the village people found him, he was lying under the tree and dead. He looked poisoned from something that he ate and so, no one dared to eat the fruit of the Lansones tree. It was a beautiful Sunday morning for the couple, Manuel and Edna. Manuel woke up when he heard the bell from their small chapel, located in a small village, in the town of Paete, Laguna. He then woke Edna up so that they won’t be late for the Sunday mass. Edna slowly opened her eyes, looked at her husband and smiled. They prepared fast to attend the mass that only happens once in a month which is led by the town priest. Minutes later, the couple can be seen with other village people entering the chapel. They both kneeled in a corner and prayed. Edna prayed for their guidance and

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hope that Manuel will never change his love for her while Manuel solemnly prayed for her wife’s safety as Edna now carries the fruit of their love in her womb. After the mass, Manuel held her wife’s hand affectionately and they both walk out of the chapel. On their way home, Edna suddenly stopped when she saw the wonderful fruits of Lansones. She told her husband that she badly like the fruit and wants to taste it. Manuel doesn’t know what to do. He knows that the fruit is poisonous but on the other hand his wife is pregnant and he don’t want to disappoint her. Edna insisted but Manuel told her that it is poisonous so he won’t get her any as he’s afraid Edna would be poisoned. When Edna heard what her husband had said, tears came flowing from her eyes with a nonstop sob. It hurts Manuel upon seeing his wife crying for the lansones but he gathered all his will and decided not to give in into her plea. He warmly put his arm on his wife’s shoulder, comforting her that he will get some almost ripe mango fruits from their backyard, which most Filipino pregnant women like.

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They never spoke to each other on the road until they got home. Edna hasn’t even taken a glance at Manuel when her husband got what he promised. She stayed in their room, never want to taste or eat anything. She did not even dare look at her sulked husband. Because of that, Edna became ill after a few days. Manuel doesn’t know what to do upon seeing his wife in a miserable condition. He asked her what is really the matter but Edna gently shook her head while some tears fell unto her cheeks. Manuel anxiously walked back and forth in the front of their bed. Edna changed a lot physically and Manuel can’t bear looking at her wife now. Those wonderful cheeks, those tender looking eyes, those red lips, and the extraordinary happiness they shared together were gone now. Edna’s appearance now is like that of a living dead. Manuel finally decided to give his wife what she wants. The fruit of death, his wife has been dreaming of. He came off their house and immediately got his self-unto the place of the poisonous tree. He picked a bunch of Lansones fruit in trembling hands, begging that

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God help them in their situation now. He closed his eyes and solemnly prayed; telling God in a shaky voice that he loves his wife more than his life and living without her in his life is completely useless. Tears came flowing down his eyes thinking that those fruit will end the wonderful relationship they have with each other. When he opened his eyes, he was stunned of what he had seen. A light formed in front of him that turned into a beautiful woman, in luminous white. He even smelled a wonderful scent that he hasn’t encountered for all his life. The woman spoke in an angelic voice and told Manuel to eat the fruit he was holding. Manuel hesitated and when the woman saw it, she talked to him, assuring Manuel that those fruits are safe. The woman picked a fruit from the bunch of fruits Manuel was holding and carefully squeezed it. Manuel’s fears completely vanished as he immediately peeled the fruit’s skin and eat it. In his amazement, the fruit tastes wonderful and sweet. When he looked at the woman, she was gone. He searched for her but he never found her everywhere. He thanked

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God for what happened and vigorously picked the Lansones fruits as much as he can handle and hurriedly went home to see his wife. The wife was so happy upon seeing what Manuel brought for her. She ate the lansones and thanked her husband. She got rejuvenated and because of that miracle woman who suddenly turned the poisonous lansones into that sweet tasting fruit, Manuel’s wife gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby.

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The Legend of Durian
Step into the lush, tropical jungles of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and enter the world of the King of Fruits. The durian has been grown and harvested here for centuries, sustaining generation after generation with the unique, whole-food phytonutrient support it provides. You may find the durian threatening at first - large, spiky medieval weapon of fruit - but slice along the seams in its thick skin and you'll discover the nourishing richness it hides inside: a richness that is a staple of life in this fertile land. Legends from Thailand tell how the durian was once the most beautiful, fragrant, and delicious of all fruits. An old, wise hermit brought its seed to the king. But the king did not properly thank the hermit. In anger, the hermit cursed the durian tree, and the fruit grew ugly thorns and began to emit a foul stench. But its heavenly taste and magical powers remained. After three years and thousands of hours of research and development, Neways has tamed the durian and produced the perfect blend of science and nature: a delicious, innovative
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whole-fruit juice drink with superior taste and unprecedented phytonutrient benefits. For the first time, the durian is ready to go to the whole world. Neways has put the perfect opportunity in your hands: a brand new, utterly original juice supplement; a fascinating story; a host of astonishing health benefits; and a market eager to experience all the secrets of the King of Fruits. With Durian Fusion, you hold the potential to create success like you’ve never imagined before.

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